Day Bang: How to Casually Pick Up Girls During the Day by Roosh V


Picking up women is a hobby usually practiced after the sun sets. Don’t pretend that nightclubs, lounges and most bars aren’t catered towards lonely losers looking to lay some ladies. When you dress up in your Friday night best and hit the nightlife circuit, you’re competing with countless other guys looking to scale the castle […]

Last Rites to the Dying


During my time in the oil patch, my best friend was Billy, a kid I’d met on a insulation job near the Little Muddy River. Billy was a great example of how the hydrofracking boom was benefiting men who were down on their luck. He had come to North Dakota from the Deep South with […]

Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays by Roosh V


How does the idea of learning how to be more attractive to the opposite sex appeal to you? Does it intrigue you? Does it disgust you? Does it not matter one way or the other? Now everyone who answered yes to either of the last two questions, kindly recuse yourselves; you’re fucking liars. Suck it […]

Why You Should Start a Blog


As I mentioned two weeks ago when I shuttered the comments on this blog, if you really want to respond to something I’ve written, you should get your own fucking blog. I think everyone (and by that, I mean everyone with an IQ over 120) should have a blog. My friend Edengard has just started a […]

Notes from the Road: I’ve Seen America with My Clothes On

Downtown, Seattle, Washington

As I’ve mentioned before, periods of incredible pain and bad luck in my life are followed with periods of amazing good fortune. After landing in Snoqualmie, on the fringe of Seattle’s eastern exurbs, I not only found myself up $20 and a free dinner, but free bus fare to Seattle. Here are some pictures from the […]

Truth is Universal


This is a guest post by Didact. There is nothing quite like getting hit between the eyes with a strong dose of the truth. There is nothing that prepares you for the epiphany that follows when you realise that you have been ripped off, lied to, and kept in the dark for much of your […]

Notes from the Road: Six Days of Hitchhiking Hell


Hitchhiking in Wyoming: don’t do it. Just don’t. The Equality State is a perfect storm of hellish conditions. Beyond the fact that it’s only one of a few states where hitching is illegal, it also has a paucity of actual drivers, being the least-populated state in the Union. And too many of those drivers are […]

Listen to Me on Aurini’s Lunatic Fringe Radio


This past week, my Canadian brother from another mother D.M.J. Aurini invited me to be a guest on his infrequent podcast series Lunatic Fringe Radio. Along with our mutual friend Alpha Unit, we discussed our predictions for the coming year, the nature of masculinity in the modern world, and the sadistic glee that Alpha Unit derives […]