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Why Feminists Want Men to Rape Them

It’s time to stop beating around the bush: feminists want to be raped. It’s the only logical explanation for how they behave. It’s the only way to understand why they can cheer on hordes of Muslim “refugees” swarming into Europe to rape and pillage. It’s the only way to comprehend why they can whip themselves […]

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Why Club Ratios in the Philippines Don’t Matter

In this video, I discuss club ratios in the Philippines and why it doesn’t matter if a particular spot is a sausage party. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. P.S. If you’re ready to start meeting Filipinas now, click here. Read Next: What’s Next After Do the Philippines? *** If you […]

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Poosy Paradise: Matt Forney’s Do the Philippines

This is a guest post by William Rome. William originally published this review of Do the Philippines at his blog Smoking While Rome Burns, but he deleted the site a few days ago so he could focus on other projects. I asked him if I could re-post his review on my own site and he […]

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Why You Should Date Filipinas

This is an excerpt from my book Do the Philippines. What really made me fall in love with the Philippines was the way that the girls treated me. On average, Filipinas are so pleasant, girly and nurturing that it’s impossible to not have a good time with one. Even if a girl wasn’t as attractive […]

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25 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

I put together this photo gallery of random Filipinas I found online that are 7s or hotter. You can find them all over the place in any Philippine city. While some are easier to bang than others, you have a good shot of sleeping with all of them provided you make the approach. Note that […]

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A Girl Explains How Not to Pick Up Girls

This is a guest post by a female friend of mine. As a female who openly interacts with an appreciable number of alt-right publications, I get a number of Facebook messages from young men who appear to be eager to take their very first swings at game in a safe space. I mean, I hope […]

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Absolutely, Positively Do Not Marry a Single Mom with a Daughter

This is a guest post by Merv the Perv. Taking on any stepchildren at all is foolish. You’ll throw away your best years and a startling share of your time, energy, and wealth in raising up some other guy’s cuckoo’s egg. In the unlikely event that the child’s thankful for your sacrifice, it’ll be in […]

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Why I Lie

This is a guest post by Nameless Writer. Readers, I have penned the below as an explanation that I can heretofore direct others towards should the need arise. Without further introduction, below is the reason why, if I fuck you, I am guaranteed going to lie to you. The gorgeous gals who are goodly enough […]

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Cherry Blossoms Review: The Easiest Way to Sleep with Asian Girls

As I’ve written before, FilipinoCupid is by far the best option when it comes to banging Filipino girls through online dating. Unlike in the U.S., where online dating is used exclusively by ugly and fat women to fish for attention, not only do a lot of hot Filipinas use online dating sites, they actually want to meet men. You’d […]

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FilipinoCupid Review: The Easiest Way to Have Sex with Filipinas

I’ve said before that online dating is the easiest way to pick up girls in the Philippines. In contrast to its uselessness in the States, Filipinas take online dating seriously, particularly when it comes to foreign men. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be an American girl, being mobbed by hundreds of […]

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