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A Better Way to Shave Your Head


Roughly a year ago, I wrote an article for Return of Kings titled “How to Shave Your Head.” While I still stand by most of the info in that post, I’ve discovered a better razor: the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 model.

For years, I used a heavy-duty Wahl professional balding clipper, the kind that actual barbers use and is only sold at beauty supply stores. I liked the Wahl clipper because it made nice, clean cuts, was small enough to take with me on the road, and was possibly one of the most durable pieces of equipment I’d ever owned. In just shy of five years, it had worked perfectly, only requiring the occasional bit of electrical tape wound around a fraying portion of the cord. And then the blade broke.

Four hours before I was due to leave for Vegas.

Desperate to look presentable, I nutted up and shaved my head with a Gillette hand razor, which gave me mostly good results but also led to me scalping a portion of my head. By the time I was done cleaning up, I’d lost so much blood that it looked like I was wearing a red scarf. I’d been getting sick of some of the Wahl clipper’s peccadilloes anyway, such as its reliance on clipping oil and the aforementioned fraying issue, and was planning on buying a new razor anyway.

I found one in the QC5580/40 DIY clipper.

Either razor technology has made quantum leaps in the past half-decade or the Wahl clipper wasn’t as good as I thought it was, but the QC5580/40 clipper beats the pants off my old one in every way possible.

More Convenience, More Clipping

The QC5580/40 clipper is battery-powered, unlike the Wahl clipper, which makes it a lot easier to pick up and use. The clipper’s battery takes less than an hour to charge, which combined with the fact that the razor doesn’t require oiling makes frequent cutting easier. While I only cut my hair with the Wahl clipper once a week, I’ve transitioned to doing it every other day with my Norelco one.

Additionally, the Norelco clipper isn’t specifically a balding razor, as it contains both an adjustable hair razor and a balding razor, making it perfect for multiple types of grooming. Its balding razor cuts deeper than the Wahl clipper, making your skull as smooth and blemish free as a supermodel’s stomach. Finally, the Norelco clipper has a swiveling head, which makes cutting around your ears much easier than before.

The two biggest disadvantages with the QC5580/40 clipper are its cost and construction. The Norelco clipper is considerably more expensive than the Wahl one, costing about $70 compared to the Wahl clipper’s $40. Additionally, the QC5580/40 doesn’t feel nearly as solid as the Wahl clipper. That clipper was thick and heavy enough that you could use it to bash someone’s skull in; the Norelco razor is so light you couldn’t use it to brain a baby. I doubt it would survive a cross-country hitchhiking trip without breaking midway through.

Aside from this, I wholeheartedly recommend the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-it Yourself Hair Clipper Pro for any man looking to shave their head or cut their own hair. I also recommend pairing it with Norelco’s NT9110 Nose and Ear Trimmer, which is great when it comes to trimming your beard and eyebrows.

Click here to buy the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-it Yourself Hair Clipper Pro.

Click here to buy the Philips Norelco NT9110 Nose and Ear Trimmer.

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