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Alternate Reality News: Anti-Fat Discrimination Bill Passes Senate, Unlikely to Survive House

WASHINGTON — Fat acceptance advocates around the nation celebrated today as a bill to end discrimination against fat people resoundingly cleared the Senate. The Petunia Wentworth Anti-Size Discrimination Act of 2013 passed early Monday with a vote of 58-42. Four Republicans (Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Susan […]

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A Nation of Crybabies

NOTE: This post was salvaged from a book project I started last year on how to craft your rhetoric against feminists and leftists for maximum effect. I gave up on the book because I didn’t feel it was worth publishing. You’re better off reading Aristotle and Anonymous Conservative than my half-baked stuff. Nonetheless, I liked the […]

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Give Me Your Hungry, Your Tired, Your Poor; I’ll Piss on ‘Em

Recently, I was sent to a workshop at a Labor Department office to test its usefulness in helping the unemployed find work, helping to determine whether taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely. This was in a certain county in upstate New York that I’m not at liberty to disclose, other than to say that it’s in […]

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The Meek Inherit Jack Shit; or, Why the Manosphere is Angry

Last week, I was interviewed by a major news outlet who is working on a story about the manosphere. It went better than I expected, but midway through, the reporter asked me about the level of “hatred” and “vitriol” in the manosphere and what I think of it. My answer ran along the lines of […]

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My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty

Today is the Fourth of July, and what a glorious day it is! Over 230 years ago on this day, my ancestors declared independence from the tyranny of the British Empire and their evil king. I will give thanks to the Founding Fathers for the freedoms that their courageous actions have bequeathed to me. Thanks […]

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America’s Four Hundred Year War Against the Catholic Church

NOTE: By popular demand, another one of my most notable In Mala Fide articles, originally published on February 21, 2012. *** At the new Orthosphere blog, Proph muses on liberals’ sudden seething hatred of the Church, as shown by Obama’s failed attempt to force Catholic institutions to provide free birth control to their employees: Things are a little worse than […]

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Are Feminists and Leftists Less Than Human?

One of the most common refrains leveled at anti-feminists and rightists like myself is that we don’t treat women/minorities/gays like “human beings.” When a feminist criticizes a game blogger, she/he inevitably argues that all a guy has to do to get laid is “treat women like human beings.” Around the end of last summer, my […]

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Lindy West and the End of the Feminist Nomenklatura

If Lindy West didn’t exist, the manosphere would have to invent her. The mere fact that this shallow, talentless hack even has a writing career is proof that feminists simply don’t care anymore. They’ve slid down the path into senility, drooling all over their bibs, shitting their pants, unable to tell their own children apart […]

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Jim Crow By Any Other Name: Interstate 81 and Black Crime in Syracuse

Since Friday’s article on the hate murder in Syracuse’s South Side went viral thanks to WND’s Colin Flaherty, I figured I’d shed a little more light on the biggest racial issue in my hometown right now: the Interstate 81 debate. Syracuse lies near the intersection of Interstates 81 and 90, two of the most important highways in […]

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Murdering Black Mobs Come to Syracuse, Local Media and City Officials Run Interference for Them

I try not to do current events blogging because it’s boring and superfluous. The world doesn’t need another self-important keyboard warrior writing deep thoughts about something that some politician said or some other news story that people will forget next week. Nonetheless, I have to write about this story because I have local expertise that other bloggers […]

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