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Triage by Scott Anderson

Triage is one of those novels that misses the mark in such spectacular fashion that reading it is almost painful. On paper, it has everything necessary to be a classic. A semi-autobiographical tale of author Scott Anderson's struggle with PTSD after … Continue Reading...


The Relative Man

This is a guest post by J. Ballard Criminal.Allow me to relate to you whilst not being relative.I'd rather this be called a moment of reflection than an article on this society, its state of affairs and the men who live in it or those who … Continue Reading...


Stuck Up by John Dolan

Another one of John Dolan's long-forgotten poetry collections, Stuck Up is distinguished from People with Real Lives Don't Need Landscapes by having a semblance of a plot. Each of its poems are presented as part of the story of "a resentful, defiant, … Continue Reading...