If you have a product or service that you think would of be interest to readers, you can now advertise on my site. My blog has over 7,500 unique visits a week and nearly 30,000 unique visitors a month according to Google Analytics, meaning that I can help you grow your business quickly and easily. Detailed information about my site’s traffic and readership can be found further below.

Here are the advertising packages I’m currently offering. As a general rule, I will give priority to advertisers who offer me free samples of their products so I can try them myself. All ad spaces are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

We have appreciated advertising with Matt on his website. Good traffic for a very reasonable advertising cost, a positive ROI and quick implementation of our ads.

Rod, Talon Knife

Advertising with Matt has been an excellent decision that has grown our business by leaps and bounds. Anyone looking for not just more traffic and sales, but competent, thoughtful, and honest writing has got to come to him!

Logan, Andro-Plus

Matt Forney Live Advertisement ($50 per month)

I will advertise your product or service on Matt Forney Live, my weekly live show. Aired on my YouTube channel, which has over 3,000 subscribers, Matt Forney Live is also broadcast on my Twitch and channels and available as an MP3 download on Anchor, the iTunes Store and other platforms, reaching thousands of people a week.

Sponsored Post ($.025-$.05 per word)

I will publish a sponsored review or article about your product or service. If you write the article yourself and provide it to me, the rate will only be $.025 per word; if you have me write the article, I will charge my standard rate of $.05 per word. For example, if you hire me to write a 1,000-word sponsored post, my fee is $50, but if you write the article yourself, you will only pay $25. I offer discounts for repeat buyers.

For more information about my writing services, click here. For an example of the kinds of sponsored posts I write, click here.

Sponsored Podcast ($1 per minute)

I will record a special podcast interview with you. The cost of the interview is $1 per minute, same as my consultation rates. For example, if we record an hour-long interview, you will pay $60. For an example of the kinds of sponsored podcasts I do, click here.

Readership Stats

  • Pageviews per month: 45,000
  • Visits per month: 30,000
  • Unique visitors per month: 26,000
  • SoundCloud followers: 500
  • YouTube subscribers: 3,000
  • RSS subscribers: 300 (source: Feedburner)
  • Email subscribers: 200 (source:
  • Mailing list subscribers: 2,500 (source: AWeber)

All statistical information sourced from Google Analytics unless otherwise indicated. Pageview, visit and visitor info averaged from last three months of data. Info is updated once a month.

Click here to view detailed traffic and demographic information from Quantcast. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Use subject line “Advertising on”