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Becoming a Lion Among Sheep by SJ

My friend SJ is at it again with another book, easily his best yet. Becoming a Lion Among Sheep is a comprehensive guide on breaking bad habits and building good ones: no small deal, considering that it’s bad habits that are holding most of us back. Whether its their tendency to eat crappy food, waste time on the Internet or jerk off to porn, most men have built up a suite of bad habits that are sapping their money, health and morale.

If you want to train your brain to jettison these habits, Becoming a Lion Among Sheep is a must buy.

SJ’s advice covers the gamut from improving your health to changing your mindset to that of a winner. The book ranges from general advice on building good habits to specific guides on specific actions you should take, such as incorporating exercise into your daily routines:

Becoming overwhelmed because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? Sounds like it may be time to take a step back and drop some habits for the time being. If you‟re struggling due to the sheer number of habits you’ve picked up, drop a routine or two and focus on wiring the remaining routines into your brain – once these are locked in and you‟re consistently performing these routines with any issues, it will be time to re-introduce the other habits again (slowly).

Becoming a Lion Among Sheep also comes with an audiobook and an Excel-compatible progress tracker to help you along your journey.

Where I would fault the book is the vagueness of some of its advice. While many of the habit-building tips—mainly the ones on diet and exercise—are helpful, a few of them are lacking in specifics. For example, SJ’s advice on eradicating debt has no specific pointers, aside from an admonition on saving money. While I don’t expect each habit to be a mini-book in and of itself, more detailed suggestions would have been nice.

Aside from this, Becoming a Lion Among Sheep is a great buy if you’re looking to improve your physique, fatten your wallet or otherwise kick ass at life.

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