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What is the Alt-Right?

If you heard about the alt-right (alternative right) from Hillary Clinton’s speech, you probably curious to learn what it is.

I’m Matt Forney, a writer and journalist who’s been part of the alt-right since before there was a name for it. I’ve been writing in various forms for over seven years and have played a small but important role in shaping the alt-right. For more info about me, click here.

What is the alt-right?

Describing the history of the alt-right would take a book. However, the single defining characteristic of the alt-right is this…

The alt-right is about putting your nation first.

What does this mean? It means that all people have the right to a land of their own: whites, blacks, Asians, you name it.

For decades, globalists have sought to destroy white nations by flooding them with foreigners. Alt-righters fight for the continued existence of white nations and white people.

In the United States, illegal immigration from Mexico and Latin America will make whites—the people who founded America—a minority by 2050.

In Europe, the migrant crisis has resulted in thousands—possibly millions—of Arabs, Africans and others invading Germany, France and other countries. White Europeans will soon become minorities in their own countries.

These invaders bring crime and corruption with them. In the U.S., Mexican drug cartels have ruined our major cities. Illegal aliens kill and rape American women. Illegal Mexicans deprive Americans of jobs.

In Europe, “Syrian refugees” rape and kill as well. Last New Years’ Eve, hordes of Arabs roamed the streets of Cologne and other European cities, sexually assaulting white women. Refugees have also been responsible for ISIS terrorist attacks throughout the continent.

More importantly, these foreigners are taking over the countries they invade.

For example, France was created by the French. However, immigration and the refugee crisis are turning the native French into a minority in their own country. When that happens, France will no longer exist.

Similarly, if Latinos become the largest group in the U.S., we will no longer be the U.S. We’ll just be another Latin country.


The alt-right fights to ensure whites have a home of their own.

Every other people on Earth has a land they call home. Arabs have the Middle East. The Chinese have China. Latinos have Latin America. The Jews have Israel.

Yet whites don’t have a home. We’re told that we have to let everyone else in the world into our nations.

The French can’t keep their nation French. The Germans can’t keep their nation German. Everyone from the third world is allowed to flood into our homes.

If we protest this, the government and media denounce us. They call us “racist,” “xenophobic,” or claim we have “white privilege.”

What would happen if white Americans started flooding into Mexico or another non-white nation? Everyone would rightly be horrified. The Mexican government would put a stop to it.

Yet the reverse happens and we cheer it on. Anyone who protests the illegal alien invasion is called a “neo-Nazi.”

The alt-right believes it’s okay for whites to defend their culture.

Everyone on Earth wants their people to live on. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your culture or race.

The alt-right fights to ensure whites continue to exist. We fight against globalists like George Soros, who want to destroy our nations to enrich themselves.


We support Donald Trump because he is a nationalist.

Donald Trump is not part of the alt-right. Many of his beliefs are in direct conflict with ours.

Nonetheless, we support him because he is fighting to preserve the American nation.

Trump will end illegal immigration. His border wall and aggressive deportation policy will allow whites to remain a majority in America.

Trump’s opposition to free trade is also good. His economic policies will bring back manufacturing jobs from China and Mexico, strengthening the middle class.

Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate in decades who treats America as a nation worthy of defending. Both Democrats and Republicans view the U.S. as a goodie bag to plunder.

The alt-right is not going away.

Hillary Clinton is denouncing us because she fears us. She has built her career on endless war, mass immigration and corruption: everything we oppose.

Mainstream conservatives (cuckservatives) also fear us. We’ve exposed Ben Howe, Ben Shapiro and countless others for the ineffectual shills they really are.

The media and government can call us whatever they want. We’re not backing down.

Will you join us?

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