30 Bangs: The Shaping of One Man’s Game from Patient Mouse to Rabid Wolf by Roosh V

Roosh’s Bang is easily the best resource out there for men who want to improve their dating life, but the book isn’t exactly heavy on examples of its methods in action. For that, you’ll have to turn to 30 Bangs, a memoir/short story collection that does what its name implies: details thirty of the women Roosh has slept with since he started playing the game over a decade ago.

From a pure didactic standpoint, 30 Bangs is helpful as it covers a wide breadth of situations that the prospective player could encounter. Roosh deliberately chose each story because they each have something different to offer; you won’t feel like you’re reading the same tale over and over again:

She must’ve had a sex dream. In the middle of the night she woke up and started making out with me passionately. I started to play with her boobs and then took her shirt off. I tried to unsnap her bra with two hands, but I failed due to my inexperience.

As a pure literary exercise, 30 Bangs is entertaining but falls far short of greatness due to its lack of narrative structure. Aside from being organized in chronological order (starting from Roosh’s first bangs to his recent trip to South America in 2009-2010), there’s nothing to string the stories together. While each tale is entertaining on its own, I was left pining for a greater story to tie them all together:

I can’t remember much of what was said because it was one of those painful interactions where she made so many inane and idiotic statements about astrology, art, and romance that my brain refused to remember it. The formula of our conversation went something like this: she’d say something stupid; I’d cringe and die a little on the inside before making fun of her in a humorous, sexist way; and finally she’d playfully hit me and move a little closer. I was becoming skilled at tolerating stupid girls long enough to beat their pussies up in bed. Since she had a nice body with a tomato ass, I decided a little pain now would be worth a lot of pleasure later.

I personally would love to see Roosh write an actual Paraguay-style memoir about his life on the D.C. player circuit, but 30 Bangs is an adequate substitute… for now.

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