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Notes from the Road: From Chicago to Milwaukee with Fatigue

What’s the longest a human being can go without sleep? I have no idea, but I know the longest I can go without sleep is about four days, mainly because that’s when I start getting Lost Weekend-style hallucinations and passing out whenever I sit down. All the sucky parts of tripping balls, none of the fun. If you […]

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To Live and Get High at Pitchfork

I am officially cooler than you. On Friday, I ambled over to Union Park, site of the annual Pitchfork Music Festival, America’s premiere indie music event (exempting SXSW). I spent all day sipping overpriced Heinekens, rifling through boxes of vinyl LPs, and watching performances by acts you’ve never even heard of with thousands of other indie […]

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Down and Out in Syracuse and Chicago

Is it a testament to how bizarre my life has become that being de facto homeless doesn’t bother me in the slightest? I’m not kidding you. When I clawed my way into Chicago last week, I had absolutely no place to sleep. The arrangements I’d made had fallen through at the last minute, all the hostels […]

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Notes from the Road: How to Cross Six States in Eight Days on Foot

When I left Syracuse for the second time on Monday of last week, I fully expected I’d be stuck in State College or Cleveland right now. Instead, I made it to the Windy City eight days later. Holy wow. Oh, and it’s Independence Day. Happy rebellion, my fellow Americans! Cue the fey indie rock! Highlights […]

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Notes from the Road: I Got Cuffed by Canadian Border Cops and Other Fun Stories

Yes, Canada, that friendly northern country with friendly people known for letting in just about anyone, turned me away twice last week because I “had no ties to the U.S.” The second time was after I threw my passport, driver’s license, social security card, hostel booking receipts, round-trip bus ticket, names, addresses and phone numbers of […]

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Forget the Past and Just Say Yes

The image above is of the Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY, just outside of Buffalo. It’s a little waterfall with a natural gas leak, meaning there’s a naturally occurring flame burning at all hours of the day. There are other leaks nearby, but they have to be lit with a match; the one […]

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North to Canada

So I’ve decided to change gears. I’m still walking across America to Portland, Oregon. But before I do that, I’m going north to Montreal to cover the student protests. That is, assuming they don’t die out by the time I get there. One of my bigger recent regrets was not joining #OccupyWallStreet before it was […]

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I’m Always Watching You Through a Keyhole

Last Saturday, I went to go see St. Vincent performing live in Buffalo and had a blast. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a real music act (as in a professional musician, not some crappy local band), and no matter how technology advances, there’s no substitute for seeing and hearing the songs live. It […]

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Escape from New York

The first week of June. That’s when I’m heading out the door, never to return. I’d leave right now, but I have a couple of commitments I need to sow up. Once they’re out of the way, I’m gone. I’m from Syracuse, New York. You might have heard of it. We’re the middle-of-nowhere city with […]

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