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It’s My Birthday, So I’m Giving You a Present…


Today, I’m 25 years old and officially one-third of the way through my life, if U.S. male life expectancy rates are to be believed. And biologically, it’s all downhill from here. Oh sure, lifting and popping fish oil every other hour will extend my health beyond that of the average idiot, but death is a universal. Even the coolest swole bro will eventually hit that wall where his skin starts wrinkling, his muscles start shriveling, and his bones become as brittle as a feminist’s lantern jaw.

But I’m not here to bring you all down, but give you all a little something.

A few weeks ago, when I enrolled my books in KDP Select, I mentioned that Amazon provides a suite of promotional tools in exchange for exclusivity. One of those tools is the ability to make your books free for a limited amount of time… and I’m taking advantage of it for today.

From now until midnight PST/3am EST tonight, you can get the Kindle editions of Confessions of an Online Hustler, The Hitchhiking Crash Course, and Trolling for a Living absolutely free.

There are no conditions and no strings attached. You don’t need to sign up for a bullshit newsletter so I can send you emails that you won’t read. All you need to do is mosey on over to Amazon and click the “Buy” button. That said, if you enjoy any of the books, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could post a review on Amazon and/or your blog so the good word gets spread faster.

I’m doing this for two reasons. One, from a purely selfish perspective, if a whole bunch of you download my books today, you’ll be more likely to buy future books I publish, building up my long-term readership. Additionally, my sales ranking will soar and get me more exposure from Amazon. And two, I’m giving the books away today as a show of appreciation for your continued readership and support.

Unfortunately, I can’t do a similar promotion for the paperback editions, but hey, you’re still getting free stuff! Get your asses over to Amazon and get your free books before POOF! it’s gone.

  • Click here to buy Confessions of an Online Hustler.
  • Click here to buy The Hitchhiking Crash Course.
  • Click here to buy Trolling for a Living.

By the way, if you’re reading this on Google Reader, you’ll need to switch to a new RSS reader because Google is taking it offline on Monday. My personal recommendation is The Old Reader, because it’s basically Google Reader without Google. Feedly is also a worthy choice, though it’s a little sluggish for my liking.

  • Reinhard von Geist

    Stop it. You’re only 25, for fuck’s sake. lol

    It’s not enough to lift weights and take fish oil. Diet, lifestyle, and attitude are enormously important. You need the right amounts of sleep and sun, too. Be positive. Be open to new experiences. Have fun. If you’re into Paleo or Primal, you should know all this.

    Btw, there’s way too much pessimism and loser-mentality in the Manosphere and Alt Right worlds. Is everyone in the Manosphere on some kind of medication?! Must be a generational thing. Enough with the “tired, cynical old man” routine. No, you HAVEN’T see it all, not by a long shot. It’s just getting started.

    For many of us, life only gets better. There’s no reason the physical decline must accelerate beyond normal levels after 25. I know healthy, fit guys in their 40s and 50s who are getting young, hot chicks. Not sure if you’ve heard of him, but here’s Mark Sisson’s website where he talks about these issues:

    Yeah, we all die. Big fucking deal. The realization that your life could end at any second should make you enjoy life more.

    Happy birthday!

  • Congratulations on beginning your downward spiral into the grave!

    Oh and happy birthday as well.

  • Happy 25th!

  • Reg

    Happy Birthday dude.

  • I know it’s late, but happy birthday man.

  • ¡Mas mejor que nada! ¡feliz cumpleaños señor!