Krista Jane Heflin’s Suicide Was a Hoax


After I put up my article gleefully pissing all over Krista Jane Heflin’s (aka “Femitheist Divine”) self-mutilated body, I began to wonder if the whole thing was made up, like a few others in the manosphere. I figured it didn’t matter, because someone who would fake their own suicide just to get attention is an […]

Our Only Defense is to Gather as an Army


On this trip so far, I’ve met two people via the blog. When I was in Chicago, one reader bought me lunch at a bar near Lincoln Park, and I had vodka Sprites with another guy off State Street in Madison. Both were cool, interesting dudes: I haven’t run into any Stydie-esque spazzy morons, though […]

Notes from the Road: From Chicago to Milwaukee with Fatigue


What’s the longest a human being can go without sleep? I have no idea, but I know the longest I can go without sleep is about four days, mainly because that’s when I start getting Lost Weekend-style hallucinations and passing out whenever I sit down. All the sucky parts of tripping balls, none of the fun. If you […]

What Would Your Mother Say? What Would Your Father Do?


A feminist troll left this remark on one of my posts last week: You’re idea of feminism couldn’t be more off base. I’m sure your mother would be thrilled to read this. This is a common refrain leveled at anti-feminists: “What would your mother/sister/female relatives think?” The idea, of course, is that the opinions of […]

James Holmes Dances Us to the Edge of Armageddon


Didja hear? Some nutjob shot up a movie theater a few days ago, killed a bunch of people and wounded a whole lot more. Clearly, this means we need tighter gun laws. It’s precisely because of Americans’ love affair with guns that these sorts of tragedies happen. If we were like Canada, Norway, Finland or […]

What the Fuck is Your Excuse? R. Stevie Moore Edition


What the Fuck is Your Excuse? is a brand-new, once-in-a-blue-moon series of posts designed to shame (yes, shame; get over it, MRA crybabies) men into getting off their rear-ends and making their dreams reality. Are you the kind of person who’s constantly saying stuff like: “Man, I wish I could learn how to play the […]

To Live and Get High at Pitchfork


I am officially cooler than you. On Friday, I ambled over to Union Park, site of the annual Pitchfork Music Festival, America’s premiere indie music event (exempting SXSW). I spent all day sipping overpriced Heinekens, rifling through boxes of vinyl LPs, and watching performances by acts you’ve never even heard of with thousands of other indie […]