Observations on Dating and Banging Girls in the Philippines


I’m both enormously sick and hard at work trying to pull myself out of the huge pile of work I’m buried in, so here are some thoughts I’ve picked up on dating and smashing Filipino girls for the past month.

1. If you want to date Filipinas, you better be prepared to play a whole new set of games.

Yes, it is ludicrously easy to get laid here. Yes, in a good number of cases, all you need to do is show up and not be a weirdo to get the pussy. But Filipinas are far from stupid; they’re cunning and have their own share of stupid head games they play. It’s nowhere near as bad as the States, but like all women, Filipinas have an inner predator that they’re all too willing to unleash on idiotic men.

If you let them walk all over you, they will, so you need to go in prepared.

One big game that Filipinas love to play with men is the last minute meeting change-up. It goes like this: you’ll start texting her, she’ll agree to meet you at place X, but then an hour before you meet, she’ll suddenly text you asking to meet at place Y instead because it’s “closer.” This is despite the fact that she had no problem meeting you at place X the night before. I’ve had no less than six girls in the past month try and pull this on me and I’ve nexted every single one. This kind of game is an obvious power play: if you accede to her demands and change up your plans on her whim, she will be dictating the frame of the relationship.

For example, the first time a girl tried this on me, we had agreed to meet at a coffeeshop that was just up the street from my house in downtown Davao. Not an hour before our date, after I’d already arrived at the mall where the shop was, I get a text from her asking if we can meet at this other mall that happens to be closer to her house… a mall that is on the outskirts of town and would take me at least an hour-and-a-half to get to accounting for traffic. I politely told her no, then blocked her number from my phone. (I also later found out that she had hid the fact that she was a single mother from me.)

This game is probably the most insidious as the girl doesn’t start fucking with you until just before your date, but there are plenty of others you need to look out for as well. For example, if a Filipina starts whining at any point about her life (“I hate my job, I hate my classwork,” etc.), next her. Not only does this indicate that she has a low resilience for pain and struggle, it’s only a matter of time before she starts hitting you up for money. Honest Filipinas deal with their struggles with dignity and are too proud to ask for handouts from foreigners; I once tried to give my current girlfriend money for a taxi and she flatly refused.

To the outside observer, it might seem ridiculous that I’m advocating cutting off contact with Filipinas the minute they show dishonesty or attitude. “Real men figure out how to deal with these problems, not run away from them!” What you don’t get is that your value as a foreign man is so high in the Philippines that you will never lack for female company provided you put in a bare minimum of effort. For every girl who tries to force you into her frame or extort money out of you, there are three more who will treat you like a king.

There’s no reason to put up with shit from one girl where there are so many more willing to sleep with you.

2. If a Filipina can barely communicate in written English, next her.

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, learning it is mandatory in schools, and the government favors it when it comes to written documentation. While few Filipinos are 100 percent fluent in English, you can hold conversations with them easily provided you tone down your use of slang and ten-dollar words. For example, as I found out the hard way, Filipinos don’t say “o” in place of “zero” in spoken English when it comes to long numbers (ex: if you read off “103” as “one oh three,” many Filipinos will have no clue what you’re talking about; you have to say “one zero three” or “one hundred and three”). While most of the girls I’ve known send typo-filled English texts, I can understand them easily, and we can have conversations where I display my wit and wisdom.

In a country where English is so widely used and learning it is mandatory, what does that say about girls who can barely write in it?

Answer: they’re dumb as rocks. They’re lazy. Attempting to woo them over a cup of coffee will be torturous because they won’t understand anything you say. I made the mistake of trying to date one girl who could only send illiterate one-syllable word texts, and most of our “date” consisted of me pantomiming with my arms hoping and praying something would penetrate her thick skull. She was pretty cute, but the language barrier was simply too big to cross.

This goes back to what I discussed in point one: given that most Filipinas speak passable English, why waste your time on one who can barely grunt out “I love you?” Filipino culture isn’t exactly intellectual to begin with; at times, it feels like this place got frozen in time somewhere around 1987. There’s no reason to make things hard on yourself by trying to screw a girl who isn’t smart enough to count to ten in a language she was required to study throughout school.

3. If a girl wants to bring one of her friends along on a date, let her.

This might sound like a game, but it’s not. Remember: as a foreign man in the Philippines, you are a rock star. Half the girls here dream of being married to a white guy, and when she tells her family she’s dating a foreigner, they practically high-five each other. When a girl wants to bring her friend along on a date, it’s a form of bragging: “Ha ha, look at the cool white guy I’m dating!” Having that friend along will make it way easier to seal the deal with your girl, because like all girls, Filipinas’ opinions are in part dictated by their social group. Make a good impression on the friend, you make an even better impression on your girl.

4. Creating a harem here is all but required due to the lax labor laws.

As you’d expect from a second-world country, the Philippines lacks many of the labor protections that Americans take for granted. When it comes to girls you date who have jobs (particularly teenage girls), most of them are working twelve hours a day, six days a week. This means you’ll only be able to see them a couple days a week at most. If you need companionship around the clock, you’ll have to make your peace with the idea of keeping multiple girls on rotation. If that makes you feel bad, just remind yourself that a good number of these girls are fucking around on you despite their protestations of chastity and fidelity. Why do you think the fertility rate is so high in this country?

5. Bring your own condoms.

I’m not kidding you. Not only are condoms here too small for the average white man (Filipinos being less endowed on average), wrapping it up is damn near required given the country’s laws. The Philippines is one of the few countries on Earth where abortion is illegal, thanks to the efforts of the Catholic Church, meaning a slip-up in the baby department means massive pain for you. While the Philippines and the U.S. don’t have a child support extradition agreement—meaning if you knock a girl up, you can get off the hook by fleeing the country—I’m not fond of the idea of leaving my child to be raised in a Southeast Asian ghetto.

6. If a Filipina wears bikinis, she’s a slut.

This one comes from my friend Larry. The Philippines still values female modesty and chastity (at least in public), meaning that revealing outfits are a no-no for Filipino girls. The ones who do wear them are girls who’ve spent some time outside the country and have absorbed some of the culture of wherever they went (read: they were riding the cock carousel until their labias turned blue). This is probably less true in the more liberal parts of the country, though.

Keep in mind that these are my observations and not a strict guide. I will likely post more detailed information on banging Filipino girls later, when I have more experiences to comment on.

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  • Toads


    What camera do you use for your YouTube videos? Does it have a separate microphone extension?

    I am thinking of making some videos (on an unrelated subject), and found your video quality to be good in both resolution and sound.


  • Chance Boudreaux

    You forgot to mention. Your average filipina you meet on the street, will NOT come up and be forward with you. She will suddenly appear nearish you, smiling and looking friendly, but not speak to you unless you talk to her first. If a filipina DOES come up to you aggressively she is either: A)trying to sell you something B) a prostitute C) is a dude, or D) some combination of the above, like a she-male prostitute trying to sell you a butterfly knife.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    I use my computer’s webcam and an Audio Technica USB microphone.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    Very true. That said, I distrust any woman in any country who comes to me of her accord. I’ve been burned by these hoes one too many times.

  • John Doe

    Can’t help but notice how much of your site is forked from danger and play. Is he your alter ego or something?

  • http://greyenlightenment.com/ greyenlightenment

    Filipino culture isn’t exactly intellectual to begin with

    neither is the rest of the world. America, especially around the West and East coasts, is a uniquely intellectual place.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    Mike is actually my uncle.

  • John Doe

    Funny how a guy can have such a hard stance on plagiarism but no problem stealing someone’s entire site design. You should meet Tucker Max. I’m sure you’d get along.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    I redesigned my site based on Mike’s critique of my old layout:


    Go back to the minor leagues, kid.

  • John Doe

    That only leaves the colour scheme, toolbar and sidebar design and the general feel of the site. Even the links are the same colour. Except the real reason Mike gets high consistent traffic is because his content is positive. The only reason anyone visits your site is hate.

  • John Doe

    Your greatest business achievement is telling men how to beat their girlfriends. How the hell does that feel? Think anyone died because of that article?

  • Toads

    He is Matt’s uncle, moron…

    Getting feedback from your uncle is hardly a crime…I suspect you don’t have an uncle who helps you in any way….

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    That was a joke. He asked a stupid question, he got a stupid answer.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    Is this your way of saying you need a spanking? Sorry boy, I’m straight.

    Anyway, I don’t believe you actually read D&P. If you did, you wouldn’t be talking like a leftist SJW. Go back to Tumblr.

  • John Doe

    Some sharp readers you have there Forney. I’d tell him to kiss my ass but I’m scared of what might happen!

    And if its only leftists that hate you, why do Mike and Clarey preface every mention of your name with “I know a lot of you hate Matt Forney but…”?

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    I just looked at your comment history. All you ever do is make the same catty, “let’s you and him fight” kinds of remarks on every blog you go to.

    Better zip up your skirt, your vagina is showing.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    That’s fucking awesome…for dudes who like Filipinas. More importantly, have you checked out the surf spots? Does Charlie ,surf?

  • http://causalitysend.mee.nu/ Kristophr

    I was born in Oregon.

    The West Coast is not “intellectual”. Pretentious, yes.

  • GetItGoing

    Looks like some solid advice, thanks. Interesting that you said the opposite of the typical advice regarding a woman bringing a friend: In this case, welcome it. I take it that the Phillipines are an exception in that in this case, the friend won’t be a cock-blocker?

    But what about escalating and moving to a more personal space if the friend is around? Seems like that would be an issue.

    I have considered the Phillipines. I admit this article fuels my curiousity even more (in addition to what I’ve heard elsewhere).


  • GetItGoing

    I’m from the southeast. Not a great deal of rocket scientists here, either.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    You’re not going to be able to escalate on the first date, friend or no friend. At least here in Davao, the culture is conservative and you need 2 or 3 dates minimum before sex.

  • elyhim


  • JustUs4Awe

    You have the nerve to call women sluts as you brag about banging a rotation of girls in your harem? Any smart woman would see you and run.

  • 20Nation

    I’ve been following your trip a bit and it’s making me miss the Philippines. No other country like it to be honest

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  • Aya R

    Well this is beyond disgusting. Treating these women like animals.

    My mother’s from a lovely village that frowns upon scum like yourself and, I kid you not, you would get your dick chopped off if you were found to be sleeping round when you’re supposed to be with one woman.

    Also, this whole “white worshipping” is a load of shit but does work on the truly brainless and desperate women.

  • joe

    Why are you so scared of sluts? Jesus. Did you have some kind of emotional falling out as a middle schooler or what b/c it looks like your self image depends on how much ass you get. God bless the girl who actually ends up with your sexist ass.

  • joe


  • JP

    Firstly, I am Filipina.
    But whether I like it or not, you’re perspective is dead on. Brutal to the point of rudeness nevertheless you’ve hit the nail square on the head.
    There are exceptions of course but just like any exceptions they are the minority.
    It’s been a source of embarrassment to me that when western men hear the word ‘Filipina’, it is synonymous to easy sex. I mean Google Filipina and the first page would be all about dating sites or hookups (images are no better with scantily clad women trying to look very alluring).
    Can’t blame the guys…the opinions aren’t easy to digest but it is the truth.

  • Timoteo4 .

    I’ve noticed the thing about bikinis online. In a great number of women’s profiles, they have pics of them at the beach wearing cut-off jeans and a t-shirt in the water. With a bikini top on UNDER the t-shirt. While you see others that are in bikinis making suggestive poses. They go extreme in one direction or the other.

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  • tropicalhotdognight

    You’re a violent and disgusting pig, fantasizing about mutilating violence simply because a man has sex with different women. How many people do you know who sleep with only one member of the opposite sex? Do you want to cut out the genitals of all the others?

    You’re also too stupid to notice that Matt actually likes and respects Filipina women a lot more than he does his female white compatriots.

  • Aya R

    Fantasizing? No, that is literally what happened to a man in my mum’s village for cheating on his wife.

    And I think you are the moron in this conversation. Please read the title again and tell me if that is respectful to Filipina women. Then read section 4 about keeping a harem for extra effect.

  • tropicalhotdognight

    So it’s cool because it really happened. Do you support the same punishment for women cheating on their husbands?

    Wanting to have sex with someone does not necessarily entail disrespect, even if one does not want to have a monogamous relationship with them. And once again if you read more of Matt’s writing’s on his trip to the Phillipines, it would be abundantly obvious that he likes the place, its culture and its women.

  • snbatman

    Just because a truth is uncomfortable doesn’t make it less true.

  • MJ

    “I am not an angel,’ I asserted; ‘and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself. Mr. Rochester, you must neither expect nor exact anything celestial of me – for you will not get it, any more than I shall get it of you: which I do not at all anticipate.” Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

  • ExecutiveK

    As a Filipina, I find this article disgusting. Any non Asian who comes and read this this filth would instantly think the Philippines breed hoes. They don’t. You make them out that way by writing this type of garbage.

    Then again, I’m guessing that’s why you came to the Philippines – to be one with your kind. In short, you’re disgusting.

    I wouldn’t touch you even if you are the last pig on earth.

  • Aya R

    Now did I say it was “cool” or is someone putting words in my mouth? I don’t agree with it but laws in the Philippines are a lot different than the western countries and people can get away with things such as that.

    I never said sex was disrespectful either, however, what is the likelihood that these women are cool with a man sleeping with several other women at the same time they’re seeing each other? I know I would go ape shit if I found out my boyfriend was sleeping with someone whilst I was busy working. If you truly knew the culture of the Philippines you would know that the majority of the population are Roman Catholic and women there want monogamous relationships.

    If you try saying that they don’t then next time I am off to see my family over there I will take a video cam and ask the women in public what they really think of an article like this. I know my mother is disgusted but she confirms it’s the easy and gold digging women who would be happy with pigs that treat women like that.

  • slimmy jimmy

    “like a she-male prostitute trying to sell you a butterfly knife” – Best line ever

  • sameer

    nice article,but i dont think so philippines is that sort of sex heaven like white nations are, i mean i am neither tall nor that good looking just average 20 year old brown indian dude,still i managed to banged almost half of europe,i have been with lithuanian,russian,french,swede,romanian,danish,belgian,etc etc , i guess white girls are the biggest sluts here, they tend to sleep with anyone even africans anyways what i m trying to say is filipinas are far better than these whites, i don’t know which type of girls u have been with(probably hoes) but filipinas are much better my current gf is filipina and she is the most loyal,caring,educated girl i have ever been with

  • TyDaMan

    Don’t listen to this borderline sociopath.

  • Zen Castro

    Aya R, great comment! I salute your viewpoint….

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  • akshay

    zen u are so hot i will kiss u lips and suck

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  • Blu Soulstn

    I noticed you said “my mother” was from the village but not you right…your westernized and free to spew obscenities at will. yeah the article wasn’t talking about you it was talking about Filipinas.

  • Christine

    This article is extremely insulting and disgusting and i’m sure it reflects your personality as well. The only way scum like you could ever get any woman in the Philippines is if she was a gold digger or a slut. But since you enjoy wasting time by writing shit articles like this that aren’t even true to begin with you obviously have no money so you must have been banging straight up sluts. I feel sorry for people like you that need to go to a different country to fuck girls that pretend to like you; I guess the sluts in America know better than to fuck a repulsive dirty cunt licker like yourself.

  • Aya R

    What is your argument exactly?

  • Faye R

    Observations on dating and banging foreign dudes in the Philippines:

    1. Girls: we need to be way more discerning with whom we shag and/or date, if even someone like Matt Forney finds it easy.

    2. Girls who don’t speak very good English: be thankful for the language barrier – at least you don’t have to sit through every dullard white boy carry on about how fascinating he is. Believe me, it will make you want to gouge your eardrums out with a cocktail umbrella.

    3. Do no bring your friends along to your dates unless you want to be mocked for sleeping with some pasty-skinned, doughy bald guy who had to move halfway around the world to get laid because the girls in his country won’t touch him with their worst enemy’s vagina.

    4. If you’re seeing a grown man who needs the companionship of a teenage girl around the clock so bad that he needs to build a harem, run for your life. Flee the clutches of the pathetic white dude with sick Lolita fantasies and serious mommy issues like the very hounds of hell were at your heels.

    5. Let’s not be angered by the observations of the likes of Matt Forney. Matt Forney had found out from a very early age that he is an extremely unlikeable person. Being well aware of this, and having to
    make a living off click-throughs and web traffic, the only tack left to him, obviously, is to be hateful and inflammatory. And this is exactly what he does. He takes the contempt he’s had to put up with all his life and tries to make money off of it. And I’m pretty sure that’s not going too well for him either.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    According to your IP address, you live in the U.K.

    U mad sis?

  • The True Frank

    You’re just plain disrespectful, man. Filipino women are some of the smartest, prettiest, classiest, and most sophisticated people I know. Your article gives me the impression that you have no experience whatsoever of the women I’m talking about, and I pity you for that. You have a talent for writing, I’ll give you that. But the fact that you’re using your skills to create pieces of shit like this article: wow, I think you have to reevaluate your life, man. You and your fairy boys have to assert your masculinity every so often, but you’re doing so through the internet. Grow a pair. Real men respect women. You’re passing off as some whiny loser who’s pathetic enough to make shitty rants about something he clearly can’t live without.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    Why are you slut-shaming Filipinas, you racist misogynistic shitlord?

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    At least you live in the Philippines (according to your IP address). You should be thankful you do, even white knighting losers like you can get laid there.

  • Faye R

    …er, somehow I fail to see your point.
    Have we gone back to the age before cartography and overseas travel?
    U thinking straight, pare?

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matthew Forney

    When was the last time you got laid, sweetie? Be honest.

  • The True Frank

    I’m flattered, you bothered to look at my IP address :3 I’ve got myself a classy girl, thank you very much–the kind who’s way out of your league. And I got her by being a white knighting loser. Anybody can get laid anywhere, sure. You speak of it as if it’s a great achievement, like you’re a teenage boy amazed at his erection. The real deal is about how you treat women. You don’t have to be all gentlemanly, baldude, but you’ve got to stop creating shit articles like this one. You earn nothing by it, except the approval of your borderline-homo group of fairy boys.

  • Larry Dickman

    A woman who sleeps around is a slut.
    A man who sleeps around is a stud.
    Hope that’s cleared up.

  • geoff_lucky

    Men need sex. Its physiological. Trying to guilt trip men about sex is like a man guilt triping you because you have your period. Its sexist.

  • William Johnson

    Have you tried Thailand? I was there for 5 months last winter and now I don’t even look at women in my home country (Canada). Western women have been ruined by feminism. Most of them are bitches.

  • Aya R

    I’d like to know what you’re trying to get at. My issue with the article is that it is trying to teach men to sleep around with countless women from one particular country, disregarding that these women are probably not comfortable with sleeping with a man who’s banging several women during the week.

    As an example, I have a completely healthy sex life with ONE MAN. Pretty sure most Filipina’s would like one man to be faithful to them in the duration of their relationship.

  • Christine Padinit

    What the hell!! Still not all Filipinos are same individuals. Just like every races. Whoever wrote that article who has experienced culture and women’s in the Philippines is a dick and hypocrite.. A stud and a moron!!!!!

  • Driver

    I think you can get your point across without the “dick chopping off” reference.

    I see this shit more and more, every day. Have we sunk to such a low level where adults can’t have simple conversations or debates without going over the top?

  • Driver

    and you don’t see anything wrong with the “dick chopping off” reference?

    What happened to people disagreeing on points or having a debate (minus the violence)? I’ve seen more and more of this shit…usually from the group who claims to be more understanding, fair or diverse.

    Let’s get back to discussions without the over the top shit, ok.

  • Driver

    You’re not being “genuine” in your response. I’m not buying it.

    The language typically spoken (if not English) is Tagalog (not “Filipino”).

  • matthew

    Bloody oath mate some people get so butt hurt peoples opinions

  • matthew

    Jim Jeffries sums it up perfectly.
    Its fucking easy to be a slut, Its fucking hard to be a stud.

  • Aya R

    Nothing more effective for emphasis than an OTT real life example!

    It’s the internet. Where “simple conversations” just don’t exist and where articles made for sad men can thrive.

  • Aya R

    Just to clarify, Filipino is the formal name of Tagalog. It’s because certain parts of the Philippines speak other languages that are exclusive to the Philippines but are still classed as “Filipino” (such as ‘Ilokano’ which I hear more of when I visit).

    Not only that but if you’ve ever seen a school text book over there then you’ll know they learn “Filipino” in school not “Tagalog”. Therefore ‘Alexa’ is most likely genuine.

  • Driver

    Good excuse. Thanks for stopping by and never mind.

  • Driver

    Sure (I’m not buying it). I’ve had too many people (who were actually born and raised in the Philippines) tell me otherwise.

  • Aya R

    Well that sounds believable…

    Just admit it, you didn’t know there were other dialects man.

  • Driver

    I did know and I looked it up before responding. I live with many different people (east coast near navy base) so I’ve come in contact with many different type of people, cultures, language, etc…I just didn’t find the comment “genuine” because of the many people that I know don’t refer to that dialect in the “official” name.

  • Driver

    and next time you want my attention, sweetie…just ask for it (don’t play coy with me).

  • Brucewayne

    You aren’t exactly spot on, but closer than most people who write about the Philippines here.
    I am married to a Filipina and have been for 9 years.
    From what I have seen, i am lucky, they all seem to cheat on theirhusbands sometime in their relationship, but at least mine waited and asked me.
    By the time she did, i didn’t care anymore because of all of her harping all of the time and now things are quiet again.
    i told her if he had a bigger dick than mine, go for it.
    We have a 7 year old daughter and the wife will not jeopardize losing her because I am the one the girl is attached to since i am the Mother and Father to her all of the time.

  • Brucewayne

    If they want monogamous relationships, why do so many of them screw around on their men?

  • Brucewayne

    Filipinas always go over the top.

  • Brucewayne

    No, a man is a slut puppy or a whore monger, not a stud.
    A stud is a desirable man.

  • Ann

    I don’t know if this is so something satirical or what not. But this is actually funny. I am a Filipina and yeah maybe some of these things are true yet harsh buuuut this is just plainly taken from a single point of view.. Hell i care about other’s affirmation, it’s not like they’ve come from a very holy place as well

  • Ann

    Hahhaha! Right on the head! Hahaha Totally ironic, right? Haha

  • Ann

    Yep mister driver, it’s Filipino. Take it from me, born and raised in Philippines. i was once a Filipino subject teacher as well

  • Ann

    Hahaha that’s why i find this so funny. It’s so full of figurative expressions in an idiotic way.! Hahaha

  • Glass Beach

    I lived in Makati City Phils from 2004-2006 and my experience are very much as Matt Forney describes. Getting laid there is so easy that it becomes boring (did I just say that?). My experiences with Pinay put me on a steep learning curve with S-E Asian women. On leaving Phils I lived in Thailand for the next 7 years, enjoying the challenging language barrier, amazing food, Buddhist calm and far more honorable womenfolk (yes, get away from the bars and tourist areas and you’ll find an incredibly conservative culture).

    And to those Pinay wishing to attack me here, my 23 year old apprentice at work got laid last night by a Pinay here in the UK. He went to a shared house to view the room she is vacating next week when she returns to Phils after finishing Uni here. He’s still in shock!

  • Guest

    While I agree on the english comments, I don’t agree with a lot of your points. I think since you were in davao it’s different than luzon as a whole or cebu,bacolod,etc; wearing a swimsuit is common, that doesnt make women sluts there,regular sized condoms are sold everywhere, and the plan b pill is called nordette which you get at the drug store. i been to pi 5 times, im 29. to be honest youre smashing these mainly uneducated provincial women. equivelant to banging women from west virginia and then making an assumption on all american women. go to manila, specifically the fort, bgc, makati; the women are cool,normal,educated,cultured and not from the sticks. also, being white in the pines is equivelent to beinga black dude at a all white college bar, girls want you because your different and because the pines is one of the least visited countries in sea, its the truth, people like different colors who cares

  • bill

    While I agree on the english comments, I don’t agree with a lot of your points. I think since you were in davao it’s different than luzon as a whole or cebu,bacolod,etc; wearing a swimsuit is common, that doesnt make women sluts there,regular sized condoms are sold everywhere, and the plan b pill is called nordette which you get at the drug store. i been to pi 5 times, im 29. to be honest youre smashing these mainly uneducated provincial women. equivelant to banging women from west virginia and then making an assumption on all american women. go to manila, specifically the fort, bgc, makati; the women are cool,normal,educated,cultured and not from the sticks. also, being white in the pines is equivelent to beinga black dude at a all white college bar, girls want you because your different and because the pines is one of the least visited countries in sea, its the truth, people like different colors who cares.

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  • Kyle

    I have been to the Philippines many times and I will agree with this article 100%. Women there love American D while I am there I usually sleep with 2 different girls everyday. Sometimes 2 at once they can’t get enough as long as your not a jack butt it so easy Aye is just mad its not her getting D down.