Chicago Meetup: May 29th


To my Chicago readers: I greatly apologize for having to postpone the planned meetup last Friday. I got incredibly sick on Wednesday and nearly ended up having to go to the hospital. This is a re-posting of the original announcement with the dates updated to ensure that everyone sees it. A little over four months […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 86: The Drunk Asshole Hour


In this episode of the show, Davis Aurini and I get plastered and ramble about random shit. We discuss the new sci-fi flick Ex Machina, touch on Davis’ trip to the GamerGate meetup in Washington, D.C., and talk about the sick obsession leftists have with gun control. We also delve into Zoe Quinn’s sordid past, take […]

New Article at Return of Kings: “Did SJWs Sean Powell and Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett Help Get a Vermont State Trooper Fired?”


I expose a pair of self-appointed SJW commissars in a special report at ROK: Every bit of public info about Jonathan Graham suggests that he was a hard-working and well-respected member of the Vermont State Police. His only crime was having opinions and making jokes that these self-appointed commissars found “bigoted.” Because of their hurt […]

New Article at Return of Kings: “Brandon Bostian’s Amtrak Crash Exposes the Problems with Homosexuals in America”


I discuss the pathologies unleashed by open homosexuality in this week’s ROK column: To make matters worse, HIV retrovirals are heavily subsidized by Western governments. A 2000 report showed that the Australian government was spending roughly $10,500 AUS per patient for HIV retrovirals, and could possibly be spending over $3 billion AUS ($2.5 billion USD) […]

New Article at Reaxxion: “The Easiest Way to Understand #GamerGate”


I’ve posted a review of Scott Cameron’s book Understanding #GamerGate over at Reaxxion: Nonetheless, Understanding #GamerGate is a valuable book because it doesn’t simply regurgitate the facts, but explains why the SJWs who oppose GamerGate are wrong. While the prose might be amateurish, Cameron goes the extra mile of citing articles and evidence for his […]

Can L-Tyrosine Make You Wittier and More Sociable?


L-tyrosine is one of the strangest supplements I’ve ever taken. It’s not an anxiety-killing, pleasure-inducing substance like phenibut, but actually works to increase verbal intelligence. Unlike nootropics, l-tyrosine is an amino acid that has more in common with l-citrulline and other, similar products. The label advertises it as supporting “healthy glandular function” and “mental alertness,” […]