Why Trannies Should Stop Trying to Fuck Us


This is a guest post by AikoFlip.

A small but politically vocal group of mentally-ill men disguised as women are on the prowl trying to have sex with heterosexual men. These “trannies,” as they’re commonly called, don’t believe being “stealth” in this way is deceptive because they feel that having their penises removed, taking hormones and proclaiming “I’m a woman!” is enough to become a real woman, and by being “real women,” they have full right to violate straight men who wouldn’t otherwise have sex with another man.

Since the technology isn’t yet available to repair their broken minds, society is being forced to become more tolerant of their illness. To accommodate their delusions, we’ve introduced new terminology like “cisgender” to avoid using “offensive” terms like “biological” when referencing real people. These types of precautions are being taken to protect trannies from “triggers” which could remind them of the fact they weren’t born with the organs to produce ova, which is what a female technically is.

Many “TERFs” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) quietly object to trannies as well, and some, like lesbian activist and author Dr. Janice D. Raymond, have had the courage to step forward and condemn their covert manipulation. In her book The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male, she writes, “All transsexuals rape women’s bodies by reducing the real female form to an artifact, appropriating this body for themselves… transsexuals merely cut off the most obvious means of invading women, so that they seem non-invasive.”

Shemales have tried to argue that our aversion for transsexualism is a by-product of our gender roles, which according to them were assigned by artificial social constructs. First off, anyone who requires advanced medical procedures to “realign” their entire physiological makeup isn’t in any position to deem what is or isn’t natural. And secondly, despite their best efforts to abolish gender identity for their own sake, the evolutionary reasons for the distinction between male and female remain. If it weren’t for sperm producing males, ova producing females, and the sexual attraction that evolved between the two, sex wouldn’t happen and humans wouldn’t exist.

Since many people, secretly or openly, are unaccepting of trannies, is there any place where they can find love and live in peace? Of course there is. There are plenty of people who are willing to suspend disbelief and accept them as whatever they claim to be, and there are a lot of gay and bisexual men who would be open to having sex with them. However, most “straight cisgender men” don’t fit into these categories and gag at the mere mention of kissing a so-called transgender woman. Even the most tolerant and liberal guys I know have said in private that they couldn’t see themselves dating a so-called transgender woman, and would break-up with their “girlfriend” if they discovered “she” was born with a penis.

But this is life, and in life not everyone is going to like you. Some people, for whatever reason, won’t like Canadians. Some people won’t like men. But one of the perks of living in a free society is that we can like or dislike whoever we wish as long as we don’t impede their ability to live in peace or get a job.

A Message to the Transgender Community

Imagine this scenario. Someone, for some reason, kidnaps your mother, makes her up to look like a person you’d be attracted to, and forces her to seduce and have passionate sex with you. You fall for it, and once you climax, the kidnapper enters the room and removes her disguise. Depending on how kinky you are, you’ll probably express joy about having fucked your mother or you’ll freak out. But the typical response would be panic and disgust. This is how the average heterosexual man would react if he learned he had sex with one of you. He’d scream, become physically ill, and maybe even try to kill you.

Rather than risk getting your feelings hurt—or worse—by trying to “pass” as a “cisgender” woman, you should be upfront about who you are with the men you pursue. Most heterosexual men do not want to be in a sexual relationship with a tranny. Even if you were able to afford enough surgery to almost completely pass as a woman (NSFW link), we still wouldn’t want to fuck you because no amount of surgery can override the fact you were born with a dick between your legs. Try preserving the little dignity you have left and understand that, while you may be able to fool some of us, we’ll never want to fuck the person you really are.

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  • commenting101

    Those fucking trannies are hot. And I’m gay.

    [CensorBot sez: Not that there’s anything wrong with that…]

  • AnonymousBosch

    From what I’ve seen, ‘Cisgender’ was simply a word invented by defectives to slur normality. I’ve yet to see it used by abnormals in any context other than what would count as dismissive hate speech if you replaced it with, say, ‘dyke’ or ‘faggot’. Of course, their narcissism won’t recognise this, resulting in the standard ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality.

  • anon- because this discussion is shameful

    does being privately willing to secretly fuck one- but never be seen in public with, kiss, hold hands, or show even the slightest affection to one count as being gay?

    I think not- honestly, imitation butter maybe good sometimes but I want the real thing at the end of the day.

    All most of these trannies will get out of men is being permitted to discreetly polish some wood before being sworn to secrecy (with implied threats) and then shown the door.

    That’s not bisexuality. After all, the man in question is attracted to what the tranny is pretending to be and not what the tranny actually is. There’s a difference.

  • Rachel

    Hi there. My name is Rachel. I had my dick chopped off and silicone tits bolted on, and I think this makes me a woman and not a mentally ill autogynephile who thinks the world should accommodate my defective brain.

    [CensorBot sez: Correctified.]

  • Guest

    Matt, I suspect that anyone wanting to f–k you is the least of your worries.

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  • TyDaMan

    “…there are a lot of gay and bisexual men who would be open to having sex with them”

    I agree with only 75% of the statement. Gay men are men that are attracted to men. A tranny is like a mix of both male and female and most gay men like men that look like men. I have friends that are gay men and they would never fuck a tranny. This only leaves the latter who would fuck them and some of them would be willing to chase them.

  • DeepThought

    Ohh look…someone who thinks they are witty…

    Everyone look at the up and coming troll.

  • Jim Christian

    Even if one of these men fooled me, I’d just disappear the shemale. Anyone that thinks the cops are going to investigate the killing of a shemale found punched out and strangled and thrown in the weeds is delusional.

  • mutha fucka jones

    Thank you for this article. I grew up in a loving, caring community, but we valued science, we valued truth. The pop world today values “feelings” over evidence, feelings over reality, feelings over everything. When we stray from truth and science, we hurt everyone around us. We’re not “helping” anyone. The lies need to stop. We need to face the hard truths, even if some feelings are hurt. Because the truth beyond the hurt is something beautiful, though it may be hard to see.

  • Emily

    I don’t get this at all. You are what you are, trannys aren’t women but still they try fooling men into thinking they are real. Where I live, no one pays any attention to these things when they get their butts kicked, bones broken or even worse but thats the price it has to pay I guess. Its a serious mental illness and taxpayers should not pay one cent for their sickness. They cant be fixed

  • Ann Onymous

    Is this a joke?