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Official Statement on the ADL’s False Accusations Against Me

Several hours ago, the Anti-Defamation League published a report titled “From Alt Right to Alt Lite: Naming the Hate,” which named me as one of the major figures of the alt-right, which they libeled as a “white supremacist” movement. Many friends and associates of mine, including my former Right On colleagues Daniel Friberg and Jason Reza Jorjani, Mike Cernovich, Colin Liddell, Matthew Heimbach and others were also named in the piece.

The ADL’s article isn’t simply a threat to my life and the lives of everyone on it (as it singles us out for violence from left-wing terrorists): their blurb on me is libelous and defamatory, accusing me of being a Holocaust denier, among other things. I will refute their claims about me below.

1. I do not work for Red Ice.

While I have been a guest on Red Ice several times and am friends with Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff, I have never worked for the network in any capacity. While I did partner with Red Ice to report on the Republican and Democratic National Conventions last year, I did so as a volunteer, paying for my expenses with my own funds and with donations from my readers. Red Ice assisted in promoting my fundraiser and in logistics, but did not pay me to report for them.

2. I am not a Holocaust denier.

The ADL’s article falsely attributes an interview from Red Ice,Eric Hunt – The Shoah: The Biggest Hoax of the 20th Century?“, to me. This is how sloppy their “reporting” is: a simple Google search would have shown them that that podcast, which they call a “Holocaust denial screed,” was not done by me. Given that I live in Europe, where Holocaust denial is against the law in numerous countries, the accusation that I would engage in it isn’t just defamatory, it’s stupid.

3. I do not identify as alt-right.

Last month, I publicly announced that I was disassociating from the alt-right. I am not “disavowing” the alt-right, because I have many friends in it who are doing good work and because despite my criticisms of the movement, I recognize that globalism and the left are our ultimate enemies. I’ve simply chosen not to use the “alt-right” label to describe myself anymore. For the ADL to put me on a “Who’s Who” of the alt-right is insanely idiotic.

I may have grounds to sue the ADL for their false statements.

Not only has the ADL defamed me, by publishing this list, they’ve put the lives of everyone on it—as well as their loved ones—at risk. By singling us out with their libelous accusations of “white supremacy,” the ADL has made us into targets for left-wing violence.

The assassination attempt on Steve Scalise and other House Republicans by left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson last month, as well as the violent attacks on right-wingers and Trump supporters by antifas, show that leftists feel increasingly empowered to hurt and kill anyone they deem to be a “Nazi” or a “white supremacist.” While I currently live in Europe, my family has been targeted by antifa in the past, and could easily become a target again thanks to the ADL.

A close lawyer friend has told me that I have a case against the ADL. I am currently weighing my legal options and deciding how to proceed.

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