Protein Shake Recipes: 100 Delicious High Protein Smoothie Recipes to Build Muscle, Burn Fat & Increase Energy by SJ


SJ, author of Beastmode, has assembled a pretty effective collection of smoothie recipes in Protein Shake Recipes, his most recent book. The title is pretty much what it says: The primary purpose of protein powder is to assist you in reaching your macronutrient breakdown , and, depending on your daily intake, it can be hard (and time consuming) […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 59: The Little Whore That Wasn’t

In this edition of the show, I discuss Duke porn star Miriam Weeks/Belle Knox’s life of quiet desperation (and remind you all that I was right about her), rip into the ridiculous allegations against ex-CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi, and read aloud the best hate mail I got in the past month. I also announce the […]

The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes by Samuel Crowell


The Holocaust is unique among historical events in that it’s the only one where questioning the official narrative is not allowed. You can speculate about happened on the grassy knoll all day long, win a Pulitzer for denying the atrocities committed by the Soviet Union, and blame America for 9/11, but suggest that maybe, just maybe, the […]

New Article at Return of Kings: “Why Men Should Not Go to College”


I make the case against wasting your money on a college education in my newest ROK column: Outside of math and the hard sciences, most college curricula have zero factual basis. I don’t mean necessarily that everything taught in them is a lie, but rather that there is no objective standard on which they are based. […]

Watch My Live YouTube Q&A Starting Tonight at 9PM Eastern


Tonight at 9pm EST/6pm EST, I will be holding my very first live YouTube Q&A, in which you can ask me anything. The ostensible topic of the Q&A will be GamerGate, but I’ll also field questions on any other topic you’re interested in: Thursday’s NYC meetup, life in the Philippines, my future plans, other items […]

New York City Meetup: October 30th


That’s right folks: I decided I hadn’t torn up New York City enough the last time I went through there, so I’m coming back for one night only! If you want to experience what it’s like getting sexually harassed by hipster girls, being thrown out of bars for being tipsy, vomiting on diner bathroom floors, and crossing […]

The Saint Closes the Case by Leslie Charteris


The Saint Closes the Case (also known as The Last Hero) is the third book in Leslie Charteris’ Saint series, and the first in which things start to go off the rails. Departing from the Robin Hood meets Sherlock Holmes tone of the previous books, The Saint Closes the Case is a thriller with elements of science […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 58: William Rome is Burning


In this episode, William Rome and I get drunk in my living room and solve the mysteries of the universe. We discuss everything from the NYC meetup that happened last June, Anita Sarkeesian and GamerGate, how to avoid Filipino ladyboys, Michel Houellebecq’s Whatever, getting hit on at gay nightclubs, TSA retards and much more. Listen below: This edition of […]

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski


Postmodern writing is almost entirely garbage. The linguistic trickery of writers like Jonathan Safran Foer and David Foster Wallace—piles of footnotes, frequent tone shifts, dialect writing, making the ending of your novel a fucking flipbook—is a mirage to disguise their limp prose and limper view of reality. Infinite Jest is a Calvinist anti-drug morality tale disguised […]