Can a Change of Mindset Save Thunderf00t’s Life?


Phil Mason (aka thunderf00t) is an atheist vlogger and chemist known for his videos attacking creationists and feminists. Because of his videos debunking Anita Sarkeesian’s arguments, Thunderf00t has gained a large following among GamerGate supporters. Thunderf00t is also a man in pain. Despite being somewhat intelligent and having a moderately successful career as a scientist, […]

30 Videos in 30 Days: Give Me Your Questions!


For a while now, I’ve been neglecting my YouTube channel. This is in part because I haven’t had the time to make new videos, but also because I became somewhat disillusioned with YouTube about a year ago. As Mike Cernovich put it, “YouTube is where stupid people get their information.” However, because I’m willing to […]

The Relative Man


This is a guest post by J. Ballard Criminal. Allow me to relate to you whilst not being relative. I’d rather this be called a moment of reflection than an article on this society, its state of affairs and the men who live in it or those who live above it. For the longest time, […]

The World Just Screams and Falls Apart


My journey to the Philippines almost ended before it began. It happened when I was stepping onto the plane. A tweedy little stay-at-home dad-type was blocking the line to board. I had the misfortune of being right behind him. “Could all of you hold up? I need to get some diapers out of my bag,” he pleaded, […]

Creating Your Own Light in the Darkness


This is a guest post by William Rome. Whenever I’m asked which historical period I’d like to live in, I say, without hesitation, the late Victorian/Edwardian era. The end of the 19th century was the last long, bright summer of the West before civilizational winter set in along the trenches of the Western front. In […]