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Alternate Reality News: Anti-Fat Discrimination Bill Passes Senate, Unlikely to Survive House

WASHINGTON — Fat acceptance advocates around the nation celebrated today as a bill to end discrimination against fat people resoundingly cleared the Senate.

The Petunia Wentworth Anti-Size Discrimination Act of 2013 passed early Monday with a vote of 58-42. Four Republicans (Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Susan Collins of Maine) joined with two independents and all 52 Democrats to pass the bill. The Act now moves to the GOP-controlled House, where it has little chance of being passed into law.

“The old white fatphobic men in the Republican Party don’t understand the plight of fat-identified cisgendered women in American society,” said Krystina Poggioli, spokeswoman for the D.C. chapter of NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, who led a rally at the Washington Monument in support of the bill. “They don’t even recognize those skinny bitc—er, I mean skinny women as human beings! What makes you think they’ll pass this bill?”

“If the House knows what’s good for them, they’ll pass this bill into law,” said Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), who co-sponsored the Senate bill along with Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND). “Demographics are changing. The overweight make up an increasing percentage of the American people. If the GOP doesn’t start trying to appeal to the obese, they’ll never win a presidential election again.”

Alternate Reality News attempted to contact House Speaker John Boehner’s office to talk about the Wentworth Act. While we succeeded in getting the speaker on the phone, after we explained the bill to him, he started laughing hysterically for about a minute before shouting in pain and falling onto the floor. Shortly thereafter, Boehner was rushed to the hospital having suffered a heart attack; he is currently in stable condition.

Despite the slim chance of getting the bill past House Republicans, fat acceptance activists still consider the Wentworth Act a victory.

“I’ve been fat all my life. I have a condition with my, um… adrenals,” said protester LaTeesha Jones between bites of a Big Mac. “Finally the government is listening to me!”

“We’re just happy that we’re finally being heard,” Poggioli continued, after scarfing down a whole cheesecake to raise her blood sugar levels. “Fat people vote too. We’re your neighbors, co-workers, wives and mothers. We deserve respect and dignity just as much as anyone else.”

The Wentworth Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees on the basis of size, physical appearance or perceived healthcare costs. It also defines comments against fat people as “hate speech,” punishable by up to five years in prison or a $50,000 fine. Similar acts have already been passed into law in Washington state and California and are being considered in Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. While the New Jersey act has the support of Republican governor Chris Christie, well-known for his expansive waist size, the New York version of the act has stalled due to fierce opposition from several prominent state officials, including New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“This bill is completely insane,” said Bloomberg at a press conference. “Obesity is out of control in this country, and we’re making it illegal to criticize fat people? I’ve dedicated my mayoral career to making New Yorkers healthier, and I’m not going to just stand by while these perv… these people celebrate a lifestyle that is unhealthy and burdensome to the taxpayer.”

The federal act was named after Petunia Wentworth, an overweight 16-year old teenager from Akron, Ohio who gained national fame when she committed suicide after reading a satirical online article entitled “Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved.” Wentworth’s parents attempted to sue Matt Forney, the author of the article, for “cyberbullying” and “harassment,” but the case was thrown out of court after the presiding judge broke down in laughter and suffered a stroke. Since then, the Wentworths have become nationally sought-after speakers on cyberbullying and fat discrimination and are major supporters of the Act.

“It’s the only way to get justice for my little Petunia,” said April Wentworth at the rally while handing out platters of her homemade mayonnaise cookies. “I want to live in an America where fat women are free to live their lives without harassment.”

Speaking via telephone from Portland, Oregon, Forney offered a few words for supporters of the Wentworth Act. Throughout our conversation, we could hear slurping sounds in the background.

“Grow the [CENSORED] up,” said Forney. “I can’t beLIEve how—aaaaagh, slow down honey, slow down, I’m gonna [CENSORED]—I can’t believe how wussified we’ve become as a nation. You know, if all these ‘fat acceptance’ people put half of the energy they put into their joke of a movement into losing weight instead, they’d all be skinny now and they wouldn’t have any problems. I’m getting the [CENSORED] out of this country as soon as I can.”

President Obama himself has remained mum on his position on the bill. While First Lady Michelle Obama has been active in programs to reduce childhood obesity, Poggioli and other activists point to her husband’s changed positions on foreign wars, civil liberties, drone strikes and just about every other issue of importance as signs of hope.

“LET’S SEND THE PRESIDENT A MESSAGE!” Poggioli howled through her bullhorn, turning to face the White House. “HEY HEY, HO-HO, FATPHOBIA’S GOT TO GO! HEY HEY, HO-HO, FATPHOBIA’S GOT TO—”

Poggioli paused to catch her breath and down another Red Bull.


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  • Its not healthy to be overweight, case closed. The 2nd part is that the costs of being unhealthy is spread to the U.S. tax payers…

    I’m 33 and about 75% of my friends now use daily blood pressure/breathing machines. Being unhealthy should be shameful….

  • What makes this even better is that I can actually see this happening one day.

  • “Being unhealthy should be shameful….”

    Perhaps you could get a law passed demanding everyone be healthy.

  • Retrenched


    Just wait til it becomes a hate crime to not want to date or dance with fat girls, when you have to provide the local govt. office with a list of past girlfriends and you’ll face fines if the “differently figured” arent adequately represented on your list.

    Hopefully I’ll be dead by then.

  • They must impale the Ironthumb for being “anti fat”.
    Heck the more fat people I guess – the more business for people like me.
    aND yes matt
    i can see this happenning. Moses saw that this is gonna happen thousands of years ago
    but what made me laugh is the fact that

    National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

    is REAL!!!!
    Really??? I just found out that it is
    of all the things you wrote I told myself:
    “This NAAFA must be sham” it turns out its real?

  • Great satire. This part was especially amusing, and yet also insightful.

    “If the House knows what’s good for them, they’ll pass this bill into law,” said Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), who co-sponsored the Senate bill along with Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND). “Demographics are changing. The overweight make up an increasing percentage of the American people. If the GOP doesn’t start trying to appeal to the obese, they’ll never win a presidential election again.”

    Various pundits say the exact same things about the “browning of America” and the need for Republicans to reach out to non-whites (particularly Latinos).

    Frankly, in both this hypothetical satire of yours and real life, the Republicans would be wise to embrace the Sailer Strategy and say fuck ’em to these degenerates.

  • ce9999

    This is a joke, right?

  • Claire

    I am so glad I know better than to date men like those who believe this is logical and constructive. Or do I have too much self-esteem and should continue hating myself?

  • fuck you

    You literally make me sick to my stomach. And I love how you delete all comments that aren’t the same as your point of view. You can talk as much shit as you want but nobody else is allowed to? You are a hypocrite and a bully. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are anything more.

  • Rachel

    You are a bully. You seem to think it was funny you made a 16year old commit suicide. You are truly evil.

  • Mason

    Damn, this sounds plausible enough that I had to look back at the top to see if there were any links to actual news articles.

  • wow….

  • fokkertism

    It’s a satirical article.

  • Kae Lynn Spurgin

    Okay so what is your scientific definition of fat since you “know” so much I’ll have you know that I’m not skinny in fact I’ll say I’m thick but one my stomach doesn’t portrude past my chest and I actually still have an hourglass figure with a waistline no body rolls and everything I’m also broad shouldered does that make me fat? I could stand to loose 40 pounds or so does that mean I’m fat!? or is it that I don’t fit into a size lower than a 10?? Honestly dude you’re just being an Ass… There is no reason for this than to make yourself feel better so when a “fat” girl turns you down you can say I was “ignoring you anyways”..

  • Kae Lynn Spurgin

    Okay it’s not healthy to be overweight it’s also not healthy to drink, smoke, go swimming in chlorine filled pools, use a public bathroom, not washing your hands, even going outside can be unhealthy. So why aren’t you being shamed you have done most if not all of those things yourself…? Treat others how you want to be treated end of story if they want to ruin their lives and their health it’s their business and if all of your friends have health issues make some friends that don’t. It’s that easy

  • Jason

    So LaTeesha Jones says she has a problem with her adrenals which have nothing to do with her being fat. If sh would have said Thyroid then that would be more believable but adrenals seriously. Matt is right fat people are stupid. I am not skinny but I do not stuff my face with greasy food 24/7 I only eat fatty food once in a while not everyday. If I haven’t lost significant amount of weight is because of shin lints otherwise I would have weighed below 200 pounds. My point is that if you are fat try to change your weight not other people’s view’s on yourself and stop whining. A good advice never date fat girls and if you must hire prostitutes for sex to avoid having sex with fat girls.

  • Boricua

    I’m Latino and would never vote Democrat and I am not Cuban either. Democrats disgust me as they try to change things.

  • fitnessguru

    yeah you’re fat lose the weight :-)

  • Alyssa M. Dahl

    As an ardent “curvy” reformist, I approve of this article. Look up “curvy” and “the real you is skinny” in the same search. I’m so happy to see that others are catching on. (BTW, yes I know I’m a couple years late to this party…but truth doesn’t change over time)/