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Huperzine Will Transform Your Brain

Among nootropics, huperzine is an absolute game-changer. While not as life-changing as phenibut, huperzine offers so many benefits that I'm shocked that the FDA hasn't outlawed it yet. Can't have anyone cutting into Big Pharma's profits, after all. Why is huperzine so wonderful? It's a drug that literally … Continue Reading...


Listen to Me on Reaxxion’s Live YouTube Stream

Last night, I joined my Reaxxion colleagues Chris Bechtloff, Samuel Roberts and Ryan Carlson on a live YouTube stream. We discussed everything from the SJW propaganda in the new Thor reboot, the reaction Bechtloff's gotten to his interview with Erik Larson, Final Fantasy and the decline of RPGs, and more. … Continue Reading...


Let’s Play Solar 2

For the past couple of weeks, I've been posting Let's Play videos of the game Solar 2 to my YouTube channel. It's a pretty fun (if repetitive) sandbox/arcade style game where you start off as an asteroid and accumulate mass to move up the interplanetary food chain. You eventually become a planet, then a star, … Continue Reading...