Support the Matt Forney Show on Patreon


As I mentioned on Wednesday’s episode, I’ve launched a Patreon campaign to help fund much needed upgrades and changes to The Matt Forney Show. Because the show is not yet paying for itself, I’ve had to continually delay improvements I’ve wanted to make (such as getting the show on iTunes and also providing transcripts for each new episode) […]

Creating Your Own Light in the Darkness


This is a guest post by William Rome. Whenever I’m asked which historical period I’d like to live in, I say, without hesitation, the late Victorian/Edwardian era. The end of the 19th century was the last long, bright summer of the West before civilizational winter set in along the trenches of the Western front. In […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 53: Twin Falling Towers


In this episode, I unveil my new Patreon campaign to help pay for transcripts for future episodes of the Matt Forney Show, as well as get the show onto iTunes and other goals I’ve had to defer for a while now. I also discuss the nauseating culture of 9/11 death worship, talk about tomorrow’s referendum […]

Thirteen Girls by Mikita Brottman


America can’t get enough of “true crime” stories. In our prim, proper Puritan nation, news reports and books about serial killers, child molesters and other disturbing criminals are a socially sanctioned form of pornography. We drool over biographies of the Son of Sam, savor the lurid details of how Ted Bundy sodomized the corpses of […]

An Easy Way to Improve Your Podcasts


A lot of you are recording podcasts and videos now, and you want to make them sound as clean and professional as possible. In this video, I share with you an easy tip on improving your podcasts’ audio quality. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Video transcript by Eve Penman. Transcript Well, hello there, […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 52: Lindy West Jezebel Firing Celebration Party


In this schadenfreude-heavy episode, I gloat over Lindy West’s recent firing from Jezebel, discuss anti-communist snitch Harvey Matusow and the pathetic lives of him and his ilk, and attack the ridiculous, psychotic arguments from the left about how the nude celebrity hacking scandal was “sexual assault.” I also respond to Eve Penman’s comments on Seattle’s $15 per […]

Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford


How exactly does someone adhere to a philosophy that negates that person’s very existence? It’s easy to laugh at, say, Dave Chappelle’s depiction of a blind black man who joins the KKK, but antinatalism isn’t a comedy skit or some goth kid’s attempt to intellectualize his angst: it’s a carefully thought-out philosophy. Antinatalism’s central belief […]

Return of the Red Pill Princess


Please welcome back our very special guest contributor: Red Pill Princess. Hai everybody! After a long hiatus, I’m back to enlighten the manosphere with my pearls of feminine wisdom! ;) Admit it: you missed me! Well, I missed you too. All these manly men around… it’s enough to make a girl blush! I imagine you’re […]