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How to Beat Your Girlfriend or Wife and Get Away with It


Every man out there has had to deal with a defiant girlfriend or wife. It’s the curse of Eve: girls naturally chafe at the yoke of the man they have submitted to, even if all they end up doing is finding another master to kneel to. But as much as she may deserve it, I don’t recommend uppercutting your girlfriend for a number of reasons. Not only do you run the risk of tainting her beauty with your fists—I personally don’t find Irish sunglasses arousing—but physical injuries will make it more difficult for her to please you. It’s difficult for a girl to go down on you when she has a broken jaw, for example.

So how do you discipline an unruly girl without permanently disfiguring her?

Answer: you spank her. Spanking allows you to inflict physical violence upon her—the violence that she loves—while simultaneously insulating her from permanent injury. All girls crave the firm hand of masculine authority on their behinds, and if you don’t provide it, she’ll find another man who will. Here is why you should spank your wife or girlfriend and how to go about doing it.

1. You will never get arrested.

Since most girls want to be spanked, it’s extremely unlikely that she will ever consider your weekly whippings to be “domestic violence.” Even if she doesn’t like the sting of your palm, her sense of shame will keep her from reporting you to the police. No girl wants her private life to become public knowledge, meaning that unless you’re a complete idiot, she will endure just about any humiliation you inflict on her. For that matter, even if she did report you to the police, they’d never take her seriously, which will further embarrass her. If you’re really worried, making a videotape of the two of you having rough sex will destroy her credibility in the eyes of the police, as if she were making a false rape accusation.

Spanking really is the perfect punishment: it lets you inflict the maximum amount of pain on a girl with the minimum amount of risk to yourself.

2. Spanking a girl puts her in her place.

One of the biggest problems with decking your girlfriend in the face is that it sends the wrong message. By expending so much physical effort on a frail little female, you’re implying that you view her as a threat. You wouldn’t try to kill an ant with an eighteen wheeler, so why would you treat your girlfriend like she’s a drunk biker at the bar trying to glass you?

Beneath all her huffing and puffing, she’s still just a girl.

When you put your girlfriend over your knee and whup her ass, you’re using the appropriate amount of force for the situation. By placing her in a submissive position and punishing her in the same way a father punishes an unruly child, you’re infantilizing her, imprinting on her her proper station in life. If she wants to behave like a child, you’ll treat her like a child. If she wants to be treated like an adult, she’ll have to put on her big girl panties and stop being such a brat.

3. It gives her an emotional release.

To girls, emotions are like semen, and if they go too long without some kind of release, they slowly begin to go insane. Starting fights, creating drama, moodiness and sulking: they’re the female equivalent of compulsive masturbation. Not only that, many girls will create drama and start arguments with you as a way of getting you to pay attention to them, same reason why a neglected child will go out of his way to cause trouble. “If he won’t hit me when I break the rules, it means he doesn’t love me.”

I wager the divorce rate would be halved overnight if men would just give their wives the occasional backhand.

Spanking a girl until she starts crying gives her the catharsis she’s seeking, in an environment that is mentally healthy for her. Her brain reboots and her desire to defy you is eliminated; her only thoughts will revolve around how to serve you better. Additionally, if you spank her for specific infractions, you’ll gradually program her to stop doing things that displease you, in the same way a child learns why sticking a fork into an electrical outlet is not smart. Females are infinitely malleable, and with time and effort, you can mold any girl into precisely what you want.

4. It feels good.

I always roll my eyes whenever I see someone in this part of the Internet say stuff like this:

“I wanted to be a nice guy, but it was YOU GIRLS who made me like this!”

Come off it. You enjoy the power and the prestige. You get a thrill out of dominating your girl, bringing her to heel. The flip side of feminine masochism is masculine sadism; yin and yang. The reason why men want big dicks, for example, isn’t because they want to impress girls or please them, but because they want to hurt them. Similarly, if girls want to be spanked, then it also follows that men enjoy spanking them. Whipping your girl lets you take revenge for all the frustration and anger she causes you. No words can adequately convey the sheer passion of palm against bottom, the anger sublimated and dissipated in a violent ritual that will bond the two of you closer together.

If girls want to be dominatedthen men want to be dominant. You cannot have one without the other.

5. It lets you take control.

A few people are no doubt wondering, “Well, what if my girlfriend/wife LIKES being spanked?” The solution is simple: take control away from her. When it comes to spanking, most girls will top from the bottom; you strip her of this power by whipping her harder and longer than she wants. If she likes to be lightly spanked, you spank her until it hurts. If she likes to be spanked until it hurts, spank her until her butt is red raw. If she likes that, spank her until she has welts. You get the idea. The goal is to constantly violate her boundaries until you’ve conditioned her to behave exactly the way you want. And no, you don’t ask for permission, anymore than a father would ask a disobedient child for permission to punish her.

Remember, “no” means “yes,” and “stop” means “no.”

An undisciplined girl is like an undisciplined child. Without a man to lovingly correct her sins, she’ll keep on committing them, damning herself to a life of misery. Only when she is forced to directly confront the consequences of her actions will she grow as a woman. Psychological domination is necessary but not sufficient: a good spanking will bring even the most rebellious shrew into line.

Deep down, she’s screaming for a man to smack her for being a bad girl.

I hope this article helps men and girls better return to their natural sex roles. Fighting your nature is a losing battle; your only choice is to work with it. Happy spanking!

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  • knightrunner

    If I were in a relationship with a woman that required physical violence in order for her to behave as an adult I would find a new girlfriend. I’m not her daddy. I’m her partner. If she needs to be disciplined to behave as an adult then I don’t need or want her.
    Her need to be put in her place or disciplined is unacceptable behavior that I will not indulge under any circumstances. Period.

  • whaddup matt check this out i wrote a hella good Artical about beetin your girfriends ass

  • slenkar

    I think you just saved hundreds of marriages

  • Kim Du Toit

    “girls chafe at the yolk of the man…”??? Are eggs involved in spanking now? This must be some new thing…

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    An undisciplined girl is like an undisciplined child.

    Too true. lol



  • So true, nice post!

  • But if she really enjoyed being spanked, would you deprive her of this? Mean of you.

  • gonna try this

  • Alexandru Micu

    The benchmark of good bait is adhering to extremes:

    If it’s subtle and subversive it’s likely to get a bite.

    If it’s overt and with conviction (Poe’s Law territory) it will surely get a bite.

    Satire or any middle ground is too obvious to be subtle and not obvious enough to be seen as radical.

  • “The reason why men want big dicks, for example, isn’t because they want
    to impress girls or please them, but because they want to hurt them.”

    Funny you should say that. I never thought of it that way. Having a big cock simply has practical advantages. You can enjoy certain sex positions that simpy aren’t feasible if you have a small cock. Getting a handjob is also more pleasurable, because it’s easier for a girl to wank a big cock. Your self-confidence also gets a boost because you know that most men have dicks smaller than yours. When getting head, you can fully grab your cock and move the cock’s head around in the girl’s mouth. That sort of stuff.

  • Vick Otukpa

    In the context of the article, yolk means dominance. Literaly, a yolk is a device that harnesses two bulls together to pull forward a land tiller for the purpose of agricultural cultivation. Figuratively, a yolk would suggest ‘FORCING to bring together to do something ‘. Matt meant FORCE or dominance when he used that word. I stand to be corrected. Very insightful article.

  • Jack LaBear

    Yes, beating the eggs is part of making a soufle’
    What, you’ve never heard of a chiz soufle’?

  • Jack LaBear

    What are you, whiteknightrunner?
    You are assuming that women are like men.
    Once I said to my father, a wise chief of psychiatry at a city hospital for many years, “Women are like children: opportunistic and driven by instinct. And like children, they need to be disciplined sometimes. Unfortunately, when a grown woman has a temper tantrum, she can do a lot more damage than a toddler.”
    He agreed.
    So are you afraid of a woman’s temper tantrum? Do you believe that she will be more likely to have a tantrum if you don’t discipline her? If so, you haven’t raised children.
    Actually, I used to have your attitude. The problem is that you will go through a lot of girlfriends, with either you firing them or them dumping you for a wiser man.

  • Eve Penman

    I concur. Here are my thoughts on women being spanked and manhandled, along with classic films that highlight fantastic cinematic spankings:

  • God damn Matt, you’re spot on. I’ve noticed this myself in my relationships. Spanking a chick is very a fucking effective to turn them on, and a lot of girls don’t know they like until you do it more to them.

  • Brigadon

    Then he’s disturbed and needs to be removed from the gene pool for the good of the species. And it’s not actually parody.

  • Even if you were her dad it is still wrong to spank her. There is literally no good reason to spank anyone who does not like to be spanked.

  • This is a clever piece albeit unfortunately only partially accurate. The tactic described will work with some women–those drawn to this dynamic–but not others. Choose wrongly and you’ll be going to jail.

    On sites like FetLife, it is submissive heterosexual men who are the predominant (so to speak) role and the pickings are slim (unless you pay). I’m pretty sure that women flagging as bottoms who top from the bottom are the next largest. Many of them will grow up to be dominant or will become disillusioned with the scene and move on.

    However, that said, there is indeed a huge demand for dominant heterosexual men but it takes more than reading one article to achieve that. Sure, you can flounder around the spanking scene populated by the petticoat and spiked punch set or actually dive in and read the books–and there are many. Becoming knowledgeable isn’t going to diminish the impact of a *negotiated* and *consensual* power-exchange dynamic. Rather, it will only make it deeper and more meaningful. Moreover, there are plenty of adult, mature, responsible women who secretly desire a man to lean on and who she can count on for *superior* wisdom, patience, and authority. There’s no reason to be forced to resort to the taming of a shrew or the disciplining of a “baby girl” and the results are less certain for the novice dominant–an oxymoron–besides.

    However, I’m afraid that it is true that the public “scene” has become so dominated by feminism that it is misleading. A “baby girl” can just as easily turn into a holy terror–particularly should she become vindictive.

    I personally don’t think it does the MHRA any favors to deny the existence of “politically-incorrect” sexual and romantic dynamics as part of a full array of sexual roles and dynamics beyond pigeon-holing. For some individuals with psychological damage from childhood such as attachment issues and abuse, such a relationship can be healing and ultimately empowering to both parties. However, the women who become involved in such a relationship should be expected to enter into it with all the agency of full adults. What value is the surrender of a regressed child? Moreover, “consenting” to “abuse” is illegal.

  • Nataliya Kochergova

    Just saw the AVfM article criticising this. Seems like the “ought vs. is” issue all over again. Feminism already failed to win this fight, so I doubt MHRAs will. There are things that will make everything more gender equal, and there are things that are fun. Infantilization is wrong when the law does it (by giving all freedom and no responsibility), but this doesn’t look like the same thing to me. And the personal is not political.

  • DB

    After looking around this blog for a while, I have to wonder, If you really believe this stuff, where have you been meeting these girls? Mental hospitals?

  • James Blond

    raise your words, not your voice or your hands. It is rain that grows flowers. Not thunder & lightning

  • thedudeisnotin

    Oxen are hooked to a YOKE not a YOLK.

  • Kenny

    Why the fucking hell are you advocating for domestic violence? This is completely twisted.

  • JustUs4Awe

    If you have to beat a women into submission so she will be with you then you are a sad little manchild with a small penis and an even smaller brain. I find it disgusting that you advocate violence against women.

  • amir Timur

    Now youre talking. Ohenry has a brilliant story on this. If you beat your woman at the right time, she will quieten down like a mouse and acknowledge that she totally deserved it.
    NIetzsche: Thou goest to woman, do not forget thy whip.

  • Alexi Frest

    You are the one who has to be put in place . . . what a hate-filled, spoiled, arrogant person you are. You are the reason I cannot ever blame any woman who raises a knife against a man. They must have had the kind of furtive treatment you are talking about. If what you see is true and most men are like you, then no physical violence ever can make me understand why women pick up men. Most of all, your kind. A miracle that you can find *any* kind of girlfriends.

  • Rope

    Lmao I can’t take this seriously either this is a transparent attempt to make people angry or this guy has an actual Oedipus complex. Did your mummy not love you enough? Did all the girls at school call you ugly? I don’t see any ‘here is me and my woman’ pics guess your Photoshop skills aren’t at that level yet hahaha good luck actually implementing this

  • Rope

    Are you fucking serious no way is this guy legit

  • Vig Sixdoublefivethreetwoone

    Surfing through some of the articles on this website, they’re taking a much deeper and darker turn as I go from one to the next. First, from ‘The Myth of Female Intelligence’ to ‘The Case Against Female Education’, to ‘The Case Against Female Self-Esteem’, ‘How To Crush a Girl’s Self-Esteem’, to this?? I’m an advocate of free speech, and believe that difference in opinions is healthy and all, but when it comes to a ‘Domestic Violence 101’ written by someone who obviously disrespects women to the point of objectifying them (and also doesn’t agree with/believe in the dynamics within homosexual relationships) there has to be some sort of intervention or monitoring of this behaviour. To claim that all women enjoy emotional, psychological and physical abuse is akin to claiming that women don’t have any emotional or psychological abilities, and physically they’re at the whim of their (all-male) masters.

    If I were a woman in an abusive relationship and came across this article whilst searching the internet, if I were so fully broken by such a scumbag then I’d read this and end up thinking ‘oh god, all men must think like this, and all women must act like this, so it must be true.’ It’s overwhelming how damaging this could be to a huge amount of abused women. This is a disgusting article.

  • Krystal Marczewski

    U r a sad little man who has to put a woman down because u can’t feel like enough of a MAN on ur own. Neither a man nor woman has the right to make themselves feel above the other by putting their spouse down. Marriage is an equal partnership of respect, with each one building the other up to their full potential. Both have to give 100%, not 50/50. THAT WOULD SAVE HUNDRED OF MARRIAGES!

  • Becca Hanessian

    wait… so can i beat the fuck out of you?

  • Robbie Sheikh

    What are your thoughts on corrective rape?

  • maddi

    Soooo if I deck you…you would like it?….believe me hunny u dont want me too…you would cry like the little BITCH you are for writing this shit….im reporting you for this shit!!

  • maddi


  • maddi

    A-FUCKIN MEN SISTER!!! ~also a woman!

  • Carrie

    Yes, as in “saved hundreds of marriages from ever happening”… perhaps even a thousand marriages if that many people even read this site.

  • Carrie

    I think there’s no risk of this guy being near an actual woman. At least, not until it’s too late to save her.

  • Carrie

    The last time I heard someone practice this advice was back when John Wayne Bobbitt gave it a go. His wife, Lorena Bobbitt, let it slide a few times but then there was the point when she had to do the only intelligent thing to stop it, and stop it for good.

    I would actually not mind if a few guys wanted to try this with their wives. They may become pornstars with reattached penises like the other guy who pulled this.

  • Jezzer

    Anyone that would turn to Matt Forney for relationship advice is doomed to die a virgin anyway.

  • Lauren Welch


  • Lauren Welch

    Enjoy knowing that you’re a definite sociopath with severe mommy/daddy issues! Any woman who dates you HAS to be a self-loathing masochist.

  • Lauren Welch

    Please learn how to spell. Holy WTF Batman!

  • Vick Otukpa

    Thanks, I stand corrected. U didn’t need the cease breeding now part to get your point across.

  • Martin Knutsen

    Hey, if you are ever in Norway, give me a call and we can hook up. Ill introduce you to a lot of friends who will show you how to kick some pussys ass.

  • whatsyouragenda?

    its okay … someone will love you for real some day… he’s big, black and goes by Bubba, but he will always keep you safe and warm…. and you wont have to worry,much, about getting shanked or raped… much…. jsut keep acting like you are above reproach… you will get that prison sentence soon

  • Anon Anonymity

    Spanking? Dont be a fag.

    Hit her in the face with an open hand, if you have to. Women sometimes need to be put back in their place, especially these days.

    You should not bruise her or give her a black eye. You should also not be slapping her for no reason, only when she needs it.

  • Anon Anonymity

    You sure are mad

  • ripov

    i too thought this had to be an onion spinoff or something, then, to my horror, i realized it wasnt. still, i read it as if it is parody. its still funny then.

  • Vidar Schiefloe

    Perha’s it’s not meant as parody, but it’s so damn riddicilous that it’s hard to not see it as parody.
    When you can’t tell parody from the real thing it’s kinda an indication that you’re deep into crackpotland.

  • Marius S. Moe

    “You are assuming that women are like men”

    In behaviour, data shows clearly that humans are humans. There isn’t something built in to gender whether or not you’ll have temper tantrums. It happens to both guys and girls, but a lot of guys use it as an excuse for violence when all it is is childish temper tantrums, just as the ones they accuse their spouse of having.

    Men and women have physical differences. This doesn’t mean that anyone are expected to behave differently towards each other. There is no rationale in exusing violence from one person but not the other.

    Violence is violence, and the first one that resorts to it, both physically and mentally, has lost their ground. They’ve given up discussion and rationality, and on whatever issue they are conflicted on or debating, they have lost.

    Don’t however, take my aversion against abuse and violence as an excuse to make assumptions about me. Make whatever points you want to make by showing data or talking about yourself and your own experience, and not jumping to conclusions about me based on some retarded view on alpha/beta/whatever, and I’ll do my best to return the favour.

  • sun dae

    dynamics of the sexual power struggle…who gets to be on top and who gets to be spanked….sometimes your the windshield…sometimes the fly…lol…

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Did you say you would never marry? Thank goodness for that. Let’s cross our fingers that no manospherers ever marry–let them become extinct just like the dinosaurs and may no woman ever have to live with one.

  • Lisa

    Before my .bf spanks me me an him will talk about it.he will spank me couple times on the butt.or for a few mins.if that keeps me in line yes.I allow it.then he will tell me he loves me wants me to get better.hold me kiss me.tells me he dose it out of love

  • Lisa

    It’s not beating .he will do this with his hands

  • Shayna Rolon

    This is absolutely a disgusting form of misogyny, I don’t understand how you’re able to make a living with such twisted social views upon the opposite sex. People like you who thin of these kinds of things don’t deserve anything.

    You need serious mental help. You need to see a psychiatrist because the way you view women is beyond asinine. Disgusting. Your mind is like a wasteland full of all kinds of foreign trash and grime. I really do hope that one day you’ll stop thinking like this and you’ll look back and realize how offensive and in general how fucked up these articles are.

  • Pearlbuck

    All true.

  • AM

    One good hit on the ass or an light open-hand on the back of the head should send a clear message. And there’s no physical evidence. It’s not like you’re actually hurting her.

    If women want you to protect them with your physical strength, then they themselves should fear it as well.

  • AM

    tl;dr, but I’m assuming you’re a white female bored with her liberal arts degree.

  • Marius S. Moe

    And by doing that, you effectively removed yourself from having any legitimacy in the discussion :)

  • Tommy Hass

    “I find it disgusting that you advocate violence against women.”

    I think people who use the term “violence against women” deserve to be flogged.

    “If you have to beat a women into submission so she will be with you then you are a sad little manchild with a small penis and an even smaller brain.”

    Oh shut the fuck up you newt.

  • Anonymous

    “I wanted to be a nice guy, but it was YOU GIRLS who made me like this!” -> Why should you roll your eyes at this line? Of course you enjoy giving her a spanking, that does not mean you should admit it to her. They love a strong, authoritative figure putting them in their place. The fact you are enjoying yourself while doing so is not arousing at all.

  • Driver

    and still….50 Shades of Grey (the movie) will open this year to empty theaters?

  • Driver

    and, again, 50 Shades of Grey should be socially acceptable? It’s the new “norm” but only by feminists (or women) standards (because they say it’s ok).

  • Driver

    Right. Make sure you don’t attend “the movie” this year (or that would make you just as bad).

  • Driver

    Over 100 million books sold; he can’t be wrong.


  • Driver

    Women (and their beta followers) are straight hypocrites. The 50 shades movies is in theaters this year and the books have sold over a 100 million copies.

    Those numbers, alone, tell the story. Nice try…but GTFO.

  • lilamarie

    Wow.. you are very smart. No, intelligent. So true about the emotions and this would certainly cause me to behave. Glad most men are dumb and too scared to put their foot down. The men that put their foot down are the one’s I respect, have the longest relationship with and have my admiration. Spanking is not beating. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Any men like this in DFW? I’m single and slender lol.

  • BlkAV8TR

    Someone needs to spank your fat ass…

  • I’m new here…is he joking or does he really hold these beliefs?

  • JQ

    Dude, I have always read your articles at ROK. But now that I have started reading your posts at your site I have to say you have a new subscriber. This is really quality stuff. Keep up the good work Matt!

  • Jake Brown

    Wow. You are so right! I used to be a pushover with women until I learned that they can’t be reasoned with. Once I started disciplining women with spankings, my girlfriend gained a new found respect for me that she never had before. All women want to be put in their place, but feminism has everyone messed up in the head. Women are so into the 50 shades of grey thing because most men are like the sissies in this comment section asking for this man’s head. That’s why your girlfriend/wife will cheat on you. You have no authority.

  • Michael Borg

    Well to be honest i agree with him, women need discipline. A good old spanking is what the doctor orders.
    To me its not for abuse or power its for misbehaving or being disrespectful. Positive reinforcement is always good.

  • Some Bird

    psychopath or sociopath and the scariest part is there are people here advocating it. Looks like a cult of mental illness. Hopefully the men who enforce the law in your country grow a pair of balls and do the same to you.

  • Cari

    Being honest…I am not the cheating type…never have been. However I have an attitude that sometimes needs to be adjusted. I have figured out that a good spanking…and some rough sex following said spanking…really helps when my anxiety pushes me to unreasonableness. It took me several years…and relationships to finally figure that out. I am in a relationship now where I have willingly asked my significant other to spank me when my anxiety gets out of control (which is a chain reaction leading to my getting really mouthy and disrespectful with others). He has done so once since I willingly submitted to him (has been a month now), and I have never felt so relaxed as I did afterward. I am no advocate of abuse, however an agreement where two consenting adults agree to a power exchange such as this is a truly beautiful thing.

  • The plummer

    How to put my thoughts to words here. My first reaction is to be disgusted by the thought that anyone would want to control another in such a manner, this includes children. I must say that when I was a child and my father spanked me, he always said, ” This hurts me, more than it hurts you.” I always thought he was so full of shit. But I must say that now being a father of three, I know whith which he spoke of. It is painful to inflict pain upon one that you love, though there are times when corporal punishment IS not only necessary, but many times the ONLY option.

    I was married to a woman, whom acted like an “out of control adolescent”(words of my therapist, no less), and she was so out of control, many times physical control would have been the rational only resolution. Though I never endulged.

    She would act like an extremely out of control child, I would counter with logic and reason, and she would respond, “Your not my father, you can’t tell me what to do!” My response was, “If you wouldn’t put me in that position, I wouldn’t have to act like your father.”

    Now divorced. Met a young woman and had a conversation about my daughters acting up. She made no bones about how I should man up and instill my dominance to them. She also said,”We need this”(as she pointed at herself). She added that a woman pushes a man, that he must assert his dominance, that they can know that there man cares for them.

    I’d have never believed it, if a complete stranger hadn’t told me herself.

    I still do not relish in the idea that a man should have to inflict punishment upon his partner, to strengthen the relationship, but I wonder if I had, maybe my marriage would still be intact and more happy.

  • Thomas

    Are you suggesting that there are female men?

  • Thomas

    Women are here to look pretty and satisfy men, so that men can make the industrialized world keep running smoothly. Put on some makeup, take off your clothes, make us something to eat and shut up!

  • Thomas

    Are you suggesting that there are female males?

  • Ella

    My ex tried this with me. He’s an ex for a reason, I told him it wasn’t cool and he didn’t stop. I spanked him right back every time he did it to me. It pissed me off immensely and I felt overpowered. It did NOT help our relationship. I’m sure some women like it, but not all women do. I am not one if them. I use my words when I’m upset and I expect my partner to do the same. I am an equal partner and I hate when my partners infantilize me, or treat me as less than equal. Can’t deal with that shit and if it happens again with another partner I will threaten to leave. I don’t need the bullshit.

  • Dar

    Yeah I can see the appeal of spanking. Especially if she got da big luscious bootay.

  • Kevin long


    My name is Kevin. I am a mentor/disciplinarian from Dallas. I would love to chat with you,

  • Kevin long


    My name is Kevin. I am a mentor/disciplinarian from Dallas. I would love to chat with you. Message me.

  • Niamh

    Where on earth does this horrible mindset come from. Girls do not want to be spanked. Our souls do not scream for someone to discipline us. Guys, if you spank a girl she will leave you. We dont care if our private lives are exposed! Anything is better than living with some sexist asshole with the mindset of bdsm. You do not get to ”mold” a girl into whatever you want.You do not get to ”put her in her place”. You are trash,go jump off a cliff. What a selfish ignorant prick you are, im so pissed. You better be fucking trolling.

  • Titan000

    ”Guys, if you spank a girl she will leave you.”

    What they say and what they do are 2 different things.

  • Sydney

    There’s a difference between consensual and forced. Did you know that? Most of us against this disgusting misogynistic article are against that terrible book and movie, as well. Do you know why? It’s abuse. It isn’t consensual. It’s disgusting, just like the man who runs this website.

    Now, if your girlfriend or wife is into this dynamic and into spankings as “punishment,” by all means, spank away. But you’d best stop when she tells you to.

    Now, if you don’t have her permission (either she said no or you didn’t ask), DO NOT SPANK HER. That is domestic abuse. That is violence. If she “talks back” to you- holy hell, it looks like your wife is a human being just like you. Shocking, isn’t it, that women are equals?

    I can tell you right now that if a man ever hurts me without my permission for being “unruly” or whatever else he may call me, I will be tearing his dick off with my own two hands. I am an equal, and if I decide to be submissive it will be on my own terms that he will accept or he will never see me again.

  • Driver

    You have no idea how it works. Women don’t want to have to give consent on anything…they just want it (or want the man to just get it). Having to explain it to a man or tell him is a turn off. Women won’t say this fact because it doesn’t jive with the social narrative (they don’t want to appear a certain way to society) but it’s the truth. If not, then why do so many women return to these type of men (abusive men) but walk out (no problem) on good men.

    Too many numbers to argue against it. The numbers (and actions by women) speak volumes. Never listen to a woman, just watch her actions (they’ll tell you everything).

  • Sydney

    I hate to tell you this, but being a woman gives me the right to speak about how a woman feels. You, being (I assume) a man, have no right.

    I am a woman, I don’t want a man to do anything to me without asking my permission first. Is my experience invalid because it doesn’t fit into the narrative you seem to think is correct? No, it’s not. I also have plenty of friends who feel the same way.

    You also need to shut up about abusive relationships because you clearly have no idea how they work. In those relationships, the woman (or, believe or not, the man- that goes against your fantasy narrative, doesn’t it?) is in a situation where they feel they can’t leave. The abuser manipulates them into feeling lesser than and that no one else will ever “love” them. This is abuse. No one (except a small percentage of the population) wants this. As for your “nice guy” problem- any man who complains about a woman leaving him for a “bad guy” when he himself is such a “nice guy” is not a nice guy. He’s an entitled prick who thinks being kind to a woman guarantees him bring fucked by her.

    You sure as fuck better listen to a woman if she tells you no (unless there’s another safe word in place and she gives you permission to ignore “no”). If you don’t, you are literal garbage. A woman’s word is just as valid as yours, and in this situation mine is even more valid since I am a woman and you are not.

  • Driver

    You do have a right to speak about it – it’s just a fact that I won’t listen to you (because you’re a woman). Women are like politicians. They’ll talk all day long about what you want them to say or hear (the right thing) but in reality it’s just the opposite.

    Women don’t pine away for those average, beta (good) men who did everything for them. They pine away for the guy who gave it to them good one night, didn’t call again or didn’t care if she stayed or left – or the abusive guy. Those are the facts that women will not admit.

    You never see a personal ad (by a woman) looking for this type of man but they all seem to fall for them (before they hit the wall at 30). Then, they’ll take anyone because the clock is ticking. You don’t have to listen to me….just watch your co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc….all of these women run the same route. Never listen to the words; always watch the actions of women.

  • Sydney

    Then I hope you understand that I won’t listen to you because men are like babies- they cry when they don’t get what they want, they smell, have to be coddled and cared for, and they have brains that aren’t fully developed. Oh, wait, that’s you. You and quite a few other guys who listen to this shit, believe it, and are not nice guys. Do you know why I say that?

    Because all men aren’t the same. News flash: not all women are the same either. Sure, some may want a big strong man with half a brain and may not care for themselves properly by going for someone who cares about them (and not just what’s between their legs), but that’s a small percentage of women.

    Just like douchebags like yourself aren’t representational of all men.

    Men like you are why, if I date anyone, it will be a woman.

    (Also, care to source your facts? You speak and awful lot about “facts,” yet it all sounds like the fantasy world of a butthurt “nice guy” who was “friendzoned” by a woman he smiled and and she wouldn’t suck him off.)

  • Driver

    Go away, honey…I’m really not that interested in you.

  • Sydney

    Alright, sweetie! Thank you for admitting that you lost this argument by virtue of having no facts to back anything you say up. I’m proud of you for admitting that.

  • Driver

    Never listen to a woman; always watch her actions.

    Too many women run right back to the guy who spanks (or hits) her and they run out on guys who respect them (the good guy).

  • Driver

    Women advocate violence against women all of the time. Too many of them run right back to their abuser (man or woman). It’s not men advocating as much as it is women demonstrating it.

  • Driver

    If you have the “right” partner then you’ll let him spank you for days. Too many women say then don’t like it (unless it’s with the right man). Always watch a woman actions; never listen to her words.

  • Driver

    Fifty Shades sold a lot of copies (plus the movie made a ton of cash). Female author to boot (and it’s not men buying the books or watching the movie). It seems to me more women are advocating (or accepting) it…even liking it.

  • Driver

    Author (female) E.L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey. Seems like more women are advocating for it by buying the books and watching the movie.

  • Driver

    Too many women will say the opposite in public because it’s what society expects. It’s healthy to see someone admit to what is actually needed from time to time. I hate when someone tries to bullshit me. It reminds me too much of a politician and when women come out against this act it’s truly bullshit.

    Fifty Shades has showed the world “what women want” and those saying otherwise are full of it.

  • Driver

    Some good points here. There is so much that is said in society today (to be accepted) but all you have to do is watch the actions of individuals. Women flocked to the books and theaters when 50 Shades came out because many of them know it to be true…they secretly love a man to be dominating. But they’ve been brainwashed for so long that is’ unacceptable to say it. I can tell you right now, men are not buying those books or seeing the movie.

    So much evidence and many are still spouting the nonsense. So many women returning to their abusive husband but divorcing their “good man” at an alarming rate. So many statistics, yet, everything is ignored and men are the problem.

    Finger pointing at it’s finest.

  • Driver

    No, it’s practiced quiet often (in secret). No women is going to tell you that she enjoys this…it doesn’t jive with the narrative, today. Plenty of women attended the 50 Shades movie, bought the books, etc…yet all women are against it? It doesn’t add up but nice try.

  • Seems you’re a little obsessed with that movie. Also a little obsessed with claiming against all logic or rationale that you know what women are like, despite every modicum of evidence to the contrary.

    But that’s OK, if that’s what your ego needs, I am magnanimous enough to let you hang onto that set of delusions.

  • Driver

    Stats don’t lie. First it was Eat, Pray, Love….now it’s Fifty Shades. You can ignore the facts (and stats) but they don’t go away.

  • Shep Schultz

    He hurt your butt without actually spanking you, didn’t he!

  • Shep Schultz

    That’s right. Violence will solve your philosophical disagreement. How civilized of you.

  • Shep Schultz

    Then he is a shemale. Schedule a sex change.

  • Couldn’t have been stated any more intelligently! Sadly, there are violent psychopaths who try to use the very desperate legal defense of “oh, but wimminz likes it!” When they end up in prison, it’s actually possible that these delusion-loving psychopaths will actually feel that their violence was perfectly fine and just.

    Sad to say, leaving one’s domestic abuser is the number one cause of homicide in females. Probably the second largest cause of death in women is staying with him!

  • Methinks your facts are wasted on this site and others like it. It is dedicated to the belief that the world is flat, because you know, just look at the horizon and there’s your proof! The world is flat, someone named “God” made this flat earth in six days, and women don’t know what they want but it’s like totes OK cuz abusive men who call themselves Nice Guise* know all of women’s secrets, secrets so secret that the woman has never even thought of them!

    *intentional spelling

  • Marius S. Moe

    It’s hard to hurt my feelings by showing idiocy. He has my compassion :)

  • Jessika Burris

    Spank me lol

  • Drug Strider

    Is this real? Are you an actual person? I hope you’re prepared to be brutally murdered when you start trying to exert your fragile “male dominance” over someone who’s not willing to sit quietly through this bullshit.

  • Shmalkandik

    Could we avoid Texting spelling and grammar in a medium and venue where we have time to write out words, sentences, and thoughts fully? Eve in texting, with the availability of robust text to speech, there is no reason to retain conventions necessitated by the limits of older cell phone technology. A refusal to write proper English when you can is just slothful.

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Women can feel trapped. They can even start to believe that they deserve abuse but of course they don’t. No one does.

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Hahahaha! Such a tiny brain, how cute.

  • Driver

    Countless times women run back to abusers when they have plenty of options (other decent men). You’ll never hear them own up to it, though. It’s always “beyond their control”. It’s like dealing with grown (adult) children.

  • Driver

    Every man that I know has encountered an abused woman (at least one) in their life time. Here is the other side of the equation that women like to ignore, excuse or miss: tell women to stop going back to abusers.

    Women have plenty of opportunities to be with good men who treat them in a respectful manner. But these women keep running back to the abuser because of (fill in the blank) and then they want everyone’s pity when shit falls apart (again). Get the message out (to women) because men have heard it all too often.

    I’m wondering how long women will keep ignoring the growing abuse in lesbian relationships. Two women involved so one of them has to be the abuser.

  • Pepperoni Princess

    O.M.G. You are actually still trying to defend yourself in this argument? To help your tiny brain I’ll explain something to you: It’s not only women who can feel helpless in domestic violence, men can also, yes even men can experience it from women when they are the weak or vulnerable ones in the situation. It just depends who is an arsehole and who can physically and mentally defend themselves. Most of the time, women are not as strong, and unfortunately if you look at history most of the time it’s men who are arseholes.

  • Driver

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m not interested in you, either (attention whoring at it’s finest).

  • Pepperoni Princess

    That’s what all arseholes do: run away from the truth *yawn*.

  • Danica O’Neill

    Ok so since you get to spank me when I’m being “bad” because I am a child and I should be treated as such. When you’re being bad I also get to spank you, but not with my hand. With a wooden paddle and holes in it, drop your pants and wait for my swing because their is nothing more demeaning that getting welts on your ass by a girl. You’re a disgusting person to write such filth about women, you wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for a woman. Learn respect.

  • Freyja Rae

    Kill yourself.

  • Heisenberg

    Such violence.

  • Freyja Rae

    Sometimes we have to help natural selection take its course. Iv been in abusive relationships and by no means is this article “cool”. On the contrary, perhaps this one should be beaten and raped within an inch of his life and see how he likes it.

  • Ellie

    Hi, it’s hard to take the article seriously with comments like your woman can’t give you a blow job if her jaw is broken and other articles about why women shouldn’t go to college. But I don’t think the author is being 100% serious any way.

    But I wanted to reply to you that I really wish my husband would spank me when I’ve crossed a line. The 50 Shades of Grey books were really badly written yet millions of women read them, including myself. Why? I think because a lot of women want a dominant man. Exactly like Christian Grey? Probably not, but many qualities of him. People make fun or demonize the books, however, the books obviously spoke to many, many women across the world.

    If my frame of reference was a woman coming from a physically and mentally abusive relationship, then yes, I can see how FSOG would be very upsetting and worried about the message. I would also argue too that you can also learn by watching characters and realize you wouldn’t make their mistakes. I think the whole anti-FSOG crowd, as well intentioned as they are, do not give us women enough credit to think for ourselves.

    But that’s not my frame of reference. I’ve never been abused by a male and so I take from the movie my own wants – which is an alpha male.

    It’s possibly becoming more acceptable now to admit it as a woman that you want a man to dominate you. I don’t mean you are his servant and should do exactly what he says or he can spank you. I mean that the man acts in charge and does not take crap. He is in control of his emotions and does not hit in anger or to humiliate but to discipline.

    Honesty, it makes me uncomfortable to understand this is what I want. Why would I want my husband to discipline me? Abuse me I guess? But this is what I want. I wish I had been honest or understood before I got married that I needed an alpha man. My husband is not alpha. He does not like conflict or confrontation and leaves the decisions to me mostly, for pretty much everything. I have been forced into the dominant role in our relationship and I resent him for it actually.

    To me, it feels like in every area of my life, I have to be in charge, stick up for our family and myself. Even going into restaurants or dealing with sales people, he subtly hangs back to let me take over. If I ask him to, he will, but as was said in previous comments, I don’t want to HAVE to ask him to be in charge. I have lost respect for him in many ways.

    Maybe I’m some freak, but being in charge at work, home, even in bed he does not take control has left me unsettled and anxious. I want to feel safe that my husband will take care of things. He will take the lead. He will be in charge. This would make me feel safe and protected. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I do.

    The rare times he did act alpha and say with confidence no to me or took care of a situation, I felt good. I wanted to f*ck him so badly. Like bad.

    I think part of it is having someone to reinforce boundaries and limits which keeps one feeling safe. There have been times I’ve gone too far with my husband. I have said things with contempt and anger. It’s almost like I’m pushing him to do something, anything. Instead he just looks at me like he doesn’t know what to do.

    I wish with calm control, he would tell me it is unacceptable how I am behaving and spank me. I am not advocating for back to the days when men could beat up their girlfriends and wives. NOT AT ALL. I can only speak for my needs and I can finally be honest with what I truly need. I am not a dominant personality. I feel safe and protected when I do not constantly have to be in charge. Do I want my male co-workers to make all the decisions and be in charge of everything? 100% NO. I am speaking for my personal life.

    The times I know how I’m talking to my husband is wrong and very disrespectful I want him to set limits with me. For me, if he was in charge of his emotions and not hitting in anger, I would want him to let me know he is not tolerating my behavior and really spank me.

    No one would believe this of me and it makes me sad I have to say this anonymously on the Internet. I have told my husband I like spanking. He is just not really into it. He says he doesn’t want to hit me. I appreciate very much that he doesn’t want to hurt me, but I tell him how much I need it at times. When I first told him to please spank me when I am rude he was in disbelief, saying ‘You want me to hit you…?’ It’s not in his personality.

    No matter how much I am disrespecting him and losing control of my emotions towards him, he will never set a limit/indicate I’ve crossed a line and spank me (or some other discipline measure).

    When I am crossing all kinds of lines, being a b*tch, and pushing and pushing my husband for a reaction, it means I am needing someone to tell me NO. Let me know what is not acceptable – help me get self control back. Someone to step in and clearly show me the boundaries. This is not abuse to me, this makes me feel SAFE and PROTECTED. I don’t know if that makes me a wack job, but it is my reality.

    When we were first married I got very mad at him. I stormed out of the kitchen and slammed our bedroom door shut. If he had immediately followed, taken me over his knee and spanked me hard to tears, it’s pretty guaranteed I would not have slammed a door shut again. Or at least not for a long time after.

    All it would take is the first time of him staying calm while he disciplined me and I would change my behavior. That’s not to say I want to be a doormat with no say, not at all. But when I am essentially throwing a temper tantrum when we are discussing decisions, then setting limits and disciplining are needed.

    I don’t know why I want this. You would think I’d be happier having everything my way. But I don’t want that. I want a calm, kind, but definitely alpha male who is going to discipline me when I disrespect him. Who takes charge and doesn’t take disrespect/crap from people. This makes me feel safe and happy and turned on.

    I have yelled at my husband, enraged. He does nothing. I think I just get so angry and frustrated and lack of respect for him for not taking charge that I just boil over. I know this is NOT ok and not right. I am very much in the wrong. It doesn’t happen too often. Honestly, I hate to even say ’emotions’ because it just goes with the stereotype women are nothing but emotions. But I can feel my emotions getting out of control.

    Again, it took me a long time to accept this about myself, but I want, NEED, during these times of out of control emotions for my husband to use his physical dominance to calmly walk over, take me over his knee, and spank me. I don’t mean a few light slaps, I mean panties down, continuous hard spanking until all I am aware of is my bottom on fire, nothing else. And he stops when he feels he has disciplined me enough. But I would trust him, knowing he would never truly hurt, hurt me. That he is there to protect me and part of that is demanding respect for himself and me and helping me get back in control.

    I think many women don’t realize or don’t want to acknowledge that they want an alpha man. The most domineering and abrasive woman I think at heart wants a man who will set limits and discipline her. Maybe she pushes and pushes unconsciously hoping he will finally step up and discipline her/set a boundary.

    If I still wouldn’t respect a limit after a hand spanking, WHILE BEING CALM and NOT hitting in a rage, then spank me with a hairbrush. I am very positive I would think twice before talking disrespectfully and yelling to have my say. I will be respectful while we discuss things – because I know he will do something about it if I don’t. And I respect him for that and actually would be dying to have sex with him because he took control and made me feel safe.

    The other day I was going on and on to him about putting his dishes in the dishwasher. Please don’t make a mean comment about nagging. I realize this. I guess I need help with communication as well. For my side, it is frustrating to seemingly always pick up after him.

    Honestly though, if I tell him it’s getting kind of bad again for dishes, he’ll be like ‘ok’ and does start remembering. But because I’m frustrated etc, I can go on and on at times about it. Instead of him listening to me go on about it in an irritated tone, I wish he would have just walked over (not in anger, in control), given my bottom a hard slap, and told me ‘enough, I said I’ll take care of it’. If I kept at it, then I wish he would have bent me over the kitchen table and spanked me. Before he let me up, ask if I was done. I would have said yes and moved on. My bottom would have been warmed and stinging with the one hard slap or with a full spanking and it would have reminded me about boundaries. It would make my husband seem in control and strong to me. I would respect that.

    It’s very hard to talk about this. My family and friends have no idea. I wouldn’t tell them because I think they would judge me. I also think I come across like a ‘nice’ girl my whole life. How my family has pigeon holed me/choose to see me. So I’m telling them I want my husband to spank/discipline me that’s why I’m leaving my husband?

    But I feel very sad about this, unfulfilled, and empty often. I feel I shouldn’t want my husband to be this way and my feelings about this are somehow strange or wrong. I can’t talk to anyone about it. I have thought seriously about leaving my husband because of this. I don’t know how to explain why I want this. Would I want Christian Grey? No. In the books Anna breaks up with him essentially. So he breaks into her house to basically say she can’t say no. That would be a boundary/deal breaker for me. It’s important to note too though, Christian never physically forces Anna to submit. She is free to leave whenever she wants. If she were to tell him to stop at any time, he does.

    Men who want to belittle or threaten or beat up women are not men. They are not alpha men. Rather they are boys who choose a weaker person to control to build themselves up.

    Maybe if I told my husband I would have to leave unless he started taking charge, including disciplining me he would. If I told him to please discipline me, stand up to me when he thinks I am out of line. That I won’t hold it against him if he spanks me to tears, WITHOUT my permission. I don’t want to have to say at the time, maybe you should spank me. I want him to take charge.

    Or maybe he’d just be relieved and leave. I know he loves me and I love him. But I don’t think he ever understood me or knew how to handle me.

    Just wanted to share.

  • Driver

    Any form of discipline today (be it a child or the wife) is looked down on western society. People have used extreme cases of abuse and they’ve turned it on good parents (adults) who used to dish out discipline when it was needed. The result: children (and many women) running around with too much authority and not enough discipline (when needed).

    It was the man who kept society in check but that safeguard has been removed and today is the end result. Empowered single mothers raising boys to be pussies.

  • 66Scorpio

    I suppose what you never contemplated was the idea that if you act unruly he could tell you bend over and be punished, and if you refuse then you know where the door is. So how legitimate is threatening to end the gravy train, er, relationship if they do not accept corporal punishment from time to time?

  • Stephen Judy

    You need a spanking

  • Stephen Judy

    Women like to be lead,cared for and spanked

  • Pepperoni Princess

    I agree with Freyja Rae. Go kill yourself.

  • Pepperoni Princess

    He’s not talking about forelay, he’s a loser who beats up women.

  • Stephen Judy

    Ok ok im sorry,im not really like that,but im confused,its seems there is the “spanking is abuse,your not a man” side of this argument then theres the kinky side the woman says “spank me” and what this guy is saying is right, so what is it? Is every situation /persons views about this different,ive had girls that like to be spanked and dominated not viciously like this guy but nonetheless,i think the answer to this is there is a very fine line that cant be crossed when it comes to spanking and neither side is right or wrong,some women agree some women dont! What do you think..

  • Pepperoni Princess

    You did the right thing by never laying a hand on the women in your life. The woman you spoke to about this was messed up, somewhere along the line her brain was twisted into a very unhealthy way of thinking. The world needs far more good people than it has. Please continue to be one of those good people.

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Yeah, if they like it as some kind of kinky foreplay, then great, fine but unless it’s consensual it’s just sick. Glad to hear you’re not like that, not for my good but for your own.

  • Stephen Judy

    Thanks,glad we can be cordial,care for a little spank ;)

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Lol! Very funny :D

  • Stephen Judy

    =) ,this girl i used to be with used to beat the hell out of me,and she was small she would bite me and scratch me,kinda force me to wrestle her,this all happened while we were getting intimate,whats interesting is im a pretty civil guy,I did a little time in special forces so i couldnt bring myself to smack her or hurt her the way she wanted me too,so she left me,for a guy that beats the shi!t out of her,? Spank spank my love

  • Stephen Judy

    Wuz up! You know who it is, its spankento!

    Whatch me whip
    Watch me spank
    whatch me whip
    watch me spank

    Spanky leg
    spanking leg

    Watch me watch me

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Haha! ROLFLMAO!!

  • Stephen Judy

    The world is wierd..some women want you to prove your love by beating the shit out of someone and bringing the bloody shirt,others are nice and peacefull..decisions decisions, just let me spank it a little,just allow it..

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Only if I can spank you first…

  • Dirty Dutch

    Keeps you in line? Wtf? Are you his phuquing dog?

  • Stephen Judy

    Sure ladies first,but then when boring spanking me is over.. the real fun begins,your gonna get it good,mmm spanking the hieny..mmm doh!

  • Pepperoni Princess

    So you’re going to put your hand through my phone and spank me?

  • Stephen Judy

    Um,like im not really like down with the whole um cyber sexting thing,unless you like really waant it,i was just thinking i live in the southwest united states,so i would have to travel or spank you for free when your passing through,but since your cool and my friend,ill thrown in some butt smacks for free and some booty poppers at no additional charge

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Oh goody!

  • Stephen Judy

    I m starting to think that this is true, i mean were designed to thrust,spank and pound on it,women are designed to recieve,do you not agree?

  • Pepperoni Princess

    To what extent would I be agreeing? Haha..see what I did there? I started another debate…

  • Kermit

    This is one amazing controversy. Unfortunately went you paint with such a broad brush these days there will always be some over opinionated man or woman to tell you how wrong you are. Especially in the world of kink (and yes this is a subcategory of kink) there will always be people for and against. As with all kinks the opposition of them always have a larger voice since it is such a private and easily berated behavior. The overarching issue is saying ALL women enjoy this, leaving ample room for the “Sydneys” and “Pepperoni Princess’s” of the world to bash how wrong this lifestyle is when in reality, everyone is right. Wander personal ads on the Internet for ten minutes and you’ll find hardcore hardworking feminists and you’ll find women who want to be used literally as a human toilet for a dominant man (yes this exists, more than you’d believe). To all upset opinionated readers, please: 1. Find the right person to be with you. 2. Be strong enough to leave any relationship not working for you. 3. Shut your damn mouth about how wrong people are and drink Lipton tea.

  • Stephen Judy

    To the extent of maximun pleasurable romantic intent

  • Stephen Judy

    You want to get spanked! You want to get spanked reeeal good!

  • Pepperoni Princess

    Uh no, not really but I think you need a good spankin’… did your mamma spank you enough?

  • Pepperoni Princess


  • Stephen Judy

    Lets talk

  • lilamarie

    Hi Kevin :-)

  • Kevin long

    How are you today? You can email me at I would love to talk with you

  • Ella

    No. He wasn’t right for me because he spanked me. I am rational. I don’t need that shit.

  • Ripley Wolfwood

    Oooh, burn!!! And he’s got NO legitimate response. “Go away honey.” I suspect many of the men on here are trolls (and you know the recent research suggests that many internet trolls are psychopaths and narcissists, which really explains so much about this page.) Those who claim women need to be “disciplined” and by extension believe it is their place to do it definitely have that “god complex” down. But guess what, douchebags… all humans start out as females physically in utero. Not to mention, a WOMAN birthed your sorry, misogynistic asses. WOmen deserve respect because without THEM there’d be no YOU. Although by some of the disgusting comments on this page, some of you would have been better of smothered after birth.

  • Ripley Wolfwood

    I think women are taking issue not with “spanking” but with the idea that we need “discipline” and it should be done whether or not we want it. ;) This man and many of the commenters are speaking of women as if they are dogs to be used and whipped when they “misbehave.” And to think there are some people that doubt the continued existence of sexism.

  • ivyowl

    Ellie i can relate to what you are saying, I dont think this article is a joke but 100 percent true. But though this is what you want, it doesn’t mean this is good for you. The other day some rat bastard trying to get in my panties brought over wine and chocolate. Not that I don’t want wine and chocolate. Oh I want it. I want boxes of oreo cookies in all those new flavors that they keep coming out with. And I want bags of reseses peanut butter cups. And of course I want that deep dish pizza with the stuffed crust. Oh heck…even though I I have been clean and sober for twenty years bring on the wine! I want that too and that speed he started offering when he realized I was obviously on a diet. I LOVE Chrystal meth–though I still have expensive dental bills and probably brain damage from back when I was a addicted to it.

    What I am reading from you is you want to FEEL safe not just be safe. Because with that guy you ARE safe. And I was in several abusive relationships where I was NOT SAFE. I never even read 50 shades of grey–though i have been involved in BDSM for many years–because it seemed too mainstream. But reviews of it say that it’s a dangerous book.

    Take it from a lady that careful what you wish for and be grateful fpr what you have. Like Billy Joel says “sometimes a fantasy is all you need” and like TLC says ” don’t go ch.sing waterfalls” . Trust me..been there done that…bought the t-shirt and I know what I am talking about.

  • Ahmad778

    I’ve been married to my wife for 4 years now. Before we got married we dated for about 3 years. In those three years, she cursed, threw things at me, spit at me, slapped me. Threw tantrums like a 2 year old. I knew she had a pretty fucked up childhood so I let these things slide and figured she would grow up eventually. At the same time, I was at my breaking point although, I loved her very much. She has a beautiful heart and did beautiful, lovely things for me. Doted on me, etc. It was just these violent rages she would have that caused our problems. Well one day, I had had enough. We argued about something and she began throwing things at me , swearing at me, and then proceeded to slap me. Well, I quickly grabbed her by the wrists, carried her to her bedroom and threw her onto her bed. Then I proceeded to give her a very hard spanking. I hit her (only on her backside) until she cried. I could have punched her, I could have called the cops on her, or left her and never looked back. But I did none of those things, because I was head over heels in love with her and still am. Since that spanking I gave her, she has never raised her hand, or even her voice to me again! This was 5 years ago! We married a year later and are still happily married. No hitting, no cursing, nothing. I really believe that making that decision to take charge and give her the discipline she had been begging for, saved our relationship. I don’t want to ever have to spank her again, but if it means saving our marriage I would. She is probably the most perfect wife a man can ask for. It’s fucked up, but it’s true that some women who have had tough lives, or whatever reason, need a man to lead them and guide them. This is hard for some feminists to swallow but it is a hard fact. And my wife is proof

  • Pingback: Are the MRAs misogynists ? - Page 3()

  • Quistis Trepe

    I’ll serve notice to any guy who even thinks that this is serious advice to follow… if any guy were to treat me like this, I would wait until you are asleep, and I would plunge a knife into your prostate and twist. I would poison your food, spit in your face, and make like I would go down on you only to bite until I bit it off. Women are *not* like children. You would only get *one* opportunity to hit me, and then I would disfigure you for life. So try it, you insignificant loser. I have a better idea…treat the woman you say you love like an equal partner, and your life will be much better.

  • Claire Markey

    Literally not one woman I know acts the way that you describe..I myself left an ex as soon as it was apparent that he was abusive and misogynistic and have never looked back. The women I associated myself with, like myself, have brains and self respect. I am not doubting there are large pockets of society where the women truly do act in the way you describe, but there are many more where we do not…

  • Gregory J. Toma

    Never understood the point of such a ridiculous argument. You wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for a man as well. So what? And your question to the author says it all. The whole point is that the man takes the woman and spanks her without asking simply because he can. You having to ask for quid pro quo in regards to the spanking demonstrates what he talking about. Now I say this not as a matter of opinion, but as a matter of fact. Every right that a woman has today, she has only because men decided to give it to them. Male humans made a conscience decision to deny their strongest primal urges and rather than do what comes natural to them and every other species on the planet by simply taking their females, they decided to treat them as equals. This is a great thing, and a fantastic tribute to human intelligence, but at the same time it ends up doing a disservice to many women who seem to have forgotten the fact that entitlement has no value outside of a courtroom. Like a trainer who has become to comfortable with a dangerous animal, if you fail to respect that they can physically make you submit at any moment, then you are in danger of getting yourself truly hurt.

  • Entity

    Driver, I’m a male that’s into giving women spankings, and I love being dominant. If I “ask” them permission, it wrecks the whole mood, as I’m not really being dominant, but rather being dominated to satisfy sexual pleasure. So I don’t ask. I just spank them. They might say no, but I don’t stop.

    BUT. The big BUT here, if they are kicking and screaming, if they look like a ferret about to be given a bath, that’s not really them being “coy” about something. They legitimately “hate” the feeling you are giving them. That, and preferably a few steps before we even get to the kicking or screaming, is when you “STOP.”

    When I was a child, I had this group of “friends.” They were douchebags. I wanted to not hang out with them and leave. But, I just couldn’t. I was the smarted out of the group, and they needed me. I loved the feeling of being needed, while I hated the feeling of letting them do whatever they wanted, and sometimes I wanted to beat the shit out of them. I had to move schools to allow myself distance from them, and sometimes I still “think” about them and have some fond memories.

    We human beings who do things in a “normal” fashion, do not have 100% control of our brain’s workings. When a woman gets dominant around me, my dick goes hard. Pretty sure the woman thinks I “like” it, and when I’m saying stop, she is thinking, “he is just shy, doesn’t want to admit his fantasy and probably be taken by force.” But I don’t have control over my dick all the time. Sure, somewhere deep in my brain, there are synaptic connections loving being dominated. But my main consciousness, the thoughts at the forefront, my self decided, nature defying, human, advanced thought processes are saying, “fuck off.” These thoughts are the ones that differentiate us from animals. These thoughts are the ones that society was created to protect.

    And the above paragraph also shows that humans defy nature all the time. Nature isn’t calculated. Nature doesn’t think or plan. Nature just does what Nature wants, and things happen. Over time, things adapt and change to fit natural conditions. Humans on the other hand, control what they want to happen. Eventually, we will be controlling tornadoes and earthquakes. We might even be controlling in a few hundred million years the movement and spinning of the solar system. Other than our physical bodies, there is nothing natural about us anymore. Men might be born with dicks, but women can create their own dicks to put in us. If a man can be dominant, he can also be submissive, and the same goes for women. The + and – relationship is not just between a man and a woman, but also between a man and a man and a woman and a woman. For every good man, there is also an evil man.

    And about women leaving “Good men.” See, that right there is a lie. Women, at least the empowered and self reflective ones, notice if a guy is truly good and also what they are looking for, or if the guy is just pretending to fill the woman’s fantasy role until he can tie her with love, and then he does what he wants to after that. Some women will leave good men, and stay with bad men. But women aren’t this single celled organism that have a 1 track mind. We men, you and I, have different minds, so of course women will have different minds too. You can even scientifically study this by studying their brain, women are not all the same.

    And finally, about you telling women that you won’t listen to them, thanks for stopping by, etc… etc.. When you voice your opinion (and mind you, all you did was voice opinion, there are no facts or links to studies or undeniable proofs like 1 + 1 = 2) publicly, you have to defend it publicly. The onus is on you, mate. If you can’t defend it, you are simply a raving lunatic who does not deserve the privilege to engage in intellectual discussions, and your privilege to voice your opinion should be taken away. And yes, I’m saying privilege, and not right, because ultimately, as our world is right now, those with power give privileges. There are no such things as rights.

  • Driver

    Some good points here. I share my points, opinions and experience just like any others. I don’t look for validation like many other people need it….I just share and move on. I always look at women’s actions, first, and never their words because we all know that it’s their actions that dictate their mood or answers. A woman is never going to say she likes being with an asshole, first, before being with a decent man. She’ll always say she’s looking for blah, blah, blah…just look at any dating profile online. She will only pick the decent man after she’s had her fun and then needs to settle down with the nice house, nice income, nice things with children (etc, etc…). We’ve seen this model too many times.

    I agree that men need to be more dominant, today, and less “nice”. But, we’ve had a society of single mothers raising boys into men (for so long) and media who does nothing but program the public into what is needed – more nice men with feelings who can relate to women (aka men who are women). It’s time that men turned off the TV and went back to being men.

    Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate.

  • Mike Hanson

    The truth of the whole thing is some women like it and some women don’t. I am into it and so is my wife. We made a cooperative decision years ago to engage in the lifestyle. We discussed safe-words and opted against it as she says she trusts me and it detracts if she has control. Through experimentation and play in our early marriage she acknowledged the desire for discipline.

    This forum clearly has feminists on here. Consider this aspect of human psyche before you flame. I had been in bed reading a technical manual for several hours the other night. She came do bed wearing only panties that were pulled down. She handed me the paddle and when I looked up her were cast down almost in shame, she was pouting and crying at the same time. This is a woman that both wanted and needed to be punished. There was no other way to read this. I took her by the arm pulled her over my knee and paddled her immediately. I admit I get off on this stuff. I also admit that writing this gave me a bit of a charge. It is however an accurate description. To avoid sexual digression I will end here.

  • Yours is the most balance post I have seen here in the comment section. I have two wives. The American one is older than me and she is a hard core feminist, thinks marriage should be a partnership of equals (with her being more equal…lol), and would never submit to discipline. My other wife, younger than me, is from a different country, believes in femininity, and actually loves discipline. She finds it cathartic and it makes her horny too.

    There are some women who see discipline as abuse, stay away from them. Only marry a women that would accept discipline as part of marriage.

  • Do not marry a woman unless she agrees to be disciplined, preferably one night per week. It shows that she is serious about making the marriage work out. Any other woman does not deserve a husband.

  • codemonkey

    You are being very silly. If you dont listen to us men, so what? If you wont date men out of spite, then why shouodnt we hit on you and your girlfriend out of spite? If you think we are garbage then why should we continue acceptong your judgement of us?

    And if you reply that therefore, out of spite, you will do everything possible to make yourself into a nuisance, why shiuld we suffer your presence among us?

    Its telling that in everything you wrote you did not dispute that a woman would continue to stay if she was spanked. Given that 90% of divorces arw initiated by women who tapear apart a mans life with the aid of the state, yiuve just effectively told every man reading your words thst this is the only option

  • Chris Wright

    It’s satire Kenny. At least it’s best read as such. If anyone actually believed this they’re living in a world of delusion.

  • K. Bekei

    That’s great for you until she has you charged and put in jail. Hopefully the inmates will decide to give you something a little harder on your backside, because of course guys like you really have penis envy and are latent homosexual.

    Women DO NOT need OR want discipline, of any kind. Go crawl back into your cave.

  • Josef Schaffer


  • Josef Schaffer

    Stated by the same morons providing no facts.

  • Josef Schaffer

    All wrong. Pretty sure your cognitive development and life ended in high school. Gratz man, you’re on the retard train to dumb fuckery.

  • codemonkey

    Your extreme reaction is nothing but empty bravado. Its like some guy bragging about what he will do the next time some opportunity cimes his way.

    If you do that to anyone it would be to a weak man who probably acted in error and was uncertain of himself to begin with. Someone who could physically rip you apart when he gets an adrenaline surge? Not so much.

    Its also ironic that you use the name Sydney. Ive just read how the australlians dealth with their slut problem back when they were a colony. Since most of their women, like most of their men, were convicts, they had similar rates of infidelity and sluttiness. Maybe worse, if thats possible to imagine. So they embarked on a three step program.

    Pay close attention, because eventually this is actually what we are going to do with you whores.

    1. Any woman that isnt married will be given a grace period to find a man who will take her

    2. Any woman outside thst grace period will be forced to marry a man who can choose to take her or not

    3. Any woman too disgusting for that was forced to live with a man as a mistress not a wife.

    From a zero percent marraige rate, they got a 100% marriage rate.

    You might feel a surge of,outrage, dont bother. You might feel the need to retort, save it.

    Because nothing you say or do is going to make a difference.

    In the end the current social arrangement will collapse. You simply are not capable od keeping this going. You are a total slave to your own emotions and cannot do otherwise.

    At that point when this collapses you are going to see a lot of very angry men who are no longer going to believe the bullshit they have been fed. At that point any white knight faggot who cannot get with the program will find himself on the business end of a shotgun or a noose.

  • codemonkey

    This sure doesnt read like satire

  • codemonkey

    Yoive just admitted that it works

  • Sydney

    Look, buddy- I don’t give a fuck. Not a single one. Do you know why? “Alpha men” are the weak ones governed by emotions. Tell them “no” and they whine like little babies. Go against their opinions and they flip out. I have a gun. I know how to use it. Anyone who forces me into a relationship with a misogynistic pig like you instead of a kind woman is getting shot. Do you know why? Because you’re useless. You’re expendable. We need people who use their brains, not their dicks and egos. So good luck with your outdated system, where somehow I, a woman who has never had sex, is a whore just because I love myself too much to date someone who thinks that they know how women think more than women do. Society will only advance when “alpha men” (who I like to call cave men, because they are both just as brainless and just as ugly) are weeded out of society. Trust me, you all want to die. I know better than you. I know how you really think and feel. Evolution will weed you out and society will be a much happier place. Alright?

    Also, my name is Sydney. That isn’t an alias.

  • codemonkey

    OK, lets’ try again.

    Put aside all the political gender bullshit. Which is mostly just ranting anyway.

    If you haven’t had sex with a man yet, then it means one of two things

    1. You need to move.

    2. You need to change.

  • Sydney

    Or it means I am not attracted to men. Grow up, boy. Learn a thing or two. Stop screaming about being an alpha male from behind a computer screen.

  • codemonkey

    You really had me going there for a moment. You actually convinced me that you were some kind of innocent person suffering from a cruel society.

    So you aren’t actually a heterosexual woman looking for a relationship with a man, but is so principled that she just holds herself back. In truth, you are either a slut who fucks women. Or some kind of weirdo that hates and fears all men.

    ::shakes head:: I fall for it every time. That’s my problem, I’m honest, so I think everyone else is honest and straightforward too.

  • codemonkey

    OK, that was one truly awesome comment. If there was a money award for incredible comments, your comment earned it.

    That comment had it ALL. Even the nickname is twisted. Holy shit that was an amazing comment!

  • Sydney

    Little boys like you should have their Internet time monitored so their mommies know what insufferable pricks they are. Keep dreaming, babe. Your dream society doesn’t and never will exist. You aren’t intimidating either.

    I also never said I was a lesbian, but nice assumption! That aside, I call alpha males target practice. Their egos are so big and their whining so loud that it makes them easy to spot.

    Also, where did I say that I sabotage and leave men to rot? Most of my friends are men- unlike you, because you’re just a sad boy who got rejected a few times and now thinks all women are evil. I like men. I enjoy the company of men. Some of my best friends are men and I give them relationship advice and support their endeavors because we are equals. You, however, are beneath me, so I’m done with this conversation. Have fun jacking off because no woman wants to touch you!

  • codemonkey

    Mmm hmm. Thats nice dear. Run along now, daddy is busy doing man work and doesnt have time for your adorable sillinesss.

  • A wife agreeing to be disciplined one night per week leaves the other six nights for the husband to be disciplined then. Even though if he’s ever been to this site, he clearly does not deserve sex, let alone love or marriage or respect.

  • My favorite part of Matt Forney comments is how many commenters have magically only created their profile to post just ONE MAGNIFICENTLY GLOWING response to his article, and then they are never to be heard from again. This guy creates fake profiles to give himself fake positive support. Let’s not forget those humiliating Virginia Robinson AND Ferdinand Bardamu fiascos either!

    Support from ‘strange, nebulous, brief commenters” are instantly recognized for what they are: the garbage man complimenting his own stink.

    And the Lone Ranger Idiot who obediently upvotes them is only a secondary humiliation.

  • No, he’s not actually a dog, he’s just a fake sockpuppet account created to give the false impression of support.

    Google “Matt Forney Sockpuppet” and see how well-known he is for that humiliating act of upvoting himself since apparently no one else will.

  • Caroline Carlson

    I think men who are violent have too much testosterone. This could be remedied simply by removing the testicles. Now men may say they don’t want that but I think I won’t listen to those men. I’ll just look at their violent behavior and make my own judgement. How does that sound. I mean of course men won’t admit they want to be castrated but why listen to what they want. They just don’t want to appear a certain way in society. Deep down I’m sure they want to be castrated to be relieved of the excess testosterone. Thanks for making this clear to me. I’ll act accordingly.

  • Caroline Carlson

    You seem to think you understand what women are pining for. Were you born with a vagina?

  • Caroline Carlson

    News flash no woman is interested in you either. All these men are complaining they can’t get women. It’s because you suck.

  • Caroline Carlson

    I don’t understand why that is so upsetting to you though? Why would women being with an abusive man be upsetting except that you can’t seem to get laid without force. Somewhere you need to accept that women don’t want you because you are an idiot not because other men’s choices but because of yours.

  • Caroline Carlson

    Your continued responses seem to indicate you are.

  • Chris Wright

    It’s subtle.

  • Anonymous101

    I sure hope this entire blog is satire. Too scary to know that people can actually think like this.

  • skillet

    Actually a little extreme.

  • Sarah Jones Geer

    Please tell me this entire website is satire.

    sorry, but if my husband tried this shit on me he’d end up on the wrong end of a baseball bat. See how powerful he feels in the ICU. Fortunately, I didn’t marry an insecure little manchild with a single digit IQ who can’t be a “real man” unless he’s trying to subjugate others.

  • Sarah Jones Geer

    The only women I’ve seen that go back to an abuser do so because they’re scared to leave and said abuser usually is very thorough in making sure the woman has no safety net or support system.

  • Sarah Jones Geer

    You realize the article advocates violence, right?

  • Liquid

    Some of you bitches need to be beat into submission, because treating you kind and with respect is not what seems to work for you. What you cheat.. And now you’re fucking someone and I just leave? No.. Fuck that if you fuck me over be ready to be fuck over. It’s not “fuck over or be fuck over” when it comes to me “It’s fuck over to be fucked over”.

  • Liquid

    Fuck that cliche. What’s that going to teach the next girl? Irritate him long enough when you want to fuck him over now you get your dick and you convinced him to leave after he payed for everything and put all his effort into pleasing you? No beat the fuck out that hoe, in a manner that won’t get you arrested. Then talk to her, make sure she admits and KNOWS what the fuck she did wrong. Make her admitt to it. Then after you done, Watch her ass and force her to make the right decision. When you’re done, if you want her to leave that’s cool. But most likely she would change as a better person. Never let a woman dominate you. She is not the dominant gender you are, and that’s not being sexist throughout the animal kingdom there is a dominant gender. Don’t just roll over and take it up the ass.

  • Chris J. Malone

    Assuming this article isn’t satire, the advice to the author, is if he feels the need to slap a woman, he should grow a vagina and do it unto himself.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Driver was completely right.
    This guy writing this article is correct.

    The female mind is highly emotional and in that sense, less stabilized emotionally than the man.

    Women seem to thing men have a lower EQ, but it is just that our EQ is more neatly wrapped up in a nice little bundle of logic.

    Women need this release.

    They need to be spanked and dominated.

    If the man does not dominate the woman, she becomes restless and makes arguments about silly meaningless things.

    This process usually rears it head once per month….

    I have one girl right now that heavily takes on the submissive role.

    I spank her with a thick belt.

    Its true, it resets her system.
    The household is harmonious.

    She never complains and we never argue. I am the Master and thats final.

    She is likes it that way.

    We are not in a monogamous relationship. However she tells me she doesnt see anyone else.

    Last night I caught her making sexy texts to a guy. Or at least acknowledging his….

    I was angry. In old nongspanking relationships, I have expressed my anger and it results in slammed and locked bathroom doors. Overtime she causes problems, I get angry, it confirms I care and the cycle repeats in a downward spiral until we break up.

    However, with THIS girl, it different.

    If she does something wrong like she did, then I do not get angry.

    Because I know I reserve the right to spank. A right that she has acknowledged.

    I am the dominant, she is the submissive.

    Instead of getting angry after reading those texts, I went silent. Thinking about leaving her or maybe having an argument about it.

    In old relationships i would have…

    But, I suddenly realised, I will just spank her… Very hard.

    We were overdue fir a light spanking session anyway and had been talking about it.

    I took her by the arm into the other room and layed her over the couch with her pants off and told her what I was gonna do now…

    Again and again I whipped that belt across her soft skin with cracking sounds that would wake the neighbours.

    At first she laughed it off, but it hot harder and harder until she was on fire and winced and cried out with pain.

    I asked her if she will ever message guys like that again and she promised again and again that she would not and she was sorry.

    I took her to the edge…

    Then a little further until she was numb to it. Broken… And silent.

    Then, she was clensed.

    I helped her up and we held each other in the warmest hug and we told each other how much we loved each other and just help each other a while…

    There was no argument.

    Our problem was solved and we are closer together for it.

    If you are a woman and have not tried this style of relationship, you do not know how much better it is than slamming doors and locking yourself in the bathroom…

    Its the right way and builds closeness….

    You are not equal, you are a woman.

    We are men.

    We have been beating your ass since we lived in caves.

    It is a deep part of your nature and although you may not know it, you yern for it. You do….

    Its not the beating or pain. Its the submission thats important.

    The beating is just the method of expression.

    But for millions of years its been part of male/female programing.

    At least it can be performed in a stable way in the bedroom or as punishment.

    No anger or raised voices. No problems, just a bonding experience.

    Its nature.

    Her ass is a deep purple. Almost black. And she knows what not to do.

    Our lives are better for it….

  • Tommy Yeager

    And she is very happy….

  • Tommy Yeager

    We both are…

  • Kachikichi

    Ellie, i totally understand what u mean….And it’s very good that u being honest with yourself. I’m a woman, still single and looking to settle down. Now what other people don’t understand is that u not saying u want an abusive man but just a man who will be ‘the man’. Driver is right, society now is just distorted and women NEVER want to just admit what they really want. By the end of the day a woman just wants a man who cherishes her like a pearl, respects her like a mother but shows a little toughness in his love like he would to his daughter. The balance is what some people fail. I definitely don’t want a man who beats me, touches my face or leaves a mark on me, but i definitely want a man who spanks me and raises his voice sometimes when he needs to. And the reason why women go for bad boys its because they get bored with a good guy and want some adrenaline because a bit of adrenaline is healthy and has proved to be an aphrodisiac…
    So cheers to all the women that will admit they want a little spanking but NO abuse and shame to the rest of the women that say they just want a plainly gentle guy but a few years down the line end up getting mesmerized by some bad boy who lives next door.

  • droid

    “If girls want to be dominated, men want to be dominant”
    Why do you always do what women want?

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  • Ravi Subba

    Were you born with a penis ? From where did your vagina came ? Who fertilized your mothers eggs !!!???

  • Roger Daily

    I used to be against domestic violence but that was when I was a renter.

  • GraceAnna

    My first thought was I really hope this is satire. Unfortunately, some people are going to take it seriously. They will probably lose girlfriends and rightly so. If your girlfriend enjoys spanking, great. Give her what she wants. Go past that point against her will and you will lose a girlfriend.

  • GraceAnna

    Men need discipline sometimes too…bend over.

  • GraceAnna

    Ironically, domestic abusers who end up in jail will likely be abused by other inmates. I personally find that kind of sad, even if they are receiving what they doled out. It would be so much better if no one was abused.

  • GraceAnna

    I don’t find it a turn off when a man needs an explanation. Everybody has different tastes, all men and women should be explaining what they like to their partners. I did leave an emotionally abusive marriage after several years of abuse. Now, I’m not so sure I want to remarry ever, because I want to retain the option to more easily walk out on a man if he is abusive.

    I don’t think women return to abusers because they like being abused. I think they return to the men because they are so emotionally and financially beat down from the cycle of abuse. Oftentimes, an abuser will control a woman so she is isolated from friends and family and she is financially cut off at the knees. While with a good man, she still has the friends and family and probably some finances, so she can leave if she feels that she is not compatible with the good man. Some women are far from kind and don’t deserve the men they walk out on. Sometimes, those men find far better women who actually appreciate them and love them. In fact, I have friends and family who enjoy good marriages to good men. Whereas, abusers got left.

  • GraceAnna

    I’m sorry you had some bad experiences with women who probably didn’t deserve you. I don’t expect you to listen to that though as I am a woman.

  • GraceAnna

    If she said she wasn’t happy, would that result in more spankings? She does have the ability to say when she isn’t happy and get listened to right?

  • GraceAnna

    I think there are some women who divorce men that others of us would gladly keep. It is sad to me when I see a nice guy financially and emotionally torn apart. However, some of those divorces initiated by women are initiated by women who were abused or repeatedly cheated on no matter what they did to try to make the man happy. These men had the option of staying married if they were ready to stop abusing, but they choose not to.

  • GraceAnna

    Some of us don’t run back to abusers.

  • There’s a pretty interesting show on the A&E network, it’s called 60 Days In. It has several “volunteers” from all walks of life go into the Department of Corrections undercover, with a cover story of that particular jail being filmed for a documentary on correctional institutes.

    There’s a Marine, a dimwitted school teacher who effed up from day 1 and got himself tossed into solitary, a young mother, a brother of a criminal who did time, a police officer(!), and the daughter of Muhammad Ali. Most are going through a WHOLE lotta stress from how different their lives are inside, but there are cameras in every inch of the place (jail cameras were there prior to the show filming there), and there simply isn’t the amount of rape, abuse, and violence I had always assumed there was. Even the Marine was pretty furious over how much better prison food was than military food. (He also said he’d seen more rape and violence between recruits than he’s seeing in the corrections facility, but that’s likely because there aren’t cameras everywhere in the military.

  • GraceAnna

    Lol. I’m thinking she doesn’t care for a little spank, but it was worth a shot.

  • GraceAnna

    Some women like it rough. Some women really don’t. I was with someone who felt like I should like it and if I didn’t he was going to spank me anyway. One time, he very roughly touched my whole body without bothering to get me aroused first nor did he take time for any aftercare. I got no pleasure nor orgasm from that experience. Another time, he thought it was cool to shoot a rubberband at my butt and leave a welt. If you don’t like smacking and hurting women, there are women out there who will appreciate the fact that you don’t want to hurt them!

  • “Given that 90% of divorces are initiated by women”

    Ohhh, what planet would THAT be on, please? Because it isn’t Earth. Just so you know, the younger a woman is when she marries, the higher the likelihood she will need to escape the marriage. Another thing that causes higher divorce rates is when the two partners are more than five years different in age and when one partner has a higher or lower educational attainment than the other one.

  • Yes, indeed women who leave marriages also lose a lot of money and stability. The standard of living goes down for women who divorce, while it goes up for men who divorce. This is true even taking into account alimony!

    Divorce plunges more women into poverty than it does men, so men (or people in general) should see that women do not divorce willy-nilly for fun or money, because she loses out on both. If a woman is divorcing, it’s for a REAL reason. And let’s not forget that a woman’s life is never more at risk than when she’s trying to escape a bad marriage. THIS is when most women murdered by their S.O. are in fact murdered.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Yes of course.
    She is loved. She will always be listened to if she calmly states her concerns.

    The cute little chocker necklace she wears wil always give her a constant feeling of submission, she does not need to act out to get a but of linishment attention. I will always care enough to make sure she gets it when sje needs it. Its my job.

  • Tommy Yeager

    No, but I always have a few good ones by my side at the ready…. ;)

  • You do know that sperm isn’t necessary for impregnating ova anymore, right?

    Besides THAT, your comment did nothing to address the truthful, factual points that were made in the comment you replied to.

  • We all knew that about you from your himsterical screeds.

  • If you don’t hear them own up to it, it’s because you’re too much of an ignorant blowharded know-nothing to hear it. Because others DO hear it; it’s all part of the well-known cycle of abuse.

  • Indeed. He reads the response directed at him, signs into his Disqus account, comes up with a reply disguised poorly as disinterest *just* to say he’s not interested.

    Now *THAT* is some mega-attention-whoring, as only Driver knows how to perform (much to the delight of onlookers)!

  • Yup, nine out of ten Matt Forney sockpuppet accounts agree: men don’t mind going to prison if it meant they were able to hit women in order to feel superior to someone for half a sec!

  • Tommy Yeager

    HEY! Back in line……!

    Your going the right way for a smacked bottom young lady…

  • Tommy Yeager

    Women DO deserve abuse. Everyone deserves to get what they want.

  • GraceAnna

    Amen! That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard.

    Though I admit that my second thought when you wrote I’m not her daddy, was “Who’s your daddy?”

  • GraceAnna

    Really? I’m surprised to hear that there isn’t as much rape and violence as I thought. I guess that’s good news for all the non-violent criminals who end up in prison. I’ve been watching “Orange is the New Black.” Of course, there is a lot of lesbian sex on the show, but I’m sure they are just trying to get more viewers.

  • Umm, I’m of the flesh and blood variety, so there’s little chance I’d accidentally find my way to any line of yours.

  • We don’t have Netflix (insert red face here), but I hear OITNB is an awesome show. And yes, if I had a dollar for every time I heard a man say he only tolerates the show for those scenes, I’d be Donald Trump.

    There is/was also a show on American TV called Scared Straight, it had at-risk teens take a very guided tour of male and female prisons to show them a glimpse of how *&^%$$#! awful prison life is. the men’s prisons actually frown much harder upon rape, and anyone (even consensual couples) get thrown into segregation for ever-rising increments of 30 days per incident. The women’s prison is much more hand-holding and lovey-dovey eyes than any real physical contact, but because lesbian (or LURD, lesbian until release date) relationships aren’t considered as harmful, so there are far fewer cameras and far fewer guards.

    Having fewer guards in women’s prisons also leads to more incidents of violence, as well as more successful suicides :/

  • codemonkey

    Are you trying to convince me with your stupid and obvious bullshit, or are you trying to convince other people reading this?

    Normally I wouldnt bother wasting my time on such idiocy, but in case a young man happens by and reads your ridiculous diarhea, he might get the wrong idea. For his sake, I will do this ONE time. After that, you will be ignored as you should be.

    The first image is anecodotal, and affects so small a percentage of the population as to be irrelevent. In your little chicken mind, that is an argument, such as when a man reasons that leaving without a full tank of gas is a bad policy in a long trip, and some addle headed female halfwit refers to her friends cousons sisters boyfriends aunt who successfully dod the same thing. No it is not. Shut up, you are stupid.

    The second image is similar to the first , but it actualky manages to be an even more spectacular failire than the idiocy of the first non argument. For one thing, you are drawing an argument for the woder population based on narrow segment. ie most people dont go to college, for another, its talking about the percentage of marriages that failed. Not the percentage of the failed marriages that were terminated by women.

    The third image makes me laugh. Bitter, hate filled laughter, but laughter. Because it demonstrates how utterly spoiled and worthless American women are. Both genders become less attractive as they become older, so you would think older men of this generation would be happy to have a companion. But the truth is, once their looks go, the women of the west are nothing but excrement. You personalities are so disgusting and vile that older men would prefer to love alone without you. Thats your future.

    The final image is as flawed as the second. Now as I said, this is written for the next reader not for you, because you are stupid disgusting liar. I dont care what you think. By now, an intelligent reader will realize what a piece of shit you are, and why he should look more seriously into what Ive said.

    As for you, who cares? Youre garbage.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Um… Is this how you spend your day dear? Battling evil forces on the internet? Caring about stupid posts that don’t even matter?

    Hating strangers that you will not even see or speak to?

    Surely there is more to life than that right?

    I dont hate you. I don’t even know you. Im sure there are stupid things about you, and I am sure there are really wondsrful things about you. I tell you one thing though, if you ever met me, you would be sooooo into me. Its just what happens when I am with a girl.

  • Driver

    The fact is that many women do run back (until the cycle breaks). Too many good men are left standing around wondering what happened when an abused woman runs back to an abusive ex boyfriend or husband. It’s a fact that society doesn’t like to talk about….good men being abused by women who were abused. It’s often ignored in society.

  • Driver

    and you are typical of many women and society….ignoring the fact that many good men are abused by women who have been abused by an ex boyfriend or ex husband. Society, largely, ignores the issue because the woman is not the victim in this case…it’s the good man who tried to treat her right only to be left behind (because the woman ran back to an abuser).

  • Driver

    I listen to reason and facts. I’m open to any conversation that is based on it. If you want to talk about both ends (the truth), then I’m your man. If not, then I’ll walk away (not worth having the conversation).

  • How I spend my days is not something I confirm or deny with strangers, let alone ones on this lovely little hate site.

    But I’ll let you know this much: I do love laughing at the sort who betray their reality by trying hard to portray an alter-ego, most notably the I-am-so-successful-with-women-that-I-have-to-come-onto-hate-sites-to-boast-with-all-the-other-virgins alter-ego.

    It really makes me appreciate the rest of my week, knowing I am not like them ???

  • codemonkey

    Oh shut up. Do you think anyone still buys that crap? You are like those idiots that go up to a girl with a tattoo and start asking her lame ass questions about her tattoo that shes heard a thousand times before. You sre so clueless you dont even realize how much disgust you generate for yourself when you write such old and tired garbage.

    Let me guess, did these precious flowers also far perfume and shit fully cooked steaks? No wait, I know, you mist have been one of them. Somehow you magically ended up with one of those bad boys that you never ever ever wanted to be with or find attractive. Nope, not you. You thought he was the nicest sweetest guy, and then one day, *poof* he turned into an asshole. Good lord, how did THAT happen?

  • Driver

    I don’t disagree with the fact that women can’t easily walk away from the relationship (at times).

    The part I’m pointing out is how good men are destroyed by women who have been abused. A good man tries to come in the relationship and be that “decent, good man” that every woman (and society) talks about….you know the whole “man up” nonsense that is repeated over and over again. The man does the right thing and the woman decides (for whatever reason) to skip the good man and go back to the abusive relationship. Down the road, we hear nothing but “where are all the good men?”. Well, the good men decided to say “fuck it…why be a good man and get stepped on”….so they change.

    In the end, I’d like to hear more women (and society in general) talk about how women need to be held accountable for turning these “good men” into assholes (or men checking out altogether). We always hear about how men are wrong…it’s time to hear a little truth on how women need to be held responsible for their part.

  • ***And as 100% suspected***, no intelligent rebuttal from codemonkeybrains, just an angry, vituperous one, one that he thought better of and removed it from the site, surely out of hi own humiliation ???

    But what could one expect? He actually tries to push the ludicrous claim that 90% of divorces are initiated by women, oh, lol, too bad his planet doesn’t deal in facts (or intelligence).

  • Unlike your old and tired garbage? On a garbage site, for that matter.

    Thanks for stopping by, illiterate one.

  • codemonkey

    Shhh. The adult is busy writing. Go play with your dildo, or drink some more alcohol to get over your empty worthless existance.

  • codemonkey

    Nothing you brought up contradicts what I wrote.

  • {…}
    ^^^ He said into his mirror before ejaculating onto the screen pic of Matt Forney and Paul Elam swapping fresh snowballs.

  • codemonkey

    Mm hmm. Bye now, enjoy your smirnoff.

  • You want me to read “below you”?

    Pass, you’re illiterate, slow-witted, and bitter… and likely white. There might be a school in your vicinity, and riling you just means another shooting being broadcast on TV again.

  • codemonkey

    Lol, yeah OK, whatever,

  • Doll, you neeeeed to realize that the person in the mirror isn’t anyone but you.

  • codemonkey

    I think you are confusing your daily existence with everyone elses. “Doll”

  • Feh, I tried, but you still keep on talkin’ to that poor jizz-stained mirror, thinkin’ it’s someone else.

  • codemonkey


  • codemonkey

    Stop rewriting your comments cheater.

  • Stop responding after you’ve claimed more than once that you were fucking off.

  • I am not ignorant of men, both good and not-so-good, who are abused by the women you mention. I’m also not ignorant of where acorns fall from, but since my comment didn’t include either statement you *assume* I don’t know something.

    Shameful. I can remember far enough back (before the Internet) when men cared about making cogent arguments.

  • codemonkey

    I cant help it, slapping yiu around is simply too much fun, I imagine its like kicking a particularly retarded yappy puppy. I should feel guilty, but I jist dont.

  • You “should” feel guilty, but you’re not intelligent enough to know that you’re hallucinating if you think you’re slapping anything around other than one seriously abused little limp noodle below your laptop.

    But that’s what makes you so entertaining; without the entertainment value, I suspect we’d just cull you from society.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Hmm… Nope, im not one of them at all. I dont have an alter ego.
    I just do and say as I please. I right now theres about 194 girls trying to talk to me. I used to just meet them in groups of 20 and take them ALL out on a date at the sane time.

    But it was all a bit crazt rocking up to the club like some celebrity.

    So I stopped.

    Just kinda stopped being interested.

    Every guy dreams of being like me, the pilot, the popular guy with girls, but really, it all becomes normal in the end and so, unexciting.

    I really just wanna fall in love….

  • lol, OKAYYYYY, now I get it. You were just messing with me before. Hey, I had jet lag and very, very stupidly believed you were being serious when you were saying that [now] obviously ludicrous shit earlier..

    I have learned my lesson… people on this site aren’t all quintuple-inbred mouthbreathers, some of you are just *pretending* to be one in order to mock them.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Oh no, I whipped that poor girl until she her ass was black.

    Its just sexuality. She loves it.
    Everything in my comment was true. Im just open minded and understand there is no “right or wrong”. Just what needs someone has. 50 shades of grey sold over 100 million copies. There is definitly truth to all this. The original post here by this guy Driver.

    Generally, you girls love it. The strngth and power of a man. Its primal. Dont be shy about it.

    Its sexy….

  • No, no, no, no, noooo. I am NOT going to fall for that stupidity a second time, but nice try — it made me laugh, sorta.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Im serious….

    Carrie dear, have you ever been spanked?

    Do you know the pleasure of givibg yourself to a man completely?

  • Ummm, you had better have a large Negro’s dick jizzing in your mouth as you write that to me.

    Otherwise, you’re begging for one in both ends.

    My husband isn’t damaged garbage, nor was any man I’d dated prior to him. Ergo, all of your “questions” are moot. And they should be carved into a baseball bat and shoved right up your ass, whence they came.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Those are normal questions concerning a healthy sexuality. Especially in a marriage.

    You response to them was heavy.

    This tells me there is some repressed feelings there or maybe you do have a desire to be spanked, but you were raised in a society or culture that told you it was wrong or depraved.

    Its not. Just do whatever you feel you want.

    Maybe you want your husband to give it to you wearing a costume like he works in a slaughter house while wearing a full faces gas mask like some serial killer. Maybe you want him to dress up in a pilots uniform….

    Whatever you find interesting if ok.

    There is no right or wrong in the bedroom as long as everything is consented.

  • codemonkey

    There you go again, fantasizing about my “noodle”. Did you specifically use a food reference this time because of your desire to taste and ingest my “noodle”?

    Let me guess, you are one of those spoiled wstern bitches who is desperate for a man to slap her across the face and then forcefully throw her sexually frustrated body over a table.

    Well, I woild slap you across the face.

  • Yeah, I couldn’t get past three words of your spam. I’m going to need that photograph of the Black dude’s jizz all over that vagina you probably call a goatee before I read beyond “those are normal…”

    No jizz-on-your-face pic — no more attention from a female. I set my price, you can afford it or you can shop elsewhere.

  • codemonkey

    Actually men see that women have child like tiny brains, incapable of seeing anything past their short term emotional responses.

    And this is repeatedly seen over and over again by the rotten decisions women make in partners.

    Which is something EVERY WOMAN ON THE PLANET KNOWS.

    Including you by the way, you little liar you.

    TL/DR, Women are herd creature, their realities are shaped by the emotional structure they live in. If all their little friends are divorcing, they will divorce. If society tells them divorce is FUn! Sexy! You go girl! The little child brain will go for it.

    This is why a man MUST control his woman. Remember that she IS A CHILD.

  • Haha, you accidentally equated yourself with “a man”, too funny.

    And if you’re offering that limp garbage between your legs… I’m gonna pretend I’m gluten-free.

    As per your “guesses” that I let you take, no surprise, you’re incorrect on every last count, just like you likely are in absolutely every other arena in your life. You know, like when you said you weren’t going to respond anymore, and then you obsessively started spamming me once you realized what female interaction feels like.

  • I love how it flies right over your minute monkey brain how you’ve just switched out the sexes there, thus illustrating a perfect example of projection.

    I’m going to have to consider your pleas for attention a little more than ‘pathetic’ now; you may be approaching ‘humiliation’.

  • codemonkey

    Sweetie, Im not the one “obessively” waiting by the keyboard over a 10 hour period just to respond two seconds later to every comment I make.

  • codemonkey

    Mmm hmm. Youre getting boring. Then again, I suppose you hear that a lot.

  • Except that your posting history very clearly illustrates the opposite of that, soury.

  • Technically, you’d have to suppose that… as it isn’t true or real. Seems to be your whole modus operandi.

  • Tommy Yeager

    You have lost your mind dear…

    I’m hyper popular. “attention from a female” is kind of this annoying thing i get.

    Sometimes its nice, but theres too much.

    Understand that you are talking to the exception to the rule here. Let other guys crave female attention.

    Im drowning in it every day.

    Imagine like a famous holywood star getting fanmail so much that he doesnt have time to open it.

    Its kinda like that.

    Your image of what men are and do is so far from what I am dear.

    If only you knew…

    There are maybe 10 or 12 times more attention from females than i can handle.

    I have resorted to quitting dating and just tell them to come to my house with food.

    We are living in different worlds dear….


    Bye bye…

    Get well soon from whatever is is you are suffering from.

    And do not reply further your tiny mind is not welcome.

    I mean that, say nothing. Im indifferent to you strange stanger

  • OK, super-quick glance, I see no photo, so I am not going to so much as read one syllable until you pay. Pay, or stop using my services. Ain’t Amurica great — citizens naming their own prices.

    You can afford it, that goatee probably still reeks of the last man who was on it. But it’ll have to be the Black dude, not any of the others who have availed themselves of your facial pussy recently.

  • codemonkey

    Thanks for the stalker update Creepy mcCreepster

    Here’s a pro tip: when you find yourself obsessively going over the minutia of some random person posting history, it’s time to put down the doughnut and “go outside”.

    You know, that place on the other side of your window where all the bright light comes from? It’s called “the world”. They have all sorts of interesting things there, like parks, doggies, art, yoga, beaches, even … BOOKS. woooooo!

  • Wtf?? What “stalking”? One cannot intelligently call it stalking if you’ve voluntarily loaded up my inbox with your spam. Opening my inbox is now “stalking”, lol.

    Were all of your ancestors inbred, or just your parents?

  • Morrison

    That cocksucker sure likes to call you sweetie. I bet he thinks he’s got himself a bona fide girlfriend experience in you.

  • Morrison

    I think he must not have his thumb drive with him, where his pix reside.

  • Morrison

    Men like to be kicked in the testes, spat upon, and castrated. I mean, I saw it on a BDSM web site, so it like totally must be real, u know? Plus those dudes pay A LOT for the privilege of having a chick beat his balls real good.

  • Morrison

    Only insecure pieces of shit let women change them. And no good man turns bad. He was bad all along, waiting for enough excuses to stop pretending to be anything other than his true self.
    Also, it’s not women claiming there’s any shortage of good men, it’s men who liked to believe that they were a good one, but never actually were. I always hear other guys demanding women be held accountable for men’s actions, it’s funny you as a man bring up “man up” like only men ever do, because I wish men like that WOULD man the fuck up and be held accountable for their own fucking actions.

  • Morrison

    A secondary benefit to castration is that guys will live longer. I just read about ten different articles on the matter.
    I just don’t think I could ever pull that trigger though. I won’t even get circumcised ffs.

  • Morrison

    No woman ANYONE knows acts the way these Forney idiots claim.

  • codemonkey

    Are you seriously telling me that you have disqus send you every comment update?

    That’s … that’s pathetic.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Yeah of course if she said she didnt want it, then I wouldn’t do it.

    But she can never really ask for it either, that takes away from the vital role play element of it all.

    There would be no excitenent fir her.

    Make sense?

  • ^^^Said the pathetic one filling up my inbox!

    Wait… don’t tell the rest of us… that you come to Disqus and go to the notifications page scavenging for attention, like turds in sand?!?!!! Precious little turds in the sand for you to respond to, for you to feel… noticed.

    Aww, that broke my heart, self-admitted pathetic one. Self-admitted pathetic one gets himself a sad face, just like that one he bellows at in the mirror whilst typing :(

  • lol, no fricking doubt, man. Probably hasn’t gotten this much female attention since the sorority locked the doors on him when they saw him lurking.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    Didn’t Obama sell ten times that many books? I hate idiots like you who think Obama can’t be wrong.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    its a mistake many on here probably make?

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    jesus Christ now the morons rights activists have it up to 90%? pretty soon they’ll have women as 90% of the rapists too!

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    He wasn’t born with a vagina. he also wasn’t born with a brain.
    Coincidence??? or just a requirement for male posters here?

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    everyone believes they listen to reason and facts. everyone. but that doesn’t mean they are good judges of reason, facts, or their own insight.
    people who try to convince others that they do this or that, like stating repeatedly that they are logical or listen to facts or only rely on truth, etc are the ones who are deficient in all of the above. its called trying too hard. and its sad. but at least it shines a spotlight on you so we can see the bullshit illuminated.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    I think hes been meeting them at truckstops, school grounds, sidewalks, you know, all the places where girls are reported missing usually.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    mmmm, tranny ass! nice! I knew this board HAD to have something interesting after a long while!

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    one of the4 biggest, loudest anti-marriage “mgtows” just left his online gig as a woman hater, to get married (again). and I think I remember hearing that his new wife has a kid and everything. the backlash was epic.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    yeah, matt Forney does have a pretty fat ass, right? but who dafuq would really wanna spank it though?

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    u wanna fix ur typo then bro?
    (give ya a hint, ur missing a letter “n”.)

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    its ALWAYS the guy who wants to be spanked. and pegged too!
    go to any hookup site and you see how many hot, great guys are seeking “pegging”, getting boned by a girl. and since women give almost no fuck at all about sex, women really don’t care. dudes have to pay women to peg them, pay women to beat them, pay women to dominate them. and because they’re men, they pay. because they know they can either force someone and go to prison, or pay and make it happen sans prison.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    hes able to make a living off misogyny because there is a small but stupid contingent of fuckwits who give him money because they hate/fear women too.
    I saw elsewhere on this site that amazon dumped his cellulite ridden ass though, so he isn’t scoring cash from amazon anymore.

  • disqus_g0mTWl9E2GF

    no, that’s what trannies are for.

  • Driver

    I guess. It’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.

  • codemonkey

    What? What weird shit are you even saying? You are just stringing together random words that don’t mean anything.

    I just got back from a jam session at a great bar, until i read this I was actually high without any alchohol or drugs. Now thanks to this weird ass message of yours I have to go back there and get drunk, and I hate getting drunk.

  • Thumbs up, lol.

    The pathetic in you is epic.

  • codemonkey

    Yes, reaching higher states of consciousness through great vibes, good friends, and awesome music is the epitome of loserdom. At least in your mind anyway.

  • No, coming onto a site full of losers boasting about their loser lives makes you a loser, not in just MY mind.
    There, fixed it for ya… again.

  • codemonkey

    Yeaahhhh… uhh… NO.

  • Wow, that’s you at your most coherent yet!
    Just add “duurrr” a few times, and you’re even better!

  • codemonkey

    getting bored again… can you say anything interesting, or is that about the best you can do?

  • Mirror time… think “projection” again.

  • codemonkey

    If you aren’t going to step it up, then we can’t play.

  • Dudebro, you have been playing with yourself this whooooole time.

    That’s not going to change ;)

  • codemonkey

    Yes, I can hardly be said to have an opponent in this can I? It’s like playing chess with a mentally-retarded jellyfish.

  • Gotta love how you keep calling me boring, when all you ever do is repeatedly use projection.

    {sigh} at least you’re consistent.

  • Caroline Carlson

    plastic ones don’t count tommy child…..

  • Caroline Carlson

    Yes but when you are with women they laugh and point….stop trying to seduce twelve year olds. I know they are closer to you in mental age but it’s criminal.

  • Caroline Carlson

    You are clearly in love with yourself tommy and I’m sure you and your right hand have some awsome sex together . Congratulations ,will it be a spring wedding?

  • Caroline Carlson

    Damn can you believe the inflated egos of most of the boys here? Truly disturbing. Like I believe any of the fantasies about their sex lives. I wonder how their self esteem got so damaged that they need to fabricate such exaggerated fairy tales?

  • I think when someone is very lonely, and that person has lots of time on his hands, a vivid imagination wherein he is a sexual superhero is almost inevitable.

    Having said that, I worry for my male employees sometimes. What if they are the type who would be part of this garbage? They would be wise to keep it hidden, and hidden well.

  • Tommy Yeager

    No no… Im super handsome and girl seem to just rain from the sky :)

    Life is good….

  • Chris Wright

    Such people would be violent assholes to begin with. No one with any sense in their head is going to read this, miss the satire, and be like, “hey, here’s right, I’m going to slap my girlfriend around tonight! What a plan!” At least I dearly hope not.

  • GraceAnna

    Yeah, I hope people would have enough sense. I guess that means I have sense after all. I’m going to have to go run and tell everyone that. I don’t know if they’ll believe me. :)

  • Caroline Carlson

    ???????yes I’m sure we all believe that.

  • Tommy Yeager


    It’s like wheres waldo in that first pic….

    I have an all fan club….

    What can I say, its a big world with lotsa cool stuff in it

  • Caroline Carlson

    Yes and it’s clear you are the biggest fan in that fan club. You should stop trying to seduce children though. Girls are under 18. Afraid you could not handle interacting with an adult. Don’t you allow adult women in that fan club? Hurry you have a meeting of the that fan club. You don’t want your right hand to get started without you. The two of you have that meeting to get to? Lefty and righty and your ego the perfect trio.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Um… Your last comment is just empty mindless dribble.

    Nobody is under 18. And if they were um, I dont care…. I only allowed 2 poeple in those pics to have sex with me.

    Its not about sex, so age is not so important. But yes, I confess, young girls are hotter than old obes. Thats pretty standard though.

    I think you are angry about something in your life and you are directing it at me for some reason.

    Get well soon dear.

  • Tommy Yeager

    Nobody is under 18. Even if they were, Im not having sex with them, its a fan club. They found me on a dating website. I cant take EVERY girl out who askes me, but I can if I do it in groups.

    But yes, of course I could have sex with them if I wanted to…

    Those girls are over 18, but I once had sex with a 15 year old.

    That was fun.

    Age is just a number….

    Oh… Look who is in my kitchen right now!

  • Liquid

    God said the earth was round when Atheist said it was flat. I’m not religious but get your facts straight.

  • Liquid

    My brother you speak to much truth.

  • Liquid

    It’s amazing how he speaks logic and facts while you just fling I’ll rational insults. Then women rally together like you said something that made a point. But if we insulted you in the exact same manner it would be considered “childish” or “grow up” as for men whine about when they don’t get there way? Tell that to feminism. Because I haven’t heard of a manism yet. Nor are there that many campaigns ran to support men like there are women in short. Shut the fuck up feminist and get back in the fucking kitchen before a “man” whoops your ass like what you’re trying to be a “man”. A woman’s role is not to dominate if you want to play that role step up to what another man has to think about when he disrespects another man whether he’s weaker or stronger. If you can talk the hot shit be prepared for what it brings.

  • Liquid

    It’s funny how just because he disagrees with you. He’s a troll.

  • Liquid

    I hate to say it but that’s the truth. It’s like you got to fucking make them grow up or they wont.

  • Driver

    All women do this in life. They take something that they read and then they make it all about them. You only need to read the many responses on here to see that same pattern.

    Ladies, no one here gives a shit about you, your marriage, your boyfriend, what he’s done to you (or not), etc….we don’t give a fuck.

    Many of these women are hypocrites and they don’t like their narrative being exposed. The plan that many of them following can be seen by any man if he just stops listening to a woman and he only watches her actions.

    They all behave in the same manner with the same playbook:
    sexes it up between 18-25, then
    starts to feel a little older – maybe kids and needs to find a serious partner (to have kids and help pay),
    hits about 30 with no long term relationship and really gets nervous,
    the wall approaches about 35 and the questions come up about marriage and kids from family or friends,
    not married or no kids by 40…miserable harpies at this point.

    Anyone trying to shout you down just doesn’t want these facts to get out. It’s an obviously large, red flag.

  • Driver

    You women will rationalize…there is a big difference.

    Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t purchased by a bunch of men. I’ll leave the conversation at that point.

  • No. The god mentioned in the holy BuyBull very definitely made a flat earth. Too many scriptures specifically refer to the earth as ”flat” to claim otherwise. (Try Googling ‘does the Bible call the Earth flat?’ to check ALL of the multiple verses calling Earth flat if you don’t already know the verses.)

    And yes, I know there were never any “real” gods who divinely inspired the writing of the holy BuyBull, but its adherents do claim that’s how it was written — by divine inspiration. This would lead anyone intelligent to question why — if a presumably omniscient god knew the earth was round — did the entire BuyBull rely upon the knowledge that earth was flat? Why wouldn’t their god have said, “pssst, let’s stop calling it that, mm-kay”?

    So, it’s you whose facts are off, not mine.

  • … But you’re neglecting the fact that this site very specifically caters to the people you’re discounting: very violent assholes looking for assurances that they are right.

    “No one with any sense in their head is going to read this, miss the satire, and […]” Well, that’s the other demographic which reads this site: people without any sense in their head. Save for those of us who come here because yet another post with criminal instructions has been linked to again. Let’s not forget that this author’s site (and Twitter feeds) are filled with race-bashing, gay-bashing, non-Xtian-bashing, and feminist-bashing, not just woman-bashing.

  • Ripley Wolfwood

    If you think it’s “because he disagrees with me” that he’s a troll, you’re too stupid to bother engaging. Also, you don’t even know me and you saying you being passive aggressive by saying you “feel is hould be shot or beat but wouldn’t say it because it’s harsh…” Well you did say it dipshit, and all it proves is you are an unbalanced fucking hypocrite who has no room to judge me for what I say. It also shows you’re just full of class. THIS is the behavior of a troll also. I suspect you have been “friendzoned” quite a bit. Must be your glowing personality and ascerbic wit. But thanks for proving my point. Give your mom a real belated gift this year and walk in some traffic.

  • Ripley Wolfwood

    Sydney, Notice how it came to him attempting to be “insulting” by being dismissive to you as a female by dint of his “not being into you” rather than him having anything intelligent to retort. It’s time to cut these assholes loose. They can stick around this comment section and jerk one another off over their mutual misogyny.

  • Liquid

    You’re not speaking logic you’re just speaking emotional. How about you take my dick out your mouth and just swallow my balls.

  • Liquid

    Hmm… really now. Because it actually says

    “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in”

    That sounds like a very retarded way of saying flat and in the book it talks about how EVERYONE ELSE thought the world was flat. Until God showed a profit it was round.

    So where are you getting your info from? This is before scientist decided the earth was round, and the guy who discovered the earth was round got it from the bible.

    So please get your facts straight before you make up bullshit you don’t know about.

  • Liquid

    You have not spoken logic at. All you’really tryingredients to do is rally up the you go girl phase pretend like you’re speaking for all women. They are going to be dumb enough to believe and then they are going to agree with you because you are the same gender. You have yet to say 1 thing that disproves his logic.. even less to prove your own. You haven’t used any you’really just trying to start social propaganda for it to suit you. Other women should actually look at you as a disgrace.

  • Chris Wright

    I guess so… maybe? People don’t become horrible because of something they read on the internet though, they are already horrible to begin with because of how their parents and peers treated them growing up. So if we want to stamp out of the scourge of violent male narcisssists, we have to understand the pathology and how to treat it, shutting down websites because they are unpalatable just shoves the problem off in a different direction.

  • Well, shutting down his site hadn’t occurred to me. I wouldn’t even know how anyone would go about it. I just read (on other sites) how this author’s Twitter, etc., is filled with various angry -phobias and not-so-veiled incitements to violence.

    Andyes, I know people do not magically become bad from reading terrible
    websites. But many, many susceptible young minds teeter on the brink of
    decent and bad; my mind goes to Dylann Roof. He had a few things going
    for him, he even had Black friends for goodness sake, yet he let himself get indoctrinated by neoNazi sites and then got himself famous for doing something he didn’t have to do.

    Elliot Rodger was heavily into reading various PUA (and anti-PUA)
    sites, both of which really speak despicably of women. Then he got himself famous for [a failed attempt at] hurting women.

    If I were an already damaged man reading a site like this, I would be a hop,
    skip, and a jump away from hating women. I don’t really know how many
    people come here to pathologize and treat the damaged mentalities that
    come here for more fodder.

  • freedom fighter

    hey matt can u give me ur address? u think i can take care of u and run back to russia?) i think i can i think i can))))))))))) see ya fat boy lol

  • freedom fighter (real)

    oooooooooooooooh oooooooooooh my rough and tumble hero russian troll.

  • ‘The Russian Rapist’

    I promised these children and their parents I would see you and child

    molesting President Putin

    brought to justice, you perverse freak of nature.

    You can run but you CAN NOT hide, you goat humpin’ kids

    ruSSian sewer rat

    It wasn’t enough you rape your OWN children…now you PAWN them off for a slice of bread and sip of vodka

    Your day is coming.


    Glory to PUTIN-STAIN ! ! ! !

  • freedom fighter

    was i talking to u trollzik?))

  • Shmalkandik

    Eratosthenes, a friend of Archimedes, had a conjecture that the earth was round;he used this as a basis for estimating the circumference of the Earth. The proof was wanting until much later. By the time of Columbus, it was generally known,

  • Jesus is coming…RUN!!!

    very subtle

  • Amna Khan

    What the fuck did I just read. This is the funniest fanfiction I’ve read to date. You silly men, with your superiority complexes.

  • Amna Khan

    And people wonder why third wave feminism has become a thing. You’re deluded and clinically depressed. Your fanfiction isn’t cute anymore. Go play video-games and jerk off or something. You men are sooo weak ? You can’t SURVIVE without women, without their soft skin and irrestible body. And then acting macho…adorable.

  • pabl roma

    There IS people who think like this. They are called ‘people (mostly women) who read that crap called 50 shades of… etc.’ They are totally fine with being treated like an object, with violence and being in an abusive and manipulative relationship.

  • pabl roma

    It’s just the result taking logically the ideas in that, the worst best-selling piece of crap (sorry, they actually call it a book) ever written, to its extreme. If you like that book you are agreeing with this ideas. So you might want to reconsider some things about your preferences.

  • Much needed reminder: reading works of fiction and living the experiences contained in those works of fiction are two thoroughly different things, perhaps even diametrically opposite.

    I know too many men who enjoy hardcore/extreme action flicks who would ABSOLUTELY NEVER want to live one single minute of that ludicrous, heart-pounding fiction.

    Perhaps you know something that judges and juries should know however? The many husbands who recently have been caught trying to murder and cannibalistically eat their wives, but claimed they didn’t really mean it, that they were just reading cannibal websites with incredibly specific methods to kill, cook, eat, store, and fabricate a believable excuse for their wives’ absences — well, they have been getting acquitted because they convinced juries that YOU are wrong, that SICK FANTASY == real intentions. But if YOU got in there and helped the Prosecution win, using your theory that “reading something equals wanting it to happen”, maybe we’d be able to lock up *even more violent men*.

  • BobTrent

    Unfortunately, “common sense” isn’t (common).
    If you don’t have the woman’s permission, actually, if she doesn’t bring the subject up out of nowhere (her own idea) first, and then ask you to spank her, ya betta not (broach the subject; suggest it).
    If she wants to spank YOU, then maybe, assuming that it turns her on (sexually).
    [The words and phrases in parentheses are to help the dull of comprehension.]
    Personally, I don’t think I could smack my wife even if she begged me. Not likely that I will be confronted with the dilemma.
    Now, she used to hit ME, but it just hurt her hands. And, she said that it didn’t do any good, anyway.

  • BobTrent

    Doesn’t work. For men handguns are more effective.
    I used to know a fellow who got into an argument with his wife. He didn’t grasp that winning an argument with a woman is impossible. She can always scream louder and longer than you can try to reason with her. And, if you actually won an argument with a woman, I venture that dry ice would seem warm by comparison with the atmosphere.
    Anyway, he slapped her. Not hard. Just a symbolic little slap. It shut her up. She stalked out of the room into their bedroom. When she came back, she shot him once in each shoulder. With HIS .32 revolver. Said, “Next time I’ll only need one.”
    Worked. He never slapped her again. Nor argued with her again.
    [For the DOCs: Next time, if there was a next time, the one round would go in the middle. Where his heart was.]

  • BobTrent

    Thanks for the warning. I don’t need it, as I’m married, but thanks anyway.
    I suggest you stay single. Not just unmarried; single.

  • BobTrent

    Good luck.

  • BobTrent

    I was in a number of jails and prisons over the space of a year (political prisoner – yes, there are political prisoners in good ol’ USA). No rapes or attempted rapes that I saw or heard of. Only threatened with murder twice.

  • BobTrent

    Non. Sense.

  • BobTrent

    I know everything there is to know about women: 0. Nothing (not-a-thing). Nada. Zilch.
    I was gestated by a woman, birthed by a woman, mostly raised by a woman, taught by women, grades 1-5, had 4 sisters, been married to a woman for a ¼ century, have 5 daughters.
    Through all that, I have learned that I haven’t learned anything. Except maybe: women can turn love on and off like you switch a light on and off. W/o [without] warning.

  • BobTrent

    And you still won’t know a f**kin thing about them.

  • BobTrent

    She’s started proving her case with the argumentum ad hominem nuclear RPGs out of her mouth. You’re daphetid. Give it up. Go on to the next one.

  • BobTrent

    How many of yours did you abort? Strangely enough, when sex selection abortions are committed, girl fetuses get it much more often.

  • BobTrent

    “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place (tōhû = formless, waste, empty), and hangeth (tālâ = to hang, suspend) the earth upon nothing…” Job 26:7
    I s’poze you could hang a flat circle like a pizza from something, but for the pizza to hang from nothing sure sounds like ye pizza pie is floating in space.
    And under ye pizza is emptiness, as more space.
    To the north, in line with the earth’s rotational axis, you look out of the galaxy into intergalactic space – pretty close to “nothing.” Same out south, though as the earth appears to be closer to the north exit from the galaxy than to the south – the stars are denser in the galaxy to the south.
    Betcha say, “The sun rises and sets.” Very incorrect, as has been known from ancient times.
    Explorers searched for “India” or “Cathay” (China) going west from dimmest antiquity. Not wanting to give for free knowledge that cost them dearly, they made up stories of “here be dragons,” “fall off the edge of the earth,” etc., to frighten others not to go. They were interested in trade, and in keeping where they got their exotic fabrics and articles secret.

  • BobTrent

    Suggest a few new ad hominem remarks to her so she won’t bore you as quickly. Fresh insults are more entertaining.

  • BobTrent

    And remember that treating children with kindness and love reaps better rewards than rough treatment and neglect. Just as it doesn’t always work on all children, it doesn’the always work on all women. If you encounter a woman who sees kindness as a sign of weakness, figure that she has been damaged, such as 2 or 3 rapes by the time she is 18.
    Many of these bitter women have been raped, abandoned, betrayed. With each disappointment they tend to become all the more suspicious of all men.

  • BobTrent

    It helps if you have ESP tuned to female vibes so that you can tell exactly what she wants when she wants and how much.
    Kind of like the robotic rapist in her rape fantasies she masturbates to. “He” does everything the way she wants when she wants without her having to tell him anything.

  • BobTrent

    H’mmm.. Mebbe that’s why a woman, after emptying a 15 shot 9mm into you, can burst into tears and apologize to your twitching carcass. “Eeeeeeee!! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Boo hoo! I’m so sorry!

  • BobTrent

    It’s only 80-85%.

  • BobTrent

    You had to type all that just to get it to ejaculate?

  • BobTrent

    It’s too much self esteem that’s the problem.

  • BobTrent

    The last whipping post for wifebeaters was removed in the 1950s. A few were lynched. Spanking one’s insubordinate wife was accepted and encouraged a century ago but injuring one’s wife risked the post.
    Wifespanking was supported for many centuries – by women – but wealthy socialite women pressured the legislatures to outlaw it along with the stocks and the whipping post.
    If a man could, with the support of the community, spank his wife when she was insubordinate, lazy, gossiping, her rebellious, self-destructive urges would be checked.
    Unfortunately, the rise of Marxism and its bastard child, feminism, which was intended to undermine and to destroy the family, have turned society upside-down.

  • Ripley Wolfwood

    Wow, you really have ZERO class. No wonder you’re so pissed off at women in general. Any woman with self-respect will not waste time with someone like you. I have never had an abortion (not that this is relevant in the least) although I have lost a child. However, none of that has any bearing on you (or any of the other cretins on this page) acting like a piece of shit. I hope YOU have no daughters. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Chris

    This is how I live with my wife, she knows her place and she loves it, the rest of you are week beta males and losers who don’t deserve a real women. As for any woman out there that talk trash about this, you just have not found the right man. When you do you will melt like butter.

  • The Fetus Terminator

    For those of you bashing this article and speculating on its satirical nature, you are in dire need of palm against ass. You wandered to and read this article, by your own free will. Just to point out your hipocrasy, I don’t hear anyone bitching about BDSM and shutting down adult websites. Everyone needs a release, both men and women. Some men vent their frustration by spanking their girlfriends/wives; while, some, lacking the wherewithal to take meaningful action, write nasty comments about this article/author, in an attempt to mask their imasculated shame and maintain an illusion of moral superiority. If you can’t handle reading words on a computer screen without getting offended, these callused hands would drive right through you butt cheeks, straight to the bone. For your sake, I hope you never date a seasoned spanker, like Forney. I’m sure many of you would say, “I would never want to date someone like him.” Well, by the time he you buttocks is red and blistered, it’s too late. Unlike women, men start the relationship on their best behavior. It is only when you are pregnant with our children that we can truly be ourselves; which is the best time for a tummy spanning too–that is, if you want to save $600. I wish all of you a happy spanking!

  • The Fetus Terminator

    For those of you bashing this article and speculating on its satirical nature, you are in dire need of palm against ass. You wandered to and read this article, by your own free will. Everyone needs a release, both men and women. Some men vent their frustration by spanking their girlfriends/wives; while, some, lacking the wherewithal to take meaningful action, write nasty comments about this article/author, in an attempt to mask their imasculated shame and maintain an illusion of moral superiority. If you can’t handle reading words on a computer screen without getting offended, these callused hands would drive right through you butt cheeks, straight to the bone. For your sake, I hope you never date a seasoned spanker, like Forney. I’m sure many of you would say, “I would never want to date someone like him.” Well, by the time he you buttocks is red and blistered, it’s too late.

  • 66pugs99

    The problem for many American and “modern” women is that most people around the world believe and practice what the author says, and their cultures are better off for it. Most Asian and Eastern European cultures believe in physical dominance, as well as many parts of South America and Africa. For those calling this guy a freak, no sorry, Americans are the anomaly and the freaks. Americans have an over 50% divorce rate for a reason, which leads to incredible emotional and mental problems among their children, and this is one of the biggest reason for it.

  • Janine O’Flaherty

    “Hit the wall” is a funny construct that you types came up with… My taste in men is ten times more selective now, approaching my 33rd birthday, than it was in my early 20s; I have no feeling of a ticking biological clock and can’t stand the idea of obligation to a screaming brat for 18 years; I’ve recently dated men who ranged in age from 22 to 43; my last three boyfriends proposed marriage to me (not interested, BTW). In my experience I can walk into a bar or library or whatever, pick out the most desirable male there, and a week later I have a relationship. I really don’t see any evidence in my own life of this “wall” you types speak of.

    THE WALL IS A MYTH that these self-proclaimed “red pill men” try to push on us to cause desperation and create incentive for us to settle for their ugly, fat, intellectually handicapped, emotionally stunted, and socially awkward asses.

  • Paul

    As tiring and narrow minded as people like you with all your -isms and acronyms (LGTBQIhowmanymoreletterscanweadd). Get a life

  • Brad

    “Countless women” don’t so much “run back to” abusers so much as they are threatened, coerced, and ultimately forced to come back to abusers. The main difference between women who want out of abusive relationships and those who want out of nonabusive/irreconcilable differences relationships is that the men in the latter relationships do not terrorize the women into coming back.

    It’s cool and all to promote ignorance by using a pseudonym and macho avatar that can’t be traced back to you, but it’s less cool once you realize that ignorance is just a hop, skip ana jump away from stupid. The sooner you stop repeating the half-truth of women “running back” to their eventual murderers, the sooner you stop looking stupid to those in the world who know better.
    (I realize your reply is more than a year old and you may have actually wised up since then, so I apologize if that’s the case. But if you still think women “run back to” abusive men because they like the abuse, then you’re still a fucking moron who gets my pity and not my apologies.)

  • Brad

    The Bible notably states with great certainty that the earth was flat. Even your quote did nothing to support your attempt at sounding correct. “a very retarded way of saying the earth is flat”? Ya, the whole Bible was a very retarded book. Get with the program.

    Scientists have displaced all the phony knowledge we were polluted with from the Bible long ago. So lets stop acting like what a phony God did or didnt say has anything to do with it.

  • Brad

    Nothing strange about that. Female fetuses would only grow into female children and female adults, both are big, big financial drains in countries where sex selective abortions are big.

    Ask yourself if you lived in poverty, and your country and your culture made sure you would remain in poverty, and you learned that your pregnancy was going to be a financial BURDEN, or your pregnancy was going to be a financial BOON, which would YOU abort and which would YOU keep?
    Hardly a difficult question.

  • Brad

    90% of divorces are brought by the women? Funny, I always heard it was eleventy million percent of divorces were filed by the woman.

    Of course divorce attorneys place it far lower number than 90 or eleventy million, but why let facts get in the way of your fun delusions.

  • Brad

    I hate to set you loose on fags, but I hope you’re a fag. bc anyone who thinks incorrectly that women have childlike brains better fucking not be straight, trying to put his dick into humans who he believes have childlike brains. People who put their dicks into people he believes have childlike ANYTHING are revolting child molesters.

    So lets all hope you like men, whom we can presume you believe al have adultlike brains.

  • Brad

    That still beats what guys do: they drive the dismembered body a few hundred miles away and burn the remains. Or so says law enforcement.

  • Brad

    I wish I could vote up on that one a few hundred times!

  • codemonkey

    Well, thats the difference between you and me. You live in the world of “hope”, hysterical overreaction, and make believe. Whereas I use mind.

  • codemonkey

    Who cares what you “heard”? Who cares what you think? You are a hysterical idiot attempting to regain emotional control over “badfacts” by throwing a tantrum. Look at your stupid avatar, even the pic you chose to represent your ideas is that of a moron.

  • Lau Crypto

    what is wrong with discipline?

  • Lau Crypto


  • DNA(splicer)

    Calm down, men have been allowed to discipline their wives/girlfriends since the beggining of time. Now that men cant the world is falling apart, hmmm i wonder why.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Smartest comment on here.

    I had a girl tell me she was afraid of me.

    I never hiy her yelled or showed any violence around her.

    However her boyfriend who broke a door and would yell and punch the walls was the man she weny back with and wasnt afraid of him.

    Fummy shit, thats why i dont listen to women as well.

    Women are all perpetual 5 year old little girls who need a stong man to hold their hands ALL the time and a man who will yell them NO and disciplin(no face hitting just firm hard spanking, leave no marks and actually hurts like hell if you put some elbow grease into ur swing)her when she misbehaves.

    They know they crave it and need it but their narcassistic side wont let them admit it even if caught red handed.

  • Mary Jane

    I didn’t know I couldn’t do that!

  • Lilli Levi

    is have to imagine that just because it’s not aired on the show, doesnt mean it’s not happening… also, I doubt the “actors” are made aware of every incident during filming so it’s more likely they just didn’t witness it (and it would be terrible PR, as the prison would be so heavily scrutenized for “allowing” it)- plus I’m sure security is heavily ramped up during the time they were filming, or the prison could have transferred inmates who were considered a higher threat, or they could have just sent them to the shu, as well.
    Besides that, jail/prison food is disgusting and if it happened to not be as bad as expected, I’m sure that guests being there to film probably had something to do with that as well.

  • Lots of fights occurred, just not nearly as many as I’d always been led to (lied to) believe. And guards are nowhere to be found. Guards only step in if someone “snitches” by pressing an emergency button.

    There were honest-to-goodness murderers and violent people housed right along with dumbassed bench warrant arrestees and the participants whom you quite mistakenly refer to as “actors”.

    In fact, you kind of erase any intended value to your entire post with your “plead” words, such as “I doubt” and “I’m sure”, “it’s more likely”, etc. For all of your attempts to sound clued-in about something, you did totally erase all hopes of that ;) Many inmates (NOT “prisoners”, as this was JAIL, not prison) are former military. Something about the military mentality is incredibly similar to a criminal mentality… Anyway, the MANY former military inmates all acted overjoyed at how much better jail food always is than military food, not just the undercover participant.

    As for your “sureness” about scrutiny and terrible PR, yeah, jails give zero fucks about scrutiny/PR and in fact are happy to tell potential future criminals “if you don’t like jail life, don’t commit crimes, because we don’t cater to weak little sybarites”.

    Season 2 is in full swing and there are so very many unpleasantries that are coming out about jails, but again, none of the ones I’d always heard from other never-jailed people my whole life.

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  • Eliana Cobain

    Matt Forney is professing to know how every female child was brought up and related to their father. Some didn’t have fathers. But that never occurred to Forney who has the inability apply common sense. How can he then possibly know, he can’t as no one can.

    Matt Forney ignores logic and claims to know what woman want from a man. Funny really, he might as well have got a gun and shot himself in the foot. That’s how pathetic his reason is.

    Some people who say what others want often psychologically project onto others their underlying fantasies. For instance, guy who wants anal sex but his girlfriend doesn’t. So, like a child who can’t respect personal individual wants, tries to push boundaries telling his girlfriend she wants it. Yet it is he who wants it.

    Accordingly, Matt Forney can only know his personal wants. I conclude Forney wants to be spanked and dominated by a father figure.

  • Eliana Cobain

    How does he know what all women want?

    This is what he wants subconsciously. He’s projecting his inner desires onto all women. He wants to be disciplined by a man. doesn’t, he professors to know something she cannot possibly know; knowing the impossible. No human has that ability. Full of fluffy.

  • Eliana Cobain

    Matt Forney is professing to know how every female child was brought up and related to their father. Some didn’t have fathers. But that never occurred to Forney who has the inability apply common sense. How can he then possibly know, he can’t as no one can.

    Matt Forney ignores logic and claims to know what woman want from a man. Funny really, he might as well have got a gun and shot himself in the foot. That’s how pathetic his reason is.

    Some people who say what others want often psychologically project onto others their underlying fantasies. For instance, guy who wants anal sex but his girlfriend doesn’t. So, like a child who can’t respect personal individual wants, tries to push boundaries telling his girlfriend she wants it. Yet it is he who wants it.

    Accordingly, Matt Forney can only know his personal wants. I conclude Forney wants to be spanked and dominated by a father figure.

  • Drew Hirano

    This made me glad Im gay and dont have to deal with psychopathic manchildren like this

  • Drew Hirano

    This made me glad im a lesbian

  • BobTrent

    The most common cause of death in young women is automobile crashes.
    Traveling on roads is far more dangerous than abusive men.
    Spanking requires cooperation by the woman. Unless a woman is attempting to mutilate or murder a man, there is no excuse for a man using injurious force on a woman.
    If she won’t accept spanking (including mild paddling and caning) when she has been unruly, either accept your subordinate role, effemeni, or dump her.

  • BobTrent

    Corrections staff has to allow some fighting for inmates to vent their hostilities. They will step in if it looks like one inmate is trying to kill another.
    No jail staff wants to have to deal with the aftermath of a homicide in their facility.

  • BobTrent

    Corrections staff has to allow some fighting for inmates to vent their hostilities. They will step in if it looks like one inmate is trying to kill another.
    No jail administrator wants to have to deal with the aftermath of a homicide in their facility.

  • BobTrent

    Of course the human race, which includes males most of the time, can’t survive without women. Individual men can live out their lives without women, but most don’t want to.

  • BobTrent

    Of course the human race, which includes males most of the time, can’t survive without women. Individual men can live out their lives without women, but most don’t want to..

  • “The most common cause of death in young women is automobile crashes.”

    Nope. Not according to ANY source. Not the CDC, not the DoJ, not the BJS.

    Also, you’re arguing a strawman of your own making, as I stated the fact of leaving one’s domestic abuser is the number one cause of homicide in females, which actually is not a synonym for death. I’d take the time to explain why they mean different things, but you’re nowhere near important enough.

    “If she won’t accept spanking (including mild paddling and caning) when she has been unruly, either accept your subordinate role, effemeni, or dump her.”

    lol, oh, jeeeeezussss. Anyone who thinks in terms of “subordinating or being subordinated” can not be permitted to enter relationships unless those relationships charge by the half hour. If some barely-human scum were to lay an unfriendly hand — or even suggest laying an unfriendly hand – upon a partner, then he is the one getting dumped.

    Damn, the ilk of “men” who frequent this particular website are of a lower caliber than the Kolibri Car Pistol. Probably hung like it too.

  • Matt

    Stupidest shit ive ever read…

  • Matt

    Im gonna give you a simple fact here, I doubt it will reach you, but 99% of what you see on television is absolute horseshit. If what you know about the world came from the television, than you will also be 99% horseshit when you speak.

  • Matt

    I have known many ex-cons who I have worked with and unless they were all complete liars (which I doubt) there is rape, coerced rape, and other in prison. Is it what it is made out to be on TV? Well of course not, nothing is. But a couple of these guys saw people being gutted alive from bad deals. Pulling a mans intestines out. This was from a guy that pulled a 5 year hitch on a conspiracy charge (no physical evidence) for speed distribution. I won’t go into the few rape stories. It is likely you were in a better prison. However, rape does happen in Jail too.

  • Matt

    Justice is literally violence on behalf of the law, one could argue that Justice is closely tied to Discipline as well. There is NO way to enforce Justice or Discipline without some type of Violence. For some it is Suffering: (Incarceration) which carries with it a risk of HIV, Rape, Addiction and Recidivism. I personally think direct violence is a much kinder yet more shaming type of Justice. It is Immediate, and has the cause of directly associating the infraction to the pain of discipline. I do not see how Justice or Discipline is served by a tax-payer fueled 10 year prison term of suffering, as it is much more likely to further damage the person being disciplined, institutionalize them, and raise their chances of recidivism by the length of their term. In one case, a person is directly punished for an act, and that punishment is swift and does not linger. In the next case, (imprisonment) we create a prison economy, slavery at tax payers expense, and a system that benefits (the courts) from a continual train of inmates and victims.

    If I were to give you the choice of 20 lashes in town square, or 10 years in prison, which would you choose? Which one do you think would be more likely to curb bad behavior?

  • Matt

    This is definitely true, knew a guy who’s wife would beat his ass if he was ever late from work, he would come in all banged up. We all know what would happen if he stood up to her too, he would be charged, booked, and ruined.

    I would have been charged, booked, and ruined.

  • Matt

    You dont need to spank them, just tickle the living shit out of them. Can you imagine them reporting you for domestic violence? “Officer! You dont understand, he tickled me until I couldn’t BREATH!!! He’s a madman!!”.

  • Matt

    Oh no, not your wrath! Anything but that! You are sounding as bad as whom you beseech.

  • Matt

    Everyone needs discipline. Men are expected to be accountable for their actions, women are not. The law says as much. When there is an imbalance in society, society will find a way to balance things out. History says as much. I blame idiots, especially feminists/communists.

  • Matt

    This x100. Society expects men to account for their households, but expects that we should permit women free reign to poison that household. The court system is raking in the dough while both men and women are being destroyed. We have the Red pill morons on one side, and the feminist morons on the other, both being played by the middle for money. To their credit the Red pill was a reaction to the communist feminist laden family court law.

  • stardarliing

    holy shit you’re disgusting and unattractive as fuck

  • xeroxis

    I really don’t see this as a feminist issue. Well, not quite. I think the part that feminists and humanists object to is the advocating of non-consensual hitting: the aspect of overpowering the woman and inflicting physical pain against her will. This has been outlawed (as far as I know) in the U.S. as part of a humanist agenda that evolved over centuries.

    But the part of this particular issue and discussion that complicates things is that it involves intimate relations between two people. Even many mainstream feminists have found a way to accept/live with the inequalities that biology creates and they gladly carry children for nine months and suffer the pain of childbirth, etc. (to name just one biological inequality).

    So the thing about this article is that it speaks to one of those biological inequalities: that in general, the male is physically stronger than the female. And he suggests that the male use his strength against his female mate in the most innocuous of ways: by spanking her. He suggests to do nothing but merely slap the woman (as opposed to truly violent hitting).

    Evidenced by many of the female respondents to this article, I imagine that this might not result in universal success in all relationships. And having never been spanked in my life, I know that if the man I were dating did this to me, I would be furious and horrified. But I would also probably realize that my anger stemmed from the embarrassment and assuming that my partner were no longer angry at me, I would accept his act as one of those biological inequalities that nature gave us and one that I would need to live with because I wanted to live with my partner.

    I don’t like it at all. And I don’t advocate it as a “good thing”. And I sure as hell hope I don’t wind up in love with a man who does this to me. But there are a lot of men who don’t talk about their feelings when they are hurt, angry, frustrated, etc. with their spouse/girlfriend, and some of them wind up taking their feelings out by shouting, breaking things, drunk-driving, and of course abusing their spouse. For me personally, I guess I feel like a spanking would be preferable.

  • xeroxis

    You keep citing 50 Shades. I didn’t read it and have no interest in it, but from what I understand, 50 Shades is erotica involving all sorts of acts, including spanking. The author here is not talking about erotica, but is talking about truly punishing a woman with spanking.
    In my own unpopular opinion, neither of these things are abuse. They are quite different though. And the kind of spanking that the author encourages is considered abuse to many female respondents here probably due to its non-consensual nature.

  • xeroxis

    As I said above: while I find this article/idea to be shocking and horrifying, I have to admit that it makes sense and if I found myself in a relationship with a man who did this, I would accept it. But not for your cynical reason of: “staying on the gravy train”. I don’t need some guy for his money. Yes, it really would be the fact that I didn’t want to lose him that I would most likely accept corporal punishment (as absurd as this sounds to me).

  • xeroxis

    I think that you accurately captured all of the different points of view that are clashing in this discussion :)



  • Alex


    He literarily peaked in high school.

  • Jordan

    fuck off you hoe

  • Liquid

    You obviously just lied. The quote even says “the circle of the earth” typical evolutionist lies.

  • Liquid

    Lol I don’t think she got your sarcasm.

  • 66Scorpio

    Cynicism aside, corporal punishment is a quick and easy way to get past the stupid shit that people do to each other.

  • Kyra McNicol

    Hilarious, well it would be if it weren’t for the knuckle-dragging halfwits taking this trash as gospel. Do you actually pause to think that the slack-jawed mouth-breathers (the ones that can actually read that is) who seek out this detritus might actually attempt this? I’d like to think that rather than being a total dick, you just didn’t think (It’s not a stretch really, people like you having problems with mental capacity and all, rarely think of consequences). At 19 a man I was dating grabbed me by the hair and pushed his fist against my mouth and told me to kiss it. I’m a huuuuge 5’2″ and weigh 105lb but that douchebag crumpled when I knee’d his scrotum back inside his body any yelped like a dog when the landline phone was bounced off of his head a few times. I’d encourage anyone treated this way (male or female) to offload the abuser asap and press charges. To hell with ’embarrassment’ it won’t be you that has to hide your face in public anymore. Perhaps you should find a real woman to educate you on how to treat a partner or a real man to show you how to be one.

  • Brad

    The circle of earth was known as a flat [circular] disk. I’m not the one lying here. You’re being intentionally obtuse.

  • judy garland

    my husband hit me too many times, i walked out with the money and kids. why would a man marry a woman he doesn’t like, you could always get maid and a hooker, you would probably be happier. and you would be helping economy. good luck

  • judy garland

    an eye for an eye

  • Meg Bee

    fuck me harder i love it rough and hard

  • Rebellious

    Omg, exactly how I feel but have never been able to put into words. Thank you, I have to have my fiance read this so I can get what I truly need from him!

  • Lacrimosa

    I wanna be spanked

  • Felipe Vidal Otero

    Hahahaha, you are a prophet man! I’ll spread the word.

    I try to behave a gentleman, but sometimes I just cannot stop thinking on doing some not-serious damage on my girl, specially when she rebels. Furthermore, when she gets used to it, she starts wondering why I stop – when I do.

  • Liquid

    Man you’re speaking alot of truth they can’t handle.

  • Liquid

    Notice how no woman or social justice warrior one up’d This comment.

  • Jesse James

    I read your disqus quotes. Very limited. Is this a bot? Or do you comment very, very little?

  • liv


  • Lau Crypto

    but when is she deserve it? @tommy_yeager:disqus

  • Lau Crypto

    @disqus_ISCcRoZ50d:disqus maybe because woman have to much freedom and are fighting over everything ;) ow and yes im a woman and yes i do agree that a man has the right to discipline his woman (sorry my english isnt really good)

  • Tommy Yeager

    When she attacks you first.

  • Lau Crypto

    okay :)

  • sukkerspinn

    Okay, you have referenced that book in every single comment, PLEASE try another argument.

  • nazra7

    If you have a problem with all your girlfriends/wives being unruly and disrespectful, the problem is you not her. More often than not people think they’re being dissed by another when in fact the other person never meant any disrespect in the first place. Remember that.

  • KnicKnac

    I couldn’t stop laughing. What long forgotten hole did this creep clamber out of? A pathetic caveman, with inadequate brain, and too much testosterone. He doesn’t need help so much as locking up – preferably in a zoo

  • Driver

    I don’t need one…it’s the truth. These are facts…don’t care about your feelings.

  • sukkerspinn

    Where in my comment is there anything about how I feel? I´m just saying you´re useless who can´t do or say anything more clever than “fifty shades of grey” over and over and over again in every comment.