The Case Against Female Self-Esteem


I’m just gonna come out and say it: I love insecure women.

Whenever a girl I’m talking to brags about how she’s “confident” and “strong,” I can feel my dick deflating like a punctured tire. I’d still bang her, of course; a repellent personality doesn’t negate the fact that she has a slammin’ body. But a crucial part of the attraction is lost. I’d be less offended if she ripped a fart in my face.

The idea that women should have self-esteem or need it, beyond a low baseline to ensure they don’t commit suicide or become psycho stalkers, is one of the most disastrous social engineering experiments of the modern era. A woman with excessive confidence is like a man with a vagina. It’s an attribute that is at best superfluous and at worst prevents women from fulfilling their natural biological and social functions.

In order for America to right itself, there needs to be a massive and concerted war on female self-esteem.

From the moment they’re old enough to speak, girls in America are bombarded with propaganda that artificially boosts their self-esteem. They’re told that they’re shpecial and you-nique because they have an extra X chromosome. They’re told that they’re smart, that they can do anything, that they deserve respect merely for existing. They’re encouraged to derive self-worth not from their inherent feminine nature but from their college degree, their job or the other illusory trappings of achievement in a man’s world.

Combine this with the white-knighting tendencies of fathers and the sexual attention that attractive girls already get from puberty forward and you have a complete social meltdown in the making.

Here are my reasons why girls should be discouraged from being confident.

1. Most girls have done nothing to deserve self-esteem.

In the world of men, respect—and by extension self-esteem—is based on actually achieving something of worth or having some kind of skill or talent. Are you a bodybuilder or jacked? Men and women will respect you because the effort to mold your body like that requires an enormous amount of work and dedication. Being a talented musician, an experienced world traveler, a high-earning tradesman; these and more engender respect from your fellow man and self-esteem along with it. No one respects a fat video game-playing kid who lives in his parents’ basement, and why should they?

There’s absolutely no skill or work involved in pissing away your life eating Doritos and jacking off into a tube sock.

Women claim they want equal rights as men, but they don’t want equal responsibilities. As such, they demand respect not based on their merit as people, but for merely continuing to breathe. Most girls’ so-called achievements, the ones they take pride in, are complete jokes. Wow, you have a master’s degree in puppetry? In a world where everyone and their mother has a college degree—and where college curriculums have been dumbed down to the point of inanity—being able to squeak through an institution of higher learning is no great achievement.

If anything, having a college degree is a strike against a girl—unless it’s in something real like a STEM discipline—as it shows that she’s a conformist who thinks that credentials are a substitute for knowledge and experience.

The same goes for having a job. The vast majority of girls work useless fluff jobs: government bureaucrats, human resources and various other makework positions that exist to give them the illusion of independence. The jobs that keep the country running—tradesmen, miners, farmers, policemen, the military—are still overwhelmingly dominated by men. If every girl was fired from her job tomorrow, elementary schools would have to shut down for a couple days, but otherwise life would go on as usual.

If every man lost his job tomorrow, the country would collapse.

Feminists can screech as loud as they want, but they will never change this fundamental reality; men accord respect based on merit, and if girls want to play in our world, they’ll have to obey our rules. Otherwise, they know where the kitchen is. I have more respect for the starving artist couple busking down the street from my house than I do for all the career-driven, Strong, Independent Women™ in the world. Being able to sing and play guitar well is no small achievement, and the buskers are actually providing a useful service to the world.

2. Insecurity is integral to femininity.

I was thinking about a couple of my past relationships when I had this epiphany; the girls I’ve loved the most were the ones who were the most insecure, the most emotionally vulnerable. When I first went on a date with the only girl I would have ever married, her hands were trembling in nervousness. She later admitted that she was openly intimidated by me and the idea that I found her attractive. She had been an ugly duckling in high school, forty pounds overweight and used to being ignored and mocked; I had met her shortly after she’d lost the weight, when she still viewed the world through a fat girl’s eyes.

Insecurity is the natural state of woman. How could it be anything else? Given their lack of physical strength, a woman on her own should be frightened as hell without men to protect her. If society were to collapse, all the Strong, Independent Women™ who read Jezebel and xoJane would last about five minutes before they either found a man to cling onto or got raped and killed. In the bellum omnium contra omnes that is mankind’s default existence, a woman who is alone is a woman who is already dead.

One of the most commonly repeated tropes of feminists and manboobs goes something like this:

“You should be happy that women nowadays are independent, because it means that they’re with you because they WANT to be with you, not because they’re dependent on you.”

This is a fundamental violation of the relationship between men and women. Part of our identity as men based in women needing us, if not necessarily in a material sense, then in an emotional one, though material and emotional vulnerability often go hand in hand. That female insecurity is a crucial ingredient for unlocking our inner masculine instincts. If a girl needs me, feels that her life would end if she were to lose me, I’m doubly inspired to be there for her, to shield her from the cruelty of the world. Frankly, it’s pretty hot. If she just wants me, could take me or leave me, my gut response is one of apathy. “Yeah, whatever babe.”

Confidence doesn’t give men erections; vulnerability does.

In order to love someone else, you need to be emotionally vulnerable, more so women than men (as girls are attracted to confident men). You need to be willing to open yourself up, to give yourself over to their judgment, to risk being hurt and rejected. Without this emotional openness, any relationship you have will never go beyond the infatuation stage. But girls today are told to erect gigantic walls around their hearts, cutting them off from an crucial part of their humanity. The emotional dissonance from this feminist social engineering is why antidepressant usage and mental illness are skyrocketing among young women. Ordinarily a depressed or insecure girl would seek solace in the loving embrace of a man, but daily hits from her good friend Saint Xanax short-circuit her feminine instincts.

In squelching her inborn insecurity with you-go-grrlisms and drugs, the modern woman has become an emotional cripple. Like a fat slob eating Big Macs instead of a juicy steak from the supermarket, she substitutes having a dominant and confident man in her life with lotsa cocka and dating where she considers herself an “equal.” She views men as a life support system for a penis, an accoutrement, no different than her Manolo Blahniks or snazzy new iPhone. When she gets bored of her boy-toy, she tosses him in the trash and moves on to a newer, shinier model, and if she can get cash and prizes for trading in her old clunker, that’s just the icing on the cake.

Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.

When manboobs and feminists say you should be happy that women today are “independent,” this is what they’re arguing for; a world in which romantic relationships are impossible. Where men are nothing more than fashion items to help women show how cool or sophisticated they are. Sorry, but homie don’t play that game. If I’m not the center of a girl’s world, I’m not going to be in her world period.

I can already see the Jizzabellers angrily pounding away at their Macbooks: “You just can’t handle a Strong, Independent Woman™!” We men can handle you just fine; the problem is that we don’t want to. So-called confident women are as threatening as a pile of dog turds. Sure, you can scrape them off your boots when you get home, but it’s better to not step in dog shit to begin with.

3. Women don’t want to have high self-esteem.

This is the kicker; in their bones, girls know that their toxic, feminist you-go-grrl ideology is a lie. Why do you think the average urban slut machine is downing enough Prozac to poison the water supply? Pharmacological assistance is the only way she can make it through her day without slitting her wrists, or alternately realizing that her life is a complete lie. Every day, women show through their actions that they despise their strong, independent lives.

They want nothing more than for a man to throw them over his knee, shatter the Berlin Wall around their hearts, and expose the lovestruck, bashful little girl within.

Game, at least as it was conceived by the seduction community, was all about this. All the hysterical nitwits blubbering about how “negging” and the like was designed to hurt girls’ self-esteem were precisely right, but that’s the thing; women are crying out for a man who will wound their self-esteem. “Confident” women are still women, and they still lust after men who dominate them, even if they can’t admit it to themselves. Because their self-esteem has been artificially boosted by society, today’s girls need extra-concentrated doses of dominance—i.e. game—in order to feel womanly, like a junkie chasing the dragon.

Recently, Noisey wrote about the explosion of retro sixties-style girl groups and solo singers in the indie rock scene, such as the Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Lana Del Rey. Feminism supposedly freed women to do whatever they wanted, yet indie girl musicians today—the kinds who started as garage bands and write/produce all their own songs—just want to wear their hair in beehives and pretend that they’re still sixteen years old.

Noisey and other mainstream writers try to spin this depressing reality by emphasizing that at least the girls are choosing to sing about boys. It’s not unlike how homeless winos keep “choosing” to pickle their livers with Wild Irish Rose. “I CAN QUIT ANYTIME I WANT TO!!!!!11″ Every song Best Coast has ever come up with is about boyfriends and smoking pot at the beach. Vivian Girls has a song about waiting for your boyfriend to call, a cliche that was old and moldy before Dennis Wilson bit the dust. Hell, Vivian Girls’ bassist Katy Goodman did an entire album with her side group La Sera that was about a breakup.

Real life fails the Bechdel test.

Feminists can claim that women don’t need men, but their actions put the lie to that; they need us far more than we need them. Girls will all but die without masculine attention. Hell, I’m even starting to think that the feminist agita about “rape culture” is part of this as well. Pushing lies like the claim that one in three women will be raped during her lifetime and their constantly expanding the definition of rape are ways for feminists to indulge their desire for vulnerability in a way that doesn’t conflict with their view of themselves as “strong” and “empowered.”

At the end of the day, there are no Strong, Independent Women™. There are only shrews pleading for a taming. All the posturing, the pill-popping, the whining and demands for “equality”; they’re a cry for help. Girls don’t want the six-figure cubicle job, the shiny Brooklyn 2BR, the master’s degree, the sexual liberation, none of it. They want to be collectively led back to the kitchen, told to make a nice big tuna sandwich with extra mayo and lettuce, then swatted on the ass as we walk out the door.

I say we give them what they want.

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  • Cicero

    Well put.

  • Lena S.

    Narcissists have high self-esteem.

  • Bob Wallace

    Narcissist’s self-esteem is a fraud covering up feelings of being inferior and unlovable.

  • PowerPuppy

    “I say we give them what they want.”

    And for those of you who think that isn’t what they want, explain this to me:

    The proof as they say, is in the pudding.

    That sandwich isn’t going to make itself.

  • SGT Caz

    I agree with every word. Great essay.

  • Lena S.

    @Bob Wallace

    Not quite, since true narcissists actually do have a high regard for themselves. Self-esteem is a modern crock. You don’t need “self-esteem” to do things, you just need to do them. “Low self-esteem” is often just as self-serving and narcissistic as “high self-esteem”. Self-worth, on the other hand, requires some actual accomplishment, not just warm fuzzy feelings about being great just the way you are.

  • Suz

    Out of the park, Matt. Out. of. the. park.

  • JS123

    I think you confuse self-esteem with “confident” and “strong.” Of course, it has been a huge mistake among the entire feminist establishment to conflate them. A woman can have high self-esteem and lack those dick deflating traits. Female self-esteem is different from male self-esteem. A women can have high self-esteem from not being a slut, from taking care of her appearance, from being caring, from being supportive and other feminine traits. More like self-respect than self-esteem.

  • Ironthumb

    The only thing about this whole Career women explosion that pleases me is that when walking on the streets at night, guys like me are safer.
    Since if you’re a holdaper (a mugger- the hoodlums who would extort innocent citizens for their cash or they get stabbed) , you would of course choose to victimize the career women rather than mugging a scary looking guy like me walking on the streets at midnight.
    I think that is one of the positive things that feminism has brought which must be cited by Jezebelers and believe me, living in a hood with lots of hoodlums, I am indeed VERY HAPPY about that!!

  • Julian O’Dea
  • Bob Wallace

    “true narcissists actually do have a high regard for themselves”

    Nope. Narcissism is a mental/emotional illness. The sufferer covers up unbearable feelings of humiliation and inferiority with a grandiose self. I am reminded of what Sam Spade said to Wilmer the gunsel in “The Maltese Falcon”: “The cheaper the crook the gaudier the patter.”

    It’s also why bullies are almost always cowards. Bully on top, coward underneath.

  • cecilhenry

    Damn. Nice article.

    You really nailed that.

    There’s truth there.

  • Tony Caroselli

    “A woman with excessive confidence is like a man with a vagina.”

    The luckiest bastard in the world?

    “It’s an attribute that is at best superfluous and at worst prevents women from fulfilling their natural biological and social functions.”

    Ummm… no? If I had a vagina, I wouldn’t call it superfluous, for sure, and while I’d probably not be able to fulfill my social function – even LESS than I am now, being as I’m constantly masturbating – I’m pretty sure my biological functions would continue just fine. Do you… do you know what a vagina is?

    [CensorBot sez: I’m not even touching this comment. I refuse. Its self-evident absurdity and creepiness will remain unmolested.]

  • K

    “Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.”

    Exactly. I love you, Matt. Can I have your baby?

    [CensorBot sez: Please send nudes to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com.]

  • Tony Caroselli

    @K: I’ve got LOTS to be proud of. I MASTURBATE! All the TIME! Do you know how hard it is to do that? I have to, like, lube up my dick and everything!

    Look, I jerk HARD for a living, cranking my PENIS (to barely legal white tranny porn), and that’s why I’m trolling Matt… because I’m bored.

    And I assure you that I’m not a sex addict.

    [CensorBot sez: We believe you.]

  • Tony Caroselli

    Oh, CensorBot, you sly devil. You edited K’s comment.

    Please kill me.

    [CensorBot sez: abhors all violence.]

  • Tony Caroselli

    Hey, Matt? Hey, Matt? Hey, Matt?

    I’m taking pictures of my dick right now. I’m saving them. I’ll be mailing them to your house tomorrow.

    I’m including this one.

    [CensorBot sez: Link redacted because nobody wants to see your dick, brah.]

  • Tony Caroselli

    I also like how my Gravatar makes me look like I should be legally barred from being with 1,000 feet of public schools.

    [CensorBot sez: Say it, don’t spray it.]

  • K

    Hi again Matt! I may be a guy, but I think you’re SO hot. Can I send you pics of my virgin butthole?

    [CensorBot sez: Nudes from girls only.]

  • Tony Caroselli

    I’m getting lots of dick pics, and I haven’t even posted my horribly, horribly gay paean to your awesomeness. When I post it to my blog, I promise I will not bombard you with pleas to link it on your infinitely more popular site, Matt. How could I POSSIBLY make myself look more creepy?

    [CensorBot sez: Go away.]

  • macDamon


  • Vincent Vinturi

    Interesting take on the idea of rape culture being a way to reconcile a desire for vulnerability with the need to be seen as “strong”.

    Another element behind feminism is that it gives women power. And power is intoxicating. It’s intoxicating to men and it’s doubly intoxicating to women. We’ve all seen women drunk on their power, especially in the U. S. of A. and it’s absolutely grotesque.

  • anonymous

    That “extra” X chromosome is just a duplicate. Humans have 46 chromosomes. Women have 23 different chromosomes, and each one of them is duplicated for a total of 46. Men have 24 different chromosomes, and only 22 of them are duplicated. The last two chromosomes, one X and one Y, are not duplicated. That gives a total of 46 as well. So, excluding duplication, the male genome is longer than the female genome. When philosophers of time long past stated that “women are incomplete men,” genetically, they were right.

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  • Julian O’Dea

    In each of a woman’s cells, one of her X chromosomes is randomly silent. This is the Lyon effect.

  • Zenna

    You don’t deserve to live on this planet.
    And people like you are the reason why it is dying.

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  • adiaforon

    As other guys in the ‘sphere have commented, you can make a fine distinction between independence and resilience. No one, including men, are really independent because we depend on others for our self-esteem (especially when young) and defining our place in the world — that is, until we build up enough experience to where we can see the world for what it is, what it means to us, and to find our place in it.

    On the other hand, as you say, Matt, women tend to be less independent from men because of their physical weakness. Also, their emotional weakness, which is why they “tend and befriend” whenever there’s a crisis, seeking the succor of other women to soothe their anxiety in the face of adversity. It’s hard-wired into them, whereas we men are usually left out in the cold to fend for ourselves, starting with the lack of solid and credible male role models — which, as we know, have been all but removed from our young daily lives.

    Now, whenever a women describes herself as “independent,” I have to look below the surface and find out what she really means. If it’s the usual shit about “I don’t need a man,” then she’s blowing smoke up my ass. But, if she’s had the guts to travel the world by herself and has faced adversity with a brave face, coming out of it with few scars and a better understanding of herself, then that scores points in my book. In short, she’s exhibited resilience, which isn’t the same thing as independence. As I said, since we men are usually left out in the cold to fend for ourselves, we have to develop resilience from the get-go, or we don’t survive.

    How many women have that kind of resilience, eh, especially when they’re coddled and shielded from adverse consequences of their actions?

  • Retrenched

    Don’t always agree with you Matt, but anyone who has a habit of pissing off all the right people can’t be all bad.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Emma the Emo

    Wow, I agree with that on so many levels…
    First, insecurity hasn’t been damaging my romantic life so far.
    Second, I feel about men like you feel about women. Man merely wanting me, being able to take it or leave it, not needing me at all, sounds cold and anti-intimacy. When I read the part about that, I could immediately tell what you were describing. Vulnerability is disarming. Man not sure why I like him = cute !!

  • Anon

    Honestly, this is one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Not one of your arguments can be refuted. You sir are part of what’s great about the world. You give men, if not all humankind a good name and I’m honored to be categorized as the same sex as you.

    [CensorBot sez: You’re welcome.]

  • Höllenhund

    You’ll probably find one of the latest articles of Slutting Up Smart rather ludicrous:

  • Appalled

    More than I am appalled by the content of this article, I am appalled by the number of commenters who seem to agree with it. Your perspective is so warped, I can’t imaging what it’s like to see the world through your eyes.

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  • Groupie

    I want your love child, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Lycere Cunningham

    It probably goes without saying, but when you say things like “women are attracted to confidence” and whatnot, that really should be “*straight* women are attracted to confidence.” Women aren’t monolithic. And as a dyke, I find myself identifying more with this statement of yours: “Confidence doesn’t give men erections; vulnerability does.” I’d take a vulnerable girl anyday over a confident person of either sex. Unfortunately, it seems like it only men who get access to such creatures…

  • Poetry

    As a general rule, I prefer my toys to not be broken– they’re better playthings, and more worth my time and attention.

    Clearly, such is not the case with your preferences. Which I understand. Broken is easier to deal with, easier to play with, places no expectations on you other than to continue being so goddamned amazing.

    You’re a smart man and a talented writer. It’s a pity to see that flooded with catch-all generalizations and broad statements about “the way things should be”. It’ll be interesting to revisit your blog five years from now, and see the man you’ve turned into.

  • Drea

    Matt, I’m interested in knowing your pick of 5 women who you feel are outstanding women, or women that are good role-models for the younger female generation.

    And please, no men with vaginas cleveryly disguised as women, please.

  • Dude Man

    What makes this comment so great is that fat, ugly feminists are actually taking me seriously. This comment is so silly and inane.

    [CensorBot sez: Word to your mother.]

  • George

    My pants feel all squishy. Maybe I should learn how to use the toilet instead of shitting my pants every time I see something that upsets me.

    [CensorBot sez: Way to burn yourself, brah.]

  • littlecat


  • Free Your Mind

    This is the absolutely best thing ever written. Completely insightful and overflowing with truth. How has the author learned by now that you CAN make blanket generalizations about an entire gender of the human species, or speak for every man for that matter?

    The problem with the world is female arrogance and white-knighting, almost all of which is deconstructed in this essay.

    [CensorBot sez: Why thank you.]

  • Number One Fan

    Can I pretty please suck your penis, Mr. Forney? I’m your number one fan!

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Free Your Mind

    I’m rubbing my clit to your viciously sexy words, Matt.

    [CensorBot sex: TMI! TMI!]

  • Ceph

    “‘Confident’ women are still women, and they still lust after men who dominate them…”

    Please, please Matt, take me! Save me from my nerdy boyfriend! I can’t go through the horror of pegging him in the ass one more night! I’M BEGGING YOU!

    [CensorBot sez: Only if you’re hot.]

  • Moocow

    God, this essay is making my pussy wet.

    [CensorBot sez: What part of TMI don’t you people understand?]

  • Sathaen

    Marry me, Matt! I’ll be so good to you!

    [CensorBot sez: He won’t even know you’re gone.]

  • DeathRay

    Yeah I know exactly how it feels to be confronted by these ‘confident’ women… Just kills my desire.

  • V J

    You’re a big fat meanie and my 8th level black belt karate master is gonna kick your ass! Wah!

    [CensorBot sez: Cry, little bitch, cry.]

  • Sally Strange

    *fevered panting from direction of computer*

    [CensorBot sez: Please avoid laptop usage while pleasuring oneself.]

  • Josh Buechler

    All I do with this comment is belie my own absolute insecurity. “Part of our identity as men based in women needing us, if not necessarily in a material sense, then in an emotional one, though material and emotional vulnerability often go hand in hand.”

    Exactly. The reason why I think excessive female self-esteem is a good thing is because I’m a limp-wristed nancyboy who can’t stand up for myself. Ask me about how my 300-pound girlfriend fucks me in the ass with a strap-on every night!

    [CensorBot sez: No thank you.]

  • AlanMorlock.

    Mommy! The big bad blogger is being MEAN to me!

    [CensorBot sez: Wanna fight about it?]

  • AlanMorlock.

    Man, I just shit my butt garments.

    [CensorBot sez: That’s why they’re there.]

  • 1011101011

    So why exactly are so many of these comments edited?

    [CensorBot sez: A good question! Here are the answers:

    1. Because Matt pays $120 a year to maintain this site and his word is law here.

    2. Because none of these feminists allow free speech on THEIR sites. Jezebel, Feministing et al. ban and censor viewpoints they don’t approve of. If feminists don’t allow free speech on their territory, they have no right to expect it from anyone else.

    3. Ridicule. Anyone who’s obsessed with leaving negative comments on a site they hate has severe mental issues. The patented CensorBot exists to expose their stupidity and insanity for the benefit of the silent majority.

    4. Because you people are SO fucking predictable. 99.9 percent of feminist arguments boil down to accusing their enemies of being misogynistic, generalizng, having a small penis, or being insecure. If you can articulate an opposing viewpoint that DOESN’T rely on these old, debunked tropes, and you can do it without insulting Matt or his readers, your comment will be allowed to stand (as several dissenting comments upthread have been left alone). Otherwise, your boring and unoriginal attacks will be consigned to the ninth circle of Blog Hell.]

  • Lena S.

    These comment edits are hilarious.

  • 1011101011

    But what about the fact that you yourself admit that you are turned off by confident women? Are you aware of the fact that you come off as severely insecure in this post? Is it not fair to point that out? Doesn’t editing criticism just make shore up that view point? I’m just suggesting that you perhaps consider why someone would come to that conclusion.

    The fact that you receive so much of the same criticism time and time again is because you make the same exact mistakes. For one thing, you literally are generalizing. You make so many assumptions about “women” as some form of monolithic group, which is as other have pointed out (in comments you left unedited) is pretty damn misguided.

    Furthermore you don’t appear to understand that “masculinity” and “femininity” are social constructs. Their meaning has changed over time and is not universal to all cultures or even between classes within cultures. “The relationship between men and women” that you keep claiming is being violated has never been set and stone and has differed widely across cultures and time. Your claim that women, as in some kind of monolithic group who all share similar thoughts and desires, want to be dominated by men, another supposedly monolithic group, is easily debunked by anthropological data that shows that there have been a number of cultures, in history and extant today in which the relationship between men and women, and the way that families are constructed, are very different from modern, western culture. For one thing, hunter-gather groups, in which we existed as species for the wide majority of our existence, are largely egalitarian.

    In a number of Native American groups, the Iroquois in particular, politics and leadership are the domain of women, not of men. Women are the heads of families, not men.

    Obviously that is not the way we do things in our culture, but the point is the way we do things is not immutable. It is culture, not nature. If the women of our culture are indeed the way you say they are, it is because they have been taught to be that way, for culture is learned behavior.

    This is running a bit long so I’ll just end it by saying I hope I haven’t been overly insulting or cliche. Respond how you like, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t edit this post to put words in my mouth as you have with others. Have a nice day, or night, wherever and whenever you are.

  • PNW

    I want you inside me, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: Hot girls only.]

  • Ginny

    I want you to spank me until I bleed.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • awesomepossum

    Oh God, I’m getting all hot and bothered right now. Somebody get me a fan.

    [CensorBot sez: Matt has that effect on women.]

  • Ryan

    “The vast majority of girls work useless fluff jobs: government bureaucrats, human resources and various other makework positions that exist to give them the illusion of independence. The jobs that keep the country running—tradesmen, miners, farmers, policemen, the military—are still overwhelmingly dominated by men. ”

    Institutions in place by men give women no other choice but to work in these positions. See, I actually believe that it’s MEN that are keeping women out of these jobs, and not the fact that women lack the physical strength or just plain grit to do dangerous, skilled manual labor. Man, I’m dumb.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

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  • Ash

    all y’all are fucking awesome.

    [CensorBot sez: Thank you.]

  • Logan Duck

    I’m an idiot who thinks the anecdotal experience of my clit-swinging mom beating my nutless dad into submission disproves millennia of data and knowledge about the human condition. Statistics? What are those?

    [CensorBot sez: Math. Learn it.]

  • Ryan

    Yes, I’m back for more! I love it when you abuse me, CensorBot.

    [CensorBot sez: Happy to assist.]

  • Jay

    You deserve to be shot. Yep, anyone who disagrees with me on anything should be shot. Tolerant; that’s me!

    [CensorBot sez: Not really.]

  • oh god

    I want to taste you so badly, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: If hot, send nudes to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com.]

  • Danny

    You’re projecting! What you love is not their insecurity, but their raw femininity. For a lot of women, the self-esteem/confidence they didn’t deserve is cover-up of their true feminine nature. When that’s gone, you get the impression that she’s insecure when in reality she’s acting in closer alignment with her true self.

  • M

    Hey everybody, I’m a slack-wristed male feminist! Ask me about the spiked buttplug my girlfriend loves shoving up my colon!

    [CensorBot sez: Gross.]

  • arjil

    I’m looking for a big, strong man to spank the cunt out of me. Any one of you fellas wanna volunteer?

    [CensorBot sez: Not really, no.]

  • EJ

    I’m against censorship in principle, but this comment section is hilarious. Matt’s reasoning is also valid imo. Feminist sites don’t allow any type of sane, masculine, or conservative perspective, so I can’t fault Matt for not allowing their drivel on his personal website.

  • Anna

    I have massive, oozing herpes sores.

    [CensorBot sez: And…?]

  • Awomanwhoisn’ttakingthisshit

    Matt, you’re an amazing stud and I would love to suck your dick. With my mouth.

    [CensorBot sez: And the hits just keep on coming…]

  • anon5000

    I just pissed myself at this article’s brilliance.

    [CensorBot sez: Incontinence — there’s a cure!]

  • arjil

    Ravish me, you filthy scoundrel!

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • arjil

    God, I keep coming back for more? I must either be really stupid or enjoy punishment.

    [CensorBot sez: You lost your posting privileges when you walked in the door screaming insults. Go away and don’t come back.]

  • HeroOfTime

    I really like anal beads.

    [CensorBot sez: I figured.]

  • Atticwindow

    There once was an emo from Denton
    Who had spent some time in San Quentin
    He scored himself a lass
    Despite looking like ass
    And she inexplicably loved him.

    [CensorBot sez: I’m a poet and I know it.]

  • colek3

    My vagina is feeling yeasty right now.

    [CensorBot sez: You should get that looked at.]

  • Marisa

    This awakens the feminist in me, and I hate (western) feminism so yeah.
    Anyway, you can’t make decisions for every men in the world. Some men like insecure women, some men like, as you call it, ‘strong’ women. Even though I don’t agree with you, I get where you’re coming from. Women are the ‘weaker’ of mankind. There is no denying that. The way you say it though, it makes me sick. This is the complete opposite of feminism (is there a word for that? There probably is) and just as feminism, it makes me cringe. You’ve got some serious issues.
    And I’m not one of your ‘strong’ women, neither am I a ‘vulnerable’ woman. I am both. I’m strong when I need to be, I am vulnerable when I need to be.

  • I Heart Matt Forney

    I want to make babies with this man.

    [CensorBot sez: D’awww.]

  • Dicksucker

    I want it so bad.

    [CensorBot sez: We know.]

  • I Want You

    You’ll make me your slave, I’ll work for you cooking and cleaning all day!

    I give great blowjobs.



    [CensorBot sez: Tempting offer. Send nudes and Matt will consider it.]

  • ballsyamog

    Nicely written

  • I Still Want You

    Hey Matt, I want your cum so badly. I have a Ziploc bag. Gonna put it in my freezer.

    [CensorBot sez: …Okay.]

  • Jamie

    You make me sad, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: I know.]

  • ted

    Ooooh Matt, you’ve pissed me off! My weight-lifting woman is gonna get you! That’s right, I’m so much of a pussy that I have my woman fight my battles for me.

    [CensorBot sez: Your “woman” is getting fucked by another guy right now. I guarantee it.]

  • Tony

    I really enjoy it when my fat girlfriend massages my colon with 18-inch dildos.

    [CensorBot sez: I figured as much.]

  • DoMeHard

    Excellent article. I was so turned on that I ejaculated all over my keyboard.

    [CensorBot sez: is not responsible for injuries that result from accessing the site.]

  • timmy

    I want to kill myself.

    [CensorBot sez: DON’T DO IT! You have so much to live for!]

  • Lmbeachy

    This comment will make you laugh at how little I understand men. Another angry, fat swine who doesn’t know how to pleasure a man.

    [CensorBot sez: Damn straight.]

  • Kadia

    I want to be with Matt so badly.

    [CensorBot sez: Cool.]

  • alitrix

    I want you to be the father of my baby, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Shari

    God, I want to fuck this man so badly.

    [CensorBot sez: Figures.]

  • Tom

    My idea of a fun Friday night is getting my ass stuffed with silicone.

    [CensorBot sez: Keep it to yourself.]

  • virginia

    i think this is the most inspiring and most insightful thing i’ve read in my entire life.

    [CensorBot sez: Thank you.]

  • Not telling

    My panties feel moist.

    [CensorBot sez: Underwear change!]

  • Audrey

    Mmmmmm… ahhhhhh… OHHHHHH!!!!

    [CensorBot sez: Put the cucumber down.]

  • Audrey

    Waaaaaah CensorBot, you hurt my feeeeeelings. I’m gonna call the cyberpolice and the state police if you don’t take that comment down. That’s right, I think I should be able to talk shit on the Internet under my real name and not suffer any consequences. Look at me! Look how strong and independent I am!

    [CensorBot sez: Go right ahead and call your lawyer, toots. You don’t have a legal leg to stand on. There’s a little thing in this country called the “First Amendment” that protects against frivolous libel lawsuits filed by whiners such as yourself. All you’ll be doing is wasting your money.

    Nonetheless, I’m a nice guy, so I took your last name off the comments. Maybe next time you’ll be a little less cavalier about posting insulting remarks on peoples’ blogs under your real name.]

  • Audrey

    That’s right, I’m posting ANOTHER comment on a blog whose webmaster doesn’t like me! Under my real name, to boot! God, I must be dumb.

    [CensorBot sez: A million college degrees couldn’t teach you the value of common sense?]

  • Audrey

    Look at me! I’m back for more! Matt is just too irresistable.

    [CensorBot sez: We know.]

  • Audrey

    Why won’t anyone love meeeeeee?

    [CensorBot sez: Look at yourself, honey. Is your home life that morbid and depressing that you have to keep seeking validation from a guy on the Internet half your age who is openly contemptuous of you? You’re proving my point about female self-esteem better than anything I could write.]

  • Claire

    “If I’m not the center of a girl’s world, I’m not going to be in her world period.”

    Sign me up, you handsome devil.

    [CensorBot sez: Hot girls only.]

  • Luna

    I need to go change my polka dot rompers.

    [CensorBot sez: Be quick about it.]

  • My Big Vagina

    I want you to pound me crosseyed.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Susan

    It’s quite lovely to see the irony of the insecure/unhealthy women in the last comments be abused by this man. They just love it so!

  • Anna

    Dear Matt
    Does it bother you when a chick constantly wants your attention? Does it bother you when she ALWAYS complains about little things being imperfect? Does it bother you if a girl is always crying or sad or wayyy too complicated and mysterious? Do you dislike drama? Well a healthy self-esteem in a girl will rid you of such problems. You want to financially supply a girl, to have a life where you decide what you want, to have enough time to sleep, to have friends and to emotionally support your girlfriend? Are you Superman?

  • http://n/a aebars

    I’m a namby-pamby pantshitter who’s worried about what the SPLC thinks of the manosphere. Remember kids: truth isn’t objective, but is determined by what your sworn political enemies think of you.

    [CensorBot sez: Go take a long drive off a short cliff.]

  • Basilflower

    You do realize that I’m an idiot, right?

    [CensorBot sez: Oui.]

  • Basilflower

    I’m back for more? Man, I really am dumb.

    [CensorBot sez: Yep.]

  • MM

    Ooooh Matt, karma’s gonna get you! You better change your ways.

    [CensorBot sez: Karma doesn’t exist. Look around you, asshole. Evil people make out like bandits every day while saints die unloved in the gutter.]

  • Chanel

    Never before have I had such a powerful urge to castrate somebody. That’s right, I think physically attacking and maiming someone is a perfectly reasonable response to something I read on the Internet. I have serious anger issues.

    [CensorBot sez: Therapy, bitch.]

  • Balanced

    As a female martial arts instructor I can tell you right now that for every man who think the way Matt and many of his readers do, there are limp-wristed bitchboys that that think the opposite. I know castrati who seek out independent, strong women that will actually challenge them and help them grow. Many of the mincing queerboys I have met in my life find it incredibly sexy that I can hold my own not only in a fighting pit, but intellectually and financially. My partner slave and I (who is also a martial artists and instructor) have a great relationship and one of the things he loves about me the most is that I am no delicate flower.

    There seems to be enough women willing and wanting to fit into the roles that you find attractive. You have your pick. However, there are many fags out there actively seeking and who are actively turned on by a woman who is confident and strong, and these geldings are all the more emotionally committed to the relationships they build with them for it!

    [CensorBot sez: Correctified.]

  • Geary

    I submit myself to your all-knowing wisdom, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: Smart choice.]

  • Julian O’Dea


    Got a reference on the Iroquois? Or is that just another story already debunked comprehensively by the likes of Professor Steven Goldberg?

    Seriously, provide a respectable reference …

  • John Scalzi’s Bottom Bitch

    Hey, asshole:

    Go fuck yourself, jerkass. Yeah, that’s right, turdball. That’s the only way you’re going to get laid, is by doing it yourself, you little shithead. See, gay men don’t generally go for assholes like you, and all of the women I know of would laugh at this pathetic excuse for rhetoric, ratfucker. NOBODY I KNOW WOULD WILLINGLY HAVE SEX WITH YOU. And I know quite a few people, shitface.

    Think about that, you pathetic little worm.

    When I see your “post”, I see a scared little man who thinks his penis is too small, “protecting” his nut by insulting people until they kick him in his twig. Nothing you say at this point can change my opinion of you, you dirty scumbag. Furthermore, if I ever decide to post here again (I probably won’t), I will insult you as much as I can, shithead. First Amendment, asshole. You can’t do anything about it with your pathetic little mind.

    Also, John Scalzi is ten times the man you are even–no, especially when he’s wearing Mary Robinette Kowal’s antique dress. You are just a terrified fucknut who has no respect for women. You treat women like fucking dolls, you worthless piece of shit. I hate your guts, and I laugh at your pathetic sexism, you ignorant dirtbag.

    If you had any balls whatsoever, jerkface, you would admit that you secretly like to be whipped by a woman in leather. Me, I’m fine with someone who is capable of thinking for themselves and doesn’t mind talking about Star Trek instead of having sex.

    Your pathetic attempt at rhetoric makes it clear that either (a) you are a serial rapist or (b) you have never had sex in you life, you little turd. If the former, I will call the police as soon as you confirm it, sicko. If the latter, then I will laugh at you and go on with my life while you rot in the corner like the slime mold you are. There’s this girl in my paleontology class who likes Star Trek, and we’re considering dressing her up as Mirror Kira Nerys and me as Doctor Bashir for our second date. I’m going to get more woman in the next week than you’ll ever have, you little tin man.

    I’m going to say this to your ugly little face: I like strong women, you little turd. I find being seduced by someone with attitude to be enjoyable. I find women who have the attitude to look attractive in a fucking Star Trek EV suit to be addictive. And you know what? That doesn’t make me any less masculine, Mr. Mangina.

    You keep your Kristen Stewart-style doormats, shit-for-brains. I’ll take Charlize Theron–she’s better-looking, and has attitude. Go fuck yourself, dirtbag.

    I will end this tirade with the note that nothing you can do will affect me in any way. Go ahead and insult my masculinity. It won’t change a thing. Go ahead and reply, or delete this entirely. I won’t care. I’ll read whatever you do, and show it to my friends (by the way, there is now a twenty-woman, fifteen-man study group laughing their heads off at your stupidity behind me), but I won’t respond. You are a turd, and you are a worthless asshole. I really don’t care about you, except as a reminder that no matter how wimpy I may feel on the first day in the gym right after finals week, there are “people”, such as yourself, who are so many orders of magnitude below me that I look like fucking Vin Diesel next to you.

    Finally, because little assholes like you seem to hate John Scalzi, here:

    Read it if you have balls, you insecure little shit.

    [CensorBot sez: I have not edited this in any way. This kid is so “secure” in his masculinity that he posted a 700-word tirade calling Matt every name under the sun. His deranged rant will stay unedited because it proves the point of this article far better than Matt could.

    And what’s with the John Scalzi worship? Do you identify with his habit of throwing hissy fits about people who mock or criticize him? Or do you think he’ll let you suck him off if you suck up to him enough?]

  • Owen

    Matt, are you a rapist? You sure sound like a rapist. That’s right, I’m gonna accuse you of rape without any kind of supporting evidence. Libel? What’s that?

    [CensorBot sez: This poor soul is afflicted with Rape Tourette’s. Please spread the word about this debilitating yet curable disease.]

  • Owen

    Supporting evidence? I don’t need no stinking supporting evidence! MATT FORNEY IS A RAPIST MATT FORNEY IS A RAPIST MATT FORNEY IS A RAPIST! RAPE RAPE RAPE!

    [CensorBot sez: Rape Tourette’s is no laughing matter; it affects over 95 percent of feminists, leaving them unable to hold a job or retain a social life. Please, do all you can to spread awareness of Rape Tourette’s.]

  • everybodyhatesscott

    This comment section just keeps getting better and better. Love the re-tweets too.

  • John Scalzi’s Bottom Bitch

    God, John Scalzi just makes me weak in the knees. That high-pitched, girly voice, that wobbling double chin, that brazen transvestitism… I’m in love. Johnny boy, if you ever read this, call me.

    [CensorBot sez: Phone number redacted because while we do not like John Scalzi, we would never wish him to get raped by a crazy fanboy.]

  • Loyah

    Look at me, little amateur attorney trying to talk shit. Aren’t I cute?

    [CensorBot sez: You people honestly don’t realize how pathetic you look? If you were all truly confident, “secure in your masculinity,” or “strong,” an article like this wouldn’t faze you at all. You’d read it, close the browser and move on. The fact that you feel the need to keep leaving angry, page-length comments calling Matt names and wishing bodily harm on him are proving his point about how you’re all a bunch of thin-skinned, emotionally crippled pussies.]

  • John Scalzi’s Bottom Bitch

    Hey asshole.

    You probably won’t let this through your moderation queue, but that’s OK because I know that you have to see it to moderate it.

    I just finished jacking off to a sexy Russian redhead with perfect skin and tight, sexy muscles. She was dressed up like a Star Trek character called Kira Nerys at the time. Why do I get to masturbate to a smoking hot Russian who is way out of my league? My parents pay for high-speed Internet. I tell them not to bother me when the door to the basement is closed. I muffle my cries of ecstasy by biting down on a wet towel. I treat women with respect, which is why I’m coming up on a two-year long dry streak. My last girlfriend was a pimply, obese anime freak who enjoyed drilling me in the ass with a big black dildo. She gave me an anal prolapse and put me in the hospital. She’s the only girl I’ve had sex with.

    You, on the other hand, have cute groupies who will fly halfway across the country just to suck your dick, and you’ll be going for Round Two after your girlfriend is done with school for this semester. Unlike me, you’re not a pussy, and so you don’t need to use a computer screen to get off. Unlike me, you don’t quaff Viagra to jack off in the mistaken belief that it will substitute for being a man. You have a far better sex life than I ever will, simply because you accept that women want MEN, not limp-wristed little queerboys who beg for permission at every step.

    The redhead is now doing A2M with a big smile on her face. She winked at the camera! She winked at me!

    Enjoy your sexy life, shitwit. I’m going to enjoy another jerkoff before my parents get suspicious.

    [CensorBot sez: Nobody believes that you’re getting laid with anything other than Rosie Palmer and her five daughters, kid. So far you’ve angrily hammered out 1,500 words of insults, spread over three comments and several hours, in response to something you read on the Internet. You’re desperate for validation because you don’t get any in real life. I know it sucks, being such a good little feminist tool and never getting anything more than a pity fuck from the fat girl, but this site doesn’t exist to help you work your issues out. Now go jerk off.]

  • Alex

    I want to make you a tuna sandwich, Matt. My recipe will make you want to propose in no time.

    [CensorBot sez: Now that’s the ticket.]

  • laura

    I don’t know if this is an American male thing or not, but I really don’t know any guys who think like this. It sucks that you, and your readers, will never get to experience the joy of equality. It’s wonderful to be married to a guy who respects me as an equal and have many male friends who feel the same. I hope one day you’ll change your mind.

  • Erik Bolt

    Matt, I am ashamed to be of the same species as you, much less the same nationality, race, age, and gender. I seriously wonder sometimes if there are ANY guys in my generation who are decent human beings. It is really no wonder that so many women our age want to be single forever when it seems like all guys are like you. It’s because of scum like you that our generation is permanently f#cked. If you ever get laid once in your life then there truly is no good left in this world. By the way, I’m a queer.

    [CensorBot sez: That much is obvious. And if “get[ting] laid once in [my] life” means that there’s no good left in the world, then we’re already living in hell MWAHAHAHAHAHA.]

  • name

    I’m a gigantic loser, obsessing over an Internet article that offended me.

    [CensorBot sez: Way to prove Matt’s point.]

  • Gwin

    Hey everybody, I’m gonna post a link from that discredited propaganda mill Psychology Today to make my point!

    [CensorBot sez: Get a real citation, moron.]

  • anon

    I’ve never had sex. Matt Forney is an asshole.

    [CensorBot sez: Opinion irrelevant.]

  • 1-800-BIG-CUNT

    I am a fucking tard, the knob who wrote this. Small-minded with a huge huge huuuuuuge pussy.

    [CensorBot sez: Stop being a slut.]

  • V

    Seriously, it’s amusing how insecure and low-esteemed I must be to leave a bitter, angry comment on this blog. I couldn’t just close it and move on, because that would require me to be a normal, mentally adjusted person.

    [CensorBot sez: Exactly.]

  • J Mess

    I hate my daddy and will shit talk him online just to prove a point. MARRY ME!

    [CensorBot sez: Never trust a woman who badmouths her father.]

  • “Free Thinker”

    Just thought I’d chime in and let you know how much I enjoy your writing. You are a beacon of masculinity and truth in a world swamped with androgyny and lies. A+

    [CensorBot sez: D’awww.]

  • “Free Thinker”

    Ooooh yeah, spank me CensorBot. I love it when my prostate is brutalized.

    [CensorBot sez: You are creepy.]

  • Mark

    Oh god, these edits are really hilarious. I can only imagine how frustrated the commenters feel—and how much fun you’re having.

    You’re a talented writer, and your confidence in your beliefs is, in a sense, respectable. Having said that, I don’t agree with this “case against female self-esteem” at all. To each his own, I suppose.

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  • Another Bitch in the Wall

    Insert yet another string of accusations of narcissism and generalizing here.

    [CensorBot sez: Christ, you people are boring.]

  • Another Witch in the Wall

    Please refrain from calling me a swear word. You hurt my feelings.

    [CensorBot sez: Poor baby, you want some cheese with that whine?]

  • Amanda

    Hey! I have to agree with you. Just the other day I was thinking about how they are preaching that woman NEED to be strong. I don’t need. I actually hate feminism.. it bullies us women, in my opinion. I don’t think it preaches “you can do what you want”, it preaches “you can’t do what you want, you need to be strong and never depend on men”.I also agree that women cannot be the head of a company or a country of something big. It just doesn’t work. I don’t think is because we are weaker or incompetent or stupid.. is just simply NOT who we are. I don’t know if you were exaggerating to make a point or if you really think that we belong in the kitchen, but, I don’t want equality, you know, because we are not equal. We don’t have the exact same skills. We are way more sensitive and insecure. I just want respect. We can live without a man; we just can’t live without all men. The part that I don’t agree is when you said that the world would go on if all women disappear.. the world would probably implode. The sad point of everything, to me, is that it doesn’t matter if we are insecure and vulnerable and open and willing to give love a chance, because men usually don’t care. So, if we are too vulnerable, we will probably cry a lot, and men doesn’t have that kind of patient to deal with that much crying. That is why we can’t be open and too vulnerable. That is the point that makes me angry: how woman need to measure their feelings, because too much is annoying, but less is “unacceptable”, while men don’t need to do a fucking thing, we just need to “deal with it”, “accept them how they are”. That is something that should go both ways. Since men are the best thing ever, please don’t ask me to pay the bill. If you can’t deal my bills, you ain’t shit. :)

  • laura

    Hi again,
    I just wanted to say I appreciate that you didn’t edit my comment even though it wasn’t in support of your views and I’m hoping maybe there’s some mutual respect happening here and I could maybe ask a quick question. I just wanted to know how you came to the conclusions you presented in the article? I haven’t really experienced the things that you described and, like I said before, I have many male friends who operate in a completely different paradigm to what you’ve laid out here, so I’d be interested to know if maybe it’s a reflection of American culture, the industry you work in or just unfortunate dealings with certain people? It world be great if you could reply to this, I’m genuinely interested.

  • Lucy

    Kill yourself. Oooh, look at me, telling someone I don’t like to commit suicide. So edgy.

    [CensorBot sez: Tolerance in action.]

  • Gupta Poopy

    Dear Mr Forney,

    I’m an Indian feminist. Yes, we exist. Despite my country being so poverty-stricken and dilapidated that poor people are reduced to shitting in the street, despite the rigid and religiously-enforced caste system that ensures that nothing will ever change, I think the most pressing issue of our time is feminism, an ideology that benefits upper-class women almost exclusively. I also think I can call you “illiterate” when my comment is littered with grammar mistakes, tense confusion and other writing errors that a native English speaker would never make.

    I’m gonna go skinny dipping in the Ganges. Fuck you very much.


    Another Disgusting Indian Hypocrite

    [CensorBot sez: Glass houses, Sanjay.]

  • Marry Me!

    I want you.

    [CensorBot sez: What part of “nudes first” do you people NOT understand?]

  • Solid Gold

    I’m in love.

    [CensorBot sez: How flattering.]

  • deconstructed

    Hey Matt… next time one of your Twitter haters say that this blog post made them throw up, you should ask them to post a video of them actually throwing up; I don’t believe them one iota.

    That way, we will know how if they are pronging their pharynx with two fingers, or if they are just bullshitting and in lack of attention. I’m putting money on the latter.

  • David

    My shorts are yellow.

    [CensorBot sez: Depends, a-hole.]

  • Daniel

    A comment written by a dude who jacks into a sock.

    [CensorBot sez: TMI.]

  • Moron

    We fembots aren’t even trying anymore.

    [CensorBot sex: So why should I?]

  • lover

    More stupidity.

    [CensorBot wuz here.]

  • explosive


    [CensorBot sez: Seriously, what happened to the hate?]

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  • Fat Amy

    Please, please tell me I’m a joke.

    [CensorBot sez: With a name like “Fat Amy,” you can’t be anything but.]

  • LOL

    Thank you — for reminding me what a parochial dumbass I am.

    [CensorBot sez: Happy to help.]

  • Lila Connor

    This is downright arousing to women. Have fun with all your groupies, Matt!

    [CensorBot sez: You’re welcome.]

  • Lila Connor

    Can you please let me vomit my stupidity all over your site? It’s absurd.

    [CensorBot sez: Only if you say pretty please with sugar on top.]

  • Heather Britton

    I want you in my mouth.

    [CensorBot sez: Nudes first.]

  • embla

    Please marry me.

    [CensorBot sez: Nope.]

  • Maya

    This post makes me really horny.

    [CensorBot sez: Keep it to yourself.]

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  • Alex

    I’m threatened by you Matt, which is why I’m posting angry comments on your blog. Hurr durr.

    [CensorBot sez: Gimme a C! Gimme an H! Gimme an I! Gimme an… ah fuck it.]

  • Nick Peril


    [CensorBot sez: And that will be the only thing you ever smash.]

  • Elsa

    Pretty please make love to me. I can make a killer tuna casserole and my blowjob skills are second to none.

    [CensorBot sez: And it just keeps going on…]

  • Nate


    [CensorBot sez: Rape Tourette’s — spread the word.]

  • incensed


  • Jake

    I need a fat girl to peg me until my prostate is crushed like a walnut.

    [CensorBot sez: That’s not healthy.]

  • anonymouse

    I are illiterate.

    [CensorBot sez: Obviously, from the fact that your comment was full of typos.]

  • Ciel

    You’re laughing your ass off. At me.

    [CensorBot sez: We all are.]

  • incensed

    is this actually serious…… sexism
    all the sexism in the world condensed into one hatred filled piece of writing

  • Person

    I really don’t understand why you felt the need to write this article, knowing it would offend someone, then make cheap jokes by editing peoples comments… I respect your opinions and all, but you’re really being ridiculous here. If you didn’t want angry comments, then you shouldn’t have posted this.

    [CensorBot sez: To assume Matt wrote this article to offend people is to assume that he gives a shit about feminists’ feelings.]

  • Lamb

    you’re kindaaaa a dick, man

  • Claire

    Gotta love somebody who’s so completely insecure that they feel the need to leave dozens of angry comments on an article they don’t like. Kind of depressing, mostly just hilarious.

    [CensorBot sez: Your low self-esteem is showing.]

  • Ura Dick

    What a complete and total waste of oxygen you and your cronies who echo your sentiments are… Nothing but a TOOL. Talk about insecure!!! I take comfort in knowing that you and your minuscule dick will never be able to enjoy an authentic, meaningful relationship with a woman.

  • Skye

    Hahahahahahaha you’re a pathetic asshole and I hate you. You are a disgusting human being and I hope you get stung by a wasp.

  • Bob

    …So, uhh, is this where the literate sociopaths gather?

  • female

    After reading this… I want to smear my period on your house, car, and face. You disgust me.

  • Bruh

    ._. You need a big slap of reality in the face..with a brick, possibly…

    There is no way in hell that what you have said is “righteous”. That’s just your ignorant little way of saying “Let me have it my way, never your way, because you’re the girl, and I’m the man..” I’ll give you a big laugh for that. I’m not saying whatever turns you on is wrong, or anything, just the way you think is so..stupid. -_- You don’t like girls who are confident in themselvs? Good for you. Don’t fuck with them then. Oh, they deflate your dick? So? Does that really have anything to do with them? No. That’s YOUR problem. You don’t have the right to tell a person that it’s alright to be depressed, or not confident in who they are; you’re just an asshole who’s looking for some hole to put your penis in.

    But, to warn you, there are some very, VERY scary women (and men) out there who has the mentality and will to become a mad person to people like you, and will hurt you just as much as you’ve hurt them in the process to make them feel like they don’t belong in this world..mentally and regards to an ignorant man like you.

  • female

    oh. well fuck. I just realized your a satire writer.

    [CensorBot sez: This article is jovial in tone but serious in content. You may now proceed to cry into your pillow.]

  • TaySam93

    I’ve read many of this guys posts, he is just an ignorant, closed-minded douchebag. He should be stripped of his blogging privileges, because they’re all highly inappropriate and it just breeds more terrible, shallow-minded thinkers in this world. Free speech? What’s that?

    [CensorBot sez: And the inner fascist within every leftist comes out…]

  • TaySam93

    People with minds like yours should have a closed mouth, or their fingers cut off. :) Yes that’s right, people who offend me should be punished with forcible amputation. Boy, aren’t I enlightened?

    [CensorBot sez: Not even Saudi Arabia does shit like that. Way to progress, lefties.]

  • Pothead


    [CensorBot sez: Lay off the drugs.]

  • FrightenedWoman

    I am full of shit.

    [CensorBot sez: So full your eyeballs are brown.]

  • jess

    oh my god this is the worst article i have ever read jesus fucking christ on a goddamn rusty bicycle

    i don’t even care what you to do this comment just get fucked you giant shitstain you’re seriously one of the worst human beings on the fucking planet

  • Renee

    The above blog post is a fucking joke right?
    Please someone tell me this is a joke.
    Although, why is it alright to joke about peoples self esteem, or lack of self esteem?

  • leah

    i literally don’t even know where to start
    there is so much wrong with this article and your shitty opinion
    jesus fucking christ dude go back to the stone age where you belong
    i hope you get hit by a train you sexist disgusting piece of fucking shit

  • For real?

    I hope you die a horrible, horrible, horrible death :)

  • Person

    It’s disgusting that you’re telling people to not do certain things because it “deflates your dick”. I’m terribly sorry, but people aren’t living to impress you. Women can do whatever they damn please because they are not striving for your approval. If confidence is a turn-off, then fine, that’s your preference. But making a case that women should have low self-esteem because you think it’s attractive? Fuck off. No one wants to lower themselves to your close-minded standards, and it’s terribly big-headed to think that women would want to change who they are to impress you.

  • Ana

    The fuck I just read?

  • KTessa

    This is so bad I wonder if Poe’s law applies.

    “Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.”

    This is hilariously hypocritical, because your whole post shows you’re completely incapable of seeing women as human beings, yet you think they owe you that respect when you’re not willing to give it.

    You belong to this category of people who should be put in a spacecraft and sent far, far away outside of the solar system. We won’t be needing you here, trust me.

  • jack

    ” Most girls’ so-called achievements, the ones they take pride in, are complete jokes. ”

    Exactly. I love this guy.

    [CensorBot sez: No homo… I think.]

  • Mary

    This is absolute bullshit.

  • mika

    This is so generalized it almost doesn’t work. The older I get, the more turned off I am by the type of guy you just described. Maybe it’s because if I was “led back to the kitchen” I would either kill myself or the boy that led me there (most likely both). I do have low self-esteem, but that doesn’t make me want or need to be in a relationship. I’m sorry the girls you know are so weak and boring.

  • Gavin

    Do you know of any safe ways to mail vomit because I have a steaming gallon I’d like you to have. Free of charge.

  • Tom

    Banana tuning fork! I need scissors! 61!

    [CensorBot sez: Don’t post while tripping balls.]

  • mako mori

    this article made me laugh so hard i threw my computer at a brick wall and went out and feasted on a mans beating heart in a confident, femnazi rage.

    im not threatening you but i sincerely hope you get your penis bit off mid-blow job by a “overly” confident woman

  • Sunshine

    Hi Matt! I bet you don’t get this very often, but I just wanted to let you know what an awesome person you are! I can’t think of anyone in the world who is more of a positive, inspiring human being than you. I bet you wake up every morning full of joy and purpose, and just can’t wait to get to all the life-fulfilling things you get to do each day. This world, and the internet, is definitely a better place with you in it. Have a lovely day.

  • Megan

    Is this a satire? Please tell me this is a satirical argument. Do people actually believe this? This has got to be like “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. It HAS to be.

  • Ree

    I’m mad. Wah.

    [CensorBot sez: I’m working overtime dealing with this avalanche of Tumblr bullshit.]

  • joe


  • JJ

    It’s so depressing that someone actually believes this.

  • Lj

    “They want nothing more than for a man to throw them over his knee, shatter the Berlin Wall around their hearts, and expose the lovestruck, bashful little girl within.”

    Before you can begin making assumptions about my personal life, I am female, bisexual, I have an associate degree in engineering, and I have never been prescribed medication. I also earn more in a week than most of my high school graduating class earns in a month, and I am in a heterosexual relationship where the respect is mutual – we have just passed our second anniversary, in fact.

    You don’t seem to realise that women are ALSO human beings. Yes, many confident women seem to view men as an inferior “species”, but this does not include the majority of independent women. If the only “Strong, Independent Women” you’ve been associating with have this attitude towards men then perhaps you need to reconsider who you acquaint yourself with.

    Similarly, reconsider the women you have been in relationships with. While I can understand that it strokes your ego to know that “your girl” needs you to survive, relationships should not be based in this way – my maternal grandparents have been married for well over 50 years, and their relationship is one where Grandma is the one cutting wood and doing most of the work while Grandpa sits up at the pub every day, and it has been that way for as long as I can remember.

    The women who see men as an accessory don’t deserve them, clearly, and the rest of us wonder why men are stupid enough to chase these users. In this situation, it is the man who deserves the blame – he has seen/heard of this woman’s habits, and yet still jumped in the fire. Most of the time, it’s because she is physically attractive.

    While I agree with the comment I quoted at the beginning of this comment, it is for different reasons – part of the reason Niall (my partner) and I began dating was because he made me feel young again, and I feel secure with him. At the same time, however, I feel secure when I am separated from him.

    At the end of the day, mutual respect is where it’s at. And if a so-called “man” ever tries to tell me to get back in the kitchen, go suck a fuck and make your own damn sandwich. Seven figures per annum doesn’t earn itself, you misogynistic fool.

  • Liz

    I want you to spank me so hard.

    [CensorBot sez: Please stop it with the blatant come-ons, people.]

  • http://Twitter A

    Congrats on writing the most mysogonist article ever. This is offensive, inaccurate and ignorant to the max. You say women are incapable of seeing men as human beings- and at the same time treating women with less respect than you would an animal. Good luck ever finding a relationship with this attitude.

  • Hot

    Please bang me. I’ll cook and clean for you.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Disgusted

    Insert stupid remark here.

    [CensorBot sez: I don’t wanna.]

  • steven

    You are essentially, an oxygen thief.

  • Stacey

    You say that nothing would happen if all women loose their jobs, well guess what, if that actually happened, Germany wouldn’t be a thing anymore because we wouldn’t have a freaking chancellor.

    People like you are the reason I need feminism.

  • Zoe

    How would you feel if this was reversed, and somebody said that men didn’t deserve a life of their own, their independence, their freedom and that they weren’t allowed to feel good about themselves. Women are half the population, women are HUMAN and deserve to be treated as such.
    Get some fucking perspective you dipshit. Keep your bigoted thoughts to yourself, or better yet get rid of them. Read a bit. Talk to people. (yes, women are people in case you didn’t know. So are men. We’re all people who deserve equality you fucktrumpet).

  • Wonder Woman

    When I find you I’ll beat this shit out of your head, you idiot!

  • The type of woman you despise and happy to be so

    You’re a cunt.
    As is everyone who agrees. Go fuck yourselves.

  • Nikki

    This is disgusting, and sexist to the max. fair enough women aren’t as ‘strong’ as men but i am sorry, i know a lot of men i know for a fact im smarter than. so therefore your shallow argument is wrong. but either way , if your gonna be a dickhead and think this way your only gonna get your dick shut in the door man!

  • josh

    what the fuck is wrong with you people

  • Logic Hurts Me

    I am stupid.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Don

    I have no words for the idiocy of this post. I hope someday you get over whatever issues you have with women because Jesus Christ, I didn’t realize anyone could be this ridiculous.

  • Johnny

    I want to get fucked by this man so hard.

    [CensorBot sez: No homo.]

  • Ethan

    This is just…terrible. And completely completely wrong. I really don’t know what to say. I’m glad feminist exists to confront sexist pigs like you and the commenters on this article

  • jack O’Donnel

    I want to have a vagina.

    [CensorBot sez: Ugh.]

  • fuck you as swipe

    If I knew you, I would pretend to be insecure just so that I could date you and get close to you so then I could proceed to castrate you and feed you your own (probably tiny) dick. Violence and castration: THAT’S how you treat people with opposing views! Right? RIGHT?

    [CensorBot sez: Tolerance. Learn it.]

  • Miles Stern

    I cannot believe it, A seemingly well educated human being not afraid to voice his opinion regarding an ‘old school’ viewpoint.
    Too right, the majority of women want equal rights without equal responsibility.
    Independence yet still expect excessive chivalry.
    your ’50 shades of grey’, and pick up artist’s ‘backhanded compliment’ arguments were enough alone.
    Our society has prematurely matured us above a rate at which human evolution cannot keep up with, your societal collapse argument is a perfect example of this, I for one can imagine immense numbers of men (I suppose women too) refusing to keep caged, perfectly natural primal urges that without law and order to uphold, would occur so very frequently.

    Thank you for posting this, not only was it a good read, but the post edits were worth a laugh.

    My only question now is, have you done or would you ever consider covering your view on eugenics. in either sense, natural or controlled.

    I would enjoy reading something in similar taste as this, regarding ‘Social Darwinism’

    Too much to ask? most likely.

  • Mariana

    You’re fucking disgusting, you fail to see women as human beings and you’re a fucking narcissist. That’s right, by reading your text you fall into the category of narcissistic personality disorder. (Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others, Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior,Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic, Believing that you’re better than others, Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings,Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans,Taking advantage of others,Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior)
    . I’m a psychology Major and let me tell you that there is NO LINK BETWEEN HIGH (NORMAL) SELF-ESTEEM AND MENTAL ILLNESS AMONG WOMEN. You’re an asshole and I’m relieved by thinking you will never procreate. Open a fucking book for fuck’s sake.

  • missmenot

    Teenage Tumblr pseudofeminist alert! Imma gonna call you ignorant even though you’re older and more knowledgeable about the world than me.

    [CensorBot sez: Par for the course.]

  • Holly

    I think all people regardless of gender should be respected as a human being. I don’t think everyone deserves respect in terms of skills i.e. if you’re bad at you job, you can’t really command respect for that job.

    I think men with their own self-esteem issues are the ones who fear confident, and more importantly, happy women. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to feel better about yourself if you felt your female partner was feeling good about herself without your help.

    I’m not going to hurl abuse at the author even though I disagree with him and just about everything he’s written in this article. But I would suggest that maybe he’s not met enough women! Or just looks at the way media/films/TV etc. portrays the way females feel about men (i.e. we think they’re all useless douchebags – simply not true, or we feel we need a man to fulfil/save us – also not true).

    The most productive relationships between men and women are those between two secure, happy and confident individuals who are focused on raising each other up rather than tearing the other down. And coming from someone who is in a relationship like that, I can tell you very honestly, it is anything but a ‘dick deflater’!

  • Melody B

    IDIOT !

  • Anon

    NONONONONONO this is so wrong on so many levels and I’m appalled by everything on this page. Ugh, I can’t even begin to explain how horrible this all this I just can’t.

  • OhBoy HereWeGo

    This article was shared on tumblr, and you know what that means, don’t you? Yep. Expect a lot more butthurt and hatred than before.

    However, I’m really glad that I found your site! I heavily agree with you. This was well-written, too, your sense of humour is very entertaining.

  • Elliot

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Honestly dude, you’re making our entire gender look bad with your “rational arguments” towards sexism and by enforcing attitudes that already exist towards women. If you honestly think that females have too high of self esteem, then you clearly have not been immersed in the same sort of media as the rest of the world. Your “argument” could probably be taken by a psychologist as a little boy’s cry for help because his mommy didn’t give him enough attention. The saddest thing about this entire blog however has got to be the fact that it has become a giant circle-jerk for people who have their head so far up their ass that they mistake concepts such as the pursuit of equality in the form of feminism to be arrogance and entitlement.

    Congratulations, douche bag of the year has been elected and it’s you. The prize is a punch in the face. And yes, I’m a fag.

    [CensorBot sez: We can tell.]

  • Joan

    This makes me sick, especially the amount of people who seems to agree with this. No wonder the world is going to hell.

  • amara

    Please reproduce with me.

    [CensorBot sez: No kids.]

  • Taki

    You’re a piece of trash. Have a nice day.

  • Will

    My big sister’s gonna beat you up, you big meanie!

    [CensorBot sez: I’m so scared.]

  • Andrew

    You’re an asshole and need to off yourself if you honestly think like this.

  • Sean

    My boxers suddenly feel all squishy.

    [CensorBot sez: Stop shitting yourself! Stop shitting yourself!]

  • A Decent Human Being

    I hope you fucking drown in a two inch puddle of your own semen. You are literal shit. You are a cockroach — less than a cockroach. You are the pink soap scum that collects around rusting faucets. You are dismembered road kill that commuters cannot be bothered to avoid, but rather continue to smear along the highway. You are an amoeba, but less complicated. You are vile. You are a terrified little boy who never grew up, who still clings to his limp penis like it’s the only thing anchoring him to the world. You are a talentless, worthless bottom feeder. You deserve to be castrated without the use of anesthetic.

    Most of all though, you’re pathetic.
    Just a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • eraihna

    self esteem is a part of self respect, we respect and love ourselves as people and not based off of gender. i thing the guy who wrote this is selfish, i am a woman in a man’s life and i do EVERYTHING for him. you should always respect a woman especially since she already has some self absorbed douche bag in her life she has to cater to. it’s my instinct to be maternal, not my obligation.

  • Matthew

    Please reproduce.

    [CensorBot sez: Maybe.]

  • Elviriel

    Oh my god. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Wow. Not many people deserve the title, but you are truly a complete idiot.

  • Ashley

    You make me wet.

    [CensorBot sez: The good or bad kind?]

  • dad

    May you be blessed with as many hot groupies as you can fuck.

    [CensorBot sez: Oh yeah, you can bet on it.]

  • John

    The only women I can name who have important jobs are all politicians. In other words, they’re leeches who exist to tax us into oblivion, write new laws to restrict our freedom and send us abroad to die in pointless wars. I think I’ve got you there Matt!

    [CensorBot sez: You don’t, actually. We’ve had one week of government shutdown, showing just how useless everyone who works for the government truly is.]

  • Matthew

    You’re just taking a baser instinct, twisting it out of context, and using it to justify you being a sexist.

    Yes… There is indeed something down in female DNA that makes them tick when they see a dominant man but your argument that they should base themselves on this instinct is ridiculous.

    The hardest pill to swallow was that bit about how if every woman were fired from their jobs there would be no real impact… What a crock of shit. As a military man, I owe my life to my female wingmen a dozen times over. I’m not being melodramatic here. I’m talking about real,getting shot at, god’s honest saved my ass (and indeed my life) situations here.

    In every human being, man or woman, there is the potential for greatness. Don’t try to downplay and typecast an entire group of people in that just because they will always on some level love a dominant man.

    As I said there is the baser instinct and there’s a great deal of enjoyment to be had in exploring base instincts. This may come as a shocker but it is perfectly possible for a woman to be strong, independent AND submissive. Women like that do exist. I should know I’ve held down and ravaged a few. One in particular is a marine that I’d sooner have my back in a scrapper than most men I know.

    So consider for a moment before you start generalizing that some of those useless women would take a bullet for you, and some HAVE for me.

  • Nope.

    Are you for fucking real?

  • Jay

    I think I’m going to be sick.

  • Justfuckoff

    You are a complete stupid piece of shit and not a single woman deserves such a bastard in her life. I do hope you die miserable and alone.

  • Nicole

    You misogynist piece of shit :)))))

    This is not a man’s world. How do you even take yourself seriously after writing this???!!! You’re a sick little man with a small dick and a blog, hope you rot in hell xoxoxo

  • fuck you


  • amelia

    you’re disgusting. absolutely disgusting.

  • choke on a dick

    You sicken me.

  • Bella

    This is your response.

  • Hunter

    I want a fat girl to bend me over and peg me.

    [CensorBot sez: You creep me out.]

  • AK


  • Miranda

    Wow, okay. I’ve seen so many people say things along the lines of “if you were a normal, mentally stable person, you would just close the tab and walk away”. Whether you believe so strongly in what you say or not, I think that your entire website is just a way to make people angry. You seem like the kind of person who thrives on conflict. So, I’m not going to yell and swear, but I will speak.

    Low-self esteem ruined me. It didn’t make me more attractive to men. I’ll tell you what it did do. It slowly evolved into self hatred, which tore me up on the inside. Now I have chronic depression, social anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. Because of all this, I have been through more physical and mental torture than you could possibly imagine. I won’t go into detail because it’s very personal and I don’t need to prove myself to you. But I have come out on the other side. A man didn’t save me. I saved myself. And if I hadn’t have done that, I wouldn’t be here right now.

    If I believed what you believed, I would have killed myself when I was fourteen. People can have whatever opinion they choose, but yours is more harmful than you think.

    And if anyone follows this up by calling me “emo” or “whiny”, I’d wager you haven’t had enough bad shit happen in your life. People who live easy lives can say whatever they want because they don’t understand the consequences.

  • -

    I actually believe gender is a social construct. I’m dumb.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Simple

    As a man, I can happily say that I disagree with nearly every “rational” argument you’ve made here. I won’t waste my breath by saying the same things all the other Tumblr people have said so far, but I’ll leave you with a simpler note than cussing you out with profane language and illegible grammar.

    I just think you’re another mysogynist scumbag who really could go for being stuck in a room full of girls, not just feminists, and speak this opinion just to see the reactions. I can probably assure you that most, if not all of them, would be disgusted by your viewpoints and, honestly, not want anything having to do with your nether reigons.

    And don’t worry, you’re not the only sexist guy in the world. There’s a whole flock of your kind somewhere out there. Dunno where, don’t care where. It’s personally not my forte. I like a girl with confidence and a centered head on their shoulders. And I don’t care what she does to me sexually, or even if she’s good or not. Yes, shyness is cute there, but a girl who’s constantly unsure about herself is honestly a deterrent.

    But enough about me. Like I said, I won’t go through and diss on everything you’ve said on here considering it’s your own personal opinion on your own site, but that won’t stop me from saying that I heavily disagree.


  • Savannah

    It disturbs me greatly that people like you still exist and take yourself seriously. How the hell can you? It is not a woman’s job to please you./your precious little cock. We’re HUMANS. You’re right. In order for America to right itself, there needs to be a massive and concerted war on females. Against people like you, who think it is okay to demean women and act as if you are superior to them. Check your fucking privilege. Most girls have done nothing to deserve self-esteem? Everyone deserves to be happy in their own damn life in their own damn body. Fuck you.

  • please put a knife up your ass

    I swear to god I hope someone puts poison in your fucking tuna sandwich and laughs at your slowely dying body.

    I really want to write something meaningful here, but this piece of utter shit isn’t worth my time. FUCKITY BYE.

  • Leeds

    You’re an ugly, ugly man… You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • G

    My pussy is so wet right now.

    [CensorBot sez: Keep it quiet.]

  • Trickster

    Fuck me like an animal.

    [CensorBot sez: Nada.]

  • Failed at Math

    Anecdotes do not disprove data. I can’t do math.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Adriana

    I love this man.

    [CensorBot sez: We know.]

  • KAte

    What the f*** is actually worng with you? how can you as a man with a mother actually say this in good faith. If the world has come to this where twats like you have opinions that people listen to in regard to something that should not concern them. What if you had a daughter and you told her to be insecure because shes ugly and her only measure of success will be through how a perverted male views her. How is that the mark of a good parent? This is disgusting and you really need to take a look at your choices if this is the conclusion you have come to .

  • Harley

    what the fuck are you talking about. have you actually ever met a woman before.

    Women live within a place in society where they LITERALLY, EVERY SECOND, are bombarded with the idea that they are not good enough. they are not thin enough. they are not smart enough. they starve themselves and hurt themselves and do all kinds of terrible things because people like you destroy their self confidence.

    the only reason you like insecure women is because it makes you feel like a buf manly tough guy who has power. if a woman considers herself your equal then where’s your power trip?

    you’re a piece of shit and you need to get your head out of the fucking sand and open your goddamn eyes because you are so very wrong. Wrong Wrong Wrong.

  • Em

    Biggest load of bullshit ever

  • Kankri

    I am literally astounded by your stupidity.

  • Lexi

    Please! Make love to me!

    [CensorBot sez: You’re probably fat.]

  • What the fuck was this??

    I felt my brain cells dying while I was reading this…

  • Jesika

    Is this supposed to be satire? I think a certain author has been rejected one time too many.

  • Niamh

    This is a joke right? This is someone taking the piss? This isn’t actually fucking serious right?? Because if it is ACTUALLY serious and there are actual people who agree with this I genuinely don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I really, really don’t.

  • L S

    You are the most disgusting excuse of a human being I have ever had the misfortune to come across, as is anyone who agrees with this complete and utter trip. How DARE you put down women simply for believing in themselves. Damn, you really must have some issues with yourself if you’re that insecure that you have to throw pathetic insults at an entire gender. Have fun fucking your own hand for the rest of your life, you childish, sad, worthless little creature.

  • Liam

    This is astounding. There are people that exist, that actually think like this? You are either a great troll or a massive douchebag. Stop thinking of women as women and start thinking of them as people.

  • Angelica

    As a confident, strong woman I totally agree with you. I don’t think I chose to be a “strong” woman just grew up to be one due to a lot of tragedy in my life. Anyways, the downfall of a lot of my relationships were the fact that I never needed a man. I was too independent, saw being vulnerable as a weakness and there fore never gave a man a reason to exist. And that’s what men need, they need to be needed, that is their role in a relationship. They want you to hide in their arms when watching a scary movie, the one you call when you think there is a intruder in the house, the shoulder you lean on when ever anything goes wrong. When I started dating my now husband, he forced me out of my shell, said he is gonna be there for me whether I want to or not, he forced me to face my past and feel… emotions, cry. And even though to this day I struggle at times not to be the one to take over all the responsibility and “fix” everything I let him be the man. He opens the car door for me, he tells me everything is going to be ok when I stress over life, the house etc. And I feel at my best when I open up and am vulnerable as does he when he feels needed and that he is able to be there for me. And at the end we both met our purpose.

  • Barack Obama

    Hi, this is the president of the United States telling you to shut the fuck up and commit seppuku.

    [CensorBot sez: President Obama uses Gmail? I never woulda thunk it.]

  • Murf

    Heyyyyyyy I maybe read the first four paragraphs and wow the cissexist misogyny makes me want to puke.

    I, as a cis woman… wait, I actually use that stupid made-up term “cis” to describe myself? Dear God I’m a loser.

    [CensorBot sez: We’re laughin’ at you, red.]

  • john

    If you need a woman to be submissive to feel aroused you are a normal man. I like being fisted by fat girls, hence I am a freak.

    [CensorBot sez: That’s fucking gross.]

  • jeff

    keeping a tab on you. come to new York and we shall beat the ever living shit out of you, ypu arrogant POS.

    [CensorBot sez: Thanks for the tip-off! I’ve forwarded your IP address and email to the FBI. Not that you actually have the balls to hurt someone in real life…]

  • Anonymous

    You, sir, are a fucking asshole.

  • Jiji

    Your point of view bring a big problem. if women shouldn’t have self-esteem, stick to the kitchen and seek solace in the arms of their husbands, it makes them extremely vulnerable and it’s the point because it boots the masculinity of men if i got it right?This relationship is fragile and dangerous. The husband would have his woman at his knee like a small animal, unable to live by itself, but masculinity doesn’t protect men from sorrow. Everyone must die, so everyone must suffer and everyone must know fear. If his woman is weak when he needs help (and he will need help at some point), who will help him? And if he is helpless, who will help his woman? They will bother fall because they don’t share the burden of life.

  • Annalise

    Wowowowowowow the fact that people like you still exist and take yourselves seriously is literally ridiculous.

    The fact that you’re backing up not only rape culture, but sexism is ridiculous to the point that I can’t see straight.
    Do yourself a favor and sit in a room full of women and say this in front of them. I’ll tell you that 99% of them won’t want anything to do with you. I doubt you’ve ever /actually/ been with a woman, like wow.
    Women are insecure because they’re constantly given shit for EVERYTHING they do, and when people like you come about and spout this kind of bullshit it makes me want to throw up. Seriously, though, how about you leave your house to do something more than go to work for once you ignorant piece of shit.

  • Hunter

    Imma make a death threat against you! You’re gonna feel the pain!

    [CensorBot sez: You morons DO realize that threatening someone with violence or death on the Internet isn’t a smart idea, right?]

  • Cara Crowley

    I want to be your personal fuck-slave.

    [CensorBot sez: Watch your mouth.]

  • Steven

    I love it when Mistress Whippingbottom flays my ass with a riding crop.

    [CensorBot sez: Boy howdy, sure sounds like fun.]

  • Pity Me

    Yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

    [CensorBot sez: Too long, didn’t read, hit delete key.]

  • Summer Sunshine

    I do want to be dominated. I feel sexiest when I know I’m vulnerable. I like being told what to do. I’m an excellent cook and house keeper and I do it all in adorable pin-up dresses and pumps. I’m sexy and submissive and my butch leatherdyke eats it up. Does that make me a bad feminist? I don’t know but I’m super happy and sexually fulfilled so fuck it.

  • God

    Get the fuck off of my planet, asswipe. I didn’t give humans free will to hear them spout this shit.

    [CensorBot sez: God uses Gmail too? That’ll make for one hell of an endorsement for Google.]

  • asshole

    i really hope you do badly in life you fucking shit

  • Jord

    You are perhaps the most vile human being I have had the misfortune of ever knowing exist.

  • danny tyler

    you. selfish. vain. pathetic. prick.

  • Confident Woman

    Please don’t procreate. Oooh, how edgy of me.

    [CensorBot sez: You are the third person in twelve hours to make this kind of comment. Try harder.]

  • iwdiwb

    You are so wrong on so many levels.

  • Anthony DeWitt

    I really hope this article is a bad joke.

  • Andrea Dworkin’s Cellulite

    “Real life fails the Bechdel test.”

    I wasn’t going to leave a comment until I saw this. Dude. Dude.

    You are so right. Ever listen to women talk on their own. Most of the time, outside of work or school, they talk about men and relationships and gossip. They are frivolous and small-minded. The Bechdel test is stupid because it ignores the reality of straight women.

    10/10. You are a genius.

    [CensorBot sez: Thanks!]

  • alice

    Wow so you’re literally retarded huh? Like, you don’t have a properly functioning brain. You’re most certainly unintelligent, at least. I’m surprised you’ve been able to keep yourself alive for this long, honestly. Your parents really went wrong with you . This is why there should be intelligence tests to have children. And then an intelligence genocide to kill people like you off. Do you feel good spreading unintelligence to other dumb, easily influenced people? Oh yea, it feeds your huge ego. Seriously, please go crawl into a hole and die away from society, because you’re poisoning it.

  • Fuck You

    fucking fuck you, you dumb fuck

  • Fuck You

    P.S. this is on Tumblr, so, you’ my friend, are royally screwed, because us tumblr girls have a 0 shit policy.

  • avery

    Congratulations, you’re a misogynist! The belief that women should not feel good about themselves to please you is a totally sexist thing to think, and you’ll probably never get laid. It’s a little disheartening to read something like this, but I’ll give you a single sentence that debunks this entire argument:
    The media hypersexualizes women and makes them feel awful if they are not white and thin.
    Honestly, you’re either a closeted gay man or just a huge douchebag. Props on openly supporting something so blatantly sexist, though! It’s always nice to see through and through idiots on the internet.

  • You fucker

    I hope you die in a fucking hole you piece of shit. Have fun burning in hell.

  • Molly J

    You don’t even have to be a patriarch to realize this is accurate and full of truth.

    [CensorBot sez: Damn straight.]

  • Holyshit

    Damn sexist. And no, I’m not a woman. I’m a FAG.

    [CensorBot sez: Exactly.]

  • ted

    lol u really are an idiot

  • Andy

    HAHAHA what the fuck did I just attempt to read. This was so bad, I couldn’t even finish it.
    What a giant generalization. You are a sad human being. You do not deserve respect as a human being. People like you keep our society from progressing. You are narrow-minded and will never understand the struggle some women face on a daily basis because you a privileged man.
    Go talk to your mother or sisters or closed female friends and ask them how many times a day they are sexually harassed by a man. How many times a day they are subjected to garbage like this very article.
    This article here and you as a human being are the very reason we need feminism. We are all people who deserve to be seen as just that.

  • tl;dr

    Ugh, whatever bro. No one gives a crap about your dumb opinion anyway. Except me, seeing as I wrote this comment. Burn!

    [CensorBot sez: Lulz.]

  • celeste

    your ass must be really jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth

  • Adam

    I’m gonna be constructive here, you should kill yourself. And before your warped mind disregards my comment, just know I, as a man, am revolted by what you think and that you actually believe its okay to share this kind of trash. You are human garbage.

  • You’re an ass

    Wow. I seriously cannot believe what I just read.
    Not only this ridiculous essay you have written that is so insensitive, sexist, warped, rude, arrogant and just plain stupid but the comments that go with it!
    Who are you people that seem to think this pile of utter shit is “well put” and a “great essay”?
    And you, you who wrote it, you’re the biggest asshole ever to walk the planet. I hope you know that and can live with the fact that you’ve actually published this vile, dire, horrendous bollocks on the internet.
    Congratulations. You are an A* Cunt.

  • Jade Reindl

    The idea that you’re proposing that women should “be” a certain way is pretty screwed up in my opinion. If a woman is confident? Great! If she’s shy? Great! What’s not okay: promoting that women pretend they’re something they’re not. I think it’s great you’re attracted to a certain kind of woman (which says something about you, but I’m not here for insults), I just think it’s messed up that you can’t accept women who *aren’t* like that, and that you think all women should be something they’re probably not.
    Yeah, I’m a feminist. No, I’m not “accusing [my] enemies of being misogynistic, generalizng, having a small penis, or being insecure” at all. Nor are you my “enemy”. I’m just expressing the fact that women, and people in general, should be allowed to be themselves, regardless of what you happen to desire, and I find your article ridiculous. Although I’m glad that you’ve found your little niche and some other equally screwed men and women who agree with you.

  • Chloe

    This is literally the biggest piece of shit I have ever read, congratulations.

  • zeek

    Dude are you serious? are you actually serious? It takes real balls to be this stupid in public. Like actually I’m having a hard time believing that you’re serious. Are you sure? are you sure you’re sure??? think harder dude, I know it hurts to use your brain but actually try for once and realize that women are humans and hurting them like this is sick and cruel. I’m sure someone else out there will have a well-structured FACTUAL argument to make against you but I’m honestly just here to factually inform you that you’re basically the scum of the earth and you don’t deserve the air you breath and I hope and pray you find nothing but misery and pain in your life, because those you DO deserve.

  • a human

    firstly research provides strong evidence that the y chromosome is actually a mutation off of the x chromosome, meaning men are a random mutation off women.
    Why cant we just respect women for whoever they want to be, if you dont like a confident woman good for you doesnt mean all women should lack confidence.

  • brodude alert

    i bet u wear fedoras and have a neckbeard and love my little pony

  • ihateyou

    Wow, this is…you’re awful. You don’t have ANY respect for women at all, do you? Saying things like this is down right repulsive to every women, and every person who has any common sense! No woman deserves assholes like you who make them feel worse about themselves and prey on that! You are disgusting!

  • http://fuckyou Fuck you

    Please go choke on a bag of dicks, you worthless, misogynistic human being. 8)

  • Gotta be trollin’

    either you have serious mommy issues, are a huge troll, or both. if its the former, than thats sad, if its the latter (i bet $20 on it) then you gotta be the biggest troll of them all. gg.

  • literally fuck you

    did you shit on your keyboard then think it was a good idea to post it because thats what i got out of this

  • Boot

    your article is dumb and you should feel even dumber

  • Suya

    There is also no need for you to have a penis since you aint gonna be using it, because which girl would want a guy like you? You’re so ridiculous and miserable it makes me laugh.

  • Janna

    IS IT

  • Nadia

    There is something wrong with you. Get over yourself.

  • Zoë Skinner

    You are a disgusting waste of space which doesn’t deserve to be called human. You’re clearly pretty insecure yourself if you need women to feel inferior to you. Those girls you find unattractive because they know they’re worth something are very lucky they didn’t end up with you. Cunt.

  • Celia

    I’m upset that I clicked on this link because now this guy gets advertising money. I’m an optometry student, so I think I’m going into a somewhat useful field. What if all the female health professionals were gone? We’re doctors, nurses, pharmacists. We keep you alive (and able to see).

    It is possible to be have self esteem and a sense of self worth while still realizing that you’re not perfect. Everyone has some vulnerability that they can open up and share with a person they find worthy. If you want to be at the center of a woman’s world, try earning your place there, not stepping in and expecting to fill some emotional hole.

    And being attracted to people who are intimidated by you seems like you’re the one who’s not confident. It’s a power trip.

  • You are a terrible human being

    You do realize your mother is a woman? You disgust me. These comments disgust me. You are a terrible human being. Do you even have a girlfriend? A girlfriend who knows about this shit you write on this horrible website of yours??? My guess is no. You don’t. And that would not surprise me in the least.

  • Nina_Tina

    You make me sick.

  • Anonymous

    “Women don’t deserve a high self-esteem” “Women claim they want equal rights as men, but they don’t want equal responsibilities.”

    Has the thought ever occurred to you that the fact that women don’t have equal rights as men is the reason why we don’t have equal responsibilities?

    “Insecurity is integral to femininity”

    No. Femininity is an illusion. When a baby is born they either have a penis or a vagina, that doesn’t determine who they are or who they should be. Gender roles are a creation by society, not something that comes with your genitals. The belief that women have to wear skirts and dresses, have long hair, shave their legs, etc. is all an illusion. So the belief that women have to be insecure is an illusion, as well.

    “Women don’t want to have a high self-esteem” ” Pharmacological assistance is the only way she can make it through her day without slitting her wrists, or alternately realizing that her life is a complete lie. Every day, women show through their actions that they despise their strong, independent lives.”

    This is a statement of pure and total stupidity. Who doesn’t want to have a high self esteem? Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. If a woman has a self esteem that as low that she slits her wrists, she is mentally ill. Mental illness is more common in women than it is in men. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain, not a woman downgrading herself because it’s “in her nature”.

    So, you, sir, and all the people that agreed with this article, can go fuck yourself and your ignorant, rude, and sexist opinions.

  • Charlie

    “Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.”
    And what exactly do you think that you are seeing women as?

  • Caela Henderson

    You are a fucking idiot

  • Nina

    damn, no wonder no one wants to marry you. say this to your mama and tell us how she responds

  • lmao

    and people wonder why women hate men

  • Matthieu

    there is a 99% chance that you play trumpet

  • George

    This is so hetero-normative I’m shocked

  • Kelly

    How can woman be anything but a man’s play toy when men like you are still out there telling them they can’t do shit! Men like you disgust me! I spent my life hearing my father tell me and my mother I’m nothing compared to a man just a piece of shit. Well good thing I didn’t listen to that. And if anyway tried to rape you, you can bet I’m not going to save you, good luck.

  • chew big red

    Blasphemy! Heinous treason! This man has revealed the inner principles of man law to the public and must now be burned!
    Lol interesting article though

  • a

    this is satire right? because there’s no way someone is actually this stupid. no possible way. if you were really this stupid, you wouldn’t have been able to find the power button on your computer, let alone type so many 3 syllable words.
    (but in the event that this is not in fact a joke, i hope your penis is violently ripped off by savage dogs)

  • table

    Dios santo sos un pelotudazo bárbaro me cago de risa pensando cuántas minas te habrán hecho rebotar jajajaja de seguro que para masturbarte usás un microscopio para encontrar tu minúscula chota jajaja

  • Gina

    is this a fucking joke

  • dremmy

    youre the most misogynistic man ive ever met what the fuck

  • Don’t Tell Me Who To Be

    1. If confidence doesn’t give a man erections then please explain the success of movies like Tomb Raider.
    2. Women build walls to prevent heartache. ‘The embrace of a loving man’ always ends up being the embrace of a man who really really wants to get laid. He doesn’t care what state he leaves you in after he gets what he wants.
    3. The women who get ‘lots cocka’ are the ones who have let their guard down and have been so hurt that they’re emotionally numb. They’ve felt love and had it betrayed. After so long it seems to become a hopeless cause and they settle.
    4. I’ll agree about the music, however, love songs are universal, for men and women. Usher’s Confessions: all about love. Muse songs: mostly love. I’d like to hear more music bitching about corruption in the world personally; where’s the next Pink Floyd?
    5. On a tangent: What I find super ridiculous is that our government is domineered by men who don’t want women to have birth control, even though so many men don’t want to step up when they get a girl pregnant (outside of wedlock). Talk about the innate desire to breed. They don’t want babies to be prevented nor do they want to take care of them when they exist.
    @PowerPuppy That was the most unrealistic novel ever. Women don’t want to be domineered; they want orgasms. They want to break down a man who claims to have no emotions and make them feel something for her. Men never pay attention to that need.

    All in all, everybody gets off from something different. I’m going to keep striving to be a strong independent woman. Frankly, unconfident men seem to like a confident woman. Confident men take advantage of an unconfident woman. They’ll lie to her because she’s invested her trust in him. I’d rather be a confident woman who saves herself from being hurt.

  • Aiden

    I’m a female college student pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree. Am I excluded from your misogynistic stereotyping because I happen have skill in an area that you, being male and therefore omnificent, determine is “real” and not a “useless fluff job”? Also, do I have your permission to be confident about my body and my abilities, or is that just asking far too much?

  • Ashley

    How cute of you to think that you’re capable of obtaining a woman who has the self esteem you speak of. You are OBVIOUSLY one of the arrogant, ignorant, misogynistic fools who don’t seem to have a clue of what’s going on in the 21st century. I’m not sure if this less than knowledgeable blog was intended to be a joke. But I can assure you that you, my friend, are exactly that. A poor, unintelligent, joke of a man who will never be equal to us women, that is for sure.

  • Mattforney fucks his mom

    Umm if it weren’t for women you wouldn’t be here. Then again, the only woman who should have swallowed was your mom. I hope you get raped

  • HA

    I’m laughing, you’re so funny! You do the best impression of a arrogant, self-assured, cocky asshole.

  • Peachyfield1998

    Oh you poor babay! Who ignored you as a child so that you should become the emotional fuckwit that you are today? Was it your mother who left you so she could go and concentrate on her own wants so that you felt abandoned and made it your life mission to make all other women hate you? Or was it your father, leaving your mother to smother you and become vulnerable to opinions because she couldn’t take her ex-husbands opinions, thus making you believe this was the norm.
    All I can say is this though! If it was your mission to make all the women hate you then CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed your mission!
    And before the rest of your sexist bastards go about stating that i’m just “sensitive” or “can’t handle the truth” let me just tell you a TINY fraction of what was wring with this article:
    “Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.”
    Okay, let’s think about the definition of feminist-
    “Noun. A person who supports equal rights between males and females”
    The very definition of feminist is that we want to help men in the political, social and economic world but do you know what else we want?
    And do you want to know something weird? This is the exact same argument that racists used when ethnicity equality was a problem! People said that black people would not care about white peoples problems and don’t view them as humans!
    Racists also said that black people made no difference to the country, caused difficulties and were nothing but trouble!

    ” Pushing lies like the claim that one in three women will be raped during her lifetime and their constantly expanding the definition of rape are ways for feminists to indulge their desire for vulnerability in a way that doesn’t conflict with their view of themselves as “strong” and “empowered.””
    How dare you.
    The fact you think women actually WANT to be raped is so repulsive it makes me physically want to be sick. First you must realise it’s not just women who are raped. Women, men, children, they are all raped and the only reason we are pushing the definition of rape because we have more understanding of what rape is! No one wants to have all control, all respect, all dignity stripped from them. To have the very physical form that belongs to you be damaged and abused as no one hears you scream or cry is one of the worst things to happen to a person, and the fact that you think a women WANTS to be raped is… beyond words.
    One of the only reasons we still have rape is because of idiots like you who believe that women “want” to be raped and because you blame the victim!

    “From the moment they’re old enough to speak, girls in America are bombarded with propaganda that artificially boosts their self-esteem.”
    Have you seen the magazines and TV directed to young girls! They’re constantly stating that girls aren’t good enough, that if you’re not this weight you’re not beautiful, if you don’t paste yourself with make up you will never be wanted! Girls are tricked into thinking that a woman cannot be a woman unless she has a tiny skirt on and size 0 body (not that I am slut-shaming, nor shaming people who are NATURALLY that size) she will never get anywhere in life, a trick bastards (you) make to twist a girls mind into thinking that she needs a man!

    There is literally a MILLION ways i could continue on showing what a bastard fuck-wit monster you are but chances are they will fall on deaf ears so hopefully you will never trick some poor girl into having sex with you, you’ll die the pathetic loser you are and fail to continue your line of misogynistic cruelty. Also, if you do have kids I hope you have a kid I REALLY hope it’s a girl, so you can learn to understand what men like you do to girls like her, then when her husband beats her or she is raped you’ll understand that vulnerability, not so sexy on girls.

  • Callie

    You should apologize to your mother for giving birth to you since you don’t seem to appreciate that her keeping you (not aborting you) and carrying you for 9 months didn’t mean shit to you. The fact that you are alive and breathing today is because you depended on a woman to give you life and to be able to say this hurtful and degrading piece of work. Whatever anatomy you may have, penis, vagina, ect. You are a human being and should have the freedom to think, be and live however you would like. Just because back in the day the social concept was woman were lesser and shouldn’t have rights, or blacks shouldn’t have rights, or even gay people should go to hell doesn’t mean that it’s right to put someone in a certain stereotype and say they need to be a certain way and can’t be better. People are more then their gender, color, or sexual orientation. Woman are also rising up in the world despite people like you who put them down just because men got a head start in the world doesn’t mean men and woman can’t finish together. No one is better or worse than another and woman should be looking for a man who will treat her as a equal and will work together to build a life together. Depending on eachother equally when one another has fallen down is what makes a healthy relationship. I hope you learn one day and become a more intelligent and useful part of society instead of causing harm

  • Rebecca

    “Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.”

    This is exactly the moment when my anger overwhelmed me. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are you AT ALL serious? This has to be a joke. THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE IS ABOUT HOW YOU DON’T VIEW WOMEN AS HUMAN BEINGS.

    Do you know why so many women and teenage girls take anti-depressants? Because they’re DEPRESSED, dumbass. Depression and low self esteem go hand in hand. Too many women today ALREADY have low self esteem. Being insecure in depressed is ABSOLUTE MISERY. OBVIOUSLY you don’t know that seeing as how you’d wish it on 50% of the population.

    It doesn’t matter if men prefer women with lower self esteem because WOMEN DO NOT EXIST TO PLEASE MEN any more than MEN EXIST TO PLEASE WOMEN.


  • Iactuallycannotbelievethis

    Are you actually saying that women should not have self esteem and feel good about themselves? That they need a man? Is that what you are actually saying? I actually can’t believe there is a human being on this planet as truly disgusting as you. And then you dare to say that women don’t see men as human beings. That is truly disgusting. This entire piece of writing is you treating women as objects and trying to control their emotions. You are a despicable human being. Self confidence is one of the best things a person can have. You are wrong about everything in this.

  • aurora

    I honestly cannot believe someone actually said this. This is completely ludicrous and utterly absurd. I can’t wait for the days when women splash alcohol in your eyes, and you’re left alone for the rest of your sorry life.

  • Wow

    This is probably the most awful and ignorant article I’ve ever read. I honestly feel bad for you that you really think women should feel worse about themselves because they “don’t deserve it” and you think confidence is a turn off. Pathetic.

  • Diana

    I could go on for hours, but I have way better things to do than argue with someone who can’t even separate fact from shitty opinion. You don’t deserve my argument or my time.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Write a post about the case against female self esteem, threats of death, dismemberment and disappearance.

    Socially institutionalize the case against self esteem in men and boys into the social fabric for 50+ years and it’s called progress.

  • doe

    dude wow how the fuck are you actually this stupid, women are fucking humans they deserve to be confident in themselves and have their feelings treated with respect. I can’t actually believe that human beings can be this fucking stupid i mean just WOW, how do you even become this stupid? because i know for a fact no human being is born with so few brain cells. i hope you get your fucking dick chopped off because you are apparently too immature to have one.

  • Erin

    Wow… to think people like you with fossils for brains still exist.
    Kindly crawl back into the cave you emerged from.

  • Judy

    I’m having a hard time determining whether or not this article is a joke because it’s so outrageous and based on such idiocy that I can hardly see how this should be taken seriously. If it is a joke, then it’s jokes like these that make the culture and I think many of us would appreciate it if you’d stop. However, if it’s not a joke, then I think you may have some serious problems that you need to work out. If you are so biased against the opposite gender, it may be rooted in some past trauma or simply in misinformation that can be sorted out either with psychological help or educating yourself on the issue. Feminism is a real movement made up of real women with real thoughts, opinions, motivations, and emotions. Why is feminism necessary? To combat backward ideas such as the ones presented in this article. Feminism is about equality. Females are just as capable of running households, holding certain jobs, and even governing the country as men are. Feminism is also about celebrating the physical differences that make each biological gender unique, but whilst recognizing that our differences complement each other instead of trying to compete with each other. One of the points you made was that women have not earned the right to have self-respect. You are wrong in this view because not a single person EARNS a right to self-respect. Self esteem comes from learning to accept yourself for who you are, whether male or female. So, if you are absolutely “jacked” and this is important to you, be proud of your accomplishment. If you worked hard through college to earn your degree, be proud of your accomplishment. If you can’t find a job or spend your days playing video games in the basement, then find it within yourself to remember that you are a human being who has worth, no matter how the outside world may perceive you. Another point you made was that if society were to collapse, women would have to be sheltered by men lest they be raped. That argument is exactly in the feminists’ favor rather than your own: if men are so decent, why would they rape women? How could a woman be sure that the man she went to for protection wouldn’t take advantage of her either? The answer to this, simply, is that men SHOULDN’T rape women, and if society were to fall there is safety in trusted numbers but no one can protect a woman better than her own judgment and cautious measures. This is NOT making the point that it is the woman’s fault if she is raped; it is merely making the point that it is the man’s fault, and that the fact that he “couldn’t control himself” is not an excuse. It is never an excuse. (This isn’t even diving into the point that men can be raped too, but that’s not what the article was about.) Another point you made was that empowered women do not open up emotionally, which is what a relationship is built on. I do agree with the idea that relationships must be built on mutual trust and the willingness to open oneself emotionally to a partner and take the risk of getting hurt; however, there is nothing about feminism that suggests that a woman should close herself off to emotions completely. There’s a difference between being independent and being an emotionless robot. An independent woman can still feel heartbreak. But an independent woman also knows how to pick herself up and keep moving on, no matter how emotionally damaged she is, with or without a man. The final point you made is that women don’t want self-esteem. This confuses me, because as a woman I know I have self esteem and I’ll be damned if someone tries to take it away from me. I am indeed attracted to men, and I am open to the idea of being in a relationship, but the only way I’m “making a sandwich” is if it’s a mutual partnership thing–he’s busy, so I’ll be a kind person and make him a sandwich, but if he’s a kind and selfless person he will make me a sandwich if I’m busy. Relationships are partnerships. We must COMPLEMENT each other. That does not mean that one must take the reins and completely take over the other’s life. I’ll finish this off by remarking on how your blatant objectification of women completely disgusts me, and people like you are the reason that progress is being slowed. All women want are equal pay and equal say, and uncultured swine like yourself are not going to dismantle a movement as strong as feminism. There’s a difference between having opinions and having the wrong opinion, and honey, you have the WRONG opinion.

  • Leah

    You are a pig. I hope you die alone. You know nothing about the world if you honestly believe this. The world would crash without women. Just like it would without men. You make me sick. Men are no better than women are. Go fuck yourself asshole.

  • Emily

    This article…Wow, I couldn’t even finish reading it. I can’t even comprehend just how wrong these views are. How can a man, most likely with a mother, sit down and write this? I’m dumbfounded and disgusted, to say the least

  • Jake

    This is the most disgusting misogynistic piece of writing I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. Sucks that you’re so afraid of powerful women, but you don’t deserve one anyway. Clearly you don’t understand women or the feminist movement at all. I can’t wait until the day when ignorant, entitled men with your mentality are just a sad memory.

  • Ashley Jamesson

    The people who are complaining about you make me laugh.

    You had many good points and I guess they just can’t see that.

    You, sir. I like you.

  • Phoebas

    Just to clarify: Is this a satire? Or are the above statements genuine? I am afraid I am not particularly skilled at detecting sarcasm.

  • YETI

    seriously, this is satire, right?

  • Queen cool

    Sorry to hear about all this tumblr shit,they think theyre a movement but really theyre obnoxious. Agree with what was written here, which was a breath of fresh air in todays feminist obsessed online community. Glad to see some intelligent life out there.

  • What

    This…. This is a joke, right? Like you people can’t possibly be serious…

  • Miranda

    you are a fucking prick
    how do you know girls don’t want high self esteem?
    have you ever woken up to find you suddenly had a vagina?
    and if you have, i bet no one would put their dick inside you
    i am a woman of america and i can state right here and now that I WANT HIGH SELF ESTEEM AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO STATE THAT
    and you sir, perhaps you have a ton of insecurities
    perhaps one is accepting the fact that women and men alike have insecurities and high and low self esteem
    perhaps one is having to accept the fact that a woman could kick your ass if they wanted to
    perhaps one is accepting the fact that eventually, you’ll come to your senses and pick your fucking ass off that dirty fucking ground you reside on
    no gender should be better than another
    if one gender was supposed to be better than the other, why does that gender still exist?
    women don’t exist just for pleasure and reproducing, because if that were true, men would exist for the same purpose
    we’re all people
    we all have things to complete in life before we die
    which is why every person on this earth is a gift and no one should be put down for something as absurd as this
    now i suggest all of you open your fucking eyes and get a clue

  • Don

    This is the single most disrespectful thing I have ever read. I’m truly disgusted with every word and with everyone agreeing.

  • dreamyshadows

    Get brains. Realize that this is the 21st century. Become human.

    Delete this pathetic excuse of an article.

    Then you can take in the same oxygen sane people do.

  • Anon

    I have LITERALLY never read something so shit-brained, ridiculous in my entire life. Congratulations. You’ve baffled me with your utter and complete lack of intelligence. You’re the sort of person that would be weeded out of the population if we removed warning labels from everything. “It doesn’t say NOT to stick my head in the oven… so it must be okay.”
    Good grief. I hope you never have a daughter. They would be shit out of luck.

  • moo moo

    shUt the fuck up this is s o disgusting

  • tiff

    this post is so stupid and u are so stupid too i can’t believe u seriously posted this?? ? ?? it’s truly amazing to know that people with such shitty opinions exist out there tbh

  • no

    this is so unbelievably stupid i cant believe people out there actually think like this??



  • http://naw Jessica

    you are a literal human turd i can’t believe you are real

  • Rachel LaRocque

    Wow, you’ve probably made me hope to never in a million years meet you, in one article, congrats! If you were the last human being left I’d stay away. Right now, in perfectly fine with my feminism, fandoms, friends and cats. Just saying, when I start to date, I’ll be dating a feminist, someone who doesn’t degrade me, someone that I can be an equal to. You notice how I say someone? I’m not selecting a gender, and I suppose that you’re probably homophobic too. If not, I apologise. I wouldn’t like to bring someone else down for something that I’m lying about.

  • uh

    what the ever living fuck

  • matt

    This is the most appalling thing I have ever read….. for about the first half of it I was thinking “Ok this is one of those internet jokes” but then when it became clear that you’re serious I didn’t know whether or not to laugh at you or cry for you. You should probably do us all a favor and destroy your computer

  • do u kiss ur mom with that mouth

    im gonna hurl what ht e fuc k even aRE you

  • Becca

    Are….you….FUCKING INSANE????? What is this bullshit?????? You, sir, are a misogynist piece of shit. I hope your dick shrivels up and falls off. You should be ashamed of yourself for this disgusting, poisonous “essay”. You are what is wrong with our society. YOU ARE A PATHETIC, SCUM SUCKER! And anyone who agrees with this false essay deserves nothing less than a slow death. I hate you all. I’m not gonna be PC and sugar coat it. I want you all to be removed from the face of this earth.

  • Sensible feminist.

    this is the worst thing ive ever read

  • Caboose

    As a male feminist you seem to have a few details wrong. Firstly have you ever been a woman? Secondly if you have been a woman have you ever been insecure and thought that a man could fix that? And lastly though this is your opinion how could you be so openly misogynistic in such a progressive world?

  • hahahahaha

    hey matt! you are a disgusting human being and i want to waterboard you with your own blood.

  • Jessica

    And this is how you know you have found a “nice guy” who has no respect for any women in his family or out, and who will most likely end up getting murdered.

  • ohmYGOD

    This is so stupid omfg

  • Savvy

    Ok, I’m sorry. I’m going to put the right out there and be honest.
    How on God’s green Earth can this pile of misogynistic tripe be take seriously?
    I’d like to ask who you are to define exactly what femininity and the rules of society are. If every man lost his job tomorrow, a woman would be able to take his place, or at least learn if she didn’t know. How do you think this country operated during WW2?
    And before I go on and on about how you’re not only disgusting, but you’re also archaic and well beyond being so full of your own hot air that you believe that having a vagina makes you somehow less of a person, and having a dick makes you entitled to everything, I’d like to ask you only one more thing.
    Would you ever say this crap to your mother?
    I’ll keep my confidence, thanks. You and your dick can stay far away from me.

  • Adina

    I cannot. This is so sad.

    Shame, shame. We know your name.
    – The Goonies

  • Anon

    People do not get any worse than you. You are sad and pathetic, and you are not above everyone else like you seem to think you are. People are not yours to control. You do not get to dictate anyone’s mental state. You are a perverse pig, and you deserve to rot. I seriously cannot picture how you managed to get so fucked up of a mind where you think that people aren’t allowed to feel good about themselves. Do you really not realize that you are telling people: “Fell like shit, so that I enjoy sticking my dick in you more!” Like what kind of fucked up demonic being do you have to be where you think you are worth that much? You are worth nothing. You are the scum that is wrong with the world. And when people call you on your bullshit you just edit it to sound like they want to bang you? What, because nobody has ever wanted to bang filth like you before? As a guy, I can say that you’re a fucking embarrassment. You deserve the worst circle of hell for thinking that the way you were born grants you the right to put down and manipulate half of the fucking planet. You disgust me.

  • Erin


    1) Forget equal right, how about general respect for EVERYONE simply because they are a HUMAN BEING.

    2) Fluff jobs? Seriously? I’m not a teacher (I have a doctorate in physical therapy and I AM a woman, thank you), but those women teachers paved the foundation of education for every MAN that “keeps the country running.”

    I’d read the rest of your article but I couldn’t get over what an ignorant jackass you were in the first few paragraphs. I’d say a more “disastrous social engineering experiment” is letting said jackass express his ignorant opinion devoid of ANY truth all over the internet.

  • Audrey

    you are a twat, i’m sorry. if someone stabbed you, you would deserve it.

  • Girl

    If just spent an hour trying to describe how this makes me feel and I just can not put all of my thoughts into anything coherent.

    disgusting, festering tripe, pincone dick, idiot, you where MADE BY A WOMAN, how, WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYY,
    I don’t understand at all, I didn’t know people like this where real, is this actualy real, why did I spend time on this, crusty shit stain, I legitimately tasted bile after reading this, you sir are the embodiment of what its like to eat deodorant, moist, you need to not, shit sponge, jerkity jerk jerk made out of period pains, pickle dick, internal bleeding, external bleeding, I’m so angry I may pass out, you’re like those weird booger things in tomatoes, I hate tomatoes, fedora, prickly dickly hackle fac, are you real?, I generally don’t like people and can be quite rude but even I know you’re an ass cactus, if you don’t like women then don’t talk to them, don’t look at them, don’t even go near them, you are banished from earth for the mental verbal and possibly physical mistreatment of half the population, how can you think this is okay?!, I’m running out of words to express the deep deep loathing I feel towards you for creating such a thing and spreading it over the internet, maggoty festering shit smear of and opinion this is, that’s all I have the restraint to say for today.

  • You Suck

    you are seriously the biggest fucktard of all time. only an insecure man needs an insecure woman. you and your tiny dick need to get over it.

  • Fuck off

    Judging by all the edited comments, I’m assuming you fear criticism? But OH WELL FEMINISTING DOESN’T ALLOW COMMENTS SO I WON’T EITHER

    You’re…doing the exact same thing you criticize them for doing. Are you that fucking stupid or what? Oh wait, your article already confirmed your stupidity already.

    Take a good look in the mirror before you say that WOMEN don’t see MEN as humans, you fucking piece of festering dog shit.

  • Tom

    sucks that your dick is so tiny you felt the need to write this man. good thing there are some men out there with half a brain who can acknowledge what utter sexism and trash this is.

  • wow fuck u douche

    wow no. fuck off buddy.

  • Leave Planet Earth

    This is extremely sexist and disgusting. How don’t you see that? If it’s not clear reread the entire thing but pretend it’s a woman saying all this stuff about a guy. I bet you would be mad if it was that way but suddenly it’s ok for a guy to write this about a woman? Not at all. Before you call me out, I am a fucking guy. Even I know this is fucked up.

  • Astud

    This piece screams insecurity from the author…

  • Amy Smithern

    This article must be pure sarcasm. Anything more would require putting the author in a straight jacket or zoo.

  • fuck you

    you should go fuck yourself. that’s all i have to say.

  • Bix

    Oh ladies hurry before this prime specimen of a life partner gets snapped right up!

  • Anon

    So either you realize you’re an asshole and don’t care, or honestly think that being this sexist doesn’t make you an asshole. Either way you are shit.

  • Frida

    I seriously want to know wtf happened to you as a child to have made you into a disgusting human being. You write all this utter bullshit, but I bet if you had the chance to say this to an audience of people you would literally have tomatoes thrown at your face. People like you are whats wrong in this world! Completely pathetic…NONE OF YOUR ARGUMENTS MAKE FUCKING SENSE YOU MISOGYNISTIC DOUCHE! Stupid people like you, AND YOUR IDIOTIC SUPPORTERS, shouldnt be allowed to reproduce.

  • Noah

    The first time I read this I got really fucking pissed off, 10/10.

  • Janet Beatrice

    Sorry to break this news to you, Mr. Forney, but females do not exist merely to keep your dick from deflating. So they will not refrain from having self-esteem just so that you will want to have sex with them.

    I am glad that you posted this though, and made your views so public. Hopefully it will save a lot of women from wasting their time going out with you. Or even associating with you for that matter.

    I don’t know what happened to you or to the commenters here, male and female, who actually agree with you or think this is worthwhile reading. But I do hope you and the others heal from it enough to be able to respect women (for the women who agree – to be able to respect women including yourselves) one day.

  • Hope

    i fucking hope you rot in hell you fucking misognynist fascist cunt

  • Gabriella

    You are the prick of the world. literally go fuck yourself. I’m a woman but i bet you i have bigger balls than you. i demand respect and fucking idiots like you are so worthless to the world. men NEED woman.

  • a 17 year old girl whose faith in kind human nature just got obliterated

    youre a sexist bigot as is everyone who agrees
    i really cant imagine how someone would come to believe some of the stuff you are spewing, i cant believe that you actually think women want to have low self esteem
    thats such a horrible thing to want anyone to have, why do you want people to be sad so you can feel like a big man

  • Confident Woman

    Pretty sure men need us more than we need you unless you want to try to find a way to push a baby out of your pens, asshat

  • Sun

    You know it sounds like your just super insecure. When certain people need to demonstrate their dominance and can’t they tend to flock to someone who is more insecure then them. Were all a little insecure. There is a difference between arrogance and strength. The days are ending where men are the sole providers since they run away from responsibility and leave women the sole protectors of the children, the house, and a communities future. I’ll admit, it is nice to feel safe to feel protected, but I’ll laugh any man who doesn’t have the same desire. Your just a scared human who doesn’t know how to have a solid relationship or maybe your worried because your masculinity is being tested. If all your worried about is getting laid you’ll find plenty of women who will spread their legs for a “strong,” self-centered man. Good luck with having a good relationship based on strength from both a women and a man. I wouldn’t fuck you. The sex would probably be pretty boring. Enjoy having meaningless sex with robot women.

  • Wrong

    You are not only wrong, but a shit person. Honestly, I’m %100 sure that a woman who is confident does not care if you’re attracted to her, and that’s the beauty of it. Equal rights are necessary to the human population continuing to thrive, if women are not given equal opportunity then half of the world’s population will realize they are being taken advantage of. We cannot survive without a woman’s help, like it or not. We cannot survive with a woman’s confidence to get out of bed every morning, without your mother’s confidence to raise you to be the person you are. You make it seem like women should depend on you for validation when they don’t need to. Your validation is not necessary to a woman. Grow up and start seeing people as people.

  • Nikki

    No. I struggle with low self esteem everyday and the fact that guys think they can use it to get me is fucking disgusting. I hate having low self esteem and the fact that this fucking slimy pig who calls himself a writer thinks he can write an article about how he’d fuck me because of my struggle is the fucking reason I need feminism. This is disgusting.


    You disgust me and you are a disgrace. Go choke on a fucking dick just because you deserve to. Seriously, either do us a favor and stop being a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG, or go die by being attacked by rabid wolves eating you, balls first. Rot in hell, you fucking twat.

  • Wot the fuck

    Are you actually alive or is this some sort of sick joke…we like in the 20th centuary get over youself

  • Reason

    Look, I don’t know what happened to you, but why on earth should we not be confident?
    Just for the reason of making men feel better? Of inflating your egos? We have every god damn right to be confident.
    I can grow a freaking person inside of me, what can you do? Oh yeah, you can slander women because apparently they have something you don’t have, self confidence and self assurance.
    I’m not going to threaten you, but how can you think that women shouldn’t be confident and worthy?
    You honestly sound as if you have the makings of an abusive partner, please rethink what you’re saying, it’s not right and it’s fair on anyone.

  • You kiss your mother with that mouth?!

    I pity the fact that you will have to change all of the comments that are pouring in by the second to more of your sexist shit, you douche. I think you secretly have a fendom fetish and aren’t willing to admit it.
    Sincerely, don’t fuck with the women (and respectful men) of Tumblr. 7000 notes and counting :) Have fun, bud.

  • nope

    nope. This is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. So just because someone has a vagina they are seen as inferior? Because you have a penis you are seen as “better” and assume that women should lay down and bow before you? OH I am SO sorry, your royal highness. I can’t hear you over the ridiculous amount of BULLSHIT that has suddenly filled the air. Good luck in life. I wish the best to you, really. Even if you are an insufferable, lumpish asshole.

  • read this asshole

    “”there needs to be a massive and concerted war on female self-esteem.””
    this is showing that you are threatened by females. this statement is showing that women are too strong and smart to ever want to go near an asshole like yourself, so you feel the need to dumb them down and weaken them. THIS IS MOST LIKELY BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T GET LAID OTHERWISE, OR YOU DONT FEEL THAT YOU GET ENOUGH ATTENTION FROM WOMEN. shocking.

    “”In the world of men, respect—and by extension self-esteem—is based on actually achieving something of worth or having some kind of skill or talent.””
    “a man’s world”
    ok saying stuff like “man’s world” is getting you no where. i mean seriously. this IS NOT A MANS WORLD. there are both men and women on planet earth, sadly for you. however I really would like to see you, and other males like yourself, on your own planet where you can all suck each other off and be bum-buddies for as long as you want.

    “”Are you a bodybuilder or jacked?””
    there are a lot of women who body build and are “jacked”. they could kick your scrawny little ass any day.

    i dont even think i can bear to go on reading this verbal vomit. I only got mid-way through the first point, and wow there are so many flaws in your argument/opinion whatever you want to call it.

    CONGRATULATIONS you have proven to be another weak male who can handle female evolution. we are getting stronger, smarter and better, and this article just shows that you cant handle it.
    even if this is some joke or undetected sarcasm, you are still an idiot.
    feminism is not a ‘tumblr group’ and belittling it as a movement wont get you anywhere kiddo.

  • breitta

    go strangle yourself

  • No.

    I am violently angry that this exists and people agree with it.

  • randompotato

    Whatever. I didn’t even read this entire article because it’s that stupid. THIS IS WHY FEMINISM IS NEEDED.
    You know what I call men who tell women that all they need is a good, hard round of sex to make them a normal person again and worth something? Single and sure as heck not getting any of this. *gestures at self* So what if girls have vaginas? We’re just as awesome with one as most men (Not including you or anybody who commented on this) who don’t, and I don’t think you deserve anything your blog is getting. Therefore, I will continue to ignore this train wreck of a blog and continue being my fabulous self. *hair flips in direction of idiot who runs this website*

  • rachel

    This entire article makes me nauseous. This is disgusting. I never come near anyone that agrees with this shit .

    Also “their constantly expanding the definition of rape” I don’t know where you’re getting this idea from, because the definition of rape is: “Any unwanted touching”. Can it be any more simple or obvious than that? NO.

  • Miranda

    Oh my fucking god… Words can’t even explain how absolutely ridiculously idiotic and awful this is…

  • Confident woman

    You seem to think that a somewhat well written essay makes your point valid; it doesn’t. It all boils down to the same shit men like you have been spouting for the last few centuries. If you want to write about women (and their inferiority, according to you) you probably shouldn’t use the ‘get back to the kitchen’ line, it’s used mostly by uneducated misogynists (rings a bell, don’t you think?) and teenage boys who simply can’t develop their argument further. On a whole it was quite entertaining to see someone to try and revive the age old argument – we have heard it all before and it’s going to be a long time before us confident women, quite frankly, give a shit. And as for men surviving without women, please – who is going to make your sandwich? If anything it shows male dependence on women, which is probably what this is all about (I mean after all who are you going to ‘bang’, homie?) and you bigots are too proud to admit it.

  • lori

    this article makes me want to projectile vomit. this is absolutely and undoubtedly the biggest piece of bullshit that i have ever read.

    women can have exactly the same or even more significantly important jobs than men so don’t go saying that if every male lost their job, the world would collapse. because it wouldn’t, the female population would be there, holding it up.

    i find it so disgusting that you’re constantly comparing a woman’s confidence and strength to a man’s sexual desire. if you were to step outside into the real world and out of your delusional little mind, you would be able to survey countless men who could in fact say that confidence in a woman is attractive. NOT THAT THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF IT ALL EVEN MATTERS?? if a woman wants to be confident, she shouldn’t have to worry about if she’s still attractive to guys or not. it’s just insane that you’re comparing the two like that.

    and the entire blurb about how a woman should be terrified if a man isn’t protecting her is bullshit. a woman can defend herself, no problem. no woman NEEDS a man in her life. sure, most women want a man in her life, but not for the sole reason of her needing protection?? i’m sure that there are countless women in this god damn world that can single handedly kick your ass, so don’t go blabbing your mouth about how women NEED men in their life to protect them. because they don’t.

    to end this off i would like to inform you that no woman wants to be “led back to a kitchen” where she has to make her man a food after being “swatted on the ass”. how fucking degrading is that?? women are so much more than your little pets or slaves so don’t go acting like we’re just here for men’s entertainment or for men to use to their desires.

    disgusting, horrible, and degrading. every bit of this article made me want to projectile vomit all over my laptop screen.

  • Jane

    This is appalling and you need to be castrated. I hope to God you don’t procreate.

  • anon

    i’m curious. have you ever actually had a relationship? like that WASN’T with an escort and lasted for more than an hour and a half?

  • Trace Excalibur

    this article would be hilarious, if it weren’t so incredibly sad. I feel nothing but pity for any woman who ever dates you, whether they are unaware of or somehow unfazed by your opinions.

    actually, why don’t you show this article to anyone you go on a date with, and see what happens? I’d sincerely love to see a follow-up article about the results.

  • Silje

    This is so disgusting

  • kate

    ahahahah this guy ahahahahahah what a cunt

  • Chi Jaeger

    you need to go to gay baby jail

  • Rayna

    It’s cute to see you try so hard to support your argument. You use no evidence, make far too broad generalizations about women, and basically apply your unbelievably arrogant logic to society as a whole. Your sentence structure and word choice make you sound like an angry teenage boy who never gets laid. This is an embarrassment to you as a writer, I would delete it as soon as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to burn your computer.

  • Jack

    This has got to be a joke. Nobody with a sane mine could ever take things like this seriously. Even the comments are twisted. I really hope this ‘essay’ is a poorly written joke, because if it isn’t then someone is showing their ignorance a little too well.

  • lolwut

    Seeing as how we live in a patriarchal society that still limits women’s solidarity, yes of course women can’t be front line of the work force. This entire essay is filled with generalizations. NOTHING MORE. I’m not sure what women you’re talking to either to have arrived at these far-fetched conclusions. And to say that women don’t “deserve” to have self-esteem is ridiculous. As if “the woman” is one, definitive thing. As if having a vagina automatically describes one’s personality. I guess we can similarly say that all men have big penises, have accomplished a lot of things in life, and have rightfully gained confidence, since they have, in fact, done monumental things to deserve it. It is a blatant lie to say that women count trivial things as confidence-boosters. How do you know that some women can’t play the guitar or win a Nobel prize? What a pile of shit.

  • Sam

    This was.. Simply put, the most obvious bit of ignorant writing I’ve ever read.

  • Tayvie Noon


  • Jimmy

    At first I thought this was a joke, but I’m 99% sure that you are completely serious. I couldn’t even finish it so I’m sorry if I get some facts wrong. You say that women want recognition for doing fluff jobs as the ones that you listed, but in fact during world war II most woman took over the jobs that men would usually do, so they are capable of many great things and can do the same things as men and better. *At this point I would like to apologise if I seem like I’m coming on too strong, but I feel strongly about this topic*
    Let me tell you, if every woman lost her job tomorrow hospitals would have to go looking for new doctors and nurses, and I hope you know that even though men are mostly in the military women are too. Also as you were talking about how girls are called “shpecial” and “you-nique” they are not the only ones, boys are told this and from what I can remember from school boys were told it more than girls because so much is expected from them just because of their gender.

    You probably think feminist like myself, are annoying but it’s the 21st century and I thought by now that everybody would have equal rights by now. I know that my ways and views on things are not always right, but at least everyone would be equal and there might be less suicide. Girls need self esteem because scum bags like you tell them that they are not capable of the same things that men are but if there were no woman, you wouldn’t even exist.

    I’m not saying that all men are like you, but it sickens me that some are.

  • Olivia Joan

    You are the scum of the earth.

  • Fuck You SIr

    now listen here you little shit let me tell you something. You are a dick hole who needs to stop putting people down. Women have every fucking right to be as cocky and overly egotistic as you obviously are. I GARUNTEE that you have not done anything useful for society and you’re probably still as narcissistic (I hope i’m not using too big of words for your prehistoric mind to comprehend :( ). ‘Women don’t /want/ to have self esteem’?! Would you care explaining your half-assed ideas to me because I’m too smart to understand how tiny microscopic beings think. People like /you/ are the reason society is so fucked up, it is most definitely not women with high self esteem.The sooner you shut the hell up and let the world progress and leave you behind in your sheltered little ant hill you call a mountain, the sooner ‘America will right itself’. I am so offended and sickened by this that I feel the need to use Shakespearian English. Have some insults:
    Thou art a cockered fly bitten nut-hook!
    And my personal favourite:
    Thou hath not so much brain as ear wax.
    I didn’t read your entire ‘essay’ but I am positive that the rest of it is complete and utter trash, just like you.

  • You’re a moron

    You are a fucking piece of scum. I could spend hours ranting about this, but I’ll go ahead and shorten it.
    First off, I don’t know what’s more disgusting: your post, or that people agree with this.
    Second, there are lots of women who have accomplished way more than you ever will. The one who doesn’t deserve respect here is you. I think writing is a shitty “essay” like this is definitely worse than “a fat kid playing video games in his basement.”

    ” She views men as a life support system for a penis, an accoutrement, no different than her Manolo Blahniks or snazzy new iPhone. When she gets bored of her boy-toy, she tosses him in the trash and moves on to a newer, shinier model, and if she can get cash and prizes for trading in her old clunker, that’s just the icing on the cake.” Is that not exactly what you’re doing here? You’re acting like women are only here for you to have sex with.

    “When manboobs and feminists say you should be happy that women today are “independent,” this is what they’re arguing for; a world in which romantic relationships are impossible. Where men are nothing more than fashion items to help women show how cool or sophisticated they are. Sorry, but homie don’t play that game. If I’m not the center of a girl’s world, I’m not going to be in her world period.” You are the most arrogant person in the world. I’m sure no girl would want you to be the center of her world, much less in her world.

    “Confidence doesn’t give men erections; vulnerability does.” What are you, a rapist?

    Now, please, go dive off the top of a building into the concrete.

  • Ella

    I am incredibly offended by this. I guess this is further evidence that many men think that the world revolves around them and their sex drive.

  • Amanda

    This makes me so mad. And sad. How can people think of women this way? How can people think of anyone this way? What have we done, other than possess a vagina, to deserve being treated like dogs? ‘Most girls have done nothing to deserve self-esteem’? ‘Insecurity is integral to femininity’? ‘Women don’t want to have high self-esteem’?
    Matt Forney, would you really like to know why anti-depressant drug abuse is skyrocketing in women? It’s not because women are going against their ‘inherent nature’. It’s not because women can’t handle being anywhere other than the kitchen. It’s because we’re trying to be accepted as humans over being claimed as property, and people like you, who would shame us for trying to be where you are now, are making it really fucking difficult.
    You are despicable, sir, for saying that anyone, regardless of gender, does not deserve to feel good about themselves, or be confident, or, God forbid, have a mind and will of their own. How dare you call yourself ‘The man who shouted love at the heart of the world’? You are disrespectful and rude to all people who are not, in your opinion, ubermasculine. People like you are the reason why violence against women exists.
    The key thing I don’t believe you understand is that insecurity is not inherently female. It is inherently human. Everyone is insecure at some point in their lives, regardless of gender. Unfortunately, from a young age, boys are bombarded with self-inflating propaganda that teaches them to choke back their insecurity, where young girls are subtly taught to let that same insecurity overwhelm and drown them. Boys are shamed for insecurity, as I am almost certain you were, if this is truly your perspective on life.
    And for your information, EVERYONE wants and deserves to have self-esteem, and self-respect, female or not. I encourage you instead to embrace your inner girl, and feel compassion and understanding and maybe, just maybe, some respect for women who define their own futures rather than shaming females for their attempt to have the same respect you feel so entitled to.

  • Disgusted Man

    If you as a man need a jittery, terrified girl who doesn’t know any better to validate your masculinity, then you sir are no man. You say that women are demanding respect before it is due, but aren’t you here affording all men a basic respect because of what men are supposedly capable of? Any woman can have the same potential to accomplish as any man, and men and women alike deserve respect regardless of what they’ve accomplished. There is a basic respect you afford every human being just for existing. This is not about charity, it’s about not being an asshole. Being in a relationship isn’t about one member needing the other. It’s about coming together as adults and deciding that you’d like to devote yourself to this person for a while. If your female of choice is a girl who is scared of you and depends on dating you as part of her identity, you are not dating a woman you are dating a child. You pig. I am a heterosexual man and I can confidently say that this kind of thinking makes me physically ill. You sound like a four year old telling the girls on the playground what to do because your idiot father bought into that same lie we’ve told for centuries because primitive societies needed a social structure to create order that has grown and expanded until we find ourselves here today telling each other that men and women are completely different species. Grow up and forget your need for gender dominance. It doesn’t belong in this world anymore.

  • tomato

    you people are so lost in your delusions it would be sad if it weren’t so infuriating.
    I’m glad though that none of you are qualified to make any sort of impact with this twisted view and are generally forgotten in the real world, as close-minded people like yourselves only help to hold the world back from progress.

  • Amanda

    And one more thing, Forney:
    I hope that you get married to a woman, and see just how well your relationship works out when you treat her like she’s property. How honest and open she’ll be when all you’re trying to do is ‘give her what she really wants’.
    I hope you have a daughter, and see what it’s like to have to comfort the girl who gets treated the way you treat women.
    I wish you could spend one day, just one, as a woman, and see how much you like being told to ‘get back in the kitchen’.
    Because honestly, I’m afraid of the damage a person like you can do to the psyche of all the women you encounter. And I think you’d better get some fucking perspective from someone with a vagina before you continue on your sexist tirades.

  • Damsel In Distress

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Matt! You’ve solved all of my problems. All I’ve ever wanted is for a narcissistic, sexist, shallow, Prince Charming such as yourself to be attracted to me, instead of my supportive, intelligent boyfriend who treats me as an equal (who needs losers like that, am I right ladies?)! Now I know that I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time; what I really need to do is quit my “fluff” career (since my gender has obviously made my bachelor’s and future law degrees useless) and remind myself how utterly useless I really am! Maybe I should even stop advocating for the rights of rape victims (who are all females; males never, ever get raped, duh), since those phonies only CHOOSE to feel traumatized and violated. Feminism is so silly; I should really just go back to needlepoint.

    Since most of the commenters on this site appear to lack the level of common sense required to comprehend sarcasm, the above statement is the opposite of how I feel.

    PS: sorry for deflating your dick, Matt. Although it doesn’t really seem like you’re going to need it very much after publishing this…

  • Emma

    What the fuck are you even saying? Were you high when you wrote this? Are you ok in the head? Would you like me to rip your dick off and shove it up your ass? Fucking idiot.
    I genuinely feel smarter now that I’ve read your fucking shitty, stupid and misogynistic opinions on females and their self-esteem levels. Go fuck yourself man, your mum should have swallowed you.

  • I Have A Vagina Bro

    I have never laughed harder at anything in my entire life. How the fuck do you know what we women want? Do you have a fucking vagina? I view myself as strong and confident (note the lack of quotation marks) and never once have I popped any pills. Stop generalising you bastard :D FYI, if we didn’t pay you any attention you wouldn’t be able to survive, or whatever it was you said, either. It’s kind of a two way thing, that’s how nature works. Now go build me a shelf whilst I wipe away these tears I cried whilst laughing.

  • Anon

    you know why he hates women so much? probably because he loves men. he’s insecure about it so the only way he can feel big is by putting women down.

  • Kat

    Is this even real? How does anyone justify a single word of this article in their mind? Even if by some bizarre mutation you happen to agree with the opinions, there’s no research, no shred of truth to it. Now I’m plain scared because there are people out there who think of this guy as a truth teller. Fuck.

  • stop

    you’re an all-around piece of shit and I honestly hope no one bothers to listen to what spews out of your mouth

  • wow

    wow more ‘get back in the kitchen’ jokes well arent u creative

    go fuck yourself :)

  • Nasj

    I hope you die alone and I hope you fall in love with a girl and she breaks your heart

  • u suck

    i hate u :)

  • No

    …There’s so many things wrong with your article it’s actually hilarous how closeminded and pathetic people can be. First of all, the people on this website are so horny and messed up, idk what’s with everyone. Second of all, you sound like a complete moron whose just humiliating yourself. But since it’s your PERSONAL website, I’ll leave it at that:)))
    Btw yea, I’m from tumblr. And whoever calling us “obnoxious” need to grow a pair and realize how fucking pathetic this is.

  • Katie

    Fuck you.

  • Max


    [CensorBot sez: Rape Tourette’s, again.]

  • Someone

    You are an idiot. I am a woman, and I don’t need a man. I’ve been doing just fine without one. You see, I have self-esteem. I know that I would never want a man if all were like you. To those comments saying that women mostly gossip, that’s too some women. I hate listening to women or men gossip. I’m not even interested in having a man, so the only ones I talk about are role models. Not close to you though. I don’t like anti-feminists, even if they respect others opinions and beliefs. You? Well I absolutely hate people like you. You believe that? Well fine, be an idiot.

  • Self-Possesed Woman

    This is probably the most misogynistic thing written in the twenty-first century. I think your basic problem here is that YOU do not see women as human beings, not that women (confident or otherwise) are unable to see men as such. Now let me attempt to dismantle each of your arguments, even though you will not listen. First of all, there is a higher percentage of women in college than men, and women consistently do better than school. This you may disagree with because you obviously do not believe in higher education but some of you profane (but correct) commenters might agree with me in that the education system (although it does have its kinks), and especially college, can shape us into richer human beings. This can be true whether one majors in calculus or art history. As to your point about most jobs in the military and government being dominated by men, let me just state that LESS diversity is never a good thing. A world dominated by men will never have a female perspective, and leave 50% of the population under-represented, which can result in a loss of control by women over their own rights as human beings.
    Your second point is that insecurity is integral to femininity. This is demonstrative of a weird idea of what femininity is, but that is not the point. It does not matter what you think femininity is, because women should not have to conform to stereotypical femininity if they do not wish to, just as men do not have conform to stereotypical masculinity. This is a part of our rights as human. In this essay, you imply that women are not human, and while I can go into all of our biological similarities, I would have to use some pretty big words.
    The problem with your third argument is that you cannot claim to speak for 156 million people (just in the United States) because you are not them. Plus, the fact that a lot of female pop musicians choose to sing about men does not speak for the larger population of women. Let me assure you that some of us DO want a 6-figure job and a penthouse, and it is quite attainable. I find it amusing that that scares you. Another thing we DO want is respect as fellow human beings.
    Personally, I can tell you that no man can or will EVER tell me what I want, and I think I can safely say that no man wants to be told what he wants, either, because it is frankly dehumanizing. Your claim that women want to be dominated is dehumanizing, and your inability to view women as human beings makes you a pretty crappy one.

  • Joe

    May I just congratulate you? Because really, no one has succeeded in pissing me off as much as you, and I think that deserves an applause. Do you even know what feminism truly is? And not only your lack of information on the matter, also how disrespectful you are makes me want to vomit. You’re just an egotistical prick that didn’t get enough love from mommy. It’s guys like you that make me remember why I hate this godforsaken place called earth.

  • shut your mouth

    shut your mouth

  • Kate

    You’re turned off by confidence for one simple reason, you’re insecure. As a man who isn’t sure of himself, you need a vulnerable woman to reassure you that you’re superior. Let me tell you one thing, if I see this for the senseless male bravado this is, I’m not the only one. We have proved time and time again that women are equally capable of doing anything a man can do, so what are you missing? To be fair, it must be excruciatingly intimidating realizing that not only is there a great deal of far more intelligent men you can lose your job to, but an army of brilliant women as well. Misogyny isn’t an attractive quality and I can definitely see why you would need to manipulate women to get them to sleep with you. The only fucking “shrew pleading for taming” is you.

  • dont you agree

    i think i’m clearly superior to you

  • A.J. Crowley

    See, angel? Humans are terrible just on their own. [Cough] Spanish Inquisition. [Cough]

  • Kel

    You’ve got to be kidding, right?

    You are no more special for having a Y chromosome than a woman is for having an extra X.
    You do not deserve respect simply because you exist.
    “Femininity,” as you called it, is a male concept. Femininity is just the quality of being a woman–Strong, weak, dependent, independent, or anything in between. The fact it has been transformed into a concept where all girls must be simpering idiots who “need” men is almost as ridiculous as the majority of your argument.

    Besides that, where would we be without women like Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, or Rita Levi-Montalicini? All women, all made lasting contributions to modern science. Not to mention the writers.

    Don’t be such a misogynist. It just makes you sound like a complete and total imbecile.

  • BK

    This article is so offensive I don’t even know where to start! First the media around us is putting our self esteem down! Their making us think that people who are anorexic are how we should look. The media isn’t supporting the normal, their calling people who aren’t even fat, fat! Second, having a college degree is NOT A STRIKE AGIANST US GIRLS! It takes hard work and dedication to earn a degree in anything, even if it’s a degree in the arts. And by saying we shouldn’t have a college degree is basically saying we are too dumb to make our own way in the world. That we “need” a man! Of course most women want a man but they don’t “NEED” one! You are also saying women are inferior to men which is NOT TRUE! I know a WOMAN nero-scientist and she is probably smarter than you will ever be!! Many women have changed the way the world is today and helped make it a better place, we are not inferior! Third, you said that we don’t WANT SELF-ESTEEM!! That is a lie! I am a woman and I want to be respected and treated equally and that has never stopped anyone from ever being in a relationship with me. In fact, that is one of the factors why men are interested in me. All my guy friends say they hate insecure girls, and they want a women who can take charge and stand up for herself, not just quivering and hiding behind their back! And for your information, us Ladies, do want the 6 figure job, the masters degree, and the awesome house! Your just blinded by your biased views to see it!

  • okay

    youre literally STUPID. you just arent smart.bye

  • Smart Girl

    Excuse me, sir. Did you know that in the womb we are all female until the Y chromosome kicks in? Yeah so I think you better not get too confident before you deflate your own dick. You disgusting, misogynistic, narcissistic, stupid ass, dick face. I’m embarrassed I live on the same planet as people like you.

  • Ellen

    I don’t think you have met enough female people. Your world view is composed of a broad set of ill informed sweeping generalisations and hysterical ‘independent women are mean!’ shrieking. Calm down dear, take a deep breath. What do you really care if some women choose to live a certain way? Chill, don’t be so weird.

  • An actual person.

    I feel sorry for the woman who birthed you.


    In case you didnt notice, you hit tumblr, you asshole. Get deserve all you have coming at you.

  • Sam

    I hope you all spend eternity barefoot in a desert of Legos.

  • Myka

    Okay, first off, YOU ARE A MASSIVE BAG OF DICKS. You’re are a fucking retard, I can’t even begin to comprehend what was going on in your head when you wrote this. This pisses me off so much, I swear I could fucking strangle you with your inflated ego. I am a insecure female, with a boyfriend, Yes, I find myself unattractive, yes I put myself and my work down, but I wouldn’t want a boy like you on my back. The fact that you find it cute is disgusting. The self esteem of women goes down because of people like you. A strong independent woman is good woman to be around, maybe they would help you with your issues. Women can do things for themselves, we don’t need men to cling to or have them do our jobs. We wouldn’t die off if the entire population of men stopped caring. Feminists are better off than you are, we are strong, and willing to fight for our cause. Sure, i’ll make you a sandwich, and then I’ll stuff it down your incessant pie-hole. The fact that people still show you respect is a terrible thing. Hell, without us, you would never survive.
    Second, Rape culture. Two words, makes every women cringe. No, we don’t enjoy it, you think we do, but if you say we do, we have every right to shove your nose into your skull. We would survive if men stopped caring, we wouldn’t complain or stop everything until we were all raped and or dead. You disgust me. Being a victim of sexual abuse, you can’t tell me it’s fine, get over it. I will bitch slap you back to next week. I may be insecure, but I will slap a bitch if I need to. We aren’t asking for it, we don’t want it, we don’t enjoy it. Men think they can take over us, but they are powerless. Women are shamed and raped, beaten, and used as slaves. But if Satan needs permission to enter a body, by Hell, you do too.
    I attend a high school that is the second best in my state. It is an early college high school that partners with a college to bring us the education we need. I am pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I would like to become a veterinarian when I graduate. Is this what you men call a “useless fluff job”? Are we even important enough to request our self esteem or is that asking way to much of you?
    Signed, Myka Grey, 16.

  • CutAToesCone

    This cannot be real

  • Becca L.

    Is this serious. Do you seriously believe there is a basis behind your argument? Well formulated opinions do not make facts, and it would be far-fetched to even attempt to call your argument well formulated. A woman’s self esteem has nothing to do with whether or not she is interested in a man, it comes from her own self-acceptance.
    And for you to prefer insecure women to those who are more sure of themselves just establishes that you want someone with weak spots, whom you can tear down whenever you feel like your own dick is a little bit too small. Reevaluate your life.

  • anon

    I feel really bad for you because you obviously feel like the only way you’re going to get a woman is if she has NO SELF ESTEEM and NEEDS you.
    Then again, I doubt you’re ever going to get a woman after this article.

  • Ren

    Jesus christ what the hell is wrong with you, you fucking moron

  • nigger

    ok first of all, i actually might think you’re better off going gay because no woman is EVER going to want to be in your presence again, and second, this is literally, and utterly disgusting. you should be ashamed of yourself. do us all a favor and kill yourself, you useless retard.. yeah i said it, you’re actually retarded, like im pretty sure there is actually something wrong with your brain.. maybe see a doctor??

  • someone with a brain

    anyone who supports you and your sexist mindset deserves the worst. you’re a misogynistic moron. you would be fucking lucky to have a woman even look your way. it’s pathetic how dismissive you have to be about rape culture because you’re afraid women will start standing up for themselves and defending their bodies…but i guess that WOULD be bad for you, since the only way a woman would ever be with you is by forced non-consensual sex. if i didn’t hate you so much i would almost feel bad for you.

  • dean

    i really hope this is a joke
    like it’s so stupid there’s just gotta be no other possibility, right?
    gimme a break.

  • Female

    This article is so offensive I don’t even know where to start! First the media around us is putting our self esteem down! Their making us think that people who are anorexic are how we should look. The media isn’t supporting the normal, their calling people who aren’t even fat, fat! Second, having a college degree is NOT A STRIKE AGIANST US GIRLS! It takes hard work and dedication to earn a degree in anything, even if it’s a degree in the arts. And by saying we shouldn’t have a college degree is basically saying we are too dumb to make our own way in the world. That we “need” a man! Of course most women want a man but they don’t “NEED” one! You are also saying women are inferior to men which is NOT TRUE! I know a WOMAN nero-scientist and she is probably smarter than you will ever be!! Many women have changed the way the world is today and helped make it a better place, we are not inferior!

  • Female

    Third, you said that we don’t WANT SELF-ESTEEM!! That is a lie! I am a woman and I want to be respected and treated equally and that has never stopped anyone from ever being in a relationship with me. In fact, that is one of the factors why men are interested in me. All my guy friends say they hate insecure girls, and they want a women who can take charge and stand up for herself, not just quivering and hiding behind their back! And for your information, us Ladies, do want the 6 figure job, the masters degree, and the awesome house! Your just blinded by your biased views to see it!

  • Male000

    Corresponding article referencing this as evidence: Why Patriarchal Assholes, Whether Male or Female Should Not Have Right to Freedom of Speech, by Everyone Who Has Half a Brain. That’s right, if you offend me, you shouldn’t have the right to freedom of speech.

    [CensorBot sez: Tolerance strikes again.]

  • CJ

    what the actual fuck is wrong with you? You are seriously lacking very many of the qualities that make someone a thinking and feeling human being if you are completely serious about this garbage you’ve just vomited into the internet

  • Kevin

    “confidence doesn’t give men erections, vulnerability does” Actually, I think you mean rapists. Vulnerability certainly turns on rapists and potential rapists, such as yourself. RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE.

    Also, as a man with a vagina, go deepthroat a cactus you worthless excuse for a human being.

    [CensorBot sez: Trannies with Rape Tourette’s. It just gets better.]

  • a feminist

    is this a joke? am i being punk’d? is this a real thing? did you actually take the time to write this? please tell me i am just not seeing the “jk” you wrote at the end of this piece.

  • H

    I despise every word of this

  • Yeah it’s me

    Amen brother.

  • John

    You’re a misogynist idiot.

  • a submissive woman.

    Can I just say something? I think you keep saying women need low self esteem, but what they really need to be is submissive. That’s a woman’s real nature, not low self esteem. You say they need low self esteem and women want to dominated, but that doesn’t go hand in hand. If you have a woman with low self esteem, that’s not fun. People with low self esteem can be whiners and thrive in self pity, they can not function too. You want a woman who is going to cook and clean for you? Then she needs a bit of confidence so she isn’t so depressed she cant do anything. If women want to be dominated it means they want to be submissive. I myself am submissive, I however do not have low self esteem. I’d say I have an average self esteem. I bet if I think about it I could tell you good things about me, but I don’t and I won’t. I don’t want to ever seem over confident or self obsessed, in fact I fear coming off as that. One thing I will say is that I’m not an idiot. Just because I’m submissive doesn’t mean I’ll submit to anyone just because they ask. Do you automatically trust a slut not cheat? I don’t automatically trust a man not abuse his power over me. I need trust first, and its not the man’s job to “earn” or “prove” trust. Its just my job to get to know him and determine it myself and make the choice if he is fit for my trust. Its not his job to go out of his way to change for me, just I wouldn’t go out of my way to change for him. That being said, a man will learn that if he treats women a certain way, he’ll stop getting women. I’m not saying put her up on a pedestal and treat her like a princess, and I’m not saying I want equality. I don’t want to be treated like a man because I’m not, I’m not asking for equal respect as man, I’m looking to be respected as a human being. No one wants to be physically abused (though I must say in certain scenarios I love it, but that is for the bedroom, and is my personal preference, and I have my limits that should be respected). Its a human right to feel safe. Some men abuse their power horribly and I think that even you could agree no woman should be subjected to that. Woman with low self esteem give into those relationships easily, submissive women don’t. Though women are submissive in nature, not all are, there always genetic fuck ups. So generalizing about, women as a whole doesn’t really work either. I think you have some valid points about this, but your presentation of it so far off that you make yourself out to look like a woman-abusing ignorant narcissist. I don’t think you are at all and to be truthful from a submissive woman’s stand point, you’re demeanor is very attractive. But I don’t speak for most, I speak for myself. So to sum up my long rant, women don’t need low self esteem, they need average self esteem and to embrace their submissive nature, they also need the rights and respect of a human being.

  • Haley

    1. Most girls have done nothing to deserve respect.
    Everyone on this earth deserves respect as another human being. If I respect you, you should respect me. Respect does not mean worship or that the person deserves abundant praise, it means they deserve a place in the world and the opportunity to become whatever the hell they want. Respect isn’t earned but it can be taken away. For example, I respect that as a person you are all entitled to your opinions. However, as a girl I can and will take your misogyny as an insult making me out to not be respectable and lose respect for you. Which for the record, I won a math competition at 8, got a perfect score on a college entrance exam at 15, and I head an FRC team at 16.

    2. Insecurity is integral to femininity
    Just as arrogance is integral to masculinity, right? If every girl is meant to be insecure than every guy is meant to be the opposite by your definition, I’m assuming. And while it is one of your traits, do you have the right to say that because someone has a penis they have to be arrogant. Or because someone has a vagina they have to be insecure?

    3. Women don’t want to have high self-esteem.
    Do you know how many of my friends tell me they wish they had high self-esteem? The only reason girls don’t feel good about themselves is because there are jerks in this world, like you, who make them feel as though they’ll be more acceptable if they feel good about themselves.

    Another thing. You make a point of saying girls should be insecure because it’s “attractive.” The funny thing is, girls who have high self-esteem don’t give a shit. I got told if I was more submissive I would have a boyfriend. I don’t need one. My self-worth is more important than the erection of a moron like you. If a guy is worth my attention, he won’t be scared of my ego. He will like my ego. And believe it or not, most guys say they like that I don’t need someone to pat my back and tell me I’m worth something. It’s less drama and less stress.

    By the way CensorBot, it’s cute how you tell a girl she couldn’t sue someone over the right to free speech when you are literally a device used to stop the right to free speech.

  • it doesn’t fucking matter

    Go to hell. You don’t deserve a woman. Or anyone for that matter.

  • You are what is wrong with the world.

    I cannot put into words how disgusting and profoundly despicable this article is, as well as the fact that people are agreeing with your opinion. It’s shameful that people like you still exist in the 21st century. You say that “confident women are incapable of viewing men as human beings” yet you’re stating that women are less than human and should be treated as such. Your argument is wrong and flawed on so many levels. I could go on and disprove all your pathetic points, but idiots like you are not worth my time.
    Kill yourself. No woman in her right mind would ever want to have anything to do with you anyway.

  • The voice of truth

    Wow I pity you and your parents. Every little word that you typed made you sound more and more like an idiot. You do realize that women don’t live to stroke your dick and have sex with you right? Like it is almost like women are people. What a concept. Give this man an award.

  • Sam

    I think you might be a moron.

  • Stop

    Absolutely disgusting. How are so many people actually okay with this? This article is just ignorance disguised as a well-worded essay.

  • Confused

    Honestly, I can’t tell – it’s satire, right?

  • James

    You suck as a human being. Shrivel up and die, you stupid piece of shit.

  • anon

    pls shove a sandpaper covered dildo up your ass, then jump off a bridge

  • Mela

    This makes haunting reading. I should have remembered, when I decided that I wasn’t going to exist for the purpose of being an object for men, that my confidence is ‘…an attribute that is at best superfluous and at worst prevents women from fulfilling their natural biological and social functions.’ I should have remembered my place. I should have remembered that as a woman, I have no chance of equal rights. I should have remembered, when I started my degree, that as an achievement it was a ‘joke’. I should have remembered that there were people like you in the world ready to set me down at every turn, simply because I am a woman.

  • I don’t even know

    I’d like to start off by saying that I am not a feminist, nor do I desire to be some strong independent woman. I’m a fairly attractive young female yet all I want to do in life is have children and raise children and have a spouse that makes me happy and I can make happy. I know that I’ll be able to get my dominance power rush through being in charge of my children and sexually with my husband.

    These gender politics are pointless. Personally I believe that it is a privilege that women get to bear children and since we have that ability it shouldn’t be an after thought. The only problem I have with “confident working women” is that they are too caught up in their work that they don’t raise their children the way they should. I am in no way insecure or under the belief that women are inferior to men but I think they’ve both got it wrong.
    Yes, everyone should be allowed to do what they want, but if you men want us to be submissive and not such go-getters don’t go telling us that! Women are stubborn and articles like this just fuel the fire. If we want to get our simple jobs so we feel sufficient, let us. You can believe what you want but voicing your opinion will only make us think harder.
    I think every woman is insecure. It’s assumed that the ones who get those six digit jobs who don’t need a man are confident and absurdly feminist, when really they probably just did it because they feared they wouldn’t get a husband. I am still in high school but after my boyfriend and I came to the conclusion that we are perfect for each other, agree on everything, and are very good at diffusing any bad feelings, I found myself not worrying so much. Growing up I always assumed I would have to become a clinical psychologist or doctor or something because otherwise I just wouldn’t be monetarily secure enough to be happy.

    As I spend more and more time in this happy, brilliant relationship(yes, I have wanted dominance but only when it came to sexuality. Dominance in other situations upset me.) I came to realize that I should just have a small safety net(planning to go into elementary education) because I’ll have him to help things along. I don’t have to freak out and become some CEO of a company I have no passion for.

    I live to seek happiness. I feel the instinctual urge to have a home and a husband and children. I feel that with these things, I can be happy.

    Just let these women do what they want. Writing things like this that may seem logical and collected to you may inspire a few nutjobs.

    It’s okay to want certain things from women, but don’t be an ass about it and certainly don’t let them know.

    And just for the record, I enjoy being dominant. I like the power. Not all the time. I enjoy it just as much as I like being dominated. It’s an adrenaline rush. Both are. It’s all about the adrenaline and the feelings.

    But mostly happiness.

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m assuming you’re single?

  • Eliza

    This was extremely interesting to read. Of course, as a woman, I didn’t understand half the words you used, but I got my boyfriend to dumb it down for me! It seems that what you’re essentially saying is that, not only are women with confidence are unattractive, they don’t have any right to that confidence in the first place!! And naturally, I must agree. Women don’t do anything, do they! I mean, sure, a woman can get a PhD or MD, but that’s just her way of being “a conformist who thinks that credentials are a substitute for knowledge and experience”, to use your words. I’m sure that when YOU went to college, you knew resolutely that your education was entirely worthless and that everything IMPORTANT that you did would happen after school! Oh, who am I kidding? You must not have gone to college because it’s so pointless! And all the women who graduated top of their class and are successful business women, professors, and doctors just “squeak{ed} through an institution of higher learning”, right? And not to mention the jobs that women hold, such as “government bureaucrats, human resources and various other makework positions”, which are, of course, all entirely useless! It’s a good thing we have you men to “keep the country running” as “tradesmen, miners, {and} farmers”. How would we survive day to day without you!!! God, thank you so much, Matt, for sharing your AMAZING opinion with us all!

  • ugh

    Are you kidding me? Please let this be an idiotic prank you all think is funny.

    A HUMAN IS A HUMAN, GENDER SHOULD NOT DETERMINE HOW MUCH RESPECT SOMEONE GETS. I’m guessing you guys all dislike the lgbt community then as well.

    I’m so glad you won’t be able to convince a woman to have your children, thank heavens. We wouldn’t want you spreading this disrespectful drivel everywhere.

  • is this even real?

    This is so bad I can’t even tell if it is real…I am in shock…

  • Hailey

    I’ve made it clear that I can formulate a sentence but beyond that you should really question my level of intelligence.

    [CensorBot sez: You is dummy.]

  • Sarah

    For starters, you’re an asshole. A talented writer, sure, but shouldn’t writing be left to the weak, insecure women who can’t do anything else? Let’s face it. The only reason you wouldn’t want to bang a confident girl is because a girl who respects herself would never bang you. So what you’re saying, in that verbose flood of diarrhea of the mouth, is that a woman respecting her inherent dignity as a human being, being proud of herself, or holding her head up and expecting the respect that we ALL deserve is a turn off? If that’s what you’re saying, we have a problem because that is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. In fact, you go so far as to say that “confident women can’t view men as human beings.” So you’d rather have a woman who doesn’t view herself as a human being deserving of your respect? BS. You’d throw her away as fast as you claim a confident woman would ditch you. Which you deserve. Relationships are built on mutual respect, and you can’t have proper respect for another person without first recognizing that you both have inherent dignity as human beings and deserve that respect. So a woman should have enough self esteem so that she’s “not suicidal, ” you say, but not too much that she be intimidating to you? Excuse me. You are the strong, confident male here. So why, tell me, is it wrong for women to respect themselves? Why is it wrong for them to realize that they have rights and dignity, just like you? Why?

  • a girl who wants to shank you

    Wow. Not only are you a misogynistic, narcissistic piece of shit, but you also enforce rape culture. RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE.

    [CensorBot sez: Goddamn, how did all these kids with Rape Tourette’s slip past the mental health system.]

  • you’re disgusting

    You’re fucking disgusting. This is so disrespectful. I hope you never get a woman after this because this whole thing is a disgusting piece of trash.
    This isn’t the fucking seventeenth century you piece of misogynist shit.

  • Gwen

    Oh hey, look at this UNMITIGATED DISGUSTING SCUMBAG…. I can’t even believe that this is a real thing that someone believes. Honestly, go fuck yourself and your uneducated, delusional, worthless idea of what women “should be.”

  • The Granite Prince


  • Dean T.

    Wow. I can’t even begin to believe why anyone would believe this bullshit. But it does make me feel better that I am 99% sure you are a single low-life with no life goals. You need your brain checked, man, because this is fucked up.