The Matt Forney Show, Episode 78: The Once and Future MRA


In this episode of the show, I discuss David “Manboobz” Futrelle’s hidden history as a men’s rights’ activist, read hate mail, and more. Listen below: This edition of the podcast is brought to you by Confessions of an Online Hustler, Quit Porn Get Girls, eDatingDoc, Andro-Plus and Bachelor Pad Economics. To advertise on the show, click here. The Matt Forney Show […]

How to Date Beautiful Women: An Indian Man’s Guide by Bojangles


What the hell is wrong with Indians? There’s something about the subcontinent that screws up men and girls. I’ve written about the horrors of Indian girls before: their ugliness, psychosis and feminism makes them as desirable as a blow-up doll. But the men are a bundle of weirdness unto themselves. Roosh V Forum members are […]

Listen to Me on Reaxxion’s Live YouTube Stream


Last night, I joined my Reaxxion colleagues Chris Bechtloff, Samuel Roberts and Ryan Carlson on a live YouTube stream. We discussed everything from the SJW propaganda in the new Thor reboot, the reaction Bechtloff’s gotten to his interview with Erik Larson, Final Fantasy and the decline of RPGs, and more. Listen by playing the video […]

Does the Type of Melatonin You Take Matter?


For years now, I’ve used melatonin as a sleep aid. It’s a chemical naturally secreted by your brain that regulates your Circadian rhythm, and by supplementing with it, you can restore your sleep cycle if it’s been warped by staying up too late. Melatonin isn’t a sleeping pill in the traditional sense: if you take […]

Let’s Play Solar 2


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been posting Let’s Play videos of the game Solar 2 to my YouTube channel. It’s a pretty fun (if repetitive) sandbox/arcade style game where you start off as an asteroid and accumulate mass to move up the interplanetary food chain. You eventually become a planet, then a star, […]

Listen to My Interview on Red Ice Radio


Recently, I appeared as a guest on Red Ice Radio, hosted by Henrik Palmgren. I was unfamiliar with Red Ice before they contacted me, but they’re a pretty cool alternative radio program with a focus on alt-right politics. In addition to me, Palmgren has also interviewed major alt-right figures such as Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 77: Whore-R Story


In this episode of the show, I talk about the conceited author who cheated on her husband (with his permission) and wrote a navel-gazing memoir about it. I also mention the Charlotte, North Carolina man who legally flashes his junk at his neighbors, discuss my taking over the reins at Reaxxion, and more. Listen below: […]