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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2012

You’ve Got Bigger Problems Than the Game

Like any online community of a sufficient size, the manosphere has its BSers. Keyboard players. Fakers. Frauds. They gather together on blogs and forums to dissect various types of openers, debate whether certain mundane, everyday actions are “alpha” or “beta,” and condemn any woman less attractive than Monica Bellucci as ugly. For example, take this […]

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god bless america

God Bless America? God Bless Bobcat Goldthwait!

NOTE: This article was originally published at In Mala Fide on May 7, 2012. I’m re-posting it here as the site is now defunct. It doesn’t take a genius to notice that our world is full of morons. Annoying reality TV stars, loudmouth talk show hosts, funeral-picketing gay-bashing Christians, rude moviegoers and other scum of the earth run […]

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Ordinary Internet People: I Hate ‘Em

I was going to run this article next week, but in honor of Paul Elam and the PMSing little girls at A Voice for Men, I’ve pushed it up a few days. The idiots are self-regarding consumer slaves, oblivious to the paradox of their uniform individuality. They sculpt their hair to casual perfection; they wear […]

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Paul Elam Argues Like a Girl

What a delight it was for me to discover last Sunday that my article “The Problem with the Men’s Rights Movement” was the focus of a Two Minutes Hate over at A Voice for Men. Even better, it was led by none other than the Grand Poobah Paul Elam himself! It was like being five […]

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Forget the Past and Just Say Yes

The image above is of the Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY, just outside of Buffalo. It’s a little waterfall with a natural gas leak, meaning there’s a naturally occurring flame burning at all hours of the day. There are other leaks nearby, but they have to be lit with a match; the one […]

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Before I resolutely decided to hike across America to Portland, I seriously considered hopping on a bus to Williston, North Dakota instead. If you’ve been reading the news, you know that Williston is the oil boomtown that’s been hiring guys for jobs paying up $120,000 a year without any prior qualifications. As a result, jobless […]

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The Problem with the Men’s Rights Movement

NOTE: This article was originally published at In Mala Fide on May 1, 2012. I’m re-posting it here as the site is defunct. I’ve been a long-time lurker in the manosphere and on MRA blogs. I agree with much of what they say, but I realized a while ago that I couldn’t in good conscience […]

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“Looks Don’t Matter”: How to Tell Keyboard Players from the Real Thing

Do any of the frauds who claim that “looks don’t matter” for guys really believe the BS they’re spewing? Unlike most of these dregs, I’m not anonymous. You can see what I look like by clicking on my About page. Without so much as pressing the Play button on my vlog, you can guess the […]

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The Organic Food Section: Not Just for Hippies Anymore

Because I live in a Cracker Barrel county, I’ve never had the pleasure of stepping foot inside a Whole Foods. Wegmans, one of the regional supermarket chains, has pretty well-stocked organic food sections in its suburban stores, and I used to sneer at the crunchy granola types who filled its aisles in search of fair […]

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Young White Female Needed for Companionship and Sexytime

Attention relationship-seekers! Are you a single young woman between the ages of 18 and 22? Do you have a BMI between 18.9 and 24.9? Are you a mild-mannered introvert who prefers to be seen and not heard? Are you a caring, feminine individual who doesn’t want to wear the pants in the relationship? If your answer […]

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