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Why Right-Wingers Need to Get Off Facebook, Twitter and Other Big Social Media

Recently, I received a three-day ban on my private Facebook account after I alluded to a certain racial slur in an argument. I didn’t say it or call anyone it, I merely alluded to the word’s existence. I logged in two days later and was told that I was blocked from using Facebook for the next three days… […]

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right stuff

Mike Enoch, the Right Stuff and Leadership

As you all already know, this past weekend, Mike Enoch, Bulbasaur and most of the other personalities at The Right Stuff were doxed by antifas and /pol/. The revelation that Enoch, a man who made jokes about gassing Jews, bragged about being a super alpha male and railed against “degeneracy,” was married to a Jewish fag […]

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How to Reclaim Your Lost Masculinity and Follow Your Passions

This is a guest post by Jon Anthony. It’s no secret that masculinity is becoming more and more taboo in our culture. Everywhere we go, we’re discouraged from expressing our masculinity. We can’t talk about politics or religion, lest we be fired by overly sensitive HR departments. We can’t hit on women, without fear of […]

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How Women Subvert Political Movements

Last week, a friend asked me my thoughts on former MySpace exhibitionist and Juggalo junk magnet Tila Tequila’s recent endorsement of race war now. In response, I wrote this article, which applies not just to the alt-right, but to any political movement or subculture. If you’ve ever Liked a woman’s selfie on Twitter or Facebook […]

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immersed in subversion

Immersed in Subversion: Control the Culture, Control the Man (Davis Aurini’s Sarkeesian Documentary)

Immersed in Subversion: Control the Culture, Control the Man is a documentary by Davis Aurini on how social justice warriors such as Anita Sarkeesian subvert culture in order to push their cultural Marxist agenda. The film explores what motivates them, why they’re so dangerous, and how we can fight them. Because Aurini is still fighting […]

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Should Freedom of Speech Be Restricted to Men?

In this video, I discuss the destructiveness of female gossip and social media, the real reason why women should not be allowed to vote, and the possibility of using the government to keep women from falsely accusing men of rape. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. Read Next: Dean Esmay, A […]

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A Challenge to Feminists Accusing Me of Rape

Most of you are probably aware of the global nervous breakdown people have been having over the now-scuttled Return of Kings tribal meetups that were going to happen today. For the past week, Roosh, myself and our fans have been accused of being “rape supporters” who were organizing “pro-rape rallies,” and feminists are accusing me […]

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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 5: Fiorina Gets Freudian, Trump Stumps Violent Leftist

On Tuesday, I hit the road for Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa and a city so infested with social justice warriors that Lena Dunham visited it on her book tour despite its small size (population 67,862). My destinations were a Carly Fiorina town hall in the morning and a Donald Trump rally […]

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What’s Next After Do the Philippines?

In this video, I talk about my plans for 2016. I give you sneak peeks at my upcoming books, talk about how I’m going to keep improving my blog, and I also talk about my plan to potentially head to Iowa to cover the presidential caucuses next month. Let me know if you’re interested in […]

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Rachel Haywire is Falsely Accusing Me of Raping Ann Sterzinger

Rachel Haywire just doesn’t know when to quit. Four months after her edgelord site Trigger Warning was crushed under the weight of her unwarranted self-importance, Haywire is back. Specifically, she’s been running around messaging various individuals falsely accusing me of raping Ann Sterzinger—my friend, neighbor and podcast co-host—with the intent of getting me blackballed out […]

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