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Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 2: Gamma Mindset

Both of my podcasts, The Matt Forney Show and Matt Forney After Hours, have been on hiatus since last month due to the fact that I’m busy with my new job as well as a number of other projects. Both podcasts will be returning soon in a revamped format, and as part of this, I’m releasing an excerpt from the second episode of After Hours for your listening pleasure.

On this episode, I’m joined by Davis Aurini, Daniel Friberg and Melissa Mészáros for a discussion on gamma males: what they are, what makes them tick, why they’re so dangerous, and how you can deal with them. In particular, we discuss former Arktos editor-in-chief (and current Counter-Currents Publishing editor) John Morgan and his attempt to destroy Arktos in collaboration with Greg Johnson.

Listen and download the MP3 below:

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  • Robert Stark

    The whole Gamma bashing is silly. A Gamma is a made up term by those LARPING as Douche Bag wannabe Alphas to deride those with an authentic Aristocratic Individualist mindset who win the psycho social narrative by playing by their own rules and don’t care about silly stuff like being “alpha.”

  • the solution is “eurasian gamma delta omega mindfuck pornstar mentality.”

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  • One Man’s Chorus

    The cool new word for social ladder climbers is “sigma”; alpha is so 2012 bro.