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Men Aren’t Fighting for Women Anymore, and Why Should They?


This is a guest post by Kyle from This is Trouble.

As refugees continue to flood the European borders, the number of rapes occurring to local European women are rising at “alarming” rates. Perhaps alarming for the liberal movement determined to let these invaders take over Europe, but certainly not alarming for any of us who live in a world of reality. Yes, the idea to allow thousands of young men with high sex drives, who come from a a cultural with a history rich of rape and violence, into Western countries with no real plan or ability to enforce the law is brilliant.

Nothing could go wrong.

The same people preaching about open borders and catering to help refugees (even at the expense of their own people) are somehow the same people who advocate for gay rights. They want to allow the refugees whose culture routinely kills homosexuals into the country.

Do they not know that Muslims throw gays off of roofs (warning: graphic photos), or shoot them in public?

Again, how they thought that allowing all the brown refugees in would result in a peaceful situation is beyond me.

Meanwhile, after the Cologne attacks—in which a thousand refugees were connected to assaulting German women—people have been calling on German men to stand up and fight for them. In times of need, note that all cries of gender equality, we-don’t-need-no-man, and other blatant feminist propaganda have been silenced. When it comes to a matter of life, death, and protection, men are now needed. German men are being shamed to think that it is their duty to dive headlong to protect the women of the country.

And the German men are silent.

Now, don’t get me wrong: this is still their homeland, and there should be a certain pride in defending that. They are going to need to do something if they want to avoid Germany becoming the next base of ISIS. But the fact of the matter is, they are hesitant to lift a finger to “save” women from these situations with the refugees, who were let in by the political leaders who campaign for the liberal movements.

The same women that have preached the feminist movement, shunned men in favor of careers, and forced men to learn game just to have a small chance at them are now demanding that German men lay down their lives for the cause.

The German men have every right to be silent.

Which brings me to my question…

Should You Fight for the Women of Your Country?

Fifty years ago, this question wouldn’t even be a debate. Most men worldwide would not hesitate to jump to the front lines to defend children, women, and country. The sheer fact that I can ask this question and that many, if not most, Western men will stop to ponder it just shows how far Western culture has gone downhill since the inception of feminism and the culture wars.

I think back to my grandfathers, who both willingly served in our armed forces to protect their wives and loved ones.

Because people will inevitably call me a coward, scum, and a plethora of other nice names, I think I need to simply say this: I would not hesitate to defend my loved ones; i.e. mom, sister, and (maybe) someday, a wife.

But then I think… would I fight for American women? Can you blame German men for their reaction? My path of self improvement was loaded with being treated poorly by women, as well as taking their terrible advice. While I’ve moved past the bitter and angry phase of this, and moved on with my life, the fact of the matter is that I have yet to meet an American woman worth dying for.

If there were a large supply of women that were worth dying for, it’s very likely that I would have married one of them (or been close to it) by now. I’d be thinking about starting a family and how to best raise my children. I certainly wouldn’t be writing a blog and teaching men how to improve their lives through my own struggle, because the odds are stacked against every young man born in the West these days.

But I, and many other American men, have never had that chance at a traditional, strong family. Frankly, we never will. It saddens me that if I want to find a good woman to raise a family with, I will likely have to migrate to the harsh winters of Eastern Europe, or the hurricane-prone Southeast Asian islands and leave America behind.

I don’t want it this way, but it’s simply the harsh reality of the situation. In today’s age of shunning men, extreme female promiscuity, and generally degenerate culture (celebrity worship, obesity, rape culture, etc.), why would men rush to jump in front of a bullet for a Western woman?

So I ask: why should German men be expected to now rush to defend the German women who have scorned them for so long?

For so long, us men of the West have been shamed into relenting to women’s needs and demands. This is just the next step of it: the liberal movement is now raising expectations that all men are to white knight and defend all women.

Defend women at all costs, including with your own life. On a subconscious level, humans are all aware that eggs are quite a bit more valuable than sperm. It’s why men always did fight and die for their women and children: it gave the best chance of their tribe’s survival. However, this is the first time that the feminist movement has ever been so blatant with their message: a woman’s life is infinitely more valuable than a man’s, and a man should not hesitate to give his for hers… even a complete stranger.

To prove the absurdity of their logic, let’s imagine this scenario:

If you are walking down the street one day, and a woman is being raped by a dozen refugees, the liberals would have you believe that trying to defend her is your duty as a man.That you should jump in without a moment’s hesitation and save her.

Never mind the absurdity of the situation: jumping in to defend her in a 12 on 1 situation (and at least a couple of them are likely armed) is sure to result in your death, and then her continued rape.

SJWs would shame you for “avoiding” that situation.

I’m not saying you should be an awful enough person to simply walk away and leave a woman to her doom like that (like this woman did to the man who saved her), because that would be awful. Call the cops, run them over in a car if it’s feasible: do whatever you can. But to jump into that situation with fists raised would be a suicide mission.

So no, I wouldn’t give up my life for a random woman on the street just to be a white knight hero. Why would I do that for the women of my country? The entire feminist way of thinking has worked against me my entire life: am I suddenly supposed to switch my way of thinking to “women now need a man” when it comes at the time of greatest benefit to women, and puts myself in moral peril?

It’s simply foolish, and that’s why I wrote this post.

Do Not White Knight for Western Women

If you’re a man in modern America reading this post, there is no pride in white knighting.

Sure, you may get your name in the papers and your family will get a medal of recognition of some sort. But within a week, people will forget who you are. You are just another number in the system of men who died fighting for women of your country. Liberals will sing your praises, but only until the next man dies who they can paint as a new “hero”.

Feminism has made it pretty clear that men are not important; that female life is more valuable than a man’s, and a man should throw away his own life at a moment’s notice for any woman. It doesn’t matter how many men die as long as women are saved. Again, the feminists blatantly preach that they want to have their cake and eat it, too. With all the benefits of gender equality, women are just as strong as men propaganda, and treating men like dirt, it is always desired for men to get out of the way of more capable women.

Until... it’s time to die.

They say that in the moments before death, you will see your life flash before your eyes. If you’re an average Western man, you’ve probably had your struggles. You may have been drugged as a child in school for having too much energy, when in reality, boys are just being boys. Perhaps you took the terrible advice that women gave you about women; brought them flowers, never pushed for sex, always put their needs first, and it probably resulted in you feeling alone. Or even worse, maybe you’ve been through a divorce, and had your beloved children yanked from you for no reason other than your now ex-wife simply pointed her finger and said, “He did it.”

The point I’m getting at is, don’t throw your life away for a random Western woman. If you decide to jump into the mix to white knight for the now helpless woman, when your life flashes by, the last thing you’re going to feel before your eyes close for a final time is that you were made for a fool by feminists.

Kyle blogs at This is Trouble. Check out his book, Cracking OkCupid.

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  • I was about to write an essay but I won’t, you nailed it.

  • john

    I woman in public approached me and asked for my help with her stranded car. I told her that I was sure she was a strong, independent, empowered woman and now was her chance to prove it. She shot me a look that could kill. As I walked away I realized I had never been more proud of myself. It is a behavior I intend to repeat and recommend for all men.

  • Thank you, man!

  • Of course they will run the usual “not ALL women are like that” kind of gambit…and say that you shouldn’t judge a single woman, etc.

    But…seeds have been sown.

  • michaelsavell

    As I understand it a few german males did have a go at the refugees but got rather badly beaten up.Not that any mainstream media gave them a mention.Note when men get hurt they are named as people,when women get hurt women or girls are noted every paragraph.Note the chemical trials that went wrong at Rennes.

  • Cobbett

    We should fight these scum because they are here.

  • Exactly my point.

  • FlorianUlrich

    Great article, Kyle – I am really struggling with one thought though. Isn’t it a position of weakness to not help women and let them simply go down because they made their bed? This is still our civilization and our tribe, if you wish. We can have internal disagreement, as a nation we should be strong no matter what against outsiders. Or do you say defending your FAMILY is enough? Thanks for the write-up.

  • You are right – it is still a country that needs to be defended, and ultimately it is going to fall on men. The point I was trying to drive home with this was not necessarily about invaders taking over your lands; but don’t jump in to defend a helpless woman at the cost of your own life just because SJWs would have you believe it’s your obligation.

    Standing up with fellow men to defend your homeland is a noble and honorable thing to do, but a choice that should be made outside of a woman in distress, and not due to the pressures of the moronic folks who call themselves “warriors”.

    Thanks for the compliment!

  • FlorianUlrich

    Thanks. Feminism is in the end a culture of “gimme” without acknowledging your own contribution and responsibilities.

  • njartist49

    [Would I ] fight for the women of my country?
    No. I’d more inclined to help raise the invading Russian army’s comfort tents.

  • Kenneth Hart

    It’s a biological imperative to protect women. Don’t fight it. After we expel the invaders I would suggest removing the ability to vote from them. The decline was rapid once suffrage occurred.

  • Jonathan

    What a fantastic article. I’ve re-read it twice just to say to myself, “Someone other than me thinks this!” Cheers, Bud.

  • Red

    This article saddens me but the truth of it is that women of the last two generations have allowed themselves to be led astray by the false doctrine of feminism. Shunning our male counterparts and shaming them into the social corner is not what it means to be a strong independent woman. I am grateful I was raised better than that and exampled by many strong women in my family who appreciate the good that men contribute to our lives. Call me old fashioned but I believe men and women each have their own unique roles they bring to a relationship. One does not dominate over the other. I am a strong woman married to a strong man. He is a godly, independent, faithful, caring, protector and provider and for that I am grateful. Do not let the loud railings of what is truly the minority stifle your instincts and nature of what it is to be a man in today’s world. The world needs sure men; not men who second-guess themselves or curtail themselves because a false ideology demands it from them. Be courageous and unapologetic. Be the man you know you are and make no apologies for it. Set the example. There are women in this world who know the truth and appreciate it and who will back your play. Chivalry is not dead. It’s just been pushed to the fray by fearful, unsure, weak-minded women who were taught a false doctrine of what it means to be independent and strong. It is a form of self loathing towards the nature of what makes a woman uniquely so.

  • john

    “Be the man you are and make no apologies for it.” Does your quote also apply to MGTOW?

    “He is a godly, independent, faithful, caring, protector and provider and for that I am grateful.” I have noticed over time that when “old fashioned” women are writing about their marriage they always list what their husband does for them but never list what they do for him. Please let us know what you bring to the table.

    “I am a strong woman married to a strong man.” This statement is typical of a woman who has reaped all the benefits of feminism and traditionalism and is now noticing that chivalry is gasping it’s last breath and recognizes the bleak future ahead when MGTOW goes mainstream. You did not advocate that women as a whole change their behavior, you instead advocate that men drop their new learned behavior. Typical.

    I’m betting your husband is not the happy man you claim. Have him honestly reply to this article and this post. We will know if it is a fake post or if he is lying.

  • Thanks man, I appreciate that a lot.

  • I’d be all for this, too.

  • Kaminsky

    Amazing. I’m not in Europe but if I were I would start to shift my life away from night-life, just to avoid the situations in general. If all European men just stayed inside reading then watch how quickly those cultures realize what they’ve done to themselves with their pathological leftist need to provoke emotions in their life with no regard to logic, tradtion, fact. All that matters is emoting, weekly, daily, hourly. With no men out at night, the stupidity of their leftism would dawn on them.

  • Last winter on a cold snowy day in Western Washington, some filthy pigWhore in a hijab asked me if I know how to change a flat tire. I looked at her and her toddler said “en sha Allah, khanzaar” (God’s will, swine) and left her stranded –maybe to die.

  • DownUnderDude

    I suggest all men carry ‘Refugees Welcome’ sign folded away in their pocket. Next time you see a woman being raped or accosted by all the diversity then simply stand next to the woman and hold up the sign with a big moronic grin on your face.

  • bucky

    “It saddens me that if I want to find a good woman to raise a family
    with, I will likely have to migrate to the harsh winters of Eastern
    Europe, or the hurricane-prone Southeast Asian islands and leave America behind.”

    you forgot the crime-ridden slums of latin america. that’s the route i went. it has it’s drawbacks, but my wife is a real angel, and i’m a very happy man.

  • bucky

    bit harsh, in my opinion. then again, at least you didn’t rape her.

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  • Danny

    This position only makes sense when one assumes that women have agency and are thus to blame for their behavior.

    I do think that women have some degree of agency and for that reason deserve some blame, however not as much as those males who trained them, i.e. who invented and proscribed feminism.

    For me there is also another perspective: one might defend women not for their sake but to impose our law and order on refugees. Of course there are limits regarding the acceptable level of danger, but I’m fine with an slightly negative expected value.

    And fighting against superior numbers need not be more risky than one on one, because by attacking women in big groups they show themselves to be cowards, so any determined resistance might make them run away.

    In Germany we had some retribution attacks against refugees where the police had to intervene to protect the refugees. So there is still some hope …

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  • Blaming the men who invented feminism instead of the females that abuse it is silly. What started as a basic rights movement has morphed into such a “go grrrrlll, fuck men” shitshow that you’re going to fall onto deaf ears with that argument.

    Yes, they’re cowards; doesn’t make it a smart decision on your part. All to save a woman who has likely spurned men her entire life – but now needs them when it’s convenient for her.

    So, you go right ahead and jump into that 12v1 to save some random woman you don’t know. Just make sure your funeral announcement makes it back here so others can see it as an example as to why to not white knight.

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  • Kris

    I get the feeling that you still blame men.

  • Roger William McCarty

    Some random and depressing observations about what is happening in Germany. The self-loathing of the German elites has reached a point where they are consciously engineering the destruction of German society and the German culture as well as the end of the German people. This lunacy is being democratically forced on the nation and those who attempt to oppose it are vilified, legally harassed denied free speech even as news of the growing violence against the people is suppressed. Attempts by local German men to form citizens patrols to protect citizens (The elderly are targets, not just women ) are characterized as “vigilantes” and racists by the government and state supported press and are attacked by the police. In fact the government claims that the patrols are what Germany should fear most, not lawless refugees. A man should be willing to fight to preserve his people, his society and his culture. However those willing to do so are faced with a quandary, namely that unless and until the government changes its suicidal policies, the battle is lost before it has begun. Feminist indoctrinated women continue to vote for the very politicians who are putting them in mortal peril. In addition the German government still forbids the citizens firearms to protect themselves from the barbarians inside the gates. Before going to war, the German men must organize and demand government changes in policy and the removal of the morons who opened the floodgates. Until then it is actually in men’s interest to let the situation further deteriorate until peoples rage overcomes their political correctness and they join to purge the nation of the hacks who have put Germany on the road to national suicide.

  • John Rew

    Check out history my friend feminism started as a gogrrrlll, fuck men movement. It hasn’t morphed into anything . It’s just been taken up by the establishment.

  • FlameBeast

    Im glad that the men are not fighting for these women. Thier not worth it! Why the fuck would any man risk their life over man hating bitches?! I sure as hell wont risk my life for women who treat me like shit no fucking matter what! Im glad this is happening cause the more men realize this shit the more these bitches are gonna realize that men are not putting up with the shit they sling at us any more. I thank the person for writing this to shed the light on a simple fact in life that if women keep treating men like shit well your ass is gonna get treated like shit!

    P.S. also a quick comment on the part about defending their country. Well I got a smart solution for that. Leave for another country and let those women suffer. Im gonna leave the place im at to not deal with these man hating bitches any more.

  • Donald MacKenzie

    MGTOW all the way.
    All of sudden men matter when there is a job to do. Fuck that. Fuck your politics and wars and relationships. You made this mess, you clean it up. I won’t be guilted into trying to save a system that is intent of destroying itself by bending over backwards to pander to women.

  • scanspeak

    Imagine stopping a random woman in the street and asking her to fix the broken button on your suit. She would either hurl abuse or run the other way.

  • Rahul Awale

    women means stupid arrogant weak selfish brainless anti male creature

  • Paul

    What would it take to get you to fight for them? Say the government turned around to men and said look we’ll do anything you want what would your answer be?

  • thewatercarrier

    I’d fight to defend the kids. The women can defend themselves. HeFoShe was the last straw.

  • rowdycmoore

    I have sadly met and known too many fellow men here in the USA that are such absolute horrible dicks, ESPECIALLY to women, that I cannot honestly believe any man would ever and has ever defend any woman. Not in this society that has always harassed and abused them for fun.

  • Nikola Reljic

    Not my problem! Europe and the US have like maggots in bacon lived now it’s time for price to pay!

  • Nikola Reljic

    *It’s a biological imperative to protect women* Thy can protect them self Biological!

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, right?

  • overmage

    You might be a little harsh there. I am in a happy relationship with a woman who is pretty much the model image of a caring, serving yet strong woman who has never attempted to use any aspect of modern society to push independence onto myself. In fact, there are times when I have to insist, for example, in helping out with household chores because I’m just twiddling my thumbs and she believes it’s not the man’s place to do it.

    Good-old-fashioned women exist, they’re just exceedingly rare, but the law of large numbers means that just as someone out there fellates goats, good women exist.

  • smkuehl

    Why don’t all you misogynist vermin move to Arab-Muslim countries and join your woman-hating brothers? There’s no need for German men to risk their lives to protect German women -who, of course, are all evil.and odious and deserve to be raped and molested by Third-World primitives. All that’s required is for the authorities to arrest and prosecute and jail and ultimately deport all these misogynist scum and henceforth abolish all Arab-Muslim immigration. One would think you’d be in favor of an invasion of millions of Arab-Muslim male whose views on women are similar to yours and, once a majority, would create a society of which you’d approve in it’s repression of women.

  • thenamelessone123

    for all man an open carry permit, lowering the legal age to be able to buy a hand gun to 18, lowering the price of guns and training (right now to buy an inexpensive gun would be more than a hundred), direct coverage of all of the men that died one day by national news papers, and full coverage for funeral costs for all the men that die protecting women from these people, because even fully armed some people are going to die

  • MattBracken

    My answer is yes, I’d jump in to save the woman, and not just assume she’s some libtard feminazi getting her just due. Assume she’s like your sister, mother or daughter until the facts prove otherwise. And if she’s a liberated libtard feminazi, her encounter with the Orks probably cured her. Anyway, blame the cultural Marxist traitors for her brainwashing, and try to un-brainwash her. Guys, if we just let the Orks have our women, we are extinct in one generation.

  • specom3

    How would government lower the price of guns? They sell at their current market rate, plus taxes. Anything else would be Marxist.

  • Mruss

    The only hope Western Society has is in women such as yourself. The only thing you have wrong in what your wrote is that what are fighting against is no longer “truly the minority…”

    Where I can legally go armed, my firearm stays holstered unless it is myself, my wife, family and few select close friends who are in danger. The potential legal liability and associated consequences to my life preclude going out of my way to take action to defend strangers, even if such action were justified and honorable to attempt. Gun laws and Prosecutors in all too many states are not interested in what is courageous, just and honorable.

    For many single men, chivalry comes with equivalent risks and demands similar behavior.
    And women need to wake up to this fact: “Because you choose not to fight beside me, you must now fight alone”. And what is going on in Europe has taken this to its literal extreme.

    We have reached a stage in ‘modern’ American society that any woman, particularly on college campuses, can claim 8-12 months after the fact that a mutually consented, hook-up night is now upon deep thought, additional counseling and reflection, was in fact rape. And of course during the subsequent filing of charges and paperwork and subsequent interrogations and investigations, it is found that, as always, it’s the young man who is 100% at fault and his life is utterly ruined. One young woman even has carried a bed mattress around with her on campus , as a symbol of the ‘rape culture’ and the burden and threat that all women forever face and must endure from ‘men’. And this tyrannical, passive aggressive charade even served as the basis of her Masters Thesis!!! This behavior is now not only sanctioned by society at large but, more importantly, by those institutional Administrators and ‘leaders’ in charge!

    No, this has gone way beyond ‘over the top’ and I strongly suggest you help take up the cause to educate your women friends, and all of their friends and daughters and their female friends, what the last 30+ years have wrought.

    Good luck to us all. We need some.

  • Mruss

    Self preservation is a stronger biological imperative. As is self respect.
    And men are waking up to both.

  • Mike Fuller

    distribute guns the gov purchased with taxpayer funds

  • evinayak

    Thanks for that good article
    * yes men are under attack. yes men need to group together and learn to survive. It’s NOT just western women against western men, I see Indian women doing just about the same harm to Indian men. Many Indian laws are so anti male and badly misused, some 80000 indian men are committing suicide every year. Married indians commit 2x the suicide as married women.
    * I see a grim situation (for men) in Japan, India, parts of the pacific rim etc etc. The shades may differ, but the intent and direction (being anti male) are unmistakable

    * I see this male problem very much in every democratic country outside the Arab world and the Stan countries
    May I request you to use your blog, visibility and knowledge to unite men all over the world

  • evinayak

    NAWALT is a trap

  • Nikola Reljic

    Fuck other! when it come hard to hard no one who would help you!
    I Don´t care what is with other! First come me then me and what happend with other i don´t care! :)

  • Mike Richard

    well I’ll read about you being killed in the news and then forget about you in about two weeks later. the sad part is that you will never know if she was a feminists or not. enjoyed

  • Mike Richard

    well in that case then what the hell are you doing on here and please tell the feminists and the media to stop asking for our help. Also you dumb women are letting these muslims into your countries. so I say what ever happens you and women like you had it coming to them. So I’ll sit back and enjoyed the show. plus I will get to see how strong you are :-)

  • Mike Richard

    no it was a writings from a woman and her book that started the feminists movement

  • Mike Richard

    take that offer and stick up their asses. then sit back and drink a nice cold beer and watch the show. LMAO!!!

  • I was in Colombia for a week in November and loved it! Fully agree and am considering that as a final destination, too.

  • My mindset shifts drastically every time I travel.

    Here in Los Angeles, I have to run absurd amounts of asshole game, then flip it around and be a loving sap. The up and down emotional roller coaster is beloved by these women.

    I travel abroad and it becomes much more natural. I’m just a confident fella who is nice, but firm – and that’s all you need.

  • john

    True, my friend, but they don’t wear signs and even if one did she could be hiding her true light under a bushel. By the law of large numbers, there are good women out there. Also, by the law of large numbers a man is much more likely to encounter the bad (normal 21st century) one. And he won’t find out until it is too late. Cheers.

  • Sagi

    I have a somewhat different perspective from the one presented here. My first thought was not that German men shouldn’t protect German women because of past dating issues with women, but rather that it’s inappropriate for a country to put into policy a decision that puts many women at risk. At that point, it is up to the governing country to take responsibility for a poorly thought out policy. So my response is, it’s not so much that German men aren’t responsible for German women, but rather, German men should not be held responsible for their country’s poor decision. Insisting that German men take on the job of protecting German women absolves the government from taking on responsibility and accountability for their own decisions.

  • TSK

    Hahhah I can’t imagine her reaction. I wish I was there to see it.

  • Damien

    23 cents in the dollar is not worth dying for

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  • Jonathan Brooks

    Actually, there is a new, lethal scam going on, in which a little kid asks for help, or a woman asks for help with some problem, and the so called victim leads you to a secluded place where a gang robs and beats and possibly kills you, and takes your stuff. The other variation is a nice elderly person asks you to drive them home, and the same thing occurs. Some criminals specifically target Good samaritans to be killed.

  • Jonathan Brooks

    Michael, that was my understanding, and a door guard at a hotel lost his job for protecting some colonge girls being hunted by the jihadi wildings.

  • Jonathan Brooks

    Matt, well said, but the Muslims seem to travel in literal wolfpacks, so calling in the Police in America may be the smarter way to go. In Oklahoma City, the Police tend to come in larger packs.

  • specom3

    Get a job and buy your own mooch. Stop buying porn and My Little Pony stuff.

  • Nergal

    There is no need to. The Middle East is now here.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I am a bit confused. So, who cares if you despise MRA and the soi disant men’s movement?

  • Anonymous age 72

    Marry her and watch her change overnight.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Notice that woman with the mattress did so after the college kangaroos ruled he was not guilty. They are being sued for letting her openly defame him, contrary to the rules of such cases. They will settle out of court, because they have no real defense.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Just don’t take them to the USA. The divorce rate of imports is half of native born women, but that is still too high. Last year, I was talking to my nephew’s wife, in the state of Vera Cruz. We discussed just how ornery American women are. She lived there a couple years. She admitted that Mexican women in the US turn into monsters usually in less than 2 years.

    Full disclosure. Married 40 years to Mexican woman, retired to Mexico in 1998.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I tell men to keep something white to hang out the window.

  • Anonymous age 72

    As has been pointed out, they can’t do anything to make red pillers blue again. Any conciliatory law they pass can be repealed the minute the dummies all get married. Let it go. And, start over again.

  • Anonymous age 72

    In other words, just a different way to convince men to continue to support the system which destroys them at the whim of any woman? A nation which slaughters over 1 million unborn babies a year, and which tosses good men out of their homes so adulterous women can get some new dick, should not be defended. Ever.

    Reagen said 35 years ago, Russia was the evil empire. Today, the USA is the evil empire.

  • Anonymous age 72

    The feminist movement started around 1850.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Good job. Mexico since 1998. It takes a while to heal from the misandry, but I have done so.

    Old men are hated in the US. Last week, I went to a nearby city on business. Twice in that day my wife and I entered an office. There was one seat for her. In both cases, a young man jumped up and offered me his seat. Unbelievable!

  • bucky

    i honestly think avoiding war with russia might be one of the many great things about a trump presidency.

  • bucky

    yeah…right now the plan is to hopefully return to her native central america in a few years. she’s one sweet girl, so hopefully the monsterfication process will be somewhat slower than with your average mexicana.

    also, her priest warned her before we got married that “feminism is the work of satan and is not a good basis for family life,” advice that she seems to take seriously. i love her priest.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    Don’t let your guard down. You would not be the first person to think he found the mythical NAWALT.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    Be careful, though. My first wife was Peruvian and I have yet to see another scheming sociopath of her caliber. Female nature is still female nature.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    You completely miss the point. The point is that after 40 years of being told that we’re destructive, superfluous rape machines, the same women who hurled that diatribe at us are not asking for our help. Feminists are out to make all men suffer for offenses that A) We did not perpetrate B) They’ve never dealt with.

  • grandmary42

    I’ve read a good deal of the comments and it makes me sad. I understand where it’s coming from and I really don’t blame the men for feeling this way. I hope a lot of the women’s libers read it. Maybe they’ll change their ways.

  • Imran Majeed

    well its their own policies of so called diversity, pluralism, immigration and feminism….i wonder if that diversity, pluralism and immigration from all white worlds excluding Muslims, blacks, indians etc. wont fit in the framework of actual, true, better pluralism and diversity and multiracialism….when dealing with them the west and all white world should always have adequate safeguards, boundaries and protections for their own interests, people and well being and security…but when you have them under these systems and prextx and when they are in every street town and cities and in the very bedrooms of your women what kind of national security can ever be achieved ? these same women would play one group against the other at one time and place and still others against the others at other times and places….just to have better deals and insurance and for their egos and power and privileges and when its time for adverse situations they would cry foul and play victims and appeal to their own mens’ manliness to protect the lives and dignity of their women and their own….west and all white worlds should have the immigrants from the above mentioned groups only in minimum possible numbers and that too under the proper vetting, safeguards, protections that i refer above and even in their otherwsie dealings with these nations, countries, regions and people should have these in place due to historic and timely proven and actual wars, conflicts, enmities, national security and wars over resources and using and fleecing and looting systems at work so that they may not live at these western and rich countries’ expense and using their resources and talents and their wome against them and posion and destroy their societies, lives and structures both from within and outside….! even the voting rights should not be extended until a few generations for the immigrants and their families and in actual governance and power structures they should have minimal roles and if they are that talented why do not they build their own societies and countries capable like that and that too since such long times….

  • Imran Majeed

    good and they even some times make such incidents around you to to game and portray you and allege you to be indecent and discourteous to women it happened with me….

  • Imran Majeed

    but john also realize that she may be a full time housewife and mom and putting in her role in house chores and that is what she brings to the table!

  • slack

    Agree. Women wanted equality. But still men to die for them, Fuck That!!

  • thenamelessone123

    this is a good question, but (and dont quote me on this, because i am not a 100% certain) i believe that guns or ammunition are not fully constructed in the US but are shipped in parts here

  • Chris K

    How brainwashed are the feminists and multi-culturalists? This picture…

  • CCA

    Then why are female babies still killed because they are female? And why are so many Indian women raped and abused by men who don’t value them? Sounds like you might be a little bitter because of your particular lack of charm situation. Grow a pair.

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  • Mantis

    Plenty of white nights willing to stand up for a drunk girl about to make a dumb decision. But where are the white knights willing to stand up against violent thugs threatening innocent girls?

    White knights appear to be cowards. Standing up for a woman when it takes no courage to do so, but shrinking into the corner when it comes with a risk – whether that risk is bodily harm, or merely being called racist!

  • Mantis

    The bicycle runs so smoothly that the fish doesn’t even realise that it’s there, until it’s gone.

  • Mantis

    I think that’s a good point overlooked here: It’s not the feminists who are asking for help, so much as girls. Should western men desert their girls in an hour of dire need, just because their mothers were feminist bitches?

    Girls are the future. If the shit hits the fan in the Europe, feminists will have very little sway over them and they will flock to whomever stands up for them. If becoming a submissive Muslim wife is what is necessary, they will do it. But likewise, if their own fathers and brothers are the one’s standing up for them, rather than acting cowards and fools, they will stand with their fathers and brothers.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    It’s funny how the rise of feminism and political correctness have correlated with a decline in the economy, the quality of education, physical fitness, wages and productivity.

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  • overmage

    I won’t disagree that a man is much more likely to encounter the bad.

  • overmage

    If anything, it would only get worse after marriage (in the sense of her need to be subservient…) hint, I’m not from a Western country.

  • overmage

    Nah I just happen to be living in a country where feminism is still very weak

  • john

    +overmage Now you understand the rational for MGTOW. In generations past when a man and woman were on the outs the worst that happened was hurt feelings, an exchange of some money, and they went their separate ways. Now days, a woman with hurt feelings has the power to completely destroy a man’s life based upon nothing but her word. Mine was destroyed so she could be with her also adulterous lover and take all the assets and leave me with all the liabilities. It is Kafkaesque nightmare from which there is no escape for the man. The young men see what happened to their elders while at the same time noticing the degenerate behavior of their female peers and decided they want nothing to do with it. The risk isn’t worth the reward. It is just that simple. Cheers.

  • disqus_ArQv6e31it

    All you ever hear form feminists is hatred of men. Feminism is nothing but legalized and government supported misandry. Of course feminists will hate this because it is TRUE equality and not the misandric special status that they demand.

  • disqus_ArQv6e31it


  • disqus_ArQv6e31it

    And likely have you charged with rape.

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  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    video is marked private.

  • Jaime Osbourn

    The last women I knew who was worth dying for, was killed in an automobile accident over 35 years ago. As far as I’m concerned, with the exception of family, women can defend themselves. If they can’t too bad.

  • Paul

    Ain’t that the truth. I keep hearing from some men how they’re looking for a nice Asian woman. My sociopathic ex was Taiwanese …

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    The only thing you can do is go to another country where you are allowed to do what is necessary to keep your woman in line. I could do that if I wanted but I don’t have the energy or even the inclination, especially when having a woman is not a priority.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    I have one question: Is Western civilization worth saving? The West (especially the United States) is fat, decadent, wasteful, ignorant and seems determined to destroy itself. It’s all “me, me, me” anymore without any regard for long-term survival of the community, nation or the entire civilization.

  • Awful seeds, this only represents disconnection and hate.

    Plenty of decent women exist.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    The problem is that there is no way of telling who the shitheads are and who the decent women are. One will frequently masquerade as the other. And the awful ones may have deluded themselves into thinking they’re virtuous. I haven’t the time, energy or even inclination to sort through them.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    Goddamn right.

  • LThunder

    You know you made that story up.

  • john

    No I didn’t. It happened in the parking lot of a Lowes store last summer.

  • Joseph Zach

    fellates GOATS ? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahaha !!!!!!! i sure do not ever want to know someone who does fellatio on goats. irrespectful of their gender. that is for damn sure!! good comment tho, i laughed until i choked.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    Puerto Rican women are even worse. They’re already nuts anyway. Then they come to the US…….

  • Say It Aint So

    Why you women always resort to shaming? Like god damn.

  • Edwin Oslan

    Eek, bro… there’s a world of difference between not being a doormat and helping someone just out of good will regardless of gender, especially with something like a jump. I’ve had women help me out in situations like that.

    In another situation, when I was at the university, a drunk girl asked me for a ride back to her place… I hit the break kinda hard and she hit her head on the windshield. I didn’t do it on purpose, but it was kind of funny.

  • Don Frampton

    Chivalry is dead. Long live equal everything!

  • Don Frampton

    The reality of this is that when you keep beating up on a person repeatedly, at some point that person realizes that they have lost and will adapt to the new way of life. Feminists in their fullest extent have killed the MAN in most males.

  • Rick Martin

    Why the hell should a man risk himself to help out a woman ,or women he doesn’t even know? Why should a man’s life be considered disposable? Why should it be women and children first? Helping out another human being is in our nature, but we need to get over the stigma that a man’s worth is determined by how hard he works or if he is willing to risk injury or death to protect a female.
    Personally, I think men have been getting a raw deal for a long time. It’s time men stood up for themselves, other men and fairness. To hell with chivalry. I don’t need or want women anymore.

  • sul

    I’ll say, women nowadays give too little and ask too much, I decided to stop searching, life is much better this way.

  • PeterMüller

    A perspective from a German man on this: I am a divorced man in my forties, I am 6 feet 6 and 240pounds (a good part of it muscle) and one could say I am a handful if someone had to fight me. I also have dark hair and a full beard combined with a very serious expression when I am in “neutral mode”. The question of being the white knight for any damsel in distress in Germany has to be put like this: “For who would you be willing to go to prison and have your life stripped away from you?”. All court cases I followed in the last years where situations occured in which civilan German men fought someone on behalf of a victim of a beating, harrassment or similar crimes showed me that is comes down to this. The German authorities DO NOT WANT men to defend anyone. You run a very high risk of going to jail if you, say, broke a thug´s jaw while defending his victim from a savage beating.
    So… the list of people for who I´d be willing to suffer prison is very short: my daughters, my mother, my sisters, my best female friend, my best friend. That´s it. All the others, good luck out there. I`ll call the police but that´s it.
    Any appeals to German men to do otherwise are just plain ridiculous.

  • thenamelessone123

    i have been thinking about this for six months, and all i can say is cheap import and or manufacturing of fire arms, right now biggest blocks to fire arms is that nobody lets them into countries without heavy taxing on them, this is of course when they do cross boarders, and it becomes very difficult to produce them for much the same reason

  • Harry

    What’s wrong with women nowadays? Within the span of a few years they’ve become mentally retarded.

    Marriage is a contract for you to do the fucking household chores, do the fucking cooking and care for the kids. Men are basically trusting you wholeheartedly and giving you ownership of the house, alimony/maintenance money and child support money as full payment BEFORE you’ve even start the job of being a homemaker. Ask this of your employer and he will a 100% tell you to go fuck yourself blind.
    Why any man gets married today is beyond me, you are basically paying someone for a job they TELL YOU they are not going to do. I’d much rather have my offspring through surrogacy, at least they are legally mine.

    As a woman, if you have a decent paying job, why the fuck should a man marry you? Pay for your own house, fuck your alimony, pay for your own fucking child support. You are basically making yourself UNmarriageable. Equality right?

    Seriously though, can someone teach these bitches basic supply and demand instead of gender studies, yoga or whatever the fuck else they do. For fuck’s sake.

  • FoCoBiking

    Couldn’t care less about the state of women or their defense. They’ve betrayed western culture and men in general (unless you’re in the top 10% of men). Let those 10% worry about defending them. I’d rather watch paint dry.

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  • Mickey

    I second that.

  • Mickey

    We’ll talk about it when it happens.

  • Mickey

    Remember the old adage “Women: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em?” Today’s version of that adage would probably go something like this: “Women: can’t live with ‘em…THE END.”

  • Mickey

    Yeah, both of them.

  • Chuck

    Well I’m with you all. I just ran into this blog! No truer words have been spoken! My father warned me of this coming, Feminism! I am 55 now and saw much of the change. I look at these dating sites, blogs,etc and see men all over talking about how women demean them. Even our own family members, daughters,wives,mothers, aunts,etc. but the manipulation never ceases to amaze me.The manipulate to get what ever they want and use a variety of tools in order to do it.They all parade around waving their educational flags only to not disclose that they got educated by having a kid, going on public assistance,”daddy” paying child support all to move back home (if they ever left) for free, getting college grants,free heath care, and last but not least work under the table all to brag how well they are doing! Then the companies hire these women with kids (SINGLE MOMS) as to know they won’t leave because they make them feel secure. as to generate a stable working environment.(women won’t leave because the companies will cater to them in trade for being loyal.(showing up on time,working harder,working from home,not taking off from work) Meanwhile “MOMMY” raises little putz Johnny on junk food and video games giving him what ever he wants to keep him quiet as to generate another welfare recipient and or heroine addict. I see this happening in my own household! My old man would crack you before you got in the car to drive an hour, just in case. Every one of us are self sufficient married a long time,hard working,loyal spouses. I have always tried to do the best for my family and fought my asshole wife the whole way. I DID ALL THE ORGANIC FOOD SHOPPING, for 24 plus years all to have her take her over to her parents/sister’s house (get the picture) to let him play video games alone in the basement with the furnace flue not even connected to the chimney!!!!! But I am an asshole! Or a switch that her father installed with no box terminals exposed in 50 year old paneling with no other way out but through the stairs where the fire could start. What moron would defend that? I hope they all get raped and abused so they can form their own militia with no guns, maybe they could bitch them out of the country or thrash them out with their entitlements!!!! LOL (not really) Good luck to all you MEN out there! Take care,

  • Scotty

    The problem is female empowerment. It sucks, but letting women have the right to vote or – worse still – hold elected office is bad for women. Women have difficulty recognizing and condemning evil actions. It’s a maternal instinct thing. About 60 – 70% of American women will vote for Hillary Clinton, for example. It will not matter that she openly promises to bring Muslims (read: Rapists) to America. Angela Merkel, after two years of rampant rapes throughout Germany, recently said that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and the refugees have nothing to do with the rape epidemic. She and women like her are simply incapable of foreseeing evil.

  • “But I, and many other American men, have never had that chance at a traditional, strong family. Frankly, we never will. It saddens me that if I want to find a good woman to raise a family with, I will likely have to migrate to the harsh winters of Eastern Europe, or the hurricane-prone Southeast Asian islands and leave America behind.”

    This is why me and my dad have had so many arguments over the years about why I am never marrying in the USA. Getting married here is like getting addicted to crystal meth WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. Marriage for men in the USA is dead and it will never return I was doomed since birth to never have a stable, loving family in this satanist country. I have done my research and America’s best years will never come back so I want to move to Europe or Asia.

  • Human Bien

    Oh shit…how about you keep the citizens in the loop and everyone is informed…not just the mayors friends, then the helpless women can defend themselves.

  • Human Bien

    Well then your kids are on their way.

  • Human Bien

    shitheads- all


    I am the most traditional man plus conventional too, loving my mother AND father but, I would not fight for or protect any women here in CANADA because, they are all out for #1 > themselves. They don’t even put a baby before them, which is narcissistic beyond comprehension yet, they will work their butts off to compete for what was once, males’ jobs. Feminism is all about taking these Jobs from men and yet, after they attain this strong Independence, suck in a guy with a kid, and then the guy doesn’t make enough of their God INCOME, they then boot him out, turn to another source of income being the Government + the jerk + their own + and new often younger man as Cougars, therefore, 4 sources of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ while the abandoned jerk has but one. No wonder men of ALL ages are joining Men Going Their Own Way


    Kyle right on. They are narcissistic however, guess what? Muslims and other non-whites are taking over the west. Where are the entitled white women going to turn to when this happens? It is coming soon, and even if I am dirt poor, I want to live long enough to see white women get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness ! They have used then abused, ALL the technologies that white men invented/ created, and now spit in their faces!? If I were God and Revelations was within my power, I would first take out all feminists.

  • Laura

    But NOT all women are like that. I for one wish that I was born in a generation where I could stay home and take care of a home and a family. That is my dream job. And not because I’m “lazy” but, because I actually LIKE cooking and cleaning and nesting activities. I’m not well-suited as a provider…never have been. I know this. But, I’m ridiculed by both women AND men for wanting that. Honestly, now days, I’m ridiculed by more MEN than women for this. A lot of women I know want the same thing I want…even the ones who don’t readily admit it. I work because I have to. I provide because I have to. I compete with men because if I don’t, I don’t eat or pay my bills. I live at home and I am accused of not being independent enough. I don’t agree with what feminism has done to our country…I’m very traditional and old-fashioned, but, as a single woman who is just as discouraged by what I see from the men in this country as the author is from what he sees from the women, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the women entirely for this problem. They/we are only living this way because it’s the culture we’ve been raised in…the same as you men. Frankly, as a woman, I believe men are the real vehicles to change in this. SHOW a woman how good it feels to be treated like a lady (many women have never known this feeling…fortunately, I had my dad to teach me but, not all girls grow up experiencing true masculinity). Honestly, I think if more women knew how amazing it felt to be around it, they’d never go back to feminism. It feels so much better to be treated like a lady. But, I believe personally that feminism started because there was too much abuse of the masculine role and feminism was their way of fighting back so as not to be controlled by the cruelty of those men who abused their role. Yes, I agree that women play their part in this whole societal problem, but, it goes both ways. I feel sad because I want men to step up and be men again IN SPITE of the off-putting they get from some women. True masculinity is SUCH a gift to women, to society and to culture. Unfortunately, it’s as much of a rarity these days as is true femininity…but, men don’t realize the power they have in changing things.

    This really comes down to a theological issue at the end of the day. Women’s curse in the garden of Eden after sin entered was that “her (a woman’s) desire would be for her husband (both relationally and for his position) and he would rule over her.” (paraphrased). You want a submissive woman? Find a truly godly woman. Women who submit to the Bible’s authority submit to male leadership in family and in society. We are a rarity but, we do believe in traditional marriage and in being submissive to a husband. A lot of women’s biggest fear, though, is marrying a jerk who abuses them and takes them for granted. And, frankly, it’s a completely valid fear. It’s a truly powerless feeling to be stuck in a marriage where you are trying to be a wonderful wife and do right for your family and you are married to someone abusive, hurtful and obnoxious. I know A LOT of women in this very situation. I also know A LOT of women who choose to “wear the pants” in their marriages/relationships because they never want to be in that kind of situation in the first place so they accept and marry a non-threatening manchild and they treat him as such but, then, they eventually resent him for not “being a man.” But, the women I know in this situation are too afraid to step aside and let their manchild be a man because they don’t have faith that when they do, he will be who he needs to be for her. I think they would, I really do, if these husbands took it upon themselves to be that man and show her she is is strong and capable of taking care of her. But, that is the real seed of feminism = fear of being controlled, manipulated, hurt and destroyed by a man…and not having any voice while it happens. But control, manipulation, fear, etc are NOT the true essence of masculinity. So, be the kind of man that shows women she can trust him…trust him to lead, to put her interests and the interests of their family before his own, to protect her, provide for her, to be a spiritual leader to her, and a beacon in society, etc. Become a society of men who treat women this way and watch feminism disappear.

  • Laura

    But NOT all women are like that. I for one wish that I was born in a generation where I could stay home and take care of a home and a family. That is my dream job. And not because I’m “lazy” but, because I actually LIKE cooking and cleaning and nesting activities. I’m not well-suited as a provider…never have been. I know this. But, I’m ridiculed by both women AND men for wanting that. Honestly, now days, I’m ridiculed by more MEN than women for this. A lot of women I know want the same thing I want…even the ones who don’t readily admit it. I work because I have to. I provide because I have to. I compete with men because if I don’t, I don’t eat or pay my bills. I live at home and I am accused of not being independent enough. I don’t agree with what feminism has done to our country…I’m very traditional and old-fashioned, but, as a single woman who is just as discouraged by what I see from the men in this country as the author is from what he sees
    from the women, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the women entirely for this problem. They/we are only living this way because it’s the culture we’ve been raised in…the same as you men. Frankly, as a woman, I believe men are the real vehicles to change in this. SHOW a woman how good it feels to be treated like a lady (many women have never known
    this feeling…fortunately, I had my dad to teach me but, not all girls grow up experiencing true masculinity). Honestly, I think if more women knew how amazing it felt to be around it, they’d never go back to feminism. It feels so much better to be treated like a lady. But, I
    believe personally that feminism started because there was too much abuse of the masculine role and feminism was their way of fighting back so as not to be controlled by the cruelty of those men who abused their role. Yes, I agree that women play their part in this whole societal problem, but, it goes both ways. I feel sad because I want men to step
    up and be men again IN SPITE of the off-putting they get from some women. True masculinity is SUCH a gift to women, to society and to culture. Unfortunately, it’s as much of a rarity these days as is true femininity…but, men don’t realize the power they have in changing things.

    This really comes down to a theological issue at the end of the day. Women’s curse in the garden of Eden after sin entered was that “her (a woman’s) desire would be for her husband (both relationally and for his position) and he would rule over her.” (paraphrased). You want a submissive woman? Find a truly godly woman. Women who submit to
    the Bible’s authority submit to male leadership in family and in society. We are a rarity but, we do believe in traditional marriage and in being submissive to a husband. A lot of women’s biggest fear, though, is marrying a jerk who abuses them and takes them for granted. And, frankly, it’s a completely valid fear. It’s a truly powerless feeling to be stuck in a marriage where you are trying to be a wonderful wife and do right for your family and you are married to someone abusive, hurtful and obnoxious. I know A LOT of women in this very situation. I also know A LOT of women who choose to “wear the pants” in their
    marriages/relationships because they never want to be in that kind of situation in the first place so they accept and marry a non-threatening manchild and they treat him as such but, then, they eventually resent him for not “being a man.” But, the women I know in this situation are too afraid to step aside and let their manchild be a man because they don’t have faith that when they do, he will be who he needs to be for her. I think they would, I really do, if these husbands took it upon themselves to be that man and show her he is is strong and capable of taking care of her. But, that is the real seed of feminism = fear of
    being controlled, manipulated, hurt and destroyed by a man…and not having any voice while it happens. I would love it if men would step up and gently educate women that their intent is not to control but, to lead and to do so kindly and benevolently…and then do it! Control, manipulation, fear, etc are NOT the true essence of masculinity. So, be the kind of man that shows women she can trust him…trust him to lead, to put her interests and the interests of their family before his own, to protect her, provide for her, to be a spiritual leader to her, and a beacon in society, etc. Become a society of men who treat women this way and watch feminism disappear.

  • Luke

    You have to understand. It’s been so long since men have had real male leaders to look up to. Most millennials and even the boys of Generation X were raised without fathers. These mothers don’t mind beating the crap out of their men but god-forbid, the man raises a hand to her – even for self-defense…. These women are sitting on the highest horses imaginable, kicking men off their horses because they’ve deemed us all to be completely unworthy. So, boys grow up without fathers to guide them and teach them how to be mature, responsible, caring adult men… like you seem to want. Sorry. But that awesome man in all of us is being bred out of us more and more by feminism.

  • Luke

    Feminism has done a wonderful job in putting fear and paranoid in every woman about men. Not only are we natural oppressors, cheaters, abusers, we’re also rapists and murderers. Hell, they’re still going around saying that we shouldn’t be praising our male heroes in WW2 because they’re men and men started the war. Yes, they’re associating all of our WW2 vets with Hitler, for Christ’s sake. How sick can you get?

  • Luke

    That’s not an entirely bad idea. These women need to be brought down a few pegs, methinks. Taken off their high horses and put on ponies for a while.

  • Luke

    Jesus. That’s scary. That the liberation of women can be so toxic for relationships that we’re forced to look for solace and civility in violence and the fear of violence.

  • Luke

    They catch the feminist bug once they’re introduced. God help you if your wife attends a gender studies class. It’s man-bashing 101 basically.

  • Luke

    Yes. The kids didn’t do anything. And they’re already saddled with a self-centered bitch of a mother. Poor kids.

  • Luke

    Matt, you’re a self-debasing chump if you actually value that stranger’s life and safety above your own. If it’s a woman you know or love, that would be a little easier to accept. But we’re talking about a woman you don’t know. Hell, she might even think that you were involved – if by some miracle you succeeded in fending off her attackers. Would you want to be associated with vile rapists under the law simply because she pointed the finger at you? I certainly wouldn’t.

  • Luke

    That is true. If men are going to value themselves as breadwinners, they should also value their wives for making their home a dream home in every way. Take some pride in what you have, because most of us aren’t so lucky.

  • Luke

    If feminists were really trying to show men respect as equals, they would’ve shunned and shamed that faker for that stupid… prank or whatever the hell that was. NO. Instead, I’m sure they continued to blame something on men.

  • Luke

    OMG. This is the West. This is NOT ASIA. We’re not going to invade China, kill every Chinese male to rip apart a culture far older than our own.

  • Luke

    This should end the debate right here and now.

    Sure, men are naturally inclined to protect women… or protect anyone being bullied. Men die by the thousands in war or peace time just to ensure a woman’s health and safety. HOWEVER, how many real-life stories have you heard of where a woman died to protect her husband? Now, since women have been liberated and empowered like men, how many women have protected their men at the cost of their own lives??

  • Luke

    Guess who raised those dicks? It’s more than likely that those dicks were “raised” (if you can call it that) by single mothers who have no love or respect for men in general.

  • harvey m

    Matt, we men need to get out of this disposable mentality that we are somehow obliged to protect some strange woman. It does not matter whether that stranger is a traditional, kind, compassionate woman or whether she are an evil feminazi bitch. Either way, why would you consider your life less valuable that hers?

    P.S By the way, this whole notion that its only the feminists that are responsible for what happened during the last 40 years is a lie. Do you think that those millions of women who used their children as weapons and ass raped their husbands in family courts were all feminists? What about all those women who sexually harassed men of all ages at workplaces
    just because they knew that they were having their “moment” and that they can get away with it? What about those women who have sent innocent men to years in jail by filing false rape cases? Were all these women feminists? Nope.

    Also, I have talked to some of these so called anti feminists women and these women are only too happy to see men blaming the feminists but the moment you ask them the questions that I mentioned above, they try to shut you up calling you a misogynist, loser etc. You see how it works? They don’t want us to see the truth about women because the only way men can be made to go out and willing give their life and limb to save some woman’s ass to be fooled into believing that women are somehow “special”. Ever wondered why women are so enthusiastic about “teaching” men how to keep the door open for them, pull a chair out for her etc?
    They are training us like monkeys to plant the seeds in our heads that they are special and should be treated as such. Chivalry is our biggest weakness. You are not being a hero by jumping in to save a woman. Even the women themselves know, even though they wont admit it, that you are being a fool.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    So true. Modern American women have poisoned the well so much that I don’t even want to go near it anymore. I’ll just do without. I used to love women. No more. Skanks all. MGTOW forever. Better to be sometimes lonely than utterly miserable, as I have so often been, thanks to women.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    Modern America is just a very sick society, ruled by the delusions of political correctness. George Orwell said that in peacetime, people can say that two plus two equals five, but than in a war, they have to admit and act as though, two plus two equals four. A world war would force delusional liberal Americans to confront and deal with reality for the first time since World War II and to start respecting men again. Bring it on. I was in the airborne infantry and would love nothing better than to be there again.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    Absolutely right, bro!!!

  • Bayard Sartoris

    You are absolutely right, but it will never happen. The U.S. is a write-off, doomed to be another Venezuela under Hellary.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    Be careful about third world women. They are even more dangerous than the poisonous American variety. I know of so many men who have been screwed by their Philippine wives. Really ruthless, unprincipled women. But the worst by far are Korean women. They are the worst, most toxic women on the planet – obsessed with money and status, just absolutely terrible women. Oh, I forgot: they are also as conceited as Hell and think they are beautiful, which they are – with tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. Otherwise, in their natural state, they are squat, pie-faced, flat chested skanks. STAY AWAY from them. Just ask Nicholas Cage.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    You are soooo right! Asian women are a lot more vicious than the American variety. Just more devious and better at hiding their poisonous personalities. Women are women. Be careful and get a prenup.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    Right. Korea is becoming a Hell for men, thanks to American feminism. Korean women are rapidly becoming poisonous reptiles. Hence, Korea has the lowest birthrate in the OECD and the highest suicide rate. Stay away from Korean women unless you want to kill yourself.

  • bucky

    No experience with Asian women here, but I’ve heard the idea that they’re better than Russians/Ukrainians but worse than Latinas. In my experience, Latinas who go to church are your best bet for wife material. My wife was a virgin when I met her and I haven’t had any real problems with her in the five years we’ve been together. Obviously there are a lot of women like the ones you described in Central America too (they are often called arañas, spiders) but my wife has two young, beautiful cousins back in Central America who are thin, feminine virgins and want a lifetime notch count of one and I think there are more girls like that down there. When you go to mass in her country, the ratio is at least 3:2 in favor of men, with many cute young girls.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    It seems that you are very lucky, or maybe you good judgment. It is nice to know that there are men who have had good, long-term relationships with women. My impression, from hearing about various women over the course of several decades, is that Catholic South American women are probably the best in the world. Certainly, of all Asians, the Catholic Philippinas are the best – the kindest, most reliable and the most moral. I am not a Catholic, but it seems that once standards are thrown out the window, as they have been in the West, the women go haywire. I often think that when I retire, I will leave Asia and move not to the U.S., but to South America.

  • Bayard Sartoris

    Your comment was a brilliant, but very sad, summary of the current state of the West – not just Germany.

  • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

    Sad ….. but true.

  • Benji0804

    I just think it’s funny they want to be equals and yet we are supposed to put our lives on the line
    when they are in trouble, no thanks not worth it money wise with a hospital bill.

  • russ2d

    Good article except for the subconscious eggs are more valuable than sperm nonsense. Men stepped up to protect women (of their tribe whatever) because males are stronger and physically more capable than females- that’s the conscious reality that anyone not yet brainwashed can see. Most men would love to protect (and be appreciated) by a truly feminine woman but find me one. Today’s man-hating feminist appears to be the norm not the exception. Any man who would fight for such a thing is a complete fool.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    If you’re going to be lonely, you might as well do it alone. Learn to like yourself. That way, you’ll always be in good company.

  • ThothAmon

    I would fight for white women in America since the majority of them voted for Trump.

  • Kevin

    Please read “the manipulated man” by Esther Vilar (female author).

  • Yes the seeds have been sown. But it will be decades before the tornado has to be reaped. Number one priority; teach my son to be very careful with women. Seems like not even a body camera will help anymore. Presumption of innocence is gone, rules of evidence are gone; all we have left is the lie swarm and the big lie repeated often enough.

  • Laura

    I agree. I can’t stand what feminism has done to our country…and frankly, what women have become in this country…and what men have become partly as a result of feminism. Unfortunately, it is my belief that feminism is just one pillar of a bigger problem: cultural marxism. This is a concept which has been shoved down our throats since the 50’s and 60’s by numerous amounts of evil people and organizations as well as the mainstream media to change the fabric of this country from a nuclear family to a hot mess of feminism, men who have been belittled, torn apart families, homosexuality, gender identity crisis, and an addiction to fantasy and self-indulgence instead of reality and a sense of community and civic duty. Nationalism is gone. The family is being destroyed. Our dependence on God is gone but we are more dependent than ever on our government. We are primed and more ready than ever to be taken over by socialism, communism and then, a globalized government. My point: This isn’t just a problem of feminism, it’s a problem of good vs. evil and it’s a spiritual battle. Women are casualties and puppets of this battle just as much as men. That’s why finger pointing and anger and blame of the other sex won’t solve it. It will just breed more anger and resentment among sexes on both sides. What will solve is is prayer, a return of God to civilization and families, and a willingness to fight for what is right and good no matter what the cost. This is why good men are so much more important than ever before in helping us fight the agenda that has been fighting against us all…not by blaming the symptom of the problem but going after the root. Women need to fight, too, but, men (the ones who aren’t being passive and worthless) are better at leading women and children in societies. It’s not sexist of me to say that, it’s a fact. Women can obviously be good leaders, too, but, in a very different way.

  • Laura

    Read the synopsis. Agree with parts of it.

    Listen we agree on one thing, feminism is wrong and evil. It hurts men AND women (and families). We also can agree that a woman who is living in her human nature (rather than who God intended her to be) is going to be manipulative. I’m not arguing that even a little. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it.

    I was explaining in my earlier post the “why” in the question of “why feminism” and “why women are manipulative.” It’s easy to think of it as evil and judge women as “bad” especially if they are doing these things as an intentional power play. And, what I’m telling you is that the majority of women are deceived by their own fears, misconceptions and experiences with men – some of which have treated them very badly, some who haven’t, but, have the fear that they will. Why? Because if women are manipulative by nature, men are inconsiderate liars and jerks by nature and this is a very scary reality for most women.

    You see, we ARE the weaker sex (in spite of what Ms. Vilar thinks), and if you want to argue me on that, then, I’d argue biology. The average man can outperform the average woman physically in almost every category because he biologically has more muscle mass and less fat than the average woman. Men have much higher testosterone levels, too, causing them to be more outwardly aggressive and violent than women. Men don’t get why women are always so scared of men. It’s because the greatest danger to a woman’s physical safety in society…is men! Males were convicted of the vast majority of homicides in the United States, representing 90.5% of the total number of offenders. 2011 arrest data from the FBI confirms that males constituted 98% of those arrested for forcible rape, 89% of those for arrested robbery, 85% for burglary, 83% from arson, 81. 5% for motor-vehicle theft, 81.7% for stolen property, 81.7% for vandalism, 79.7% for offenses against family and children and 77.8% for aggravated assault. Those numbers have changed marginally since then but not enough to not still prove my point which is that men are both stronger physically and more aggressive and capable of violence than the average woman. Emotionally, the average man is stronger than the average woman because the average man doesn’t go through as many hormonal fluctuations as the average woman so he is less driven by emotions when making decisions where as a woman is more prone to being ruled by her emotions because: biology. This gives him an advantage in strength over her mentally because it is actually easier for him to manipulate her and play on her emotions than it is for her to manipulate him because he’s more rational than she is. This is very easily the male form of manipulation of a woman. He knows she is ruled by her heart so he deceives to get what he wants. As such, since women are generally outmatched in this area, many women have learned to fight back using that very same tool in their toolbelts to get what they want (and in some cases, to defend themselves), their emotions. Because, the one and only thing women know for sure is that men do not like seeing women unhappy…biologically, they are programmed to want to make women happy…especially THEIR woman. So, yes, many women use their emotions to manipulate men but, I honestly don’t believe the vast majority of them do it out of hate or ill will, most of them do it out of their own sense of powerlessness, fear and their desire to feel heard, important and understood. Lastly, I think it’s important to note that women are statistically more prone to go into poverty after a divorce. 44% of women go into poverty after a divorce while men statistically increase their wealth after a divorce at a rate of 25% according to The Institute for Social and Economic Research. Yet, with this alarming data, the fact still remains that 80% of divorces in America are initiated by women. And the #1 reason women give for filing? Neglect. That means that a large number of women who file for divorce would rather face going into poverty and go through a nasty divorce than deal with another day of her husband’s inconsiderate, jerky, arrogant, lying emotionally abusive and unavailable behavior towards her, her feelings and her importance to him in his life. Yes, women are emotionally weaker and are physically weaker. That is why if you love a woman, it is so important to be extra aware of such and treat her attentively in a loving, understanding way…not to patronize by to water the health of her and the relationship by acknowledging that you have a greater responsibility to lead her in the relationship. This doesn’t mean that women are incapable but, it does mean the average woman is not as equipped as the average man for certain tasks like security, protection, defense and guarding our own thoughts against our emotions. That scares the hell out of most women. Whether that fear is founded or unfounded, feminism, right or wrong was/is the repudiation of the things that scare women the most about men. That is why women try harder than hell now to BE like men. Because if they can be as strong or stronger than men, if they can act like them, command control like men, manipulate men…then, they don’t have to fear men and what men could do to them if they aren’t strong enough to fight back physically, mentally or emotionally. If they control the game then men can’t control them and therefore can’t hurt them.

    I think it’s a dangerous game to view them as “evil” or as the “enemy of men” because first, it makes you see yourself as a victim first and foremost to “horrible, evil” women. The problem with being a victim, if it absolves you of the responsibility to take ownership for your own possible shortcomings. Also, in the blame game, women can just as easily point the finger right back at men and say the very same thing…and BOTH sides would have valid arguments as to why the each “side” mistreated the other. I think it’s much more productive to move towards understanding that women actually ARE the weaker sex but, not the lesser sex. We are both equal as male and female and we are both made in the image and likeness of God. BUT, we are not the same. Women should not be allowed to rule men or societies because it’s bad for civilizations when they do historically speaking. History proves that. Therefore, feminism should not be allowed. But, hatred toward women, blaming them for being evil and manipulative will only serve to oppress them and cause them to want to revolt and rise up over men again since that is the very behavior they fear. While it’s important that men be aware of a woman’s propensity to manipulate, it’s also important for him to not giving her a reason to by living with her in an understanding way. Do what you can to understand what she wants from you as a mate and what she fears and how she feels…and let her know by your actions and words that she can trust you to lead her spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. In other words, don’t be a lying, cheating, selfish jerk who never considers her thoughts and feeling. If all men did this, would there still be some women who are manipulative anyway…maybe a few. But, I guarantee you the numbers would go way down if men focused on doing these things instead of focusing on how evil women are. Men don’t like to be demonized but neither do women. The answer is almost never one side or another…the truth is always somewhere in the middle.

  • Aldous Huxley

    What is your notch count? For all we know, you’re blasting us with walls of text to get us to ignore your age or sexual history.

  • allynnova

    If men’s wealth eventually increases and women’s wealth decreases after divorce (supposedly), that would be because women generally spend most of the money that BOTH of them make.

    Furthermore, ask yourself what would the man’s financial position be had he stayed SINGLE vs after being divorced. Women are generally better off after a divorce than they were before the marriage. Men can be saddled with years of child support in excess of what it actually takes to support a child, as well as alimony. And women can get a boyfriend and his income,while still gathering resources from her ex while she is playing hide-the-sausage with the new guy.

    You can try to excuse women’s behavior and women’s political choices all you want to “brainwashing”. I’m not willing to cut people any more slack for being “brainwashed” by society. People make their choices, vote a certain way, and ram those choices down my throat.

    If I had an AK47 and 7 fully loaded 30-round magazines, and 10 Muslims with knives were gang-raping your average Western feminist, I wouldn’t waste one 7.62×39 round saving her.

    NAWALT is a lie or statistically irrelevant. EWALT (enough women are like that) is all that matters.

  • allynnova

    Mostly found in cemeteries these days.

  • allynnova

    I would have done the same thing to her OR a Western woman.

  • allynnova

    Every time I read about stupid Germans or Swedes getting raped by Muslims they let in, I laugh.

  • allynnova

    Its not OUR civilization, OUR tribe or OUR history. Its HER civilization, HER tribe and HERSTORY now.

    I say F the women; let them get raped and killed. If one of them was raped and set on fire by Muslims, I wouldn’t piss on them to put out the fire even if I drank a whole pot of coffee and had been stuck in traffic for 2 hours.

    I’ll consider it a popcorn moment.

  • allynnova

    I wouldn’t do a damn thing to fight for any women in this country. If Muslims or another country took over, I’d sell them sleeping bags so if they grab a woman in an alley, they don’t have to rape them on the concrete. And I’d sell them condoms, so they don’t get the diseases they would likely get from the women.

  • allynnova

    I agree with Gloria Steinhem. Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.

    The thing is, a man needs a woman, like a fish needs a hook in its mouth.

  • Cannot Cook

    Most of the human race stopped impressing me a few years ago. Now I see are vast numbers monkeys with a tad more self-awareness than the other animals. Most of them grunt and gather shiny objects when they’re not eating, sleeping or some other passive activity. What I really want…is to not be here anymore. I want to sleep and never wake up. You all depress me.

  • Aveles

    She can just take the morning after pill and get vaginal and anal reconstructive surgery. You can’t resurrect a dead man. In a nutshell ladies: have fun seeing if you can fuck a refugee over in court for child support like you’ve been doing to white men for forever and a day…. what laughable arrogance on their part. Superman ain’t savin’ shit, bitch. I have weed and playstation at my apartment and all you have is a vagina that was used up before the rapists ever even got ahold of it. Fuck you!!

  • x8h

    Are you just generalizing that MOST American women are just not worth it? I think that in today’s society they just suffer from low sex drive and they hunger for control. Most resent being females. They devalue who they were created to be and the consequence is them competing against men, if not in the beginning, they will at some point of their lives. I often wondered why men at the gym now totally ignore all females regardless of how beautiful they may look. Females simply have lost value to men. This is actually very sad and indicates the end of times and the erosion of the traditional family.

  • Bill

    I have known several women who talked about how they would like to get away from their abusive boyfriend. I actually met with one these women at a coffee shop (I brought a male friend along) and it turned out that all she wanted to do was complain about “the asshole she was dating” so nothing came of it. I was lucky. Guys, if any woman ever asks for help from getting away from the “asshole” who is mistreating her either ignore her or tell her to call the Police.

  • Forest Rose

    Yes there are plenty of decent women that exists.
    They are all in 3rd world countries that do not put up with western feminism.
    If men wanted “Strong Women” then that is how women would of evolved.
    Women would of been the ones out hunting and going to war to die.
    But that didn’t happen.

    So I am content to work, save my money and use what I have earned for what I want.
    Which is going to a country where the women are still soft, beautiful and still act like women. And look and act a lot less like men.

  • Forest Rose

    *Isn’t it a position of weakness to not help women and let them simply go down because they made their bed?*
    Not any more. Women have been demanding equal rights and equal treatment.
    If you demand to be equal. Then don’t cry when you find out that being equal is not as great as you thought it would be.
    Now, if a man tries to help. Not only is he taking a chance with his life and health. There is also a good chance he will be blamed and charged with some BullSiht.
    Why should any man place his life and future on the line just for trying to be a good guy?
    Hope women enjoy an equal part of the draft.
    Equal jail time.
    And all the other fun stuff that goes with being equal.

  • Screw_Globalism

    Great article ….” A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle ” ….” I don’t need no man ” ….#KillAllMen , most Western women view men as vermin anyway , unless he is of some use , to then be discarded after his usefulness has ceased !!

  • Boris Badenuff

    Men are the clubs women use to get what they want then throw the club away when they do. A woman I “used to know” said all men are but kleenex to women.
    I have yet to meet a woman worthy of me and cares like I do for all people.

  • mj1993

    i don’t have anything against marriage…but its just the dumbest thing a guy can do…i would never marry….as a man i have everything to lose and by everything i mean everything for the rest of your life…a woman in a no fault divorce state can cheat and get pregnant by another man and the law expects her husband to take care of the kid even after a divorce, he would lose the house, half of all of his other assets(at least), may have to pay alimony and then on top of that she can draw on your social security, and pension when you get retirement age, the judge will take her word on everything and even if you do get visitation rights she can outright ignore the court order and I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT GUARANTEE you that she will not be held in contempt oh and then you have to pay for her lawyer and all court fees…i know guys that will never financially recover from their divorces and will have to work until they aren’t physically unable….on rare occasions I get a bit lonely but then i just think about my buddies or I see some guy getting screamed at by his wife/gf and i instantly snap out of it…its just not worth the risk especially when more than 50% of marriages end in divorce and its initiated 70% of the time by the woman….

  • Jaded satyr

    Men step up? Sorry Laura, all you women generalize about how lousy men are, but none of you women that know better have challenged the feminazis that have poisoned the well. Enjoy the ride Laura.

  • Laura

    Jaded, ummmm…I think I was pretty harsh on the femanazi culture, actually. Just made the point that they are only part of the problem. Oh wait. You didn’t bother to read what I said with a fair and balanced mind? Good luck being jaded, Jaded.

  • Laura

    You can feel that way, and I don’t blame you. I’m sickened by liberalism and feminism and the cultural Marxism, too. All I’m saying is that the majority of women in this country, do not agree with third wave feminism nor do they identify themselves as feminists. If we turn on people who agree with us from other genders we are simply taking our anger out on the wrong thing and making the problem worse. Can’t you see that? By doing that, we just cut our noses to spite our faces. the real enemy isn’t women OR men…it’s cultural marxism, the media, and the government takeover into our lives. It’s the erosion of liberties and the family and everything that goes along with that.

  • Jaded satyr

    Don’t worry, I’ll do what I damn well please, lol.

  • John Cornish

    It’s funny that you say staying home and cleaning the house and, cooking meals for the family is a job, as if it’s your sworn duty. A man doesn’t need you to clean the house or cook dinner for him. The only reason you should be doing those chores in the first place, is because you’re living in the house with the children you helped make. It’s NOT your job to take care of the family, that’s more of a team effort. Women need to stop pandering on about how “hard” being a mother is, or how much work it is to keep a house clean, when there are far more dangerous, hard and dirty jobs out there that majority workers are MEN. You may say NOT all women are this way, which is somewhat true, but women all think the same way, and look for the same quilities in a man. Also they like to phase their words to make them seem like they should take all the credit for raising a family, as if they did all the work. Women only bring some qualities to table when it comes to raising a family, but not the same that men bring. Generally women are lazy, and don’t wanna do the heavy lifting, don’t wanna do the dirty job, nor do they wanna leave the house and sit in a cubicle 8 to 12 hours a day. They much rather stay home, watch their soap operas, eat ice cream, or go out to brunch with their girlfriends, while their husbands slave over work. They only reason women claim they want a career is because in this generation, and thanks to feminists, they have been pushed into thinking they don’t need a man, and they are just as capable as men. The problem with in the work force is they have blended the rules and regulations, so its more suitable for women. The same way that a stay at home mother wants to remodel the kitchen to their liking and of course if her husband refuses, he’s not gonna hear end of it until he changes his mind. The work force has turned into a game of tag, which usually starts off with a group of boys, but as soon as a girl jumps in, the boys are forced to bend the rules so it’s more suitable for her. Otherwise if she tagged, and she’s unable to catch up to any of the boys, she starts to whine/cry and runs over to the teacher and complain about how the boys aren’t playing fairly. The same goes for the work force where men have to eliminate sexual jokes, or even a harmless comments to a women, that may be too much for her; even after the fact a lot of women wear clothing that show off their figure and cleavage, and flaunt around around the place. But of course men can’t acknowledge that, otherwise it’s sexual harassment, and disrespecting the women of the work force, even though dressing that way is unprofessional, and distracting. On the other hand, Feminists would say it’s empowering. Men today are at such a disadvantage that it’s almost unfair, yet we have learned to adapt to this new way of life, learning from our mistakes. Men are natural strategists and we are finding a way back to the top again, which has already begun, and it’s working.

  • TheLight

    If women want to be equal, they should not expect men to come rushing to their defense every time they get into trouble. More often than not, a woman gets into a bad situation because she runs her mouth or puts her hands on someone she shouldn’t and ends up paying the penalty for that. Why am I obligated to jump in and take that penalty for her? I’m not and I won’t. Men learn on their first day on the playground that if you can’t handle yourself, then you keep your hands off other people and keep your mouth shut or else you will get a beating. Women never have to learn this lesson and it’s about time they did.

  • Tristan van Oosten

    You’d be a bloody fool to defend Western women. Doing so would be the worst possible mistake as there is nothing to gain from it but you have your life, your health or even your freedom to lose (as the police will arrest YOU – not the attackers).

  • Tristan van Oosten

    Don’t count on it. They would only blame men even more. As for me: I got engaged to an Asian girl so it’s not my problem anymore. Problem: I am still stuck here.

  • obamistake

    The Red Pill is freedom and liberation. Once you truly understand and internalize Briffault’s Law there is no going back.

    Feminism is to blame for all their problems. Be proud you are a man.

  • MGTOW For Life

    We’re not actively against you. At least I’m not. I see it as time wasted to oppose you. We are just turning our backs on you and going our own way. For decades women have been saying they don’t need men. Bashing us at every turn and taking away our children, houses, cars, and our family fortunes. Now you say you need a man to defend you right after throwing a rally and protest proclaiming how evil and useless men are. No thanks. Since you’ve taken over the government with your feminist Obama-esque politics, we’re not willing to fight for that either. Let it all burn. Since men have built our society, we’re not as concerned about having to do it again as women would be. Hell I’d enjoy rebuiulding in the wake of a Muslim massacre of feminism. We’ll take up arms with the Muslims long enough to burn all of this feminist nonsense down and then we’ll get the Muslims out too. We might even be able to live in peace with the Muslims once the third wave feminists have been routed out and we have a common sense society again.

  • Eddie Buchanan

    I agree with what you write about modern women. But, I also believe we have to do the right thing, regardless. Besides, I’m always armed and having a justifiable excuse to bust a cap in a few hagies seems like a really good time.

  • James Guthrie

    (ALL) women should be sold like cattle. Then the Man or new owner can brand her butt so everyone knows who owns her.

  • blackdynamiteg1

    A man is only responsible to protect his wife,daughter,mother and female relatives.Beyond that call the police.Why do strong independent,I don’t need no man woman want some one to save them.

  • James Guthrie

    liberals are the real reason this kind of STUPIDITY goes on. We need to kill every last liberal on the planet ASAP.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    What we’re seeing is Cultural Marxism. When the Frankfurt School couldn’t coax working class males (usually white) into drinking the communist Kool-Aid, they turned to minorities, women and any other “marginalized” group. The idea was to pit various groups against each other utilizing Critical Theory (the idea of C.T. is to “question everything”, an idea best left to smart people). Cultural Marxism made its way to the West and found communists allying themselves with groups like the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, feminists, etc. It’s still going on to this day, hence the inexplicable alliance between feminists and Muslims. Feminists are doing with Muslims what they did with liberals, gay men, potheads or anyone else outside the mainstream: They plan to exploit them for everything they can and discard them when they are of no further use. I actually wonder if feminists are trying to win the culture war or if they’v even though that far ahead. Muslims will not just quietly fade away; their ultimate goal is to kill or enslave everyone else. Feminists (and other SJWs) don’t stand a chance in open warfare against Muslims and once they’ve collapsed the West, no one is going to be there to help them. The horrible white male Patriarchy (TM) is the only reason they haven’t been enslaved or beheaded by Muslims yet.

  • Rapaz Ainda


  • Rapaz Ainda

    Great post ?

  • Jaded satyr

    It’s not your fault because it’s the culture you were raised in? Who the hell do you think created this goddamned culture? It was out of control feminists! What have you done to stand up against it?

  • Take The Red Pill

    Take them off their ‘high horse’ and make them crawl…

  • Take The Red Pill

    Women have not “allowed themselves to be led astray” by feminism — they WILLINGLY and EAGERLY followed it, believing every half-truth and every damned lie about men.
    May they be DAMNED and suffer for it, for their faithlessness, and for their false accusations.

  • Take The Red Pill

    Feminists were NEVER interested in “Equality”, it was a convenient Trojan Horse to have feminism accepted by Western culture.
    Remember how the feminists were either silent or actively defended Bill Clinton during his presidency in the 90’s, when reports surfaced about past accusations of harassment and actual rape of various women during his political career, as well as his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

  • Take The Red Pill

    You aren’t an “antifeminist” — you’re a cuck.

  • Take The Red Pill

    If you want to move to Europe, go to Eastern Europe — Western Europe is full of misandric feminists, Leftists, and the Muslims and Africans that they willingly moved into their countries.

  • Take The Red Pill

    Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and all their Leftist Useful Idiots are incapable of admitting that they were wrong, and would rather have their countries and cultures collapse than admit it.

  • Take The Red Pill

    “Men are but kleenex to women” — this should be a manosphere meme.

  • Take The Red Pill

    All a woman has to do to ruin a man’s life is call 911 and say, “I feel afraid”.

  • Take The Red Pill

    A LOT of them also voted for Hillary. How do you tell the difference, Captain Save-a-‘ho?

  • Take The Red Pill

    They are so full of arrogance and hubris, that they would rather have our culture and civilization collapse than EVER, EVER, EVER admit that they were wrong.
    And may they be DAMNED for it.

  • ThothAmon

    Simple. Right wing White women are hot, Admiral Male Anal 4ever

  • pauldrake

    Shaming doesn’t work anymore. It is both a tired and useless exercise on your part.

  • Thomas Brown

    Because of lawyers and judges and police agencies. Citizens can’t really fight back in effective ways, can they?

  • Research

    I think of every ex I had, every rejection, every time I was played and made a fool, every time I was left like a used car…they’re just as strong as us men….they can figure out how to protect themselves then…cause I see no reason to do it… I don’t see women worth dying for…they’d discard me in a heartbeat… I’d go to war in today’s culture and come back single….with a letter saying she had to put herself first and think about her needs….while I was surrounded by people who wanted to kill me…dreaming about the woman I was staying alive for….who left me…because of her needs….no….all the bullshit I’ve seen… I won’t bother.

  • Research

    Why do you think Jaded is Jaded?

  • Sujit Sharma

    True. Fact is women just use and abuse then throw away men looking for the next guy.

  • Don Frampton

    Laura, what you yourself are looking for is not going to come about. The 1950’s and earlier are long gone. Never to be seen again.

    You are in the minority when it comes to wanting the old fashioned life. The vast majority of women do not want to give up their freedoms that have taken decades of fighting to finally have. That doesn’t make any sense.

    Sure, there are still some older guys and senior guys that think a woman’s place is at home, in the kitchen and what not. But thankfully they are the dying dinosaur!

    I grew up learning how to take care of myself. My parents taught me, my sister and brother how to be independent. I cook (and I don’t mean microwave box meals), I clean my home (bleach, vacuum, scrub tub), sew repairs on my clothes, iron, laundry, eat fresh fruit and vegetables. I simply don’t need anyone to take care of me.

    My older sister is the same way. She can also perform house repairs, knows how to use a drill, screwdriver, hammer, saw and all of the tools needed for repairs. She can change her own flat tire, replace her car battery, mow her own lawn, and everything else on her own. She doesn’t need a man to take care of her.

    Along with my younger brother who also is completely independent, we are all very happy and proud of each other and the fact that we live our lives the way we want without having to coddle and deal with another adult living under our own roofs.

    As my family has always said and continues to say today, “Get a job, make a career! Never depend on anyone nor any government to provide for you! God gave each of you the ability to make something of yourselves! Don’t let anyone stop you from becoming a Winner!”

    One of my grandmother’s will also say to us, “Never get married, you will both end up miserable and get to an age where you can’t afford to divorce”.

  • Don Frampton

    Most people (regardless of gender) will fight for their immediate family. It’s not a weakness to say you won’t fight for strangers. Again, regardless as to if a guy or gal, it is not worth it to get involved.

    A war can be different. Countries have military to fight. Even then, the conflict and/or campaign needs to make sense on a fight level. I’ll fight to protect my country in time of war for my persemption of protecting my family. I will not sacrifice my life to protect an individual from being attached by a group. Why would I put myself in a position to die or be permanently injured for a stranger? Female or Male. My responsibility is to my immediate family, not to you not any other stranger. Maybe that sounds harsh. It is honest though.

  • Don Frampton

    MattBracken, good luck with fighting for a stranger regardless of gender. You could die, be permanently injured, be arrested, be sued, etc. Nope, not worth it for me. I’m fine with protecting my family if needed but I will not risk my life for strangers!

  • Don Frampton

    Mantis, Boys are the future as well! Why should Guys fight and die?! Why can’t Gals fight?! Don’t give me the double standard that guys are stronger yada yada stuff. Any one can use a weapon.

  • Don Frampton

    STOP depending on a woman to make your life better! What is it with some guys looking for women overseas? I don’t get it! It reeks of being desperate! Be happy with yourself.

    If you want a child, adopt. You certainly don’t need a marriage to have a child.

    Learn to love yourself and to be happy by yourself. Learn to fully be able to take care of yourself. Cook, clean, grocery shopping, house repairs, paying your bills on time. It’s a feeling that is awesome!

    If you feel the need to be with someone, you need to fix yourself! Neediness is never viewed as a strength by either gender.

  • Don Frampton

    STOP depending on a woman to make your life better! What is it with some guys looking for women overseas? I don’t get it! It reeks of being desperate! Be happy with yourself.

  • Don Frampton

    STOP depending on a woman to make your life better! What is it with some guys looking for women overseas? I don’t get it! It reeks of being desperate! Be happy with yourself. You don’t need to throw yourself to a woman.

  • Don Frampton

    I workout a a gym. I don’t waste my time drooling over gals at the gym. I’m there to workout.

    You also have to understand the “CREEP FACTOR”. If you look at a female, you are a creep! Doesn’t matter if you are ugly, average or above average. You are “Creeping”!

  • Don Frampton


    It is possible that libers have read this. My personal experience is that when someone hears or reads something that goes against what that persons believes and feels, that person will double down on their position and dig in deeper and attack you more for not sharing their opinion.

  • Don Frampton

    Thankfully the younger guys are learning from the older guys mistakes.

    50%+ of all marriages fail. 70%+ of all Divorces are filed by Women.

    Men post Divorce end up next to homeless. They have to move in with a family member or friend so that they have a roof over their head and a place to sleep. Some of these Divorced Men move in with their parents. Oh-Joy!

    Divorced Men are financially ruined. They are also Fathers that have lost their Father role through the Divorce Courts System. They become part time Dads. Every other weekend visits. It’s so frustratingly sad! Divorced Men are 3x more likely to commit suicide. Divorced Men end up Homeless!

    As more and more younger Men come into Adulthood, they are entering it with the knowledge and experience of seeing how most Men have been treated. These young Men have seen in their early lives how Women mistreat Men, how the Legal System defends Women to an almost no-end and beats down on Men throughout.

    I know there will be those that will say things along the lines of “Cry Babies, Man-child, Man up, etc”.

    When enough people are treated a certain way and voice it, when enough total strangers have similar stories, new behaviors are formed.

    So why again should any guy want to defend a Woman stranger?! Unless it’s a family member or a really good friend, I just don’t see it happening! That’s like expecting a dog that is whipped and physically beaten every day by you to want to defend you when you are being attached. Not going to happen. The dog is probably laughing it’s ass off that you are getting the crap beat out of you! Dog thinking; “Finally getting a taste of your own medicine! How’s it feel!”

  • positron1

    Alas, too late for me. I’m stuck in a happy marriage with a kid who is my flesh and blood and who’ll grow up with her mom and dad. Kind of beta I suppose, but it is what it is.

  • Sam2

    Women are strong and independent now. They can also do everything that a man can do. So no, men should not be fighting for them EVER. Sorry ladies but you can’t have it both ways.

  • uchibenkei

    I married a woman who claimed she wanted the same thing you did. Stay at home and take care of her family. Well, she didn’t cook, didn’t clean, and complained about having to do anything around the house. I got rid of her lazy ass. My point is even if a woman says she wants to be a mom and housewife, it doesn’t mean she can and it doesn’t mean she will. Women will say anything to get that ring and ride the “alimony pony”. Can’t trust them.

  • Skeptic

    You should all get out of America whilst you still can – the place is a stinking hell hole

  • Mary DeBois

    I feel so sorry for all who have posted here … I raised my son to defend the weaker vessel (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) whether that be a man or a woman. If I were to witness someone being abused (unless they were a child or defenseless animal
    abuser — then all bets are off lol) I would stand in their defense. I might get my ass kicked lol but I could look myself in the mirror! Doesn’t matter who they are or what their beliefs are. Defending a weaker human being is not about who the weaker person is … but about who YOU are.

  • Mary DeBois

    👏👏👏👏👏 oh my gosh!!! I couldn’t have said it better!!!

  • Laura

    Thank you, Mary! It’s refreshing to hear another voice of reason. Holy cow…makes me feel sad how many jaded people there are out there. The men in this thread particularly act like us women are evil or something? I agree that feminism screwed the pooch, let’s get that strait…but, I’ve never seen such cry babies in all my life then in this thread. Talking out of both sides of their mouth and trying to diminish me as a woman and my views while doing it. Asking me my age and how many “noches” I have on my belt? What the???? They seem happy to complain about the problem, but, don’t wanna do anything about it! What a bunch of losers. No wonder I gave up on romance and dating…this is the pool we have to draw from now. No thank you!

  • Mary DeBois

    How cruel!!! To stand by while another human being is being attaked! Quit using feminism as an excuse for being a coward

  • Dusty Sutton

    I want to say the description at the end fit my situation exactly. I was drugged up on Ritalin as a kid and eventually antidepressants. I quite them all cold-turkey about 5 or 6 years ago. I am divorced. I married a Christian women thinking she would be safe. She was cruel and there were days I didn’t want to come home from work. I only have custody of my daughter 2 months out if the year. Sex was non-existent in the marriage. Once a month maybe. I got tired of begging for it and eventually went my own way. I ended up dating another church girls a couple of years later. She ended up cheating on me with a guy-friend from her church who was fat, ugly, and almost 10 years older than her. Needless to say I’ve given up on church women. They should be the most trustworthy, yet they are just as bad as all western women. Also, the job market is terrible, and women have taken most of the management and high-paying positions in my area. I’ve come to the point where I’m completely honest, even if it jeopardized a date or makes her think I’m an a**hole. It’s hard to care anymore. I thank you for your article. It has helped me realize I’m not alone.