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This Alt-Right Life, Episode 9: The United States of Weimerica with Ryan Landry

On this episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to neoreactionary writer and blogger Ryan Landry. Ryan is a contributor to Social Matter and Radix and also hosts the Weimerica Weekly podcast. In the first segment, Ryan and I discuss how America has become like the Weimar Republic, the prevalence of cuckoldry and other sexual fetishes, pornography addiction, the psychology behind social justice warriors, and much more.

In the second segment, Ryan and I discuss the reasons why America has become Weimerica. We also talk about the burgeoning worldwide conflict between globalists and nationalists, how Donald Trump could potentially reinvigorate America, how we can push back against Leftist subversion, and more. This episode originally aired on July 4, 2016.

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