Buy Writing for Peanuts: How to Make Easy Money on Fiverr Today

Writing for Peanuts (Kindle)Today marks the release date of my latest book, Writing for Peanuts. Here’s what you’ll find inside this guide:

  • The most important principle when it comes to creating Fiverr gigs
  • How you can make money doing simple, easy-to-do tasks
  • How to get people to buy your gigs
  • A tip that can make you additional money with no effort on your part
  • How to avoid getting ripped off by scammers
  • How to write SEO-optimized articles for money
  • And more!

I opted to write the book mainly because I’ve made a decent chunk of change off of Fiverr in the past few months and I don’t want to give away my secrets for free. While Fiverr is far from the most lucrative online enterprise I’ve ever engaged in—as I point out in the book’s introduction—there’s enough money in it to make using it worthwhile.

As with Life During Peacetime and Big Lovin’, there won’t be a paperback edition of Writing for Peanuts due to the fact that it’s quite short. However, I will be including it in the next best-of compilation of my work, which is due out in May.

  • Click here to buy Writing for Peanuts for Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Prime users will also be able to borrow the book for absolutely free until March, which is when I’ll be releasing the book on Barnes & Noble and other e-book platforms.

If you’re a blogger interested in reviewing the book, email me by clicking here and I’ll send you a copy. Use the subject line “Writing for Peanuts Review.” When you publish your review, let me know and I’ll post a link to it here.

Additionally, for those of you who haven’t bought any of my other books, I’ll be announcing a raft of Christmas blowout sales on Monday. Stay peeled.

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