Yell Like Hell to the Heavens


After a month-and-a-half of teetering on the edge, I’m finally out of here. If you’re down and out, you couldn’t ask for a better city than Madison: it’s friendly, safe and cheap. In a way, I’m thankful that things went to hell the last time I tried to get out of here, because I got […]

Six Songs of Me


Two weeks ago, Ulysses introduced me to Six Songs of Me, a blatant advertisement for what appears to be a Pandora knockoff. Nonetheless, I needed something to blog about, so I decided to play along. Ulysses had trouble picking his songs, but I was able to knock them off rather easily. 1) What was the first […]

The Sick Man of the West


Over at Spootville, Tim muses on how Obama’s policies have worked to increase gas prices: Gas prices are high, did destroying cars help? Did preventing an oil delivery system reduce gas costs? Did banning drilling in shallow water prevent shoreline damage? Did banning all offshore drilling reduce gas costs? Does having taxpayers pay to put corn […]

Only Democrats Can Be Sexy


Over at the Good Man(gina) Project, some twat blew an ovary at the idea that women might find Mitt Romney attractive: Mreh, the rest of this is pretty boring. “Waaaaah why is Romney flying coach he is RICH and rich people need to flaunt their superiority over us, he’s super-better than Obama because Obama is a […]

Madison Gay Pride: Send in the Freaks!


I swear to God, I don’t plan this stuff out. I’m like the Joker: I just do things. Every other day, I turn a corner and get smacked in the face with something weird, stupid or both. Like a gay pride parade. Last Sunday, I was walking back to my place after polishing off a delicious Bombers’ […]

Femininity and the Indiana 7s; or, Jen McCreight is Still an Ugly Bitch


Ah, the Internet, home to some of the best drama this side of a Shakespeare festival. For those unaware of this latest lulzworthy kerfuffle, my tl;dr summary: Feminist, atheist, and “skeptic” blogger Jen McCreight wrote a post snarking at Roosh’s assertion that educational level and femininity are inversely correlated in women. Roosh Tweeted a link […]

Feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement as Ideological Autism


I’m far from the first person to note the similarities between feminists and MRAs, and I think I’ve stumbled across the reason why: both ideologies are motivated by autism. That is, both the feminist and men’s rights’ movements are populated by women and men who are socially awkward and incapable of relating to other people […]