Matt Forney
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New Article at Medium: “Who’s Afraid of Theresa May?”

I analyze tomorrow’s election in the U.K., the real reason why leftists are so salty over Brexit, and more in a new Medium piece:

The left may be revving up the waterworks in anticipation of tomorrow’s results, but that’s because of May’s stance on one issue: Brexit. It may seem odd that the lefties who claim to be all about the working man have made the European Union into their lodestone, considering that the E.U. works on behalf of banksters and is crushing the working man beneath its heels. That’s because regardless of what the E.U. actually does, the left loves it because it symbolizes the deracinated, castrated, cosmopolitan vision of life they cling to. The European Union works to destroy national identity and distinctiveness, replacing it with cookie-cutter consumerism and multiracialism, turning the most vibrant continent in the world into a shit-colored canvas of blandness.

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