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I Need Your Help to Fight the Daily Beast’s Libel, Cover the Romanian Protests and Dutch Election, and More


UPDATE: I’ve adjusted the deadline for the fundraiser to Monday, February 27.

As I’ve stated in the past, part of my motivation in relocating to Budapest was to be able to report on important news stories in Europe. With the presidential election over and President Trump making America great again, Europe is the new front-line of the battle to preserve Western and white civilization. My first report on the situation in Europe—an account of an anti-Putin protest by Hungary’s leftist opposition parties—went up yesterday, but to be able to expand my operations to western Europe and beyond, I need your help.

Additionally, I have to contend with the Daily Beast’s libel against me.

I’ve been told by two separate lawyers that I have a case against the Daily Beast due to their fake news story claiming I’m a “white supremacist” who was responsible for the Quebec City mosque shooting. I’m still weighing my legal options and working out the details, but any legal action I pursue will cost money.

In addition to that, I’m interested in reporting on the recent protests that are happening in Romania as well as the Dutch general election next month. In the past week, mass protests have erupted in Romania over the left-wing government’s attempt to legalize corruption (I’m not kidding). The government has since backed down from its proposal, but the protests—which are the largest the country has seen since the overthrow of communism in 1989—are not abating. Since Romania borders Hungary, I could easily take a trip to Bucharest to see what’s going on.

Additionally, the Netherlands is holding their legislative election next month. The nationalist party PVV (Party for Freedom), lead by Geert Wilders, has been consistently leading in the polls: the government’s attempt to imprison him for “hate speech” has made him even more popular. Given how much the fake news media lied about President Trump and Brexit, we need independent reporters on the scene in order to get the truth out. For the future, I also want to report on the French presidential election in April/May and the German federal election in September.

Due to the merger of Right On into, I’ve been temporarily deprived of an important source of income for my journalistic ventures. As a result, a greater amount of my funding will need to come from other sources, such as you, the reader.

I’m currently estimating a cost of $1,000 to report on the Dutch election as well as the Romanian protests (assuming the latter don’t peter out before the end of the week). This will cover transportation, accommodation and other expenses. Leftover funds will be put towards the French election coverage as well as legal costs for any potential action I take against the Daily Beast.

Because my priority is the Dutch election, I’ve set the deadline for my fundraiser as Tuesday, February 21 Monday, February 27 at 9AM EST. If I can’t make my goal by then, I will refund donors on request. You can view my progress towards my goal in the fundraising thermometer in the sidebar.

(Additionally, if you live in Bucharest or Amsterdam and are willing to let me crash on your couch if/when I start my reporting, email me here.)

If you’ve enjoyed my previous work on the U.S. presidential election, I ask you to help me continue doing it. Big or small, $1 or $100, whatever you can spare helps me get the truth out.

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I greatly appreciate any and all help you can provide, and I truly appreciate those who’ve donated to my campaigns in the past. You are the people who make my work possible, and I hope to keep doing it for a long time to come.

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