New Article at Reaxxion: “The RTS Future That Never Was: Looking Back at Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising”


I write up a retrospective on this forgotten PC game over at Reaxxion: The Soulcatcher system is one of Hostile Waters’ most remarkable innovations. In contrast to typical RTS games where you can churn out an unlimited number of faceless soldiers, Hostile Waters deliberately restricts the number of AI-controlled units you can have at any given time (you start the […]

New Article at Return of Kings: “Why is Pando’s Sarah Lacy Leading an Anti-Male Smear Campaign Against Uber?”


I expose the hypocrisy and corruption of Pando’s Sarah Lacy in a new ROK article: Lacy is yet another in the long line of female reporters who complain about the “sexist” or “bro” culture of Silicon Valley startups. In a PandoQuarterly article on “the great big Silicon Valley asshole game,” she attempted to shame Snapchat founder Evan […]

The Relative Man


This is a guest post by J. Ballard Criminal. Allow me to relate to you whilst not being relative. I’d rather this be called a moment of reflection than an article on this society, its state of affairs and the men who live in it or those who live above it. For the longest time, […]

Stuck Up by John Dolan


Another one of John Dolan’s long-forgotten poetry collections, Stuck Up is distinguished from People with Real Lives Don’t Need Landscapes by having a semblance of a plot. Each of its poems are presented as part of the story of “a resentful, defiant, absurd figure sulking in Canada’s North Woods,” presumably Dolan himself. The book’s very title refers to […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 62: Really Stupid Dorks


In this edition of the show, I discuss the rise and fall of Owen Cook, Julian Blanc and Real Social Dynamics as well as talk about the lives of quiet desperation led by SJWs such as Jenn Li and Leslie Feinberg. I also talk about how to win at roulette, explain the real reason why modern men are interested […]

Does Jia Tolentino of Jezebel and the Hairpin Support Sexually Abusing Children?


Jia Tolentino is a feminist and freelance writer who serves as features editor at Gawker Media’s Jezebel and formerly worked as a contributing editor to The Hairpin. On October 6, she published a review of Lena Dunham’s memoir Not That Kind of Girl in which she celebrated Dunham’s recollections of sexually abusing her sister Grace. When confronted with her abhorrent views, […]

New Article at Return of Kings: “9 Signs She’s a Cheater”


I tell you how to identify potential cheaters in this week’s ROK column: Alcohol is the lubricant that greases the cogs of male-female relations. It’s no coincidence that cultures/religions where drinking is verboten (e.g. Islam, Mormonism) are seriously screwed up. But when a girl drinks, her id is unchained and her superego is banished to the […]

Nordic Naturals: Why the Quality of Your Fish Oil Matters


When most guys start taking supplements, they stick to the cheap-o brands that they find at their local supermarket. While there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to brands of zinc or more common minerals/vitamins, there are some supplements where the economy brands are either less effective or actively harmful compared to the real […]