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Beastmode by SJ

SJ, proprietor of the Ignore Limits blog, sent me a copy of this book to review a while back, and I’m ashamed to admit that it slipped through my radar. This may be unfair to SJ, but I’m starting to get sick of this particular genre. Maybe it’s just because I review too many self-help/get shredded/get laid-type books, or maybe my interests have just shifted too far afield, but a tiny bit of vomit rises up in the back of my throat every time I read one of these things now.

But I’m not going to condemn a book just because it isn’t to my particular tastes.

If you’re looking for a well-researched book on exercise and diet, Beastmode is worth checking out. Unlike most Internet woofers, SJ actually starts by showing evidence that he knows what he’s talking about by providing pictures of his body. Beastmode gives you a simple and easy program for shedding fat and building muscle with no wasted effort, covering everything from the exercises themselves to nutrition and more:

Ensure your feet are touching the floor, and bring them in as close to the bench as possible. (Ever notice how Olympic lifters keep their legs as close to the bench as possible, creating a slight arch in their back? This is correct form and it will help you lift more!) Many beginners neglect this fact and instead take their feet off the floor as they begin to struggle, which makes the bench press slightly harder than it already is.

SJ’s prose style is simple, minimalist and to-the-point, conveying all the info you need to know with little flash. While there are bits and pieces of his program that I’d like to quibble with, the overall thrust of his advice is solid and will help out just about every kind of man. My one major problem with the book is that the intro is stuffed with all kinds of ridiculous sales pitches and Tim Ferriss-esque patter, including an offer of a free e-book, Bodyweight Barrage. I suppose it’s nice that SJ loves to give value, but those hard sell techniques are really starting to chafe my nuts.

But again, I’m not going to punish a guy for writing a good book that doesn’t appeal to my unorthodox sensibilities.

If you’re looking for solid weightlifting and exercise advice, Beastmode is a worthy buy.

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