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Buy Big Lovin’: The Guide to Picking Up Fat Chicks Today

big-lovin-oldToday marks the release date of my latest book, Big Lovin’. Here’s what you’ll find inside this satirical guide:

  • The two most important physical assets you need in order to be a chubby chaser
  • Where to pick up fat girls
  • A foolproof method that will make most fat girls want to sleep with you
  • How to use your culinary talents to woo fatties
  • How to please fat girls in the bedroom
  • Tips and tricks for dealing with feminists, shy girls and more
  • A tale from my past where I picked up a fattie at the supermarket… with disastrous consequences

Like with Life During Peacetime, there won’t be a paperback edition, due to the fact that the book is too brief to warrant one. However, I will be including it in the next best-of compilation of my work, which will be out sometime next year.

  • Click here to buy Big Lovin’ for Amazon Kindle.

Like with all my other Kindle releases, Amazon Prime subscribers can borrow Big Lovin’ for absolutely free.

If you’re a blogger interested in reviewing Big Lovin’, email me by clicking here and I’ll send you a copy. Use the subject line “Big Lovin’ Review.” When you publish your review, let me know and I’ll post a link to it here.

  • ‘…this satirical guide…’


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  • heywood jablome

    Matt, are you behind Nigel’s Big Game blog as well as Virginia’s secret garden and other trolltastic sites?