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Watch My Live YouTube Stream with the Bechtloff and More on the French Election and Paris Attack

Last night, I did an impromptu live YouTube stream with the Bechtloff and more on the French presidential election, the terrorist attack in Paris, the referendum in Turkey and much more. The show aired at 8pm EST (7pm CST/5pm PST). You can watch the stream by using the window below, or you can click here […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 143: My Seventh Wife’s Son

On this episode of The Matt Forney Show, I discuss Jesse Dunstan’s (aka Seventh Son of The Right Stuff) week-long meltdown and his “challenge” to fight me in real life. I talk about why The Right Stuff continues to obsess over people like Common Filth and me (because we’re right about them), how TRS’ collapsing traffic is forcing them […]

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Three Reasons Why You Must Use Nootropics

NOTE: This is a sponsored guest post by Biology Boost. If you’re interested in advertising on my site, click here. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying. Of course, this phrase has mostly rung true in the sporting world for many years. In the business world though, it’s always been an underlying assumption: you expect people to screw […]

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How Six Months of CrossFit Changed My Life in Six Ways

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if I’d be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes. This past Thursday was a […]

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Soros-Funded Central European University Protesters in Budapest Continue to Fail

The protests against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s planned closure of George Soros’ Central European University continue to have as much impact on Hungarian life as a mouse fart in an elephant pen. Last night, I attended the Global Action for Academic Freedom event in Budapest, a worldwide demonstration in support of CEU, and once again saw […]

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Three Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Testosterone

NOTE: Andro-Plus paid me for this sponsored post. If you’re interested in advertising on my site, click here. Testosterone is the most fundamental building block of masculinity. It’s the hormone that defines everything about men, from our bodies and musculature to our minds and mood. Healthy testosterone levels are necessary for everything from maintaining your physical […]

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A New Direction for

Due to recent changes in the alternative media landscape, I’ve been forced to take my writing in a different direction. While I’ve been focusing on direct coverage of major political events for the past year and a half, the failure of my two most recent fundraising campaigns to cover the Dutch and French elections, respectively, […]

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Leftists Try to Keep Hungary from Shutting Down George Soros’ Central European University (and Fail)

While my American comrades were busy physically removing antifas on Saturday, I was busy stepping over the remnants of the defeated, castrated Hungarian left. The impotent protests against the imminent closure of George Soros’ Central European University are continuing, to Hungarians’ complete indifference and the police’s total amusement. I stumbled into their protest on Saturday […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 142: Insane in the Ukraine

On this episode of The Matt Forney Show, I discuss my recent trip to Lviv, Ukraine, my observations on Ukrainian culture, my experiences dating Ukrainian girls, and the deteriorating political and economic situation in the country. I also discuss Big Social and corporate media’s war on alternative media, how alt-media sites are losing their ability to sustain […]

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I’m Now Offering Sponsored Posts and Podcasts

By popular demand, I’m bringing back advertisements on my site. However, rather than use intrusive banner ads or podcast ads, I’m now doing sponsored posts and podcasts. Not only are these more effective than banner ads, they’re also less intrusive (since those who are not interested in them don’t have to read or listen to them). […]

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