Learning Game Through Fishing

46in fish

This is a guest post by Tim. Learning any subject requires time and effort. But there are many parallels between learning one subject and another. I’m not yet skilled in game, but I do know some things about fishing. What can we learn about game through fishing? I view this as a first part in […]

Anatomy of a Hater


Mojo asked me an interesting question last week: Matt, serious question: How do you get so many haters? I really want more haters, so I can add their insane ramblings to my ‘reviews’ column. But I seem to only ever get friendly comments. What is it, specifically, that you do to generate such hate? From […]

The Monsters in the Closet


This is a guest post by Vicomte. “Dad?” “Yes?” “Can you check my closet for monsters? Please?” “Of course I can. Don’t I always? Do you think I would let you fall asleep without duly making sure there are exactly zero monsters present in any given closet within range of your tiny snoring sounds? What kind of […]

Debunking the Case Against Getting a Vasectomy


The Private Man got one. Cappy Cap got one. Professor Mentu just got one. Danny’s thinking about getting one. So am I. In my specific case, getting the snip is both possible yet unlikely. It’s possible in that I still have health insurance. Yes, that’s right: the guy who’s hitchhiking across the country and living […]

Ugly Bitch Bullied Off of Internet, Penises Around the World Rejoice


Hallelujah, praise Jesus, amen! We of the manosphere have successfully harangued a hideous, haggardly feminist into rage-quitting the blogosphere (hat tip: Roosh): I love writing, I love sharing my ideas, and I love listening to the ideas of my readers. But I simply no longer love blogging. Instead of feeling gleeful anticipation when writing up a […]

My Day of Rolling Like Kenny


Manospherians might be aware of a certain super master rama-lama-ding-dong PUA named Social Kenny. Kenny fashions himself a pick-up coach and “seduction god,” despite the fact that he regularly gets blown out by the most hideous of fat girls. Not even Nigel himself would dare to stick it in the kinds of hochunks that Kenny […]

Notes from the Road: Little Trouble on the Big Prairie


While this is technically a hitchhiking trip, before last week, I hadn’t hitched in two months, having spent a month-and-a-half in Madison and the two weeks prior to that in Chicago. I’d been planning to hitch to Des Moines after busing to Minneapolis, but FFY texted me during my last week to inform me that […]

We Come Not to Praise the Men’s Rights Movement, But to Bury It


The papers have been signed, the assets have been divvied up, and the children have been traumatized for life. The MRAs and the paleomasculinists (no, I will not call us “gamers” or “PUAs”) have divorced once and for all. There are a few folks still trying to make amends, but this marriage was doomed from […]