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Who’d Make a Better Housewife: A Feminist or a Misogynist?


This is a guest post by Tim.

I’ve been thinking about my homemaking skills. I can cook competently and I can clean. If I learned how to sew, then I think that I’d have most of the traditional homemaking skills figured out. This would put me ahead of most women—and men—these days. Then I can add other homemaking types skills to those traditional ones; simple home repairs, replacing light fixtures, simple electrical repairs, drywall repairs, dishwasher repairs, lawnmower repairs, checkbook balancing, furniture building, and minor car repairs, like tire changing, oil changes, light replacement, etc. If we look at all of the homemaking type skills, how many girls today could compare to me? What if we just look at the more traditional skills: cooking, cleaning, sewing?

I’m not saying this just to brag. I’ll bet that many of the men reading this are just as good, or better than me at these things. How many readers of Jezebel can say the same?

Perhaps it’s not a fair comparison, but how do you think the writers at sites like NexxtLevelUp would compare to the writers at Jezebel or The Frisky etc. at homemaking skills? Plus the male ‘sphere writers mostly have non-writing jobs. The writers at feminist blogs mostly do not have real productive jobs. Captain Capitalism puts the number at 23%. Even Roosh, who makes his money by writing, has written actual books, which would meet the Captain’s requirement for real work.

I submit to you that the writers of manosphere websites have more real jobs and would make better housewives than feminist website writers.

I propose a series of challenges to see how the two sides compare.


  • Each contestant should cook a steak and potatoes.
  • Each contestant will buy food for a week of healthy, tasty meals with a budget of $5 per person, per meals.
  • Each contestant will cook seven of those healthy, tasty meals.


  • Each contestant will buy a woman’s outfit (top, bottom, shoes) for three different occasions (office work, for a night on the town, and casual daily wear) with a total budget of $300. (I picked a woman’s outfit because we are trying to determine which side would be better at being housewives.)
  • Each contestant will sew on some buttons, hem a skirt, and someone should think of another simple clothing change.
  • Each contestant will design and make a dress.


  • Each contestant will remove stains from several articles of clothing.
  • Each contestant will have their private bathroom photographed to see which is cleanest.
  • Each contestant will clean a dirty kitchen.


  • Each contestant will teach a child to tie their shoes.
  • Each contestant will explain the procedure for curing a cold.

Home Maintenance

  • Each contestant will repair a hole in the drywall.
  • Each contestant will change a light fixture.
  • Each contestant will build a bookshelf.

Car Maintenance

  • Each contestant will change a tire.
  • Each contestant will change a car’s oil.

How many of these challenges do you think that you could do better than the average feminist writer?

I’m not saying that I would be looking for a girl who can do all of those things to be my housewife. I wrote this because I think that I can do nearly all traditional housewife tasks better than an awful lot of modern girls. And I’ll bet that I can do a lot of other non-traditional homemaker tasks better too.

Feminism has meant that women leave their homes and both men and women need to do more work and learn new skills.

Men’s websites write about cooking, and working out, and travel, and clothing. Can feminist websites say the same?

Tim blogs at Spootville.

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  • I can do everything on that list but pick out women’s clothes and design a dress.

  • Rose Blakemore

    As a female sophomore in high school and self-proclaimed feminist, I can do every task listed here except for the car maintenance ones, and perhaps the one about having a clean bathroom. This is mainly because I have not had the opportunity to learn much about auto maintenance; also, as a naturally chaotic and disorganized person, my definition of clean is probably messier than yours. I don’t see these as problems, though, because I can find everything in my bathroom easily and I expect to learn how to change oil and tires soon. Seeing as I only recently got my learner’s permit, I don’t think I can be blamed for not yet having these skills.
    I would suggest darning socks for the third clothing alteration. I’d also like to add that I play the violin, sing, know basic french and and intermediate german, and have taken courses on both C and visual basic.
    Your feminist stereotypes are as sickening as everything else on this site. I can’t help but wonder if Matt has ever regarded girls as human beings capable of the same level of thought as him. The writer of this post, Tim, seems to think that girls these days do not learn tasks that, honestly, could be easily delegated to others. If I wanted to, I could go to a tailor that’s less than ten minutes away from my house. I could hire a professional shopper, invite friends over to help me build a bookshelf, or ask my father how to change a car’s oil.
    I am a “modern girl,” and I think that as a fifteen year old feminist, I have almost all the homemaking skills you do. I daresay I may be better at some things; this summer I taught an autistic kindergartener who got frustrated with open-ended art projects how to draw a five-pointed star. By the end of my week volunteering with the program he was in, he drew a lion all by himself, because he wanted to. I lost the instructions to one of the dresses I made when I was halfway finished with it and figured out how to do the rest with no outside help. The dress I designed and made was an elizabethan gown. I have removed bloodstains from underwear several times.
    There must be a catch, right? There’s no way I’m good at everything. You’re right. The only sports I have done are dance, fencing, and archery. I don’t do anything that involves running or a ball. That’s it. That’s the catch.
    Tim, you cannot claim to be better than people you know so little about. Sit down and shut the fuck up. You can do basic tasks: Congratulations. There are many people who can do the things you list here. You aren’t better than teenage girls because you know how to cook.
    I wish you all the best in learning how to sew. I was once told that you can’t call yourself a seamstress unless you have sewed through your finger on a sewing machine at least once. I can call myself a seamstress. I think you’ll find that pulling a needle with a torn thread through a hole in your finger looks worse than it feels.