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How #BlackLivesMatter and Ted Cruz Cultists Are Trying to Steal the Presidency from Donald Trump

UPDATE: As of Thursday, July 14th, I’ve made my fundraising goal. Thanks to everyone who donated. If you still want to help me out, you’re welcome to do so.

I’m roughly midway through my fundraiser to attend and cover the Republican and Democratic National Conventions next month, and appropriately enough I’m roughly midway to my goal. However, a number of items have come up in the past week showing why everyone who can go to the RNC—not just me—needs to go.

For all his many flaws, Donald Trump represents a genuine threat to the globalist order, and anyone who thought that the powers that be would just roll over and show their bellies after he clinched the GOP nomination is naive. For starters, the shambling corpse of the Cruz Crew is hatching a scheme to steal the Republican nomination from Trump:

Dozens of Republican convention delegates are hatching a new plan to block Donald Trump at this summer’s party meetings, in what has become the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

After this election is over and America disappears into the ash, historians and psychologists will marvel at how well Cruz was able to target the most vulnerable, childlike minds in the conservative movement and turn them into a mindless cult. Beyond the fact that Trump won the nomination despite all the roadblocks the GOP(e) threw in his way, the Cruz Cult doesn’t realize that forcing a brokered convention would enable the establishment to stick Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or another Wall Street muppet in the driver’s seat.

Showing up en masse is the only way to guarantee that the Cruz Cult and the establishment won’t be able to take from us what we rightfully earned. This has historical precedent: in 1964, the GOP establishment wanted to take the presidential nomination away from Barry Goldwater on the basis that he was too “extreme,” despite the fact that he had won the primaries. The only thing that stopped them was angry Goldwater supporters amassing outside the convention in San Francisco.

But a show of force won’t just be necessary to make the geldings inside the convention stop their scheming: it’ll also be necessary to keep radical leftists from turning Cleveland into Ferguson. No, I’m not joking, as leaked private messages from #BlackLivesMatter’s DeRay Mckesson’s Twitter account show:

However, the mainline press made no mention of the real purpose for the hack, which was to obtain secret information about a George Soros and Obama Administration sponsored plot, an elaborate operation dubbed the “Summer of Chaos,” which is aimed at shutting down both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention in order to trigger martial law nationwide, keeping President Barack H. Obama in the White House beyond his allotted two terms under National Security Presidential Directives.

Yeah, it’s tempting to dismiss the claims that Obama will institute martial law, considering that tinfoil hat theorists claimed that both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush would institute martial law at the end of their tenures. Thing is, Clinton, Bush and Obama are all globalists owned by the same group of donors, and Donald Trump is a nationalist who has openly attacked globalism in his speeches.

If any group had the ability and motivation to sow enough anarchy to create a national emergency, it would be #BlackLivesMatter. They and other Soros-funded front groups have led the charge in pushing Marxist policies on local governments via controlled chaos, and they’ve also been at the forefront of increasingly violent riots at Trump rallies from Chicago to Albuquerque to San Jose. Expecting the police to keep them under control is folly: we need to meet them in the streets ourselves, show them that we won’t be pushed around.

Finally, expecting the mainstream media to present this even remotely honestly is a fool’s errand, because Hillary and the DNC have been bribing them to smear Trump and Bernie Sanders. Guccifer’s hack of the DNC’s servers last week shows Hillary’s blow-by-blow plan for marginalizing Sanders, a complete plan of attack on Trump, and evidence of extensive collusion with “impartial” media outlets. You can peruse the entire file here, provided you have a strong stomach.

To put it simply, this year’s Republican and Democratic conventions will be one of the defining moments of our generation. They will determine whether we successfully retake our government and our nation or continue to let both slide into the morass of globalism, multiculturalism and economic ruin. If you’ve been on the fence about attending the RNC, you absolutely must find a way to come, not simply to witness history, but to help change it.

This is why I’m going, and why I’m asking for your help in doing so. For the past six months, I’ve been one of the preeminent journalists in the alt-right covering the presidential election: one Right On reader called me “the Hunter S. Thompson of the alt-right” and joked that I was putting together the alt-right’s version of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72. Because I write for a living and I don’t take orders from an MSM outlet, I have the freedom to report the truth as I see it, without molding it to fit a leftist agenda.

I’ve had generous readers who’ve donated to my political coverage in the past, and I’m asking for your help again so I can document one of the most significant events in this year’s election campaign. If you can, I’d appreciate your support.

I have a few notes on changes to my fundraising campaign.

1. I’ve been forced to increase my fundraising goal.

While I originally stated that my goal for the RNC/DNC was $2,000, I’ve increased this to $2,500. This is in part because of the rising cost of accommodation and other expenses for the convention trip. Additionally, one of my friends and biggest donors has suggested that I attend the Political Leadership School (a class put on by the Foundation for Advanced Conservative Leadership) in Milwaukee on July 9th. The class will give me an insider’s look at politics and I will write up the experience either at Right On or on my blog.

I’m combining the two fundraisers because it would be dumb to have two separate fundraising thermometers. If I can’t raise $250 to attend the Political Leadership School by Saturday, June 25th, I will cancel and either redirect funds towards the convention trip or issue refunds on request.

2. I’ve got an incredible plan for covering the Republican National Convention.

I can’t give away details, but I found an “in” with some folks who are, shall we say, not fans of Trump and want to get my perspective on politics. In other words, I’ll be reporting on the RNC from an angle you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

3. I have another (possible) big project lined up after the conventions.

A major cuckservative organization is holding an event later in the year and I want to attend and crash it. I can’t announce which event for obvious reasons, but if I can work out a plan to attend it, you will be guaranteed many cringe laughs from my coverage.

If you want to see these and other projects come to life, please consider donating. You can contribute in one of the following ways…

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Thanks for your support, and I hope to see you on the road.

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