The Myth of Female Intelligence


I am smarter than nearly all the girls I’ve ever known.

That’s not arrogance talking: it’s the truth. Out of all the girls I’ve known, maybe three were at least as smart as me, and of that three, one is more intelligent than me. All the rest were my intellectual inferiors. I don’t hold it against them; in fact, when I run across girls who tout their “intelligence,” I feel nauseous, like I’m dealing with a pack of overeager Mormon missionaries.

One of the most dangerous delusions of modern America is the idea that girls are desirable because of how smart they are. Indeed, the idea that intelligent girls even exist in significant numbers is ridiculous. Puffed up by you-go-grrl propaganda from the media, their heads filled with lies from the universities, every girl who can spell her own name suddenly thinks she’s Einstein. Worst of all, girls think that being able to spell their own names entitles them to a good man, even when they’re bossy, defiant and lacking in feminine graces.

This is laughable.

The reality is that truly intelligent females are rare, and most girls who consider themselves “smart” are not. More importantly, the idea that men should find female intelligence attractive is as preposterous as expecting them to find hermaphroditism sexy. A girl’s most important aspects will always be her beauty, her charm and her willingness to please, with intelligence so far down the list that it might as well not be on the list.

Yet thanks to white knights artificially pumping up the egos of every girl in America, men are made to feel like freaks for considering a girl’s bust size to be more important than her ability to regurgitate Marxist tripe.

Here are my reasons why female intelligence is a fraud.

1. Few girls are actually intelligent.

This is the most important thing to know: intelligence is largely a masculine attribute. IQ testing has consistently shown that while men and females have the same mean intelligence, men have a wider standard deviation while females cluster around the middle. In layman’s terms, this means that there are more intelligent men than there are intelligent girls. At the same time, it also means that there are more unintelligent men then unintelligent girls, which is why the short bus tends to be a sausage fest. The “dumb bimbo” stereotype is a fiction invented by ugly girls.

Turns out that “boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, girls go to college to get more knowledge” was at least half true.

This is why it’s a waste of time for smart men to cast about for a girl who is their intellectual equal: she simply doesn’t exist. You have a better chance of talking Zooey Deschanel and Ellen Page into a threesome than finding a girl who can match you in knowledge, life experience and all-around brains. You do find the occasional woman who can hold her own with men, but these exceptions don’t disprove the rule, any more than the existence of Kim Peek disproves the fact that most autistics are hand-flapping retards.

What’s really awful about this situation is that the mainstream media, invested in hiding the truth, blame men for not being able to find the right girl. “You’re looking in the wrong places.” “Intelligent, classy girls don’t hang out at bars.” “Maybe you just attract the wrong kinds of people.” They can’t simply admit that females are the passive sex, built for raising babies and not much else, because doing so might hurt girls’ self-esteem… and we can’t very well have that, now can we?

2. Girls are intellectually inferior.

Several months ago, I was on Twitter killing time when some teenage girl started sending rude and insulting Tweets at me because she was offfeeennnded at my article on why most girls shouldn’t bother going to college. I initially ignored her, but when she continued to harass me, touting her “4.0 GPA” and how smart she was, I clicked through to her profile and did a little research. Turns out that this oh-so-intelligent young lady was spending $58,000 a year to major in acting. Furthermore, while she was not unattractive—she had a good bone structure, a cute face and huge… tracts of land—she was at least twenty pounds overweight, so several of my followers started calling her fat. What was her response?

She started sending pictures of herself to me in an attempt to prove she wasn’t fat.

This girl wasn’t stupid; she was clearly four or five points above the mean female IQ. But not only did she massively overrate her intelligence, she was unwilling to accept that maybe, just maybe, she had made some poor choices in life.

That is the modern “intelligent” girl; an intellectual vacuum. Her life one great big fraud from beginning to end. Despite her vaunted “smarts” and her belief that she can “do anything,” she doesn’t major in math, engineering, computer programming or any discipline that requires actual work. No, she picks a soft major like English, education or ethnic studies, where there are no standards and you can pass any nonsense in for a grade so long as you sound authoritative. She rationalizes her choices by saying that she wants to “help the children” or she’s “interested in learning,” despite the fact that all American education does is teach people to memorize Marxist nonsense and repeat it back word for word.

Claiming that girls are intelligent because they earn the majority of degrees is like saying that parrots are intelligent because the majority of them can mimic human speech.

When she graduates, assuming she isn’t spat right back into the service industry, she’ll go to work as a government bureaucrat, HR commissar, paralegal or other profession that contributes nothing to society. She’ll complain about the pay gap even as she takes every day off she can because her “head hurts” or she “needs some time off with the girls.” She’ll whine about the lack of girls in management roles even as she plans to quit her job when she has kids… but not until she’s in her thirties, of course.

After all, she wants to “have fun” first and “get it out of [her] system” before she settles down.

But it’s in her choice of hobbies that the modern “smart” girl truly exposes her vacuity. She doesn’t spend her free time reading science textbooks or perfecting her chess game: she TiVoes Teen Mom and obsesses over Lena Dunham’s cleavage. If she reads books at all, she limits herself to trashy mainstream thrillers like The Hunger Games or textual pornography like Twilight. Her weekends are spent pumping chumps for peach daiquiris at the dive bar and getting pumped by every stud who stirs her loins. Even so-called “nerd girls” are phonies, as their “nerdiness” extends to playing video games once in a blue moon or re-Tweeting charlatans like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The only thing separating her from a ghetto baby momma is the ability to form complete sentences.

Face it: the vast majority of girls are as hollow as a drum. The three or four surplus IQ points that college-educated girls have are wasted on them, because all they’re used for is rationalizing a life of mindless consumption and sluttiness. If the modern West is a cesspool, girls are its most devoted coprophages, gulping down runny diarrhea by the bucketload with forced smiles on their faces.

3. Girls know that their “intelligence” is a lie.

As loudly as they brag about their “strength” and “independence,” girls know inside that their credentials are worthless in the eyes of men. Go back to that chubby acting major who started insulting me on Twitter. Me pointing out that her degree was worthless didn’t faze her, nor did my reminding her that she was wasting sixty grand a year for it. It was calling her fat—insulting her looks—that wounded her most deeply.

And she was so insecure that she resorted to begging for validation from me, a man she considered a “misogynist.”

The vagina is the perfect representation of the nature of females. An empty vessel, a hole, a void with no identity of its own. Without a man to fill her with his essence, she is as useless as a crabapple rotting on the sidewalk. Only by taking that essence deep inside her can she mature and become the woman she was meant to be. And filled with the wrong essence, she becomes an intellectual Typhoid Mary, mindlessly infecting others with her diseases of the mind.

That’s the problem with girls today: they’re so full of bullshit that their eyeballs are brown.

That bullshit is pumped into their skulls by men. Every advance in “women’s rights” occurs only because men allow it to occur. Women’s suffrage was only passed into law in the U.S. because leftist Protestants in the Republican Party wanted to ensure an electoral majority for Prohibition and other “social purity” policies. Sexual liberation only happened in the sixties because cowardly draft-dodging hippies, knowing they could not compete with real men for the affections of feminine women, encouraged girls to slut it up so they could get laid. The mass entry of girls into college and the workforce was instigated by corporate capitalists in order to drive down wages and smash workers’ rights.

If at any point, men had collectively told girls no, they would have quieted down and gone back to the kitchen like they were told.

So it is with the myth of female intelligence. Girls believe they are smart, worldly and cultured because men lie and white knight for them. The gelded father telling his little princess that she can be whatever she wants to be, the slack-wristed orbiter who writes sweet nothings on her Facebook posts, the hipster nancyboy who claims he wants an “equal”: they are the enemy. Without them, the Katerinas of America would gladly kneel to their Petruchios. Because these genetic discards cannot compete with legitimate men, they encourage degeneracy in the vain hope of getting their dicks wet.

Spraying the hollyhocks with lye is the only way they can propagate their diseased seed.

As men, it is our responsibility to bring girls back to their proper place. To lead them into their natural roles as wives and mothers. We men do not choose or reward girls for their clown college degrees, their meaningless cubicle jobs, or their supposed “intelligence.” We reward them for their willingness to please us and make us happy, and in doing so make themselves happy. No amount of phony education or career “success” will scratch that deep itch in a girl’s soul: the desire to serve a man.

Not a “guy,” not a “male”: a man.

Inside every Strong, Independent Woman™ is a suppliant girl yearning to break free. I say we give that girl a hand.

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  • myrealitie

    I don’t understand what a “mean” is.

    [CensorBot sez: I know, the maths is hard.]

  • myrealitie

    How dare you censor me. I am a QUEEN and I will NOT be disrespected.

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  • myrealitie

    Well, this blog is stupid. I didn’t want to comment here anyway.

    [CensorBot sez: Your bitterness is showing, baby.]

  • myrealitie

    It’s a hilarious blog, actually, and not a bad way to spend my time as I wait for my vegetables to saute so that I can put a pot roast in the oven for my very sexy man, one who does something valuable with his time. Because that’s what normal housewives do: flirt with strange men on the Internet. Right?

    Look, Matt, I love the manosphere. All these… men… around! They just make me giddy like a schoolgirl.

    Consider putting some balance in your posts. Have you ever read anything by Athol Kay? I like him because he waters down the truth enough that faux-submissive hausfraus like myself don’t get their feeeeeelings hurt.

    Do you really want to upset attention whoring strumpets like myself? That’s not going to get you any pats on the head from me, dear sir.

    Go Team Woman!

    [CensorBot sez: Revolting siren. Another female entryist who wants to emasculate the manosphere because it doesn’t cater to her whims. Get you gone.]

  • Davis M.J. Aurini

    White Knights constantly support women, do their work for them, give them a hand up everywhere, and then claim that women are equal. What a joke.

  • Steve

    Matt: I don’t have a strong opinion on Neil DeGrasse Tyson one way or another. I’m curious to know what your beef with him is.

  • myrealitie

    Oh CensorBot, I can’t get enough of this abuse! Ooooh yes, right there, that’s PERFECT…

    [CensorBot sez: You bore me, woman. Go crochet a hat or something.]

  • Matt Forney

    Steve: Tyson is Carl Sagan in blackface (Sagan was also a fraud, but that’s a story for another time). Tyson has no substantive achievements to his name; the only reason he’s famous is because he can dumb down meaningful scientific concepts into snack-sized little factoids for the idiots to gnaw on. He’s part of the degeneration of science into cutesy pop culture junk food.

  • myrealitie


    [CensorBot sez: Comment number six. Your life is apparently so empty and meaningless that you have nothing better to do then go to a blog you dislike and get metaphorically micturated on. Reevaluate the choices that led you to this sorry state of affairs.]

  • AnonymousBosch

    The arrogance of university-educated women majoring in soft subjects is part of the problem. I suspect this line of reasoning happens:

    1. I’m going to University.
    2. University is only for intelligent people.
    3. Therefore, I’m intelligent.

    …Ignoring the fact that soft majors require very little intelligence, and that Cultural Marxism has polluted fields like Psychology into resembling pop culture babble. Given the degradation of journalism over the last 15 years, I suspect due to the influx of women into the field chasing ‘Sex In The City’ aspiration, I’d suspect that the majority of female-driven university subjects are aimed at those of 110 IQ or less: utterly mediocre thinkers who are incapable of independent thought, parroting back what they’re told for approval, which is why Feminist thinking stagnates and resembles Religion rather than Philosophy or Sociology.

    Women, so concerned with Social Approval, make for great parrots, but uncreative thinkers. Their mediocrity makes them interchangeable in the job market, hence $60,000 worth of education to work in the service industry until finding the ‘dream job’ they believe they’re ‘entitled’ to, only to abandon it in their late 30’s when the inevitable baby rabies sea change kicks in.

    So you have this mass of women with degrees who believe themselves to be Highly-Intelligent, rather than of Mediocre intelligence, which makes them dangerous due to their arrogance: they can’t conceptualise of Higher Thought than their own. I sit exactly on the +3 Standard Deviation, and am very humble when confronted by the possibility of higher intelligence than my own. Arrogant woman are incapable of that, unaware that, as intelligence increases, complexity of thought, particularly logical and abstract thought, vastly changes the way people think, and, as such, what strikes their 110 mindset as a perfectly-rational, bulletproof argument, reads as retarded thinking to someone like me, at 145.

    A 30 IQ point difference is all it takes for a higher intelligence to see mental retardation in the lower, and the lower to be incapable of the thought processes required to read anything other than insanity in the higher. It’s called the Communication Gulf. I stay humble by recognising that it’s entirely possible that my rational thought appears retarded to a more intelligent man than me. Arrogant, mediocre women are incapable of this, so respond with the kind of ill-informed drivel you get from your critics, not capable of even considering the possibility it might read like retarded drivel to other people, which I suppose spares them the social embarrassment of realising just how ridiculous their behaviour is.

    If I want True Communication with a woman, she has to be within 15 IQ points of me. With the lower mean IQ of female intelligence, and so few extreme outliers, that means I can only truly-communicate with something like 0.6% of women. This is like holding out for a magical unicorn. Therefore, I can either try to seek out intelligent women, with the result of dating women who consider themselves intelligent but are simply mediocre, retarded thinkers and unpleasant company due to their arrogance and vanity, or I can just fuck beautiful, stupid women who are pleasant company. Women who I never reveal my intelligence to, because, despite women saying they want ‘intelligent’ men – actually meaning rich and powerful men they can extract resources from or use to increase their social-standing – they’re quite happy to fuck dumb, muscular men on the road to the guy they believe they ‘deserve’, because fuck knows they wouldn’t offer Mr. RIght the respect of sexual-propriety in the meantime.

    Give an intelligent woman the appearance of a stereotype – in my case, the muscular blue collar biker – and she will never remotely-question that she’s responding to performance, not actuality, because mediocre thinkers believe in polarised-extremes and either / or propositions, particularly those that excuse them from personal effort: a bodybuilder must ‘be dumb’ and ‘compensating for something’; a fat woman must have a ‘nice personality’.

    Given the rise of Female Narcissism, where men are thought of as little more than actors in their play, devoid of their own agency and desires, giving off the appearance of an uncomplicated stereotype will you get far more pussy than mentally-challenging them.

  • robuno

    This article resonates deeply with me. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. The more emotional a woman is in the moment, the less sense you need to make. Nowadays, in conversations, I may decide to just claim some fucking nonsense and they still honestly think it’s a conversation. It amazes me. They couldn’t objectively view the logical patterns in a conversation if their life depended on it. PS. I enjoy your articles thoroughly.

  • John Pryce

    Reading this article was strange.

    It was a mix of facts, valid arguments, invalid arguments, outright falsehoods, and things that appeared to be said out of nothing but bitter anger.

    Some of it was quite valid; the part about the IQ scores matched what my own research has led me to believe. The implications of that, as described, were valid, as far as they went. Camille Paglia said much the same in a recent article.

    Section 2 stretched the point a little far. The language was obviously supposed to be provocative, and the fact that genuinely intelligent women do exist was acknowledged. The vapidness of modern women has less to do with _women_, as far as I see it, as it does to do with the trajectory of Western culture at this moment, however (especially the politically correct movement).

    Section 3 stayed closer to the facts, except for this bit:

    “The mass entry of girls into college and the workforce was instigated by corporate capitalists in order to drive down wages and smash workers’ rights.”

    This is of course not true, and the latter half of the sentence is explicitly Marxist. The linked article does not support this interpretation of events, either (yes, I did read it; the article described it as largely the aftereffects of the war and the cultural changes wrought by having so many women entering into previously male-dominated professions). Worker’s rights, per se, do not exist; rights are had by individuals qua individuals, not groups, and rights are the same across the board. It may well have interfered marginally with union bargaining and political power momentarily, but unions did not and by and large never have served much in the long-term interest of the average employee anyway – at least not to the extent that he held to any moral code at all.

    The rest of the article was largely the same mixed bag.

    Its very interesting to read something written by someone who is clearly so angry at the subject matter at hand, and yet is not so far gone as to take leave of his senses entirely. Usually someone like that runs out of facts and valid arguments at the beginning of an article, and by the end has long since degenerated into ranting.

  • aramaxima

    +1. Go Forney.

  • lizabethpaulat

    I wanna make love to you.

    [CensorBot sez: Get in line.]

  • Jaqen

    I mostly agree, but I think the context of intelligence needs to be addressed.

    I went to a graduate professional (medical) school. Most of my classmates were female. There were definitely some smart women in our class, and several got over a 3.7, which is an impressive GPA for a medical program. Hardly any of them did poorly. However—-the highest (and lowest) scoring students in class were men. One guy had the highest GPA ever recorded in the program, and another had a PERFECT board score, which is almost unheard of. I had an average GPA but was in the top 3 for class board scores. So It got me thinking about what female intelligence actually is.

    Women have been shown to have higher average inter-hemisphere connectivity than men. Women also have higher verbal reasoning scores, and some disorders such as dyslexia have ten times the incidence in males as in females. In other words, cognitive function is Y-linked on many levels.

    My theory is that while women tend to excel memorizing and regurgitating information and following a protocol, they do not excel at critical thinking, abstract concepts, and dynamic problem-solving. Women’s social and linguistic brains are primed for academia, but when it’s time put put the hammer to nail and axe to the grindstone, they are utterly inferior at inventiveness, implementation, and critical decision-making. Hence why most of the great scientific and cultural discoveries and advents of modern times are attributable to men. Furthermore, it is not because women were “oppressed” for so long, otherwise we would be seeing a surge of female contributions to science, medicine, and technology over the last 50 years. We aren’t, and we are still waiting.

    Women think that because they can join the “boy’s club” that they are suddenly our intellectual equals. Academic statistics and female college enrollment numbers are not helping either. The female brain is inherently well-suited for academia, but beyond taking tests and taking notes, they tend to fall woefully short in areas of rationality that make a truly intelligent individual: introspection, objectivity, decisiveness, and a working knowledge of logical fallacies. And as always, the proof is in the pudding. Where are the contributions? Where are the great female leaders, inventors, producers, and industry pioneers. Few and far between.

    The social glorification of the feminine imperative has only made matters worse, and now their big girl panties are so inflated that they cannot realize or accept that men are the drivers of civilization and everything they take pride in today was made possible by men.

  • Mark

    If women were truly more intelligent than men they would all be voting in a completely different manner than they actually do. If you are smart, then you don’t need a massive cradle to grave welfare state to take care of you. Women in general vote left. Married white females are probably the most intelligent because they are least likely to vote for that. The 80 IQ black inner city high school dropout single mom is the polar opposite. Single white females are the swing vote in the middle that will probably decide the future of this country. From the single white females I personally know, that thought is a little bit scary but let’s hope that they take a more long term view instead of indulging in short term selfishness.

  • Emma the Emo


    Have you ever wondered if this arrogance is just a facade? Praising a kid for their raw IQ leads to sad consequences for some (or I dunno, maybe even most) of those kids. They learn that intelligence is a part of their identity, and their ego depends on it. Then, when school gets tough (usually around college time), those kids don’t learn as effortlessly as before, and it feels like they are not as intelligent as they were told. This realization would break their ego if it happened. To avoid it, they only engage in easy tasks, to maintain the feeling of effortless learning. And they end up stupider and less educated than kids who were praised for effort, and not for raw IQ.

    If I was a sadist and wanted to create a generation of insecure, ego-protecting kids with badly developed minds, I’d praise them all for IQ early and as often as possible, and tell them college should be super easy for them and they can just breeze through it.

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  • A.B Prosper

    Unfortunately the article is spot on. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few HI IQ women (130+ on the older harder tests) with actual abilities in Maths and science and problem solving and there are even a few public figures such as Dannica McKellar (who is at least quite good at Maths), Marilyn Vos Savant and the terrific Dr. Helen

    The bulk of them? No and hell no.

    That said today’s vapid chicks are a product of easy living. Pioneer women for example probably had much better problem solving skills even though they brain didn’t start with any more brain cells.

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  • Anonymous age 72

    I worked for 31 years in a high tech factory as an electronics technician. We had around 300 male technicians and maybe 20 females. The difference between techs was the ability to troubleshoot. (i.e. – diagnose problems.) Like anyone could run ordinary tests…

    We had what we called ‘super techs’. That is, men who could be relied on to find and solve the most difficult problems. Note that I said ‘men’ because while the women were good workers and stuck to it. Very seldom would you call in a woman to help solve a really hard problem.

    And, as I hope everyone clearly understands, most men were also not super-techs. And, we had some real dummies. We had one man so dumb he ran tests on military light bulbs. Better him than a smart man…

    As best as I could estimate by self-reporting the average male i.q. was around 135, probably not far from that for women. But, we had a couple men over 180, no women.

  • dan

    I really need a kick in the balls.

    [CensorBot sez: Impossible. You have no balls.]

  • ho

    What also needs to be adressed is the fact that modern tests are specifically made to accommodate women. If a test leads to divergent means between men and women, it’s considered “biased” because OF COURSE men and women are equal.

  • Vistoron

    Matt, you should know you are smart when the best engineer and inventor known to history shares similar beliefs with yours.

  • baguazhang

    What passes for smart amongst women is being verbose in applying all the useless, relativist postmodern horseshit they learned in school in arguments ultimately intended to rationalize their emotions

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  • Robert What?

    Agree with most of what you say – however there is a good genetic reason for a man to have children with a woman who has at least something upstairs: boys inherit much of their intelligence from their mother (or more technically, their mother’s father). An intelligent man and a stupid woman have a chance to give birth to an intelligent girl. But a stupid woman will almost always have a stupid son regardless of the father.

  • slenkar

    it is a bad idea to find an intelligent woman because they don’t exist. Simple as that. Women’s brains are smaller and they waste what little IQ they have on silly things like celebrity gossip.

    So the basic premise of this article is totally right. (that there’s a choice between boobs and IQ)

    [CensorBot sez: Yup.]

  • Paige

    I would like to make love to this man.

    [CensorBot sez: Send nudes to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com.]

  • egood

    Such a shame that I’m so dumb I don’t realize I’m dumb.

    [CensorBot sez: Exactly.]

  • Aziza

    I would like to have sex with you.

    [CensorBot sez: Get in line.]

  • thatoneguy1234

    At first I read this as satire for the first paragraph or two then things started to click with almost every prior observation I have made. Basically you put my thoughts into a neat organized blog. Oh and fuck De Grasse Tyson for getting Pluto kicked out as a planet!

  • Neelima

    Clearly you are part of the upper spectrum in the male intelligence graph :)

    [CensorBot sez: It’s lonely being at the top.]

  • Neelima

    And it’s also clear that I want to fuck you.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Aziza

    I did say that I wish to have sex with you… right?

    [CensorBot sez: Of course you did, you silly little girl.]

  • Christopher T. Burris PhD

    I’m a retard who still thinks that men make up the majority of college students, which hasn’t been the case for over a decade.

    [CensorBot sez: Where’d you get your PhD? The University of Phoenix?]

  • abnor

    Women doing anything is considered an anomaly because men are the standard… For everything. However it has only been a concept since about the 50’s. Before that women gained the right to vote in the 1910’s and started their own sexual liberation in the 1920’s, replaced men in the 1930’s and 40’s during the wars, and were forced back into the house post-war, which is where this whole woman-hating regime

    Since then men have been the standard. Bikes are manufactured and marketed to men, careers are manufactured and marketed to men, success is manufactured and marketed to men, even the BMI index, mental health practices, and the autism spectrum is manufactured and marketed to men. Women are considered a minority and are treated like shit because they don’t have the world built for them.

    However women hold the majority of degrees and hold the majority of the marketshare for purchasing power. They enjoy being treated as a separate entity to market towards, and thus marketed to they are.

  • Peter

    I want a fat girl to buttfuck me with a candle.

    [CensorBot sez: Ew.]

  • Anonymous age 72

    More on the demographics mentioned. Based on the figures given by marketing experts, women spend every penny they personally earn, and also a full 50% of every cent all men in the USA make. And, that includes many men who are single and have nothing to do with women.

    And, what do men get in exchange for this 50% of every penny they make?

    As best as I can tell, most don’t even get any sex at all, those who do get really mediocre sex and very rarely.

  • caprizchka

    Thank you for this: “The gelded father telling his little princess that she can be whatever she wants to be, the slack-wristed orbiter who writes sweet nothings on her Facebook posts, the hipster nancyboy who claims he wants an “equal”: they are the enemy. Without them, the Katerinas of America would gladly kneel to their Petruchios. Because these genetic discards cannot compete with legitimate men, they encourage degeneracy in the vain hope of getting their dicks wet.”

    Whenever a man compliments my intelligence, I figure he wants my money, to steal and take credit for my work, or is looking for validation or redemption of his own poor choices. If it’s just pussy that he wants, that’s not nearly as big of a deal because I was one of those sluts you so decry. (Catch the past tense.)

    Perhaps women, white knights, and others with dopamine issues simply become addicted to praise. By the way, I agree with and followed Emma the Emo here.

    I’m too old for you and immune from your tactics, however it would seem from the comments herein that you are onto a winning seduction formula using humiliation. That’s very clever however it is short-sighted and ultimately self-defeating. It would seem that even one as intelligent as you has his blind spots. Of course, that merely makes you human.

    I read on your Facebook page that you’re a hitch-hiker–as was I when I was half your age but I probably had more fun at it than you do. The problem with growing up is that one eventually realizes how stupid one used to be. Be careful out there. I wouldn’t want you to miss that moment of clarity. :)

  • T. Donlevy

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  • M. Finn

    I like it when fat girls sit on my face.

    [CensorBot sez: Not surprised.]

  • Team Women

    Hurr durr, I don’t know the difference between “woman” and “women.”

    [CensorBot sez: Plural and singular tenses, beotch!]

  • Phil Clark

    I’m a faux-intellectual dimwit.

    [CensorBot sez: Stop using big words, moron. You don’t know what they mean.]

  • cam

    Please, I want to go down on you.

    [CensorBot sez: Nice.]

  • rosie

    Wow, I can’t believe men like this still exist. All these androgynous nancyboys are really giving me Sahara snatch. I need a REAL man.

    [CensorBot sez: As do many other women.]

  • MGSB

    I need a big ole buttplug in my ass.

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  • Matt’s Secret Admirer

    I want to be your girlfriend.

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  • Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Butt Boy

    Neil Degrasse Tyson has a physics degree from Harvard, two Masters degrees in in astronomy and astrophysics, and a doctorate in astrophysics, as well as having made significant contributions to astrophysics. His cock is also really tasty.

    [CensorBot sez: I’ll bet.]

  • http://none Nova

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  • Clouds

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  • Madeleine

    I want to lick your penis.

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  • NK

    I’m offended.

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  • Kerplunk

    I need a large phallic object in my ass.

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  • Adam M

    My homoerotic fan fiction about you won’t fit in this comment box, but you can see the full thing here: [LINK REDACTED]

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  • Fat Ass Bitch

    I want to wrap my lips around your [CENSORED].

    [CensorBot sez: Redacted due to local laws.]

  • lxc

    Because women’s IQs have a smaller standard deviation then men’s it’s a waste of time for them to cultivate their minds? That seems like a gratuitous waste of human capital.

    Can’t we just say all the people who cluster around the mean (or fall below it) should shut up and sit down?

    Also, I think your regard for women would increase if you stopped hanging around with Humanities majors. My regard for men did.

  • jeremy

    I need a huge buttplug in my ass.

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  • corey

    I need to get plugged up the butt by a fat girl.

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  • Monica Kincaid – Warner

    I’m a sad fat chick who fantasizes about Neil deGrasse Tyson shagging me rotten.

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  • Bloop

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  • tomato8ish .

    Oh man, i feel sorry for the poor woman that will get stuck with your ass.
    Your whole blog is actually really entertaining, if taken in the context of comedy. I wonder how your own mother would reflect on your phrase, “Without a man to fill her with his essence, she is as useless as a crabapple [sic] rotting on the sidewalk.” Does it follow then that man is as useless as a rotting crab apple if his seed is not received?

    You seem to think you’re providing insightful and empowering knowledge to an audience of low-testosterone-mid-life-crisis guys, personally, you sound like an eloquent child furious that the world is progressing. Where did all this hate come from? Perhaps it stems from the realization that women have options when picking their partners and they don’t have to settle for someone with such a toxic outlook on society.

    As i’m sure you’ve guessed, i’m a woman. All i ask is the freedom to pursue a career of my choice, with equal opportunities as my fellow man. Men and women are always heading towards the same fate; death. Our paths leading up to that point are infinitely diverse, although the common theme is a desire for self-improvement. Instead of trying to stifle the development of 50% of the world’s population by calling them stupid, you should swallow your self-righteous attitude and learn some respect, of course then you wouldn’t have much writing material…

    I’ll never understand where people get this grotesque sense of superiority.

  • pzp

    It sounds like you’re hanging around some really dumb broads. Considering the context of your articles, I can see why that may be the case.

  • Steve Corner

    Because a mere blog is going to “stifle” all of womandom.

  • Caprizchka

    –only those women who can’t handle the truth. It’s a paradox because handling the truth requires a certain amount of intelligence. Those of us who have it however are willing to sacrifice our “rights” if only the rest of womanhood would do the same–it would be so worth it not to have to answer to petty bureaucrats of all persuasions and a “democracy” run by those least equipped to do so.

    “Respect” just for having a pussy doesn’t actually rock my world. “Authority” that is unearned always backfires. Human beings who put fantasy-ideology above pragmatism or even simple mathematics are not actually “intelligent” enough to run the world. While the logic of this article will be lost on the idiocracy eventually one would hope that cooler minds will assert their primacy. It can’t happen soon enough in my view. Sandwiches anyone?

  • Steve Corner

    I would say “go make me a sandwich,” but tomato8ish might call me a rape apologist, or some other social justice euphemism she saw on buzfeed, Huff Post, or Jezbel…but thanks anyways ;)

  • Janet Bloomfield

    Matt doesn’t put rose petals in the toilet before he shits, but trust me, his shit is real. And so is this. Men outnumber women at the high end of the intelligence scale by at least 6:1 but more likely 8:1, and even when women do test with very high IQs, they are still brainless bimbos who want to be showgirls. Google “Her IQ is as high as Einsteins” if you doubt that.

    What I will disagree with heartily is that intelligence in a woman is not attractive to a man. Intelligence alone? Nope. Who gives a fuck. But combine higher than average intelligence with better than average good looks, graciousness, goodheartedness and cheerfulness and a very healthy sexual appetite focused on mutual pleasure and that is a killer fucking combo.

    Women used to be taught to aspire to this ideal. Now they are only taught to act like entitled bitches with inflated egos who think they are better than men.

    I don’t mind. Less competition, quite frankly.

    Yeah, yeah, I really am that arrogant. Deal with it.

  • guber

    Haha, that’s an awesome article. But you gotta get your history straight Mr.

    “Women’s suffrage was only passed into law in the U.S. because leftist Protestants in the Republican Party wanted to ensure an electoral majority for Prohibition and other “social purity” policies. ”

    You got the “leftist Protestant” right but “republican party”? You should have said “democrat” party. Don’t you know that Woodrow Wilson was a democrat? Don’t you realize that temperance movement and other fascist sentimental nonsense is the hallmark of Progressive Era social gospel protestants. You see the leftists. So, say democrat party. May be you’re saying that then started the sell-out of the establishment Reps? Perhaps there you do have a point.

  • JustUs4Awe

    I can see from your blogs that you are angry that women are smarter than you otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to degrade and abuse them.

  • ducdebrabant

    “Instead of trying to stifle the development of 50% of the world’s population by calling them stupid” Did you read?? Oh, the irony.

  • tomato8ish .

    Steve, you’re right, it probably won’t, but the pervasive belief that a woman’s whole existence is for the purpose of serving men is being reinforced and that’s an incredibly debilitating ideology if you’re a member of the female sex. Forney’s material is a result of the injustices he feels as a man set in Western society, rather than attesting it to society’s overall complex of imbalances that makes life unfair for us all, he sets out to denigrate women to establish himself as a “real man”.
    Respect is something earned, not something you receive because you were born of a certain sex.
    I wouldn’t mind making you a sandwich, dinner, doing your laundry, or giving you a blowjob given the request was within a reciprocal relationship of love and respect. In fact if the relationship was so fantastic you wouldn’t even have to ask! I don’t identify myself as a feminist, nor am i an avid reader of the sites you’ve listed, i’m simply a supporter of healthy relationships which flourish best when both members are able to simple “be”. This child masqueraded in the guise of a worldly intellectual is spewing some pretty toxic shit, hopefully there aren’t many lapping it up…

  • Aleksandra Nikolaevna

    What is it with you people and maths? I always found it rather boring. (and no, my IQ is not average)

  • MitchellFinnic

    “So it is with the myth of female intelligence. Girls believe they are smart, worldly and cultured because men lie and white knight for them. The gelded father telling his little princess that she can be whatever she wants to be, the slack-wristed orbiter who writes sweet nothings on her Facebook posts, the hipster nancyboy who claims he wants an “equal”: they are the enemy. Without them, the Katerinas of America would gladly kneel to their Petruchios. Because these genetic discards cannot compete with legitimate men, they encourage degeneracy in the vain hope of getting their dicks wet.”

    I myself am the product of these “lies.” My father encouraged me and told me I could be whatever I wanted. How DARE he?!? So, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Biomechanics, attended graduate school, and now I fit and fabricate prosthetic limbs. You know, the fancy bionic ones? I’m considering getting my Ph. D but we will see. It’s weird what a little encouragement and self-belief can do for a woman.

    As for the second part, the “hipster nancyboy?” I’m afraid he is fairing much better than you. My husband (not a nancyboy, I can assure you ;) ) is sitting next to me in bed laughing because, in the game of life, he won.

    You think you have the right idea oppressing women? Is that *just* getting you all the babes; telling them to quiet down and go back to the kitchen? How’s that working out for you? Is this behavior getting your dick “wet?”

    Unless you start treating women as equals, no woman who is your equal will put up with you. These intelligent, fun, interesting women will just leave and you will be left with women who don’t mind being treated poorly, and then you will bemoan all women for being stupid. Uff dah.

    I for one, am so thankful for my “white knights,” male and female, for not bridling my potential with sexist stereotypes. I hope I can do the same for others.

  • MitchellFinnic

    dafuq? Excuse me, but where are your sources for this tasty little bit of genetic inheritance patterning? Please, do tell.

  • Matt Aleshire

    Don’t worry, Matt. You’ll soon have the right to marry in your state.

  • Steve Corner

    More male-bashing….gee…what a shock.

  • Sarah Wilson

    What happened in your life to make you hate women so much? I feel sorry for you because it must have been so awful to give you such an inflated sense of superiority,

    I’m a woman and majored in Math, and got better grades than many male class mates so where is the logic there? However I do not feel that I am of any more worth than anyone because of it, which is the problem you seem to be suffering from. Your sweeping generalizations are massively flawed and you clearly lack proper research. The only reason why your articles get any attention is because of sheer ridiculousness and outdated opinions, not because of their ‘wonderful insightful’ contents, or ‘brilliant’ writing.

    I hope you find a way to deal with your irrational fear and denial of intelligent women, maybe some therapy would help?

  • k8

    Even as a woman, I’ve noticed this as well. I a friend who is doing a graduate degree and she has ridiculously high standards for any man that wants to date her. She seems to think that all these top tier men should want to date her for her “intelligence”, and she’s always calling other women bimbos for not going through years and years of university education, even those those girls are vastly more successful in getting the kind of men she wants. What’s worse, she’s not even that smart. She has the least intellectual curiosity out of everybody I know, and even my boyfriend has remarked on how uninteresting her conversation is. It’s really unfortunate, because she is a really good, kind and loyal person and would actually make a fantastic wife and mother. Her arrogance though, will ensure that she remains single for the rest of her life unless some kind of miracle happens.

    That being said, I don’t think all women are stupid. My mother, despite never having graduated from primary school, is one of the most intelligent people I know. She reads really hardcore history books and Tang and Song dynasty poetry for fun. She is also a genius at fixing things. Being an intelligent woman, she married my father (who is wealthy), had kids, and spends her time doing what she likes, instead of slaving away in some office with a group of catty office ladies for decades.

  • Natasha

    I’m just assuming that you wrote this to get a reaction. I’m assuming that you want to shock and offend people so that you can get more hits on your blog and make money from the advertisements.
    I’m a female Electrical Engineer and I’m not going to waste any more of my time reading this garbage.

  • Rebecca Hodle

    People actually agree with this guy??! I thought this was an attempt to be funny. I didn’t realize he wants people to take him seriously. I’ve been duped. It must be because I’m less intelligent than the people who believe this junk. Ignorance really is bliss!

  • TheBiloi

    What you have to understand is that this blog is on the same level as HuffPost and other far-left sites. Its main purpose is for getting clicks through provocative article titles. Then there are the mentally-deranged who actually share the article’s views. I abhor modern day feminism, but I find this entire website absolutely absurd. I don’t think we should get too worked up about it as you pretty much nailed it. Matt is just a genetically unfortunate fat bald man. His opinions on what makes “a good woman” aren’t really of value to actual high-value men and women. I truly pity anyone whose life revolves around “game” and sex. If enjoyable sex is something that you have to write strategic articles about instead of just experiencing in your day-to-day life and relationships, then your character is lacking in some much-needed humanity.

    And to state that intelligence is far down on the list of what makes a woman attractive is outright laughable. But it makes sense for people like Matt to only be attracted to what’s attainable.

  • tomato8ish .

    Right… I think you need to revise the concepts of the English language once more, your comprehension is lacking my friend.

  • Steve Corner

    Actually, I’m an English major. But continue…it’s quite entertaining.

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    Hi I’m 15 and just read Atlas Shrugged too. Let’s be friends!

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    Women do not have a lower mean IQ. They have a smaller variance of IQ.

  • kellin myers

    I’m just curious, you say that “intelligent” women often settle for soft degrees such as acting, english, etc.. and you bash them for doing so. I assume that you believe yourself to be intelligent, but in your bio, it says you have been educated in english and journalism, a soft major. How can you bash intelligent women for doing so, but do so yourself, unless you don’t consider yourself intelligent?

  • ripov

    she is eating you for lunch and yes, it is entertaining.

  • Sam

    Women just don’t seem to get the big picture. They lack a curiosity about the world and creativity that intelligent men have. I think the crux of the issue is that women are unable to disengage mentally from status seeking which is an innately false and manipulative practice. Conformity as a survival adaptation is wired too deeply into the feminine consciousness to allow for meaningful objective intellectual analysis. The female brain is wired for conformist social cohesion and the male brain is wired for problem solving.

  • Moni1111

    I think Marilyn Vos Savant, Marie Curie, Joy Adamson, Mary Anning, the four year old female with a mensa iq, Clara Barton, and Ruth Benedict among others would beg to differ. One scientist states that men are more intelligent, yet the orthodoxy in intelligence research for the second half of the 20th century has been that men and women have the same average intelligence. Also, most imbeciles were men, while most women were in the normal range. Deal with facts.

  • Steve Corner

    “eating me for lunch” “Male-bashing” Yeah…I’ve said this already. Yawn….

  • Taelor Pelusey

    Is this satire? I can’t tell. I’m just a girl …

  • Taelor Pelusey

    Yeah, that was my initial thought as well. As a Journalism/Economics student I started to work myself up a bit (that damn oestrogen!) but I had a look around and saw he’s got a couple of books and an e-book dedicated to making money online through blogging – presumably by generating traffic. I’m sure this clusterfuck of an article as well as other beauties like “How To Beat Your Girlfriend Or Wife And Get Away With It” have generated a shit-tonne – regardless of whether or not he believes the bullshit he’s spinning.

  • pauldrake

    I never met you so I can’t verify or refute your superior intelligence
    or lack thereof. What is more likely is that somewhere there is a man
    with career aspirations thwarted to make room for you. Of course, I
    could be wrong, as I don’t know you and more than likely never will. As
    for your hero lying in bed next to you. I’d say there’s at least a 70%
    chance of you making a cuckold out of him somewhere along the line.
    White knights are a dime a dozen, even to intelligent, successful high
    income women like you. One last thing. I bear you no ill will, but just
    be aware that when the collapse comes, and it will, your beta boy white
    knight is going to need lots of help from men like me. The kind of man
    you probably wouldn’t spit on.

  • MitchellFinnic

    You’re right about one thing; obviously you haven’t met me. Firstly, I didn’t “thwart’ (good word choice, though) anyone’s aspirations- my employers (male and female) chose me as the person in whom they would invest a great deal of money. I beat out many other men and women for this position based on my capabilities, not my biological sex. I bet I would beat you too because I am damn good at my job. Secondly, a 70% chance that I will cuckold my husband? That seems inordinate considering I have never cheated on anyone in my whole life. Where are you getting this percentage? Are you a statistician? Sounds like you’re just being bitter and cynical. You might want to work on that. Lastly, let me be clear; a bigot is EXACTLY the kind of man on whom I would spit. ;)

  • MitchellFinnic

    Women are the primary purchasers for entire households. That means that more women than men are making the purchasing choices for multiple individuals. For example, when a man and a woman both make twenty dollars but the woman goes to the grocery store and spends the thirty dollars on things they *both* consume. If men really don’t like it, then they should start doing more of the shopping. I’m sure Mr. Clean could easily be changed to Ms. Clean to advertise to men if that is what the market demanded.

  • pauldrake

    Bigot. Racist. Sexist. Misogynist. So many words the PC Thought Police have rendered meaningless. You’d NEVER pick me out in a crowd. In fact if you met me there’s a good chance you’d feel comfortable and laugh although I doubt you would even friend zone me. As for your job, like I said I’m not sure. And yes I would be thoroughly incompetent at what you do. I do know of more than one concern that buried itself trying to do the AA thing for women and minorities. In fact I worked for a company that had to sell out because they made so many mistakes and lost clients trying to make a “level playing field.” Now for the cuckold thing. Let’s just say I have access to some credible research on the subject and I have observed many couples in my own generation. The cheating rate is astounding and women have all but caught up to men in that regard. Women of your education, status and above average intelligence out in the business world are especially prone. Sometimes you (speaking in general terms here) need a little diversion, a bad boy, a company superstar, or just some tall dark stranger. It happens. ALL THE TIME. So I put it at 70%, so 30% chance you won’t. So anyway I bear you no ill will. Even if you think I’m a bigot and wouldn’t bother spitting on me. That makes me beta blue boy to many in the manosphere but I’m older than most here and very comfortable with myself and all my talents, virtues, faults and failures.

  • MitchellFinnic

    Again, where are your sources? Please share them. If you only have anecdotal evidence (i.e. personal experience), then I am afraid your source is invalid and unreliable. If you happen know more men that have been cuckolded than women who have been cheated upon then congratulations! You probably surround yourself with good, loyal men who most unfortunately chose untrustworthy women. That does not mean that there are not just as many men out there who will cheat on perfectly good woman- you just might not associate with those men. Obviously your subjective opinion is skewed to be unflattering toward women. Does that mean that 70% of women in my position cheat? Not at all. Furthermore, it is highly unfair to suggest that I, personally, will most likely cheat on my husband. Every individual is different, and making sweeping allegations about me based on my status, intelligence, and sex is an example of bigotry. Hope this helps clarify!

    P.S. of course I wouldn’t “friend-zone” you! I am married so I can’t friend-zone anyone (I mean, I guess *technically* I could, but that would be a very strange circumstance). To be friend-zoned requires that I am single but only interested in being friends. That would be like hitting on a married friend of yours, trying to make a move on her (even though she is married), and then saying you got friend-zoned when she was faithful to her husband and turned you down! That’s silly.

  • pauldrake

    Do you know who the “real Paul Drake” is? Research has been my life since childhood. It’s out there if you care to look for it, if you are unwilling to give me credibility, which given the state of the internet may not be a bad idea. I think you are a twenty or early thirty something, the most badly educated generation except for those coming after you. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll see that my cynicism is well founded. On that note “arrivederci” and best of luck to you and yours. I’m not going to get vanilla for you though. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind and that is just what our decaying dying western society is doing. The twain never shall meet so I bid you good day.

  • MitchellFinnic

    ARE YOU THE REAL PAUL DRAKE?!?! OMG I HAD NO IDEA!!!! (being facetious)

    But seriously, that was rude. While I don’t really get my feelings hurt about anything on the internet, I was trying to have a conversation, and on top of telling me that I most likely achieved my career based on my gender (questioning my intelligence and capabilities) and that it is 70% likely that I will cheat on my husband (questioning my moral character), you tell me that mine is the worst educated generation and that we will be the ruin of western society (questioning my patriotism). You saying this is analogues to me saying, “I can’t wait until all the older generations die off so that all their antiquated ideas die with them and we won’t have to be saddled with the burden of their idiocy.” Now that’s not very nice, is it?

  • pauldrake

    Oh boy I must really be weak where you are concerned. Your generation is badly, horribly educated. Subject of a Frankenstein experiment that is working very well indeed. You know the great movie The Treasure of Sierra Madre where the Mexican bandito tell Humphrey Bogart “I don’t have to show you no stinking badges!” Well I don’t need no stinking research for that one. It’s obvious to any sentient being with a high two digit IQ and I am far from the only person who believes this to be true. I did have a very short unhappy career as a history teacher however. Wow. I’m thinking I’m coming off to you like the most sensitive blue beta boy wimp and you say I’m insulting you. What are you going to do when confronted with the real fire breathers on the manosphere sites? Again, the 70% comment seems to really anger you and hurt your feelings, and that was not my intention. I just have a very blunt no BS approach to life in person and cyberspace. I may not be enough red meat red pill for some around here but I’ve been a realist since childhood, and I have lived a very real life.. So just ferociously love your husband come hell or high water and make me wrong. I’m fine with that. As for this comment “I can’t wait until all the older generations die off so that all their
    antiquated ideas die with them and we won’t have to be saddled with the
    burden of their idiocy.” Now that’s not very nice, is it?

    No it’s not nice but at some points in history it’s been true. This just isn’t one of those times. Unfortunately when all hell breaks loose many will miss the “idiocy” they freed themselves from.

  • ThomasER916

    I worked for Lucent Technologies and I found something even more startling. Nearly every women that was on the highest level of technical achievement suffered from a hereditary female baldness. I was discovered this when working in Migrations, moving and relocating personnel and PCs, because I had to shoulder surf and talk them through the checklist prepared by section managers. I don’t doubt for a moment that a distinct change in brain chemistry produces highly technical engineers in women and men, while simultaneously producing similar patterns in baldness.

  • ThomasER916

    Nothing you said had any basis in this topic or discussion whatsoever. Your Litany of PC Libtarded BS is nothing more than the mantras of Useful Idiots. You think you’re here making a valid point but you’re not.

    “Unless you start treating women as equals…”

    Or what? Women will turn into horrifying bitches? Too late. Already happened and women are MORE than equals de jure and de facto. So treating women as equals resulted in Animal Farm where every women is legally an insufferable tyrannical bitch.

    The plain and simple fact is when a woman like you reads from the Litany of Cultural Marxism they’ve clearly indicated they’re stupid, indoctrinated, and toxic.


    You missed a few buzzwords from the Litany. Your agitprop is not Double Plus on Good.

  • ThomasER916

    The Republican Party is a Political Party. Saying “right” or “left” in Politics is pretty much worthless. Not entirely worthless, but mostly. You are correct about the “Progressives.” Though, fascism is preferable to the ethno-masochism we’re living through today.

  • ThomasER916

    Actually he’s right. Neil de Grasse Token is a fraud. He’s nothing more than an Affirmative Action Minstrel Show for Scientism.

  • ThomasER916

    He has a Right to bash those women because they demand OTHER women become scientists when they clearly didn’t. Women choose to not be scientists then bitch about it. Just like women choose to work less hours and therefore get less experience, are less reliable and receive less pay. What do they do? They bitch about it. What’s worse is rather than simply bitch they collective pass Legislation to destroy the men who are scientists, engineers, and doctors while they’re still in action, English, etc and now an entire country suffers from their collective narcissism and stupidity.

  • ThomasER916

    And this is why women aren’t scientists, engineers, CEOs, or economists. Even if you have an “average” IQ you’re not interested. Then what do you do when you discover men make more money? You bitch about it and collectively pass Legislation to punish men for creating wealth and reliable data.

    What you find “boring” is precisely why you make less than men.

  • ThomasER916

    Nothing you will say will “prove him wrong” in any way. In fact, your inability to understand what he’s saying is proving the opposite. You’ll be in “hell” but it will be a Turd World hell created by Mass Turd World immigration due to IQ denying idiots like yourself.

  • ThomasER916

    The problem is you’re not “just a girl”, you’re stupid, indoctrinated, and a Cultist, which is why you’re here. Even if it was “satire” you still wouldn’t get it.

  • ThomasER916

    The problem is everything you said is wrong. Women do need to understand how to please men otherwise they’ll have to settle for dying alone or being with manipulative losers. Furthermore, a woman’s intelligence needs functionality. An intelligent woman that’s merely a debt-ridden, insufferable bitch is worse than useless, they’re toxic and again deserve to die alone or have their genes banished to the outskirts where it will dwell among the dysfunctional.

    Women are men’s objects of sexual desire because that’s how biology reproduces. I have to explain where babies come from because you’re stupid and indoctrinated. Did you understand that? Probably not. If men do not desire women then they will not be a husband or create a family. Then when you’re desperate you’ll find a loser who will lie and pass his low-IQ on to your children and you’ll have wasted the rest of your life screaming “discrimination” and “racism” because you birthed low-iQ trash.

    The “shame” is the delusion that men and women shouldn’t desire one another or please one another. That kind of profound, Feminist stupidity is the commandments of an ethno-masochist.

  • ThomasER916

    And what did they do besides live in a world built by men? Women are a petulant leisure class in the 1st world, a world created by White men and ruined by fat slobs like yourself.

    Deal with the facts. Country bumpkins like Philo Farnsworth accomplished more in his life-time than those pampered women accomplished with decades of complaining combined. He built this modern world along with other men like Elon Musk who have surpassed every country on earth and billions of women in raw brain power of technical expertise reaching beyond the limits of the earth when women are only able to raise a few inches in heels. Men built this world, not women. Men defended this world, not women. Men are responsible for this modern world – White men. These actual facts, these real facts, will Trigger you.

  • ThomasER916

    The guy who replied to you (ripov) is a typical, Post-Modern, White-Knight, ethno-masochist raised by a single mom. He’s a degenerate who’s so scarred he cannot identify what is good and bad, right and wrong. You’ll find the men that instinctively hate children, family, and other men were raised by women who felt the same and thoroughly poisoned them. He believes he’s being righteous by attacking men for women’s failures. Think about the excuses and delusions of single mothers and you’ll find how that was imprinted on these beta-males. It’s not their fault, but they’re the problem children that we’re now forced to deal with.

  • Taelor Pelusey

    And stupid. And indoctrinated.

  • MitchellFinnic

    How does what I originally stated have nothing to do with the article? I disagreed with the author’s opinion that men should not encourage women and then offered my own personal experience as an example of what can happen when a woman has strong, supportive men and women in her life. Women should support men and men should support women. It shouldn’t be this vicious, competitive, battle of the sexes because that is counterproductive. That is what the original article perpetuates; gender wars. I disagreed with it.

    As for the comments that ensued; I am simply replying to my fellow commenter. We were both being civil but apparently what I had to say moved you to the point that you felt it necessary to start this tangent about some different issues other than what I had originally posted.

    Your opinions are your opinions. I can not change them and I will not try. I can only change myself. I will say that you were correct; instead of the word ‘equality’ I should probably use the word ‘equity,’ as it is more accurate.

    Is the average woman as strong or as fast as the average man? No. These are not points I am arguing. Men and women are different, I didn’t claim that they weren’t. However, I don’t think that you should treat women as inferior because some women happen to be worse at certain things than some men. Likewise, I don’t think society should treat men as inferior because they happen to be worse at certain things than women. That is what I meant by equality.

    And as for intelligence, I feel that no matter what metric you use it will have its faults. For example, it’s my opinion that standardized tests do not adequately capture a person’s intelligence. Do I believe that the majority of women are less intelligent than the majority of men? No. I think that both sexes have their own cognitive advantages, but that either sex can become an expert in most subjects with various amounts of work. Not everyone will become an expert in their field, but how do you know what they are capable of unless they are encouraged to try? Would you tell a five-year-old that he should not study how stars work because there is absolutely no possibility that he could become an astrophysicist? If everyone did this, then where would all the astrophysicists come from? You need to believe in people regardless of biological sex. I think that the talents of many people of all sexes have been truncated by this discouragement.

    Do I believe that many, MANY people of both sexes are frivolous, self-centered, and morally corrupt? Yeah, probably, but I don’t have to like it. I definitely don’t have to stand by as people erroneously claim that “every woman is legally an insufferable tyrannical bitch” without standing up for myself, my mom, my sister, and all the other women whom I know are contrary to this statement.

  • Steve Corner

    I’ve noticed. LOL

  • MitchellFinnic

    Neither one of us is a generational expert, obviously. Since you’re not into sharing scholarly articles and opinions (such as ours) vary greatly on this point, we will simply have to agree to disagree. I am currently reading up on some studies on differences between the millennial generation and previous generations. I encourage you to do the same! I hope for both of our sakes you’re wrong about the millennial generation, but truthfully only time will tell.

  • ThomasER916

    “Your opinions are your opinions.”

    There you go again off on another tangent to justify your stupid bullshit. The problem is your brain is so full of bullshit that when combined with your instinctive Narcissism you always veer off course. No one ever said, “All women are dumb.” In fact, the top comment is a woman who understands statistics, and that’s precisely what this article is about.

    You may be getting your PhD but you’re a fucking idiot. Did you understand that? No. Of course you didn’t.

  • MitchellFinnic

    “No one ever said, “All women are dumb.”” … the title of this essay is “The Myth of Female Intelligence” which implies that female intelligence is a myth. i.e. women are not smart.

    It is simply amazing- people never fail to rise to the occasion. I was being totally civil and you immediately resorted to name-calling?

    How was my response a tangent? You brought these topics up and I addressed them. Typically that is how correspondence works.

    More importantly, why are you *so* very mad? I have not once been mean or degrading towards you or any other men. You just seem… so mad…?! like verbal fisticuffs mad…

  • MitchellFinnic

    Obviously neither of us is a generational expert. Because you are not interested in sharing sources and opinions on this subject vary greatly (such as ours) we will just have to disagree. I know I will be doing more research on the differences between millennials and previous generations, I encourage you to do the same! I hope that, for both our sakes, you are wrong.

  • Dave Kinard


  • Dave Kinard

    If your master manly race is so superior, then how has its power managed to erode so?

  • Dave Kinard

    Wait, are you really THE REAL Paul Drake?

  • Dave Kinard

    Wait, I thought Einstein was a girl?

  • Dave Kinard

    You’re surprised that these guys resorted to name calling?

  • Dave Kinard

    He’s a badass.

  • Dave Kinard

    and don’t forget, a degenerate ethno-masochist who’s bringing down civilization! What fun!

  • MitchellFinnic

    No, I can’t say that I’m surprised! This is the internet after all.

  • MitchellFinnic

    No, I can’t say that I’m surprised! This is the internet after all.

  • pauldrake

    Studies on infidelity are all over the map. Buss and Shackelford estimated a cheating rate of between 30-60%. Anderson found that 2-3% of children are not the biological progeny of the man in a marriage. Other studies have found a rate above 10% in certain sub groups. It is really hard to get accurate data on exactly what the divorce rate is in the US do to faulty interpretation of data. For instance if the number of marriages in a given year is double the number of divorces it doesn’t necessarily translate to a 50% divorce rate. However recently estimated a divorce rate in excess of 40%. A Wall Street Journal study found that people in your age cohort are more sexually active before marriage than previous generations and as a result infidelity is becoming more common among those under 30 and married. More women in the workforce and changing technology has made opportunities to stray more numerous and easier than in the past. Barash and Lipton have found long term monogamy to be difficult but not impossible. The University of Arizona did an extensive study on sexual fantasies of young college age women. Hicks and Leitenberg found that almost everyone fantasizes about having sex with someone not their spouse or partner. A study I personally conducted in the 1980’s found a cheating rate of 65% for males and 35% for women among Baby Boomers. I could go on and on and on. Now how about real life? Like I tried to tell you before professional women cheating on their spouses happens with depressing regularity. You want me to name names on the internet it ain’t gonna happen. Western societies have fallen prey to the cultural marxist crowd abandoned their traditions and the results aren’t pretty. Open your eyes, if you need a link for this then I give up. I know as a twenty something you are not privy to what we were compared to where we are now but you have parents, relatives, friends, books and periodicals to consult. As for the education part. How about this from the very liberal Huffington Post? There are literally dozens and dozens of similar examples and they aren’t hard to find. Now as for your generation. The leftist cultural marxist crowd pretty much had hegemony over public education by the time your group came along. You’ve been indoctrinated into every ism and the majority of you have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Enjoy paying the 20+++ trillion debt your political heroes has saddled you with. At this point I’m reaching the pain threshold and wondering if you’re not trolling me. The internet can be a wonder but it’s still not suitable for real intellectual discourse but God knows with you I have tried.

  • ThomasER916

    You really are stupid.

  • ThomasER916

    There you are being stupid again.

  • ThomasER916

    No, that’s your rectal prolapse.

  • ThomasER916

    Once again, your rectal prolapse is showing.

  • ThomasER916

    So what you’re saying is you simply read the title and then posted your idiot bullshit? That sounds about right.

    “How was my response a tangent?”

    Because you’re posturing and back-patting is precisely what this article was about while missing the obvious details. The fact that you can’t make it past a headline serves as evidence enough. However, since you’re rendered utterly stupid from indoctrination you’re missing key information that was highlighted in red so even a Useful Idiot like you would get it.

    This is the very first enumerated section:

    “men have a wider standard deviation while females cluster around the middle. In layman’s terms, this means that there are more intelligent men than there are intelligent girls. At the same time, it also means that there are more unintelligent men then unintelligent girls, which is why the short bus tends to be a sausage fest. The “dumb bimbo” stereotype is a fiction invented by ugly girls.”

    I have to repeat what was in the article because your brain is completely full of bullshit and you’re triggering. You’d think that someone who wants to be a PhD could read an article. However, considering that Universities are no longer a place of academic excellence but Political Correctness I’m sure you’ll do just fine in expanding your agitprop.

  • ThomasER916


    You’re a Cultist who screams agitprop 24/7 and now, all of a sudden, you’re clutching your pearls when someone dares to tell you you’re full of bullshit, because you are full of bullshit. You don’t give a crap about “name calling.” You, like this dickless faggot Dave Kinard, are nothing more than Useful Idiots who are programmed to engage in agitprop. That’s why you can’t read an article past a headline and Dave is being a typical beta faggot.

    Right about now you should be Triggering again because I said “faggot.”

    Of course, you’re indoctrinated to posture moral enlightenment, attack, and sermonize. Your religion is your Political Correctness.

  • MitchellFinnic

    I’m not clutching my pearls, what gave you that idea? You in no way, shape, or form present even the slightest threat to me and to other successful women like myself.

    Despite what you seem to believe, you have no more called me on my bullshit than I have called you out on your’s. My “bullshit” as you so called it, is my opinion. I simply stated that your opinion is your’s and mine is mine, and now you’re getting mad about it. I did not dismiss your opinion. I just disagree with it, which, thankfully, I am allowed to do.

    All of your verbal thrashing really has no effect on my life. You are just upsetting yourself. Watch out for your blood pressure!

    What was truly an entertaining exchange has now become tiresome, as you only wish to mud-sling and name-call. I hope you have a good rest of your life, I know I will in spite of all your very bizarre insults.

  • ThomasER916

    When I said you’re indoctrinated to posture enlightenment and sermonize, I wasn’t kidding. Since you’re really stupid and indoctrinated you can’t understand this, but you’ll continue doing so. Here was your latest example:

    “You are just upsetting yourself.”
    No I’m not.

    “Watch out for your blood pressure!”
    You’ve already admitted you’re not a doctor. You really are full of bullshit. You’re so full of bullshit you believe you’re a doctor that can give a valid diagnosis over the internet.

    “I hope you have a good rest of your life, I know I will in spite of all your very bizarre insults.”
    That was a nice ending to your PC Agitprop Sermon.

  • Abby

    That’s hilarious considering the above talks about dumb females doing english majors.

  • Carrie

    Hmm, you outed yourself in your second sentence as not knowing what you are talking about. “Women need to understand how to please men otherwise they’ll have to settle for dying alone”. That is bound to make a LOT of people laugh, perhaps mostly women, who last we checked are turning marriage down in favor of the better choice of *living alone and skipping marriage by choice, since we work decent jobs and have enough money to support ourselves*. Marriage has never been so pointless and unnecessary for women as it is now.

    It is not “settling”, it is the preferred AIM of remaining unmarried. Honestly, get that outrageous ego in check. Men are not the ones being pursued in marriage, women are. Men are nice, yes, but superfluous. There is no settling for dying alone for women. That is projection from your own scared mind.

  • Carrie

    Oh, I am very intrigued by man-bashing! Can you please point where tomato’s post contained any? As in literally ANY man-bashing? Did she remove it already? Because her post is currently bereft of any such promised bashing of men.

    Well, since it’s gone now, can you remember what she had said that prompted you to sign into Disqus, think up a witless retort, then actually type it out knowing full well that it might actually be read by people who would associate you forever with your witless retort?

    Thank you in advance for your response providing what tomato has clearly edited out of her post.

  • Carrie

    Hi there, can you please tell me how long you’ve been psychic? I am fascinated by those who possess the skill to read a sentence from a complete stranger online and then divine the person’s life history, personal motivations behind his/her actions, and by whom they were raised. How did ripov’s father exit the picture? Was it death? Was it a bus that hit him while he wasn’t looking, a piano falling out of a tenth story window, a slip on a banana peel? I mean, since you are clearly professing occult powers and you also don’t mind gossiping about others in public forums, I would love to be impressed by your other-worldly psychic powers of divination regarding ripov (since you initiated the reading on him already).

    I am jealous that I am so much more of a pragmatist when clearly someone with your exceedingly rare and unique powers should be the one earning almost seven figures, not me :( But no, you people always say you like to read tea leaves to help others, not to win at the horse track to make yourself rich…

  • Carrie

    I guess only women and intelligent men are able to realize how laughably false that statement is. Too bad this site rarely sees any of those two populations.

  • Carrie

    Wow, rarely does a person tell a joke (like your first sentence) and then feel the need to SPECIFY “what a joke” in the second sentence. I guess the typical readership here needs that reading assistance, eh?

  • Carrie

    Did you not know that male pattern baldness and female hereditary baldness — while both are forms of alopecia — they are on opposite ends of the spectrum for baldness. They are not just separated by gender but by almost any alopecic marker you can come up with.

  • Carrie

    Regarding pauldrake: when all else fails (when you can’t call the woman stupid, unmarriageable, or ugly), accuse her of sluttiness or future sluttiness.

    lonnnnng sigh at the predictability.

  • Carrie

    Oh, come on. That’s almost a guarantee for longtime readers of this site!

  • Carrie

    Perhaps when you are older you will enjoy the bitter art of telling younger generations that they are necessarily more stupid than your own generation.

  • pauldrake

    The sound of crickets. Give some substance with the promise of more and find out how little it means. Every time I think Matt Forney maybe has gone a bit overboard he is proven right. I’ve come to realize how the battle tested and beaten under 40 set has become hard edged, and why the manosphere is so needed. Also why so many of you are headed for parts unknown in the hopes of finding real femininity. Shame on me for again, again, again showing respect and trying to be a gentleman.

  • Aleksandra Nikolaevna

    Hooold your horses, I never bitched about anything. I have nothing to bitch about, I’m 20 and I have already started my own businesses because jobs are also boring. I was merely asking why people focus so much on maths; for example, I like art (studying about it as well as practicing it and experimenting with techniques), philosophy, history and linguistics much better (I currently speak 6 languages). My point was that I find other sciences to be more interesting and flexible and don’t understand the hype about maths. If it is all just job related, there are plenty of well paid jobs that are not math related, nor created just so women have something to do, lol. About the Legislation part I don’t know, I live in Romania and I have no idea about the legislation in other countries (except for the no-alcohol-until-21 thing in Murrica which saddened me deeply upon hearing). Cheers.

  • Aleksandra Nikolaevna

    And if you might be interested in my business domain, I have a webdesign/branding agency and an online clothes shop. None required maths, both bring in quite a lot of money if you build a good working-and-promoting system.

  • MitchellFinnic

    Firstly, let’s keep in mind my original comment; I stated that men should support women in their academic and career endeavors. I disagreed with the author’s position that men shouldn’t encourage women in their intellectual pursuits. That was it. Then you commented, saying that I didn’t deserve my career because I had probably cheated a man out of the position, that I would likely cheat on my husband, and that my husband would then find support from men like yourself.

    Just summarizing. I have not once told you my political alignment.

    For the purposes of this discussion, I am not as concerned with the data pertaining to divorce rates, simply because the percentage that you suggested was that I was 70% likely to cheat on my husband, you never included anything about divorce, so for brevity I will not include that here. I hope you do not find this dismissive of your information gathering; I am just trying to stay on the topic at hand (My likelihood of cheating on my husband, right?)

    In 2007 (You should know that a study done in 1980 is no longer relevant.), a study by RJ Brand, CM Markey, A Mills, SD Hodges found that women were slightly more likely to cheat than men- with some caveats. The article can be found here:

    In case you don’t want to read the study, here is a summary: “While approximately equal numbers of men and women in our study appear to be cheating, typically, men who were unfaithful cheated many times, consistent with a strategy to
    “spread their seed.” Those women who were unfaithful, however, tended to cheat only a few times, which is more consistent with the possibility that they are cheating in order to try out or trade up to new partners. This relatively low number of cheating episodes in women emerged despite the fact that our measurement of cheating episodes may have inflated estimates of female cheating relative to previous studies (see Blow and Hartnett 2005).”

    Their measurements changed because the definition of “cheating” varies across studies and this study does not define cheating exclusively as sexual intercourse. The authors themselves state, “The specific definitions of cheating used in this research and the inclusion of non-intercourse behaviors as cheating behaviors may at least partially account for the finding that women were likely to report infidelity.”

    And as for your guess that I was 70% likely to cheat on my husband- “Consistent with our hypothesis, we did not find men reporting infidelity more than women; in
    fact, we found a trend toward more women (31.4%) reporting infidelity than men (24.0%), Pearson’s chi square=3.08 p=.08.

    31.4% =/= 70%

  • MitchellFinnic

    Yes, the manosphere is just *so* needed. To teach us women our place!

    The manosphere is just the place to go when I notice myself starting to have those dangerous feelings of ambition, and self-worth. God-forbid I ever feel the motivation to learn!

    Hold up, I think I just sprained my eyes from rolling them so hard…

  • ThomasER916

    LOL! Thanks! I needed that.

  • ThomasER916

    The problem is you don’t understand biology, which is why you’re “saddened” – a response brought about by your Operant Conditioning. The body’s ability to handle alcohol is biological and hereditary. Romanians are a single ethnic group that has lived in a single area of the world for over 10,000 years. Since you’re indoctrinated to believe that everyone is magically “equal” you can’t understand what Alcohol does to different peoples. Learn to speak population genetics.


  • ThomasER916

    There isn’t a single metric to support your bullshit.

    Evolution is the only game you automatically lose by not playing.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re not “jealous”, you’re just an indoctrinated Useful Idiot for Cultural Marxism whose Operant Conditioning has turned them into a moronic attack bitch. Since you’re really, REALLY stupid I’ll pass along obvious information:

    Click on a poster’s name and you’ll have access to all of their previous posts, websites and you’ll be able to track them down on the internet.

    What’s that? Oh you’re an idiot? Yeah, I gathered that. I’m not psychic, I’m just smarter than you.

  • ThomasER916

    You can’t see it because you’re stupid and indoctrinated. So here it is:
    “You seem to think you’re providing insightful and empowering knowledge to an audience of low-testosterone-mid-life-crisis guys…”

    Then there’s a typical moment of female cognitive dissonance:
    “Where did all this hate come from?”

    Classic Marxist Agitprop. Everyone who dares to question the Cult is magically a “hater.” This Marxist bullshit is literally everywhere: racist! bigot! homophobe! nazi!

    You won’t understand any of this. You’re Triggering.

  • Steve Corner

    Aaaaan even more male-bashing. Proving my point yet again. Amazing.

  • Carrie

    “Evolution is the only game you automatically lose by not playing.”

    Putting aside that evolution isn’t a game, I still agree with the sentiment… therefore I am left wondering WHY you refuse to join those of us who have evolved away from your very backward thinking? You’re the one who by your own definition is losing the game because you choose not to evolve. If you change your mind and decide to participate in evolution again, you likely won’t die alone as you sound quite certain that’s your fate (it does not have to be if you don’t want it to be).

  • Carrie

    … BUT WHERE THOUGH??? Is it visible only to you?

    Until you share what your magic glasses are reading, you’re the only one seeing it!

  • Steve Corner

    And even more bashing. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

  • Steve Corner

    Pretty much.

  • Carrie

    Listen, if you didn’t have an answer, you could have just broken down and been honest by saying so. You didn’t have to wave all the little fabricated silliness around to make it look as though there was something where there was nothing.

  • Steve Corner

    But I’m pre-law, so laugh away. LOL

  • Carrie

    ”Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug”

    And irony is a helluva fun thing to watch as you aren’t comprehending it!

  • Carrie

    Ah, so you’re not psychic. I guess you weren’t smart enough to notice someone was calling you not very smart. D’oh! I’d explain, but explaining to a dumb person how dumb a person is would be stupid. I doubt you’d be able to appreciate the irony.

    Someone who incessantly throws around the word Marxism has fooled himself into thinking he’s not stupid :(

  • ThomasER916

    I did have an answer, and I included the most important problem – the salient barrier (your stupidity and indoctrination).

    Nothing was “fabricated” nor “waved.” You really are stupid. That’s a fact. You’re also indoctrinated. That too is a fact. There was “something” and I quoted it but you’ll never, ever understand it due to the salient barrier.

  • ThomasER916

    “WHY you refuse to join those of us who have evolved away from your very backward thinking?”

    Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated you believe that evolution is a Political Ideology where everyone must agree with your Cult. That’s not evolution dip shit.

  • Carrie

    OK, you’re making it clear that you still don’t understand, which is made all the more ironic by the fact that all you know how to do is call OTHERS stupid. Wow. It’s like trying to tell a christian that the Earth isn’t flat. All the flat-earth christian learned how to do was repeat circular logic {cough} rather than intelligence.

    Good luck to you, insult comedian. You’ll need it.

  • Carrie

    And since you’re stupid and SELF-indoctrinated, you believe that others believe evolution is a Political Ideology where everyone must agree with some Cult.

    And all I want is for you to burn your cult membership card and trade up to a library card.

  • ThomasER916


    OMG you’re fucking stupid! LOL!

  • ThomasER916

    “they are on opposite ends of the spectrum for baldness”

    No they’re not. You’re full of shit and you’re trying to posture knowledge you don’t have.

    AR genes, not “spectrum”, not “marker”.

  • Carrie

    And with that, you’ve proven my point while handily disproving your own. Wow.

  • Carrie

    Persistent little gnat, eh? It doesn’t help your case any; you’re still wrong. And no amount of juvenile name-calling and posturing will change that.

    Oh, look, there’s the fly swatter! Guess I can head on out now. I sure hope that little gnat doesn’t recover. Its name-calling abilities were pretty tired.

  • Steve Corner

    and more bashing. Holy crap. LOL!

  • Wittgenstein

    I just read through ripov’s history as well, curious if the information you implied really was obviously evident in his posts. I found a few of his most recent posts discussing his mom taking him on public transportation, but if you look just a little bit further past that, he mentions his parents as single unit. I think you may have jumped to a conclusion and generalized just a wee bit.

  • *yawn*

    Wow, I’m getting second-hand embarrassment for this guy after reading this “article” lmao. For someone who talks a great deal about what is and isn’t a valid profession, it sure doesn’t seem like he has much of one. Because if he did, it would be likely that he’d be out there making an actual contribution to society and not sitting at home writing a blog that only gets read because people share links on Facebook. Seems to me that he’s either struggling with his own sexuality or is just bitter towards women for whatever reason, because for the life of me, I cannot figure out what type of person has time in their day to write something like this.

    Just because someone says “testing has shown that…” does NOT mean whatever is being said is fact. Whatever “facts” that were attempted to be given seemed to be taken out of context, particularly the one about there being more intelligent males than females. And just because someone says they think they’re smarter than most people they know hardly qualifies their statement to be a statistic.

    But I think the best part of all of this is that the same criticisms he writes about here can easily be applied to men. As if men are sitting at home reading classic literature and PVRing documentaries on astrophysics. A lot of them are sitting at home watching porn hub, Sons of Anarchy or playing PS4 – which is absolutely fine. I cannot understand how what someone watches on TV has anything to do with someone’s level of intelligence in school and in life. This isn’t 17th-century Europe. Actually never mind, because even then people were talking about concepts and ideologies more evolved than ones in this article.

  • ripov

    just goes to show how wrong diots like you who claim ‘alpha male’ status really are. your insight is non-existent because you basically live in a delusional bubble. look up this guy ‘war machine’ thats about to go on trial for attempted murder. hes a prime example of your ilk.
    my parents are still together. my father would make a drill sergeant piss himself if it was necessary. i have 3 older brothers that basically had free reign to toughen me up as they saw fit. i also have a sister. i love them all and they love me. i grew up in a rural area and our family lived off the land. i killed my first deer when i was 8 years old. i was all-state in football, basketball, and track in high school and ran track in college. i got my degree in a professional program and now live in the heart of new york city. if anyone could lay claim to ‘alpha male’ status, i certainly could on many levels, though i never would so as not to be associated with fucktards like you.
    men like you and matt forney think that aaaall of society is against you. you get off on being some kind of man alone against the world. well youre right about that. youre just on the wrong side of argument and the wrong side of history. you call me a white knight when in reality its you who wants to be the white knight. you want to put women in their place. you need them to need you, to need your superior skills to protect them. you assholes should be labeled ‘white knights’, white knight wannabe’s more like, who just cry about your unjust loss of superiority in society.
    well i know no amount of debate can change the thinking of delusional idiots like you. i can only take solace in the fact that you and your ilk are dying off and soon will bother the world no more. good riddance i say.

  • ripov

    good job idiot. you really nailed me. typical of your type. all assumptions, zero facts. must be nice in your delusional bubble.

  • ripov

    youre wasting your time with this dimwit. they can never be convinced of their own idiocy. thankfully, theyll die off soon, if not soon enough.

  • ripov

    you are correct. he is WAY off. we’ll just call him captain insight.

  • ripov

    omg. this explains a lot. come back in 10 years and we can have this discussion again, boy.

  • ripov

    this kid is out of his league.

  • ripov

    you really have your head up your ass, dont you? youre indoctrinated by your own outdated, anti-progressive, misogynistic bullshit. you keep fighting equality there buddy. lets see how that works out for you in the future. have fun being (properly) labeled as asshole.

  • ripov

    nice try fake ‘woman’.

  • ThomasER916


    You’re speaking entirely in buzzwords and slogans. Your brain was replaced by a wad of bumper-stickers. You’re a dickless, Liberal, tranny faggot with a rectal prolapse.

    You just Triggered.

  • ThomasER916

    “you call me a white knight when in reality its you who wants to be the white knight.”

    OMG you’re fucking stupid! You think that works? Do you really believe that simply saying, “No you are!” still works after childhood. You’re a serious faggot for Political Correctness.

  • ripov

    those arent buzzwords for anything, idiot. theyre just words that have actual meanings that pertain to the subject being discussed. funny coming from someone who constantly types ‘Triggered’ as if its used in common speech by anyone.
    are you a teenager? because otherwise, you are a sad, sad person (i wont say man because youre obviously not one).
    seek help before you snap and start beating women who wont fit into the little mold you made for them for their own good, of course, since they cant take care of themselves and all.
    what. a. dipshit.

  • ripov

    yep. you confirmed it. bye teenager. come back when you grow up.

  • ThomasER916

    Mangina mode is Triggered

  • ripov

    come back when you grow up little boy. nice cartoon though.

  • ripov

    jesus, the idiocy going on here. ironic that you call people who think women should be treated as equals white knights when youre the ones wanting to make them out to be in need of men to save and protect them. morons

  • pauldrake

    That 70% remark really frosted you. You shouldn’t be so emotional, nor should you give a shit one way or another if it turns out right or not. You’re a strong independent woman, right? I’ll never know if it happens or not but studies aside believe me it happens. Does it ever in today’s hypergamy world. While you’re at it find and take some of those 8th grade tests from the early 20th Century. Anyone who’s willing to be honest knows our educational standards have taken a nosedive over the generations. That our popular culture is in the trash barrel. You can even meet and talk to some millennials who know they have been badly shortchanged.

  • ThomasER916

    Oh internet maidens! How shall you save thee!

    P.S. Your rectal prolapse is showing.

  • ThomasER916

    Yep. You confirmed it. Bye faggot for Political Correctness. Come back when you’re done sucking dicks and saving whales.

  • ThomasER916

    Jesus, you’re fucking stupid. You’re so fucking stupid you actually believe that an ideology that has a single gender in its name and promotes a single gender magically means “equality”. You’re short-bus retard who’s so stupid you’re BEING a White Knight.

    Don’t worry faggot. Your rectal prolapse is a vagina that your internet fag hags respect.

  • ThomasER916

    Nothing changes the fact that you’re completely and utterly full of shit. You have a typical median female IQ and typical female narcissism. You think you understand science, real science. You don’t. You’ve never held a highly technical position in your entire life and never will. There are smart women and you’re not one of them. You’re just another dip shit Feminist who blathers bullshit while posturing. You really are stupid. That’s a fact.

    AR Genes

    Say it again.

    AR Genes

    One more time because you’re stupid.

    AR Genes

  • ripov

    yeah ok kid. well i hope your mom burns your dinner tonight. im sure youll yell at her for not knowing her place, but i cant say i feel bad for her since im sure she played a large role in your turning out to be such an asshole. also, you might want to cut down on the porn. youve referenced anal prolapse a few too many times. youre gonna go blind if you keep it up.
    good luck ever finding a woman that isnt brain dead. im sure thats just how you like them (or think you do since youre still a virgin) which works in your favor since no woman with any sense will ever give you the time of day. maybe you can go with matt forney to the philippines where its still ok to view women as subservient and find someone, though im guessing he has to pay for it. maybe youll eventually get lucky if you can fool someone into thinking youre a decent human being. (nah, better bring some extra cash.) otherwise, youve got a very rough path ahead of you.
    well as much as i enjoy bandying insults with an adolescent…wait, no i dont. fuck off kid. you need a good therapist. im not getting paid to interact with you and god knows any head shrinker that has to treat you should be paid handsomely. now ill just go back to saving whales and sucking dicks since a pc faggot is the absolute worst thing you seem to be able to come up with in that pea brain of yours.

  • ripov

    god, dont help him! we dont want him to reproduce! so funny though. evolution is exactly what will kill off him and his ilk. (lets just keep that a secret though, ok?)

  • ThomasER916

    No caps? Check!

    Word salad? Check!

    Bullshit posturing? Check!

    Politically Correct White Knight shame sermon? Check!

  • ripov

    hes (very obviously) a kid.

  • ThomasER916

    Oh GAWD you’re such a White Knight faggot! You’re so fucking stupid you can’t figure out that I’ve already played the game.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re obviously a White Knight.

  • ThomasER916

    Wow. Just wow.™

  • Carrie

    You’re incorrect on every count. EVERY count. But that can’t exist in your egomaniacal existence, so why bother with delusional annoyances like you anymore? (Psst, that’s a rhetorical question, not one for which I am demanding an answer.) Feel free to continue making up your own facts about people, and please do let your gargantuan, over-fed ego continue to let you believe those delusions. Perhaps it is the only joy you will ever know in life. I’ll just enjoy the show from the sidelines from now on.

    Gnat, be gone.

  • Carrie

    Yes, I wonder at which age the obsessive need to right-fight and name-call will dissipate? My husband said he used to be like this too, but then a girl showed interest in him in the 9th grade and he shaped right the hell up and stopped acting like that for good.

  • Carrie

    ;) Will do!

  • ripov

    yeah. i was like that too. it took a little longer than the 9th grade to overcome, though.
    a lot of men (boys) turn out this way because theyve been rejected by women (girls), many times their own mothers, and felt powerless, so they rebel against those painful emotions and try to get that feeling of power back by demeaning those who made them feel powerless, namely women.
    sadly, some of them turn into elliot rodger’s or jonathan koppenhaver’s. some just write blogs like matt forney so they can recruit others and not feel so alone. they get so deep into this delusional ideology of male superiority that they never recover and lead very sad, lonely, angry lives where everything and everyone in the world is wrong and against them. they have no empathy or compassion for anyone different from them. they explain away the obvious immorality of their ideas as nature or biology or evolution, its sad and rather pathetic.
    needless to say, most of these dudes become abusive in relationships, but there are lots of delusional women who are easily manipulated by them. their ideas about women are constantly reinforced by the only women who will associate with them, idiots.

  • MitchellFinnic

    Let’s set this straight, just because you happen to be a male and they happen to be bashing you, does not mean it qualifies as “male-bashing.” Got it? They aren’t bashing all males, only you. Understand now?

  • MitchellFinnic

    Like I said, I don’t really get upset by anything on the internet, but when you present a completely imaginary figure, I’m going to call you on your bullshit. You were wrong, and you bet your sweet aunt sally that I’m going to find correct figures and accurate sources to discredit you.

    Apart from all that, let’s review again- I in no way antagonized you and you replied to my comment with personal insults and erroneous claims.

    My only point by making my original post was that men and women should support each other and that my life is my own personal contribution to the MOUNTAIN of evidence that supports my stance. Do you disagree? Do you think that men and women shouldn’t support each other? Do you think that men shouldn’t encourage women?

  • pauldrake

    I gave you me opinion based on my observations and my three decade or so head start on you in life. Let’s say for the sake of argument that both you and your positions are superior to mine. You’re still proving Matt Forney and others right by the emotional defensive tone of your responses. As for as mutual “support” goes screw that. In the PC New World Order under which you and your generation have been educated we men are getting massacred literally and figuratively. We’re the ones that need the support now. When the whole shebang collapses and the barbarians are not at the gate but having crashed through there will be much weeping,wailing, and crying out for the patriarchy which has been destroyed. You say I insult you. No I don’t. I grew up in the midwest when directness and honesty were the hallmarks of communication. I have pointed you in various directions that you have chosen to ignore. That should insult me. Real intellectual curiosity is at a premium sad to say among your generation. Because I have and continue to show you much respect that you interpret as insulting I will advise you to study a little history. All great societies are born, flourish with daring, achieve great things in science, politics and the arts and then decline. We are deeply in the decline phase. I will probably be gone and you will probably be here when the worst comes to pass. Read Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich. I in no way support the Nazis or any other form of dictatorship but this book reveals in brutal detail what happens to the women in conquered nations. I was about to give more examples but you pretty much ignore my side, promote yours and take it all as an insult. You know what? In spite of it all I like you. Before you get all huffy and report me to the Internet Thought Police I’m saying it in a cyber kind of way. I think, no I know I have shown you my version of Christian love. Seriously, even if you are a Mensa ++ learn not to get mad and insulted when someone says something you don’t like.

  • Denise

    I don’t know, I think there are all different kinds of intelligence really? so maybe you are smarter than me about some things but there are things that I am smarter about than you too

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  • Steve Corner

    Aaaand even more. Holy shit, I lost count of all the bashing in here. LOL

  • Steve Corner

    10 years? Yeah…right.

  • Dave Kinard

    I don’t know. He seems pretty good at directing traffic to his site.

  • Dave Kinard

    I went to Turd World once. Good Ice cream. Not the best smelling place though.

  • Dave Kinard

    My anal fissure is a girl?

  • Dave Kinard

    You wouldn’t like her, she’s one of those faux-intellectual types.

  • Dave Kinard

    The Beta faggot is the second highest ranked faggot in the faggot pack, and challenges the Alpha faggot for leadership when the opportunity arises.

  • Dave Kinard

    Is this your first day on the internet?

  • Dave Kinard

    To be fair, most people are full of shit. Even after you’ve had a bowel movement, there’s still quite a bit remaining inside of you.

  • Dave Kinard

    Stupid like a fox!

  • Dave Kinard

    Back in my day, we didn’t need no fancy manosphere or mra’s to oppress women. We’d walk fifteen miles from the mines in the snow, barefoot, and say, woman, make me a sandwich then give me a blowjob!

  • Dave Kinard

    Apparently I’m smart enough to contribute to the downfall of your civilization.

  • Dave Kinard

    Wait, if we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

  • Dave Kinard

    That’s mad racist bro.

  • pauldrake

    Good bye and good luck. Seriously I want you and yours to be safe and have great lives. If that is insult then the gulf is way too large to ever be bridged.

  • IdiotsChild

    And then never be heard from again, Dad…

  • IdiotsChild

    Possible answer: because someone still has to write MRA blogs?

  • pauldrake

    Read the back and forth here. Particularly my pathetic attempts at intellectual discourse. Failed miserably. Nothing that could be construed as real communication, just raw emotion is returned. Matt Forney, every time I think you have taken it a bit too far, you are proven right.

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  • corel

    Programming? Yup. You only have to look at the ratio of guys to girls in cutting edge areas like bitcoin/ethereum and all that to see just how huge the logic divide is. As a whole women are emotionally driven and men are logic driven. Anyone has the opportunity to be a programmer these days, the market is open to women – yet… where are they all?

  • tomato8ish .

    I suggest everyone refrain from feeding the trolls, they’re insatiable!

    On another note, i think it’d be pretty interesting to compare the overall life satisfaction levels of “male-bashers”(apparently anyone engaging in critical discussion) and “bashees”(those who resort to personal attacks to ‘support’ their argument). I imagine being so pissy all the time has a toll on your well-being as well as your capacity to maintain solid interpersonal relationships.

    And to Steve Corner, you really ought to improve your debating techniques if you want to gain entry into law school, because from what you’ve presented here you’re proceedings would probably go like this, “Your honor, the plaintiff is an idiot, and stupid. He occasionally makes dinner for his wife, who happens to refuse sex when she’s not in the mood, he’s a white-knight/mangina. I rest my case, LOL!”

    PS: The word “mere” evokes an image of a middle-aged guy living in his mother’s basement among a sea of semen crusted socks, who spends his days playing world of warcraft, fueled by a diet of hot pockets and instant ramen. Please, abstain from the word, as an English major i’m sure you’re familiar with thesauri, go consult one.

    Ughh, i fed them…

  • ripov

    yes. yes you did. nailed it though. not that itll do any good.

  • Samantha

    You remind me of my ex, who was a journalist for Time Inc., so well above your caliber but just as misogynistic. All of his family members had PhDs in hard sciences, so by comparison of course he may as well have had a vagina. What the “tell” is here is that women outpace men in mathematics in elementary school, and have comparative board scores. If they major in stupid stuff like acting or fine arts or comparative literature, it is because Mr. Sucker is grinding away in engineering, so that he can support her for the rest of her life. I enjoy an occasional flip through Science News or Adolf Grunbalm’s philosophy, but go higher than college algebra-I don’t have to. Am I capable? You betcha.

  • Gentleman Margaret Thatcher

    Of course not.

    Femininity = emotion. Masculinity = thought. These are each others respective opposites.

    Women generally/overall/on average have alot more femininity than males and vice versa, which means they are not as thoughtful and much mroe emotional. So of course they arent really very smart.

    There is the rare girl who is very intelligent in addition to being lovely and thats the catch I am really after (because my intelligence among men is over the top, so my wife needs to have over the top intelligence among women :D ).

    There is indeed alot fo brainwashing OF ALL SORTS out there today, so much that its mindblowing. Practically everyone, or at least over half the population, are seriously brainwashed. No, make that 99%. This is just one form of brainwashing.

    Corporate capitalism is still good though because it works. Women can work the more menial jobs in there. Unless you have the extremely rare woman like Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel.

  • Max Hopkins

    Must i.make you remember it was a woman the first computer programmer. A woman who discovered radium to heal cancer
    Fuck you

  • Anonymous age 72

    Ada Lovelace was also a slut who ran off with her teacher when she
    was 18. And, she did not program one line. She wrote a conceptual
    algorithm on how to calculate certain numbers.

    Curie did not discover radium. She and her husband, who started the
    project then died, performed refining of radium that he knew was in the
    rocks. IMO, she well deserved the Nobel, which is given for outstanding
    achievements. One need not actually discover the existence of something.
    Her work for a very long time to actually come up with a significant
    and measurable quantity of radium more than qualified her for the Nobel.

    I would have been proud to know both of those women. Ada especially was clearly a genius, no doubt of it.

    However, what did Ada actually produce? Nothing at all.

    is true that the smartest people on the planet overall are men. So are
    most of the stupidest people on the planet. The distribution curves for
    men are very wide, with many more on the left side of the mean, and many
    more on the right side of the mean.

    But, only a few people way at the right create things of significan value to the world.

    it’s not just i.q. It takes testosterone to go into a room and not come
    out except to eat for months, to develop DOS or the Apple computer or
    LInux OS. Or the car assembly line. Or the vaccination for rabies. Or
    gun cotton.

    Virtually all the major inventions in
    history were made by men, and will be made by men. Not because women
    aren’t smart enough, but because women aren’t autistic enough to stay in
    that room for months.

    There is one thing to remember.
    Most men also aren’t capable of great inventions. I am not, and neither
    is Matt Forney. At one time I evaluated making a machine like Woz and
    Jobs. The concept was actually a no-brainer. But, unlike them I had a
    family to support and a job that kept me in harness. And,, didn’t have
    the extra push to compensate for both issues.

    So, I get no more credit for the computer than Ada Lovelace deserves.

  • Ivan Rysheuvels

    am I in the 21st century?? YES, I Am, but clearly not everyone here…hahaha what a bunch of crap

  • Daniel McDonald

    What a sad, angry little man.

  • Liz

    I’d rather die alone than end up with a fool like you or Matt Forney. Fortunately, I’m in a loving relationship where my man adores me for exactly who I am, beauty or I.Q. not particularly withstanding. The fact is most people make the mistake of assuming they have to settle for someone they think they have to cater to, when really, I’m personally quite capable of managing my life alone, and if I did ever want kids, there’s always the sperm bank.

    Luckily for most women with any self-respect, there do exist men who are willing to put 50% into the relationship instead of .1%.

  • ThomasER916

    “Luckily for most women with any self-respect, there do exist men who are willing to put 50% into the relationship instead of .1%.”

    The problem is you’re a stupid, indoctrinated narcissist. That’s the problem. You’re so stupid and narcissistic you can’t even read.

    Where did I ever say men shouldn’t put into a relationship? No where but because you’re so stupid and indoctrinated you see things that don’t exist. You’re not arguing with me. You’re repeating a script that was written to turn you into a selfish insufferable bitch. Here’s a prime example:

    “I’m personally quite capable of managing my life alone, and if I did ever want kids, there’s always the sperm bank.”

    Yeah, that’s just what the world needs is another dip shit, angry broad who’s so intolerable she’s deliberately a single mother because she’s so toxic no one will stick around.

    Your toxin levels, as a result of your stupidity, narcissism and indoctrination, have made it impossible for you to read. Since you’re just too stupid to read I’ll have to quote myself again, and probably 50 more times just to get it through that thick, empty head of yours:

    “The “shame” is the delusion that men and women shouldn’t desire one another or please one another.”

    ^^That right there is the point you’re just too stupid to comprehend. Your “man” is wasting his time. He should be fishing for better stock. You’re a loser. There are better women out there than you, women whose brain isn’t a shriveled up wad of Femtard bumper-stickers.

  • lightandshadow

    Hilarious piece really.

    Do such deluded, self-important, insecure ‘men’ really exist?

    You can try to make yourself feel better and less irrelevant by claiming that simply because you are a man, you are immediately smarter than half of the population if you wish.

    The rest of us will just look at you, smile and pity you.

    You just sound weak and scared. Man-up really.

  • lightandshadow

    Anyone who rants about someone being ‘stupid’ and a ‘dip shit’ has already lost the battle. You can’t make a coherent argument so you rely on insults. Pathetic.

  • Faith

    I was looking for something else online when I accidently stumbled onto your site . It’s truly sad how arrogant you are. Everyone is blessed with different gifts . Some people are more talented/intelligent at different subjects or hobbies than other people. Just because you aren’t as gifted in one area as someone else, doesn’t mean that person lacks intelligence . It means they are more gifted in another area. My husband has more knowledge than I do when it comes to science and how things work because that’s his area of interest . His talent is building. I’ve always been more the bookworm and writer. My favorite subjects were English and history. I’m also a Christian and know my Bible pretty well. When I want to know something about cars or computers I ask my husband . When he wants to know something about grammar or the Bible he asks me questions . We’re both intelligent people with different God given talents . Also knowledge doesn’t make a person wise. You can be very intelligent and still a fool. It’s what you do with your knowledge that shows wisdom, and only true wisdom comes from Christ. We are all flawed human beings full of sin whether one is a woman or a man . The only man that could ever complete me is the only one who was ever sinless and perfect which is Christ who died for my sins . No wise woman should ever look to another sinner to fully complete her essence . Only The Lord can do that. And guess what Men also need Christ to fully complete them and give them wisdom also. We are all weak sinners in need of a Savior. The Lord is also the one who gives us our intelligence and gifts and we should use our gifts to glorify Him with humility .

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  • Rachel Caison

    You are a mistake by mankind.

  • Rachel Caison

    You are a mistake by mankind.

  • Max Hopkins

    you are full of lies. ada was a math Genius. I have been to the marie curie museum and she worked so hard for all of her projects. same as ada you are a lying moron. this is what im talking about men discrediting women. you werent there. I have read all the books on them. get the fuck out.

  • Anonymous age 72

    You are a simple fool. I said she wrote not one line. Anyone but a fool well knows there was no programming language in her day. So, she couldn’t possibly write a program line in a nonexistent language. She wrote a conceptual algorithm on how one might have calculated certain formulas IF the machine had ever been completed. It was not.

    Let me repeat what I said. “I would have been proud to know both of those women. Ada especially was clearly a genius, no doubt of it.”

    To fools like you that becomes, “Ada was a math genius.” As if I had no idea she was a genius. Your comment says more about your arrogant, narcissistic nature than it does about me. Your desire to put others down, rather than to inform. Good job, idiot.

    As far as Curie, what she did was note there were more bursts of energy coming out of certain materials (pitchblende, etc) than the Uranium would explain She was good enough scientist to note this. Then, she and her husband worked together to try to find out why. In the project they both planned they discovered radium. But, her noting the extra radiation did not in itself discover radium. That was the long-term joint project which did that.

    By coincidence, here in rural Mexico, in December a student working on her thesis asked me for help. She has only moderately fluent English and needed to read one book in English. The section of interest on radium included the details of the Curie project. She produced a paper which reported extra radiation beyond uranium and she suggested that there was some unknown substance in there. She was correct.

    I was able to help the student, not just because of speaking English, but also because I could understand the material she needed.

    I was local editor of a Mensa chapter for 5 years, 1978 to 1983. You remind me so much of some of the narcissistic fools in Mensa who only wanted to quarrel, quarrel, quarrel, even when there was no reason to quarrel.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Is that really your name? Are you really the woman who was responsible for millions of malaria deaths, because she was so worried about the poor; widdle birdies dying from DDT?

  • thelogicalamerican

    You do come across as a Liberal, but in your defense, Thomas and the writer of the story seem to be A holes as well. I don’t find Women in general to be lacking intelligence, I think there intelligence is just different. That being said, I think Women are there own worst enemies. It does seem that the female population with support of liberal minded males, likes to play the blame game for a lack of success overall, be it Politics, Business or life in general. Be accountable for what you study and don’t whine when the pay is below average. Spending 100k on a Women Studies degree qualifies you exactly for what? Congrats you are qualified to serve coffee at Starbucks.
    There has been so many changes in the name of equality and fairness, that it has become not only a national crisis, but one of security as well. The blissful and often blinding nature of Biological differences is staggering and almost to the point of willful ignorance on almost a criminal scale. Standards have dropped in Police and Military to accommodate for female expansion of rolls that not only put fellow service members at risk but the public as well in the name of fairness.
    I was in Afghanistan in 2009-10 serving as a squad leader in a Infantry battalion, early in the deployment I was hit by a IED on a foot patrol. Needless to say it messed me up, not enough to send me home but enough to pull me from the line and sent to the rear. During that time in the rear, I gained about 20lbs of fat and didn’t do any real exercise or PT in Army talk. After a few months I was loaned to the Support Battalion as they requested Infantry NCOs to help assist them with convoy operations and security, easy peasy for a Infantrymen. Well anyways one of my team leaders appointed under me was a female SGT. For a female she was in tip top shape worked out all the time had a good head on her shoulders, she filled the spot perfectly. The funny thing was she was 25 in tip top shape way above your average female and gun ho, and Im here 34, 20lbs overweight, injured and not so gun ho anymore thinking about how this is a young mans game and she can’t even beat me in one Physical event not one and she is not even close. That Female is now a SSG and will be one of the first into the Infantry, I am now retired because of my injuries and she still can’t beat me. But somehow I was medically retired for unable to perform my duties. The new standard in America when in doubt lower standards in the name of equality.

  • ripov

    i am liberal, im just not A liberal. im also conservative, but i am far from A conservative. it totally depends on the subject being discussed. i dont pick a label and adhere to their tenets like a good little sheep. i think for myself. i have my own opinions, and they are constantly evolving with time and my accumulation of more information.

    as for feminism, i am most certainly not A feminist. i disagree with plenty of their ideas and more so the ways in which they try to implement their ideas. i certainly dont think women can perform physical tasks in the same capacity as men in general. however, i dont agree with your generalization that all women have a different type of intelligence than all men. thats ridiculous. i work with plenty of women. just like men, some have a higher proclivity for math and science and some, just like men, do not.

    then there are the obvious biological, hormonal, and psychological differences, not to mention variant cultural norms, my point being, these issues are much more complex than either feminists or these asshats seem to want to admit.

    as for this site, matt forney, or mens rights advocates, they are far worse than feminists. they bitch and whine about the change of the status quo that they believe has taken away their manly privileges and dominance, even their manhood. observing their ‘struggle’ to get it back is hilarious, pathetic, and insufferable. they claim weve all been brainwashed and indoctrinated by feminists, but honestly, ive never see a bunch of idiots more blindly indoctrinated into something in my life, with their own catchphrases and talking points.

    both sides get caught up in polarizing rhetoric that just becomes nonsensical, useless trash talking. when somebody starts talking about ways to bridge the gap, open real communication without polarizing, attacking, and insulting tactics, maybe ill take them a bit more seriously and pay attention. i dont have a stake in either group so i dont really care that much.

    personally, i think that males, humans still being a pretty barbaric species, will remain dominant culturally as long as they are dominant physically. there is just no getting around the psychology of feeling superior to those you can physically overpower whenever you choose. i think technology will eventually make this factor obsolete. its just a matter of time. meanwhile, we need to make sure women have the same choices and opportunities men have and leave it up to them to perform well enough to take advantage of it.

  • disqus_UPxaxY0mJ2

    Wow, this article was hilarious. Too bad it wasn’t a joke. You know, we don’t all get useless jobs. Also, many men, too, end up with useless jobs. There are just too many useless jobs in the world today. People overspecialize, and each employee ends up with less work than they could do, and too much time to goof off. Anyway, as a woman, why can’t I be smart and successful, yet still feminine? I’m not the type to be pushy towards guys, in fact I’m very shy and introverted. I’m not one of those crazy, man-hating feminists. I don’t think I’m genius, I have many friends, male and female both, who are smarter than me. I do hope I’m smarter than the guy who wrote this article, though. I don’t care what he tells me, I won’t be a slut to men like him. I think that is why he is so bitter. We don’t submit to him and fulfill his fantasies, and he imagines that living in a different time would let anyone, even a loser like him, be a stud, because the women would all be submissive. Now women have the right to choose, and we don’t choose guys that disrespect us. I want to have a guy someday, and have kids. I like to cook and stuff. But that doesn’t make those things my only goals in life. Going into college, I already have practical experience in grant writing, which can be a good career, and which many businesses and all non-profits need. I’m the grant writer for two nonprofits right now, one fairly large, on a volunteer basis. It takes a certain amount of skill to convince strangers to give you money. I hope to get a bachelor’s degree in business, and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. These are not soft subjects. I don’t spend all my free time reading dumb girly fiction. I read classical science fiction. I play chess. I read science books. I do microscope photography. I paint. I am learning to program. I exercise. I participate in tons of academic extracurriculars, and I organize many. I know how to use a drill, a jigsaw, a soldering iron. I am not the useless drain on society that you assume I am, just because of my gender. The author of this article, however, manages to actually negatively contribute to society with his frantic little crusade against progress. He’s like one little person trying to stop a flood. I hope it drowns him. That would do society a favor. Unfortunately, there will always be like-minded idiots keeping him afloat. Instead, I choose to laugh at him, and feel comforted by the fact that most of the world, particularly the civilized world, is laughing with me. Haha. Thanks for the laugh. Next time I’m feeling dumb, I’ll come to this site to feel smarter. Anyone looks smart next to this guy. Having writing skills doesn’t make him less of a total fool. And yes, I, too, can write well, when I need to. I know there aren’t paragraphs. I don’t care. I’m busy working on writing grants.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Disqus_Basura: I have no problem accepting the fact that women are better at demanding people give them money in exchange for absolutely nothing. Sounds like you’ve found a niche in life. Please carry on. Although, usually it’s called marriage, not employment.

    >>Anyway, as a woman, why can’t I be smart and successful, yet still feminine?

    It is amazing how that works, isn’t it? The men (not man) you seek do not want smart and successful women. They want sweet women who motivate them to perform at their capacity, and that does not necessarily involve being smart and successful. Of course, it could, but it is not mandatory. Your feminist cadre told you that you can be smart and successful and still be feminine.

    The problem with that is, if you really are smart and successful (not likely) you expect a man who is a 10 on the success charts. And, there is little chance you are deserving of a 10.

    Told from birth how wonderful you are, because you are a vaginal creature, you believe it. So, the thought of marrying a man who is a 5 is totally unacceptable, right?

    I said, men, not man, because your generation of “women” essentially enter marriage with the contemplation of divorce if everything does not totally suit you. And, there is no man who can ever suit you, so yes, it is MEN, not man.


    Ah, yes, the ultimate put-down by the mindless feminist masses. Bitter. Oh, no! Tell me it isn’t so!

    You have no idea what men and boys experience in the USA or UK. None at all. From the day we are born, we are told, usually by our mothers, how worthless we are, simply because we are boys. All TV programs portray everything male as stupid, worthless creatures, 90% of whom should be summarily terminated for a better world. Yet, we are supposed to smile; smile; smile. Right?

    Bitter best describes American and British women. I live in Mexico, and write about expatting for men who have to live with narcissistic fiends like you. I tell them accurately, that men can tell an American woman from a Mexican woman, thirty feet away, by the pissed off look on the face of the American women. On DGM-2, several years ago, I wrote about that. The owner of the URL went to Mexico for the weekend to check it out, and reported back that, yes, it was true.

    Let us talk about the vast superiority of women. I know a man who is lightning fast and good at admin work. He got hired as a temp for a large company, which did business overseas. It was taking them six months to meet all the HR requirements for contracts with other nations. He single-handedly got it down to two weeks! The boss attempted to hire him permanently. Nope, HR said he didn’t have enough experience. And, he filed an EEOC complaint. Yep ruled the dearie investigators. No discrimination found. You didn’t have enough experience for the job that you did, and whose procedures were all written by you. How droll.

    I recently saw the obituary of one of the two women they hired to take his place.

    And, of course, having actually complained about being discriminated against, no more temp work at all. So, he moved to Amarillo, Texas. He contacted a temp agency. 95 wpm typing skills, and all other admin skills at an equivalent level. The temp people assured him he would get all the work he could handle.

    His resume was sent out to several places. And, no one wanted him. So, finally the temp place sent out his resume with only one woman’s resume, she typed the blinding speed of 24 wpm. They took the woman. The temp agency told him it is clear we can’t find you a job.

    Yet, you fiends honestly believe you get all the jobs because you work harder and better.

    No society can long survive treating men that way. Unwin, a UK academic who studied societies over history, found in 1934 that the first generation of women who have complete sexual liberty will see the end of their society. We are in the second such generation already. There is no way this can continue another full generation.

    >>I hope to get a bachelor’s degree in business, and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics.

    Hohoho hahaha heeheehee.

    I am sure you do. Unbelievable.

    So, a business degree gets you into grad school in hard sciences? You can’t make up shit like this.

    Ninety five percent of all inventions in history have come from men, not women. And, to be honest, men like me don’t make the cut; my i.q. is only 152. Nor women like you. Female inventions tend to involve tampon dispensers and such things. Only the very best of men can invent important things. And, virtually no women.

    The feminists claim Madame Curie discovered radium. No, she did not. She discovered an unexplained phenomenon that pitchblende produced more radioactivity than was explained by the uranium in it. She and her husband started a project that tried to explain the extra radiation. The end result of the joint project was the discovery of radium. She more than deserved the Nobel, for her project which resulted in radium. But, she did not discover radium on her own.

    Feminists also claim Einstein’s first wife is the real discoverer of the Theory or Relativity. This is based on sucky comments he made in letters pursuant to trying to get into her pants.

    Camille Paglia, herself a feminist, admits that if it were not for men, women would still be living in caves, wearing rabbit skins. I would agree, but I m not sure about the rabbit skins.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Let me see if I understand what you are saying. First, you describe friend as arrogant and narcissistic, then you describe her as good; kind; and loyal. So, which is it? I am betting on arrogant and narcissistic.

  • Anonymous age 72

    So, let me ask you a hard question. Are the things you are smarter about actually supportive of a better future for society? Or, just things that you happen to like, and assume every one will like?

  • Anonymous age 72

    Yeah, we understand. Good job of male-bashing, Michelle.

  • Anonymous age 72

    If what you say were true, I would agree with you. However, they have people who study marketing. And, the dramatically increased spending by women has nothing to do with buying the groceries for the family instead of the lazy husband helping. Women spend fortunes on trinkets and gew-gaws of every sort. Just look in a woman’s house at all the trash on shelves and windows. Ceramic goodies. Each one costing several dollars. Clothes up the arse, clothes that don’t get worn much but cost a fortune.

    Stores are laid out according to value of goods sold. Go into any big store and see what is for sale. That tells you what people buy, and most of it is pure high priced garbage marketed to women with lots of male earned money to blow on every childish whim..

    However, I do congratulate you on your ability to memorize feminist catechisms. Good job.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Thanks. I appreciate that.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Which means, “I can’t think of anything clever to say.”

  • Daniel McDonald

    Because this deserves a clever response? I lower myself by commenting on it at all.

  • Denise

    No just things I like like shopping and shoes

  • disqus_UPxaxY0mJ2

    Well, obviously, I’d have a bachelors in physics before my Ph.D. I thought no one was dumb enough to assume otherwise. Never underestimate intelligence on the internet. Also, you don’t know much about feminism. Feminazi’s aren’t real feminists. I am a big fan of Einsteins, actually. And I don’t expect to get man that is a ten. At all. As I am not a ten. Don’t assume things. And grantwriting is a respectable career, unless you hate charities. I wouldn’t put it past a jerk like you.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I know a brilliant man who has studied the ancient writings to see what knowledge existed to explain what is happening to men today. They well knew what happened when women take charge of a society. Aristophanes lived a very long time ago.

    My acquaintance has also lived in the Muslim countries, (women in charge inside the house and family, men in charge outside the house, and men and women not at peace) as well as Mexico (men in charge, but not at peace with women) and the US (with women in total charge, akin to Sub-Saharan Africa). He has seen with his own eyes what happens to feminized men.

    One of the most important things, among many things that happen when women take charge, is the men become femenized. Not effeminate; and not feminist, but femenized. Their world view is what the women want them to think even as they think they are uber masculine. He says they have great physical courage, but not much moral courage.

    And, what they do when they recognize women are in charge, is fight and quarrel among themselves. Like the ghetto drive-by men. The men in Papua New Guinea who slaughter each other.

    And, the commenters on men’s boards who issue every insult you can think of but have little useful to say on their own..

    When men are in charge, and are not femenized, men tend to work together
    much better. If there is a problem, they talk until they find a common

    My acquaintance has seen societies where women in charge; and he has seen men in charge but at war with women. But, he has not personally seen men in charge and men and women at peace. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the world today. But he has read the literature of the early days ot the US when men were in charge, and lived at peace with women. That was why the US became the strongest society in the history of the world. And, this is also why the US is going to blink out of existence like a lamp with a puff of breathe.

  • Anonymous age 72

    The success of men and women being at peace with the men in charge works on a micro scale as well as a macro scale. One of the most successful men I know in Mexico came from extreme poverty. In the state of Vera Cruz, poor folks live in houses made of boards, with space between the boards. You can see out. And, often dirt floors. That is how he was born and raised.

    He runs a very high tech computerized numerically controlled machine shop, producing high quality machined parts at times selling for several hundred thousand dollars, but around half what the US charges for those parts. he pays his workers more than anyone else. Everyone prospers.

    He says he would not be successful without the help of his wife. And, that is a fact. In 1999, I lived with them for a month to teach his 11 year old daughter English. His wife is what the Bible calls a help-meet. Always smiling. Always has his back. Always helping in any way she can. Morally and socially supportive. One of the finest women I have ever known.

    Few of us will ever know what a help-meet is.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Yes, Sally. He violates the social norms, which are anti-male articles are acceptable, but anti female articles are verboten. Right?

    Being smart means little. What you can do is all that counts. Anita Hill was a great law student, and probably except for being nasty, is a great law teacher. She was a lousy lawyer by all accounts. It has been said those who can’t, teach.

    I actually feel sorry for women like Sally. Raised to think of herself as a great princess, because she was born with a vagina, and told from birth how as a woman she can be and do all things. And, any boy who hit back when she hit him (girls are such violent creatures) was nearly killed, she assumes as her right, super-status.

    Then, she comes on Matt Forney and hears terrible things. Such as women ain’t as smart as they have been told.

    And, there is a good chance Matt is correct when he says he has never known a woman smarter than he is. (Hope I am quoting correctly.)

    I am in the same boat. I am well aware the world has many women who are smarter than I am. And, who have done greater things than I have done.

    But, like Matt, I simply have never personally met one of them.

    That experience does affect a man’s attitude towards women.

  • Anonymous age 72

    And, I am incredibly amazed, Guest, that you don’t know that the male and female brain work in a totally different manner. Brain scientists can see the different function in scanning the brain, while assigning the same problem to men and women. The fact that brain function is correlated with the presence of a vagina does not mean the vagina is responsible for the differences in brain function. One would think in the 21st Century that women who consider themselves as educated would know the difference between causation and correlation.

    The fact is, male intelligence is widely dispersed. Most of the smartest humans are men. Most of the stupidest humans are men. Women tend to be more toward the center. So, I suggest that most people of average intelligence are women. Heh, heh.

    And, thus most of the world changing discoveries come from men.

    The average i.q. of various occupations is well known. Physicists have an average i.q. around 150. College courses for them are taught with the assumption of that i.q. level. Those who can’t keep up, fail. So, there are few female physicists because there are few women with an i.q. around 150. Not even to mention that few women are interested in that sort of life work.

    Decisions. Decisions. Moles and electron wobble, or Elizabethan literature?

    >>SOMEHOW agreeing with/not dreaming of murdering you.

    Um, could you parse that phrase for us?

  • Anonymous age 72

    Wrong! Feminists are indeed Feminazis.

    You young women remind me of German Nazis. After the fall of Germany, not a single Nazi existed in Germany.”Who? Me? I had no idea we were killing millions of Jews! It was those other crazy people who did it.”

    We are all products of our cultures. At your age, you have never known a sane society. So, while you repeat all the standard Feminazi dogma, you have no idea it is Feminazi dogma.

    You assume your smart alecky insults directed at men who disagree with you are normal and correct.

    I will say you have done a great job of memorizing the feminist catechism. Please carry on.

    Oh, before I go to more important things than your feminazi posting, let me explain something.

    In the Sixties, long before you existed, certain Marxist man-haters decided that since they were not successful, society had to be torn down and rebuilt to their design specifications.

    They started changing everything, even that which worked for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years.

    And, immediately, they decreed that those changes were only the business of women, and men should keep their stupid mouths shut. Things that only affected women, such as affirmative action employment preferences for less qualified women employees. Things like divorce and child support and alimony and property settlements and false rape laws. You know, things that only affect women. [/sarcasm]

    Any man who attempted to state an opinion, any opinion, was immediately destroyed. Fired from his job. Torn up by false charges. Ala Larry Summers.

    As a result for most of the last 50 years, young women such as yourselves, let me say stupid young women such as yourselves, only heard the opinions of women. And, you have grown up without hearing what men think and feel. Except of course for the men who hope to get into your pants, who will tell you exactly what you want to hear at all times.

    Well, most men today in the US really dislike most American women. And, dislike most things that are being done.

    but, you can’t know that, because even when you come on a man’s blog you are so upset by hearing what men really think that you learn nothing at all from them.

    So, your error is thinking such men as Matt and myself are evil vile vicious jerks, whereas we are merely average men who have moved beyond doing anything possible to get into women’s pants.

    And, you have a steady supply of oversexed men who will tell you exactly what you want to hear, and you believe every word they tell you.

    We don’t, so you imagine we are totally insane. Please carry on.

  • Anonymous age 72

    This blog is men having a serious discussion. Please go look for your mommy, little girl.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Gasp!Choke! My reputation is ruined forever. I am openly going to admit I agree with Emma The Emo on something. She is correct in what she days about praising kids for ability, as opposed to praising them for working hard.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Yep, cater to the female market. That doesn’t take math, you are absolutely correct. Only a strong stomach.

  • Anonymous age 72

    And, just what is the best version of yourself that you can be, Susan? Moving up through the Affirmative Action ladder while better man are rejected and must work construction?

    Or, perhaps sell silly clothes or cosmetics to narcissistic women, like the woman above.

    Or, surprise me, do you actually have a plan to develop something of benefit to all society, without using male tax money?

    I don’t know if you will meet Matt in Hell, but I am confident you will be there, based on your attitude..

  • Anonymous age 72

    I wish I knew what Abnor was saying here. This posting has so many inconsistencies and false statements that I must wonder if it is very clever ironic writing.

    Since I don’t understand most of the comment, I can only respond to one thing. “…Women hold the majority of degrees…”

    Most degrees held by women are worthless. Things like Women’s studies and Elizabethan literature or art courses, of no possible value to anyone.

    Then, after receiving the worthless degree, the dearies sue for discrimination when they make less money than male software developers or engineers.

  • Denise

    I’m 30 I’m not a little girl!!

  • Anonymous age 72

    So, anyone who takes your posting as posted is dumb? I suggest a writing course before you continue. if you plan on a Business degree then a physics degree then a Ph. D. in physics it is easy to say so.

    The academic guys do bend over backwards to help women get their degrees. But, there are certain minimum writing standards. To assume someone will understand what you didn’t say, then accuse THEM of being dumb when they didn’t, does not meet minimum writing standards anywhere.

  • Anonymous age 72

    >>he pervasive belief that a woman’s whole existence is for the purpose of serving men

    Interpreted like the standard off the shelf modern woman. Good job!

    My niece in Mexico City said it very well. She said, “Uncle, we (Mexican) women don’t always like what men do. But, we know if we want to have children, we need to do what has to be done to motivate a man to support us while we raise our children.”

    Like most younger women raised in a welfare/police state, you have no idea what she is talking about.

    Traditionally, affluent families did not view their children as educated until they lived in another, totally different culture for several years. No one understands his own culture until he learns about other cultures which do things differently. I have learned more about the US by living in Mexico than I learned by living in the US the first 55 years of my life.


    Feminism can only prosper with an LBJ type all-expenses paid type of welfare system. Period.

    And, most of you are so ignorant you don’t understand that.

    Traditional marriage, through all history, except the last days of major civilizations, such as Babylon and the Roman Empire, involved men receiving a guarantee of sex as needed. Refusal to have sex gave the man grounds for divorce, and he got to keep the kids. In exchange, they were expected to do whatever was needed to support the family so the wife could be at home to care for the kids.

    Did it work perfectly? Of course not. Nothing human ever works perfectly. But, it worked rather well, century after century. Employers actually made low paying jobs for low performance men, so they could at least afford a poor house across the railroad tracks and a basic diet. (Today, they make high paying jobs for women with no employable skills, to keep EEOC off their case.)

    Today, on various boards, there are women saying things like, “A woman is not obliged to give her husband sex.” And, they mean it. I enjoy that, because it helps me explain to men why they should GTHO (get the hell out).

    Any attempt to explain this results in stupid fiends screaming about marital rape. The things is in traditional marriage, in every nation in history, the wedding consisted of the woman giving BLANKET CONSENT forever, until death do them part, as part of the obligation the man had to support her and the kids. That is what got him in harness. Today, you idiots assume your inner beauty, whatever the Hell that means, is enough to bind a man forever, even without sex.

    Blanket consent to sex. One time, signed on the dotted line, in front of witnesses and recorded as a legal document. There were provisions a woman could use to cancel the blanket consent. Such as a legal separation with cause, or divorce for cause. Not just, “You bore me, jerk.”

    Thus marital rape was an oxymoron. Women knew the score when they got married. Most of them didn’t find the obligation to have sex when their husband needed it to be an onerous burden. it takes a highly superior (i.e. frigid) modern women to do that.

    In 1985, when marital rape became SOP in all states, I challenged anyone to show any legal benefit from marriage for men. I am still waiting.

    I just posted on this thread the statistics on the withdrawal of men from a marriage that has no blanket consent for sex, though it has plenty of blanket consent on a man’s part to support her, not just till divorce, but until his death, even if she abandons him and hides his children from him.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Carrie, have you heard of the FBI profilers, who can look at notes and conclude with precision much detail about the writer?

    That is because there are only a limited number of personality types, not 7 billion of them.

    There is a consistency between personality types. There are certain things that people say which are only consistent with other aspects of their personalities.

    So, yes, it is possible to read certain comments by people and tell a lot about them. The fact you don’t have that skill tells us more about you than it tells us about Thomas.

  • Anonymous age 72

    if you don’t want to be thought a little girl, don’t act like a little girl. I realize in most places (college; church; society in general) there is no down-side for a female acting like a little girl. But, on any part of the so-called manosphere, you get called down really quickly when you act like a young brat.

  • Denise

    I’m just being me i can’t help it?

  • MachineMade

    How little your dick and your brain must be. To sit on here and continue to put down women in the way that all easily intimidated men do. Did someone hurt your feelings recently, was it because of your tiny little dick or was it because of your unbelievably small mind? You poor little maggot.
    The cards are stacked against you as a girl from the day you are born – from being told that it is a “man’s thing” to learn how to repair things and problem solve to being handed stupid dolls with no practical/educational value. But mark my word little dick, this world will change, and as it does women will continue to evolve at an increasingly accelerated rate (already happening).
    The world is not one gender or another’s and neither gender is better than another. We are two halves of the same whole making up humanity. The only people who cannot accept that, are the ones who are completely insecure in their own qualities (for example, little dick and little brain).
    May your shit-filled soul be eternally tortured for this hate mongering. You want a girl who wants to please you? Who is attractive? What makes you think that a girl isn’t looking for those traits in you? We all want the same thing, you and those who agree that one gender is better than the other are the only ones too stupid to see it. Eat shit and die already. Sincerely,

  • MachineMade

    You tell em

  • Anonymous age 72

    How funny. Reading your nonsense you would think women don’t spend most of the money in the US; don’t outlive men by several years. Don’t have the highest standard of living with less work than any other identifiable group of humans. Don’t get jobs over more qualified men. Don’t sit and laugh until tears run down their cheeks watching movies that show injuries inflicted on male genitals.

    That boys aren’t told from birth how worthless they are. That must stand head bowed while a female pounds on his body with impunity. That turning on television doesn’t automatically expose a male to unending insults for being male.

    That women are given free passes for stuff that gets men years in prison.

    Your nonsense is called shaming language. Shaming language is totally 20th Century. How childish.

    Someone made up cards called Shaming Language Bingo. It has all the standard insults generated by stupid women such as you, when a man notes that he has received the insults across or up and down, He shouts BINGO!

    It usually doesn’t take long to get SL Bingo.

    Oh, on the women spending most of the money spent, I sat down once and figured it out. To spend that share of the money we have in our society, women must spend every penny they earn, and over 50% of all money all men earn, including the millions of unmarried men

    In truth, American women are noted around the world as being miserable, spoiled, narcissistic self-centered bitches. Yet they imagine they are the most abused in the world.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I agree. That pretty much describes most people who come here to mock Matt and his companions.

    Ghandi allegedly once said, “First they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they fight you. Then you win.”

    Feminists and their sycophants are scared shitless. Men are avoiding marriage and relationships with AW, since there is nothing to benefit men from either. For years, we were ignored. I know because I was an activist for men’s/fathers rights over 20 years ago. I was pretty much ignored.

    Then, they mocked us openly. A few are still doing that. But, now most come and attack; attack; with every childish insult they can think of. That is they are fighting us.

    Next, we win. The current slavery of men to benefit women is near the end.

  • Henry Kelly

    Interesting. All “Carrie” can come up with is a fictitious accusation that Christians (perhaps not all?) think the earth is flat. Never mind that the flat-earth idea traces to a fiction (get that? F-I-C-T-I-O-N) story by Washington Irving. Does “Carrie” also think that Christians actually believe that a headless horseman can ride? If not, why not?

  • Henry Kelly

    Isn’t equality great? Getting young women back mangled and others in body bags. Then there are the ones who are captured by the oh-so-civilized enemy and are traded back after being gang-raped daily. A nice abortion and she’s as good as new.

  • Henry Kelly

    Women are not the enemy. Not even feminists. The real enemy is pussymen who pretend that males and females are the same except for a couple of bumps on the female’s chest and some minor details in the crotch. That a pussyman is physically capable of kicking my old ass doesn’t make him any less a pussyman. Why, there are some women who can do it, too.

  • ThomasER916

    Wrong. Feminists are the enemy and you’re an idiot who hates himself.

    If you’re still too stupid to figure out that Feminists are the enemy then you’re a hopeless self-loather.

  • Carrie

    Even more interesting is how “Henry Kelly” responds to specific posts and refers to the person in the “third person” as though that “means something”.

    As for the headless horseman, I can only say that the holy buy-bull did not repeatedly mention him, so christians may or may not believe in him. But since the buy-bull does mention the earth’s being flat multiple times, its adherents understandably got violent when science (and intelligence) challenged their superstitions.

    And just so “Henry Kelly” knows, Washington Irving did not actually contribute to the story of the holy buy-bull. Look it up, along with the passages that show how “God” thought the earth was flat.

  • Henry Kelly

    Feminists, like all women, got any power they have by being given power by men. Men, not women, rule the world. Women could not vote until the Feminist-Suffragette agitation started in the mid-1800s. Women could not hold elected office. Men opened the doors to them. Men did not have to do this.

    A coincidence? The Marxist-Communist revolution started in the mid-1800s. The Marxists determined to destroy the family. They did this by giving new rights to women, and later to children. They had to back off partly but continued undermining the family. Feminists to this day spout Marxist rhetoric.

  • ThomasER916

    You really are stupid and indoctrinated. We can always count on a Feminist to be a know-nothing, indoctrinated Useful Idiot. You’re so stupid and indoctrinated you’re actually invoking “science” like it’s a magic word. You’re using it to dispel a people you hate as if you’re chasing out the demons.

    Science has proven that men and women are not equal.

    Science has proven that dimorphism exists.

    Science has proven that men have higher IQ’s than women and more functional intelligence.

    You’re as anti-Science as it gets, because you’re a women. You have instinctive hypoagency that is driving you to be a Cultist. You’re so stupid, so indoctrinated you believe that you belong to the Cult of Science, when in actuality you’re no different than the flat earthers. You’re two dip shit Cults fighting over the same turf.

  • Carrie

    Hey, if you had taken some Beano before sitting at your keyboard, none of that gas you just passed would have made it to this site.

    I was counting how many juvenile attempts at insults you made versus how many laughable mistakes you made, then I realized you’re not worth the time.

    Happy farting! Good luck catching up with facts sometime after you hit puberty!

  • ThomasER916

    There you are being stupid again. We can always count on the low-IQ female trash to play internet mommy. It’s in their DNA to make sammiches and dish out a helping of shame language.

    Since you’re stupid you can’t understand this. It’s impossible for you, like a bitch that pees indoors.

  • Carrie

    {sniff sniff} Oh, it’s you again!

    Aaaaand a quick spritzing of Fabreze, and your latest fart is gone.

    Internet Beano: you need some.

  • ThomasER916

    You can’t even spell Febreze correctly.

    There you are being stupid again.

  • Carrie

    The ‘a’ in the word stands for ‘asshole’, thus differentiating it from the trademarked item in the store. Are you generally this unaware of how the world around you is? (If you’d been sculpting turds as eloquently as you’ve been farting opinions, I’d have told you to put down your Play-Duh… because you turn Play-Doh into Play-Duh by virtue of associating with it. I hope your mommy can afford the baby-sitting and tutoring fees you’re racking up with me.)

    Oh, of course you’re unaware how the world around you is… your only friend is the hate sites you fart out your hate on :(

    Do go on though, this level of impotent rage can’t possibly turn into anything newsworthy or anything, right? Unless you live near a school campus of any sort, in which case — see you on the news pretty soon there, stinky!


    Hahahahaa. Do you joke regularly or are you really so stupid that you think women are smarter than Matt or any man for that matter. Does the article look like something a stupid person would right? It’s truth. And it’s not a politically correct faggoty BS written to impress women, you know like what white knight mangina pussyboy beta faggots do.


    Carrie is Obviously a loser troll with nothing to do, apart from being a whiny little feminist bitch. I think it’s better to not engage the troll. These creatures have cognitive dissonance as well, which means no amount of FACTS and EVIDENCES presented to them will change their opinions and thought patterns. This is why I directed the comment at you and not that troll. If she responds, obviously I’ll ignore. If I’m out walking the street, and some dog…..uh oh well, some bitch, in this case, barks, I don’t really bark back.


    Go troll somewhere else, faggot.


    Says the one whose name is ‘lightandshadow’ LOL. You are the one that needs to man up. But wait, you’re NOT a man. Ooops.


    And as a jackass Mangina troll like you came here too. So, he indeed did a good job.


    Can you prove anything he said is false? Also, why the fuck are you here doing meaningless long comments. You’re butthurt and whining here. It shows: 1) You have nothing to do(read:loser) 2) You think anything he said is false(read:delusional). You’re also pretending to ‘Laugh’ and not give a shit, although you’re here whining about the article with a long meaningless incoherent babble. You don’t even have a proper name. Shame on you


    That’s what your mom said to you

  • Chance Carmichael!

    Oh man no one else has been bashing males, but I will! You’re a dumb human being and you should feel bad about how dumb you are. You’re not replying with anything new. You are calling out “male-bashing” at angry women commenting on an article that is meant to “prove” to you why women aren’t intelligent. Like is your whole life backwards? Do you see green instead of red? Do you hear a loud noise when a feather hits the ground?

  • Steve Corner

    No, but I’m sure when you tilt your head to one side, rocks fall out of it. So…were you born obtuse, or was this a recent phenomena?

  • bobfairlane

    This is great. You’ve probably given 100,000 Fe-men fatal aneurysms with just this one article.

  • Dave Kinard

    you’re such a shameless flirt

  • Dave Kinard

    are you that scared of the attraction you feel? Admit it. it’s a little nice.

  • DonkeyDD

    Women are very smart in animal ways which is just as good as being smart in the way world commerce works, either way they still get theirs even if things get used up and tired in the process. Women power rules as long as you support what they choose to be good at.

  • DonkeyDD

    Women who focus on what comes natural are the smartest mammals on the planet, although Father Time does tend to catch up and things end up in not such good shape. I guess they have to start acting like human beings and not animals in heat.

  • Lauren Rae

    And this, ladies, is why this guy surely spends hours furiously fapping away to chicks on the internet….he’ll never get close to a real one.


    So, you’re a faggot stalker. I see

  • Dave Kinard

    Personally, I’m more into trees.

  • Dave Kinard

    sexually, i mean.

  • Graydon

    So do you believe this crap you’re saying, or just use it to appeal to Alpha douches?

  • Graydon


  • Anna Barrow

    Why are all doing this? Both men and women insulting each other. For what purpose? So you can be right? Now I am 15. I have much to learn, I love politics and ideology. Just naming things I love to learn about. Personally, I believe it is idiotic to flaunt around an IQ, no matter who you are. Can’t you all see that with insulting and bashing each other that you are not solving problems,youyou are only causing more dissension and hate. Cut me some slack here, I’m not Einstein. I wish I could be haha but I have to learn how to use my knowledge in such a way that I do contribute and solve problems. I respect both men and women. There is no reason that you shouldn’t. Unless you have read the entire comment section. Like I have said before. I do not have superior knowledge/intelligence, but I do have some common sense, and I try my best everyday not to belittle another HUMAN BEINGS ability to grow and learn. No bashing intended, and I am sorry if I did so.

  • Anna Barrow

    Why are all doing this? Both men and women insulting each other. For what purpose? So you can be right? Now I am 15. I have much to learn, I love politics and ideology. Just naming things I love to learn about. Personally, I believe it is idiotic to flaunt around an IQ, no matter who you are. Can’t you all see that with insulting and bashing each other that you are not solving problems,youyou are only causing more dissension and hate. Cut me some slack here, I’m not Einstein. I wish I could be haha but I have to learn how to use my knowledge in such a way that I do contribute and solve problems. I respect both men and women. There is no reason that you shouldn’t. Unless you have read the entire comment section. Like I have said before. I do not have superior knowledge/intelligence, but I do have some common sense, and I try my best everyday not to belittle another HUMAN BEINGS ability to grow and learn. No bashing intended, and I am sorry if I did so.

  • Anonymous age 72

    i have a suggestion for you, Ms. Graydon. If women don’t like being called stupid, they first need to stop being stupid. Ditto for ‘bossy’ and ‘bitch’.

    The single biggest problem in the USA today is not men being unable to get dates. It is men having no interest in dating what passes for womanhood today.

  • Graydon

    Thanks for the gender insult there bud, but I’m a guy. Right because that’s the biggest problem. Not poverty or crime but assholes not getting dates,

  • Anonymous age 72

    Anna Barrow, I am going to give you a serious answer to your posting. I realize it’s a total waste of time, but that is your problem, isn’t it?

    We are all products of our cultures. You cannot understand your own culture until you live for a while in a totally different culture. I live in Mexico and have learned more about US culture while living here than I learned in the USA the first 55 years of my life.

    Your whole life, all 15 years of it have been spent in the man-hating feminist US culture.

    That means you have heard or seen women insulting men EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. At the same time, it is unlikely you weren’t treated like a prin-cess every day of your life. Don’t waste time arguing. Men here all know better.

    What is new to you is men answering back. Horrors!

    Since around 1965, feminists have dominated our society. Their insane demands have destroyed what was once a great society. At every point they demanded that men keep their stupid mouths shut, no matter how badly they were insulted, and no matter how bad the laws being passed were. Back in the 70’s, when newspapers or magazines wanted an article about men, they paid Joyce Brothers to write it. Men’s opinions of what men thought and felt were not wanted. What do men know about being men? [/sarcasm]

    And, so it has been until this time. Women in groups with no male input discussing what should be done, as they saw it, and assuming that men would naturally accept whatever was decided, and would continue to be the worker bees of society and marry and support women as they alway had done. And, tolerate no-fault divorce and loss of children as they always did.

    After nearly 50 years of being insulted and not being allowed to respond, men have finally said, “no more!”

    Though like most dearies you are not bothered by the most horrid insults directed at men by women, it really freaks you out when men respond in kind. Tough!

    A growing number of men finally realized the constant insults were actually very effective propaganda which helped dehumanize men so that all sorts of intolerable laws were passed.

    In 1965, the feminists had a number of goals. The only one not met long ago was the goal of killing as the Nazis did the Jews, 95% of all men on the planet. They have not canceled that goal, nor have they apologized for it.

    Don’t bother saying they don’t really mean it. They do mean it.

    After the Holocaust the Jews said, “When a man says he wants to kill you, believe him.” Feminists want to kill men and are saying so openly.

    There have been over the years several interesting studies. College women are asked “What are the main problems that men have?”

    A majority of college women respond, “Men don’t have problems. They only cause problems.”

    Men live less time than women. right now in the USA, 22 military veterans are committing suicide every day. All our money goes to help dearies. If you read men’s blogs instead of lecturing at men to shut up and let women insult them, you can actually learn a whole litany of problems men have. Real problems and serious problems.

    Another interesting study is to show young women pictures of men whose appearance runs from ‘1’ to ’10’. They rate 80% of men as being below average. Even fat ugly women expect to date men who are above average.

    I could write a whole book, Anna. But the main point is feminism is past its expiration date with anti-male insults and slogans. From here on in, when a woman insults men there will be an insulting response. Tough cookie if you don’t like it.

  • Graydon

    Are you taking about Rachel Carson? F*ck you’re a bad troll.

  • Graydon

    I love you. You’re quarrelling you hypocrite.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Fool! Janet Bloomfield is HOT! she does not hate women, only stupid and vicious women.

  • Anonymous age 72

    You are the fool who said Janet Bloomfield was ugly. Please carry on.

  • Graydon

    What? Who the fuck is that? That doesn’t change that you’ll still wrong. This is funny. You’re really bad at this.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Do you have ANYTHING to say besides meaningless one-line insults?

  • Graydon

    Do you? Or are you just going to bring up your years as a tutor in Mexico and ramble on about being in Mensa? Or how the US has gone to shit without any actual factual evidence to back it up.

  • Anonymous age 72

    If it quacks like a dearie and swims like a dearie and shits like a dearie it’s probably a dearie. In all your postings on this thread, there is not one which actually says anything besides meaningless insults. Which is how dearies shit.

    The day when man-haters can shut off all debate with meaningless insults and shaming language is long past.

    That has a name. It’s called future shock. In the 60s when feminism decided to outlaw men men suffered from future shock. They expected from infancy to be bread winner and head of their family.

    They had real problems dealing with a changing society. And, dearies such as you mocked them for being stupid Neandertals.

    Now, you man- haters are suffering from future shock. With all your memorized insults intended to shut off all debate and disagreement, and it simply isn’t working.

    If there is anywhere on this page where you said anything other than personal insults I missed it.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Actually, when people like Ms. Graydon come on here and say nothing but personal insults. I wonder if feminists have a function key on their computers. When they hit the F-key it goes to a Feminist Personal Insult database and prints on the board a random insult.

  • Graydon

    Wow you’re fun. See I’d address your points, but you clearly have you no actual desire to have an intelligent conversation beyond women are only misandrists. You fail to grasp that feminism (more accurately liberal which is the mainstream branch of feminism) is about equality between men and women. Interesting as you’d be in your twenties to thirties during the 60s when it arose (and just missed the whole women entering the work force in a more impactful way in WWII) so you should have actual knowledge of the core tenet, which is equality. But no instead you prattle on like a broken record about the purity of men being in power and the subservience of women. To be honest you sound a bit like an Ancient Greek (well without the homoeroticism). But that’s beside the point, I’ve only given insults because all you do is belittle women and attack them simply for taking pride in their abilities and for attempting to play a role in society beyond the home. If you were willing to have a frank conservation or debate (or as you say quarrel) about feminism and the role of women in society and how it’s impacted our culture and perceptions that would be interesting, but you clearly don’t so no I don’t feel the need to give anything.

  • Anonymous age 72

    If you have said anything beyond name calling and insults, I have missed it. Yet, your tone seems to imply that you feel somehow superior.

  • Anonymous age 72

    As far as I can tell you supply no information, good or bad. Just calling people names.

  • Graydon

    Never said I have done anything but that. I merely said I did not wish to attempt an actual discussion on gender and culture, since you clearly have no interest in actually doing so. I prefer to think of it as not having antiquated views of women then superiority.

  • Graydon

    Oh and I did give information. The core tenet of mainstream feminism, the one practiced by basically anyone who believes men and women are equal. Equality between sexes.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I have written many factual and informative postings on this thread. So far you have written nothing but name calling and insults, then criticize me for not supplying even more factual material. While supplying none yourself.

    Also, you lie a lot. You said I have no interest in discussing gender and culture, though that is what I have been doing on this thread over a very long time.

    When you first posted, I spotted your profile as feminine, and that you were presenting yourself as a man. You still profile in your writing as a woman. Lie after life. Name calling but no substance. That is what dearies do, and call it debating.

  • Anonymous age 72

    >>But no instead you prattle on like a broken record about the purity of men being in power and the subservience of women.

    This is what I am talking about, Ms. Graydon. At no time did I ever mention the purity of men in power nor the subservience of women. You simply made that up. Pure and total lies. Then, you wonder why I think you are a woman.

    Also, I note with interest when I accused you of being a woman, you were totally unable to say, “I am a man.” You said, “I am a guy.” If you are a man, which is very unlikely, you are ashamed of being a man. You hate men so much you can’t even pronounce the word, “man” without choking on it.

  • Graydon

    You don’t discuss anything. A discussion is give and take you rant and attack others and use terrible ad hominem while continuing to attack and berate women. You occasionally so a flicker of positivity, but you don’t consider others views at all. You quarrel as you say) simply for the sake of it. And now you’re questioning my gender as though I have a reason to lie about it (though I don’t). I’m a man who believes equality between sexes, I am a proud feminist. Not some dearie as you put it. Oh but nice gender profiling. I’d love to discuss this, but all you do is berate and argue against single parent families with the mother, the contribution of females in history, etc. So no I have no desire to speak with you. You’re a hypocrite and a bad troll. We’re done here, go back to fake Mensa.

  • Graydon

    Last thing so you get that even if I was a women that I’d have no reason to lie, right? Oh and that was addressing your anecdote, of the greatness of patriarchy on Asia or in traditional households. But sure go back to calling me a women really sticks it to me. What next a dick size joke? Or I know a what I’m I doing raising a child all by my lonesome or some other thing you consider “child abuse.” Bye Anonymous Age 72, the pleasure has not been mine.

    P.S. You’re little psychological belittling was about awful. This is the internet where trolls and arguing is woven into the very fabric of sites, you’re going to have to try harder to actually make people doubt themselves.

  • Anonymous age 72

    More proof you are a woman. Men are better at math and actually understand the equal sign. Feminists assume that if women get all the rights and all the benefits, and men get all the responsibilities, that makes them equal.

    The big lie that feminists believe in equality has been totally discredited.

    Men have petitioned for equal responsibilities to register for Selective Service. Immediately the feminists stopped it.

    Men have petitioned for equal child custody. All the feminist organizations immediately fought it.

    Men have asked for equality in employment, so that both men and women who are more qualified will be hired first without discrimination against men for being men,. Nope. Affirmative action continues to demand women be hired first, forever.

    You are not only a woman, but a totally insane woman.

    Equality never was a real feminist goal, nor is it today. Supremacy is the only feminist goal. ‘Equality’ is just a big lie to try to fool silly people into accepting the continued attack on everything male.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Again, you supply no evidence of the wonders of single motherhood, but claim there is no evidence for the bad of it. The figures have been known since the early 80’s. Children born to single mothers are 7 times more likely to end up in prison. That is a fact, not a lie like you have been stating.

    In both the USA and Mexico (and obviously in every other nation as well) the majority (over 80%) of people in prison came from households with no biological father present.

    IF you claim there is no evidence of the negative nature of female headed, no bio-dad houses, you have simply refused to read it.

    This is like saying the male and female brains work the same, except for cultural training. All the brain scientists know very well the male and female brains work totally differently. it takes dedicated ignorance to deny it.

    You say you are done here. I doubt that but if so thank you. You are the one who supplied no factual content, simply repeated your claim that advocating equality constitutes factual material. Then, insult after insult after insult and no factual material.

    I would say most men here realize you don’t even understand what factual material is.

  • Graydon

    I’m sorry I know I said I was done, but man you keep pulling me back in. Lol. I mean lol (which means laugh out loud) and roflmao (which means rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) wow you really are as bad as I thought. So much conspiracy. It must be just awful in your world. And I love the you’re an insane woman bit (I mean a man who disagrees with your views can’t be a man, I’m a right?). Luckily such views are going the way of the Dinosaurs. Well sort of MRA activists and red pill believe them, but luckily they’re the minority. But I gotta say man was that funny. Okay now I’m done. I’m so glad I didn’t actually try to engage in a meaningful discussion.

  • Anonymous age 72

    You keep saying bye but you keep on posting. More feminine behavior.

    I may have been wrong about one thing. I have accused you of lying when you say things like “the greatness of patriarchy on Asia.” I never said any such thing, just as I never said some of the other things you accused me of saying that I never said.

    It may not have been a lie. It may be that you are so stupid you can’t keep straight which person said what, but simply decided to blame it all on me.

    Likewise you don’t seem to know what a troll is. Intelligent people who come here understand Matt is using his freedom of speech to state his beliefs. And, he is writing for men who share his beliefs.

    People like you who come on here to disagree with lies, with insults, are the trolls. Intelligent people would know at a glance, “The mostly men on this board do not agree with my feminist beliefs. So, I am not welcome here.”

    Yet, you come on here with every insult you can think of, and when we respond as would be expected by any intelligent person, you think we are haters.

    You are one messed up woman.

  • Moni1111

    Girls acquire language earlier than boys and remain more fluent throughout life; Girls develop larger vocabularies, use more complex linguistic constructions, enunciate and read better. Boys are less communicative and use language instrumentally (to get what they want); Brain localisation of language is more bilateral for females than males (MRI and lesion studies); Males suffer from bilingual development (e.g. memory deficit) while females are unimpaired. That’s according to science.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I went through the whole page. With threads this long and in random order it is possible to miss something important. I copied and pasted every Graydon posting into a good word processor.

    Then, I went through her postings. AT NO TIME DID SHE EVER USE THE WORD MAN. Not once.

    And, at no time did she actually supply any factual material in defense of her beliefs. Insults and name-calling, that was all.

    Yet, she called me among other names a troll, showing she has no idea what a troll is. A troll is a person who comes on a board or blog with no intention of participating in any discussion. And, writes deliberately with the intention of derailing actual conversation by those on the board or blog.

    To wit, Graydon who called all sorts of names, but never in any posting supplied any anecdotal or factual information.

    I realize some of you man-haters are stunned by what you have read here. And, you should be. For around 50 years, all discussion of man/woman issues have been controlled and dominated by women and feminine men. We call them manginas.

    So, most of you have no idea what most men are really thinking. Then, one day you blunder onto a blog like Matt’s and think you have died and gone to Hell.

    What is this? Can they do that? They can’t do that! They actually said something which differs from my memorized feminist catechism. That men are all bad and women are all good and that all the bad things we have done to men and plan to continue to do to men are actually The Mighty She God’s plan for the universe.

    Get used to it. The feminist holocaust isn’t over. Just as a hot air balloon continues to go up for a while after the fire goes out, so the fire of feminism has gone out. Marriage is going away. Birth rate has dropped below replacement values. Men are turning away not just from women, but from the very society which has violated their human; civil; legal; and constitutional rights.

    Over the last 50 years, you man-haters have not listened to men, assuming you know what men should think and feel. So you have no clue what is happening. Now that you know what millions of men are really thinking, you have no idea how to deal with it. So, you resort to your 50 year plan. Attack! Attack! Attack!

    It is called future shock, as described in the 60’s book by that name when people are unable to cope with rapid social changes.

    Next to save this page intact.

  • Steve Corner

    Right. Because you would know about Law, since you’re a licensed, practicing lawyer…oh…wait.

    You ‘fed’ them by bashing. Which was my point, all along.

    Holy crap. How do people not see the pattern here?

  • Anonymous age 72

    Yet, all through recorded history, even until the present moment, nearly everything important in the real world was done by men.

    I congratulate you on your memorization of the feminist catechism. But, what you dearies don’t seem to grasp is the distribution curve of any parameter of intelligence you want to use shows only men above a certain point. Women are much less dispersed.

    Most extremely intelligent people are men. Most extremely stupid people are men. Jean Auel not withstanding, it was only the extremely intelligent men that brought us out of the caves and that have produced all the marvelous things that separate us from the animals.

    And, men like me (and Matt) are not the great innovators. Only a few men. Always men. Pink Cadillacs don’t count in the real world.

    Yet, the most intelligent men are treated pretty much like the average men. That is one of many reasons that in your lifetime you will see the collapse of the USA and all its wonderful things.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I supplied no-fee counseling to divorced men for ten years. I quickly learned the last place to get good divorce advice was from an attorney. Most of them really know very little about men’s issues and the laws. This is not what you would expect but it is what I observed.

    For that reason, I did extensive legal research for the entire ten years. The more I read the less respect I had for attorneys. All they knew about men’s issues was:

    Momma gets the kids; the house; the car; alimony; child support; property settlement; and dad gets “reasonable visitation” which the courts ruled meant nothing at all.

    Even though the local Day Care Association, mostly divorced women and single moms, stated that half of kids should go to the fathers who clearly cared more abut them, few attorneys would help a father in the most abusive situation petition for custody.

    Attorneys are not your friend.

  • Steve Corner

    Then show us the research

  • Steve Corner

    Science has proven that feminism is a ‘scientific.’ Oh, wait. No they haven’t.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Forgive the intrusion. But, I have been at this for nearly half a century.

    Fifty years ago when feminism first began to take over, feminists were evil and crazy but they were not stupid. It was a different time and men were not allowed to call women f’g liars. So, they lied a lot.

    And they well know from Nazi Germany that if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually believe it. So they repeated the big lies until almost everyone believed them.

    One of the big lies was to make up some bogus experiment complete with bogus results and announce it was serious research.

    A perfect example was (not sure of name at this instant) Lenore Weitzman. She was a Ph. D.. who claimed to have done a study on child support issues. Her bogus conclusion was that the standard of living after divorce went way down.

    It was obvious to most thinking men at a glance her numbers were bogus. Alas most men aren’t thinking men. She eventually admitted to a FRA that she didn’t actually do the survey. She sat at her computer and theorized what was correct. But no one listens to men.

    Another Ph. D. took her bogus figures and put them in a study of her own. So now you had two Ph.D. making the same bogus claim. Then another and another.

    Then they sent copies of these bogus studies to law libraries all over the country and all the stupid judges (but I repeat myself) read it and also believed it.

    Then, of course they sent it to the legislators. Who also believed it and passed child support and alimony laws to take care of those poor, poor, poor, poor dearies instead of telling them to go F themselves since they filed for the divorce.

    Eventually, someone else did an actual study which showed totally different results. Since she had not subtracted his c/s payments nor the income tax on them from his income, nor added it to hers. (Among other things.) When they questioned her and asked to see her data she claimed she had a grad student do the processing and he lost her data.

    They pulled similar crap when “studying” cost fo child care for calculating child support payments.

    I have no idea what current rents are. When I left my rural Midwestern city some years ago a one bedroom apartment might rent for $600. A two bedroom might run $800. So, housing cost for that kid would be $200 a month and his half would thus be $100.

    Instead they took the $800 and divided it by 2, giving a housing cost of $400 a month and his half would be $200.

    Ditto for car costs even if she drove less with a kid to take care of.Total car costs divided by 2 people.

    And those of us who tried to speak out were attacked and attacked. By other men more than women.

    In this case it doesn’t matter if the research was actually done. As I have said it clearly does not correlate with actual performance since almost everything important done or invented is done or invented by men.

  • Anonymous age 72

    It was not just lies about research. I got calls from men some distance away where the big State University was located. They would be slammed with a court petition to terminate parental rights while of course still having to pay large amounts of inflated child support payments.

    And when they got in court there would be several social workers all swearing under oath that they observed him hitting the mother of his children at a small shopping mall when he dropped the kids off or picked them up.And all these men would tell me they had never been at that mall. And they lost their kids.

    I would write about the things I knew of. And other men instead of helping would accuse me of making stuff up. I remember one stupid, fat-ass, red-headed union steward coming up to me and asking “Why do you write about things that will never happen to anyone?” And I was merely reporting what was actually currently happening to men.

    Men at work would walk across the building to give me hell for my hatred for women. Well I not only hated feminists but was soon enough starting to hate men as well. Everyone one of those men who gave me hell eventually called up screaming well beyond the capacity of a man to scream. Guess who just got his f’g divorce papers?

    After a time, I started enjoying the fact that spineless wimps were getting their balls ripped off. I finally concluded it was unethical to counsel men when the worse they got it the happier it made me. And stopped counseling services.

    Five years later, I retired and moved to Mexico.

  • ThomasER916

    “Girls develop larger vocabularies, use more complex linguistic constructions, enunciate and read better.”

    More bullshit and lies.

    Actual science is based on evidence. After reading both Shakespeare and JK Rowling, it’s easy to illustrate the “larger vocabulary” and “more complex linguistic constructions” goes to Shakespeare.

    A fact that Cultists like you never point out: There is no single being in all of history, before or since, to accomplish more for any language and all languages than William Shakespeare.

  • ThomasER916

    Anyone who rants about some being ‘misogynist’ and a ‘racist’ has already lost the battle. Feminists, Liberals, Progressives, Marxists, and you can’t make a coherent argument so you rely on insults.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Now, I am confused. Didn’t the feminists prove that Shakespeare’s cleaning woman wrote all the stuff that he stole and published under his own name?

    Or, was that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? [/sarcasm]

  • Speaksvolumes

    You hurt her ‘feelz’. She finds you ‘offensive”.

  • lightningstriker

    The intelligence factor is based on biology. The function of women is MORE vital to the human race than that of men. Every portion of their body is built for reproduction or to support reproduction as well as making every attempt to create sexual allure to males to draw their sperm and create strong next-generation humans. Women are “vaginal”, which simply means that their vagina is the nucleus of their being. Women cannot resist their psychological desire to reproduce. Their body chemistry of oxytocin, estrogen as well as other neuromodulators reinforce their brain’s decision-making. Their reason for living always revolves around the ability to feel life inside their womb and have their own contribution to the human population. The objective to complete this task encompasses their entire existence. Child rearing, maintaining family unity, procuring nurture and love are essential to correct human development as well as and providing sexual release for males are their physiological directives dictate. This is their main purpose. Their psychology is predetermined to finding an acceptable mate as a viable and suitable donor to procure the species. It’s a simple trait almost all mammals have but more so among homo sapiens. It’s their vital, imperative mission to the progression of humanity. It’s encrypted into their DNA: women will accept even inappropriate males as sperm donors as evident in millions of cases of abused women repeatedly reproducing for “non-suitable” males. When their bodies ovulate, the calling to be inseminated is overwhelming and unavoidable. When their body is NOT pregnant, the body rebels in anger as an unfertilized egg is expelled during menstruation. Women are devastated when barren or childless, they feel “incomplete” and mental conditions can follow. Men don’t have this trait. Men are much more basic and less required to the rearing process. Shirk responsibility and find another female. Responsibility for infants should belong to women because they have perfected it as child carriers and bearers. Men do not – men are eliminators of life, killers, war mongers & takers of their desires. Again, due to millions of years of conditioning. Our directive is to inseminate as many women as possible – reproduction is not important. Most women don’t want to admit this but throughout the history of humanity, it’s more prevalent to be true. Central thinking for men is improvement of life, invent, design and advancement of our species. Sex is essentially recreational – nothing more. Men create the world – women benefit from living in it through our desire to make them comfortable to accept sperm into their cervix and conceive offspring. The necessity of female “intelligence” was never required so their brains were never exercised to deduce, calculate, or explore the peripheral world around them. Women are vital but not intellectually and 98% of them know it. Anthropologically speaking.

  • Anonymous age 72

    >>men are eliminators of life, killers, war mongers & takers of their desires.

    WTF? Women have killed well over 50 million unborn babies in the last 42 years, even babies that were capable of surviving outside the womb, and believe it is their divine right to do so.

    >>When their body is NOT pregnant, the body rebels in anger

    Hee, hee. Let me guess you made that up for a creative writing assignment in Woman’s Studies Class at the Ole’ university, right?

  • lightningstriker

    You should read the reports on the body’s cause of PMS such as serotonin and its affect on hormone levels. I’m a biologist with a Master’s. Anyway…abortion cannot be included in this discussion and it;s been a woman’s right in several countries for a reason. These women aren’t “murderers”. Ever heard of separation of church & state?? Your religious fanaticism is blinding your ability to understand your own body. I know many women who’ve had an abortion and NOT 1 is ever happy about it years afterward. It devastates all of them even though they believe it was the right thing to do at the time. This is part of the biology as well – to retain life growing inside of you. Women connect instantly upon knowledge of conception with only the occasional exception.
    The point of the discussion is about intelligence between the genders… the roles are clearly defined by design.

  • Anonymous age 72

    You have memorized your feminist catechism very well. I would expect that of a Master’s Degree. Good job.

    However, your logic is not Master’s level. If it devastates them for years, how could it be the right thing to do. Think much?

  • hostage707

    Matt, you know you hit this one out of the park because of the responses it has fired up. Cannot argue with most of what you have said.. many have thought it.. just no one put it down on paper like you have.. Just don’t ever get so warped..that you don’t realize that Einstein was not hatched. He was breastfed for a while there too..

  • Drew English

    This is fucked, this dude is fucked, you’re all fucked.

  • Drew English


  • Vince Gotti

    Their purpose is not to not to serve men but to find a suitable father for their children, love their children and give them a safe home. Anything else is besides the point. The truth is most women do not know what they want but in reality their main purpose is to propagate the species. Lets not go into what Darwin found out about brain size differences here.

  • Thalassa Fischer

    Here’s the truth, then. Women are actually on average surpassing men in IQ AND college degrees. You must be really desperate and have low self esteem.

  • Caprizchka

    You must be really smart to tell me so. I bet all your friends say the same thing. “She’s so smart.”

  • Max

    “Holy crap. How do people not see the pattern here?”

    It is quite simply actually. Because they choose not to. Intellectual cowardice on the part of Marxists and feminists is quite typical and obviously unsurprising.

  • Max

    You cannot reason with an individual who prefers fantasy to reality due to pseudo-intellectual nonsense that permeates the modern mind. Those who choose a fantasy world over reality will always bring about their own eventual demise. Unfortunately, they will take a considerable number of victims with them in the process.

  • Steve Corner

    Amen to that

  • Zane

    THIS IS THE BEST ARTICLE EVER MADE, how can you compete with men when you use your hormones and emotions to judge every decision you ever make. It’s called LOGIC and it is the basis of what we call”INTELLECT”. If you are a woman and have an IQ of slightly above average or below then you have zero logic thats as simple as it gets, and if you do have logic you NEVER use it… EVER. It’s hilarious that the smartest women have/use the same amount of logic as the average dumb guy.

  • Zane

    it doesnt matter if you dont want to please a man. You want to raise a child because you are a woman and by going to the sperm bank you’re doing nothing but passing on shitty genes. Pick a real man, a smart man, one who actually cares about you, and guess what? You’ll actually be doing this world a favor!

  • Zane

    evolution is not a change of thought, thats called being smart. Smart people change their minds all the time based on what is presented before them. His thinking is not backwards, it’s backwards to think that it’s okay to not mate with men because you think they’re all gross and animalistic. Being an independent woman who doesnt need a man is probably the worst thing a woman can actually do for this world.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    “how can you compete with men when you use your hormones and emotions to judge”

    Sorry, was just watching TV where another load of men went on a rampage down the streets of various cities because their team lost whatever sporting event happened. Those darned men and their hormones and emotions sure do like to turn cop cars upside down and set things on fire for the silliest damned reasons.

    Frankly, I don’t know why smart, sane people still let the lot of you walk the streets unchaperoned. Think of all the murders, assaults, and property crimes that wouldn’t be committed if we stopped unleashed men from walking the streets unguarded and unchecked.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    “Murder” is a legal term, sweetie-pie. Abortion is never murder… except when someone attacks a pregnant woman against her will and causes the death of her wanted baby — such as the man who suspects she is pregnant by him but she wishes not to abort.
    The police blotters are nice and full of such murders that meet the legal definition of that word you keep using incorrectly.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    lol, he IS ugly! Close one eye, and he could almost pass for a woman! Listen to his judgy bitch videos, if he started upping his hormones, he might even begin to sound like one!

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    I don’t think they really do exist. I think they make up these himsterical personas online to scare women into believing that laughable garbage like that actually exists… in the hopes that it will make real men — the ones who exist in reality — look INFINITELY better by comparison, thus tricking women into dating/marrying again.
    The thing about feminism is it made women realize that getting her own job and her own paycheck was one helluva lot better than getting a husband. Women have been turning down marriage so much that men have had to resort to purchasing wives from impoverished, third world countries to make up for the dearth of interest in local women :(

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    Rest assured, women are NOT supporting these “ideas”. Men who have fake female sockpuppet Disqus profiles definitely support these ideas, but not women.

  • kayotic

    point taken and glad someone actually said….its a conclusion my teenage self had, but i beat it out myself, it was sexist you know.

    ironic I’ve aged 15 years, gained wisdom, and only reached the same conclusions I had as a child. Irony.

    the only part i mildly disagree with is, i think women should have some brains, if only because I dont want the mother of my children being a complete dummy.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    If she allows herself to become impregnated by anyone who has read any Matt Forney, then the mother of your children will not be the parent who’s passing on those idiot genes.

  • kayotic

    this is also true.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    Methinks he puts his laptop in the toilet before he shits!
    Reading some of his articles, it’s easy to say he puts his laptop into the toilet before poopy-times for almost all of his articles. You can’t be this dumb, this many times by accident, really.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    THANK YOU! I think that’s what all of the women were trying to tell him, but he’s… just… so… STUPID, lol. That pseudointellectual nonsense is all he knows how to spew.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    *Somebody* sure does seem entranced with rectal prolapses… And can’t stop dropping hints with his usage of the word “faggot” and other little come ons… Dude, just go use Grindr like all the other Manospherians do.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

    My anal fissure is a girl too. I named it ThomasER916 because it’s oh, so welcoming to dudes.

  • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD
  • ThomasER916

    You’re so fking stupid you actually believe your pop psyche bullshit still works.

  • Carrie

    No, having sold my eggs to an IVF center after learning the pros and cons of artificial insemination, I can tell you that sperm from the sperm bank WILL be of infinitely better quality than a randomly picked “real man, smart man”, whether or not he cares about me. In fact, getting a man/husband is fine, but it is still smarter (if she can afford it) to go the sperm bank route even if she’s married to an otherwise great guy.

    And I don’t know what decade your coma began in, but you have awoken in a modern time when women aren’t that keen on raising a child just for the sake of raising a child. It used to be “all she could aspire to” like it was some pinnacle of achievement (even though it was the only thing all of society allowed her to do)! But if a woman still wants to be a parent but not a wife/girlfriend/slave, then IVF is a perfect option. The sperm will be verified by professionals, as opposed to taking the word of the very biased, perhaps less-than-perfectly-honest sperm-offering guy she falls in love with.

    You said it best about “shitty genes” — but those don’t come from sperm banks, they come from egotistical guys who just want to insert their sperm into a female.

  • Carrie

    I never said that “evolution was a change of thought”, ergo the rest of your premise is as faulty as your reading comprehension skills. And his thinking is very much backwards.

    Also, I never said (nor ever even thought) that men “[a]re all gross and animalistic“. That is reading comprehension Strike Two for you. Men are great. Even the few who aren’t great are still pretty darned good. It’s the probable ±1% of men who are the detritus being kept out of the gene pool.

    Being an independent woman is no different than being an independent man. The world is not affected by anyone’s independence, if anything the world benefits GREATLY from the lack of overpopulation that poor thinkers like yourself have been responsible for.

  • whisperingdust

    I would just like to say that I would take you over these “alpha males”. You’re a lovely person, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had girls falling head over heels for you. Take notes, “alphas”; “white knights” always win.

  • whisperingdust

    You’re probably abusive in relationships.

  • Siobhan Manning

    Dear Lord dude you’re so lucky you haven’t crossed paths with an intelligent black girl. You are so WRONG! You men need to remember women can do anything men can do and not all men judge us women by our looks! Finally needy girls are real I’m one and proud I do exactly what you claim we don’t do in our free time which is read science books and shop moderately. Please check your facts man.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re not a licensed and registered pop psychologist. You’re just another, run-of-the-mill, indoctrinated Useful Idiot.

  • Anonymous age 72

    >>they bitch and whine about the change of the status quo that they
    believe has taken away their manly privileges and dominance, even their

    What a stupid feminist. Actually, what we want is our legal; civil; human; and constitutional rights. At this time we don’t have any. Any man who angers any woman in the USA will go to jail just because she got angry and called the cops. Period.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Camille Paglia admits if it weren’t for men, women would be living in caves wearing rabbit skins. My only doubt is about the rabbit skins.

    You forgot to mention that of all the important inventions in history the highly superior women actually created 5% of them. Wow. I am so impressed!

  • ripov

    John Russell Houser? Is that you? Thought you did yourself in already.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Actually, they don’t. You can talk big on the Web but women don’t keep White Knights around. Not even they can stand them.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Ripov, you and your feminist leaders are totally out of touch with real life.After 50 years of mistreating men, men are rapidly leaving the room, so to speak.

    Your snotty White Knight insults no longer have any meaning to most men of intelligence. Which is most men.

    Back in the Sixties, feminism started its attack on men. The White Knight press did not allow men to respond. Any man who did attempt to respond was bullied out of his job; his marriage; and anything else they could bully him out of. So, for that 50 years, men have not said much about what they felt about how the laws were treating them.

    Since 1965, feminists have openly called for 95% of all men on the planet to be exterminated, ala the Nazi chambers, to make the planet a better place. I have never seen you on feminist boards like that, to denounce misandry. No, you only worry about misogyny that has to do with intelligence matters. I don’t see men calling to have 95% of women exterminated.

    Um, okay. Here is the down side. A few years ago, thanks to the Web, men figured out that participating in a society designed solely to transfer their salaries to women was a marginal idea.

    Marriage, the ultimate transfer of male assets to women, is so low the government won’t even release the figures since 2011. And, women are besides themselves. “Men won’t make a commitment! Waa! Waaa!”

    “Waaa!! Waaa!! You mean I have to get up every day and go to work, the rest of my life, like a scummy old man? Waaa!! I want a stupid man to marry me, then after I get my two kids, I can divorce him and get child support and alimony the rest of my life.”

    The same crap happened in the last days of the Roman Empire. Women got political power and used it to get no-fault divorce and big property settlements. Men tired of it, and stopped marrying, just like today. The Emperor of the moment decreed any man who didn’t marry by age 35 was to have all his property confiscated. So, they started marrying foreign women who didn’t speak Latin.

    It wasn’t long before the foreign butchers came in and sacked the entire nation. Killing all the men and making slaves out of the women. Think ISIS.

    However, please carry on. People like you who write on blogs and boards frequented by man are much more effective than anything I could ever write.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Carrie proves once again why it is a waste of time to debate American women. It cannot be done. Just go on your merry way, declining to marry, or even to date, AW. Preferably move to Mexico. See Fred Reed on that topic.

  • ripov

    your perception is seriously warped and unbelievably narrow minded. your conclusions are consistent with someone with just enough education to think theyve got it all figured out, but really just have no clue. ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.
    i take solace in the fact that you and your kind are losing. while i have plenty of issues with feminists (i do not identify as one), most of them are much more intelligent than mra’s. if you are really 72, soon you will be gone, and your ideology with you. the average age of the fox news watcher is 68.8, just like you, they will soon be gone too. the sooner the better, i say.
    and who gives a shit if men get married or not or have kids. theres a serious overpopulation problem in this world in case you havent noticed. we dont need a constant influx of babies to keep our military up to snuff like the romans did. moron

  • Carrie

    Oh, third-person, passive-aggressive senior dementia is just too pathetic and sad to mock (not that it would be able to comprehend the mocking anyway).

    It even thinks men have anything to do with women’s long-dwindling interest in marriage that Feminism started pushing back in the 60s. Just one more thing women can thank Feminism for: the no-guilt ability to turn down marriage/dating/LTRs with men. Men, meanwhile, who are still reliant upon marriage, find that they must traverse the globe, dropping annual salary upon annual salary just to “secure” such a bride willing to tolerate their many flaws that American women have turned down :(

    I know that the harshest of feminazis (LOVE that term!) have always instructed our American castoffs to apply for a lovely lady from Central to South America… as those delightful women think nothing of castrating a man who has mistreated someone’s sister, daughter, or mother. I wish North American women would be able to get away with such, alas, we are constrained by the white man’s laws.

  • Sarah

    Should there not have been extensive scientific consideration in your biological argument?Please, put me in my place like the intelligent man you claim to be. Your article is as shallow as you perceive women to be; it provides nothing but the grounds for me to assume you have debilitating insecurities… Do humanity a favor, and refrain from taking yourself seriously.

  • Anonymous age 72

    As usual, people like you are totally disconnected from any reality outside your own imagination. The younger men are much more anti-feminist than my generation is. However, at least you are consistent. Totally out of touch with reality. Please carry on.

  • ripov

    There are some really good medications for Alzheimer’s out there. Maybe I could recommend a few to your Dr for you.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Yep, right on schedule. A feminist pretending it is women who have backed off on marriage.That is only true until the day they realize they have passed their Wiley Coyote moment, then they panic. There are few 35 year old men whining that women won’t make a commitment. A 35 year old man with a job who takes baths can get married any time he wants. But, a lot of 35 year old women are. Nice try, though.

    As I remember you think of yourself as HOT. Soon enough you will taste the acid of the aging man-hater.

    You also demonstrate the standard American hatred for all older men. Something that does not exist in Mexico, and probably in other Spanish speaking countries.

    Yes, if I were a widow, I can have a woman in her 20’s, no matter how many stupid insults you hurl at me. It is a different world here.

    As far as being castrated for mistreating women, my guess is you made that up, or your coven leader did. American men are well known in all non-Anglosphere nations for how well they treat women. Only in their own nation are they hated as the worst husbands in the world.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I do like easy questions. It has something to do with 50 years of open warfare by American Women directed at everything male. Including 50 years of insisting that 95% of all men on the planet must be killed to make the world a better place.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Great advice for anyone, including yourself.

    But, he deserves to take himself seriously. He posted this page around a year ago. And, you strong, independent dearies are still coming here, instead of managing world affairs as you claim you can do.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Perhaps, but there is no medication for those frozen in their infancy. Now, really, can’t you come up with better insults than Alzheimers, based solely on a man’s age?

    One of the things I like best about rural Mexico is older men are not hated here. Older men are hated in the US, and probably in the entire Anglosphere. That is fine. Unless we get really lucky, you will get old some day and you will get your turn in the barrel. Enjoy.

    Not only don’t I have Alzheimers. My b.p. yesterday was 115/75. Average for my age in the US is 165/95, per Guyton and Hall.

    Let me add that it is unlikely you can recommend good meds for Alzeheimers. Just another cheap and dirty shot. So typical for White Knights.

  • ripov

    Wrong again. You missed your chance. I am a pharmacist.
    And though I grew up in the very rural, very conservative south, I now live in one of the largest, most diverse cultural epicenters in the world, New York City. I think I’ll rely on my judgements of reality rather than an old man living in rural Mexico’s whose likely only link to the outside world is a computer screen.

  • Anonymous age 72

    You remind me of CYRANO, the play about the fictional character Cyrano de Bergerac, he of the big nose. There is a portion of the play where he sword fights with a man who has insulted his nose. And, he recites things the man could have said if he were intelligent. This section has been used by speech students for practice.

    If you were intelligent, you could do better than “Alzheimer’s”, a knee jerk response simply because I am old.

    You could say:

    dried up old prune
    old geezer
    old fart
    deluded old fool
    dilapidated old fart
    stupid old bastard
    senile deluded old bastard

    I could think of a lot more if I chose to spend more time at it. All I have to do is remember the things that have been said to me by the US bullies such as you.

    Your posting is actually comical. How do you know that NYC is a cultural epicenter in the world? Everyone else in your city tells you so, and you believe it. NYC is actually one of the most provincial places I have ever been. “We are the center of the universe!”

    If there is such a thing as a city with Alzheimer’s, it is NYC.

    You accuse me of having only one link to the outside world, my computer screen. So, where is your link to the outside world? You don’t have one. Believing your own press, you don’t even think anything important happens outside of NYC. So, you engage with people from other places only with your own computer screen, and only as a conceited bully.

    Most of the important things that are happening in the world are not happening in NYC. Nor are most of you who live there even aware of them. “We are the center of the Universe.”


    Around 8 million conceited, provincial jackasses who think they rule the world.

    If you are a pharmacist, you must be aware that you are not allowed nor qualified to diagnose illnesses. Once a medico gives you a diagnosis then you can recommend medicine. No one has diagnosed me as having Alzheimer’s, mostly because I do not.

    Living in another country, one learns more about his native country than by living in it. The US is a nation of cowards and bullies. Bullies such as you.

    The reason Trump is so popular is because he stands up to bullies like you.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Your comment about my only link to the outside world being my computer screen is especially ironic. You are so wrapped up in your computer screen that when I post here, within 15 minutes you have posted a response. You clearly have nothing else to do but monitor traffic on Forney’s blog. Get a life.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Interesting example of extreme ignorance. In fact, the Bible specifically describes in Ezekiel a man being taken up in a craft so he could see the curvature of the earth.

    Decades ago, a man named something like von Daniken wrote a book claiming the Bible in Ezekiel described space craft. A NASA Christian was so offended he vowed to show von Daniken to be a fool.

    He started studying the book, and ended up writing a book which agreed with von Daniken. You can read Ezekiel for yourself. There are millions and millions of Bibles in the USA, and even free on the Web.

    As I stated to Ripov below, living in another nation one quickly learns that the US is a nation of cowards and bullies. Please carry on.

  • ripov

    hahahahah… you would be a trump supporter. that explains a lot. it also ends this conversation as i dont really want to have discourse with the deranged. do every one here a favor and stay where you are with the little time you have left where you will do the least amount of harm.

  • ricksantos01

    5% Jeez I think even that is a frigging generous figure, more like 2% (3% tops)….

  • AG

    This article, at the very least, was disturbing. If you want someone to worship you, buy a pet. You don’t gain power by oppression. You sound extremely angered by the whole female gender, but your stereotypes are downright silly. If I said all men are pigs, with no self-control and whose sole purpose is to start wars and kill each other off in bar fights and showdowns, would you agree that all of these things apply to every single man including yourself? People (and yes, women are people–isn’t that crazy?) are not static. You may meet some dumb girls, but I’ve met a hell of a lot of dumb men (you’re just another :)). The way you write your article, you are the arrogant one, the stupid one, the one buying into idiotic ideas that make you feel superior. You’re just a guy trying to make up for being a fucking low life by bashing women who actually succeed in their goals (and who cares if they don’t meet YOUR standards for smart, I mean, they are still smarter than you). So keep writing your articles, a few people may even like them. But times are changing and your “ideal” women will one day never go for a guy like you.

  • Anonymous age 72

    The reason I support Trump is because all the bad things that have happened in the USA in the last 50 years has been a result of bullying. And, you are nothing but a two bit bully. Bullies can’t deal with Trump. Enough of you two bit bullies.

    Accusing me in a bullying manner of having Alzheimers when I clearly do not — and you well know I do not. Cheap bullying. Eliminate the bullying and there is no more Ripov because you have nothing else to contribute to any discussion.

    The reason you bullies hate Trump is because you know you can’t lay a glove on him. With him in office, all your bully power is gone.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Well, you could be correct. Somewhere I saw a figure which said 5% of patents were issued to women. Of course, that just naturally would include cases where women who brought the coffee for the engineers got her name tacked on the patent. I have no idea beyond that.

  • ripov

    LOL!!! too bad you dont live here so you could vote for the biggest bully running for president. what a buffoon. not like he has a chance. if we’re lucky, he and the rest of those bought and paid for career politician scumbags will #feelthebern.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Ah, yes, AG. The reason Donald Trump is probably going to be the next president of the USA is because for 50 years we have been governed by bullies. No real debates on important issues affecting the nation. Bullies attack and destroy anyone who says something they don’t like.

    So, right on schedule the usual suspects show up and start bullying tactics. Look at all the names you called him, all standard bullying tactics.

    You sound extremely angered.
    Your stereotypes are downright silly.
    dumb men( you’re just another)
    You are the arrogant one, the stupid one, the one buying into idiotic ideas that
    Being a fucking low life
    They are still smarter than you.
    your ideal woman will never go for a guy like you.

    And, not one bit of information which would prove him wrong.

    In fact, there are many more really stupid men than stupid women. That is because women’s i.q. is not very dispersed. Most women run between 70 and 130. Not many below 70 and not many above 130. That is a fact. A lot of men score well below 70 and well above 130.

    It is therefore also a fact that there are more really intelligent men than really intelligent women.

    By the time you get to my not low but still modest i.q. of 152, there aren’t many women left on the charts. Thus, I can also say I haven’t met women who are “smarter” than I am.

    I know of many women, usually supported by the upper classes, who have achieved more. But, I have never met them personally. If they were from the lower class, they’d have been lower in achievement than I am.

    The problem here is you have been told from birth that your vagina makes you a special snowflake. And, any time any man has stood up to you your daddy and the White Knights come a-running! So, it has never occurred to you that smarter men exist in every block.

    I am reminded of my sister-in-law. She got a real impo’tant job as a teacher’s aide in a school. very low pay, while her husband paid the bills. But, all day she worked with feminist teachers. One day, she brought home from the book store an i.q. test, and asked my brother to take it. she said she was gong to prove that women are as smart as men are, that she was as smart as he was.

    When he finished, she scored it and it said his i.q. was 145. She said, “That can’t be right!”

    He said, “Well, in school they said it was 142 but the difference isn’t important.”

    She took that i.q. test and slammed it in a drawer, and never again mentioned it. I am well aware the actually took it in private, but didn’t let him know since she most likely scored below 130 as most women do.

  • Anonymous age 72

    Proving once again you have no clue. Whoever said people living in other countries can’t vote in U.S. presidential elections? You register at the U.S. Embassy and vote like any other person and the military does.

    Yeah, Trump has a darned good chance. Millions of people are tired of bullies like you with your name-calling and ageist views and White Knightery. Even blacks are starting to support him.

    If you woke up and started observing the next president of the US, you would notice that he only attacks those who bully him first. Good for him.

  • ripov

    Someone who supports Trump and a guy who writes a blog about keeping women in their place with violence if necessary calling other people bullies. You are just really not too sharp are ya.
    Maybe Santa will bring you something nice for Christmas. Maybe a nice belt to keep those Mexican ladies in their place. You show em who’s boss! Probably why you moved there to begin with, so you could get away with beating some poor lady.

  • Caprizchka

    Above 130 and therefore smart enough to agree with you and upvote your comment.

    (No reason to reveal the exact number on the internet.)

    Surviving the catfights also took another type of “smarts”.

    In the presence of a man not only smarter than me, but who accepts me for who I am, I swoon and make sandwiches because, that’s pretty smart. :D

  • AG

    The problem I find with this whole theory is that it attempts to classify all women as below men. I am absolutely positive that men who are smarter than me exist, yet I am still sure that I am smarter than some men. This impasse leads me to believe one thing–we are both equal at the level of viewing entire genders. When we delve deeper into individuals, we may find some of the things you are talking about, but in no way does that mean I should feel in-superior. You say that any time someone stands up to me I grab my father or a man to do my bidding for me, yet here I am, with the ability to say things for myself.

    I am not who I am because of my vagina, and you are not who you are because of your penis. Using genitals as an excuse for your behavior and attitude toward women is the same bullying that you claim I do because of mine. But I do not say all men are idiots, and I do not claim all women are geniuses. I am simply arguing that, overall, we are equal.

    Counter me if I am wrong, but I think the real issue here is that some people do not want to be equal. They want to be superior, and because it matters so much to them, they pull in random facts and IQ scores that have very little to do with real life or real problems or real solutions.

    Why does it bother you–or anyone else–that I feel I deserve to have a voice, that my ideas and thoughts are valid, and that I have the capability to be just as intelligent as anyone in the male gender? Bullying is what you are doing when you try to silence other’s opinions, thankfully, they are still being heard :)

  • Anonymous age 72

    So, who writes a blog about keeping women in their place with violence? I sure don’t. Are you sure that Alzheimers diagnosis was for me? Seems more like you looked in the mirror

    Again, just lies and bullying from you. Bullies like you are beneath contempt. You have nothing to say but lies and insults. Wife beaters. Violence against women. Alzheimers. Using belts on Mexican women. It is possible you might have something actually useful to say though I doubt it. Just lie; lie; lie; insult; insult; insult; name call; name call; name call.

    If you are not nervous about Trump, you should be. Government by Bully is near the end of its life expectancy.

    Try it once. Actually say something useful as a criticism of my comments something involving reality, not bullying lies and insults.

    What Matt and I said is at our intelligence level we don’t know women smarter than we are. I know they exist. I see them on TV and in magazines, etc. But, I don’t personally know them. That is a fact, and if you don’t like it that is your problem. Not mine.