Matt Forney
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New Article at Medium: “How Does the E.U. Solve a Problem Like Hungary?”

I’ve decided to start an experiment where I publish weekly articles on European politics and news at Medium, an open blogging platform with a large user base. My first article is up there now, and it focuses on Hungary’s refusal to accept the European Union’s Muslim migrant quotas:

Moreover, expecting Hungarians to take in Muslim migrants — let alone non-white migrants period — is an added layer of lunacy. You must have dozed off in history class when your teacher got to the Ottoman Empire and how they occupied much of eastern Europe — including Hungary —for centuries. Indeed, much of Hungary was under the Turkish thumb for over 150 years, during which they conducted a quiet genocide on the Hungarian population. You’ll pardon the Hungarians if they don’t feel they need to go through a second period of Muslim rule.

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