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Anonymity is for Guys with Something to Lose

The Geographer writes on how he very nearly nuked his blog to avoid seeing his career plans go up in smoke:

The measure of your country’s intelligence is proportional to whom it allows to ACTUALLY speak.

As I’ve already stated, I’ve made the suicidally brave decision of putting my real name on this blog. No, I’m not going to start Tweeting every inane detail about my life like a girl, but I’m going to own everything I write here no matter who it upsets. I’m not going to censor myself for an increasingly slim chance of getting some mindless cubicle job.

I wonder what would happen if more guys in the manosphere were to ditch the pen names, stand up, and proudly declare who they were. I don’t mean to insinuate that guys who write under pseudonyms are cowards, far from it. Steve Sailer is open about his identity, but he’s also constantly on the verge of bankruptcy. Thanks to the “anti-racist” assholes in the MSM, the Derb is likely heading down the same path. Merely telling the truth in this day and age is an act of courage, even if done under a fake name.

But if more guys were to simply say, “I’ve had enough, I’m not going to take it anymore,” that might inspire more fence-sitters, more men who agree with us but are too afraid to stick their necks out for fear of what could happen, to join them. A trickle becomes a flood. I won’t be so arrogant as to claim that I, another nobody on the Internet, am going to spearhead some big revolution. But it’s something to think about.

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