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The Orlando Nightclub Shooting and the Moral Sickness of Whites

Today marks one year since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. An ISIS terrorist barged into a gay club during Latin Night and opened fire, killing 49 homosexuals, cruelly keeping them from killing themselves with HIV and meth. The response from Western civilization’s erstwhile defenders was swift: this was a tragedy! A […]

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New Article at Medium: “The Great Tory Meltdown of 2017”

I analyze the U.K. election and how badly Theresa May screwed the pooch in a new Medium article: As mentioned already, Labour’s gains in the election come in part due to consolidation of the left-wing vote, as both the LibDems and Greens lost support (despite the former winning more seats). However, the party also took […]

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Interview on Argent Templar’s Live YouTube Stream: “Live British General Election Coverage”

Last night, I joined Argent Templar, Davis Aurini, the Bechtloff, and James Morts for a live YouTube stream, discussing the results of the U.K. election, Theresa May’s meltdown, Kurt Eichenwald getting caught looking at tentacle porn, and much more. Click here to listen.

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New Article at Medium: “Who’s Afraid of Theresa May?”

I analyze tomorrow’s election in the U.K., the real reason why leftists are so salty over Brexit, and more in a new Medium piece: The left may be revving up the waterworks in anticipation of tomorrow’s results, but that’s because of May’s stance on one issue: Brexit. It may seem odd that the lefties who claim […]

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New Article at Medium: “A Challenger Appears! Green Politics and the Fragmentation of the Hungarian Left”

I report on the continuing death of the Hungarian left—and LMP, the country’s moribund green party—at Medium: One of these parties is LMP (Politics Can Be Different), Hungary’s obligatory green party. Green parties in Europe — particularly eastern Europe — are repositories for communists seeking to get (back) into power, hence the joke that greens are “watermelons”: green on the […]

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Thoughts on Visiting Győr, Hungary

I recently had the opportunity to visit Győr, a small city in northwestern Hungary about midway between Budapest and Vienna. Győr is best known for the Battle of Raab (its former German name) in 1809, where Napoleon’s armies defeated a combined Austrian and Hungarian force during the War of the Fifth Coalition. The French victory at Győr […]

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New Article at Medium: “When Irish Eyes Are Cucking”

I write about Ireland’s new prime minister, the gay Indian Leo Varadkar, at Medium: Unfortunately, the Irish are dead-set on living down to every negative stereotype the British spread about them. Ireland is easily the most corrupt nation in western Europe, a magical land where politicians steadfastly refuse to stop gorging themselves at the public […]

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New Article at Medium: “The Overton Turf War: Fidesz vs. Jobbik in Outer Budapest”

My latest Medium article focuses on how far politics in Hungary has shifted to the right: For all intents and purposes, Jobbik is the only real opposition to Orbán and Fidesz. Beyond their lack of support, the Hungarian leftist parties are incapable of cooperating: Összefogás (Unity), the alliance they formed to contest the parliamentary elections […]

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New Article at Medium: “President Trump Shoves the European Union Out of a Helicopter”

I report on how Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron walked right into Trump’s trap in a new Medium article: Since then, the countries of western Europe have been compliant American satrapies. When the U.S. president says “Jump!,” the British prime minister, the French president, and the German chancellor don’t ask “How high?”: they just jump. […]

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New Article at Medium: “How Does the E.U. Solve a Problem Like Hungary?”

I’ve decided to start an experiment where I publish weekly articles on European politics and news at Medium, an open blogging platform with a large user base. My first article is up there now, and it focuses on Hungary’s refusal to accept the European Union’s Muslim migrant quotas: Moreover, expecting Hungarians to take in Muslim […]

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