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Fat Girls Like it Big

This is an excerpt from my book Big Lovin’: The Guide to Picking Up Fat Chicks.

When fat girls say there’s “more of them to love,” they mean that in every respect, including their pussies. BBWs have wider and longer vaginas, meaning that pricks that satisfy starving, anorexic models won’t even scrape the voluminous amounts of K-Y needed to lubricate their tunnels of love.

Put simply, if you don’t have a big, thick dick, you’re at a steep disadvantage when it comes to chubby chasing. And both of those dimensions are important. Penis girth not only gives the girl more pleasure, it protects you from accidental cock bends; bigger girls have snapped skinnier dicks from the sheer awesomeness of their weight. Trying to bang a fat girl in cowgirl position with an insufficiently meaty cock is like popping laxatives before chowing down at Taco Bell.

I’m fortunate in that I was blessed with a nine-inch meat wrench with the circumference of a bratwurst, giving me the ability to make fat girls gush like a leaky soda machine. But if you weren’t gifted with a big crotch rocket, there is something you can do about it, and no, it doesn’t involve painful surgery or little blue pills.

I’m talking about dick extenders: cock-shaped silicone sex toys you can slip over your penis to make it longer and harder. They’re also designed to help you last longer in bed, so if you’re having performance issues, you’ll want to check them out as well. You can get a quality penis extender from any sex shop or adult store. A warning, though: if you use silicone-based lubes, they will cause your dick extender to dissolve and break. If you do decided to buy yourself a cock extender, you’ll need to use water-based lubes instead.

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  • the stuff nightmares are made of.

  • I wonder if thats why you see a lot of big white girls with black guys.

  • That’s why fat women dump fat guys, I guess

  • sorry Jonestle, the whole ‘black guys have bigger dicks than white guys’ was proven to be an utter myth. In fact, the world’s record right now is held by a white guy.

  • John Dunkerley

    They usually are a giveaway, from the makeup and clothes they wear, to how they talk. White fatties into black men, have the paler lipstick, the pencil traced lips. The hip sway, the attitude. Sure it’s a stereotype, but that doesn’t make it less true.

  • LR

    That’s not a myth. Various studies have proven that there are higher averages based on geography.

  • Fantaman

    Yes but they’re not blacks. Italians have the longest dicks.

  • TJ

    The only fat girl I ever banged was tight, so I don’t believe this

  • Mike Magnum

    This guy is so obsessed with fat women. I think hes secretly a chubby
    chaser. That right Mr Forney. You want to put whip topping all over that
    and ride it ALL NIGHT LONG. Because you like more feeling that skin
    against your very small penis

  • nutterbutter

    You idiot, where do you think the Italians got Brown eyes from.? lol They crossed uup from Africa and got into the woodpile of all them Spainards…

  • nutterbutter

    Most of them girls are tight cause they don’t get it on a regular basis… But if they do look out may be as wide as a Cavern down there once you start hittin it..

  • Fantaman

    Wow that’s some wishful history right there you cuck

  • nutterbutter

    Hey Dolt Go back & read HISTORY Hannibal also Conquered Spain he is from Tunisia LOCATED in AFRICA in case you don’t know it. ALL you white folks want to re write History cause some people from AFRICA conquered SPAIN using Elephants.. roflmao…. They left you a present in your woodpile..of genes…lol