Are All Men Pedophiles? Only if You’re an Idiot


Reviewing this film puts me in an odd spot. As much as I like the content of Are All Men Pedophiles?—if you want to use certain terminology, it may be the most “red pill” documentary released in recent years—I can’t stand its presentation. Are All Men Pedophiles? is a simple, direct and unflinching look at male sexuality, […]

Brief Thoughts on Living in the Philippines


Last Thursday, after two days’ worth of time zone changes, airport layovers and being stuffed full of fried eel by smiling Chinese stewardesses, I landed in the Philippines. It’s been… interesting. Here are some of my observations on what I’ve seen so far. 1. There are people… everywhere. It’s not until you visit a second- […]

If You’re Good at Something, Never Do it for Free


Giving away your knowledge and talents for free is a great way to stay poor your entire life. If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid to charge money for what you do. I explain why in this video. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Video transcript by Eve Penman. […]

Make Your Face Beautiful with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay


Premature aging is a serious problem, particularly if you’re a white American. Not only is the sugar-centric typical American diet turning you into a sack of fat, the things you aren’t doing are also hurting you. Most of what people consider to be “natural” aging is in fact entirely preventable sun damage. Unless you live in […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 45: Working with Proper Villains


In this edition of the show, I talk to Dr. Maximilian Bentley (aka Cloak), Jack Kalashnikov (aka Molotov), and Vaughn from The Proper Villains about their new site, female orgasms, the negativity of the manosphere, masculine self-improvement and a whole lot more. Listen below: This edition of the podcast is brought to you by Good Looking […]

People with Real Lives Don’t Need Landscapes by John Dolan


It’s easy to forget that prior to his career as The Exile’s book critic and his writing as the War Nerd, John Dolan was a poet. Not a very popular one either; as he lamented in a NSFWCORP article last year, he never could “get anybody to read the nice, simple gory stories I told with linebreaks because they […]

How to Create Your Own Online Bookstore


A few months ago, I launched, an independent store for all of my books. It’s been by far one of the most profitable projects I’ve ever worked on. If you’re serious about making money as an author, creating your own online bookstore is a necessary step down the road. While it might seem somewhat daunting at […]

How to Make Money on Fiverr


If you’re just starting out in the online game, Fiverr is a great place to make some side cash and gain valuable experience. In this video, I give you an overview of how Fiverr works and how to use it for maximum benefit. You can learn more about making money online by subscribing to my […]

How to Deal with Narcissists by Michael Trust


Reading How to Deal with Narcissists was a bizarre full circle experience for me. I first discovered Michael Trust (aka Anonymous Conservative) two years ago, using his scientifically-backed writings on r/K selection, narcissism, and the amygdala to shape my writing style. By transitioning from my previously aggressive, profanity-laced prose style to a more calm and unaffected […]