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How #BlackLivesMatter Tried to Shut Down Black Friday in Chicago


Yesterday morning, as part of my continuing coverage of the left’s temper tantrum over the shooting of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer, Ann Sterzinger and I went downtown to check out #BlackLivesMatter’s Black Friday march. Protesters assembled at the corner of Michigan and Wacker in the Loop, then proceeded to march north into the Magnificent Mile—Chicago’s premier shopping district—and actively block shoppers from entering or exiting the stores.

While we were downtown, Ann and I managed to record much of the protest on our phones, streaming the videos via Periscope and Twitter. I’ve uploaded the videos to YouTube and you can view them below:

After we were done filming the march, Ann and I recorded a wrap-up video in which we gave our thoughts on what we saw:

You can also view all our Black Friday #BlackLivesMatter videos in a playlist here.

For updates on my coverage of #BlackLivesMatter’s Chicago protests, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also follow Ann and me on Twitter for live updates on any other protests we investigate.

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  • Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

    Frankly, the fact that BLM tried to shut down the display of human avarice and savagery known as Black Friday might be the first good thing this “movement” has accomplished (even if it was for petty, “taking my ball and going home” reasons).

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