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28 Days to Alpha by David de Las Morenas

28-days-to-alphaConfidence is a tricky thing. You supposedly need it in order to succeed in life—in your career, in your hobbies, in your love life—but how do you go about developing it if you don’t have it? Sure, you can fake it ’til you make it, but confidence is not a quality that can be willed out of thin air; you need to have a foundation in order to be a confident man. How do you get that foundation?

David de Las Morenas has the answer.

I reviewed his previous book Dominate a while back, and 28 Days to Alpha can be viewed as the logical extension of that book’s philosophy. David bills 28 Days to Alpha as a “bootcamp,” a package of e-books and meditation techniques that are designed to help you put “alpha male” principles into action in your life. In many ways it reminds me of Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline, albeit wider-ranging. If you’re in need of a good kick in the ass to get you moving, 28 Days to Alpha is worth the money.

The centerpiece of the package is its eponymous book, a to-the-point plan of how you can develop confidence and improve your health in just one month. David’s advice incorporates weightlifting, approaching girls and even meditation to achieve this goal (in fact, the package includes a meditation program in MP3 format):

After a solid meditation, you’ll feel amazing. I guarantee it. You won’t have compulsive thoughts about things you have to do, or people who are pissing you off. You won’t get tied down in depressive emotions or heart wrenching anxiety, either. Rather, you’ll feel a calm, focused energy emanating from within. You’ll crush the rest of your day.

Much like in Dominate, David’s prose style is very lean and lacking in frills: the kind of prose you need in a book like this. 28 Days to Alpha is a very specific program designed to help men achieve a generalized goal of confidence, which contrasts it with 30 Days of Discipline’s single-minded focus. As a result, David’s program is better suited to men who are starting out from the bottom rungs of confidence (or close to it) and need a tap in the head to kick them into action.

The 28 Days to Alpha package is rounded out with Beastly Bodyweight Strength Training, which explains the various exercises that David describes in the main book, and The Book of Alpha, which goes over the principles of being an alpha male in greater detail. The package also includes an Excel workbook to help you track your progress in the program, making 28 Days to Alpha an excellent value for your money:

Too much of anything is unhealthy, be it video games, drugs, food, sex, lifting weights, reading, or writing. In order to remain sane, productive, and healthy, the alpha male must strike a balance between the numerous competing interests and missions in his life. He must always have a hand in a number of different pots, and that hand should be active to some degree.

Due to the rigidity of its program, 28 Days to Alpha is of limited use to men who already have their shit together. However, if you’re just starting out on your journey to success, David’s e-book package is a must buy. 28 Days to Alpha provides a program that is meticulously detailed and well-rounded, enabling men to improve themselves in just about every aspect of life.

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  • Steve

    Some of this stuff is starting to get a little redundant. I can only read so many books, websites and comments that say the way to “Alpha” manhood is to go to the gym and lift weights and dress better. Its like we’ve come full circle with all this red pill/PUA stuff and now were back to basic self improvement that guys have been doing for decades……..lifting weights is fine, but it simply isn’t all that difficult, unpleasant or uncommon….its not the huge differentiator or panacea that its touted to be….most gyms are packed with guys working out during peak hours, and they certainly are not all Alphas…..again, a healthy lifestyle that involves working out and weights is great and commendable, but I no longer see this as some great wisdom handed down from on high.