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How I Became the Most Hated Man on the Internet


A few weeks back, I posted an article titled “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem” that made the argument that girls these days are too full of themselves and that combating female self-esteem will help restore balance to the Force. It went viral on Tumblr Tuesday, garnering me 80,000 views in a single day and forcing my webhost to throttle my bandwidth. I had figured that would be the end of it, but Wednesday actually doubled to just under 170,000 views… and it would have been higher had my webhost not killed my site to keep their servers from melting down.


Because I went to Buffalo on Wednesday to see Lee Ranaldo and the Dust, I didn’t have computer access and couldn’t restore the site until yesterday evening. I had a great time, if you were wondering: pounded Rusty Chains all night, finished reading two books, tried Loganberry for the first time (it’s a less disgusting version of Dr. Pepper) and actually met Ranaldo himself.

Meanwhile, impotent feminists were screeching for my murder and mutilation all over these here interwebs.

I came back home to over a hundred Facebook notifications and 50+ unread emails, not to mention countless Tweets from every hypersensitive teenage girl in the universe. Here’s a selection of my favorite responses:


wtf. Please delete this website of yours. It’s making me sick. I am literally drowning in my vomit and you will be accountable to my death. You have no right! I sincerely hope all this attention your getting for being an appalling human being will make something click in your brain and make you realize how WRONG you are.

You are the scum of the earth and I seriously want you to drop dead. How dare you post that article about women and their rightful place. You think we belong in the kitchen? Good luck cooking for yourself when I chop off your fucking hands for being so ignorant. Keep your misogynistic bullshit to yourself. Women don’t live life trying to impress men, so go back to your little man cave and write your shitty fucking books, you asshole.

You do realize that your articles slandering women belong in the Mein Kampf/Westboro ass end of the internet? You are a scary individual and what’s scarier is that people actually agree with you. I’ve been feeling lately that the whole “freedom of speech” thing was a bad addition to the Constitution. At least people wouldn’t have to read your disgusting opinions.

You are a terrible human being; after reading your article The Case Against Female Self-Esteem. My dearest wish is that you choke on your deflated dick after an angry mob of offended women castrate you.

This is basically a message saying that I hope you get the most aggressive form of cancer and die in a puddle of your own body fluids, alone.

Lord knows the world will do better without a bigoted piece of antimatter like yourself.

You need to be shot. Even men I know hate everything you say. You are nothing but a whining, immature waste of human flesh that doesn’t get enough attention so he has a blog disgracing women. Your mother should have used a condom.

The article you wrote on confident women is actually the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read in my life. I’m sorry if you were raped as a child but you and your not-so-well-concealed latent homosexual tendencies have no place on a public forum. Your opinions are misogynistic, wrong, and disgusting. You are a really fucked up individual. Please don’t respond to my email I just wanted you to know that any female who does not have a severe mental disability wouldn’t touch you. Please go reevaluate your life you are quite literally the scum of the Earth.

i sincerely, wholeheartedly hope you get assassinated

It’s interesting how so many feminists are comfortable with publicly posting about how they want one of their adversaries to be maimed and/or killed. If a manospherian wrote about how he wanted Lindy West or whoever to have her tits chopped off and her vagina sewn up, not only would he be reported to every law enforcement agency within a fifty mile radius, he’d be publicly disavowed by other anti-feminists. But when some girl who lives in a MetroWest cul-de-sac calls for me to be assassinated, not only do so-called “good” feminists say nothing, they actually defend them.


Kinda shows you who has the real power in society, eh?

I did get a “sane” (i.e. non-violent) response in the form of a four-part series from elderly transsexual Stephanie Zwan, who finger-fucked every line of my article in typical autistic feminist fashion. Shockingly, Manboob Futrelle was late to the party; I presume he had to up his insulin dose to avoid fainting from my awesomeness. My enemies can’t seem to decide whether I’m a tiny-dicked virgin living in my mom’s basement or an abusive rapist who needs to be arrested ASAP; all they can agree on is that I’m the WORST! PERSON! ALIVE!

And in the process proving me right on everything I wrote about female self-esteem.

Genuinely confident and self-assured people don’t get rattled by blog posts. They aren’t driven to tears, vomit or death threats from something they read. They ignore it and move on. Only those who are psychologically broken would go berserk over an article like that. I’ve written far more objectively offensive things in the past, but this article has gotten more attention than all of them combined. What gives?

The answer is simple: a large number of girls—and nearly all feminists—are clinical narcissists.

People confuse narcissism and egocentrism, when the reality is that they are polar opposites: egocentric people are full of themselves, while narcissists lack a sense of self altogether. Narcissists use the adulation of others as a means of filling the void of their soul—hence the term “narcissistic supply”—and construct an identity that facilitates this. When this reality collapses, they devolve into a storm of anger, aka “narcissistic rage.”

Look at Hugo Schwyzer, narcissist par excellence. Schwyzer constructed an identity for himself as a reformed bad boy, a patriarchal oppressor who had seen the feminist light. He only confessed to the truth after his life had caved in on him, revealing that he had been screwing his twentysomething students long after he had publicly disavowed professor-student relationships. Schwyzer’s descriptions of himself as being “off-brand” and “supposed to be reformed” revealed that he had no sense of self.

Careerist and feminist girls are the exact same way.

The fear in every narcissist’s heart is that they will be discovered, that the artifice they’ve built around themselves will be blasted away. Girls who define themselves by their meaningless careers, useless humanities degrees and their “attitude” do so because they’re afraid of the truth; that men don’t care, that all else being equal, they’ll take the domestic housewife over the ball-crushing corporate executive every time. (Note that I said “men,” not manboobs; male feminists like David Futrelle are psychological codependents who are held in contempt by their female peers.) Despite all the you-go-girl brainwashing of the past thirty years, infinitely more men would prefer to wife up girls like Zooey Deschanel than Miley Cyrus (braces for influx of trolls screaming “BUT ZOOEY DESCHANEL CONSIDERS HERSELF A FEMINIST LOL”, missing the point entirely). Not only that, those submissive housewives are happier and more contented than all the Strong, Independent Women™ in the world.

The only way to keep these demons away is for the feminist to constantly reaffirm her worldview—hence the navel-gazing and masturbatory nature of feminist sites like Jezebel—while gang-swarming anyone who dissents from the herd.

This is why feminists—and leftists by extension—are rabidly intolerant of opposing viewpoints: it’s narcissistic injury writ large. Every traditionalist, masculine talking point reminds the feminist of the fragility of her identity, and when narcissists’ identities are threatened, their default response is to lash out in rage. It’s not enough for the leftist to defeat his enemies: he has to subjugate them, to bring them around to his way of thinking. As Orwell might put it, they want to make their enemies’ brains perfect before they blow them out. Anything to maintain their narcissistic supply.

So long as one person remains who isn’t taken in by their game, the narcissist cannot relax.

Virtually every “identity politics” movement is based on the same principle of feeding its adherents’ narcissism. The agita about Return of Kings’ Fat Shaming Week, for example, is because fat girls have to force men to accept them as being attractive in order to maintain narcissistic supply. Gay marriage is about forcing straight people to idolize the gay lifestyle. Leftists cannot live and let live because the existence of anything outside of their narrow, parochial worldviews puts them at risk for narcissistic injury, and by extension the destruction of their reality.

And the reason why leftists are becoming increasingly desperate and strident is because their time is just about up.

The girls who went rabid at my self-esteem article did so without any consideration as to how deranged they looked. The silent majority—the normal people who don’t feel strongly one way or the other—see this and are pushed slowly towards my side. They may not agree with me, they might even think I’m a prick, but they see girls screaming for my murder and castration or saying that freedom of speech “was a bad addition to the Constitution” based on my article and they think:

“I’m not a fan of Matt Forney, but his opponents are a bunch of fucking psychos.”

Leftists can forestall this by instigating witchhunts to get their opponents fired from their jobs, as the anti-white racists Anil Dash and Nitasha Tiku did to Pax Dickinson. But what happens when they can no longer pull that card? In the case of people like Roosh and myself, all the online crying and death threats not only can’t deprive us of our livelihoods, they make us stronger by giving us attention, sending traffic to our websites and increasing our book sales.

You can only deny reality so long before it hurts you. It’s clear that feminism has only made girls and men more miserable, and no one’s buying that the solution to this is more feminism anymore. The economy is stalled, the Millennials beginning to realize the utter worthlessness of their college degrees. The leftist mainstream media no longer controls American discourse, with more men like myself stepping out of the shadows to speak the truth without fear. The rabbit people are running scared.

“The armies of this age are weak.”

So to all my detractors, I say molon labe. I’m here to stay and there’s nothing you can do to shut me up. You can’t get me fired, you can’t get me arrested, and you can’t “out” me since I already write under my real name. The only thing you can do is try to kill me, and I know for a fact that none of you would even have the balls to insult me to my face, let alone make an attempt on my life. I’m going to keep speaking the truth no matter how loudly you bray and cry.

Come and get me.

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  • Ares Christou

    ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’
    Plus, those comments were hilarious! Keep up the good work!

  • So after all the traffic, did you sell some more books?

    I’ve always found it ironic that when people hate someone with so much gusto and something that person says goes viral, it all goes to benefit that person in the end.

  • Leftists always see their opponents as evil people, because, being narcissists, they can only see people as all-good or all-bad. So, Matt, you are EVUL!!!!!!

  • If only they could bottle that hate, so that I could put it in my morning coffee, I’d buy that from you.

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to ignore women like them to spend time with pleasant 20 year olds who don’t bother getting upset thinking about what they’re doing for feminism and a political agenda that doesn’t care about them, because they’d rather worry about what they’re doing for men in their lives who do care.

  • mothersmurfer

    The rabid rabbits are hilarious. It’s almost scary how unhinged they get when the catch a waft of truth. But, you’re right. They’re all cowards and don’t have the nerve to actually do anything in real life. But, still, keep your powder dry.


  • Good Point

    Genuinely confident and self-assured people don’t get rattled by blog posts. They aren’t driven to tears, vomit or death threats from something they read.

  • mike

    I agree that the feminists are over the top and these haters attacking you are self-righteous and intolerant beyond belief, but could it be your article went too far? The title was intended to get a reaction. The vast majority of women I know aren’t stuck-up and egotistical.

  • You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punch line. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said ‘thank you’ and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to!

    This seems apt.

    Keep talking, Matt.

  • The vomiting’s a giveaway. Normal people don’t get nauseous when they read something they disagree with. Angry, maybe, but they don’t feel physically ill. The vomiting’s a sign of a rabbit person – and the vast majority of them weren’t exaggerating all that much. They did feel physically ill.

  • Katy

    When I first read your article the case against female self esteem I wanted to shove my head through my computer screen because I was so outraged that anyone could be this ridiculously misogynistic. So I did some research, before flying off the handle and posting this article on my twitter with a big #WTF?! Clearly, as one reads this article the information is unfounded and completely pulled out of your ass. You wrote this article as an experiment, to see if it would go viral and sell books. And Congrats! It worked! You have had a huge following since posting this, but I don’t think you really believe any of the smut you wrote. You did it for fame and attention, you’re no better than the guy who claimed to have a stuttering problem that magically went away when he sang country songs on America’s Got Talent last year. Congrats on being a fraud and all the success it’s brought you, you could have picked any group to target but you chose feminists.

    I wonder why not another minority? I’d be curious to see the reaction on social media if you had written an article titled “Why the Jews still deserve to be slaves in Egypt” or some other out dated belief. Perhaps women are more vocal in their out rage than any one race could be, since that covers about half the population.

    Maybe I should try writing an article called “Be a Man and Get Back to Work” where men are depicted as subservient to women since they are the ones forced to work 9-5s while we sit at home all day on Pinterest and catching up on the latest Real House Wives 2-part-reunion special. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll get a bullshit book deal out of it. Rights to the movie, coffee mugs and a huge twitter following too.

  • I’m pretty sure George Bush and Sarah Palin are still more hated than you are.

  • I didn’t think the article was even all that bad in terms of offensiveness. It’s kinda random what goes viral, isn’t it?

  • Good job, Matt. Keep up the hate facts, and we’ll start to see more and more of these delusional shrikes and manginas work themselves into a mass aneurysm. God, those Twitter comments are GOLD.

  • Maria

    I will openly announce myself as a woman on this forum in hopes to elicit a response. We women see vulnerability sexualized every day in our media and our social culture. It has a major influence on how we choose to live our lives. I am wondering how you feel about the empowered woman. The one your a little bit afraid of. In your mind what is her place int he world? Also, what is it that you hope to accomplish in bringing this issue to light? I think perhaps you’ve done us favor, it is easy to be naive woman in this world. We hide very much from our children. Every girl learns the hard way what it means to give herself to a man.

  • Pat

    @14 – I’m not sure these are facts. In fact, nothing he actually says is. It’s his views based on whatever deranged childhood relationship he had with his mom or whatever. Clearly he has an issue with women – and that’s alright, I guess. If he doesn’t like hard-working, self respecting women, with above average intelligence and income, that’s not the kind of woman he’s looking to attract. I mean, really, who wants that? Jeez.

  • Omega Man

    While both articles were somewhat over the top they are largely true.

    The fact that 75% (or more) of divorces are initiated by women shows the truth that your words, especially the line which states that

    “Confident women don’t see men as human beings”.

    Since time immemorial, the majority of men have protected the women. Women were weaker physically and so men did the dangerous jobs so that women wouldn’t have to. Essentially men did not abuse women. PERIOD! We had different roles in life to be sure but abuse was just not in the cards.

    Now that women have the upper hand, the abuse of men has reached epidemic proportions. Cut off a man’s penis? Women laugh about it. Rip a man’s children away from him, why it must be because he’s a dead beat dad. Never mind that he lost his job, but maybe a stint in prison will teach him to pay up.

    So many men have had their lives destroyed and yet women can only think of themselves and call us misogynists.

    Keep the commentary coming

  • JS123

    Agreed Pat, but change “hard-working, self respecting women, with above average intelligence and income” to “ugly women with abrasive unpleasant personalities.” I mean, really, who could want that?

  • From a Real Woman

    People don’t respond angrily or emotionally to things because they’re lacking in self-esteem, it’s because they feel strongly about a cause. Men do the exact same things too, though. Go on almost any YouTube video and a good portion of the hateful comments are from males. Every person feels emotions in response to a strongly written essay or piece of writing, it’s just that yours spoke to half of the population. Also, I have no doubt that you chose the strongest responses and that many were probably rational or just spoke hate and did not include death threats. I do not support many of the responses you have shown, but you can’t hate on half the world’s population based on a small fraction of it.

    Some women may actually feel that strongly because they do not want other women to be influenced by you. If I had a daughter or a young sister, I would want her to be raised to be proud of herself and believe that she is able to accomplish whatever she wants because she is a human being, a mammal that has evolved by reaching out and becoming something greater than what they were.

    You can’t expect half of the world’s population to follow the same set of standards and you can’t hate on half of the world’s population because they believe finding a better life for themselves. Not every man out there can fully support a woman, so woman have to enter the working force and support themselves along with any family they may have. If these women want to enter a more advanced field, that’s their choice.

    But it’s not possible for every man out there to be completely self-sufficient, there’s going to be a blend of people: some who want to be with a significant other, some who need to, and some who don’t want to. They should be free to make this decision based on the type of person there are. The men you are describing are the kinds from thousands of years ago. These men were hunters because men are naturally physically stronger than women, I can’t deny that fact, but it’s not like that today. If it were, all men should be expected to be physically fit, capable of hunting down animals for food and sinning them for a wife to cook. Then, they should go hunt some more buffalo and deer to make clothes for their family and cut down trees to make houses for their families. Now, that doesn’t happen in our society, does it? No, because times have changed and we have adapted along with the changes, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. Burdens are now shared between males and females.

    Now, you bash on the growth of women and, quite honestly, there’s different definitions of feminism so you can’t hate on every single feminist, because they’re not all the same. I believe that feminism is the ability of a female to do and to be whatever she wants, including a dependent housewife or an independent CEO. This means equality for everyone. Not all women who come across as independent and confident are actually hurting on self-esteem. Some may be, of course, but there’s no way you can convince anyone that every male is confident and strong and independent. You call these men “manboobs.” Why? Because they understand that the world is not black and white but a blend of the two? Because not all women are secretly shy and insecure and not all men are self-assured and self-sufficient. I think it’s time for you to reevaluate what the majority of this nation thinks concerning the differences between the sexes and how much power each sex has.

    It’s really easy for you to speak from a soapbox because you’re a white male. Rarely ever in history has a white male felt the oppression of being below another population, whether it be by race or gender. You have developed these ideas from being held too high on the power chain and have succumbed to the old adage of white male power. Times have changed though and it’s time for you to catch up.

    If you believe that women, gays, and minorities in power have screwed up the economy, the majority of people who run the economy and the government are still white males. There’s not that much of a different population to screw things up.

    And your idea on narcissism being so overly present in the female population, I will restate my previous thoughts that not every feminist is the same; you can’t make generalizations towards such a large community based off the few that responded to you or have spoken with you. The amount of women you have come across in your lifetime is nothing compared to the amount that are in this country alone.

    Based on your previous articles, why are confident women incapable of treating men like human beings? In basic human instincts, people gravitate towards confident people and people who respect them. If a women is with a man who respects her, then she will respect him. You said this after you “slut-shamed” women. If a woman is independent, she has no need to follow a man for money. It follows my belief that women, all people actually, should be able to do whatever they please because you are overlooking the fact that the men aren’t hurt when a woman just sleeps with him. They both move on with their own lives after they had sex.

    You are also stating that every confident woman looks down upon the male population. I have not met a well-natured woman, to this date, who has looked down on men just because they have a well-paying job that is better than the man’s. I, myself, would never do such a thing because I know that there are so many possibilities as to why a man is living a certain lifestyle that may be considered “below” mine. I also know that people like to follow their passion and that is respectable to me. I’d rather be with a caring man who is a starving artist than a rich, handsome doctor who is ignorant and vain. I also know that I am not alone when I say this.

    Knowing that I am being stereotyped and generalized against is what makes me reach out and write this long message. The only difference between me and those other women that you quoted in here is that I am able to coherently write my thoughts when I’m angry and that I did not read your main article today so I have had some time to cool down. But, I felt sick when I read that because I felt anger at the way some men treat women’s insecurities. Instead of convincing her that she’s a wonderful person, you and other men use it against her in order to maintain power and control. That’s what sickens me; women are being controlled by men, no, I can only call them boys, that are not confident enough in themselves without a lackey to constantly feed their ego.

    My last point will end with a quote. You pointed out that women are allowed to criticize men without repercussions while men are not allowed to do the same to women. My only though on that, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” That’s by Voltaire. While I don’t fully agree because I am a proponent for equality, realize that that is a symbol for the change in times. Men no longer hold all the cards and women have gained some of that power by speaking up in advocacy for women who felt too oppressed to do so themselves. Many women are insecure, but times are changing rapidly enough that that may soon be false. And if women no longer have to hide insecurities under false bravado, the majority of your argument about the secret need of women to be cradled and nutured by men will be thrown away

  • “Come and get me”


    They won’t, of course, but they might send their beta-boy orbiters to find you. And even that’s highly unlikely, given the cowardice of your standard mangina.

    If only….

  • Ollie

    @Matt: Notice how “Katy” (on October 11, 2013 at 12:23 pm) has rationalized the uncomfortable implications of the possible existence of a man as erudite as yourself in the camp of “the enemy”. She such huge trouble believing that you could possibly be writing from a place of honest opinion that she has convinced herself that your whole operation is nothing more than a cynical publicity stunt. Once again, we have that narcissistic ego defense mechanism you mentioned in effect. The difference this time, however, is that the response is to reframe you out of existence rather than simply lash out.

    The way I see it, this kind of response betrays where the future of the rabbits’ discourse is headed. As they gain further realization that their power to pressure and censure is failing them, they will turn objective failures against hard targets like Roosh and yourself into “victories” by claiming they were never battles in the first place.

    In other words, they are going to try to make the manosphere go away by both dismissing it and ignoring it.

    It’s ironic, really. For all these years, the very idea of “the patriarchy” was so convenient for them precisely because it was never anything more than a nebulous concept – unaware, unorganized, and incapable of defending itself. They could dump an endless reserve of vitriol into this abstraction, this made-up enemy, without any fear of actual reprisal. And dump they did. In the name of eradicating the scourge of patriarchy, they restructured every aspect of society – the schools, churches, justice system, media, and even the military – to fit their imperative. Yet, like a paranoid general firing shells into every peaceful mountain village in hopes of eradicating the “insurgents” haunting only his mind, they managed to create what they fear most. Much in the way that the never ending stream of collateral damage can take a peaceful mountain farmer and turn him into a guerilla, their continued campaign against what was always a formless abstraction – the patriarchy – has created a very real insurgency in the form of the manosphere. Now that their fabled enemy has come to life, they are beginning to desperately pretend it doesn’t exist.

    @Katy: Yes, it is real, and it is growing. Google “Viva la Manosphere”. You can’t stop the sleeping giant from waking up.

  • Omega Man

    @ Real Woman,

    What “white male privilege” would you be referring to? Would it be the coal miners of Appalachia, or how about the steel workers of Pittsburg? Have you compared the death rates of men and women in industrial accidents? How about combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan? While many of the death rates include Blacks and Hispanics, men make up the VAST majority of those deaths.

    Is this the face of the Patriarchy to which you refer?

    Irregardless of your views on the various roles men and women have had throughout the ages, men as the stronger sex have always protected women. Now that women have the strength of the law behind them, they are financially raping and emotionally devastating men. Kick men in the balls, cut off their penises, why it’s nothing but a joke to women.

    Does the suicide rate of men versus women bother you at all? Is that another symbol of the Patriarchy?

    How about the fact that the majority of the homeless are men? I’m sure the ‘down and outers’ feel really privileged.

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  • Gretchen

    I think you’re spot on.

    But, I haven’t gotten your fat girl piece to load yet…

    So, we’ll see how I feel about you then. ;)

  • Mel

    Enjoy the spotlight. In approximately five days, you’ll be a nobody like you were before.

  • I can’t even.

    I don’t understand how you can be so dense.

    If women did as you said, by doing things like ‘staying home, washing the dishes and being complacent,’ do you know where the world would be today? It would be the same as it was a hundred years ago, if not more. Let’s look at some of the things that WOMEN have invented, now, shall we?

    Grace Murray Hopper: The Compiler and COBOL Computer Language

    Stephanie Kwolek: Kevlar

    Mary Walton: Elevated Railway

    Letitia Geer: Medical Syringe

    Ada Lovelace: Look her up. Computer programming

    Hedy Lamarr: Not just an actress. Made a secret communications system in WWII


    Speaking of world wars, what would have happened if women stayed in their homes and did what they were told by men?

    America would have lost the war. There’s no doubt about that.

    And, oh, look. Women didn’t have any problems without having ‘men to protect them.’

    I think they did JUST FINE.

    Women took over all of the ‘difficult, man jobs’ while they were away fighting. They tended to the fields, made ammunition, made ships, airplanes, and more.

    And before you say something like: ‘Well, women didn’t ACTUALLY DO anything in the war.’

    Let me give you a little history lesson, shall I?

    Women were pilots in both World War 1 and 2, because they were smaller, faster, and were able (Contrary to popular belief) to do anything a man could.

    In WW1, Emilienne Moreau fought in the front ranks in a number of actions including the Battle of Loos where she killed two snipers. (And also again in WW2)

    In WW2, Elena Haas fought with the Czech Resistance. In 1944 she led a raid that destroyed a vital and heavily guarded bridge, About 1,000 women aviators were trained as fighter and military transport pilots, 30 of them were awarded the Gold Star of a Hero of the Soviet Union for their heroism in combat. Three aviation regiments, the 586th Women’s Fighter Regiment, the 587th Women’s Bomber Regiment and the 588th Women’s Night Bomber Regiment utilized only women pilots, engineers and mechanics. Major Tamara Aleksandrovna commanded a Russian all-female air-borne regiment on more than 400 sorties and 125 combat engagements. She and the women she commanded shot down thirty-eight enemy aircraft during aerial combat. Polina Gelman was a bomber pilot who flew 18 combat missions and was decorated five times.

    I could list many more things that prove that your logic is insanely flawed, but I know you won’t read this because you’re just a coward hiding behind your computer screen.

    Whilst you berate these women for verbally attacking you online, you are doing the same thing to them. You just don’t realize this.

    I believe in equality, even if people like you don’t.

  • Jeremy

    Enjoy the spotlight. In approximately five days, you’ll be a nobody like you were before.

    Actually, Matt was an anonymous somebody on the internet before he was a named “nobody”, so, which is it?

    It’s funny, I read the original article when Matt posted it, and I thought it was spot on enough that I had absolutely no comment to make, I had nothing to say to it other than to nod. This episode with wadded internet panties had me re-read it, and I actually like the article even more the second time.

    This are the paragraphs that the haters will never read with an open mind, but it is what they should absolutely internalize..

    In order to love someone else, you need to be emotionally vulnerable, more so women than men (as girls are attracted to confident men). You need to be willing to open yourself up, to give yourself over to their judgment, to risk being hurt and rejected. Without this emotional openness, any relationship you have will never go beyond the infatuation stage. But girls today are told to erect gigantic walls around their hearts, cutting them off from an crucial part of their humanity. The emotional dissonance from this feminist social engineering is why antidepressant usage and mental illness are skyrocketing among young women. Ordinarily a depressed or insecure girl would seek solace in the loving embrace of a man, but daily hits from her good friend Saint Xanax short-circuit her feminine instincts.

    In squelching her inborn insecurity with you-go-grrlisms and drugs, the modern woman has become an emotional cripple. Like a fat slob eating Big Macs instead of a juicy steak from the supermarket, she substitutes having a dominant and confident man in her life with lotsa cocka and dating where she considers herself an “equal.” She views men as a life support system for a penis, an accoutrement, no different than her Manolo Blahniks or snazzy new iPhone. When she gets bored of her boy-toy, she tosses him in the trash and moves on to a newer, shinier model, and if she can get cash and prizes for trading in her old clunker, that’s just the icing on the cake.


  • They’re just mad because you’re correct.

  • John

    You are fucking irrelevant low culture trash. Keep virtually touching tips with other pasty basement-dwelling misogynists and pretending like your message resonates with anyone outside of that pathetic demographic. We’re moving rapidly toward a society of gender fluidity and female empowerment your nostalgia for full-blown female oppression notwithstanding. You are a fucking joke and blight to our culture and one of these empowered women you so desperately fear will knock your teeth out in due time. Get dead you fucking loser.

  • Jeremy

    And it’s really really funny to me how feminists get their panties in such a poop-stained wad about the notion that they should be submissive to men in a relationship. It’s funny because feminists have no problem whatsoever with homosexual couples where one is dominant and the other the “catcher” or submissive, but if you ever dare to suggest that women be submissive to a man, suddenly the world is ending.

    So which is it, feminists? Is submissiveness and insecurity OK, or is it entirely wrong? If it’s ok for homosexual couples to assume specific roles in their relationship to make the relationship work, why is it so wrong for women to assume a specific role in a relationship? The silence on this is deafening, they will never answer that question, because then they would be daring to suggest that women should indeed assume a submissive nature in the basic family building block, and they cannot stomach that.

  • Though I often read your site, I don’t usually comment here, but I wanted to say that I thought your article on self-esteem was fairly accurate and reasonable.

    I, too, have received my fair share of feminist hatred and been astonished by how violent and emotional they are. I had a woman write that she wanted to come over to my house and hit me in the face with a frying pan and another wrote that she hoped I got raped with a rusty pipe…all because they disagreed with something I wrote. It is astonishing how emotionally labile feminists are.

  • Mel

    Jeremy, if you read the comments, you’ll see that men and women alike have been commenting. And you’re whole homosexual couple analogy shows that you don’t really know any homosexual couples. And I meant “nobody” in the urban dictionary sense of the word as in “ceasing to exist”

  • Mel

    Whoops, I meant “your” not “you’re”. I was distracted by one of the men who works for me.

  • Jeb

    Sniff! Sniff!

    Yup! Just as I thought!

    There’s a full Fembot Bingo card lurking in here somewhere!


  • deriuqer

    I will insult you to your face Mr. Forney. Tell me where to find you and I will. And I will have it all on video so the internet can see how brave and bold you are for having the balls to personally confront a man who would like to personally confront *you*. Even though I am younger and in much better physical shape than you, surely you aren’t threatened or frightened by my insistence to settle your idiocy face-to-face, on camera for the world to see. Let’s do it. Where are you?

  • Jeremy


    Jeremy, if you read the comments, you’ll see that men and women alike have been commenting.

    It’s a good thing you pointed that out, cause I can’t read.

    ..And you’re whole homosexual couple analogy shows that you don’t really know any homosexual couples. And I meant “nobody” in the urban dictionary sense of the word as in “ceasing to exist”

    Oh I don’t? I think you’re just imagining me ignorant to make it easier to ignore my point. But for the sake of argument, lets just suppose you’re correct and that I’m totally off-base w.r.t. homosexual couples.

    Where’s the feminist rage over D/s ? D/s relationships are real, they exist, and the couple has usually an agreed-upon arrangement that both want to play their particular role in the relationship. Both parties in the couple enjoy their respective roles. Where’s the rage? Where’s the “that’s not healthy human living!” studies by the feminist researchers? There aren’t any, so I consider it tacitly endorsed by the feminists.

    But somehow, if your average wife just falls into a naturally submissive role in a marriage, feminists loose their queefs of rage over it.

    It’s hilarious.

  • threeLegDog

    WTF is “gender fluidity”… ?

  • Nox

    Dear Matt Forney.. You are the MAN. You are my fucking hero, before reading this I was starting to think there weren’t any more balls in the manosphere, but you have proved that wrong. Keep up all the good work. All around there are more men like us who are tired of the feminist bullshit and their psycho idiocy.

  • Just your typical American woman

    Yes, some readers flip out when it really isn’t necessary and I can’t speak for them. In my opinion getting angry would be allowing you to win because a ride is clearly what you’re after. I would just like to refute your assertion that seeing others overreact irrationally against your viewpoints would somehow make ‘normal’ people agree with you more. I read your article about women and found it quite offensive. It is in poor taste and full of stereotypes. My opinion won’t be popular here and I’m ok with that. I just wanted to attempt a reality check. Your ideas are not going to catch on. You will continue to be on the extreme fringe and many will find your content hurtful and insulting. I wish you well but I will never be returning here to read more of this ignorant spew

  • plinkya

    I am really sickened and sad for you that you have this viewpoint on women. I don’t know how you came to this idea of how women are “supposed” to act, but I’m sorry that it happened. So first of all, I have to say that some of the facts you stated, both in this article and the previous one, are true. But the conclusions you drew from them? Well, they kinda suck. In the hopes that MAYBE someone will actually be able to consider my ideas rationally and possibly even begin considering the idea that women and men (and everyone in between) deserve respect, I’m going to post a few points.

    The reason that women get SO INCREDIBLY angry about posts such as this is because of this little thing called male privilege. Which you’ll probably say doesn’t exist, because it’s hard to realize what you have until you lose it. Women are told from a very early age that they have to match up to this incredibly long list of attributes to be worthy of love; often these attributes are conflicting. Men don’t have that (as much- I will not say it doesn’t exist at all). So yeah, this has the potential to make women furious, because you are basically saying that EVEN if a women has every single, opposite attribute that they have ever heard they are supposed to have, they are still inferior.

    My main point, though, is that I object to you talking on behalf of all women and all men. Women are individuals, men are individuals, transgendered folks are individuals. Which means we have individual desires. You want to date a woman who is insecure and completely dependent? Good luck, I am sure there are women who will match that. But YOUR desire for that kind of woman does not in any way mean that EVERY woman should be that way, which is what your article seems to imply. If you find a woman who takes a submissive role to you, and both of you are happy and fulfilled by that, AWESOME! Truly, that is a wonderful thing.

    However, I will continue to work two jobs, do an internship, and go to school. I’ll continue being madly in love with my boyfriend, who manages to be nerdy, badass, and sexy as all get-out all at once. I’ll continue planning to join the Peace Corps, and being self-sufficient, and I’ll probably never get married. I’ll continue loving myself, and not being afraid to strut my stuff. All stuff you would consider the characteristics of a “strong” woman. I’ll also sometimes make dinner/ lunch for my boyfriend, do his dishes/ laundry from time to time, and have incredibly kinky sex. I’ll turn to him for reassurance when I’m feeling sad/ down on myself.

    I just hope that you can manage to accept my choice to be who I want to be, even as I accept yours to be who you want to be (although I cannot comprehend wanting to live as you do). If you can’t do that, I’ll hope you’ll at least ponder the idea of, in the future, stating what you want as what you want, rather than what ALL men want. Or assuming that all women want to be what you want.

  • Jenny

    Hi Matt,

    You claim that confident and self assured women do not get worked up or offended by these kinds of posts. However, when you deliberately poke the hornets nest how can you be surprised with those who disagree with you swarm? I think part of the issue isn’t that you are a misogynist, it’s the obviously gleeful and inconsiderate manner in which you convey your ideologies. You are entitled to your opinion – we all are – but it’s your compete disregard for others which I find incredibly rude and unsettling – as are your apparent opinions on rape which you discuss in your original essay. You also seem to fail to realise that there are many men who disagree with you so please don’t hold the believe that this is a ‘you’ against ‘us’ situation because I feel that you are part of the minority.

    Also, in this essay you only include aggressive and blatantly unkind responses that you have received which only goes on to bolster your extremely offensive remarks. I am sure that you have received messages much like this one: calm, considered and with no call for you blood.

    I honestly hope that one day you reconsider your views and end up with a happy, confident woman who can share her life with you rather than give it you. In the interim, I hope that you don’t take advantage of some poor woman with low self esteem who thinks that she can’t do any better than you.

  • Anon

    I’m sorry that you honestly think this is reality, and I’m sorry that you wont listen to a word I say on the grounds that I’m female.
    I’m also Asexual, and feel no attraction to any sex/gender, so I confess myself curious as to how I would fit in this model of yours.

  • Maddox MD

    I’m not particularly self-confident, I’m not timid, I’m not depressed, I haven’t been pushed to be strong by a bad past experience.
    I’m underweight for my height due to a thyroid condition.
    I’m not a naturally submissive person, but I don’t feel the need to dominate either.
    I can’t cook.
    I grew up in a nuclear family; Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, two dogs, two cats and several goldfish. My parents passed away a few years ago, and I am still close with my siblings.
    I’m a doctor, specialising in emergency medicine, and the most highly qualified in my field in my hospital and area.
    I’m female.
    I have been happily married for eight years. I was qualified and working in the local for three years before I met my husband, and we were friends for two years before we started dating.
    I would, given this information, enquire to how your world view makes sense, given I am not an isolated anomalous case.
    Many Thanks,
    Dr Christine Maddox.

  • aceofhurtz


    I posted a video of that speech in a forum flamewar regarding women in the military. (Time to remake A Few Good Men with a woman as the victim of the code red.)

    One of the opponents went on to imply I should be castrated. There should be a version of Godwin’s law for arguing with tumblr SJWs where if they threaten you with physical violence or maiming, they’ve already conceded the point. Lots of internet tough guys in that corner.

    I think they understand their worldview is extraordinarily fragile. This isn’t the behavior of people who know they have a strong position.

  • Modern Drummer

    Plinkya,says that men don’t know how much privilege they have because it is difficult to realize what you have until you lose it.
    This is what I have thought about many women: they have no idea the benefits and privileges they get for being female.

    She then writes about all the attributes they have to live up to and says men don’t have standards or attributes- at least not as many. She is not ‘willing’ to say they don’t exist at all.(her attempt at being perceived as fair and reasonable while not being so) How many days have you lived as a man,faced the pressures and standards men face,been told you are not a ‘real’ man unless you accomplish this or that?Have you been marginalized and stereo-typed as a loser,a deadbeat,creep,a predator, or a disposable object of utility as many men are? If you haven’t don’t tell me or any other man how much or how little pressure we have faced. Suicide is the ultimate feeling of powerlessness,and it is primarily males who are victims.

    I have made something out of my life and improved my physique,education,and finances,none of it was easy. None of it had a thing to do with a little thing called male privilege. It took sacrifice and hard work but did have something to do with the pressure I felt as a man to live up to the ‘success object’ society places upon males if they want to be considered a somebody.

    I don’t like the misogyny among the MRAs and I don’t like the misandry among the feminists. It’s time to end the gender war.

  • Anony Chick

    I recognized that your article was a trolling piece written purely to get a rise out of people, women people to be more precise. Problems with your article? Yep. For starters, just because a woman says she’s confident dun dun DUN, doesn’t mean she is. Next, there ARE plenty of men who want a confident woman. Finally, if you want some quivering bimbo, then by all means, go find one. However, you simply do not have the right to say what other men should want their women or what how others should run their lives. This is not a 1950s world anymore and tough sh*t if you don’t like it.

    Finally, stop calling all women feminists. Frankly, there’s a spectrum of views from the weak minded types you like that love the idea of having someone else take care of them and remaining a child to the stereotypical feminazi. Most women lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Just live your life and stop caring how others choose to live theirs, that’s all.

  • Bravo, Matt.

    If you can cause just ONE feminazi bitch cunt whore slut to have an aneurysm, you’ve done the world a favour, heh heh.

  • Hate is not good for the haters. Too bad most are too stupid to realize that.

  • PUMPsix

    I find it amusing when feminists/leftist state: “Well, I am a (insert random sexual persuasion or identity here)”. As if we give a shit about someone’s abnormal, degenerate sexuality.

  • Sophie

    You’re actually delusional.

    FYI (just considering you seem to have a problem understanding what a narcissist is, I thought I’d better help you through some of your psychiatric terms), a delusion is a fixed, false, firmly held belief out of keeping with someone’s cultural or societal norms.

    No matter how many relevant arguments are presented to you, Matt, your delusion is so fixed that you literally can’t see how wrong you are.

    It’s tragic, really.

    You really should consider getting some psychiatric help. Honestly, if someone came into my emergency department spouting this sort of rubbish I’d be sorely tempted to form them and send them off to the psych ward.

  • I read that article with the assumption that this is all sort of a sarcastic dramatization of views that oppose your own, like what you see on The Onion. I’ve always found while writing that it’s easier to argue someone else’s point, or better yet, a point that you have absolutely no genuine faith in and cannot even take seriously. If you honestly believe that the feminist regime is out to get you because you’re shaking the foundation of their false fronted culture, there’s nothing I can do to dissuade you from that, nor do I have an obligation to. But you can’t honestly believe that all that hate mail came from anything other than a perfect storm of 12-year-olds having computer access, the inherent bandwagon mentality of social networking, and internet anonymity. That being said, I still assume this is some sort of social experiment to see how much of the worst you can bring out of people (on both sides of the issue, consecutively, which is the most impressive part) so to that effect, good article.

  • Höllenhund

    Matt, when you think about these women, never forget the wisdom of the Khmer Rouge: to keep them is no benefit, and to destroy them is no loss.

  • Wow so that is why I was getting too many referal traffic from that post
    -All the hate act as an attractive force to attract more power to matt.
    like in the Secret; that shit makes sense like in this case

  • Troy

    The reason that women get SO INCREDIBLY angry about posts such as this is because of this little thing called male privilege.

    Yeah male privilege like having to sign up for the selective service. Tell you what ladies, when you have to sign up for draft, then you can all the equality you want. Until shut the fuck up and make me a sammich.

  • josh

    Have you thought of doing standup? Just reading these criticisms out loud would be hilarious.

    Stewart Lee could be your mentor:

  • Z.Scott

    I’d just like to genuinely congratulate you in highlighting one of the most prevalent issues in society today and allowing me too have a beautifully truthful insight into that issue. I must admit, I was absolutely furious when I first started reading your article on women’s self-esteem, however as I read on my anger cooled and I’d just really love you to carry a similar amount of objectivity to this message.

    Firstly, I would like to say (with the absolute authority of actually being a woman) insecurity is not the natural state of women. I was a confident baby, I was a confident child and am now a confident young person who knows their strengths and weaknesses and loves them equally. I am not just a vagina and a pair of tits; I am a whole person, spiritually, intellectually and physically, and so was your ‘vulnerable’ girlfriend and so are all other women and men, whether they understand this or not.

    Rape or death do not threaten what is intrinsically me, or what is intrinsically any other woman or man, because we are more than a body; we are people. I recognize this and therefore, men or those more powerful do not intimidate me. Men cannot ever threaten a female person, merely her body, which is always going to die anyway. Strength is finite, sentience is infinite.

    You say the modern woman is an emotional cripple and in some ways you are right. Of course the modern woman is an emotional cripple to a man who cannot see what she really is, and therefore simply defines himself and herself by the limiting social constructs of gender. This isn’t your fault. Men and women, as I will later highlight, are indoctrinated into this world view constantly. The modern woman (deep down) does not ever want to toss anyone “in the trash,” she wants positive, healthy relationships, however is forced to reject men such as yourself because of the incompatibility and incomplete nature of their outlook on society.

    I cannot deny that some women, merely see men as sexual objects, however these women are also blind to the truth. A human-being is so much more than a physical object; as proved by this very insight.

    You say confident women are “incapable of viewing men as human beings,” but surely you must see the hypocrisy of this statement as you stated earlier that: “the girls I’ve loved the most were the ones who were the most insecure,” and go on to mention how one of your ex-girlfriends was “fat” but lost the weight and “still viewed the world through a fat-girl’s eyes.” Can’t you see that you, and your girlfriend were are basing the relationship on simply looks, and not seeing each other as full human beings either? Rather, she stoked your physical prowess as an owner of a penis because she only saw herself as a vagina, and you accepted this because the penis is how you define yourself. You are not just a penis. You are a person, but how can you expect others to see this is you do not see it yourself?

    You add that part of a relationship with women is them needing you, but surely this hints not only at a deficiency within them, but within you too if you, yourself NEED a woman to need you. This deficiency is not a sign of weakness either, as you suggest, but an intrinsic part of being human. We are all social creatures and need connection. Language is the proof of this.

    I agree there are problems with modern feminism because they simply switch misogyny to misandry and that solves nothing, but you must also see that there are the same problems with your kind of sexism too. Men and women are not equal because they are not the same and can never be. They are two different parts of a whole and are not built to compete. The essence of humanity is individuality, but for individuality there needs to be duality. One must strive be an individual and a member of society for happiness to be achieved.

    The over emphasis on sexuality is one of the main problems of the modern era, one which you have insightfully identified.
    Men and women do not need equality, they need the insight to be able to see each other as whole people, and to do this they need to first see themselves as whole people.

  • Jbackle

    I’m a straight man, and I’ve been madly in love with my very confident, very ambitious girlfriend for over a year now. Does my happiness threaten your cause? Or her dreams of feeling that she is worth something?

  • Michal

    When I first read your article I was disgusted. It has been several days now and more then anything I’m just curious if you were to find your perfect women how would you treat her. What would be a good man to fit a women like her. The reason I ask this is because I feel like your asking a lot of a women to throw all what she knows as women’s rights that have progressed so much in the past years away. In order for a women to do this there has to be a good enough reason to do that, what could you offer her to make her happy and feel like she has won something special. I am a women and by no way can I justify giving up my life style for what your article made me feel like I would receive in that kind of relationship. I don’t agree with what you have said but am more curious as to your relationships with people and how you treat them outside of your articles…


    Are you seriously implying that without those specific women, NOBODY else would have invented COBOL, syringes, or WW2-era codes?

    Besides, you forget the following reality: the exception does not invalidate the rule. Sure, women worked in traditionally male jobs to keep the supplies flowing. Wow, that’s great, here’s your medal for doing for a few years, if that, what men have done for thousands of years without any sort of recognition, gratitude, or expectation. How many women stood in line and clamored for the “right” to strap 50 lbs of flammable liquid to their backs, charge up a beach, and spray a torrent of flame into a bunker filled with a dozen men? Hint: it’s the same number of women standing in line and clamoring for greater female representation in coal mining, oil drilling, hog rendering, garbage collection, and other “male-dominated” industries.

    Just like JudgyBitch said, you need men on that wall. The world is a real fuckin’ ugly place without us.

  • Giu

    Again – poorly backed pseudo-science, and rhetoric and behavior that strikes eerily of that horrid, abusive ex we all know too well … is there any reason why people wouldn’t be angry? It’s a shame, though, that most just ended up hurling meaningless ad homs at you. Sinking to one’s level is never a good way to impart a lesson, and this follow-up article’s a pretty telling example of that.

  • Female inventions? The usual very short list given in a comment above. COBOL, kevlar, Hedy Lamarr … We all know them by rote now. COBOL, kevlar, Hedy Lamarr …

    Not impressive.

  • And I will apologise for the behaviour of some men wnen feminists apologise for women killing their unborn children.

  • abby

    “It’s interesting how so many feminists are comfortable with publicly posting about how they want one of their adversaries to be maimed and/or killed. If a manospherian wrote about how he wanted Lindy West or whoever to have her tits chopped off and her vagina sewn up, not only would he be reported to every law enforcement agency within a fifty mile radius, he’d be publicly disavowed by other anti-feminists. But when some girl who lives in a MetroWest cul-de-sac calls for me to be assassinated, not only do so-called “good” feminists say nothing, they actually defend them.”

    You know why men get so much shit for being violent to women and not the other way around right?

    Because MEN have a LONG HISTORY of BEING ABUSIVE AND VIOLENT towards WOMEN. (I had to use capitalizations on those words in the hopes of your sorry ass understanding what the fuck is wrong with your shitty ass weak argument against women being treated as human beings and not birthing machines)

    A woman threatens a man and it’s no big deal? That’s because the patriarchal society men such as you have created has fabricated the idea that women are weak and useless and incapable of doing much else than cleaning.

    So before you go spewing idiotic bullshit out of your mouth why don’t you take a closer look at why this “inequality” you speak of in which men are “oppressed” happens instead of crying about “boo hoo women aren’t getting in trouble for speaking out against real oppression.”

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  • PUMPsix


    Men also have a long history of developing complex civilisations. However fuck all that, men are big meanies.

  • Ares Christou

    @ 25

    Grace Murray Hopper: The Compiler and COBOL Computer Language
    True, but have you ever actually used the programming language itself? It is quite possibly the most, needlessly, convoluted and atrocious programming language ever invented. An entire A4 sheet to define variables and constants in order to use, maybe, half a page of actual code. Actual discussion that happened during my time in college:

    Student: Why is COBOL so annoying?
    Professor: Because it was written by a woman!

    He said it in jest of course, but there are far better programming languages in the world, all written by men, so one obscure programming language like COBOL does not an argument make.

    Stephanie Kwolek: Kevlar
    She discovered it accidentally and was, herself, shocked when she discovered it would not break when nylon would. What she was actually looking into was a fiber to be used in tires. It took her supervisors to understand that her accidental discover was actually the beginning of polymer chemistry and she was also not involved in any actual applications of Kevlar.

    Mary Walton: Elevated Railway
    False! She discovered a way to reduce noise reduction for the elevated railway.

    Letitia Geer: Medical Syringe
    False. Syringes were already in wide use before she was even born. She adapted a syringe with a new pressure handle so the liquids could be injected without the need for an assistant, specifically for rectal injections. This is stated in her own patent US622848 which can be found on google

    Ada Lovelace: Look her up. Computer programming
    The only one on your list I can fully agree with. But how about you also mention that the algorithm provided was for the programmable computer built by Charles Babbage? Or perhaps the fact that her algorithm wasn’t actually ever tested?

    Hedy Lamarr: Not just an actress. Made a secret communications system in WWII
    False! She AND George Antheil discussed and patented a theoretical form of early encrypted wireless frequency to be used in radio controlled torpedoes. The idea required her knowledge of torpedoes, which she learned from her husband, and Antheil’s knowledge of frequencies and sound, since he was a musician. It wasn’t implemented until the ’60s during the Cuban missile crisis.

    All of the above points aren’t meant to negate their contributions, but in most cases they didn’t do it alone! Do your research next time, it took me all of 10 minutes on Google to negate your points, before spouting out random names in your quest for ‘grrll power’.

    Finally, just because there are 5, 10, 20 women in history who have done remarkable things and have earned the respect they deserve, doesn’t mean the other hundreds of millions deserve it also. These women didn’t sit around screaming about blog posts that make them mad or demanding respect and quotas. They didn’t do it because of feminism or women’s suffrage or women’s liberation; they did in spite of it. Not to mention the thousands upon thousands of men who have contributed far more to science than the mere few exceptions you provided.

    “Speaking of world wars, what would have happened if women stayed in their homes and did what they were told by men?”

    You condescending insolent child! Speaking of world wars, where would the women have been if not for the millions upon millions of men who fought and died in two World Wars to protect you?

    “America would have lost the war. There’s no doubt about that.”

    No history class in school? WWII started in 1939 and America didn’t join the war until 1941. Hitler didn’t give a shit about the US. He was after Europe. While the US offered some support to the allies up until 1941, the real cause for them actually joining was the Pearl Harbor attack which was a consequence of the US’s petroleum embargos against Japan.

    The situation wasn’t entirely different for WWI. The US remained neutral for two years and only entered in 1917.

  • Ellie

    Gotta agree, the raging …vagina posse? sure, vagina posse is pretty ridiculous.

    I consider myself a career-driven woman, but I wouldn’t call it the center of my life. I would never call myself a feminist, for fear of being confused for a foaming-at-the-mouth psychopath. People are people and we do different shit and need different shit. That’s just how it is. No two people are equal.

    Chill out ladies. You’re giving the rest of us a bad name.

  • Corin

    I feel so so sorry for you.
    You don’t deserve the threats you’ve been getting, but you do need to recognize how utterly pathetic, ridiculous, ignorant and warped your view of women and what’s attractive is. I particularly love your self-congratulatory assertions that women need you, or men like you. Low self-esteem is literally the only reason a women would ever find herself involved with someone so obviously narcissistic and pathetic.
    Yeah, we live for you to find us attractive, that’s defiantly true. You keep clinging to your utterly laughable view of gender and relationships if it makes you happy, but please don’t think that your cheap and lazy abuse of those who try to achieve equality makes any difference to the world.
    “The most hated man on the internet”? You flatter yourself, you could never be that important.
    Of course, everyone who challenges you is a deluded narcissist aren’t they? Because if they weren’t you might not be one hundred percent right, and I’m guessing your misplaced sense of self-righteousness would never allow that thought to enter your head? Climb down off your lame high horse, grow up, read some books and get over whatever hurt you to the point where you could write such utter rubbish and feel like you were making valid points.
    You don’t make me angry, you’re neither clever nor interesting enough to do that, but I do feel very sorry for you.

  • deconstructed

    By judging by the amount of tweets regarding the controversial blog post, there are some things we can start to hypothesize, other than what has been already mentioned:

    Many of the girls who re-tweeted the post are under the age of 25 and, in a lot of cases, under 21. Those girls have been to school, been told by their teachers how awesome they were and were of course propped up by an army of guidance counselors, who encouraged them as they might to attend post-secondary institutions and get a “career”. They lived in a bubble for that long, until reality hit them broadside; for a lot of them, this is the first time they stumble on someone who shamelessly questions their world view.

    Those who were simply re-tweeting the article for the sake of following the herd may be redeemable (and may amenable to new ideas), whereas the unhinged and those who wanted to maim/kill Matt Forney are a lost cause.

  • Logical

    Getting angry at you for a biased, misogynistic and flat-out rude article on approximately half the human race doesn’t make these women, men, and logical human beings idiots. While I understood parts of where you were coming from in your last article, overall it was mainly just a derogatory piece to women, expressing them all as narcissistic pieces of ass for you to jack off to in your spare time. Women are more than that and it’s not wrong or idiotic or self-centered for them to believe so. So get off your high fucking horse and understand that you wrote a controversial piece (controversial because you discussed women as objects with no inherent value which typically tends to ruffle some feathers), and you need to understand that parts of your argument were wrong or invalid. You may think you’re a genius and god’s fucking gift to the group of young, single men sent to help keep women “in their place,” but really you’re just an idiotic troll behind a keyboard. Congratulations on your 170,000+ views, asshole.

  • Thank you

    Thank you, for reminding me why it’s so much better to be a lesbian.

  • Corin

    Also I’m really not sure many of the people congratulating you on your refuting of the “feminist bullshit” actually have any idea what feminism means or how broad a spectrum of ideas and beliefs it is. it’s not a catch-all for everything you dislike about every woman out there. If you hate all feminists and all feminist ideas then you probably don’t understand any of it.

  • John McNeill

    Keep up the good work, Matt! :)

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  • I’m not genuinely offended by much nowadays, but somehow your articles do the trick. As a dude, I’m sick of being put in the same category as the likes of you.

  • Paul

    Matt, thank you for that essential article!

    @ I can’t even: “If women did as you said, by doing things like ‘staying home, washing the dishes and being complacent,’ do you know where the world would be today? It would be the same as it was a hundred years ago, if not more. Let’s look at some of the things that WOMEN have invented, now, shall we?”

    Female participation in anything significant is always exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness: girlfriends become leaders, lab assistants become scientists, and both are then given credit for the achievements of men. Those of you who fell for that list above need to study historical accounts (not Wikipedia, lol!).

    If women were capable of inventing anything, you would think that all those midwives over the centuries would have come up with the idea of obstetric forceps, but even those had to wait to be invented and refined by men.

    Women can’t even do basic math. A woman can’t be both a full-time mother and a full-time empowered career woman, because 1 divided by 2 is one half, and not one.

    @Corin: “Also I’m really not sure many of the people congratulating you on your refuting of the “feminist bullshit” actually have any idea what feminism means or how broad a spectrum of ideas and beliefs it is. it’s not a catch-all for everything you dislike about every woman out there. If you hate all feminists and all feminist ideas then you probably don’t understand any of it.”

    This “broad spectrum of ideas and beliefs” has been established by its academic and political leaders, for example:

    “Feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse by men.” — Catharine MacKinnon

    “All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” — Catherine MacKinnon

    “Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies.” — Andrea Dworkin

    “Romance is rape embellished with meaningful looks.” Andrea Dworkin in the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 21, 1995..

    “Under patriarchy, no woman is safe to live her life, or to love, or to mother children. Under patriarchy, every woman is a victim, past, present, and future. Under patriarchy, every woman’s daughter is a victim, past, present, and future. Under patriarchy, every woman’s son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman,” Andrea Dworkin, Liberty, p.58..

    “One can know everything and still be unable to accept the fact that sex and murder are fused in the male consciousness, so that the one without the imminent possibly of the other is unthinkable and impossible.” Andrea Dworkin, Letters from a War Zone, p. 21..

    “In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve. Andrea is one of them.” –Gloria Steinem

    “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” Catherine Comins, Vassar College Assistant Dean of Student Life in Time, June 3, 1991, p. 52..

    “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” — Robin Morgan, (editor of MS magazine)

    A young woman at the University of Pennsylvania who wore a short skirt complained of a “mini-rape” because a young man walked past her and said, “Nice legs.” (Camille Paglia and Christine Hoff Sommers, “Has Feminism Gone Too Far?” Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg, Produced by New River Media, Washington, DC, November 4, 1994.)

    “Female heterosexuality is not a biological drive or an individual women’s erotic attraction or attachment to another human animal which happens to be male. Female heterosexuality is a set of social institutions and practices… Those definitions… are about the oppression and exploitation of women [by men].” Marilyn Frye, Willful Virgin: Essays in Feminism, 1976-1992 ( Freedom: Crossing Press,1992) p.132

  • You have my support

    The negativity men have against women is stuck to be just words, or individual actions that are already criminalized.
    the negativity women have against men is legislated and laws are put in place to make the hatred or negativity the norm, in application and attitude.

    Women know this power they have, and in their solipsism they think common men have too.

    Women know they can kick out anybody from the tribe by their words, and they think the common man can too.

    So many otherwise intelligent and empathetic women look at me with empty eyes when I say “No, not every man can get laid as easy as you think. it is only the ones who can’t, and that is a minority. but the rest is invisible to you”

    when a man puts a hate comment out it is in the line of :

    “Fuck this shit. I am done. Do whatever you want. +++swear words”

    When a woman puts a hate comment:

    “you make me puke. Die. somebody kill. Somebody slit throat”

    In another context, that would be racist crime inciting hatred and advocating violence onto a target group.

    And most men cannot do what Matt has done because they are powerless against the system they so oppress by working to the grave, with the threat of being fired ostracized and even jailed for telling a workmate she is cute, or telling a workmate she is being un-cute, or just walking by a workmate without telling her “good morning”.

  • I thought that the infamous Ferd had sprayed the weeds of feminist self esteem with roundup, plowed the dead turf underground, and then nuked it from orbit.

    The idea that self esteem is bad for you is so blatantly obvious to anyone who can read psychology papers already knows that you get the highest measures of self esteem when you interview recidivist prison inmates.

    But you managed to get death threats. And melt twitter, while surviving in the NorthWest of the USA, where the hatred (of any deviation from the progressive narrative) is strong.

    Just send all those lovely hate texts and tweets to the local constabulary: what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • I’ve gone and read the main post and about a third of the comments. On the post, I agree with Julian O’Dea: I will start listening to feminists when they stop slaughtering babies.

    I still don’t understand what these girls are thinking. If a guy posted what they did, the FBI would be calling — even down to the Antipodes (They have been known to lay complaints with the local police and they get really hissy when the local cops generally just warn the person).

    What is probably happening is that the pretty lie of feminism is perishing, and the followers are raging, for their lives have been based on untruth.

  • Retrenched

    Nothing says “strong, empowered and independent” like vomiting whenever you read a blog post that offends you.

  • Sarah

    That has to be the most ignorant – not to mention condescending – piece of tripe I’ve ever read. Feminism is about equality, equal opportunities and respect, earning the same wage as men for the same job and the world’s government’s having more equal gender distribution so that the big decisions (the one’s that effect men and women alike) are not made solely by a room full of men(as is the case is the majority of today’s society).

    It’s not about some self-empowerment nonsense, I don’t know about the entire gender but I know that myself and my peers have never felt that we deserved anything less than any man – we weren’t taught that, it was innate.
    As for the ‘insecure’ girls you love so much, insecurity is not defined by one’s sex? Girl’s are not born insecure and men secure. Plenty of men I know show signs of being far more insecure than I have ever been (and judging from the childish cry for attention the post above seems to be, I can only assume you’re battling with the same insecurities they are). The superior, condescending tone you take with the people who don’t agree with you really says it all.
    “I’m going to keep speaking the truth no matter how loudly you bray and cry.”
    Good to know your opinion is THE truth – and it’s the girls who are narcissistic?

    I might remind you that generations of women before myself have had to fight for our current position in today’s society and we STILL don’t have equal rights to men – the last thing we want is for younger generations to forget this and become stagnant.
    The reason the feminist movement becomes entangled with ideas like ‘self-empowerment’ and ‘promoting self-esteem’ is because we want the young girls of the 21st century to know that they can enter fields like engineering and other sciences(area’s where they wouldn’t have been welcome before) and excel.
    I can only assume that your…well, idiotic statements are the result of your ignorance on the topic. You’ve got my attention sure, congratulations, but you don’t have my respect.

    I hope in the future terms like ‘feminism’ will become null and void, because the world will just be filled(or at least the majority of it) with decent people who don’t think themselves superior to another human being on the basis of race, gender or class.

    But hey, I disagree with you – so I’m probably wrong.

    Sarah Martin, 20, Dublin.

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  • Jeremy

    Yep, you’re wrong Sarah. You’re not wrong because you can’t think straight. You’re wrong because you just listen to what others tell you.

  • Natural Selection

    Its funny when you’re a big, tall, tan, strong, athletic guy, these types of women don’t have shit to say in real life. You can literally piss in their face and they’ll take it and tell you it tastes good. You can do whatever the fuck you want with them in bed, call em names, degrade em, tie em up and lash em with the twat paddle a few times, they don’t give a fuck as long as you’re payin attention to them.

    But you try to take that away, and they fucking lose it. When men call for other men to see women for the true purpose they’re put here for, oh boy does that cram sand up their vaginas something fierce.

    Women ain’t shit. Don’t ever forget it. The ONLY women in the world you owe a god damn thing to is your mother and the mother of your children.

    Putting women up on a pedestal for no good reason has completely destroyed American culture. Its pathetic. As are the people in this country. That’s what happens when you fight nature. Shit gets fucked up. A country full of fat slobs and desperate beta males… way to go feminists! Your endlessly blabbering mouths have contributed so much value to society. What a historical, beneficial movement you’ve all been a part of.

    We need a new movement. A feminist dick sucking movement to give their mouths a job they were actually intended for. Oh you got an opinion sweetheart?? What’s that? I can’t hear you with that big fat cock in your mouth… just keep suckin’, you do your job, maybe we’ll talk about your opinions when I’m done.

  • @ natural selection
    whoa, about time someone called in the big ol Internet tough guy. you’re such a caricature.

  • Emily

    Internet feminists are the worst. Everyday feminists who like to have jobs and personalities but don’t write endless blog rants about subliminal sexism everywhere you look are fine by me. You’re kind of the worst too.

  • Blah blah blah.

    All the bitching amounts to:

    “I don’t like what you said, and I wish you were dead.”

    Why waste words, all you shrieking harpies?


  • Robert in Arabia

    Dear Matt,
    When my brother got his diploma from law school, he marched up to the podium with his left eye bandaged because his wife and mother of his four children had attacked him with a frying pan the night before while he was sleeping. They stayed married for 30 more years and I lost all respect for him. Be careful.

  • Paul


    “It’s not about some self-empowerment nonsense, I don’t know about the entire gender but I know that myself and my peers have never felt that we deserved anything less than any man – we weren’t taught that, it was innate.”

    Neither men nor women “deserve” anything other than the opportunity to exchange value for value.

    If you want a man to take care of you, then you will need to provide what he values. That will necessarily fall on a continuum, but you would do well to plan on devoting yourself completely to him and to your relationship with him.

    Along these lines, Matt has given you the best possible insight as the second section, “Insecurity is integral to femininity”, of the article that got all of your panties in such a bunch. For example:

    “In order to love someone else, you need to be emotionally vulnerable, more so women than men (as girls are attracted to confident men). You need to be willing to open yourself up, to give yourself over to their judgment, to risk being hurt and rejected. Without this emotional openness, any relationship you have will never go beyond the infatuation stage. But girls today are told to erect gigantic walls around their hearts, cutting them off from an crucial part of their humanity.”

    “That female insecurity is a crucial ingredient for unlocking our inner masculine instincts. If a girl needs me, feels that her life would end if she were to lose me, I’m doubly inspired to be there for her, to shield her from the cruelty of the world. Frankly, it’s pretty hot. If she just wants me, could take me or leave me, my gut response is one of apathy. ‘Yeah, whatever babe.’ ”

    When you claim that “generations of women before myself have had to fight for our current position in today’s society and we STILL don’t have equal rights to men … we want the young girls of the 21st century to know that they can enter fields like engineering and other sciences (area’s where they wouldn’t have been welcome before) and excel”, you then need to:

    a) show that, as a general case, within the same historical periods, and within the same socioeconomic strata, women were not treated as well as, or better than, men

    b) give up your now superior rights (which have been catalogued in great detail by most manosphere sites), so that you may then have equal rights, as you claim to desire

    c) explain why girls have not been entering fields “like engineering and other sciences”, when the types of men who inhabit these fields have not only welcomed women, but have pedestalized them as goddesses and done everything possible to keep them from flunking out (and let us not forget that any woman who can count both her fingers and her toes can practically walk into any such degree program, because “more equal gender distribution” is so much more important than anything else, including actual female interest)

    If, on the other hand, instead of being protected, supported and desired, you would rather be “a strong and independent woman”, then I wish you the best, but you should consider both the fact that no one has to “empower” men, and the possibility that women may end up having to be strong without riding on the backs of men, and independent by themselves.

  • Slitheen

    You sir, are an arrogant asshole.
    However, you are also rather good at drawing attention to yourself and I wholeheartedly hope I am the last person to read your ridiculously provocative blog. I am not going to launch into a rant about your blog’s patheticness, hundreds of thousands of angry HUMANS have said it for me. I do find I a bit sad – and I am no exception to this – that so many good people devote energy and hate towards one little stirrer lurking in a dark corner of the internet. Please stop inflicting your opinions on the world; I think we have enough to deal with already. I’m sure you would make many souls happy by placing your computer in the path of a steamroller, and I wish you luck in contributing to the progression of the human race. Tata.

  • @ paul “when the types of men who inhabit these fields have not only welcomed women, but have pedestalized them as goddesses and done everything possible to keep them from flunking out”
    so, uh, this should rly go w/o saying but citation needed

  • Female Commenter

    I don’t give a fuck who you are or where you live. You can count on me to be there to bring your fucking life to a hellish end. I’ll put you in so much fucking pain that it’ll make Jesus being nailed to a cross in the desert look like a fucking back massage on a tropical island.
    I don’t give a fuck how many reps you have or how tough you are IRL, how well you can fight, or how many fucking guns you own to protect yourself. I’ll fucking show up at your house when you aren’t home. I’ll turn all the lights on in your house, leave all the water running, open your fridge door and not close it, and turn your gas stove burners on and let them waste gas. You’re going to start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, and you’ll have a fucking heart attack.
    You’ll go to the hospital for a heart operation, and the last thing you’ll see when you’re being put under in the operating room is me hovering above you, dressed like a doctor. When you wake up after being operated on, wondering what ticking time bomb is in your chest waiting to go off. You’ll recover fully from your heart surgery. And when you walk out the front door of the hospital to go home I’ll run you over with my fucking car out of no where and kill you.
    I just want you to know how easily I could fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I’d rather go to a great fuckng length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing fucking hell. It’s too late to save yourself, but don’t bother committing suicide either… I’ll fucking resuscitate you and kill you again myself you bitch-faced woman hater. Welcome to hell, population: you

  • Hanna

    Have you ever met a woman?

  • E

    This actually makes me laugh so much.
    Not just the sexist nonsense that you’re clogging up the internet with but how people you’ve offended are reacting. I mean who actually thinks that swearing every other word actually makes you sound intelligent? Or gives your argument any validity what so ever? Its simply stupid to think that by getting in such a state and even sending death threats is going to help anyone. It just makes the people who don’t agree with you look like raging psychopaths and those who do, giggle.
    Don’t get me wrong the content you produce doesn’t please me and if anything it makes me feel uncomfortable and saddened that people actually think this way. Obviously you have some serious issues with women, you clearly see them as inferior beings, I have no idea why. Your views of feminism are so warped that you honestly believe that women who are passionate about equality automatically hate anything with a penis. If thats the way you want to see the world its your loss, not mine, and I think it should just be left at that.
    Everyone has a right to their opinion.. wait for it.. even the people you don’t agree with!
    I know I took a while to get to my point but this is basically aimed at the people who are getting so pissed over this one insignificant mans ideas. Don’t bother.
    Why waste energy on someone who has voiced his odd opinion in the world of the internet? I completely understand why you wouldn’t agree with him, I don’t either, but every time you start screaming your hate his “self love erection” gets that little bit harder.
    If you really must tell him how wrong you think he is try and do it in an educated manner, or as nicely as you can manage. Seriously, by acting so immaturely you are simply stooping to his level and making all women with opinions look like raging idiot while you’re at it.
    Hopefully someone will read this and decide not to make a fool of themselves and the rest of us educated women.

  • @Female commentator: there are cops on the internet, and at least if you live where I live (NZ) you would be done like dinner for your comment to viz:

    Threatening, conspiring, and attempting to commit offences
    306 Threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm

    (1) Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who—

    (a) threatens to kill or do grievous bodily harm to any person; or

    (b) sends or causes to be received, knowing the contents thereof, any letter or writing containing any threat to kill or do grievous bodily harm to any person.

    (2) [Repealed]

    Compare: 1908 No 32 s 342; 1941 No 10 Schedule

    Section 306(2): repealed, on 30 June 2002, by section 164(b) of the Sentencing Act 2002 (2002 No 9).

    The best argument against Matt’s thesis is by Judgy Bitch. I suggest that those women who have their knickers on too tight go read it.

    @Mostofyou. (including JB, if she’s here)
    Self esteem is a false measure and it is now worshipped as an idol. A better measure is what you have acheived and who you have influenced for good, regardless of how you feel about it right now. The most severely personality disordered and psychopathic have very high self esteem — because they will not let any body challenge them. (As a citation, can I suggest the current resident of the White House throwing tantrums through the shutdown?)

  • Paul

    “@ paul ‘ when the types of men who inhabit these fields have not only welcomed women, but have pedestalized them as goddesses and done everything possible to keep them from flunking out’ ; so, uh, this should rly go w/o saying but citation needed”

    Hawt Paul, En’Gorged Labia, et clit., “Longitudinal study of in-group creation by non-athletic science students and human females who do not treat them like shit: an analysis of motivations and behaviors”, Vulva Journal of Torsional Elasticity and Vibrational Dynamics, 69(3), 794-816, (2009).

  • mmm… y’know… i’ve gotta be straight with you – i didn’t actually read anything after your first two sentences because they weren’t interesting enough to capture my attention… so… maybe i’m just being facetious but i think you’re getting a little wayyyyyy too ahead of yourself with the whole ‘how i became the whole ‘most hated man on the internet’ honorific/claim to fame/brag/whatever you’re on about in your title. maybe you were being sarcastic – i don’t know as i got bored and didn’t read further in, but just in case you are having some lil’ delusions of grandeur (don’t worry about it – everyone goes through it when they loose their baby-step-viral virginity and get all giddy and excited from those first little spurts of public attention) but for real – you’re definitely setting yourself up for disappointment in the long run… i’m just writing this message as a reminder hoping that somehow it might help you avoid the hellish spiral of depressing embarrassment that all too many have fallen into before you. it’s not something to fool around with – you might not realize, but it’s a proven fact that 15 minutes of internet fame has an equivalent value of only 0.0000001 thousandth of a millimeter above a nobody in the real world. be smart, and play it safe – you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.

  • Marcus

    No. Just stop right there. What you’ve written is completely out of order, and frankly makes me want to rip your misogynistic head from your shoulders. Even as a guy, I don’t see a single line that I agree with.
    Confidence in a woman in my opinion is a turn on (I’m not talking sexually here), it is a good thing and should be admired. Your original article, even though it was clearly for publicity, was bullshit. I really hope that you never have a daughter, as you’d obviously be a really shit parent.
    I wish you the best of luck finding a woman that will give two fucks about you, since CLEARLY you think women are nothing more then machines with no feelings or thoughts.
    Oh, and also;
    ‘How I became the most hated man on the internet’. Puh-lease. You’re the one being narcissistic now.

    People like you are the reason I’m embarrassed to be a male.

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  • Paul

    @ Marcus

    “Confidence in a woman in my opinion is a turn on (I’m not talking sexually here) [then what are you talking about?] … People like you are the reason I’m embarrassed to be a male.”

    Perhaps, if you studied the intrinsic differences between men and women, and why confident men are sexually attractive to women, you might eventually progress from being merely male to also being a man.

  • Paul

    @ Marcus

    Think about the significance of the differences between “equivalent and complement” and “equal and competitor”.

  • @Hella. I won’t speak for Matt, but as a guy who pays for his own blog I don’t want 10K hits a day. I want to have a chat about things that bother me, and the lectionary.

    Matt has had to put out a tip jar to pay for the extra traffic. I think would rather be on a shared server: it is a hell of a lot cheaper. My server company will lease a shared spot at around $5:00 a month, but a standalone VPS servier is more like 10 –50 dollars a month, and you have to estimate traffic, because you pay for every byte. This has consequences, and costs — someone has to pay for this combox, or mine, for that matter.

    If you are on someone’s site and commenting then you better respect the rules of the conversation. (Yes Marcus, wanting to rip heads of shoulders ain’t polite on a good day, and threatening to kill on a bad one).

    If you really, truly, awfully do not like this post or his last one or any of his other posts, write one of your own that takes these posts and shreds them. On your own server, using your own time, and your own dime.

    This is not my place, but Marcus and Hellar would be banned (email and IP) if they shat in my combox like this.

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  • Nicole

    Hi Matt,

    So after having the misfortune of reading your first controversial blog post and then this blog post, which you seem to believe is a justification of the former, it seems pretty clear to me that you have a far too strongly misguided sense of self-belief and egoism to actually consider the opinions being offered to you. Those angry responses you posted that you say you so enjoyed weren’t, I hope, the only type of response you received, because whilst I’m sure the contents of your first blog post would have made the overwhelming majority of normal, educated people in the world feel sick with anger, your ego is obviously very efficient at protecting you from these kinds of responses.

    I’m a 17 year old, still in high school, and frankly it scares and saddens me to think that there are people like you who will consider it their right to tell me that I don’t deserve to feel self-esteem, confidence and empowerment as I live my life, because it is their opinion that it devalues my sexual attractiveness.
    I don’t expect you to understand or sympathise about how offensive the crude language you used about girls and women was to me, but I will tell you that I pity any female in a relationship with you that you victimise with this kind of attitude.

    I don’t consider myself a feminist. You might, but I am really not at all interested in hearing you label me a single other thing ever again. At the moment I’m just a teenage girl who thinks it’s deeply wrong for anyone to feel this level of generalised superiority over any other group of humans in the world. Who are you to judge me like this?

    You’re wrong. You know nothing about my generation of women, who surely must be the most lacking in confidence and self-belief that has ever existed, thanks to a society which tells us that our appearance alone is an indication of our inherent worth as human beings. I’ve struggled from the pressures of these perceptions as well, of course, but I’m getting better at recognising that these things are in my control. I’m allowed to believe in myself, and I’m definitely capable of empowering myself. You say that this kind of attitude makes “[your] dick deflat[e] like a punctured tire.” I’m glad. I think you should re-consider the premise of that statement, which assumes that there is a single woman alive in this world who would actually feel disappointed that you no longer wanted to have sex with her.
    You flatter yourself when you say you’re the most hated man on the Internet. There are more worthy things to feel hatred for. But I think you’re certainly worthy of my contempt.

    People like you are the reason why I want to grow up and speak out.

    Step into my shoes and read your blog post again as a teenage girl. I challenge you. What do you feel? What do you think?

    How about you write about that.

  • JoeShmo

    Weren’t you kind of looking for a reaction though? It seems like you were trying to provoke all the feminists out there, to get them to go crazy on your site. I think comments saying what a shitty person you are obviously don’t seem to get anyone anywhere, so those are useless. Actual argumentative posts would have been nice to see- except maybe we wouldn’t have seen them with your amusing editing. Or they wouldn’t have had an impact on you anyways. You seem pretty set in your ways. Mostly I don’t get why anyone is surprised with the uproar, seems like any kind of marketing tactic to me.

  • Matthew Radin

    I’ve already made a post to this about what I feel and, if you don’t see it, then there’s not much to it, and although I don’t think so highly of myself to be offended should you not respond, I recommend you go back to your “Case study” post, Ctrl F my name and read if you want a valid rebuttal (granted I was furious when I wrote it so some of it is slurred, the rest is a more scientific reasoning as to why I think you’re wrong).

    I will say, your ideas about women regarding their confidence is alarming but understandable based on the engendered hormonal ego of men. Our hormones dictate that testosterone makes us emotionally withdrawn and when a girl extrovert-ing herself becomes present, we are under-prepared, and feel undercut as a response and so NATURALLY we’re going to look for a girl who won’t kick up a fuss and challenge our masculinity. But the thing about that approach is that it’s not honest. If you’re with someone because you enjoy controlling them, I guarantee, you telling them that’s why you like them will not heed the response you want. You have to like someone for what they can emotionally give you, not their material function as a girlfriend, otherwise, you’re just proving the reason why this girl you apparently loved is now your ex.
    You can’t like someone for things they’re not, like them for what they are. And if you, or they, get burned during that honesty, so be it. It wasn’t meant to be.

  • You have an obvious problem with power balance. Much like other, largely male subgroups such as ones that incite domestic violence and rapists. You feel the need to have control over the woman that you so “love” because your inherently afraid of losing such power. How then can you claim to show “love” if you cannot be vulnerable in front of this person you supposedly care about?

    My mother, at one point in her life, would have dated someone like you. Because you’re witty and straight forward. She would like that. She liked her ex-husband for 5 years who also was a domestic terrorist that emotionally and verbally abused her, running her out the house in fear to a safe house at least two times in their marriage before she realized what a monster he was.

    He was also, probably much like you, under the belief. that women were below them, that you should keep them on a leash, that they should ask you if it’s okay to leave your presence before they go grocery shopping. Tat they should cook for you clean for you, and when you’re out of a job, because you are an asshole (and contrary to your dimwitted self perspective….people in this world generally do not like assholes like you and don’t put up with them long) , that they should get an extra job to support you and still do all the household chores she “deserves” to do as a woman. All while never putting in a word into your sad, senseless ventures because, after all, her worthless Bachelor’s degree in business accounting means nothing, because she is a woman.

    My mom spent 5 years with someone exactly like you. Who had problems far darker than his obvious misogynism, just as you probably do. That’s why your article made me sick. Because I have come into contact with a vermin human being such as yourself and have seen the full effect that your fear to lack control can have on your fellow human beings.

    For a relationship, I suggest you get a self proclaimed slave. That is the only way you will find happiness, because you can “pretend” to have control over this person because it is their fetish and “feel” like you have someone that “loves” you because they will remain inferior to you in every sense of the word.

    For now, stop spewing poison on the internet. You need to review your definitions of vulnerability, feminism, marriage, love, confidence, and self-esteem before you come out with another full-of-bull article that will rattle some brains, not because we’re enraged “bunnies,” but because as human beings, we take the action we can when we are infuriated by something that we believe creates injustice, and you are an injustice to modern women today. Do not think that I wouldn’t slap you or spit on your face if you had said these things in front of me. If I had insulted the core of your being explicitly enough, you would have a reaction as well.

    I find it quite hilarious when we take such shock as the Taliban creates civil wars over taking away women’s rights and shooting a little girl in the head for advocating for girls’ education when right here in the USA we have our own domestic terrorists trying to retract rights, propagate hate, and reverse culture’s natural course toward equality. They’re all here, in full names as the author and concurring commentators. I really hope the government creates a subsidized asylum in order to treat whatever mental ailments are inciting your warped perspectives. I’d prefer that, any day, over Obamacare, and as a Democrat, that’s saying something.

  • Ayse

    Honestly, reading your article about Feminism and Female Confidence being wrong, I felt nothing. I am, myself, female. For the moment I am also pacifist, but I think that perhaps only part of your view is wrong to this. Some females feel the need to be independent from men because you don’t know what’s happened in their past or maybe it’s just how they see the world in their own eyes. But not all women are happy to just be docile little fuck toys for guys while making them sandwiches when ordered, some have very different outlooks on life, and this is how the human race has progressed. I don’t agree with all feminists or there or you completely. Some men are attracted to confident women who don’t feel like they belong on a lower level than the man they love. The same with some guys who like girls who try to be completely independent, it’s just their nature. I’m sure that my opinion will be different than most people on this website, because not only am I bisexual but I have a lesbian lover and I feel more in place being less dominant than her. She is also a feminist and says the crap you spew out of your mouth is an insult to all human beings, but your opinion can be said just like anyone else’s. I am only trying to say, some women and men feel like the world should be how it is or it should be opposite of how you feel and women should live out their dreams. I’m not sure how much you make money for your opinion books, and I’m not telling you to stop because hey, it’s your choice. But other people do have opinions that conflict with yours and I just think maybe they should not read your article and you shouldn’t write stuff that is meant to be read by them. My only opinion I feel I can give on this matter is that some women in the world (more than enough to meet your sexual desires) will agree with you, the rest can just live on in their own ways and totally avoid you and find men who have their ideas as well. Why can’t some people just realize this? If they hate you, why bother reading the article or commenting at all? And why should you bother to provoke them when all it does is make them post those stupid comments? On the topic of the girls saying they wished you were assassinated, they shouldn’t be allowed to post that, and it’s actually proper for a guy to say the same things about a girl in the way that he has reasons to back up his opinion just like those girls did. You never have to interact with people if they don’t have your opinion, especially if they have the opposite. So really to anyone who bothers to post bad stuff, why bother? You’re just giving him attention and giving insults that don’t matter to him, his insults shouldn’t matter to you either if you’re telling yourself you’re strong. So just live in your separate worlds.

  • Mad Leftie


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  • E.J.

    Matt, you’re clearly so afraid of change, your poor little jello spine never developed enough to make you a fully-formed, conscious human being. You’re so afraid of change, that according to Darwin’s theory, you’re at the low end of the spectrum of human evolution. So, you and your underdeveloped spine/ prefrontal cortex are just an insignificant waste of space in this universe. You don’t matter, and history will soon forget you. Take your fear of reality, continue on searching for some sort of validation on the internet, and continue on with your useless, inconsequential, pathetic little life.

  • L.B

    Dear Matt,

    I will note state my gender as it is irrelevant; I address you as a human being, nothing more.

    Whilst I applaud your courage and am glad of the thought your article has inspired, I implore you to be open-minded in the responses you are receiving. I, like many others, feel the intense desire to converse with you in order to discuss the outdated stereotypes you are employing and the negative offence you are causing (I believe not all offence is bad) through insult.

    People are individuals. They are complex and yet fundamentally similar in a way we could never truly understand. Yes, there are physical differences between male and female, but these also lie on a bell curve and there are, therefore, bound to be females who are physically stronger than males, dependent upon genetics and lifestyle. The generalisations you make and attempt to apply to us as readers are enormous and it would serve you well to consider this deeply. Please be aware that everyone has a story and you cannot possibly know how much pain you might cause through a careless derogatory comment in the name of your personal views. Male or female, we are all people seeking love. Who are you to judge someone for not adhering to your subjective standards?

    It is good to think about gender roles as propagated by the media and in our own relationships, but ultimately it is only through empathy and an open dialogue we will achieve anything. Insult and hatred will breed only insult and hatred. You can point and laugh at the extreme responses you’re receiving, but bear in mind people are mirrors and emotion is infectious; if you’re receiving a large amount of hatred perhaps you are in turn being hateful.

    I conclude with my gratitude for all those posting thoughtful and measured responses, and a plea to you, Matt, that you would seek to inspire good in all rather than fuel the fire of hatred in a group.

  • ‘Ladies’, I just want you to know, in all the utmost sincerity:

  • I would be obliged to insult you in your face, then proceed to step on your throat.

  • Trouble with this world

    I feel for you. It makes me genuinely sad that your life and all encounters you have had have led you to this place of hatred, disrespect and ultimate ignorance. From the simple fact that you incorrectly use the word Feminism to the asinine statements that somehow make you feel powerful – someone seriously hurt you along the way no matter the intentions behind the article. I hope one day you understand the true meaning of love.

  • Julia

    “The silent majority—the normal people who don’t feel strongly one way or the other—see this and are pushed slowly towards my side.”

    Um… nope. Not unless you think the majority of human beings are sociopaths.

  • Somebody’s Nobody Wife

    The outrage is easy to understand. The author used “offensive” humor to make a point but failed to spoon feed that point to the reader. The reaction is more a testament to society’s inability to derive the broader point and their “we’re only happy when we’re unhappy” mentality than it is to the author’s vileness.

    Is the original post brilliant? No. Not really. However, there is some wisdom to be taken from it, which would be better received if not worded with the intent to offend but would never have got any attention. Again, this is more society’s problem than the author’s.

    The broader point: women think they’re leading more fulfilling lives by adopting the classic male role. Men are saying, “take it from us: being an man isn’t so great. We work ourselves into an early grave, all for power, money, influence, relevance in society, etc. and it’s all pretty much meaningless. A charade. Theater. The best part of our day is coming home to our lover and best friend, who sees past all the BS, knows our faults, and lovesus anyway. Unlike our bosses, she isn’t giving us grief. Unlike our employees, she doesn’t have a constant and never ending list of demands. Unlike that cesspool of stress our workplace is, she makes our home a sanctuary. So please don’t change. Life would suck without women being women.”

    You’re such a romantic, Matt ;)

  • Tori

    I will admit that when I first read the article, it did bother me. But that was simply my initial reaction to ideas so radically different from my own. Considering they are just words and he is just one individual whom I am likely to never encounter in person nor will actually have an impact on my life beyond how I feel about his attitude towards me as a woman, it’s really not worth making a fuss over. I will still continue to live my life how I wish, as will he. He’s entitled to an opinion, and if I don’t like it, I simply shouldn’t engage with someone like him. I invite other women to give this some thought. Do Matt Forney’s words REALLY matter? No. They only matter because so many people have made noise about it. Had you just ignored him, he wouldn’t even register a blip on the internet.

  • JS123

    If you had just called the piece “The Case for Remaining Emotionally Open” none of this would have happened. Bad choice of words by you. But the Cultural Revolution got forwarded their links with the social expectation to be outraged and like Pavlov’s dogs they salivated right on cue instead of trying to understand what the piece was actually about.

  • Mario

    Matt Forney has made a very good marketing campaign. Cograts on this.

  • Deez

    “Genuinely confident and self-assured people don’t get rattled by blog posts. They aren’t driven to tears, vomit or death threats from something they read. They ignore it and move on. Only those who are psychologically broken would go berserk over an article like that. ” Undeniably true

  • KC

    Whatever. Your goal is to drive up hits on your site so you say a bunch of stupid shit. Big surprise from a guy who wrote a book called trolling for a living. Yawn. The reality is that you would cut off your right nut to fuck a woman like me, although I very much doubt you have the capacity to perform with me or any other woman. For the record– I’m a lawyer, I’ve worked on some of the most high profile cases in my state, I put murderers in jail for a living, I’ve argued before the supreme court of my jurisdiction a dozen times, I was a ballet dancer for over ten years, and I’ve traveled to over 50 countries on my own. Oh yeah, and I have a vagina. And a husband who worships me. And I’m 6 feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes. So I could really give a fuck what a loser like you thinks. I’m pretty sure I’ll just go back to my awesome life after taking two seconds to post this comment.

  • Robert

    Good work…speaking as a male I am glad to see your version of the current societal situation…Well Written.


    “The reality is that you would cut off your right nut to fuck a woman like me, although I very much doubt you have the capacity to perform with me or any other woman.”

    YAWN. Oh hey, it’s the ‘pencil-dicked-virgin-living-in-mom’s-basement’ insult. No man would willingly self-mutilate for the chance to penetrate a shrill, ball-busting careerist like yourself.

    “For the record– I’m a lawyer, I’ve worked on some of the most high profile cases in my state, I put murderers in jail for a living, I’ve argued before the supreme court of my jurisdiction a dozen times, I was a ballet dancer for over ten years, and I’ve traveled to over 50 countries on my own. Oh yeah, and I have a vagina. And a husband who worships me. And I’m 6 feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes.”

    Of course you are, sweetie.

    People of real value don’t have to constantly remind others around them of how special and talented and wonderful they are, so I call bullshit, except maybe for the part about getting all your holes furiously jackhammered by swarthy natives during your 50-country gangbang tour.


    “I find it quite hilarious when we take such shock as the Taliban creates civil wars over taking away women’s rights and shooting a little girl in the head for advocating for girls’ education when right here in the USA we have our own domestic terrorists trying to retract rights, propagate hate, and reverse culture’s natural course toward equality. They’re all here, in full names as the author and concurring commentators. I really hope the government creates a subsidized asylum in order to treat whatever mental ailments are inciting your warped perspectives. I’d prefer that, any day, over Obamacare, and as a Democrat, that’s saying something.”

    Ha ha, forcibly institutionalizing people whose opinions don’t conform to my worldview born of self-delusion and inadequacy is awesome!

  • GK

    Actually, I’m a feminist, and I think you’re right about a lot of things… you just happened to pick the wrong side.

    What if I told you some of us DO want to make a world where “romantic relationships are impossible?”

    You might check out LIES, a journal of materialist feminism. I think you’ll find that many of your opinions are not far off from ours. And happily, your views reinforce suspicions I have about most men and their thoughts… which is why I don’t date them anymore.

    Of course, you’re still a raging douchebag, and I quite agree that something must be done about that. Still, the similarities are quite astounding.

    “All we demand is a pleasant woman who can raise our seed in a pleasant home, but that has been denied us, and we have been left floundering on a confusing search for masculinity in a society that attacks us and makes us feel ashamed for being men.”

    (I always knew men were silently thinking that, always, but could never prove it till now. In a way, I’m thankful you posted this.)

  • just_a_guy

    I get here by tumblr,and all I can say is WTF is wrong with this ….man ?? it’s like what wha wha…. this guy think that girls are not humans?? can someone tell me if he is a troll? so i can go home.

    enjoy you five minutes of internets hate, and your new virginity

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  • Kathy

    Matt Forney: after reading your article, I laughed. I feel so sorry for you. I think that I am not the first woman to relay this information to you, but you, unfortunately, are living in a permanent state of darkness comprising your own ignorance. I also laughed because I am thoroughly surprised that no one has disposed of you yet. Yes, we are entitled to free speech, but your speech was not free. The very meaning of the word freedom was savagely butchered in your speech. You obviously think that women are not equal to men. I equate freedom with equality. Therefore, you should silence yourself. I understand that a confident woman who is sure of herself may make it hard for you to get it up, but why blame that on the confident women? She has enough on her plate making a higher pay grade than you and she shouldn’t be held accountable for your erectile dysfunction. I, like yourself, am not fully ignorant to lack of female self-esteem in the world. You talked about a past girlfriend who was attractive to you because you felt that you intimidated her. I, and my fellow ladies, would like to inform you that you are a sadist. You are not physically inflicting pain on her (even though I am sure that you would like to), but you are making her incredibly uncomfortable. I know that you consider yourself against women’s liberation, but I wasn’t sure if you considered yourself a persecutor! Yes, a persecutor. A thing usually looked down upon in the history of the world. You are a Hitler. You are one of the men who has thrown women’s self-esteem into concentration camps made up of kitchens and domestic housework. You are a slave owner, enslaving women’s self-esteem. Congratulations are in order! You have achieved holding us back from reaching equality with you. You not only prevent us from advancing ourselves, but actually take away our confidence! I must ask you why. We can probably date this hate towards women to your abhorrence to your own mother as a child. Did your mother beat you? Was she a drunk or a drug addict? Did she cheat on your father, and did he end up taking his own life, leaving you with her? I am not usually one to assume so drastically, but your current mental state (which consists of your own insecurities) is so deep into the depths of depravity that I have been compelled to do so. This is certainly a “cry for help”. I know that after your tear-wrenching childhood, all you want is negative attention. Now we must address feminism! I must be allowed this privilege to do so after you have had your turn in your article. Feminism is simply the search for equality. You have sullied the word and have made it much more complicated than is actually is. You and other like-minded men have turned it into a word with a negative connotation where all feminists hate men. You have done this, and you ask why we hate you? We don’t want to be disappointed in you. We want to be equal to you and make the same amount of money as you if we have the same job. Why would this be so unendurable for you? Are you so proud and politically incorrect to admit that a woman does not deserve to make the same amount of money as you? Unfortunately, you are. I am also confused about how you make money by spreading misogyny. Check your facts before writing women have flimsy jobs. Some make it to the top. Does this not point to equal brainpower? Your thoughts on rape are a disgust. They justify rape. I would like to question the legality of your claims. Maybe when you are behind bars, someone can rape you, and you can make a few edits to your article. You have blown me away (which I hope will not continue to happen to you after the women who date you knock some sense into themselves). You have the power to move people to trembling anger. Trust me Matt Forney, you don’t want us against you. We have a reputation for playing dirty (another stereotype employed by your kinsmen), and we are out for blood. Your ignorance is a shame to yourself and to the country. I have to admit that I admire you for your optimism: you believe men to be the superior race. I am extremely gratified to an inconceivable amount to inform you that the Y chromosome is disintegrating and your hate birthing descendants will cease to walk the earth within a few thousand years. By that time, I can only hope that you and your ideas are not resting in peace!

  • Concerned

    I sincerely pray that you and any like minded people will see the error in your ways and have a change of heart. Because your article is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.

  • God damn Matt. Your haters make mine seem weak. Keep up the good work bro. Fuck them.

  • TT

    Darn, I was kind of hoping that pedantic prattling was a social media experiment and not this guy’s honest views. Well, TIL sad, strange little men like this exist…

  • Moose

    Well as a female I can say I honestly didn’t mind your piece. However I also hate feminists and am a submissive. So that’s probably why. I Don’t portray myself as the girliest girl, only my Boyfriend knows that side of me, this is mostly because I feel very vulnerable in the real world ( when he isn’t around to protect me), i could be taken advantage of too easily.

    I found your blog when someone posted that article on facebook acting all disgusted about it, I like your stuff.. I think you might have a new semi-permanent reader.

  • A Confident and Capable Female

    What can I say? Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy being a hateful and overall awful human being :)

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  • Mina

    I have spent the past two days “debating” feminists (if you can call it that) and reading comments here and at ROK. It can’t be news that these girls write like angry 2nd graders. All of them. I am starting to believe they may actually be one girl with 1,000s of aliases.

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  • Brittany


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  • ho

    “Maybe I should try writing an article called “Be a Man and Get Back to Work” where men are depicted as subservient to women since they are the ones forced to work 9-5s while we sit at home all day on Pinterest and catching up on the latest Real House Wives 2-part-reunion special.”

    I like how she pretends that this isn’t reality.

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  • annomo

    You one of my greatest hero’s matt forney only one I say better is hue heffenfer because he’s fucken awesome and bottom of the list rob ford.

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  • rog

    @Real Woman:
    “My last point will end with a quote. You pointed out that women are allowed to criticize men without repercussions while men are not allowed to do the same to women. My only though on that, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” That’s by Voltaire. While I don’t fully agree because I am a proponent for equality…” fully is the keyword here, which shows that you’re no equalist, plus, everybody who writes and reads things like this article knows the quoted phrase and understarstands that women these days control all the political discourse. This is nothing new and your obvious attempt at intimidation doesn’t really do much.
    To the other commenter who whines: “oh but menz did these things to wimminz for so long so menz don’t get to complain when wimminz do this now” I’ll continue to complain all I want, all the while tuning up mine and other mens’ backbone and bonds so the next feminist blitzkrieg bounces off like against a reinforced rubber wall.

  • rog

    To the self proclaimed 17yo girl: Some female official connected to education said lately that boys are overconfident in their studying capabilities and should be brought down to earth, so while she didn’t talk in a rude manner like Matt, her position in comparison to just some guy on the internet makes up for that and makes her statement just as offensive.

  • Haylee

    I sincerely hope this article was meant to be some kind of perverted, Kafkaesque satire because it’s hard to believe that people are actually this ignorant. Either way, it was in very poor taste. Your sexist, manipulative, churlish mindset leaves me astounded. I would be more deeply offended, but I can’t take your article seriously enough to do so. It is people like you, Matt, who grow up to become the world’s genocidal tyrants; I can’t help but draw similarities between your writing and Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf.’ I could rip your article to shreds paragraph by filthy paragraph, but frankly you don’t deserve that much of my time. That being said, I’ll leave you with this (written in your own chauvinistic, boorish manner since apparently that’s the only way you can communicate):

    You, Mr. Forney, give my middle finger an erection.

  • Matt, you have offended people who richly need to be offended.

    Good work.

    And may I just add that some of the loonies who went to your blog found their way to mine.

    So, thanks for that too.

  • K

    Please make love to me.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

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  • Background character #2

    I hate to break it to you but none of the people who are actively sending you death threats are feminists. I remember when I was all up for feminism– when it was totally needed.
    Feminism has been around for a few centuries to get women with the same rights as men like voting and being able to show their legs, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Feminism just became more widespread– the whole motion lost sight of what they were fighting for…
    Feminism originally, from what I understand, is the equal rights between man and woman. I whole-heartedly blame Tumblr for dirtying the word and continuing to soil it by making men seem like the bad guy all the time. I find it appalling that in a situation where a man is being beat by a woman, no one does anything and with an opposite case, everyone does something.

    ( I don’t mind if I’m flamed or whatever for help to see a different point of view, by the way. Please do. )

    One thing I don’t like about these types of articles or, arguments, rather, is that things are always generalized. “Every confident woman” or “every feminist” or whatever.
    It’s weird to be the minority in the general population, I suppose.

    I’m just rambling now, but I just wish people could do what they want without being jerks or expecting too much, you know what I mean? I saw a comment down there about marriage between a man and a woman compared to two homosexuals.
    I mean why does this ever need to be argued
    A man is dominant in whatever areas and a woman is in whatever areas too. I just– I just don’t understand what the big deal is. I already see both genders as equals.

    Big woop for whoever else after me. :/

  • Background character #2

    ( Also, I didn’t read the whole article. I think I stopped reading somewhere after the mentioning of narcissism because every article flaming Tumblr “feminists” seem to go down the same path and I assumed that would be the time.
    I’ll save this article for a read later. )

  • Driver

    Good read and you are right.

    So many (women, white knights) are lashing out because there is so much truth behind it (and it hurts). The double standard, today, is that women (especially white women in the U.S.) can say whatever they want to say about anything (because they’ve been “oppressed” for so long). But, if a man has an opinion (on anything) then it’s wrong and he needs to be taken out behind the shed for a “put down”. The more we shed light on this double standard the better off we will be as a society.

    All adults need to responsible and held accountable for their actions. That includes all of these special snowflakes (women).

  • Driver

    Spot on…especially that last paragraph. I know someone like this (a woman) at our work who is constantly grandstanding and reminding everyone of her credentials (a former lawyer as well).

    Ladies…..we (men) don’t give a fuck. If you are that valuable, then it just shows (no reminders needed).

  • Driver

    Agree. The narrative that feminists and the MSM love to push “women can have it all” is a sham. No one can have it all (yes, even men can’t have it all). You have to make choices in life (and be held accountable for them). The new “nonsense” that’s being pushed by feminists – freedom to do anything and everything (with no accountability). If you hold them accountable, then you’re stepping on their “freedom”.

    My parents taught me (both mom and dad) – you make choices in life. You’re held accountable for those decisions both good and bad.

  • Driver

    You never see this group (of women) marching on Washington to change the Selective Service law or to change the laws in the courtrooms (i.e. divorce, child support, etc….). Women are happy with these laws (they are just fine) because they benefit from these laws.

    So where is this “equality” that we all keep hearing about, huh? It’s a joke.

  • Driver

    There is too much logic involved…that’s why they are lost.

  • Driver

    Good points. It’s just another example of how women will chime in only at certain times when we talk about true “equality”.

    Women aren’t going to speak up when it’s something they’ll “lose”. I hear, constantly, how chivalry is dead. Well, women came along and killed it (no more ladies are left) so it is dead.

    Open your own door since we’re all equal, right?

  • Driver

    Good points. Most women will talk in circles because when you try to point out the logic and truth behind it – they are lost. Women are “strong and independent” to a point. They’ll never concede this point…they’ll only get a man when they can’t fix something, lift something, etc….(the list goes on).

    I watch this act, daily, at work. A couple of very “educated” women sitting high on their thrones of knowledge (they are strong and independent)…until they get stuck. Then, they come over to the group (not to a man, mind you, because it’s beneath them) to ask for help. Usually, though, a guy helps them out.

    Women have helped me out before when it was need..and I’ll admit it. It’s time for women to stop with this stupid shit “you don’t need a man” and just start stating “yes, sometimes I do need a man”.

  • MorningGlorious

    Matt, you’re a terrific writer. I disagree with 90% of what you write, but I’m secure enough in my existence not to be personally offended, and have enough of an appreciation for the art of writing to give credit to your talent.

    But I do want to know why. Why do you feel this way? Why is it so important for you to police the way women act and feel, women you don’t even know and will never know? You can have your own preferences in your personal life and relationships, just like any other person, and perhaps even believe women are somehow inferior to, or dependent upon men. That doesn’t mean you need to treat them like that, or try to convince everyone else to do so. You keep talking about how girls love confident men, and the irony in your posts is that you exude the absolute antithesis of confidence. Arrogance, yes. Delusions of grandeur, most definitely. According to you, you’re the most hated man on the Internet, and you really seem to get off on that.


    I’m not trolling or being rhetorical. I genuinely want to know what you think the benefit is in writing and disseminating these warped, unfounded opinions of yours. You aren’t raising awareness about anything important. You aren’t repairing broken relationships or giving other people some profound secret to maintaining them. Nothing you write has any basis in science, or even pseudoscience. Your personal experience is all the “proof” you need, and I’m positive you’ve also experienced many things in your life that would fly in the face of your claims about female self-esteem and relationships, but you cherry-pick your experiences and choose to acknowledge only the experiences (or your interpretations of experiences) that fit the worldview you have established.

    Upon reading “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem,” I actually found myself wishing it were true. I found myself wishing that the secret to my happiness and fulfillment were as simple as submitting myself to a man in a relationship. Because I could have made that happen years ago. I could hop onto Tindr or OK Cupid and make it happen right now. The male prototype you’ve outlined is extremely common, and it wants to bang me.

    And yet, that’s not what I want. I know because I’ve experienced it–and I wasn’t even having sex with the guy. He was just a friend (and probably gay), but he did every little thing you mentioned; he found ways of tearing me down and making me desperate to please him, and building me up when it was convenient for him. Having sex with him wouldn’t have made it worthwhile…therefore, I know that that’s not the relationship I’d want. I’d want the freedom to be my own person and do my own things, just like you claim to want in your letter to your future spouse.

    I noticed, also, that your writing conveniently forgets to mention lesbians and asexual women. You make so many blanket statements about women and forget about sexual minorities because they don’t serve your arguments.

    So again, I ask…why? Where is all this coming from? If I had to guess it seems like you have had your pride hurt and/or your heart broken in any number of ways, and perhaps it’s none of my business, but I feel like anybody who feels the fervent desire to offend and demean half the population owes them some sort of real explanation.

    I’m a confident feminist, and I’m sorry if that makes your dick deflate, but I hope it doesn’t prevent you from actually trying to communicate rationally with a rational member of the opposing side.

  • nick rafter

    this blog is dumb and you are dumb. probly can’t even get girls, kissless virgin ass

  • Driver

    Typical response: praise, insult, with another side of insult.

    We’ve seen this too many times. Get over it.

  • Rosana May

    I thought I was at a loss for words to describe how pathetic every single self-congratulating sentence you write is, but to borrow your oh-so-eloquent phrasing, I find your articles “navel-gazing and masturbatory”. The filth you write is so below the words of sane and educated people I find it easier to use yours, good luck you sad little man.

  • Jack LaBear

    Unfortunately they can do something to shut you up and are working diligently on it: repealing the Constitution bit by bit. They use incrementalism and it is rolling on more and more.

  • Jack LaBear

    Yet you can’t call yourself a Man.

  • Fabulous_lemonhead

    I support you in every way Matt. Everything you mention and say in this article is sadly true. These harpies, whether they be just feminists or transgender-homo/bisexual-

    cisdevil-feminist, all deserve to be called out for the idiots and narcissists are.

    Thank you for your work! :)


  • Driver

    I guess the truth hurts. No room for debates with these types….just insults.

    Let it go…move on.

  • Dudebro Zero

    You just described how the author’s WIT and need for sexual dominance (both typical masculine qualities) triggered flashbacks to an abusive relationship you once witnessed from the outside. And that was enough to convince you that the author is exactly like that man your mother used to date.

    If you think this train of thought is remotely sane you are mentally unstable. You are proving the author right.

  • Dudebro Zero

    First of all, you ARE being rhetorical. Noone opens a DIALOGUE with a fucking novel like you wrote.

    Secondly, “your writing conveniently forgets to mention lesbians and asexual women”? Why would a MAN care about lesbians and asexuals in the context of sex/dating/marriage? Now you’re just reading off your SJW script. Wat about da minorities?! Irrelevant, that’s what.

  • Anastasia De Fronce

    Mind if i just remind everyone that not ALL women are self-obsessed narcissistic want-it-alls. I have skills, I have talent, a respectable job and consequently respectable earning, a slightly above-average amount of confidence and little tolerance for little girls who jump up the moment someone states the truth. Why do you want respect it you don’t deserve it? As if you go round respecting men just because they did…..nothing.
    Ya’ll about equality, well look at yourselves, kids. You’re treating men in general as shit and expecting them to revere you like a freaking goddess. Talk some sense into your minds please, honey.
    But to all you gents in the comments section, and to the dear Matt Forney, I must remind you that again, ya’ll represent a small portion of society. Some guys love confidence, some guys hate it. Some guys, like my amazing boyfriend, like a mix of both.
    And I mean, it makes sense. Testosterone is released on the basis on male protection. Humankind is physically DESIGNED for men to be the stronger one’s in the relationship. Stop trying to defy nature, girlies.
    So if you are a confident self-obsessed bitch, my advice to you is to let your guard down sometimes and let your man feel like a freaking man now and again, instead of just complaining he isn’t making you feel like a woman.
    L O G I C.
    You have a brain. Use it.
    Much love x

  • Whatever6669

    basically woman will be happier if you rape them into submission. theres a reddit about that. u should look it up.

  • Kaide

    Lol Matt you obviously got bummed big time. Let me guess she was everything you wanted, the girl/or woman of your dreams and she rejected you. Your ego went from hero to zero and now your a shamed narcissistic boy.

  • Fuckin’ A.