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The Monsters in the Closet

This is a guest post by Vicomte. “Dad?” “Yes?” “Can you check my closet for monsters? Please?” “Of course I can. Don’t I always? Do you think I would let you fall asleep without duly making sure there are exactly zero monsters present in any given closet within range of your tiny snoring sounds? What kind of […]

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What Would Your Mother Say? What Would Your Father Do?

A feminist troll left this remark on one of my posts last week: You’re idea of feminism couldn’t be more off base. I’m sure your mother would be thrilled to read this. This is a common refrain leveled at anti-feminists: “What would your mother/sister/female relatives think?” The idea, of course, is that the opinions of […]

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“But Fat People Have Great Personalities!”

Last week, during the manosphere’s round of “fat acceptance” trolling/Google bombing, a clueless chubster named Erin chimed in on FFY’s post: As a fat girl, I was reading the first few paragraphs with this face of disgust. “What? Really? You want to fucking congratulate her on not taking escalator?” I face palmed, BUT! As I […]

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When Good Men Do Nothing

Moral crusades: don’t you just love them? Live 8. #Kony2012. Text “GIMMEDAT” to 69105 and donate $10 to help Haitian earthquake victims. Every other day there’s a new crusade that all Right-Thinking, Moral People must support. Crusades are popular because they allow the average moron to think he’s important. That he’s making a difference in the world. This […]

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Ordinary Internet People: I Hate ‘Em

I was going to run this article next week, but in honor of Paul Elam and the PMSing little girls at A Voice for Men, I’ve pushed it up a few days. The idiots are self-regarding consumer slaves, oblivious to the paradox of their uniform individuality. They sculpt their hair to casual perfection; they wear […]

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Roadkill Nation

My first experience, if you can call it that, with roadkill was when I was a little kid. I was with my family and we were driving back from my grandparents’ house when we hit a bump in the road. My mom, who was driving, said that we’d run over a chipmunk. Naturally, this upset […]

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Oh, to Die Young and Leave a Beautiful Corpse!

Choose life. That’s the unofficial motto of our times. Americans fear nothing more than death. The federal deficit is sky-high because Baby Boomers are abusing Medicare so they can stuff their faces with prescription pills of every variety, anything to postpone the inevitable. Ads for suicide prevention hotlines are ubiquitous, and Christians condemn people who […]

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Calorie Counting for Your Brain

One of the things I’ve resolved to do as part of my journey is severely curtail the amount of crap I read online. An “information diet,” as Tim Ferriss puts it. Here are some examples of what I’m getting rid of. Politics. What a complete waste of time. No matter whether Obama or Romney becomes president, […]

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