New Article at Reaxxion: “How Twitter’s New Anti-Abuse Policy Will Be Used Against #GamerGate”


I explain the creepy ramifications of Twitter’s new anti-abuse policy at Reaxxion: Under Twitter’s new policy, #GamerGate supporters may find themselves permanently banned from Twitter even though they have not broken the rules. With Twitter now maintaining a database of “trolls’” phone numbers, the usual method of creating a new account after getting suspended will […]

Let’s Play Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars


I was a big fan of the 2005 roguelike Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, the only game that lets you explore the galaxy in thirty minutes or less. It’s a hybrid of exploration, adventure and space combat, like Star Control II with a randomly generated galaxy. Your goal: explore as many planets as you […]

New Article at Taki’s Magazine: “IM-ing McCarthy”


I talk about the passive-aggressive fascism of Millennial women in this month’s Takimag column: Let’s call it what it is: iMcCarthyism. Crowdsourced witch trials. The sheltered upbringings of Millennials have merged with modern technology to create a generation of monsters. Every underemployed bookstore barista is Cotton Mather, raining down moral condemnation from the safety of her […]

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 74: Virgins Going Their Own Way


In this episode of the show, I talk about the nutless losers who call themselves “MGTOW” and the reasons why I don’t use that label anymore (even though I agree with the original principles of MGTOW). I also read some hate mail (including an email from Miss Teen India 2014, Aarti Gupta), explain why the […]

Herr F. (Everything Living Forever is Screaming Forever) by Momus


Herr F. is what happens when someone with extensive experience in one form of writing tries to tackle another without bothering to understand what separates the two. I’ll freely admit I knew nothing about Momus (real name: Nicholas Currie) until Takimag editor Ann Sterzinger reviewed this novel of his last month. The guy’s an underground […]

Listen to My Live YouTube Stream with the Bechtloff and William Rome


This past weekend, I joined the Bechtloff and William Rome on their live YouTube stream. We got wasted and talked about everything from how SJWs are destroying creativity in the arts to classic video games, the myth of rape culture, Allison Williams’ asshole and a whole lot more. Listen by playing the video below (I […]