What the Fuck is Your Excuse? Tarn Adams Edition


Back at it with another edition of What the Fuck is Your Excuse?, giving lazy, unmotivated men a friendly kick in the ass. Previous installments here and here. *** Who is Tarn Adams, you may ask? He and his brother Zach are the guys behind Dwarf Fortress, the craziest computer game ever made. The game’s ostensibly […]

No Tears for Dead Sluts; or, Why I Have No Sympathy for Felicia Garcia


It’s your typical heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet story. Teenage girl gets gangbanged by four football players on video, then kills herself when the truth comes out… wait, what: Two students have been temporarily removed from a high school in Staten Island, New York, for tormenting a 15-year-old girl before she committed suicide by jumping in […]

Knowing the Path vs. Walking the Path


NOTE: This article was originally published at The University of Man on May 27, 2012. I’m re-posting it here as the site is now defunct. *** Hi, my name is Matt, and I’m a recovering beta. I’m not here to flagellate myself for my past betatude, because I don’t want to bore you. I’m not here […]

How to Make Feminists Cry


Last Monday, Frost published a guest article of mine, “Saving Women from Themselves,” in which I argued that the manosphere truly loves women because we want to guide them towards happier and more fulfilling lives. I checked back in that evening to see that the post had erupted into a real shitstorm, with feminists aggressively […]

Defensive Voting in Fracking Country


As adamant as I am that voting is a waste of time, I’ve heard some decent arguments for voting defensively—in other words, out of pure self-interest—in the past couple days. Right now in Williston, folks are convinced that if Obama is reelected, he and the Democrats are going to take steps to either ban hydrofracking entirely […]

New Article at Freedom Twenty-Five: “Saving Women from Themselves”


Frost has published an article of mine on why the manosphere, far from being “misogynistic,” truly loves women: Most peoples’ conception of love is this sort of nicey-nice, Sesame Street-type saccharinity in which you never say anything bad about the object of your affection and accept them for who they are. But is this really […]

What the Fuck is Your Excuse? Lizzie Velasquez Edition


Welcome to another edition of What the Fuck is Your Excuse?, a post series designed to embarrass couch potatoes and basement dwellers into kicking life in the teeth. *** The ghoulish-looking figure to the left is motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez. She reminds me of a picture the DUI lawyer who lectured my high school class […]