American Woman, Stay Away from Me


This is a guest post by Fisto.

American Women vs. Women Worldwide

Every nail, board, brick, piece of carpet, light fixture, wiring, plumbing, and kitchen you see was placed in every building by some man.

Every machine that produces something was designed and built by a man.

Every vehicle that drives, every plane or jet that flies, ever ship ever built was produced by men.

Every drop of oil that’s pulled from the ground that powers the world was done so by men.

Every scientific discovery of any consequence was made by a man (with only a few notable exceptions). In other words, men built this world we all live in, for better or worse. Men make the world happen.

If women were truly the same as men, some evidence of their ability to produce something of value or merit would have surfaced beyond the occasional outlier by now.

It may sound like I hate women, and surely some feminist will call me a misogynist for this article. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love women. What I hate is the sorry social state Western women, and more specifically American women, have devolved to.

I am by no means the most well-traveled person I know, but I have been to fifteen different countries and spent extensive time in each, which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of their cultures and also the women in them. I was never just some tourist, stopping by a particular point of interest to snap a quick photo and post it to my Facebook pretending to be cultured (I’m not on Facebook). I try to experience the real life at any given place. I travel by myself with the intent of befriending locals and getting into adventures. Hell, when I was I Vietnam I was invited to a wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia and I went.

Every person that knows me will vouch for my success with women. I am not trying to brag, rather I am establishing a baseline understanding of why I can say with some authority that American women are inferior in every way. Here’s why.


American Women Are Inferior to Other Women Worldwide

If men produce virtually everything, if they are the protectors and conquerors, if they are the reason anything actually gets done in the world, then what exactly do women bring to the table?

A woman’s value lies in her role as a loyal confidant, her ability to manage a household, her charm and grace, and finally her feminine beauty. Today’s American woman is so deficient in all these areas it would be laughable if it weren’t so tragically destructive to American society and the rest of the Western world.

Loyal Confidant

In the past a man’s wife or mistress would buttress him with her powerful and feminine support. He could ask her advice on matters involving decisions where he needed counsel. Today’s American woman thinks she is on a reality sitcom, and anything you tell her will be shared with all of her friends and then filed away for use against you in the future when you have worn out your usefulness. This is a result of her insatiable hunger for attention. Women are natural gossips, but with the rise of feminist laws that make divorce economically in her best interest combined with this relatively new social phenomenon of attention whoring, you can bet that you are not her number one priority.

In the past a woman knew that when her husband rose in stature, she and the family did too, but now she will be regarded as a Strong, Independent Woman™ for divorce-raping you. When a culture celebrates single motherhood as a woman being brave when in reality she’s just dropping her kids off at her parents and partying with her girlfriends on child support wages, you as a man aren’t anything more than an interchangeable provider. Compare that with some of the sweetest, most feminine girls I met in the Philippines, where I would sit and write and girls would rub my shoulders, ask about my life, and make a sincere effort to comfort me. Western women look at these girls as if they’re stupid and misguided, yet few American women have a successful relationship in the course of their lives.

Ability to Manage a Household

This is very important if a man wants to achieve greatness. When the bills are being paid on time, nutritious meals are cooked, and there is a general sense of peace at home because a woman values the man she’s with, he is more productive. This in turn means she is being productive because this environment she’s cultivated has played its role.

Women everywhere love to cook for their men; it’s part of their upbringing. In the Dominican Republic, girls will beg you to let them cook for you.

Today’s “independent” woman doesn’t give a damn about this. She is more interested in her own career, which is understandable on the surface of things until you consider the types of careers women choose. You will not find many female engineers or doctors. If you do they will be “civil” engineers (the ones with the least specialization) or general practitioners (again, the doctors with the least specialization). Of course, when feminist writers talk about the wage gap between men and women, they make no distinction between a mechanical or chemical engineer (who is much more rigorously trained) or an orthopedic surgeon (ditto), but that is off-topic.

The bottom line is that women think they have no reason to support their husbands, because you are viewed as a companion that serves her, not someone she’s supposed to help aspire to greatness.

Charm and Grace

In days past, a man would have his friends and colleagues over for coffee, dinner, or perhaps poker. His wife would be the consummate host: looking pretty for him was her priority; she would accept compliments on her dress or dinner with a grace that complimented her husband; she would deflect comments that were too forward with a politeness that would leave the speaker feeling ashamed for stepping out of place. The girls I dated in Vietnam were all like this. One girl, Chau, would even insist on viewing every bill after dinner to make sure I didn’t pay too much. She would go get beers for THC and me. It was so refreshing. She only wanted to spend as much of the short time I had there with me.

Today’s American woman is as crass and crude as any man. Regularly speaking in vulgarities that would make sailors of an earlier era blush, today’s Western females can’t even be bothered to put on makeup before going out during the day. A recent conversation with a girl really drove home the point. I was talking to a girl whose parents were Russian, but she herself had been raised in America. She had just recently returned from her first visit to the country and was telling me about how “awful” it was there. Her narrative was so laced with the word “like” that I had to force myself to listen. Her biggest complaint was that one morning when her cousins were going to take her to do some sightseeing, they all woke up relatively early, and she donned her sandals, put her hair in a ponytail and adorned herself with a baseball cap. With self-righteous indignation, she described how her female cousin came to her, took off her baseball cap and said “You are not a man, go change and look like a woman.”

Women in less Westernized countries take pride in their appearance. They want to look pretty for their men and they want them to be pleased with how they look. They’re usually much more fit and they take care of themselves. When I was at the beach in Boracay, I was looking at the local girls so thin and gorgeous, and then right next to them were these land whales from Australia (comparable to the US in terms of fattitude). It turned my stomach.

Feminine Beauty

American women today dress like prostitutes of the past. They regularly go out without any money with the sole purpose of soliciting free drinks. They go in groups with their friends and hang around men who have paid for tables in hopes of being invited over, drink as much for free as they can, and the go to the next table.

American women have gotten to the point of insanity with their sense of entitlement. They expect doors to be held open and dinner to be paid for, ridicule men for not being gentlemen and complain about inequality, all while demanding more and more; yet they don’t offer the slightest hint of ladylike grace or value.

Only a fool that would marry one of these creatures. There is almost no way to combat this beast. American women, manginas and white knights will talk about how my views are from the Stone Age and how women deserve equal rights. And I agree, they do deserve equality, I never said they didn’t, but that means divorce is equal.

I think women should willingly do what I’ve said.

Not because they are forced to.

Consider this: more and more men are being clinically treated for mental disorders and depression than ever before. Over half of American women are prescribed antidepressants.

Carpe Diem

If you believe as I do—that men and women are different in more ways than just “their parts”—it’s pretty obvious to me that the feminist myth that men and women are the same has caused women to reject their natural femininity and become masculine. This has led men to become more feminine to try and ingratiate themselves in some attempt at equilibrium in this now socially synthetic environment.

There is no way to stop this social development; you’re better off getting your things and leaving for greener pastures. Men, I’m telling you from personal experience that there are still many many wonderful women out there that were raised in traditional gender roles that will be some of the best people you ever meet.

The only thing you have to do is break free of the Matrix, stop pedestalizing these monsters, and go see the rest of the non-Western world. But that’s an article for another time.

Carpe diem!

Fisto is one of the three main authors at Swoop the World. Check us out for articles on traveling, women, the red pill and game.

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  1. says


    Fantastic Post My friend! I too have traveled around the world while i was a Sailor back in the day and the one thing i noticed about women here and women from other countries is that the women from other countries were more open, Feminine and not in your face all the time.

    They basically knew their roles in life. SO when i came back as a civilian and began meeting American women i could not tell you how so entitled these women have become! They want to be our equals but do not want to do the same type of work. They sleep around like crazy and they will stab each other in the back to access the same man. I know because i was in that situation a while back. My view of American women has become extremely jaded to a point that i never would take them seriously and when they began to trip and act crazy my ass would be out of there quickly!

    As western civilization continues to infiltrate other countries the women in those countries will begin to act the same way as American Women. It will be there demise as women learn the hard way when they old and gray and alone!

    I’m a married man who is married to a woman from the Dominican Republic and let me tell you these women will anything for their man. SHe got my back when the shit hits the fan and takes care of me without question. She brings me my coffee in the morning as well as my food to the table. She does all of those things!

    I remember when i we went to my parents house for dinner my brothers with their wives present were sitting on the table and once the food came i grabbed my plate and my wife quickly took it from my hand and said that she would serve me! She then started placing food on my plate while i spoke to my father. My younger brothers and their wives just stood there with their mouths open. She even got me a beer and opened it for me! All before she even served herself!

    My brothers after dinner whiel the women were away looked at me and told asked me how did i get her to do that for me. I told them i dont have to tell her anything because she knows what she needs to do. I take care of her and she takes care of me! That is what marriage is all about working together!

    Unfortunately these so called modern women do not understand that. They view marriage as something they can keep like a handbag and when its out of style it gets thrown in the closet and forgotten about. Its the same with how they view marriage once they grow tired of you you get thrown in the closet and forgotten about.

    So gentlemen listen to FIsto because as a man who has traveled to many places in the world Fisto knows what he talking about!

    Great Post Fisto!

  2. John says

    Fisto; you hit the nail on the head. I first visited Kiev, Ukraine in the fall of 2004, during the “Orange Revolution”. I was amazed at the difference in the grace, beauty, charm, intelligence and strength of Ukrainian women. Simply put; American men are duped and short-changed in thinking American women represent the norm of the world’s women. Women from Russia, Ukraine and other FSU/CIS countries all exhibit a degree of femininity and pride of appearance that has long since been lost on the vast majority of Western women. The FSU girls are well-educated, politically aware, love to care for “home and hearth” and please a good, decent man. They have little desire to have a career but, rather, see the importance of caring for the home, children and allowing the man to be the bread winner. Slavic women are not at all weak or timid. Theirs is a sincere desire to be REAL WOMEN and if required, they can also be as tough as a junk-yard dog. A typical Ukrainian girl will chew-up and spit-out an American woman without so much as breaking a nail and then, put their efforts to being what they believe is most important, a WOMAN! These girls are very aware that being fit, attractive and stylish is what men want and so, they do all these things above and beyond anything similar in the western world! Since I was first in Kiev, I haven’t been able to stay away from Ukraine. I’ve been all over the country and have found the women to be irresistible! I stopped dating American women in 2010 completely as I realize I’d rather spend my time alone or with a few guy friends here and travel to Ukraine a few times each year. Hopefully, I’ll marry one of the girls in Kiev or Odessa I’ve been seeing the past couple years and bring her to the US. I’ve already been told by numerous Slavic women that they believe American women are fat, slovenly and stupid. They cannot understand American women’s’ support of the anti-family feminist agenda. Ukrainian girls understand that by using their intelligence, they can have pretty much anything they want from men without the need to compete and continually blame men for anything in their lives not to their liking. My biggest complaint about American women is their bad attitude. Rarely do I encounter an American woman who seems happy and smiles a lot. I think this is because they are conflicted internally, having been mis-advised by the likes of Gloria Steinem and Helen Gurley Brown that “you (American women) can have it all!” NO ONE can have it all! Life is full of choices and compromises and strong values allow the family to be prioritized. I have 5 daughters and a son, consequently, I’m a huge supporter of women’s right (all people’s actually) to equal opportunity but, there are certain differences between the genders that will never allow them to be the same, PERIOD! By the way, it’s not a coincidence that the rate of American men marrying Eastern European women is increasing each and every year; American men are sick and tired of being sick and tired of American women!

  3. says

    Nice article. There’s a social dynamic involved here. That of getting someone to invest in you. American women refuse to do anything for their man, as a result, American men cannot easily get a woman to feel invested in them. Meanwhile, men are constantly throwing gifts, dinners, complements, drinks, etc… womens way, and as a result, feeling heavily invested in their woman.

    The appeasement has to stop, and American women have to realize that the men they get are a direct reflection of how much they invest in them. It might literally take a generation of almost no marriages to correct this absurdity.

  4. Shenpen says

    I have never met an American woman, but I know British women, and while those around 40 or 50 kept a lot of decency, I just could not stand the average fat yet revealingly dressed, cursing, yelling, fighting, punching, glassing, piss drunk, fall-of-the-high-heels-and-walk-home-barefoot-in-the-winter drunk, eye-rolling, uneducated, unread, conversational skills stuck at eary teenagerhood kind of 20-25 year olds in Britain when I lived in Birmingham. I never dated them. I could hardly bring myself to talk to them or even go do the music pubs they go to. It was an incredible turn-off type of experience. I stuck to my folks, the Hungarians, plus there were a lot of Polish girls in Birmingham as well, they were cool.

    Are American women similar?

  5. says

    I’m glad you gentlemen agree with what I wrote even though it’s something I’m sure we all wish was different. The good news is that we can simply say “peace” and leave. I’m headed to meet my compatriots at in a week in the Dominican Republic to collaborate on a project. It will be like a breath of fresh air!

  6. Weygantt Kurt says

    What have women gained from feminism ? OK they have a career, they earn their own money but at the end of the day they end up alone. Because feminism is not what women need. Women need to be appreciated for what they are, women and mothers. Those man hating lesbian feminists from the past have really ruined it for women nowadays. Sure they have a career sure they earn their own buck but have no time for motherhood and being just a woman and end up permanently unsatisfied and depressed… They blame us men for it, and for some part we men are to blame because we didn’t stand our ground and didn’t defend what manhood is about. Being a man is being the hunter, the protector and when war calls the warrior while our women take care of our children and our wounds when hurt in battle and cook what we brought from hunting (work nowadays)… Men and women are different yet they are both has important and equal in value in their particular role. Having a woman take care of his family the way she should makes a man feel a ease and confident that he can go about his business, and that his bringing the food to the table… There’s a reason why we men make more testosteron has sexual hormone and women make more estrogen. That’s nature and it’s scientific. Sometimes we humans should stop trying to change nature and just accept how things are. We would be happier … P.S. I’m from Belgium. It slowly becoming the same sh.t over here…

  7. Taisa Lopes says

    Fat spic tears run down my face. All I want is the white prince that I’ve been dreaming of my whole life. WHY WON’T ANYONE SEE MY INNER BEAUTY???!!!1

    [CensorBot sez: If you hate white people so much, why do you live in Philadelphia? Scoot your fat beaner ass back to Mexico, chica.]


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