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I Attended a #BlackLivesMatter March in Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood


#BlackLivesMatter’s collective freakout over the shooting death of Laquan McDonald is still unfolding, and I’m still hitting the streets to cover the action live. Yesterday, I attended a #BlackLivesMatter march in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood, located on the South Side and one of the city’s most violent areas. The protest was organized in part by the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.

The protesters assembled at the corner of 63rd and Cottage Grove, outside one of the termini of the Green Line and across from the office of City Council Alderman Willie Cochran. They then marched south to the police station at 71st and Cottage Grove, where they parked outside the front doors and shouted hackneyed slogans. I streamed live video of the march to my Twitter account via Periscope, and you can watch it on YouTube below:

This #BlackLivesMatter march was sparsely attended—maybe about 50-60 people turned up—and the protesters were visibly out of steam. After we were at the police station for ten minutes, about a third of the attendees just left, as did I. I recap the march in this video:

You can also view all my #BlackLivesMatter Woodlawn videos in a playlist here.

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  • Uhhh, woodlawn is not Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhood, nor necessarily ‘most dangerous’

  • Don Dressel

    Okay okay so black lives matter!
    I have black friends that went to school and got an education and made a good life for themselves
    Why is it these black people that get shot by the cops are always happening?
    What is the common denominator behind all of this?
    What are their actions that cause this?
    Is it the cops that are the cause of this?
    What are the reasons for all of this?
    Is it always the fault of the cops?
    How come when blacks kill each other that is never brought up?

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