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I’m an author, journalist and entrepreneur originally from Syracuse, New York, currently based in Chicago.

matt-forneyI started this blog in April of 2012 to chronicle a hitchhiking trip I took from Syracuse to Portland, Oregon, in order to see America, shock myself out of my comfort zone, and change my life. The trip lasted six months and took me more than 3,500 miles across sixteen states and through several of America’s major cities, including Chicago, Minneapolis and Seattle. Following the trip, I became an author, publishing books such as Confessions of an Online HustlerThe Hitchhiking Crash Course, and more. You can learn more about my books by visiting MattForneyBooks.com.

Prior to starting this blog, I ran the online magazine In Mala Fide from 2009 to 2012. The best articles from that site are collected in the book Three Years of Hate. I’m also a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy and trained in English and journalism at the University at Albany and SUNY Plattsburgh.

My current writing focuses on location independent living, self-publishing and making money online, traditional sex roles and current events. My articles have also been published at Taki’s Magazine, Alternative Right, Return of Kings, Reaxxion and other sites. I also served as Reaxxion’s editor. You can find an archive of everything I’ve ever written by clicking here.

Additionally, I’m active on Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Patreon, About.me and Google+, and I also host a weekly podcast. You can also subscribe to my blog via Amazon.

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