iHerb Coupon Code PGZ255: Save Money on Supplements


I recently switched to ordering my supplements from iHerb as opposed to Amazon and shopping at local stores. I was suspicious of iHerb initially because of their retrograde site design, but not only do they offer the supplements I use at lower prices than Amazon, they also ship way faster. For example, I ordered $50 worth […]

Maca Root Makes Your Balls Bigger


Maca root is another in the long line of supplements I’ve been testing out. According to Pill Scout, maca root is best known for being an aphrodisiac. In my case, the biggest thing maca root has done for me is increase the size of my nuts. I’m not joking. Maca root is one hell of […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 70: The Taxman Cometh


In this episode, I talk to Chad Elkins, author of Elkins’ Comprehensive Tax Guide. We discuss the new edition of his book, tax tips for freelance writers and bloggers, how Obamacare will seriously fuck your life up if you aren’t prepared, and a whole lot more. Listen below: This edition of the podcast is brought to you by Confessions […]

The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist by Johnny Montoya


The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist is a radically unique book in this part of the Internet, but is that enough to justify its existence? Johnny Montoya’s newest book is not a pick-up guide. Reading it will not make you better with women. What it will do is make it easier for you to find the right woman. The Smart […]

FilipinoCupid: The Easiest Way to Bang Filipinas


I’ve said before that online dating is the easiest way to pick up girls in the Philippines. In contrast to its uselessness in the States, Filipinas take online dating seriously, particularly when it comes to foreign men. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be an American girl, being mobbed by hundreds of […]

Using Buttplugs for Punishment


NOTE: A year ago, I ran a blog named Virginia’s Secret Garden for the purpose of making fun of “red pill women” and their beta orbiters in the manosphere. I wrote under the nom-de-plume of “Virginia Robinson,” a happy submissive Christian housewife living in the Midwest… who blogged about her sex life in nauseating detail. You can read more about […]

New Article at Reaxxion: “How DRM is Strangling the PC Gaming Industry”


I explain why restrictive anti-piracy measures are dumb in this week’s Reaxxion column: Another fun encounter I’ve had with DRM is the 2006 RPG/strategy hybrid Space Rangers 2. The CD release of the game used StarForce copy protection, and when I tried to install the game, my AVG anti-virus software stopped me because it thought the StarForce executable […]

While You Were Speaking


This is a guest post by Nameless Writer. She says her name is Kodi, and that she’s a Political Science major. My God this girl is beautiful, maybe the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. She’s talking about the “neoconservative invention.” She says there is no such thing, just a bunch of anti-Semitic Alex Jones-type dudes […]