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Why I’m Not Voting Anymore

On Election Day four years ago, I was in my dorm room alone, working on an essay to hand in for class the next day. I didn’t bother watching any election coverage, aside from the Daily Show. At eleven o’clock, when the major news networks started calling the race for Obama, some clown came barreling […]

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Why Are Feminists Such Weaklings?

In 1971, feminists sang “I am woman, hear me roar/In numbers too big to ignore!” In 2012, feminists are driven to tears over Internet articles. Reading popular feminist watering holes like Shakesville or Feministe is enough to convince anyone that “hysteria” should be brought back as a medical diagnosis. Think I’m kidding? Here’s a case example. A while ago, […]

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Of SlutWalks and Double Standards

It was roughly a year ago that the SlutWalks took the world by storm. Never again will we blame victims for getting raped! Take that, patriarchs! For those of you who missed this momentous occasion, a refresher. The SlutWalks began when a Toronto policeman remarked that “women should avoid dressing like sluts” if they didn’t […]

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