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Bogota Brothel Tours: A Brief Career in Colombia’s Sex Trade by Colin Post

Colin Post is easily one of my favorite travel bloggers, and it’s a shame he doesn’t get more play in the manosphere. His blog Expat Chronicles, detailing his adventures in Colombia and other parts of Latin America, has a great mix of entertaining stories and useful info. Now he’s busted out with his first book, a chronicle of his experiences working in the whorehouses of Colombia.

The skinny: several years ago, Colin started up an online business to provide safe tours and prostitute hookups for gringo tourists. Prostitution is legal in Colombia, but there’s a great amount of danger surrounding it, so it’s not something you want to experience unprepared. For idiot feminists and conservatives who think that kind of thing is “exploitative,” Bogota Brothel Tours will explode that lie pretty quickly:

I never thought about the ethical implications because prostitution is legal in Colombia. The politically correct line among liberal gringos is that sex workers are victims of poverty. Many are. But most of the working girls I’d known were in it for the fun and easy money. Women are different from men, but not that different. Imagine if you weren’t sexually limited by how many times you could get an erection. Then imagine there was a market for you to party every night – drinking, drugs, and sex with paying clients. Does that sound fun to you? It’s not for everybody, but that lifestyle definitely appeals to some women.

The book is pretty brief (as Colin only operated a short time), but entertaining, as he recounts his strangest stories, from dealing with a breast milk fetishist to partying with a Christian mission volunteer and more. Eventually, his business catches the eye of the Colombian government, which played a role in his decision to shut it down:

They called me out. I grabbed my suitcase and headed to the stainless steel counter where TSA officials do their manual searches. They told me to put the suitcase and my backpack on the counter. I complied and one of them started firing questions. Why am I in Bogota? What am I coming back for? What do I do for a living? They ask questions fast, trying to make you slip up in a lie or say something stupid. “What do you do for a living” is actually a difficult question for me. Sometimes I say “vendor” or “sales” or “English teacher,” but never “writer.” I told her I was an English teacher learning Spanish in Bogota. My being white, well-spoken, and dressed business casual helped.

While it’s not groundbreaking, Bogota Brothel Tours is a great little read that gives you an inside look at a poorly-understood industry. If you enjoy sex- and drug-fueled travel stories, this is definitely worth it’s low, low cost.

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