A Second Round on the House by Blair Naso


Reviewing A Second Round on the House, the sophomore poetry collection by my former Return of Kings colleague Blair Naso, puts me in a tough spot. On the surface, this book seems like it’d be better than his previous effort, The Death of Ideology: it’s noticeably bereft of the meandering prose pieces that weighed down […]

Two-Year Anniversary Q&A Session


  As I mentioned on yesterday’s podcast, Wednesday, August 26th will mark the 100th episode of The Matt Forney Show. Two years (I released the first episode on August 13, 2013) and a shit-ton of improvements later, I’ve finally created a truly professional product: today’s podcasts are quantum years ahead of even the ones I […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 96: Down to Cuck


In this episode of the show, I discuss the impotence of mainstream conservatives and the sudden popularity of the term “cuckservative.” I also read an email from a white girl upset at my opinion on Filipinas, announce my new Patreon page, and solicit questions for my upcoming two-year anniversary Q&A podcast. Listen below: This edition […]

Listen to Me on the Bechtloff’s Live YouTube Stream


This past weekend, I joined the Bechtloff and William Rome on their live YouTube stream. We discussed our least favorite cuckservatives, the decline of BioWare games, and a whole lot more. Listen by playing the video below (I join at 2:32:19).

New Article at Return of Kings: “10 Signs You Might Be a Cuckservative”


I explain the difference between conservatives and cucks over at ROK: At the same time, cuckservatives obsess over protecting Israel from supposed “threats” that never materialize. Every major Republican of consequence always makes a point of reaffirming their support for Israel, to the point of urging us to go to war against Iran because of […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 95: Bonus Hate Mail Extravaganza!


In this bonus episode of the show, I run down the funniest hate mail I’ve gotten in the past three months. Grab yourself a cold one and enjoy. Listen below: This edition of the podcast is brought to you by Confessions of an Online Hustler, Island Lion Herbals, and Bachelor Pad Economics. To advertise on the show, click here. […]

Why Herb Pharm’s Ashwagandha is the Best


A while back, I recommended taking ashwagandha as an all-purpose sleep aid and anxiety reducer. While not as powerful as phenibut or kratom, a capsule of ashwagandha every day had a noticeably calming effect on my demeanor. But like with other supplements, not all brands of ashwagandha are equal. A month ago, I switched from […]

New Article at Reaxxion: “#GGInChicago Was a Massive Success”


I recap last weekend’s GamerGate Chicago meetup over at Reaxxion: We met at the corner of Jackson Blvd. and Dearborn St. in the Loop Saturday night at seven. Aside from a film crew making a commercial across the street, there wasn’t much going on. There were no pink-haired, pierced-lipped protesters waiting to confront this gathering […]