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30 Videos in 30 Days: Give Me Your Questions!

For a while now, I’ve been neglecting my YouTube channel. This is in part because I haven’t had the time to make new videos, but also because I became somewhat disillusioned with YouTube about a year ago. As Mike Cernovich put it, “YouTube is where stupid people get their information.”

However, because I’m willing to admit I’m wrong when I’m confronted with new facts, I’ve decided to blatantly borrow Cernovich’s “30 Videos in 30 Days” challenge. For the entire month of September, I will be doing one video a day, fueled by the questions you give me. While I have my own ideas for videos, I want this series to be propelled by your ideas and questions.

Therefore, I’m asking you to provide your suggestions for future videos.

In this video, I lay out the details of my 30-day challenge. Feel free to ask your questions either on this post or on the video proper. Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll be able to watch the videos before I post them on my blog.

To watch the video on YouTube, click here. To watch it on BitChute, click here. For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel here and my BitChute channel here.


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